The BBC in full synchronised cry with Obama regarding the evils of BP. The game seems to be one of proving how poor BP have behaved so far, then daring Cameron to kick Obama’s ass. In all of this, there is a visceral hatred of a successful once British company and a desire to somehow socialise “Big Oil” by “spreadin’ some of that wealth around.” It seems the BBC approves of the idea that BP profits should fund all those US businesses whose profits may have been affected by the Gulf oil spill. The commercial madness of this seems to pass them by but then again since the BBC exists by parasitically feeding of us, maybe it feels this is the best model to follow?


Another day, another Obama outburst against BP. and the BBC lovingly carry this story on, Just after 7.09am and then again at 8.10am, the BBC agenda is to out to project “Big Oil” as corrupt, reckless and in need of further regulation. I thought the BP spokesman did well, given the provocation of the line of questions, but it is clear that the BBC is just an echo chamber for Obama-angst on this issue. 10 days into the crisis in the Gulf, Obama is finally travelling down to see the devastation. 10 DAYS – can you imagine how the BBC would have commented on this had it taken Bush 10 DAYS to travel to the crisis site? One set of rules for when a liberal is in the White House…