Evan Davis Advocates For His Think Tank At Your Expense

I hope everyone enjoys this brief segment on Today with Evan Davis. He discusses the new report from the Social Market Foundation which is highly critical of the Department of Work and Pension’s Work Programme to get the long-term unemployed back to work.

Now, normally I’d say that any organization which has “Social” anything in its title is Left-leaning. I’d also generally say that any organization which states that they are not in favor of free markets but rather open markets under the guiding hand of government (a step away from fascist corporatism) is Left-leaning. But they have George Osborne and a couple of other non-Leftoids on their board and as associates, so they get away with the “independent” label and I can’t complain that Davis should have described the foundation as Left-leaning when he introduced its director.

(Yes, I know the clip I’ve linked starts just after Davis mentions the Foundation, but I’ve listened to the full programme and there was no qualifier of any kind.)


I can complain that there was something else missing from Davis’ introduction of the group, something that calls into question his very presence at the mic on this topic: Evan Davis is one of the board members of the Social Market Foundation.

Davis has even co-written a pamphlet for the organization about the pros and cons of gay marriage. Yet no mention at all that of any association with the group, never mind that he’s now on the board.

So the Social Market Foundation criticizes a scheme by the Conservative-Led Coalition, and one of their board members uses his position at the BBC not only to bring it up but to actually question the Government Minister in charge. The director of the SMF gets his say first, but then isn’t involved in any debate with Grayling. Only Davis challenges the Government, without mentioning his conflict of interest. And no challenge at all to the SMF director’s statement. His challenging questions to Grayling come off as advocacy for the SMF position.

At the very least, the Today producers should have made Davis recuse himself and had Justin Webb take the SMF’s side against the Government.

Your license fee hard at work.


I think it’s useful to sometimes consider how the BBC regional programmes also play a significant role in advancing the BBC’s own national malignancy. Take this small item tucked away in the Northern Ireland section. It takes a report from one of the local Banks flagging up a loss of “consumer confidence” ever since “the General Election and the June emergency budget”.  The coda is simple – the Coalition is making our lives less comfortable. Fight the Cuts. Vote Labour. Presumably the illusive “consumer confidence” was soaring as Labour wracked up massive public debt, created jobs that we could not fund, and allowed a property bubble to build that then burst ruining lives for possibly generations. It seems that the Banks can have their uses for the BBC!


Did you see the BBC doing everything possible to present an imagined split in the thinking of the our new Government  as regards Afghanistan? I suppose this is what we need to get used to as the BBC’s highly trained teams of experts parse every word, examine every motion of body language, to see if they can detect division between the Cons and Libs. Can’t recall the same enthusiasm for exploring splits when their pals in Labour were in power, can you?