All The same Mistakes

The only thing that was new in Andrew Marr’s interview appeared to be Obama’s acknowledgment that ‘conditions on the ground have changed’ in the Middle East. People are attributing this to Netanyahu’s response to the ‘1967 lines’ section of Obama’s speech. On BBC news 24 with Zeinab Badawi they infuriatingly cut Netanyahu’s reply. It was essential to listen to Netanyahu’s speech in full to critique his reaction, but as the BBC would rather misunderstand it, why bother?

The West’s desire for a new dawning of an Arab age of enlightenment has triumphed over reality. Effigies draped in the Israeli flag, strange fruit hanging in Tahrir Square, are ignored while the West’s wishful thinking is projected onto the so-called Arab Spring. Echoes of the deluded optimism that led America to project all its desires onto Obama’s vacuous promises of Hope and Change and swept Him to power, startled, on a tidal wave of expectation with only a platitudinous manifesto to sustain him. Obama was bound to disappoint.

As we pull out of Iraq it is generally admitted that we failed to plan for the ‘peace.’ The overthrow of Saddam was the beginning, not the end. Yet we repeat this error having learned nothing.

Obama’s obtuse self-serving interpretation of the Arab revolutions, his deliberately naive pretence that they herald ‘democracy,’ his willful ability to ignore the rise of Islamism and refusal to acknowledge that the single unifying feature of the Arab street is hatred of Israel and Jews, were the discordant notes in Obama’s ambiguous backward-looking speech.
In the Marr interview Obama refers to ‘ rockets fired by Hizbollah’ but completely fails to mention the ideology behind them. Similarly his two ridiculously biased ill-informed guests sagely warned that unless Israel makes more concessions to its deadly enemies there will be dire consequences for the whole world.
On Barry Rubin’s Pyjamas Media summary, commenter ‘Terry’ describes Obama as:
“an adolescent, a sophomore radical imbued with all the Leftist BS slogans, he is immature & his intellectual development stopped long ago, he is intellectually shallow & not particularly well-educated or well-read. He has no understanding of history or economics beyond all the incoherent leftist slogans & the crap he heard from his leftist & Islamist friends & acquaintances, the Rev. Wright comes to mind.”
The BBC is hostile to Israel, openly disrespectful to PM Netanyahu, superficial, lazy, pandering to Islam; in fact the BBC itself fits the above description of Obama perfectly. How else could they get away with promoting Obama’s outrageous plan to wind the clock back 44 years and recreate the conditions that gave Israel’s enemies the confidence to attempt an intended war of annihilation? They make no secret of the fact that this is still their aim. They don’t have to. Even if they shouted it from the rooftops, the world would project their own cuckoo-land interpretation onto the religion of peace, and the BBC is up there aiding and abetting.


Anyone catch Alex “the precepts of Scottish justice” Salmond on the Marr show? He was allowed to weasel his way out of the Al Megrahi issue simply by repeating “precepts of Scottish justice” to a simpering Marr. He was also allowed to get away with his wild claims about “free” Education for Scottish students without any budget implications. Quite simply, Salmond comes on and lies through his teeth and Marr just sits back and lets him get away with it.


Was watching Peter Mandelson on the Marr programme. Now the Marr sofa’s prime purpose is to provide a platform for a series of leftists to come on and attack the Coalition but Mandelson, as ever, pushed the envelope. With a straight face, he emphasised to Marr the need to sustain “fiscal responsibility”. This coming from a member of the Government which has devastated British finances! Marr never challenged Mandelson’s claim and thus it is being established that Labour were fiscally prudent. 24 hour propaganda in every guise.


Interesting to contrast Andrew Marr’s style of interviewing Ed Balls (Soft) and Michael Gove (harsh)on his programme this morning. Good for Gove for describing Marr’s mindset as “North Korean!” Best moment of the morning! Gove is spot on, of course, if somewhat unfair to the Dear Leader.The BBC would not be out of place in North Korea with its totalitarian mindset. It IS an anachronism here in the UK.


Alright, this one causes me to stir from my B-BBC slumber. I’m talking about the Andrew Marr Show this morning which has been an utter disgrace even by the wretched standard of the BBC.

We had token Tory Iain Dale on who could be relied upon to join in the BBC mockery of the Tea Party people in the States and true to form he lived down to expectations. (Hope the cheque is a good one, Iain) The Conservative Party here in the UK could learn from how the Tea Party has energised, motivated and in a few days will history. Instead we have a Conservative joining with with Dame Helena Kennedy and Marr himself in denigrating those in the Tea Party. Let’s see their faces on Wednesday morning.

Next up we we had guilty Jew actress Miriam “Nursy”Margoyles on to express her horror at what “our side” is doing to those poor helpless Palestinians. Apparently she has been to “Palestine” (Not sure where that is) and it’s all too awful what the Jews are doing to the innocents there. You’ll never get a Jewish person on with Marr who condemns the Jijad-supporting Palestinians and robustly supports Netanyahu – wrong attitude you see.

A guilty Jew, a gay Conservative – the BBC picks its guests very carefully.


Anyone watching the Marr show? Discussing the Irish pro-Lisbon vote were the pro-EU Polly Toynbee and the pro-EU Harold Evans. Loads of balance there, right? Also some quality pro-AGW shilling using the story that Ellen Macarthur is giving up ocean racing “to save the planet”. Three liberals chatting amongst themselves – the BBC default position.


Had to laugh at the wriggling of Andrew Lansley on Marr this morning. We have to be honest here and acknowledge that assuming the Conservatives come to power next June, we WILL be hit with an instant increase in VAT, we will be stung with income tax rises, and Cameron will continue to shovel cash into the gaping maw of the NHS. All good reasons NOT to support such a minded incoming Conservative administration.

The more interesting question is why the Conservatives adopt such an anti-conservative set of policies. Perhaps the fact that it seeks to ameliorate criticism from the BBC is but one? Triangulating around a leftist position may help bring a victory for David Cameron but it then means that the BBC memes of “more cash for the NHS and “higher taxes for the middle class” continue regardless of who is in power. The biggest triumph of those like the State Broadcaster has been to emasculate the Conservatives to the point where the mushy ideology between it. Labour and Lib-Dems is almost indiscernible. Perhaps this sounds harsh to conservative-minded readers who may think that Cameron will change his approach when in power but media approval seems central for Cameron and the BBC lies (and boy does it lie) at the heart of this!


Quick – Universal Shami alert. Yes, the doe eyed champion of human rights and liberty is guest starring on the Andrew Marr show, along with philospher king Tony Parsons. Stephanie Flanders is filling in for Andrew but the usual balance is there – left and hard left. Further update – Saint Vince Cable is on – introduced as ” a bit of an economics guru” by the lovely Stephanie!