You almost have to admire the brass-neck of it all. Listen to this item on Today this morning. “Science” Correspondent Tom Feilden explains that new research suggests that we could in for decades of global cooling but that does not mean the Earth is going to have unprecedented global warming. Just not yet. Feilden discusses research which suggests that the global climate is cooling and this is to do with the Earth’s natural oscillations. Humphyrs and Feilden discuss “the fear” that climate change sceptics may use this to undermine the AGW hysteria – surely not? Do these alarmists ever take the time to reflect on their sheer unscientific quality of their “debates”?


Good news for pensioners. We may be leaving summer behind and the days turn that little bit colder but why not just put on an extra jumper and turn the heating down! It might mean that you save the planet. Here is a treat for connoisseurs of global warming alarmism; It’s Roger “the science is settled” Harrabin talking to McDoom’s new energy adviser Prof David McKay. At one point during the interview, McKay berates the public for refusing to accept the need for change and then he makes the suggestion we should turn the thermostat down and wear more clothing. He suggests that “industrialising the countryside” is an option we may need to be looking at, in fact he suggests many things other than the blooming obvious – follow the example of the French and built new nuclear power stations. From week to week, this eco-quackery goes largely unchallenged as the BBC provides a bully pulpit for one global warming alarmist after another. It is a sustained bias.


Having spent yesterday availing myself of the convenience of modern air travel, I tune in the BBC this morning to hear an all out attack on this necessity of everyday life. Just after 7am, there was someone on to claim that we should stop ALL domestic flights, this was balanced by further interviews with those who suggested that taxes on domestic and business would have to be scaled up IF we want to continue with flight. Naturally the prospect of a (much needed) third runway at Heathrow was damned. All of this to save the planet, of course. Curiously, the BBC could not find anyone to oppose the central contention that AGW is responsible for this pesky global warming. The science is settled. For good measure, and for the devout, Thought for the Day invoked Jesus encouraging recycling. Great to be back here and listening to the State Global Warming Alarmist.


Excellent article by Chris Booker here.

BBC viewers were treated last week to the bizarre spectacle of Mr
Ban Ki-moon standing on an Arctic ice-floe making a series of statements so laughable that it was hard to believe such a man can be Secretary-General of
the UN. Thanks to global warming, he claimed, “100 billion tons” of polar
ice are melting each year, so that within 30 years the Arctic could be “ice-free”. This
was supported by a WWF claim that the ice is melting so fast that, by 2100, sea-levels could rise by 1.2 metres (four feet), which would lead to “floods affecting a quarter of the world”.

Everything about this oft-repeated item was propaganda of the silliest kind. Standing 700 miles from the Pole, as near as the stubbornly present ice would allow his ship to go, Mr Ban seemed unaware that, although some 10 million square kilometres (3.8 million square miles) of sea-ice melts each summer, each September the Arctic starts to freeze again. And the extent of the ice now is 500,000 sq km (190,000 sq m) greater than it was this time last year – which was, in turn, 500,000 sq km more than in September 2007, the lowest point recently recorded (see the Cryosphere Today website). By April, after months of darkness, it will be back up to 14 million sq km (5.4 million sq m) or more.

Wonder why the BBC can’t provide this balance of facts? Simple – it has concluded that the “science is settled” and it acts as an echo-chamber for global warming alarmists . Not just biased, but dangerous.


      Did you catch this interview with Matt Prescott, director of campaign group Ban the Bulb? Fawning. It’s eco-loons like Prescott that IMPOSE their agenda on the rest of us and I would have thought that the BBC could have found at least ONE person to come on the programme and put the alternative view that banning “traditional” lightbulbs is both draconian and entirely ineffective at”fighting” the climate change chimera which so concern Mr Prescott.


      I see the BBC news has been running a story this morning about a group of eco-wackos in New York who have built a waterpod (out of recycled materials, natch)and are showing how they could cope if New York was to be submerged under rising sea level. A figure of a 70ft increase was mentioned, but not in the context of a sci-fi movie. The tone of the item was very favourable towards the eco-loons , as one might expect, and a little bit of global warming alarmism is to be expected from this propagandist for global warming alarmism.


      There really would be a crisis if the BBC got through a week without reporting global warming alarmism as if it were news rather than propaganda. Listen to this by way of example. I am reminded of the old line “I’ve told you a million times not to exaggerate”. I suppose those whose academic tenure is predicated on hyping the hype have to do something but why should the State Broadcaster offer all this airtime to just one side of the argument?


      The Hudson and Pepperdine, to be precise. I was alerted by an intrepid B-BBC reader to this “comedy” on R4 this afternoon. It’s all about global warming and is full on propaganda mode. Laugh? I nearly paid my license fee. I couldn’t get past the first 8 minutes. I dare you to listen.


      Do yourself a favour and have a read of this gloriously biased article on climate change by BBC journo Richard Black. Throughout the article is the assumption that there is NO DEBATE to be had on the merits of Kyoto and for that matter what follows it. For the BBC, the science is “settled” – Al Gore would be so proud of them. Just a pity we have to fund this drivel.


      Crashing sea on shore
      Wonder what you make of the suggestion carried by the BBC this morning that “One in six homes in England is at risk of flooding, says the Environment Agency, and climate change will raise that number without better protection”

      The agency calculates that funding for projects that protect communities from flooding from rivers and the sea needs to double to £1bn annually by 2035. Without that, it says, economic damage worth £4bn per year could be the norm. The agency’s report uses data from the government’s projections of UK climate impacts, published on Thursday.”

      The BBC just loves this sort of climate alarmism and never provides a voice to those who challenge the wild claims emanating from The Met Office and the other organs of eco-wackery. In this way bias is consistent and never challenged. What worries me is that the power and presence the BBC has in so many homes throughout this land gives this insidious propaganda a real menacing aspect- brain-washing so many into accepting the radical environ-mentalist agenda.


      So, the BBC finally wakens up to the fact that the Sun has been dimming and that sunspot activity is very low but yet it manages to find a scientist in the form of Mike Lockwood who ameliorates the impact this may have have on climate change on Earth. It would have been nice had the BBC been able to locate at least one of the many scientists who can demonstrates that our climate is massively influenced by solar activity but then again they are “sceptics” and they spoil the narrative.


      Latest piece of eco-wackery being disseminated by Al Beeb is that the functioning of the Earth’s forests “could” be lost because of climate change! Key word is “could” – read the article and count how often it is used. This sensationalist scare-mongering is all part of a relentless BBC driven process of brain-washing the population into swallowing all these AGW tripe.


      Having experienced perhaps the best of the BBC earlier today, I happened to pick up on the worst of it about half an hour ago. I was listening to 5 Live (I know, I deserve all I get) and there was yet another of the interminable “the polar bears are all dying out and it’s all OUR fault” stories. The programme, Weekend News, is presented by John Pienaar and Dalya Raphael and the new angle is that (some) polar bears are shrinking in size. This is proof how perilous their condition has become because of all that missing Arctic ice and it seems that US forecasts that Polar bears may be extinct by 2050 are too…optimistic! No mention of that fact that 11 out of the 13 polar bear populations in Canada are either stable or growing. The trash science and alarmism that 5 Live pumps out is very disappointing. I also see that as further evidence of 5 Live high standards, Vicky Pollard will be interviewing Paul Gascoigne tomorrow. Can’t wait!