There is a particular line which Gordon Brown’s PR people via the BBC have been relentlessly spinning since yesterday’s Commons vote that I wanted to comment on. The BBC have been playing Gordon Brown’s comment that to suggest a shoddy deal was done with the DUP MP’s – the notorious nine – impugns the integrity of a party that has more experience than most of dealing with terrorism. The use of this Northern Ireland terror-related dimension is intended to copper-fasten Browns’ position and support the DUP’s integrity and the BBC has not seen fit to challenge it in any way.

Indeed the DUP does have more experience than most of dealing with terrorism – it sits in power with terrorist godfathers, it accepts convicted terrorists onto the Policing Board for Northern Ireland, and of course it turns a blind eye to terrorist murders such as that of 21yr old Paul Quinn. The DUP are quite happy to prostitute their principles for power, just like Brown. That may be viewed by some as fine but please let us not accept that there is any integrity with a party of political whores such as the DUP to be impugned in the first place. Where once the DUP was mercilessly mocked by the BBC, it is now presented as a party of great honour. This is what happens when you sell out your principles.


It’s not JUST the BBC, but rather the overwhelmingly majority of the UK msm that has little connect to the hopes and fears of real people. A quick glance at the newspaper headlines this morning, a listen to the BBC, and it’s the same story – namely that David Davis has been selfish and misguided to take a political stand on the issue of the erosion of our liberty under this rotten Nulabour government, exemplified in the 42 Day detention bill. BBC Today even suggested Davis had crossed the line into madness. I wonder why it is that our intrepid media, including the BBC, are not even casually interested in finding out if the massive alleged public support for 42 days actually exists out there – or is it a political fiction? Surely Davis will be defeated by going against these widespread consensus, so proving Labour right? Or might it instead prove that the UK electorate ARE fed up with the sustained onslaught on our ancient liberties that Labour has directed over a decade? Why are Labour not challenged as to why they refuse to fight a seat that they could win if these assumptions about popular support for 42 days are true rather than fantasy? I feel sorry for Davis – his reputation has been shredded in 24 hours because he took a principled stand and THAT is not allowed in British politics these days. The BBC- and Nick Robinson in particular – have delighted in explaining why Gordon Brown is now a winner. The problem is we all lose.


Well then, three cheers for now former Shadow Home Sec David Davis who has had the bottle to resign his seat and force a by-election on the issue of the 42 Day detention Bill. I caught the BBC’s PM coverage on this and reckon Eddie Mair must have been sneering all the way throughout the coverage. The BBC is stunned that a politician might, just might, do something on principle. Davis’s evocation of Magna Carta seemed to send the BBC into a particular spin this afternoon. Davis will need to be prepared to withstand attacks on his personality in the coming days and you can all be sure which broadcaster will lead the attack. Question Time should be interesting this evening as the “Get Davis” campaign gathers momentum. Brown’s pyrrhic victory, care of the DUP political whores, has been put in the BBC bag of our great leaders’ accomplishments but I trust that this new front opened up by Mr Davis causes Brown and his media courtiers a lot of anguish!