Will the real Jeremy Corbyn stand up….

…. and if so, will the BBC help him to his feet?

He didn’t sing the national anthem because he doesn’t know the words Er, or perhaps he does know the words but he was thinking of something else.

(Well, at least he stood for it.)

He will participate fully in future commemorations but cannot or will not say whether that will extend to exercising his vocal chords.

He first rejected the EU but then was sort of rising off his chair for Remain.

He is either a supporter of the IRA or an impartial peacemaker with utmost respect for both sides of the conflict.

He befriends Islamic Jihad in the form of Hamas and Hezbollah….

….and then unbefriends them, so to speak, with mealy-mouthed words after being put under pressure.

He stands by idly as Labour Momentum activist Marc Wadsworth takes the microphone and humiliates Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth who leaves the meeting in disgust. (I cannot find the clip I originally saw of Corbyn smiling warmly at Wadsworth soon after Ruth Smeeth’s humiliation; perhaps it went down a memory hole.)

He is utterly committed to rooting out the anti-Semites within Labour except when it comes to doing something about it: looks like he simply cannot bring himself to expel anti-Semite Livingstone.

(In fairness I should add that I’ve just learned that Marc Wadsworth was expelled last month from the party: took years though, for some inexplicable reason.)

Could be that Corbyn was finally forced to act after Ruth Smeeth and Luciana Berger read out in parliament the vile anti-Semitic abuse they had received from Corbyn devotees.

This is the same Corbyn who joined four or five racist, anti-Semitic hate sites on Farcebook (not a typo) but apparently didn’t know what they were about or what he was doing there. (4:50 minutes in)

While grimly scouting the Web to find the real Jeremy Corbyn I’ve been adding ‘BBC’ to every Google search. Judging from the results, this most trusted broadcaster appears not to associate much with the extreme manifestations of Corbyn’s deceit and duplicity.

It seems, though, that David Dimbleby bears some ill will towards the Labour leader, judging by the number of probing questions he has accepted re the latter on Question Time, many throwing doubt on his suitability as leader and challenging Labour anti-Semitism.

Still I doubt that the BBC will be much use in helping to find the real Jeremy Corbyn. I suspect they would prefer him to quietly vanish and for someone more acceptable to replace him so that Labour will have a better chance in future elections, thus enabling the strewing of BBC corridors with empty champagne bottles.

If he ever does stand up, will we see a committed social justice warrior with a genuine desire for the betterment of society but who blunders badly in working towards that betterment?

Or will we see a rigid, cunning, anti-Semitic, far-left ideologue who has calculated that his alliance with radical Islam will eventually draw enough public support to enable Labour to win an election, and is only pretending to be less of an extremist because he senses that the time is not right?

Perhaps my esteemed colleagues here can help find the real Jeremy Corbyn.

Update: June 5th is a bit late to update a post from May 20th, but I wanted to plonk a couple of things above the line:

Jagman84 contributed a link to a video clip showing Corbyn’s warm interaction with Marc Wadsworth after the Momentum ‘activist’ had just singled out Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth for a sly, anti-Semitic slur, causing her to storm out of the meeting.

Ruth Smeeth and others at the meeting were outraged at the anti-Semitism, shouting, “How dare you,” at Wadsworth, so there is no way Corbyn could have been unaware of the incident. Yet he did nothing and his warm relationship with Wadsworth was apparently unaffected.

A day after I speculated here about Corbyn’s extreme reluctance to expel Ken Livingstone, the loathsome anti-Semite resigned. I had a look at a couple of interviews of him justifying his resignation on YouTube. In this one he claims that several Jewish people have come up to him agreeing with his take on Hitler and questioning whether MPs read their history. This simply demonstrates the implacable nature of his anti-Semitism. In this one with the BBC he claims that no Jewish people have come up to him expressing their outrage.

Livingstone cannot acknowledge his own anti-Semitism, at least not publicly. Worse, he takes this opportunity to perpetuate it yet again. And that’s all I have to add about the creep.

I believe now that there is more than enough evidence that Corbyn is also deeply anti-Semitic. He’s just a bit more careful in demonstrating it.

BBC struggles to recognize Jerusalem

Thought I’d check out what the BBC had to say about the historic opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem yesterday so I Googled:

bbc US embassy opening ceremony Jerusalem

These first four results came up from the BBC:

Gaza clashes: 52 Palestinians killed in deadliest day since 2014

Gaza protests turn deadly before US opens Jerusalem embassy

Jerusalem embassy: why Trump’s move was not about peace

Repeat of the first result

Apart from the obvious bias, this really had me scratching my head. I thought Google simply picks up key words and then produces links that feature most if not all of those key words.

Those results are followed by a couple of clips from the ceremony uploaded to YouTube by BBC News

Not sure who calls him/herself BBC News and why he/she would want to plonk clips on YouTube.

Perhaps those among my esteemed colleagues knowledgeable about these matters could throw some light on this peculiar happening. How did Google tweak those results to force them away from the US Embassy to Gaza?!

Meanwhile here’s the ceremony for those interested

It starts at 10 minutes in and there’s a fabulous Ethiopian/Israeli singer introduced by the president of Israel at 41 minutes in. She sings again at 1hr 24 min in.

Resistance to the BBC and all other far-left ideologues

The ideologues of the far left in the US have misappropriated the term ‘resistance’ to define their frantic attempts to undermine the Trump administration. Perhaps they really see themselves as noble fighters akin to those of the French Resistance and the Warsaw Ghetto and Trump as a Nazi as they scream obscenities at him and insist on his impeachment.

Well, it’s these frantic ones themselves who should be resisted and US voters have made an excellent start in electing Donald Trump. He has in effect become the leader of the Western world in resisting those who would drag us back into the darkness of ideological oppression. And that would naturally include media giants such as the BBC – whose compulsion is to indoctrinate the masses in failed far-left ideology.

So it is unsurprising that many exceptional members of this genuine resistance have emerged from the ranks of the US masses – among them two strong black-American women calling themselves Diamond and Silk. Here they are on Newsnight forcefully resisting Evan Davis to the extent that he eventually has no idea how to handle them and appears to end up actually liking them, can you believe it:

Davis no match for D&S

Evan Davis will have to be cautious. Sharing good vibes with staunch conservatives is a poor career move at the BBC.

And here they are resisting vitriolic attacks from black-American members of the House Judiciary Committee – who are trying to catch them in a lie re Farcebook’s discrimination against conservatives and then get them for perjury under oath.

I doubt US Congressmen and women have ever seen witnesses like Diamond and Silk. Witnesses are generally awed by the power vested in Congress and refrain from talking back aggressively to those who wield the power. Let’s hope the example of the forceful, no-nonsense attacks by Diamond and Silk on the political correctness of the political elite will encourage many others to take a similar stance in Western Europe and beyond.

BBC buckles under Brexit, but bounces back

This is already old news, but I thought I’d plonk the BBC coverage of the Referendum results above the parapet for all who would like a record of it in one prominent place. It’s from 10 pm on the 23rd till 1 pm on the 24th:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

I imagine the BBC found itself in quite a dilemma here: though yearning to express its pro-Remain bias as the results came in, it must have realised that the pretence of impartiality had never been quite so critical. And so, with a fairly straight face and a tremendous effort, it managed to behave for the most part like a responsible news organisation.

However, the inbuilt bias was clearly revealed in a number of strange ways:

At 9:50 minutes in on Part 1, Jeremy Vine stands next to a yellow and blue strip, which have both just reached the end of their referendum race. The yellow strip is in the foreground and much wider with ‘Remain’ clearly perched in front of it in black while the white ‘Leave’ text is invisible, having merged with the white finish line. At 9:53, Vine’s leg blocks that meeting between Leave and the finish line. At the end of his demonstration, Vine says, “We put them 50-50 here,” but of course it was more like 75-25.

At 14:20 on Part 2 Dimbleby talks to Arron Banks, founder of Leave.EU, “who helped fund the leave campaign.” At 15:50 he asks him, “How much did you give to the campaign, yourself.” On hearing that it was six million pounds, Dimbleby asks, “Why?” Amazingly, Banks responds politely rather than telling Dimbleby it was none of his damn business. It was difficult to hear Banks. Those unfamiliar with the antics of the BBC would have thought that was purely a technical malfunction.

Then of course there is the funereal announcement by Dimbleby, at 2:39:30 on Part 2, that the ’75 referendum had been reversed as there was no chance of Remain overtaking Leave.

And at 3:21:30 on Part 2, Dimbleby asks Andrea Leadsom, “How can you have calm reflection when the world is falling about your…feet.” She politely points out that it isn’t.

At the end of a speech by Nigel Farage at 1:27:05 on Part 3, Dimbleby says, “Nigel Farage, who has now made by my reckoning three speeches …in fact when he sees a camera he makes another speech.” This was a Dimbleby theme re Farage on the night: somehow he felt justified to mock him for perceived inadequacies like “changing his mind.”

Andrew Neil takes over on Part 4, ending the nudge-nudge, wink-wink Dimbleby bias, subdued though it was by circumstances.

At 22:40, Victoria Derbyshire talks informally to a panel from the public, apparently representing various shades of opinion on the referendum. Fox News had a very similar format during the primaries and I was wondering whether the BBC copied it from Fox. But I can’t imagine any BBC hacks ever watching a Fox broadcast. If caught in the act, they’d never live it down.

Well, as we’ve seen over the past weeks, the BBC has bounced back after the great trauma of the Brexit win and is energetically pushing all the doom and gloom propaganda it can. May it suffer many more such blows. Maybe, just maybe, it has learned a lesson from Brexit.

Sunday Update: Thanks to Dazed and Confused for linking to the full BBC referendum coverage in one video.