Trump to fight Social Media

This is not strictly to do with the BBC, but there is a strong connection between that most-trusted broadcaster and the Farcebookers, Twattterati, YouFlubbers and others. They all seem intent on destroying the good in Western society and beyond and elevating the bad. They just go about it in more or less extreme ways and with varied degrees of deceit and subterfuge.

The eminent Donald J Trump hosted a group of conservative media personalities last Thursday. Diamond and Silk were there, reminding me of that glorious day in Congress when they fought back, without being intimidated, against mainly-black Democrats who were trying their dirty ‘Democratic’ tricks to discredit them.

Trump invited the two big black women onto the stage, called them “beautiful” and hugged and kissed them. Perhaps that will give the lefty media pause next time they insist that he is a ‘racist’ and a ‘misogynist’ but I doubt they can find the pause button when it comes to insulting the president, even when he isn’t their president. Does the BBC’s Anthony Zurcher even have a pause button when it comes to vilifying Trump?

He was on top form, joking with the audience and proving how quick-thinking he is when he brushed off a fly and then asked how a fly got into the White House.

Here he discusses the fact that people who want to join him on Social Media are blocked.

Here he invites a leading First Amendment lawyer up to speak about the deplatforming and harassment of political opponents so rife in Social Media.

The most important thing to be gleaned from the event is this: he intends to step up the fight against the Social Media censors and propagandists, and when Donald J Trump says he is going to do something ….

It’s unclear exactly how he intends to do this, but I think that is just Trump keeping his powder dry till the right time.

The event is on YouFlub, paradoxically, and it doesn’t look like it’s been restricted in any way so we are not quite in dire straits yet.

Panorama – is Labour anti-Semitic

Update 1, July 14:

Thought I’d add a link to Panodrama. For a month YouTube resisted pressure to censor it, but then party succumbed and shackled it rather than removing it totally. By then Tommy Robinson’s powerful blow to the BBC had received about 1 500 000 views, evidence of which was flushed down the cyberspace toilet along with tens of thousands of likes and comments.

A YouTube search for Panodrama takes one directly to the stripped and shackled video, which now stands alone without the customary sidebar of suggested videos. And there is the following caution with an option to continue or cancel:

The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.

That’s a touch inaccurate. If it was identified at all, it was identified by the individual who cowed Farcebook (not a typo) into immediately deleting Tommy’s account and undertook to work on other social media until Panodrama would no longer encumber the Internet with its inconvenient and disturbing truths.

So I suppose we should be thankful to YouTube for not bowing in complete submission to those who are uncomfortable with Tommy Robinson’s honesty and courage.

Update 2, July 14:

Here’s Howard Jacobson laying into Corbyn with incisive wit during an Intelligence Squared debate on whether he is unfit to be Prime Minister.

Original post:

Right after Tommy Robinson’s brilliant Panodrama sting on the BBC, it tried damage control and solemnly declared that its Panorama on him, provisionally titled Tommy Takedown, would be broadcast. Well, almost five months later we’re still waiting in breathless anticipation for the promised revelation from this cherished example of BBC investigative journalism.

So I can’t help wondering whether the BBC approached John Ware in desperation to salvage what’s left of its reputation with a hard-hitting investigation of Labour anti-Semitism. John Ware is one of perhaps three fine political journalists at the BBC. Another is Andrew Neil. I can’t think of a third, but perhaps my esteemed colleagues here can help. (Just recalled Tim Sebastian, who did Hardtalk – but I think he left the BBC: can’t be room for more than two who actually do their job at this alleged news organisation.)

Going back quite a bit, John Ware reported on Raed Salah, an Israeli-Arab radical Islamist and anti-Semite at the time that he was appealing his deportation from Britain

In this connection, John Ware shows a clip of Salah and Jeremy Corbyn campaigning for him to be allowed into Britain.

Here’s a description of the reaction from Seamus Milne, a seriously senior Labour comrade, to the suggestion that Corbyn give a speech acknowledging Israel’s right to exist: he laughed.

Comrade Milne has a rabble rousing history, rousing the rabble to hate Israel. So in a way I understand why he would be amused at the idea of Comrade Corbyn defending Israel’s right to exist.

And here’s Corbyn himself with a vile conspiracy theory about Israel on Iranian state TV, no less.

Why then, I wonder, did the indefatigable Ware not delve more into the abundant evidence of Corbyn’s close association with anti-Semitic Islamic terrorists? And why did he not focus more on actual examples of Labour anti-Semitism, as described at length in passionate speeches in parliament by Ruth Smeeth and Luciana Berger?

And why are the main concrete examples of anti-Semitism from Ken Livingstone and an ex-party member who is a white woman and Jackie Walker, a black woman? With the tidal wave of anti-Semitism that has engulfed Labour since Corbyn, an ardent supporter of Islamic terrorists, came to power, is it really not possible to find evidence that Islam is behind much of the hatred?

I have no doubt that John Ware is troubled by the Islamic invasion of Britain and its grim consequences, not least for British Jews. So I suppose either he pulled his punches, knowing the ‘editors’ at the BBC would not accept Muslims being blamed for Labour anti-Semitism, or he punched hard but the BBC edited the punches out anyway.

Still, it was an honest and successful attempt to expose Labour anti-Semitism along with the leadership’s denial of the extent of the virus. Now what really needs to be exposed and discussed is the extent of the unholy alliance between the far-left and radical Islam – of which Labour is such a fine example – and the danger it poses to the UK and beyond.

Alphabet Soup

– A Brexit Corbyn Dilemma and now A Boris Conservative Dilemma – by Up2snuff

Some time back I was going to write a follow-up to my previous header piece on the obvious post-Easter Recess problem facing Corbyn. He really needed to sabotage the Brexit talks with the Conservative leadership – the talks that he had so publically longed to be part of – because he also needed to see the Conservative Government having to lead the UK into the EU Elections. It was so obvious.

Except to the BBC. They had failed to spot it even two weeks after the talks reconvened. Corbyn badly needed an excuse to pull out and leave the Tories totally ‘at fault’ and vulnerable to an electoral hit but it was obvious that Starmer and May and others involved were not going to provide the excuse, judging by the post-meeting briefings.

That is all history now. As we know, the Conservatives took a real caning from the Electorate in those EU Elections. Labour also took a bit of a spanking but have now managed to make matters worse for themselves with the Alastair Campbell expulsion. They have a new distraction: A Botched Campbell Distraction.

Now the Parliamentary Conservative MPs have a tactical dilemma of their own. The BBC have been assisting with the AbBaCc campaign: ‘Anyone but Boris as Conservative chief’, promoting news of Bojo’s Court appearance, lots of anti-No-Deal-Brexit PR with the Chancellor and pushing Rory Stewart & Esther McVey at us at every opportunity. The Tory MPs, a likely majority of them Remainers, may well now be horribly torn. They really need someone like Bojo in charge to help restore their electoral chances. But once elected, he could be unpredictable.

They know what Bojo is like. Will he sink Brexit for them as the PM has so successfully done? Or will he sabotage a renegotiated Withdrawal Agreement process, if any is offered, or any delay to or cancellation of our leaving the EU? Will he deliberately go for a No-Deal-Brexit or bring it to pass by accident, by Boris ‘bumble and fumble’?

Is Boris Johnson now no longer any shade of Remain remaining. Is he A Brexiteer Confirmed, Definitely, Expressly and Fully?

What they do probably know, or should if they do not, is that Bojo is popular among grass root Conservatives and also among the electorate. Not only that, but the LibbyLeft, Labour and the HardLeft are terrified of facing Boris Johnson at the polls. The dilemma baton has been passed in this peculiar relay from Labour HQ to the Conservative Party Central Office where it will now be stirring their own Alphabet Soup cauldron.

As Fedup2 might say: “No soup, thanks. Pass the popcorn instead, please.”

No shame for Tommy Robinson

As far as I can tell, the BBC is not expressing much glee over Tommy Robinson’s failure to become an MEP. It seems to be leaving that up to like-minded ‘journalists’ at the Guardian and the Independent.

Guardian and Independent of what, one might ask.

As I surfed for UK results of the EU elections, the BBC informed me that the UK European Union Party got 33 576 votes, the Animal Welfare Party got 25 232, the Women’s Equality Party got 23 766, the Independent Network got 7 641 and the Socialist Party of Great Britain got 3 505 votes. All of them were trounced by Tommy Robinson with 38 908 votes.

Then I saw that Independents got a total of 80 280 votes. The BBC offered no breakdown of these votes so I turned to the excellent coverage by Wikipedia to see if Tommy had any close competitors among them:

East Midlands

East of England


North East

North West

Northern Ireland


South East

South West


West Midlands

Yorkshire and the Humber

He didn’t. In fact, his closest competitor was an Independent in Scotland with 6 128 votes and all of the 11 Independents who stood in London only managed to share just over 7 000 votes.

No shame for Tommy Robinson. In fact, those who strive to bring him down, including that most-trusted broadcaster, are the ones who should be ashamed.

A questionable time was had by all

Many have seen the powerful indictment of the establishment by the lady in red on Question Time and noted how Fiona Bruce moved on to another question without responding. Still she let her speak for some time about the disgusting attack by the ‘Asian’ gang on Tommy Robinson’s rally with police connivance. I guess we should be grateful that the BBC doesn’t edit comments like hers out of QT. But I won’t say that too loud.

There was a bunch of notable comments against government deception and failure here – concluding with a passionate denunciation of Cameron by the guy in the blue jacket.

There was a weird reaction from Fiona Bruce to this pertinent question:

Can the European elections today be seen as the referendum on Brexit?

She sighs in response before turning to a panel member. Perhaps the sigh shows her weariness with a question she’s heard a lot lately. Perhaps it also shows her feelings about the likelihood of The Brexit Party demolishing the government and the opposition.

As usual it was a Remoaner or Brexit-in-name-only panel on the impartial and most-trusted broadcaster, but many in the audience supported a genuine Brexit. I imagine that was a small concession to balance during the elections.

“Let’s not overstate it,” says Jo Coburn…

…when a guest gets enthusiastic about the rallies for the Brexit Party.

That’s at 0:40 minutes in on this clip on Politics Live, uploaded to YouTube by the eminent True Brit.

That made me curious about the lone voice of sanity on the panel. He is Tom Harwood, award-winning journalist and commentator, who writes for Guido Fawkes.

Then I checked his opposition out:

*Sam Gyimah, Conservative MP and a Remainer.

*Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP. Here’s a tweet from her:

Today is #EuropeDay. A day when we celebrate our continent in all its richness and diversity And when we celebrate the European Union which is, at its heart, a project of peace and unity …

(That made me feel quite ill.)

*Grace Blakeley, journalist and economist. Here’s a tweet from her:

A Green New Deal isn’t enough – we need a Global Green New Deal And that means we need new international institutions built on genuine solidarity, not the imperialist faux-internationalism of the ‘liberal rules-based order’…

(Somebody pass me a bucket.)

Tom Harwood continues enthusiastically, and when he says, “I’m staggered, really, as someone who isn’t naturally predisposed to the cheerleading for Nigel Farage…” he’s interrupted by one among the female opposition, with, “You’re predisposed to it now.”

It’s so typical of the left to make snide comments when they don’t have a valid response to a valid point – which is most of the time.

At this stage the Peterborough rally is being shown.

When Tom Harwood encourages everyone to look at Margaret Thatcher’s rallies in 1953, at 1:40 in, there is a gasp of astonishment, followed by, “Oh my God,” and then Jo Coburn asks Glace Blakely whether she will be looking at clips of Margaret Thatcher. The question is no doubt flippant and the answer is naturally in the negative.

Grace Blakely then makes it clear that she believes there will be a rise in popularity of the Brexit Party, but only because of its “populism,” in the absence of policies.

Then Molly Scott asks Tom Harwood what the Brexit Party can offer, “other than being angry,” demonstrating, for the nth time, the left’s inability to debate in a civil fashion.

Tom responds politely, but of course his support of the Brexit Party is dismissed by Grace who believes it is “far right,” Molly by pouring vitriol on its Italian equivalent, a smiling Sam Gyimah with his assertion that any other politician could arise and also “muster huge audiences” and by Jo, who feels obliged to add her opinion by pointing out that Jeremy Corbyn “also did that.” (Not sure what kind of support Corbyn could currently rally.)

Meanwhile, someone named ‘Vera’ has been trying to interject, with Jo asking her to hold on. Finally Vera appears on a screen from an outside feed to proclaim that the ‘people’s vote’ rally attracted over a million supporters (which Tom then disputes) and goes on to fiddle with other stats to try to diminish Brexit.

I’m not sure who Vera is or why her opinion should matter, but by my count that makes it 5 blinkered Remainers to 1 Brexiteer, since Jo Coburn, representative of that most-trusted and impartial broadcaster, must surely have nightmares at the prospect of the EU being undermined by Brexit.

The clip only lasts 6:22 minutes. Yet it’s bursting with enough anti-Brexit bias to make any reasonable person turn away in disgust before the end. So here’s a question, esteemed colleagues: what on earth can be done to oblige the BBC to represent all shades of opinion on all subjects in a fair and responsible manner?

The Deep State of Mire the PM has created for herself – and us

Post created by Up2snuff

Had Theresa May had the nerve, the honesty, the decency to accept her Withdrawal Agreement was no good and had gone for a No Deal Brexit on 29 March, she would possibly by now be a hero instead of a villain. In addition, her Chancellor Philip Hammond would have probably been in a position to introduce some groundbreaking tax reforms at the Party Conference in September that not only would please the country but also cut the fiscal legs from under Labour. More perhaps on that another time.

If Prime Ministers are advised to do two things then they would be ‘Do not make promises that are not kept.’ and ‘Do not create Calendar dates that will remind the Opposition, the Media and the Voter of your failures.’.

Theresa May has fallen into both traps.

While a break from Parliament business may provide her with a pause to think, she might be wise to remember and re-read her leadership speech outside Downing Street after she had won the Party leadership. The manifest unfairness and divisiveness of pandering to a small minority of Remain voters, many in both Houses of Parliament or retired from there, will be remembered every time Europe and the EU and Brexit are mentioned. Then there is the phrase “Leave means leave.”

The media and the voter will have reminders when Parliament returns on 23 April, again on 2 May in Local Authority elections and on 22/23 May in Europe when the EU Parliament Elections take place, irrespective of whether the UK has to vote. After a brief pause, the media and the voter will have another reminder from the Conservative Party Conference and then again as the 31st October revised deadline for the UK’s departure from the EU, barring or perhaps because of the result of a ‘Peoples Vote’ Referendum.

I do not think the Prime Minister can possibly survive in post much beyond 31st October 2019. In an Age of Equality it would be proper to think of her as a ‘Dead Man Walking’ or a ‘Zombie PM’. Lame Duck seems wholly inadequate.

Should something remarkable happen if Theresa May hangs on and wins a Confidence Vote in December 2019 then the big Calendar reminders will still come around without fail, along with all the small ones, prompted by any news events from the EU, again next year and after that all while she remains as leader.

Candace Owens blasts the Democrats ….

….and gets some heart-warming help from a Republican.

Some of my eminent colleagues here have watched clips of Candace Owens fighting back against the Democrats, including her powerful defence against a sly, PeeCee defamer named Lieu, during the hearing on hate crimes. Out of general interest and in order to hear more from Candace, I decided to plough through 3 hours of the hearing on YouTube.

An hour and 38 minutes in, Republican Representative Buck of Colorado broke through Democrat propaganda and questioned Candace with evident admiration. Here’s how he began:

Ms Owens, I’m going to address these questions to you, if I may. I don’t know if you’ve seen this, [holding up a file] but it’s a memorandum that the majority Democrats prepared for the committee members and in this memorandum they go through the various witnesses’ names and organisations that they represent, the Anti-Defamation League, the Equal Justice Society, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights under Law and then we get to you.

Oh my goodness. Candace Owens, Director of Communications at the conservative …. Nobody else is described as progressive or liberal but you are described as a conservative advocacy group for Turning Point USA and a conservative commentator and political activist known for her criticism of Black Lives Matter and the Democrat Party. I think you’ve caused my friends on the left to go to their safe spaces and I’d love to explore with you a little bit of the reasons for that…

Then Representative Buck asks Candace a number of questions which bring a smile to her face. Brought a smile to my face too as the back and forth between the two of them demonstrated the best of America when they cut through lefty PeeCee like the proverbial hot knife through butter.

I’m going to plough through the next two hours of the hearing on the lookout for another gem or two in between the propaganda onslaught from the Democrats.

Meanwhile, here’s Candace and Representative Buck.


Here’s the address to a UK audience by Candace and Charlie of Turning Point. It’s over an hour, but Representative lieu chose to play a half-minute clip of it during the hearing to try to smear Candace as an apologist for Hitler.

And here’s Lieu with his attempted smear. He has the gall to turn to other witnesses without even giving Candace a chance to respond. She gets the chance at 5:30 in, and demolishes him as well as Chairman Nadler, who tries to defend Lieu.

Update April 14:

Candace Owens reminds me of Diamond and Silk, two powerful black American women who also testified before Congress and who also refused to show the slightest respect for sly Democrats with no moral fibre who tried to bring them down.

The Deplorable Choir….

….takes its name, of course, from Hilary Clinton’s backfiring attempt to denigrate Trump supporters.

Here’s what freedom looks and sounds like:

Proud to be Deplorable

Vote Republican song

No smokin’ gun

Brick by brick

Pro-life Song

And this guy John Morgan is so good I thought for a moment that Bush had taken up a new career:

George W Bush sings Hallelujah to Donald Trump

I realise this is all a touch off topic for this fine website, but I needed a break from the appalling Brexit betrayal and, of course, from the BBC’s delight in the betrayal.

I hope my esteemed colleagues here enjoy the entertainment.

Just a request or three

David Vance has appealed over the years to contributors to moderate their language, so I’m just echoing that appeal here. There’s nothing to be gained by competing with the comments section under many YouTube videos, and swearing probably drives some people away from the site who would otherwise contribute.

More disturbing are attacks on political figures which can be interpreted as promoting violence and even assassination. This blog is not a hate site, never was and I’m sure never will be.

We have to also consider the disturbing moves on the part of the ‘government’ towards a police state, where people can be hauled out of their homes, shoved before a kangaroo court without genuine legal aid and jailed for expressing the ‘wrong’ opinion.

Passionate argument against the foul BBC and its ilk is what we should be aiming at, so let’s try not to be diverted from that course.

The Independent and the BBC

I have always seen the Independent as a left-to far-left publication, not quite as an unhinged as the dreadful Guardian but still pickled in bias. So I was surprised to see the article, Coffee with Chuka Umunna is a step too far for Jeremy Corbyn, by one Flic Everett. She doesn’t seem to appreciate Corbyn much, with barbs like

….from the very beginning of the Brexit process, leader of the Opposition has behaved like a sulky teen forced to visit his nan


….Corbyn has fudged and dissembled, sniped and muttered, and divided his own party….


High principles that go unchallenged when you’re cycling round a few far-left meeting halls are not fit for purpose when you intend to run the country.

This made me recall that Dimbleby also doesn’t seem fond of Corbyn. He allowed questions quite critical of him on QT re anti-Semitism and refrained from jumping in and interrupting panelists who would also attack Corbyn.

As recently as the last QT, Fiona Bruce echoed Everett’s concerns by pointing out to the Labour guy that Corbyn had walked out of a meeting because Umunna was present.

This makes me wonder why Corbyn doesn’t get wholehearted support from these representatives of the left. Do they see him as the wrong leader to defeat the Tories because he is too far left?

What say you?

Tommy Robinson sues the police!

Update March 12: Ezra Levant is doing a fine job reporting from the trial on Twitter.

Yesterday, March 11th, Ezra Levant got an urgent request from his friend Tommy to hop over from Canada to London and then Peterborough to report on his suit against the police in civil court. It’s probably unnecessary since there are so many fair and impartial UK media people keen to report honestly on anything to do with Tommy Robinson. John Sweeney will most likely be the first one in court, representing that most-trusted broadcaster known as the BBC.

UK media will no doubt be appalled and outraged at the harassment of Tommy and his family by the Cambridgeshire police, and will therefore report on the trial in impeccable and comprehensive detail. But just to be sure, he wanted Ezra Levant with him for his input and support.

I suppose Ezra has already landed and has made his way to Peterborough for the beginning of proceedings at 10am. The exercise is costly and he has appealed for help. Info on developments can be found here and donations made for those able so to do.

Here’s Tommy from yesterday, discussing the issue.

Thanks to StewGreen and G.W.F. for providing links on the Open Thread.

To John Sweeney Cc BBC Panorama

Update March 11: I messed the links up on the initial post, but all links are fixed now

As a keen follower of Panodrama, I note you are suspected of being a bigot here and here, and a homophobe. I reserve judgement, because I think the remarks you made could be due simply to your rough Irish sense of humour rather than any real animosity towards these groups of people including your own. I also note that you strenuously denied these deficiencies of character and I’m inclined to believe you.

But you shouldn’t be surprised if people who are constantly judged and disparaged by the BBC simply for holding valid beliefs the BBC disapproves of should judge and disparage you after the unwitting revelations you made in Panodrama.

However, there are two extremely damaging revelations that cannot be debated or excused. The first is your hero-worship of the IRA’s Martin McGuinness and the second is the idea you came up with of sexualising a heated argument between Tommy Robinson and Lucy Brown, thereby potentially portraying Tommy as a sexual predator.

The working title of your Panorama is (or was) Tommy Takedown. It seems in order to facilitate this objective you worked closely with a violent, far-left outfit with the peculiar label of HopenotHate. Tommy Robinson confronted you several times with that allegation. You only responded near the end of the ‘interview’ with a partial admission that you have had some input from some people. Your ‘executive producer’ would also neither confirm nor deny the same allegation, saying only this is an ongoing documentary.

Apparently it is ongoing, since you were seen last week with far-left ‘activist’ Mike Stuchbery. Stuchbery was apparently responsible for sending a pack of five men (including a druggie, ‘journalists’ and a dog) to intimidate Tommy Robinson’s wife and children while he was out of the country.

It is unclear to me what kind of ‘Panorama’ you now intend to produce, or will be able to produce on Tommy Robinson. What would you call it – Post-Panodrama butt-covering exercise? Well over 10 000 people saw Panodrama on a giant screen outside BBC studios on February 23rd. And in just over two weeks, Panodrama has now been viewed on the Internet by millions of people in the UK and worldwide. Your reputation, along with that of the BBC, has been seriously damaged, perhaps irreversibly. Productions of Panorama will now be viewed by many with skepticism and a Panorama on Tommy Robinson will be regarded with raised eyebrows at best and ridicule of the BBC at worst.

However, there are steps you can take to regain some credibility. The first, and most obvious, is to tear Tommy Takedown up and throw it in the bin where it belongs. The second is to apologise unreservedly for the intended sexual slur against Tommy Robinson – a fraudulent claim which, as he said, could have ruined him. The third is to scout around for stories of interest to the general public – and not just the BBC elite and your fellow-travelers – and to tell them honestly and impartially. Don’t decide beforehand that you are going to take someone down and then scout around for ‘evidence’ to back your biased intention.

Here’s an idea: Facebook has banned Tommy Robinson, with no justification and out of narrow, left-wing spite and fear of Tommy’s numerous enemies. At the same time, Facebook allows terrorist organisations such as Hamas to incite murder against Jews on its platform, but immediately removed an account inciting murder against Palestinians. That account was created to test mark Zuckerberg’s alleged commitment to fair play. The Israel Law Centre, Shurat Hadin, sued Facebook (unsuccessfully) in 2016 in a New York court and is now suing Facebook again for a billion dollars.

This is a huge and complex story and worthy of the attention of a diligent investigative journalist such as John Ware, who unfortunately no longer does Panorama. Mr. Sweeney, I doubt you could as good a job as him but you could certainly try.

Oh, and one more thing: BBC, I realize this would be a drastic omission for you, but please stop plastering ‘Yaxley-Lennon’ over every story on Tommy Robinson. Everybody knows by now who he is and despite your efforts he will always be regarded as Tommy Robinson and admired and respected around the world for his courage and commitment in the face of evil.

Here’s hoping Panodrama…

…will make the BBC paranoid.

Update 26/02:
Here’s the good-quality original Panodrama from Tommy Robinson’s YouTube channel with added subtitles.

Update 27/02:
From a comment by theisland below:

Donations and sign up for free updates from Tommy Robinson is still working:

here or here

(on-off problems with the first link, but the second is working fine.)

Update 27/02:
So they’ve banned Tommy Robinson from Facebook – not through any wrongdoing, but simply for opposing the elite with their slick agenda against Western civilisation. I find it hard to express my disgust with Mark Zuckerberg and company.

Update 27/02:
And now Amazon has banned Mohammed’s Koran, co-written by Peter McLoughlin and Tommy Robinson. The elite really are circling the wagons against the truth.

Original post:
Been scouting to find a good video of Panodrama and have struggled through about half of this one.

I can see the difficulty of getting a good reproduction of Panodrama (great title, by the way) by filming the big screen and live-streaming the result on Youtube. Still, it seems the quality of the original is also poor. Pity that Tommy Robinson evidently couldn’t get a pro to assist with its creation.

I’m no techie, but it seems evident that there should have been transcripts alongside interviews and phone conversations – some of which are really hard to hear.

But I’m not complaining. Tommy Robinson, a little guy, has giant courage and he’s held up a powerful middle finger to the BBC here.

It’s possible that he might even have shamed them into scrapping their ‘Panorama’ about him.

I was impressed by this passionate speech before the film by Richard someone at 20min 30sec in on this clip.

It’s rumoured that uploaded videos are being taken down. If true, could be that the BBC has enough power and influence to get YouTube to do so. Of course, YouTube could decide itself to delete them.

Well, whatever the case, Panodrama is now all over the Internet, a blow has been struck against the vile establishment and, boy, does it do my heart good to see it!

Update 25/02:
Found another Panodrama video of the event with much better audio. It was too far from the screen to clearly see the actors in this drama, but since necessity is the mother of invention it can be downloaded and then played together with the first link on this post with that poor audio muted.

(Well, I’m going to try that now.)

Hopefully the masters of the Internet at silicon valley will allow Tommy’s video with subtitles to be posted across all relevant media.

A questionable amount of time….

….spent watching Question Time

I think people here who believe that the BBC reads this blog are correct. I think Fiona Bruce has come across comments on her lack of clarity of speech and has decided not to take criticism from right-wing Neanderthals at Biased BBC. Indeed, she appears to have doubled down on her diction and is now swallowing every sixth or seventh word.

And whoever is responsible for selecting the panel almost certainly read a comment about panel selection being a touch more fair than it was during Dimbleby’s tenure. Four dogmatic Remainers to one leaver supports the supposition that the BBC is grimly determined to spurn constructive criticism from this blog.

Still, QT is sometimes worth watching. Five minutes out of the hour yesterday were quite instructive. Pro-Brexit Conservative Michael Forsyth held his wicket well against a determined attack from Brexit-hater and journalist Hugo Rifkind.

34:12 minutes in:

Rifkind: Speaking of being wrong consistently, I was reading today the vote leave manifesto – I believe you’re on the board of vote leave …. and not once in there was the Irish border mentioned, not once in there were the words customs union mentioned. All the problems that have come up with Brexit were not foreseen by you….by your movement….

Forsyth: Sorry, on the customs union…

Rifkind: The words customs union are not in there.

Forsyth: Well of course they are not in there because we were wanting to leave the European Union, which means leaving the customs union….

Rifkind: You didn’t happen to mention that that was part of what you were leaving. It’s possible perhaps you hadn’t heard of it at the time.

[Appreciative audience laughter at Rifkind’s snide comment]

Forsyth: Well it’s possible you haven’t read …

[More laughter and some applause]

….It’s possible you haven’t read….

[More of same]

….It’s possible, Hugo, I’m surprised [inaudible] it’s possible that you have not read the Conservative Party manifesto, which gives a commitment – every single Tory MP was elected on a manifesto that said we will be leaving the Customs Union and we will be leaving the single market and…

Rifkind: This was after the referendum….

Forsyth: …and that is what people have voted for and I did a number of…

Bruce: Why is the border not mentioned in there?

Forsyth: Because it’s not an issue.

[More laughter and some cries from audience members wanting to interject]

Rifkind: Seems to be a bit of an issue.

Forsyth: It’s an issue by those people trying to reverse the result of the referendum. The EU said….

Bruce: What do you think of the response from the audience when you say that Michael. People are just laughing.

Forsyth: I, no, well I think they, it’s because they’ve been listening to the BBC, who’s made this an issue when it’s not an issue.

Bruce: Ohh, it’s our fault.

[You have that one right, Fiona. Jeering and applause from the audience; jeering no doubt directed at Forsythe]

Forsyth: I mean, the EU….

Bruce: How could I have not realised – it’s the BBC’s fault.

[Now she’s really milking this, to audience laughter]

Forsyth: Well I can help you. The EU….

Bruce: I might pass on that.

[What makes me think she doesn’t want to hear what the eminent Forsyth has to say about the EU]

Forsyth: The EU have said they don’t want a hard border, the Irish government have said they don’t want a hard border and the British government have said they don’t want a hard border so who exactly is going to put this hard border in place?

At this point Fiona Bruce decided to move on to another issue. Can’t dwell on a statement by a Conservative that makes a strong case for Brexit.

And the only border the EU believes in is one that keeps its dictatorial clique safe in its ivory tower in Brussels. The British government doesn’t seem to worry much about borders either – except when it’s denying entry to activists whose politics conflict with those of the PeeCee elite or, to its eternal shame, denying asylum to Pakistani Christians at risk of death at the hands of their Muslim compatriots.

And the BBC? Not much for borders either but a great fan of employment barriers to any political journalists who are not to the left of the political spectrum – and the further left, the better.