Jana Bennett

is the director of television at the BBC, and she explains her philosophy thus:

“People who express highly controversial views are welcome on the BBC but they cannot be presenters of a news or current affairs programme”.

So what’s Paxman doing working there, then?

“Television must be allowed to engage with the real world, to challenge and inform audiences”.

So that’s why we pay our licence fee. To be patronised, uncontroversially. Can’t be easy.

Andy Hamilton

Whenever I write for this site it’s almost invariably to point out BBC stupidity rather than straightforward bias. And here I am doing it again, pointing out this article by Andy Hamilton, about a series of his being dropped for poor viewing figures. Seeing as one of the justifications for the the existence of BBC1 is that it is supposed to be ‘above all that’, and that Andy Hamilton is in the top five most significant comedy writers working in British television right now, I think it more than amusing that he writes so savagely about our favourite broadcaster.

Libelling Hilter isn’t an easy thing to do

Libelling Hilter isn’t an easy thing to do. However, in this piece on the Tories, Megan Lane portrays the Great Dictator in an unflattering light.

“The Nazi regime cracked down on abortion and equality for women”, she claims. Not true, as a brief Googling can confirm. Adolf was very pro-choice. I wonder why she feels obliged to make such a claim. Right-wingers anti-choice, left-wingers pro-choice, perhaps?