Midweek Thread 13 November 2019

The Far Left Biased BBC appears to be running an unashamed campaign to support its best friend – the Labour Party – in the General Election . Stories which are anti – Conservative run in News programmes across news cycles and stories damaging to the Labour Party are avoided or dropped . It has been a switch from anti brexit to anti Conservative propaganda . It’s lucky more and more people now regard the BBC as an embarrassing joke as opposed to the reliable broadcaster it was a long time ago.

Start the Week Thread 21 October 2019

With 1214 days gone by since the Brexit Referendum we might have got fed up with BBC ‘benefits of Brexit ‘ programmes . But in all that time has there even been one such programme ?
Like many institutions the BBC has devalued itself through an anti democratic bias which shames the country – just like the politicians . With no sign of an end .

Happy Trafalgar Day