Start the Week Open Thread 10 June 2019

We have a new game to play – spot the BBC coke  head .( with thanks to a post by pug on 9 June )  Following admissions by politicians that they regularly took drugs we can extend that to others from ‘the bubble ‘ . It would explain those who interupt , talk over and abuse those with whom they disagree .


There is obviously a need to tread carefully with regard to the laws of defamation but those Beeboids whose performance might seem a bit ‘ heightened ‘ deserve recognition .

Midweek Open Thread 5 June 2019

Although Thursday is the Peterborough Bi Election – wouldn’t it be decent if for just one day current politics was put on hold in order to remember and thank those who took part in D Day in order to send the Germans back from where they came . But I know the Far Left Biased BBC will exploit the commemoration for their own purposes . Let’s hope for decency on the day .

Mid Week Open Thread 22 May 2019

Having looked at the average turn out for EU elections the UK average is about 35% against an EU average of 42%. All indications are that the turn out will be far higher for the UK this time . But notice something – no public leader debates on the TV – and possible breaches of election law by the BBC in their coverage .

We wont find out the results of the EU Elections until Sunday the 26th May . The bigger the vote for The Brexit Party – the bigger the distraction exercise by the BBC …

Oh Yes – and if you vote – please use a pen .