Weekend Thread 7 March 2020

The new Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has said that the BBC needs ‘diversity of Thinking ‘ – the softest of criticism of the Far Left monster that is the Biased BBC .

How will it react ? Will it suddenly turn ‘ pro Britain ‘ ?or continue to pour out crude propaganda supporting its selected favourite groups and ideas whilst ignoring issues of great concern to those who are forced to pay for it – such as the mass rape of children or the majority’s belief in Brexit ?

Start the Week Thread 24 February 2020

The Far Left Biased BBC is feeling the pain as more and more taxpayers tell it the truth – that it is just not wanted in its current form and financed through compulsion . So it is trying to fight back – mainly on the internet . But the current Government consultation could lead the way to ending the BBC – The sooner the better .

And with a bit of luck Channel 4 will get dumped as well .