Weekend Open Thread 24 August 2019

I often wonder what to write in this bit but it struck me that it’s a good place to summarise the weekly misdeeds of the Lefty pro EU Biased BBC

So this week we’ve seen
An official finding of bias in the EU election campaign by distorting results in favour of Remain

Humph and RTHon David Davies on the naughty step for ‘ trivialising domestic violence ‘

The Head of State funded C4 coming out as a Lefty admitting to applying Bias to C4 news

The CEO of C4 saying kidults prefer Netflix’s and Porn to her biased station .

You’re welcome to add any I missed ( they’ll be plenty ).

I’d like to add a ‘ project Fear ‘ summary which has been – trash -meds’- no Aldi/lidl- ports – the non end of free movement ..

Start the Week Open Thread 19 August 2019

If weekend press reports are correct Government Ministers are to be advised not to go onto the Flagship/Wreck“Today Programme “ because it is a waste of time . Anyone who consumes the biased output of the BBC might understand why such a direction has been given and wonder why it hasn’t happened before . The question is – How will the Far Left , Pro EU , biased BBC react ?

Midweek Open Thread 24 July 2019

The Biased Far Left BBC knows full well that the new British Prime Minister is no great fan of it . This will lead to a concerted effort to destroy him before he either achieves a successful Brexit and/or turns his attention to reforming a State Broadcaster which has lost its way and is no longer ‘British’.

Obviously making the BBC British and unbiased again can’t be done with the current corrupt Parliament in place . Boris has a long list of issues to repair the damage done by Mrs May to our country . But with help he must start to drain the corrupt swamp including the Biased BBC. Good luck Bo.