Weekend Thread 6th March 2021

BBC support for the 1.7 million NHS workers pay increase is relentless- and the threat of a strike too . In the meantime an American actress who married a prince will hold court and display true victimhood – but at least even the BBC hasn’t paid for the interview .Closer to home MPs ‘debated ‘ decriminalising the TV Licence Tax – got nowhere and will forget about it until the Charter is due for renewal in 2027 .and we are migrating …

Midweek Thread 17th February 2021

The BBC has decided that the mental health of young people is in jeopardy – if they are exposed to the sort of stuff the Far Left Biased BBC puts out is it any surprise ? The constant negativity about the collective plight of our country can’t be any help in reducing the stress of staying indoors . Further – where is the humour ? Where is the fun ? Repeated (green) stories of the End of The World targeted at the Young just won’t help.

any way – for believers -today is the beginning of Lent and Hope .

Start the Week Thread 15th February 2021

Deep gloom for the Far Left Biased BBC as the government target of 15 million vaccine injections is achieved. The failure narrative has failed. So it will have to find another target to run Britain down . Meanwhile the political show trial in America – which received wall to wall coverage on the BBC – has also ended in failure -in BBC eyes .what next ? Oh – and a new job description for the Head of the dysfunctional OFCOM has been published with a new requirement ….to’ ensure News is delivered with due impartiality ‘. Well that’s the end of the BBC then.