True to form, the BBC Today programme was busy this morning making it clear that the real danger from the Jihad bombing of Manchester arena is  — yes, Islamophobia. They had an interview with a Muslim teacher from a girl’s school (sic) who warned us that one of her pupils (in Islamic veil) had been…shouted at! Oh no. Never mind 22 dead kids and their parents – no, the REAL story here is how Muslims are victims. The BBC makes me nauseous.


Interesting to observe the BBC swing in the breeze trying to santise Corbyn’s long association with IRA supporters. Yesterday, on Ridge on Sunday over on Sky, Corbyn was afforded FIVE opportunities to unequivocally condemn IRA terrorism. He refused and instead went on to talk about “loyalist bombs” and “British army murders”. The Cornbyn line repeated in this article the BBC published makes much of Corbyn’s alleged contribution to the Peace Process. Isn’t it ODD how the BBC managed to overlook the view of Unionists and constitutional Nationalists…

Corbyn is an IRA supporter and a fantasist but the BBC has embarked on its own virtue cleansing programme to make him seem a kindly and benign figure.


I was amused by the BBC running an item of how Gypsies might vote in the forthcoming General Election. It seems that Labour (natch!) has a policy in its manifesto aimed at “reaching out and helping them” so naturally the Today programme thought it was worth a punt to push this for Comrade Corbyn. But what struck me was the way the BBC framed the point when highlighting the problems facing the “travelling community” – it said “Gypsies go to prison a lot”. What – like it is a choice??? Do they MEAN gypsies commit crime and are convicted a lot? Is that what they are saying but in words designed to make them seem like victims?


I see the BBC is out to punish those who post views it does not like.

The BBC is threatening to report users to their bosses if they leave ‘offensive’ comments on one of the corporation’s websites, it has been revealed. Its privacy policy has sparked a furious backlash online with the broadcaster branded ‘Orwellian’ and accused of ‘blackmail’.

The draconian document warns that if the corporation deems a comment to be ‘offensive, inappropriate or objectionable’ then a user could have their ‘personal information’ used against them. The policy – which a spokesman said is ‘standard’ – also applies to those who ‘engage in any disruptive behaviour on any BBC service’ – although the definition of what constitutes such a sanction is not clearly defined. It further states that a ‘defamatory’ post could result in a user’s ’employer, school email/internet provider or law enforcement agency’ being informed directly.

What business is it of the BBC’s as to what is “offensive”? I consider the BBC offensive but I don’t seek to bully those who work for it with threats of legal action or reports to the Police. Thoughts?


I was interested to see the BBC afford Brendan Cox, the husband of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox, the media time to push his “time for remembrance” agenda yesterday on the Marr programme and then throughout the day. Marr expressed his best wishes to the campaign being pushed by Cox.  Today marks the anniversary of the savage murder of Lee Rigby. The BBC makes no mention of it and no time is provided by the BBC for anyone seeking to mark that murder. It is almost as if the BBC feels whilst all murders are equal, some are more virtuous than others. Surely not?


Haha – EVEN the BBC couldn’t save Diane Abbott from making a complete fool of herself today on the topic of Police numbers. I caught her on the Today programme early this morning where she sounded evasive but John Humphyrs did not quite nail her down. Over on LBC, Nick Ferrari did – and here is the video of it. It’s wonderful to listen to.

But then, when you thought it could get no worse, she popped up on the BBC’s Daily Politics and Jo Coburn got stuck into her, a delight. Not often I enjoy the BBC but Abbott has just provided an epic moment of political incompetence.