Translating Philippe Hammonde’s Le Monde interview

Here is a guest post by Semper Fidem. WELL worth a read – it’s a comprehensive take down of the BBC bias….

  • The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, gave an interview to Le Monde, France’s newspaper of record (the full version costs €2 to access).
  • The BBC reported this interview as signalling an abandon by Hammond of his “suggestion that the UK could slash taxes and regulation to undercut its EU rivals after Brexit” (Sarah Montague, introduction to the headlines of The Today Programme, 31 July 2017).
  • This is fake news from the BBC. Hammond’s recent remarks to Le Monde do not contradict the statements he made earlier this year on the UK’s approach to Brexit.
  • Although Hammond conducted the interview in English, the only record of what he actually said is Le Monde’s translation of his statements into French. To set the record straight, we need to translate his remarks back into English – as well as the BBC’s fake representation of them back into something closer to reality.

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