The BBC reality: left-wing to its very core

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“The BBC is routinely accused of bias from the left and the right – therefore it must actually be pretty centrist,” is the line you often hear.

This is a lazy argument and one which we will return to shortly. But let’s just say for a minute that the statement was true and the BBC did represent the middle-ground and the status quo, would that suddenly legitimise their performance? Surely as a public broadcaster they should represent the public? And if the last 18 months has taught us anything it’s that Britain is deeply divided politically – more and more people have moved to either the left or right of politics and reject what they see as the establishment looking after self-interests.

That aside, the argument that the BBC is indeed centrist simply doesn’t stack up when you listen to insider accounts or examine the evidence. Around seven years ago popular newsreader Peter Sissons lifted the lid on his 20 years at the Beeb by saying that its very DNA was “firmly of the left”. He went on to explain that by far the most widely read newspapers were the failing Guardian and Independent and that producers would routinely refer to them for the line to take on running stories.

“I am in no doubt that the majority of BBC staff vote for political parties of the Left,” he explained. “But it’s impossible to do anything but guess at the numbers whose beliefs are on the Right or Centre-Right. This is because the one thing guaranteed to damage your career prospects at the BBC is letting it be known that you are at odds with the prevailing and deep-rooted BBC attitude towards life, the universe and everything.”

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A B-BBC reader notes..

“If you want a good example of the bias of the BBC, just take a look at the most recent episode of Frankie Boyle’s New World Order (Series 1 Episode 3) – broadcast on BBC Two. Possibly the most unashamedly biased thing I have ever seen on the BBC.

The panel and audience are all left-wing. They insult Theresa May. Insult the DUP. Insult UKIP voters, particularly ethnic minority UKIP voters. Boyle calls all Brexit voters racist and insults British expats living in Europe. Guest Sara Pascoe openly calls for the Tories to be removed from government, to great applause. And they feature a video of a member of the public calling for a revolution, and applaud the suggestion. Honestly one of the most revoltingly biased things I’ve ever seen on the BBC. Easily 95% of the “humour” and social commentary was anti-Tory and anti-right wing. Fleeting mention of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party was generally balanced, compared to endless vitriol directed at the right wing. I assume the previous episodes were similarly biased. However, a breakdown of this particular episode would highlight just how unashamed their bias has become.”


Seen this?

Jeremy Paxman has criticised the BBC for being ‘biased and politically correct’ and called for the licence fee to be abolished because ‘if Amazon and Netflix can do it, so can they.’ The former BBC man and Newsnight presenter, 67, also criticised the public service broadcaster for focusing stories on ‘the disabled refugee from Syria’ rather than examining how managing a disabled refugee’s needs might affect British taxpayers.



BBC having a breakdown over the fact that the DUP and the Conservatives have announced an arrangement that keeps Corbyn OUT of Downing Street. It also ensures that the triple lock and winter fuel allowance for pensioners is maintained. Oddly enough the BBC cheered Corbyn when he wanted that but when the DUP actually achieve it…silence.