Another day, another Obama outburst against BP. and the BBC lovingly carry this story on, Just after 7.09am and then again at 8.10am, the BBC agenda is to out to project “Big Oil” as corrupt, reckless and in need of further regulation. I thought the BP spokesman did well, given the provocation of the line of questions, but it is clear that the BBC is just an echo chamber for Obama-angst on this issue. 10 days into the crisis in the Gulf, Obama is finally travelling down to see the devastation. 10 DAYS – can you imagine how the BBC would have commented on this had it taken Bush 10 DAYS to travel to the crisis site? One set of rules for when a liberal is in the White House…


Only on the BBC! In a simpering item on Obama’s new National Security Policy (circa 6.15am) I double checked when I heard the BBC commentators approvingly agree that “global warming” was a cause of international terrorism. The “sophisticated” approach of Obama and his repudiation of the Bush doctrine obviously rings the BBC bell.


So, who would have guessed it. Apparently prostitution is not really about money and the local community in which prostitution takes place (in Bradford) is fine with it. Or at least so the BBC would have us believe in the item @ 7.51am that features Liberal Councillor Qasim Khan and Niki Adams, spokesperson for the English Collective of Prostitutes.Perhaps the real whores are those who £3.5bn a year from us and prostitute every atom of journalistic intregrity? Just saying….


Arggh! Woke up this morning to the Today programme around 6.50am and who was on? Yes, it’s Universal Alistair Darling on. He had also been on Today in Parliament around 11pm last night. After the 7am news headline, on comes the lovely (!) Yvette Cooper to give us five minutes of Labour propaganda. Seriously, has the BBC gone into denial? I think we may need to send in some psychotherapists to help our dear Beeboid friends…..


Have you noticed how omnipresent former Chancellor Alistair Darling is on the BBC these days? I caught him on The World Tonight, and he was on Today the other morning. Maybe the BBC believe he STILL is Chancellor? He is given the opportunity to snipe at Coalition policy at every turn as the BBC consigns HIS role in the devastation of our economy to the memory hole.


I had the misfortune to watch the BBC Breakfast news programme this morning and caught an interview with Michael Gove on the new policy to try and introduce some freedom into our Education system. What struck me was the BBC’s obsession that if this policy is implemented, it could means that “big business” might get rid of some teachers. Reading between the lines, it is the prospects of poor-performing teachers that most concerns the BBC. I thought Gove did well but it was clear the BBC does not accept the premise that freedom from bureaucracy for schools is a good idea and I am certain this will become part of the anti-coalition narrative.


Well, the age of austerity beckons with all those £££billions of cuts and many of us will have to tighten our belts. Happily, this is not the case at the BBC where the good times just keep on a rollin’…

The BBC was accused of making a mockery of public sector spending cuts as it announced that three new executives would get pay packets vastly in excess of the Prime Minister’s salary.

The BBC said that Pat Younge, the new chief creative officer, who joined the broadcaster in January, would be paid a base salary of £310,000, more than double David Cameron’s £142,500 prime ministerial salary. The total remuneration package for Mr Younge, who is responsible for production of all the broadcaster’s television programmes, is worth £317,800.

Paul Gaskin, the new human resources director for BBC North, will be paid £190,000, with a total package worth £197,900.

Simon Lloyd — “director of marketing, communications and audiences for future media and technology” — is to be paid £160,000, with his overall remuneration worth £167,800.

Because they are worth it?


BBC been leading the charge against the “savage cuts” from the bad and evil Tory/Dems. I particularly enjoyed Alistair Darling being granted airtime to pronounce of the poor judgement of the Coalition, without even a hint of BBC irony….your favourite moment of the day from the Cuts crusaders?