The sophistication that lies (and lies) behind the BBC bias is exemplified in this story which highlights the alleged failure of maternity units in England to deliver first class quality care. If you read the story, it appears that Maternity services are being starved of much needed cash and those plucky trusts in the North of England are magically outperforming those in the South.

A rising birthrate is mentioned in dispatches as a reason for the NHS needing much more taxpayers money.

So far, so good. Just one problem. The British birthrate has been falling, and has been doing so for years now. On that basis, we should need fewer maternity units, less public sector investment. The indigenous British birth rate of 1.8 has been below the necessary replacement level of 2.1. But ever since Labour decided that our national borders were un-necessary, the tsunami of immigrantion, has helped boost the birth rate. And a lot of those immigrants make the south of England their prime destination. Wonder if that might put a little pressure on southern trusts to provide all that immigrants require?

The Muslim birth rate has also rocketed and is estimated at circa 3.5. But the BBC sees no reason to explain the precise demographics behind the rising figure since it is concerned to promote the need for more expenditure on the stalinist NHS. I suggest that the BBC oozes sympathy for the NHS because like the NHS it also seeks endless public funding.


A warm hello to all Biased BBC readers!

My name is David Vance and I am the editor of the right of liberal website A Tangled Web. I am also a regular contributor to the BBC, especially here in Northern Ireland. I’m the token conservative-minded person and have railed against BBC bias for many years now. I am delighted to be able to weigh-in here since I passionately believe that the BBC must be held to account and that balance must be provided. Jeff Randall is absolutely right when he says that the BBC believes itself to be fair and balanced. In a way, it is. It is balanced perfectly between left and extreme left. It is poised perfectly between a mild dislike of our British identity and a complete hatred of it.

Having an on-line site that catalogues BBC bias is a great idea. Everyday, every hour, the BBC pumps out propaganda disguised as news. It postures as a neutral body when in fact it is just one very powerful arm of the leftist consensus which seeks to undermine everything that has made Britain great. Not only is it malignant in that regard but it’s international agenda also promotes the multiculti-mush typified by the UN and its bankrupt values. The bias in nuanced and it is institutionalised.

I hope my offerings here will help to further nail BBC bias and look forward to talking to you shortly.