Don’t Tell MAMA


Why no mention of this part of Cameron’s Easter Message on the BBC?:

As we celebrate Easter, let’s also think of those who are unable to do so, the Christians around the world who are ostracised, abused — even murdered — simply for the faith they follow. Religious freedom is an absolute, fundamental human right.

Britain is committed to protecting and promoting that right, by standing up for Christians and other minorities, at home and abroad.


The BBC’s take on Cameron’s views on religion…..

David Cameron has spoken of the “peace” and “guidance” he finds in his Christian faith.

In a rare comment on his religious beliefs, the prime minister stressed the importance of teaching children about the religious aspects of Easter.


The BBC quotes Bloomberg:

According to reports on the Bloomberg news service, the prime minister made no reference to gay marriage, a policy overseen by Mrs Miller but which threatened to damage his government’s relationship with the Church of England, in his comments.


But not all Bloomberg…..only the very selective chunks…..

The BBC deciding to report that Cameron made no reference to gay marriage….but strangely managing to miss Bloomberg’s mangled reference to what Cameron actually did say about the persecution of Christians despite Bloomberg’s big headline:

Persecuted Religion

He committed his government to fighting persecution of Christians abroad.

“It is the case that Christians are now the most persecuted religion around the world,” Cameron said. “We should stand up against persecution of Christians and other faith groups wherever and whenever we can.”


Because we all know it’s Muslims who are the most persecuted don’t we….’we’ being the BBC.


And for the BBC the easter Message is just a cynical political stunt:

It’s a message from an instinctively “county Tory”, a Conservative from a rural background, that will appeal to the party heartlands; where some feel bruised by what they see as liberal, metropolitan concerns such as gay marriage.