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Nolan /di’khe’d/ A bigoted blowhard, someone unwilling to listen to other points of view, someone who thinks they have licence to cast moral judgement upon others, someone who makes a show of being independently minded, intellectually rigorous and scrupulously impartial but is in fact someone who toes the party line and is in reality no more than a PC ‘bot’ churning out the Liberal Establishment orthodoxy whilst suppressing inconvenient facts. Alternate /J.O’Brien/

The MCB, closely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and the inspiration for the Trojan Horse plot, has initiated yet another ‘Mosque Open Day’ and the BBC has been giving it an uncritical bit of cheerleading, of course.  Nolan was totally onboard as was the reporter who went to a Mosque where we hear that Islam is all about peace, tolerance and respect.  No challenge to that naturally.  All guests on the show were either Muslim or very up for the Mosque visit and very positive about it.  Nolan wanted to know if one of the organisers was ‘surprised at the level of misperceptions about Islam and Mosques?’….No, she wasn’t…it’s because of lies in the Press and on social media. Yep, all those lies about bombs, murder, terrorism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, misogyny, intolerance and racism. All those ‘misperceptions’. We had ‘Cathy’ on to say she had always wanted to visit a Mosque and it was absolutely beautiful and the people were very friendly…as you might expect.  Of course this is very superficial, as intended, the reality of what goes on in a Mosque, the reality of what Islam teaches, is not on show.  Being given cups of tea, a friendly smile and a Mosque being ‘beautiful’ hardly gets to the heart of the issues about Islam.  Her husband refused to go because he has a negative view about Islam for some reason.  Nolan wanted to know if the ‘media had played a part in his prejudices about Islam’.  So Nolan has already judged the man, who of course has not been on to say what he actually thinks, and because he may be critical of Islam is denounced by Nolan as ‘prejudiced’.  Maybe he is right to be ‘prejudiced’.  Seems that it is know-all Nolan who is the bigot here.  This is all about ‘Dawah’, the Muslim obligation to try and convert others to the faith…it’s a propaganda recruitment drive for Islam….


Good of the BBC to help out.

Any more BBC bias?  List it all here…..

Funny is as Funny does…or not.



How the Tories can avoid ridicule:

Typical BBC bias, always knocking the Tories with their jokes about Brexit and Boris.

Well Nish Kumar, host of the Mash Report, has a solution to that: “People always say why don’t you do jokes about Labour,” he tells the Red Box podcast. “But Labour are not really doing much at the moment. We feed off the news.

“The reality is the Conservatives are in power. If you want people us to stop making jokes about you, I would advise losing more elections. Being in opposition is a really good way to avoid being made fun of.”

Labour aren’t in the news because the BBC censors the news.  Simple.

Corbyn a paid up commie spy [who’d a guessed?]…Cox alleged to have committed sexual assaults….Labour’s massive misogynist streak…Labour’s massive anti-Semitism problem….Labour’s refusal to say what it wants from Brexit….Labour’s Momentum thuggery….Labour led by a group that champion terrorism and hardline Marxism?

Nothing to see here at all…no jokes, no satire, no fun to be made of.

That’s what we pay the licence tax for….however if you want jokes lampooning Trump, Brexit and JRM….here’s the place….spreading fake news and subversion of people and ideas they don’t like by the BBC’s usual method under cover of a ‘satire’ show….

The Mash Report has quietly become the first successful effort by one of the main channels to copy the hugely successful American fake news satirical shows such as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. (Matt Forde’s Unspun on Dave has been flying the flag for some time.)

It has all the same elements: monologues from behind a desk, fake news headlines, correspondents and a live studio audience. In the past couple of weeks it has really found its voice, and a confidence that previous shows have lacked.

Did laugh at this from the Daily Mash [where the Mash Report gets its writers from]….they think it’s satire and they’re being clever but…people will read it and say yeah, true…coz in essence it is…white skin is better in northern climes, nature not racism…and paler women were seen as more healthy and fertile…say the scientists….so satire and yet… every joke there is an element of truth…

RACISTS have argued that the black Britons from the Mesolithic period changed to be white because it is better, and more should follow their example.

Bill McKay, from Swindon, insisted the DNA analysis that Cheddar Man had dark skin and blue eyes only proves that today’s immigrants need to try harder to fit in. 

He said: “What this proves is that 10,000 years ago man moved here, had a look about, realised that being black wasn’t suitable and made a bit of an effort.

“A few generations of grey skies and potato-based diets and they were proper pasty like Britons have been since time immemorial, which now means about 9,975 years.

“They realised that being white looks good in clothes, more respectable and means it’s easier to see your tattoos.

“Also around this period I imagine they invented darts.”

McKay added: “You thought this ‘black indigenous Briton’ stuff would throw me? My racism’s smarter than that.”


No pox on the Labour Cox

H/T Stewgreen for the links.

Sheer hypocrisy….just this one example will do to show the absolute two-faced tribal circling of the wagons to protect one of their own….

How times change when it is one of your own….taking responsibility just as the news breaks hard….always denied it before and even now says it’s all about nothing really…..


The Campbell’s are coming!


Looks like betrayal is in the Campbell blood as the ‘Dodgy Dossier’ author tries to betray the Brexit voters and urges the Remain troops on….as he did with the British army in Iraq….which Labour then hung out to dry putting them on trial for ‘war crimes’…ably assisted by the BBC…..


Hmmmm…would that be a ‘populist’ rebellion or what, maybe an ‘internationalist spasm‘ that Campbell is fomenting?  Better have a word with Lord AdiEU…Brexit being a “a dangerous populist and nationalist spasm worthy of Donald Trump”.  I guess he is employing the same logic that the Weathermen terrorists used in the US…when democracy ‘fails’ you…take up violence.

Maybe he could think back to what he himself has said about people power…a threat to the world…..

Global Implications of The New Populism. What is it? What is the emerging new world order and what does it mean? Why is populism becoming so attractive around the world? How we can expect the world to change – what is under threat? Nothing much – just the whole of Western civilization and the future of the planet maybe.

Still, inciting riot, rebellion and resistance to the most democratic vote Britain has probably ever had…what’s not to like?

Shame most of the comments on the Tweet really put the boot into Campbell in a way the sycophantic BBC never does when he all too frequently appears in their studios….guess all is forgiven after their little Iraq War spat….the BBC rescued Campbell from the slough of despond, and his no doubt guilt driven PTSD, by practically employing him so often was he on the airwaves…even given his own little show at one stage.

Campbell moans about ‘populism’ and campaign tactics that lack intellectual rigour and depth…

Populists the world over, not least in Europe, will take heart from this. The insurgent has an inbuilt advantage. The more noise you make the more people seem to listen. Making people laugh, or making them feel, is as important as making them think. Getting down and dirty, despite what Michelle Obama said about the need to stay high when your opponent goes low, seems to have won the day.

He claims it is a new thing, naturally it is not, it’s as old as politics…Reagan famously campaigned by ‘sellng the sizzle not the steak’ and what is Corbyn’s sudden surge in popularity based upon if not a massive social media campaign that harnessed the stars of youth culture….a ‘populist’ campaign that the BBC rhapsodizes about…despite its own disdain for populism…otherwise known as Democracy.


Playing possum

Kamal Ahmed: Thanks Molly. Headline has been changed. It was not meant to be taken as literal, but as an historic reference that was out of date.
Kamal Ahmed: It’s been pretty torrid on here since @Andrew_Adonis raised the issue. The headline has been changed and I have deleted the original tweet. Journalism has to be read in context – headline and article. I felt meaning was clear. I hope we can keep the debate civil.

UK no longer shackled to a corpse

14 February 2018

After many false dawns, at last some sunlight has fallen on Europe’s strongest economies.

Growth across the European Union is at levels not seen since 2007.

And the continent’s powerhouse countries – Germany and France – are seeing growth at levels not experienced since the financial crisis bounce-back of 2010.

Remain’s very own stormtrooping ‘Momentum’ thought-police, Dementum, didn’t want you to see that headline…so they bullied the BBC into changing it to something that promotes the EU…..

EU joins global growth bandwagon

The report was of course entirely pro-EU in any case….you might think the original headline was put there like a honey-trap, designed to bring in Leave voters who then find they are being assailed with pro-EU propaganda…the British economy bounced back long before the EU’s and the EU is merely playng catch-up rather than leaping ahead as Ahmed’s report suggests.  Ahmed has long been a pro-EU advocate…his ‘reality checks’ damned Brexiteer claims whilst downplaying criticism of Remain’s apocalyptic claims.

Is Ahmed trying to lure in Leave voters to read his pro-EU propaganda?  The Remainers certainly think he might be…..

Ahmed is in fact just regurgitating Cameron’s pro-EU propaganda from the day before the referendum…

Speaking to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, he said: “We are not shackled to a corpse. You can see the European economy’s recovery. It’s the largest single market in the world.

“The idea you have to choose between being a success in the European single market of 500 million and campaigning to have jobs and wealth created by trading with other economies – you don’t have to choose, you should do both.”


Petty Tyrannies


Tommy Robinson thought the BBC maybe having a petty little dig at him by promising to provide transport to bring him to a BBC interview and then the car fails to turn up [1 min 56 s in the video].

Paranoia or BBC games with the hated Tommy Robinson?

Just reading in the Sunday Times that Ann Coulter, someone the BBC ranks alongside Tommy Robinson as a ‘Far-Right’ rabble-rouser, was also promised a BBC car…and it didn’t turn up.

Conspiracy or BBC inefficiency?

Remember this….just a computer error?

Image result for farage hitler moustache

Which brings us to the Remain Dementum movement which is in fine fettle as it howls at the moon barking up the wrong tree….they claim the BBC is a ‘Farageist’ supporter….and yet the BBC’s approach to Farage and UKIP, which they presented as akin to Nazis, was merely a dry run for how they report on Trump with massive derision, mockery, slanders and making malign associations with fascism, racism and Nazis.

Here’s Craig at Is the BBC biased? revealing Lord AdiEU’s falling out with the very obviously remain supporting BBC..

Andrew Adonis: The BBC is now performing so badly at impartial and fearless news, & the quality of Netflix etc now so much better at drama, I am wondering for the first time in my life whether we couldn’t do better. Sky can keep sport! BBC on ropes. Sport largely gone to Sky. Quality drama gone to Netflix. BBC news increasingly Brexit, weak & simply Govt press releases. If Netflix set up a sharp, balanced News service, what would be left besides local radio, a desert island & a few good foreign correspondents?
Gary Lineker: What a load of complete and utter tosh.
Andrew Adonis: The BBC’s most highly paid presenter?
Nick Robinson: Well there’s the fact we’re the most trusted source of news & the world’s best nature programmes (Attenborough) & most popular entertainment (Strictly & Sherlock) & culture (Proms & Glasto) & sport (Wimbledon & the Olympics). Other than that what has the BBC ever done for us?!
Andrew Adonis: Huge complacency Nick. The country is in crisis, dangerously poor, polarised, fractured and populist, & you want us to throw garlands! This is not where things are at, I’m afraid. And in the view of many of us, you (the BBC) are the midwife of Farageism. And btw, your news website, after a string of complaints today, still hasn’t corrected a disgraceful headline describing the EU as a ‘corpse.’ Is this what you mean by ‘most trusted source of news’?
Nick Robinson: I don’t want garlands. I want perspective & an acceptance that in a fractured society the BBC will hear from (& challenge) people you may dislike and/or fear.
Andrew Adonis: Well, I haven’t noticed the challenge, tbh. @BBCr4today now just a noticeboard for government and Farage press releases. Vast uncritical coverage of Boris speech, & total failure to get into the Northern Ireland crisis,just the latest instances.


Of course it is part of a campaign by the Dementum stormtroopers to bully and intimidate the BBC into not publishing anything remotely positive about Brexit….shouldn’t think that would be a problem…but in fact they have succeeded in censoring a BBC report despite it being entirely benign for Remainers, as you might expect from Kamal Ahmed…

Andrew Adonis: Apart from the disgraceful headline – when was the EU a ‘corpse’? – the BBC’s economics editor declares the EU will be ‘without, in the future, Britain.’ But we haven’t left & Parliament is a long way from agreeing Brexit. Yet more Brexit bias! … Sorry to keep on about the BBC debasing public debate, but when was the European Union a ‘corpse’? Germany: I wish I was that lifeless! A disgraceful standard of analysis.

Kamal Ahmed: Thanks Molly. Headline has been changed. It was not meant to be taken as literal, but as an historic reference that was out of date.
Kamal Ahmed: It’s been pretty torrid on here since @Andrew_Adonis raised the issue. The headline has been changed and I have deleted the original tweet. Journalism has to be read in context – headline and article. I felt meaning was clear. I hope we can keep the debate civil. 





Brendan Cox is headlining on the BBC at the moment…must be a big news story….which begs the question why the BBC pretty much ignored the story when it was headlining in the Mail and on Guido as well as in other papers a while back….one BBC employee admitting he deliberately chose not to highlight those stories…..and note his alleged sexual assaults were carried out when he was married to the sainted Jo Cox.

This is of course standard BBC practice…ignore stories that are bad news for the Tribe until forced to take notice as the story goes beyond their control and any attempt to suppress it is clearly not succeeding.  Is this how they are playing the ‘Agent Cob’ allegations about Corbyn?  Not a peep on the website…clearly hoping it will blow over and no further evidence will be found to back up the claims.  If there is more concrete evidence?  The BBC will of course be first to break the story!  If the claims had been that it was a Tory in league with say the EDL the BBC would immediately have promoted the rumours as headline news….as they have with Trump/Russia.

This is how they operated with Rochdale and Rotherham….not reporting what was going on and only when the story became unstoppable did they climb on board and of course, tried to claim it for themselves with films like ‘Three Girls’.  They received plenty of praise for that film but it was years too late…where was it ten years ago?

Now it’s #metoo as the BBC plays catch-up…..although not in all cases…..still censoring the truth about their involvement in Osborne’s attack at Finsbury Park…it’s always the Far-Right and Tommy Robinson to blame.  Which reminds me….remember this cartoon from the Guardian…the real culprit is missing…..any apology from Rowson, Morley and all those who gloated that the Mail and the Sun were the ’cause’ of the terror attack?….The Huffington Post joined in as it gleefully reported that the Mail had been called an ‘open sewer’ [by little Owen Jones] as it attacked the Guardian for its malign cartoon.

Isn’t this more the truth?….

Is ‘Fake News’ Fake News?


The Guardian wants to know what it can do to promote accurate, unbiased, accountable journalism, and the Social Media, saints or sinners?…it has a conference to discuss the issues…sorry, a ‘summit’….far more important than a mere conference….

The Guardian’s flagship summit returns on 7 March 2018 to look at responsibility against a backdrop of rapid change, and discuss how publishers and brands can best serve their audience and consumers.

View the latest programme here and list of speakers here.

As​ ​the​ ​mainstream​ ​media​ ​faces ​increasing​ ​accusations​ ​of​ ​bias​ ​and misinformation,​ ​we’re asking what constitutes balance in news?​ ​And as​ ​new​ ​and​ ​independent​ outlets​ ​make​ ​headway, how​ ​can​ ​they work with the mainstream​ ​to​ ​best​ ​serve​ ​readers​ ​and​ ​the​ ​public?

As news and information consumption changes, social media platforms are are finding themselves under more scrutiny than ever before​.​ ​So what​ ​responsibility​ ​do these platforms have for​ ​the​ ​content​ ​they​ ​host?​ ​Should​ ​they​ ​be judged​ ​by​ ​the​ ​same​ ​standards​ ​as​ ​news​ ​providers?

Unfortunately the conference’s opening keynote speaker is…Paul Mason, radical, hysterical and bonkers….and once fanatical fan of activist social media…now?

Emily Maitliss is there…relegated to moderating the discussion on women’s issues….nice bit of sexism from the Guardian there….lot of white faces as well.

And of course Nick Robinson will be on hand to give us his unbiased thoughts on balance and bias in the media…no bias in the question at all…..

9.20 – 9.50 Transparency, objectivity and the new media landscape

During both the American presidential election and Brexit campaign, media owners faced a dilemma over showing balance in their coverage and giving credence to false claims – so in the post-truth age, why aren’t all ‘facts’ equal? And who are the new media players staking a claim in a more divided world?

  • Moderator: Polly Curtis, editor-in-chief, HuffPost UK

  • Nick Robinson, presenter, BBC Today programme

  • Matt Kelly, editor, The New European and head of content, Archant

  • Sacha Berlik, managing director, The Trade Desk

Can’t wait for the video…and no doubt Robinson will be back in the papers treating us to more reassurances that the BBC is the finest and most trustworthy news provider worldwide and stoutly defending it agaiinst all claims of bias and partisan reporting.  He has to do this by written word in the Press as he can’t talk on the radio with his tongue so firmly in his cheek.

Also look forward to seeing all those BBC ‘outside contractors’ getting their tax bills now they are deemed employees by HMRC.  Blooming tax dodgers.





Money Talks



The Establishment shakedown continues as Brexit and the Trump victory are incessantly ‘stopped and searched’ by th self-appointed thought-police who aim to close down the wild west of the free speech internet.  It’s a well known fact, if you believe the BBC, that Clinton lost and Brexit succeeded due to Russian interference and the Social Media companies not doing their job….filtering out those whose opinions don’t align with the values and beliefs of the BBC and fellow travellers.  The operation to ‘regulate’ the Social Media companies is moving into high gear as the hysteria builds and the massive vested interests, political, commercial and philosophical, try to generate the impression of a consensus that these companies are acting against ‘our’ best interests and to ramp up the pressure on politicians to rein them in.  The reality is of course it’s not the actual platforms that are the concern but the sort of people and the views they hold and disseminate that these vested interests look to rein in, they seek to shut down all opposing voices that shine an inconvenient light upon their own actions and beliefs and which offer genuine alternatives to the ones the BBC would like to see on a ballot box.  Democracy in action.

Here’s the billionaire who has interfered in more national elections and political and economic issues than any Russian autocrat.   Soros uses his ill-gotten billions to corrupt and disrupt societies politically and socially, shamelessly and callously happy to tear them apart whilst pretending to ’empower democracy’ and all to keep the gold flowing into his own coffers and to serve his own political interests.

Soros cares not one jot about the British people, or indeed the American, he is after all the man who ‘broke the Bank of England’ and made over a billion doing it [the irony….he forced us out of the ERM]…and surprise surprise, another irony…or cunning plan….. he made a killing on Brexit…..the market turmoil based upon the apocalyptic warnings of Project Fear saw the markets drop after the referendum and Soros made another bundle.  He has been found guilty of insider dealing before…any chance Project Fear was ramped up to such ridiculous heights of hysteria to help make rogue traders a few billions?  Maybe a select few of Osborne’s friends in the City were delighted whatever the outcome of Brexit.

Now he’s all for attacking those who give a platform to populists…as opposed to autocratic billionaires who think they should be able to make all the decisions for the people…

Soros Calls on EU to Regulate Social Media to Fight Populism

Billionaire open-borders activist George Soros has demanded the European Union (EU) regulate social media because voters’ minds are being controlled and “manipulated”.

He claimed the size of social media firms made them a “public menace” and argued they had led people to vote against globalist causes, including electing President Donald J. Trump, in an article for The Guardian published Thursday.

Soros is as much a demagogue as any tyrant…he claims Trump wants to run a Mafia-like state and is just like Kim Jong-un….

The current moment in world history is a painful one. Open societies are in crisis, and forms of dictatorships and mafia states, exemplified by Vladimir Putin’s Russia, are on the rise. In the United States, President Donald Trump would like to establish his own mafia-style state.

Not only is the survival of open society in question; the survival of our entire civilisation is at stake. The rise of leaders such as Kim Jong-un in North Korea and Trump in the US have much to do with this.

Then we get this….hilariously unaware…or more plausibly…an obvious piece of misinformation…

Companies earn their profits by exploiting their environment. Mining and oil companies exploit the physical environment; social media companies exploit the social environment. This is particularly nefarious, because these companies influence how people think and behave without them even being aware of it. This interferes with the functioning of democracy and the integrity of elections.

Why is that ‘misinformation’?  Because of course he misses out one other ‘exploiter’….himself…exploiting the political, economic and social environment to leverage his own massive financial killings, disrupting governments as he does so and using his financial muscle to corrupt and subvert the democratic processes in so many countries.

He goes on…

It takes significant effort to assert and defend what John Stuart Mill called the freedom of mind. Once lost, those who grow up in the digital age may have difficulty regaining it.

This would have far-reaching political consequences. People without the freedom of mind can be easily manipulated. This danger does not loom only in the future; it played an important role in the 2016 US presidential election.

I assume he means the intemperate BBC interference on behalf of Clinton as it disparaged, mocked and maligned Trump in every broadcast and article about him….or indeed his own funding of anti-democratic, some [the FBI or the Department for Homeland Security for instance] might say terrorist, organisations in the US to oppose Trump, not forgetting his funding of the Obama social media campaigns.

Who is really the threat to democracy and free speech…the internet or the billionaire who funds radical groups as well as mainstream politicians and media knowing they will direct their actions to attacking anyone who expresses opposing views?…

The growing industry of paid activists and media to purposefully, systematically deceive the American people is unjust, unloving and wicked. I beg news reporters and journalists to take the time to discover the money behind the optics and events that shape our daily news.”

She’s right. But don’t wait for the “professional” journalists to tell you what’s really going on. We live in a time of “citizen journalism,” where we have access to tools to help expose the truth and cut through the mass propaganda the media is all too eager to feed us from the Soros table of plenty.

The Soros folks try to discredit anyone who shines the light on their sordid activities. But the money trail is evident for all who care to follow it.

Yes, ‘don’t wait for the “professional” journalists to tell what’s really going on’.  They’re mostly on the same side as Soros.  Look at the attempts to use ‘Fake News’ to shut down debate, free speech and political diversity.  We’ve often made the accusation that the BBC uses this narrative to shut down or at least regulate to death its political, cultural and commercial rivals in an attempt to make it the dominant media provider….manufacturing the impression that it is one of the few sources of news that can be trusted thus reinforcing that dominance not just by facts on the ground of huge restrictions upon oppponents but by manipulating and deceiving the viewers’ opinions and perceptions.  Of course before ‘fake news’ it had Leveson to champion as it tried to shut down Murdoch once he stopped supporting Labour.

The biggest irony?  Google and Facebook were secretly backing Clinton…and we know Facebook got caught out promoting left-wing news whilst suppressing right-wing sites….and Google employees are involved in something similar now.  As said the real target isn’t the social media companies themselves, it’s the people who use them…the right-wing people that Soros and Co want to silence.

Here’s someone who sees the BBC et al’s narrative on fake news for what it is…an attempt to stop people calling them out for their own fake news….

Sharyl Attkisson Explains Left-Wing Origins of ‘Fake News’ Term in TedX Speech

Speaking at a TEDx talk at the University of Nevada recently, investigative journalist and author Sharyl Attkisson revealed the left-wing roots of the term “fake news” that became popular during the 2016 election. Attkisson noted that during the election there seemed to be a concerted media effort to focus on “fake news” within conservative media, which made Attkisson suspicious both of this new term and the mainstream media’s sudden attempts to push it to the forefront of the national conversation. She then traced the origin of the word back to the nonprofit organization “First Draft,” which, she says, “appears to be about the first to use ‘fake news’ in its modern context.”

Attkisson said that soon enough “fake news” was being discussed on a national level, as if the mainstream media had received “its marching orders.” She stated, “Fake news, they insisted, was an imminent threat to American democracy.” Attkisson posed a question, “What if the whole anti-fake news campaign was an effort on somebody’s part to keep us from seeing or believing certain websites and stories by controversializing them or labeling them as fake news?”

It was then that Attkisson decided that, “the whole thing smacked of the roll-out of a propaganda campaign.”

Attkisson then noted that there was a sudden shift in the attitude towards the term “fake news” — thanks to President Trump. “But something happened that nobody expected. The anti-fake news campaign backfired. Each time advocates cried fake news, Donald Trump called them ‘fake news’ until he’d co-opted the term so completely that even those who [were] originally promoting it started running from it — including the Washington Post.”

Attkisson warned that the next attempt to suppress speech has come in the form of something called “media literacy,” where people are told which news outlets should be trusted – unsurprisingly most of the supposedly trusted outlets are liberal and mainstream. What Attkisson describes is reminiscent of Facebook’s “trusted publishers” system which aims to dictate which news publishers should be trusted by Facebook users. “Media literacy advocates are busy trying to get state laws passed to require that their version of media literacy be taught in public schools,” said Attkisson.

Attkisson concluded, “When interests are working this hard to shape your opinion, their true goal might just be to add another layer between you and the truth.”

If Clinton had won and we’d all voted remain you wouldn’t be hearing a word about ‘fake news’ and the power of the Social Media companies…so long the darlings of the BBC who priaised them for their apparent role in the Arab Spring…not so bothered then about political narratives on social media when it goes their way.

Sour grapes from bad losers.

Weekend Open Thread


The BBC is very excited about what is a bit of a non-story as Mueller tries to dignify his witch-hunt with a few Russian small-fry…let’s face it, should there be any surprise that Russia tries to interfere in a US election?  Hardly a new tactic for them.  And after all the BBC does it, the Guardian tried it and got slapped down.  And the US isn’t known for its lack of intervention in other countries’ internal affairs…such the small matter of Brexit.  Wasn’t it Reagan and Thatcher who toppled the Soviet Empire?  Bet old comrade Corbyn was gutted.

Speaking of which…Comrade Cob-Nut’s alleged dalliance with Commie spymasters hasn’t hit the BBC headlines yet…it’s top story in the Telegraph, it’s in the Mail, not the Guardian of course, it’s in the Times…but for some reason a story about the leader of the Opposition, whom the BBC keeps on insisting is the next, and soon-to-be, PM, hasn’t made it onto their own pages.  The BBC seems more concerned about Russian interference in US politics than the fact that a terrorist cheerleader who has close ties to Russia and Iran is so close to the top job in the UK…a man who wants to disband the Army, do away with MI5, trash Trident and neuter NATO….and of course destabilise society and crash the economy.    Just how does the BBC manage to ignore this story….can it ride it out hoping it will blow over quickly or will it have to dust off the cover stories that show Corbyn was a flag-flying model figure of the British Establishment?

List the bias here….




Alternate Tracks


Do you want tracts or tracks?  Quentin Letts has gone for the tracks and Radio 3’s politician-free zone detoxing from the Today show’s politicised take on everything from sliced bread to bent bananas.

Letts tells us in the Mail:

Virtuous teetotallers boast about going on a ‘detox’ for a month. Well, bully for them. Mind you, I just did something similar and truly feel a lot better for it.

But this is not because I forsook alcohol. Go without hooch for a month? You must be joking. No. My detox routine concerned early-morning listening habits.

I switched from Radio 4 and instead tuned in to the BBC’s classical music station, Radio 3. Yes, I gave up the Today programme.

It began in the second week of January and it is bliss. Instead of being assailed by the latest Project Fear alarms about how Brexit is going to consign us to ruin, I have had my horizons expanded by top-class music.

Today’s programme would not have changed his mind as it ticked every right-on box from Project Do Fear about Brexit to Project Don’t Fear about Islam.

We had an Imam comparing the shooting in Florida with the actions of the ex-British Jihadis, presumably trying to reassure us that the Jihadis are driven by the same temporal demons of the non-Muslim killer and thus their murderous rampages have nothing to do with Islam.  And anyway…forgive and forget…let’s be more compassionate and forgiving…they were driven to do what they did by circumstances, malign influences and world events…they’re not bad lads really.

Ironically we then had Today launch into Project Fear telling us we will be terrorised by Jihadis if we leave the EU.  They liberally quoted Sir John Sawers, ex-head of MI6, oh, a Remain voter, not mentioned by Today, who has consistently briefed against Brexit and wants it reversed….as any old chum of Tony Blair might do of course.

They also had Robert Hannigan on, ex-Director of GCHQ.  He was previously interviewed by Emma Barnett a couple of weeks ago.  She was rather stunned when she asked him if Brexit has made us less safe, she obviousy thought he’d say it would, but he replied no, in fact there has been more co-operation with Europe since the referendum…the only concern was to make sure we maintained the data sharing of intelligence.  He also said that most intelligence work was bi-lateral between nations and not the EU itself…thus Brexit would make no difference.

How times change…I imagine someone has had a quiet word as an almost completely different picture was coaxed out of him today.  Of course it helped that Justin Webb avoided asking if we would be less safe after Brexit and went straight for the data question…were the questions shaped to avoid embarrassing truths?  Webb cherry-picked subjects that were of minor concern as Hannigan admitted but which could be sensationalised to alarming heights.  It’s like the BBC reporting WWII by only looking at Dieppe, Dunkirk, the Blitz, Singapore and the fall of Tobruk and leaving the audience to think we lost the war….and of course failing to mention the Americans and all the other allies we had to help us win in Europe.  Much like today where our major intelligence partner, the US, wasn’t mentioned…nor all the other countries around the world.

‘Any Questions’ was trailed telling us they would be asking if ‘leaving the EU would make us less safe, and how do we stop it making us less safe?’…..Hmmm…seems like the first question is pretty redundant in their mind.  And of course then there is that important question…processed food, it gives us cancer and an early grave right, especially if you’re poor?  Yes, it’s really all about class war…it’s an ‘issue’ that’s been hijacked by the Left and turned into a narrative about the rich living longer and the poor dying early due to the rubbish food they have to eat due to poverty….never mind people are fitter, bigger and live far, far longer than ever before due to this food….and that is why the NHS is having to cope with so many old people now….processed bread and chicken nuggets….maybe we should feed the lower classes gruel and the odd turnip for a treat and let them die even younger….leaving only the rich, educated and intelligent who can then vote against Brexit in any future referendum and keeping the NHS for the healthy and wealthy.  So many problems solved with a bit of lateral thinking. ‘Toxic’ chicken nuggets are a liberal/fascist’s wet dream really…like Zyklon B for the dirty, unwashed, stupid masses who dare to think for themselves….it is after all Big Business force-feeding us these things…and they all want to Remain….suspicious or what?  Let’s face it Remainers are not shy about wishing death upon Leave voters.

Anyway…here’s some more of Quentin Letts’ thoughts on detoxing from Today…

Without Radio 4 winding me into a bate, life has become much less itchy. Instead of having to hear ministerial half-wits trying to claim the HS2 railway is a good idea, or professional grievance-mongers moan about the health service, or a gloopy-voiced reporter trotting out cliches about food banks, my mornings started with music from various centuries and cultures.

For a newspaper reporter to write that is, you may feel, self-harmful. Is Today not an agenda-setter?

That has always been the received wisdom in Fleet Street and elsewhere in British public life. At big investment houses, in government departments, in the lobbying and public-policy worlds, Today has long been de rigueur.

Maybe I’m imagining it, or maybe I’m just getting old, but since the EU referendum, the output of many BBC current affairs shows has become markedly shrill. Hour after hour they broadcast neuralgia — gripes from the modern Establishment that Brexit is going to bring all manner of disasters.

While prisoners of Radio 4 were being subjected to yet another fist-chewer of an interview with Labour’s robotic Remoaner Sir Keir Starmer MP, or while they were wheeling out yet another retired mandarin or professional secularist or social-mobility hand-wringer, I was being captivated by a Rachmaninoff cello sonata. The cello sang deep and lonely to the piano’s trickle. Mesmerising.

While Today listeners were probably having to endure some big-state propaganda about Whitehall impact assessments or NHS winter pressures or EU immigrants’ rights or Legal Aid cuts or Heaven knows what else, I was having my mind opened to the modern English composer Jonathan Dove’s In Beauty May I Walk.

If I’ve felt a smidgeon of regret it is only because an old friend of mine became editor of ‘Today’ last year and she said she was going to try to make the programme less metropolitan. She quickly ran into flak from the BBC establishment and Labour MPs.

I had been losing patience with Today for some years. I thought the programme was dreadful during the Leveson inquiry, after the Cameron government had caved in to centre-Left demands to bring newspapers under political control.

How could the BBC’s flagship radio programme sympathise so gleefully with such an authoritarian move?

During the Coalition years, when our country’s finances were teetering close to the abyss, Today eagerly promoted voices demanding greater spending by government. We rarely seemed to hear from the taxpayers who crave greater restraint by the Treasury.

Maybe I am being unfair to Mishal Husain and Nick Robinson & Co, but they seem imprisoned in the Westminster bubble, which, with every day that passes is further removed from the real world most Britons live in.

Life is so much bigger and more interesting and full of possibilities than Today suggests.

Can I keep up my abstinence from Today? Possibly not. Journalistic curiosity is inescapable and there is really no one better for skewering our awful politicians than John Humphrys.

But at least I now know where to go for relief when the cacophony of luvvies becomes too much.

Nick Bryant ‘Reporting’


Another day on the BBC and another idiotic smear story about Trump.  The ‘Footlights’ used to churn out comic genius like Monty Python, Beyond the Fringe and the Goodies…now all we get from our universities are tragic clowns who end up as BBC reporters trying their best to combine satire with hard edged news and failing miserably at both and of course english graduates who think they are scientists.

Nick Bryant for example.  He regurgitates ancient jibes at Trump in an attempt to disparage him and Fox News but instead ends up embarrassing the BBC as this tripe is given airtime on its flagship news programme the Today show[07:45].

So Trump watches Fox News….how I laughed when I heard that terrible old slur again…the incredibly partisan BBC sneering at a right-leaning Fox News…the BBC is so vastly superior don’t you know!  Fox shockingly played ‘jingoistic music’ as it showed film of a US attack on Jihadis…the BBC would never do such a thing, it prefers to give its airtime to ambulance chasing lawyers and lying jihadis as they try to put our soldiers in prison and earn themselves some blood-money with the BBC aiding and abetting in that.  They earn their 30 pieces of silver for that.

Then apparently Fox was reporting in a Fox manner, bad, on ‘undocumented immigrants’.  Whothey you may ask?  Ah…the BBC’s now official term for illegal immigrants which they now use regularly.  Whilst the BBC tells us it won’t use terms that may appear to be the prefered term used by a particular party, such as terrorism [except when it’s a white guy/Jew], and thus indicate they are supporting one side they are happy to use what is a highly political term that has been designed by the Leftist pro-immigration lobby to try and make out that illegal immigrants are in fact entitled to travel where they like, documents or no documents, and not having documents does not mean they are ‘illegal’.  However the term ‘illegal immigrant’ is the official term used here and in the US…the BBC is very definitely taking sides on this one.  Does it call Jewish settlers ‘undocumented migrants’?  Does it hell, it calls them illegal occupiers.  What is it about the Jews that the BBC doesn’t like?

Then Bryant dragged in a commentator…oh, he’s from the anti-Trump New York Times…the only surprise is he’s not from the anti-Trump Washington Post.  We learn that Trump watching Fox is like children’s TV where the kids react and the programme responds back…it’s a two way mirror…Trump watches Fox, Tweets and his Tweets become news,  setting the agenda for the day.  Erm…pretty much like the BBC then when the Today programme interviews someone, gets the quote they want and the BBC then uses that quote to lead all its news bulletins…usually something derogatory about Brexit or the government’s running of the NHS or welfare.

We then get onto an even more stupid smear…Trump’s tweet about the NHS being in crisis…apparently this is all Fox News’ fault once again.  We now know that Trump’s an idiot because the NHS isn’t in crisis…it’s the best health service in the world as all its defenders came out to say.  Thus Fox is peddling fake news.

Hmmm….isn’t it the BBC’s favourite story when there’s no other news around to claim the NHS is in crisis?  Every winter, every spring, every season, every month, every day….the BBC tells us the NHS is in crisis.  Except it’s not when Trump says it is.

The problem with Trump, we hear, is that he gets his world view from Fox….that the Russia investigation is a witch-hunt [I imagine he can work that out for himself as he must know better than anyone whether he colluded with the Russkies or not], that the FBI are at fault [well…it doesn’t look good for them if you read the news…not just Fox but the lefty NYT], and of course his belief that the Media are biased against him…where on earth would he get a mad idea like that?  Can only be from Fox…or maybe just watching and reading the 90% of US media that is anti-Trump.

Bryant has produced an incredibly flawed, ignorant, partisan, misleading anti-Fox, anti-Trump tract that would be more suitable for one of the BBC’s favourite internet sites that it uses to spread lies and gossip when it can’t be seen to break such drivel as news itself, such as Byline and Buzzfeed, the technique, the trick, is to then report on the furore that the smear stories create and spread the ‘news’ that way thus distancing itself from the blame.

Amazed any editor worth their salt would allow Bryant to push such rubbish on the BBC’s flagship…maybe she agrees with which case the problem is even bigger.



Right Up The BBC’s Alley



Russell Brand is the BBC world view, their mindset, brought into being in a perfect, eloquacious, silver-tongued articulate glibness and quite barmy life form…well, life, perhaps not as we know it.  If you have two hours to spare….go and walk the dog or wash the car….anything but watch this video.  Surprised Sam Harris doesn’t run him through with a chair leg or something.

Islam?  All about the peace, designed to produce a loving and harmonious society [though he hasn’t read the Koran].  Nagasaki?  Nuclear terrorism.  Iraq War?  Stealing land and oil [The war cost far, far, far more than buying the oil would ever have].  Wars by the West are just colonisation to sell Coca Cola and Starbucks.  Who are we to judge other societies and cultures?  Burqas are great…wearing one is just a self-discipline for the ladies….it’s like yoga, a way of refining consciousness for a woman in a world where abstract ideas commodifying women are served by overly-bloated power dynamics in the tumble-dryer of love.

Here’s an example of Brand in glorious full flow….he hardly listens to Harris and has the left-wing rhetoric off pat…he is so over the top he doesn’t make much sense and is definitely in love with his own cleverness and poetic flow of left-wing cant….he is set off, triggered, by Harris’ thought that the women of Afghanistan are oppressed…..Brand thinks not….who are we to judge?…..

The metric by which we evaluate them is a distinct metric drawn from another narrative…we might say ‘Bloody hell…women dressing like that’….but I don’t think we are in a position to make that kind of judgement.  Why should their narrative adhere to our template?

The imposition of our heterogeneous, hegemonic ideas of how masculine and feminine relationships work might not be universally applicable.  I think it’s precisely the kind of reasoning that’s used to justify the bombing and commercial colonisation of those territories….‘they’re not like us, they treat women differently from us’….I don’t think we’re in a position to make those judgements.

I think these kinds of theoretical tableaux are used to create a false hierarchy and a moral superiority by a dominant culture that subsequently uses thinking of this nature to underwrite the modern day colonisation and subjugation of these people on a massive scale…it’s 9/11 every day so that a state system can perpetuate itself using rationalism, using comfortable means of execution…it’s no better than 9/11.’

Hmmm…the West freed the Arabs from the Ottoman whip and subsequently helped support and develop so many Muslim countries that then arose, freed the Afghans from the Soviet yoke, fought against the anti-Muslim Serbs in the Balkans, protected Kuwait and Saudi Arabia from the ravages of a secular Saddam and then freed Iraqis to choose their own destiny, they saved Indian Muslims from the Hindu fascists and created Pakistan…a Muslim Zion, they smashed the ‘non-Muslim’ Isamic State that was terrorising so many Muslims….and of course it is well known that Western countries are more Muslim friendly than Muslim countries…go figure Russell.

The anti-Islam West?  The real problem in the Middle East and across the world in Muslim territories, and indeed in the West itself, are the ‘extremist’ Muslims who want to impose ‘Islam’ upon Muslims.

But who are we to judge.  All cultures are equal, it is all relative.  You can contemplate my template, you can contemplate your template, but what you can’t do is conflate one template with another template because that way you just get an illegitimate estimate of a cultural distillate.  or something.

Of course it’s suddenly not all relative when it comes to choosing a political party and a manifesto….suddenly you can make judgements about the value of certain ways of life and policies.







Mid-Week Open Thread

Apart from John Humphrys noting that Lord Malloch-Brown was ‘subverting democracy’ as he collaborates with a foreign billionaire to sell-out Britain to a foreign power, the EU, the BBC seems to have pretty much ignored Soros’ ‘cash for collaboration’ plot to buy influence over British politicians.  If it was Murdoch?  Did enjoy MB’s assertion that his treachery was ’empowering democracy’ and giving a voice to those whose vote for Brexit was a ‘howl of protest at being ignored’.  He does this by ignoring their historic vote, their ‘howl of protest’, and by subverting that democracy.

The BBC doesn’t ignore Anna Soubry of course, she gets the red-carpet treatment, her every utterance treated, like the EU’s Barnum, as if an eternal and unquestioned truth.  How different to other Tory Back-benchers who support Brexit and are regularly portrayed as mad fascists holding the party to ransom.  Soubry gets a free hand to say what she likes as in the Week at Westminster where she claimed that she put the interests of her constituents before party, she is prepared to compromise, she’s pragmatic.  MP’s must listen to their constituents.  Of course her constituents voted for Brexit which is why Soubry puts their interests first by…er…trying to stop Brexit.  The problem, as she sees it, is that her constituents didn’t know what they were voting for, no idea about the single market or customs union [despite it being made as clear as day by all parties in the referendum].   She moaned that she had been called a ‘traitor’ in the newspapers and says this has definitely led to death threats.  Hmmm…maybe they called her a traitor because she is one…to her own constituents and to the British people who voted ‘OUT’.  Her own actions led to the threats, can’t blame it on the papers who merely reported the truth.

Nice if the BBC spent more time pointing that out to all those Remoaners who demand a recount.

Any other bias out there?  List it all here….

Capitalism is so yesterday…Magic Money Trees are so now


The BBC has long pandered to the idea that Capitalism is finished and that a great new idea must replace it, a great leap forward in the way mankind provides the necessities, and luxuries, of life for itself.  It’s complete rubbish of course, Capitalism, like Democracy, maybe the worst form of running our affairs, except for all the others.  It does need reining in naturally but it has lifted so many billions of people out of poverty and hard laborious lives that for all its ills it is still the only true way of life that provides material benefits and the essential freedoms necessary for a civilised society such as individualism and choice in how we conduct our own lives…and of course the essential ability to have a say in and influence on how a society is run.

The BBC would like to see the end of Capitalism but what would it replace it with?  You don’t hear much about that, which could be a problem.  More of a problem is that nearly all other systems are run by dictators at the point of a gun and necessitate the use of force to run ‘smoothly’, or at least give the impression of running smoothly as all information to the contrary gets suppressed.

You just have to look at the petty class-war nastiness we get from the Left already to know how full blown Corbynism would play out.  People pay for the state education system  regardless of whether they use it or not, and the richer you are the more you will pay towards it.  If you send your children to private school you are making the state system less crowded and are ensuring that each pupil in that system gets more money per head and yet Labour want to take away the charitable status of private schools.    Similarly we now hear that Labour wants to make hospitals provide free parking, as they should, but to do it by taxing private health care more.  As with schools the Rich pay for the NHS regardless of whether they use it or not, and they pay far more than somebody on a low income.  Again by not using the NHS they free up resources for NHS patients that would otherwise be spread more thinly.  And yet Labour wants to punish those who use private health care.  Moronic dogmatic ideology, they should encourage people to take out private health care and education so that those in the state system get more resources and attention per pupil or patient.

You may have received your tax summary for the year recently which tells you how your tax contributed to public spending.

Income tax and National Insurance are not the biggest source of income for government, surprisingly maybe, indirect taxes, such as VAT or the fuel levy, are.  In effect, whatever you earn, hardly any of it goes into your own pocket at the end of the day.  But here’s the most important point…all that Government income comes from Businesses, Capitalism, one way or another.  So again, how does the BBC propose to replace that system of funding and provision for all necessary government spending to feed, school, house, clothe, care for, defend and entertain the masses?  An allotment with a goat and a couple of chickens out the back just won’t cut it.  Maybe if you have a magic money tree….didn’t end well for Adam and Eve did it?  Keep away from the trees and snakeoil salesmen like Corbyn.

Government spending is huge and most, around 70%, goes on what might all be lumped together under the title of welfare…the top four items being Benefits, Health, Pensions and Education.  The next highest cost is national debt interest, that’s just the interest on the debt not paying off the debt itself.  It is higher than defence and public order and safety.  More than housing, more than on business and industry, more than on transport.  And yet Labour and the BBC keep telling us we must rack up more and more debt…which accrues more and more interest payments.  Labour says this is good…borrow to take industries like Rail, Water and Power out of private hands and stop profits going to the banks…hmmm…and who do they borrow the money off, and who gets all those interest payments?  The Banks.  Labour’s policy is all smoke and mirrors, lies.  Shame the BBC doesn’t point that out.

No such thing as a free lunch or indeed a free renationalised rail service.

The BBC’s position on Business is of course a complete farce so muddled and contradictory is it.  On the one hand they roundly oppose what they call consumerism, on the other they constantly criticise government for not increasing productivity and not making Britain a more successful place business-wise.  I would like to know how they define consumerism…how much is too much…and which jobs and industries would they like to shut down?  Which products and how many, should people buy?…..sounds dangerously close to Communism where the government decides all that.

Maybe the BBC has a five year plan.  Or an orchard.