The BBC reports:

Brexit rebels reject ‘mutineers’ attack

Pro-EU ex-minister Anna Soubry, described it as a “blatant piece of bullying that goes to the very heart of democracy”.

So Soubry wants to silence the Telegraph because she values free speech, open debate and democracy?

Question.  Why does Soubry not get into a rage about being called a ‘rebel’?  What’s the difference between that and ‘mutineer’?  Essentially the same except one has a romantic ring to it, the other undertones of disloyalty and treachery….but rebels are acting out both those ‘qualities’ in reality as they try to overthrow whatever it is they are trying to overthrow.

Guess it depends on who the messenger is…a lefty, anti-Brexit BBC or a supposedly right-leaning paper.  Which one will the pro-EU Soubry appease?  Soubry is a treacherous Tory.  The BBC defends her and her fellow ‘mutineers’ in its report.

Just for Soubry’s benefit…from the Oxford dictionary:



  • An open rebellion against the proper authorities, especially by soldiers or sailors against their officers.

So let’s have some context that the BBC doesn’t bring…and it’s all about Soubry, she’ll like that because as we know, the world revolves around her and what she wants…. but we can  manage without her can’t we?….


Anna Soubry…the most pugnacious, bullying, lying, divisive Tory MP?  Maybe.  Crying that she is being bullied as the Telegraph outs her and her collaborators for being ‘mutineers’ on Brexit….quite happy though to name call and label Brexiteers as “ideologically driven”…seems a bit of ‘bullying’ there by her own standards….oh, and May is “very foolish” for putting a date on Brexit…despite Soubry making endless demands for ‘certainty’.  She also dismisses the government position of ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ as ‘madness’.  She is also quite happy to call Brexiteers ‘Plotters’...hmmm…so accusing them of being like Guido Fawkes [the real one]?

You say mutineers, I say plotters…let’s call the Brexit thing off!

Soubry claims she is doing everything she can to bring about Brexit, to respect the will of the people, and yet everything she does and says indicates the opposite…she is out to stop Brexit in its tracks….Brexit will be ‘hugely damaging’ and a ‘serious threat’ she whinnies.  Not only that but she is entirely contemptuous of the Leave voters whom she thinks are stupid, uneducated and racist…..they have been ‘been tricked, lied-to and conned’ by the ‘lies and baloney’ of the Brexiteers.  Apparently she thinks ‘white working class’ Leave voters have ‘probably never even seen a migrant’ and that “we have unleashed something” through the EU referendum.  Ignorant racists the lot of ’em.

Lovely woman.

She tells us ‘I am proud of my loyalty to my party and my country.’  A woman who threatened May with the pleasant prospect of her jumping ship and leaving the Tory Party if May didn’t acquiesce to her demands for a ‘soft Brexit’ [ie no Brexit].  So, ready to abandon her Party and do all she can to make negotiations with the EU extremely difficult with the intention that they fail….not much loyalty to either Party or country there…..and promising that the government will get a ‘nasty shock’ when she and her fellow mutineers vote against government policy.

So who is bullying who here?

And it was only yesterday that she monstered May yet again…

Soubry makes SHOCK claim Theresa May is ‘PANDERING’ to hardline Brexiteers in TV outburst

Her comment is no different to the Telegraph’s in effect…except the Telegraph is reporting, doing its job, and she is attacking her own PM…mutineering.

Yes, indeed.

This is how much she respects democracy and the result of the referendum…

Anna Soubry: I only backed EU referendum vote because Remain was supposed to win

Anna Soubry told the Guardian she would not have supported the plebiscite if she thought it would lead to the withdrawal of the UK from the EU.

She said: “[I backed it] only because I thought we would win. Obviously I wouldn’t have been if I thought we would lose, let’s be honest.”

#standupfordemocracy my arse!



No surprise the BBC’s Times Remain propagandist, Sam Coates, is also cynically dismissive and snooty about the Telegraph’s frontpage…



Ironically Soubry is now embracing being a ‘mutineer’…it’s a badge of honour she thinks……

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Putin’s new bestest friend…the BBC


Has Lord Hall Hall been handed a large brown envelope of roubles, has he been on the vodka, has he been seduced by a Russian temptress and rudely compromised?  Who knows but the BBC is suddenly very Putin friendly as it mocks May for her warning to Russia to stop interfering in British democracy.  What a turn around by the BBC.

It was only a week ago that the brilliant Nick Robinson was giving us alarming news that both the Brexit referendum and the general election had been hacked by the Russians….indeed the BBC and MPs have been hot on the trail…

British MPs have asked Facebook if it has evidence of paid-for activity by accounts linked to Russia at the time of the Brexit referendum.

And of course we know of the BBC’s relentless and massive coverage as it tries to smear Trump with allegations of  ties to Putin.

How different today though in this highly dismissive and almost mocking report on May’s statement….a very odd tone and slant on things from the BBC….

Russian politicians dismiss Theresa May ‘election meddling’ criticism

Senior Russian politicians have dismissed accusations by Theresa May that Moscow has meddled in elections and carried out cyber-espionage.

On Monday night, Mrs May accused Moscow of “planting fake stories” to “sow discord in the West”.

She said Vladimir Putin’s government was trying to “undermine free societies”.

Russian senators accused the UK’s PM of “making a fool of herself” with a “counterproductive” speech.

And it goes on in that vein….May being rubbished at every word…and then there is James Landale’s ‘analysis’, Landale, the Remainer’s and anti-Israel lobby’s favourite useful idiot.

Analysis by BBC diplomatic correspondent James Landale

There are some countries in Europe that believe the West should engage more closely with Russia.

They argue the European Union and the United States should better understand Russia’s point of view, its belief that it is threatened from all sides.

And that more should be done to accommodate this sense of vulnerability, by softening Nato’s approach and reducing sanctions.

Well, not Theresa May.

Ah….what?  Other EU countries want closer ties with Russia….but…‘Well, not Theresa May’.  The poor old vulnerable and threatened Russians must be mollycoddled not warned off about its aggressive attempts to subvert our democracies?  Blimey…changed tune there…when Trump suggested warmer relations he was roundly condemned…and note one of his team is being pilloried right now for allegedly having spoken about sanctions being lifted…which he denies I believe.

This is Landale being pro-Russian and anti-May…astonishing no?  Not as if the Germans weren’t on the alert…

Germany on guard against election hacks, fake news

But hang on, who were they concerned about?

German Researchers Accuse Americans, Not Russians, of Meddling in Its Elections

The ‘Alt-Right’ of course…never mind that the US government had been hacking Merkel’s own phone for years…with the connivance of the German intelligence service….any thought that Merkel, raised in East Germany and an enthusiastic ‘Young Communist’ is the Russian’s most successful agent?  This might help you down that conspiracy route…from the New York Times:

German Election Mystery: Why No Russian Meddling?

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s summons to Germany’s top cabinet ministers and senior military and intelligence officials for a meeting of the Federal Security Council signaled trouble. Such gatherings are rare, typically occurring only when the country faces a grave threat like a terrorist attack.

There was just one item on the agenda that day last spring: how to protect Germany’s upcoming parliamentary elections from Russian cyberattacks. At the time, it seemed almost inevitable that Germany would suffer the same fate as France and the United States, where, officials say, the Kremlin attempted to alter the results of presidential elections with “fake news” and spear phishing attacks.

But on the eve of Sunday’s elections, the Russians have done something few expected: they have largely disappeared.

Not a mystery really, Merkel was almost a dead-cert to win, Why rock the boat when your top agent is once again going to be leader of the most powerful country in Europe?

Landale seems to specialise in stories that are designed to damage May and her government these days….hoping that it will fall and an election have to be held?….resulting perhaps in Russia’ other favoured son, Corbyn, getting into No10.

Bit of a coup that.

It is odd that with Merkel’s background there is no rabid campaign to link her to Putin whilst Trump is accused at every turn on the absolute flimsiest of ‘evidence’…most of it paid for by the Democrats….and the BBC paid absolutely no attention to the contents of the ‘stolen’ emails that revealed a huge amount of controversial and damaging information about Clinton.




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Strange Fruitcakes


Guido has been highlighting racist comments by a Labour MP for some time now….did this appear on the BBC main news?  I can’t say….it has appeared on the BBC local radio with Vanessa Feltz questioning the MP…..the story doesn’t make the BBC front page, UK page nor the England page…you  have to go to the London page to find it…

Emma Dent Coad MP apologises over ‘racist blog post’

A Labour MP accused of writing a “racist” article about a London Assembly member has apologised for “any offence caused”.

Emma Dent Coad wrote a blog piece in 2010 in which she labelled Shaun Bailey a “token ghetto boy”.

Ms Dent Coad told BBC Radio London she had been quoting “an Afro-Carribean” constituent in her blog.

Can’t imagine such reluctance to splash such a story on the frontpage for days on end if it had been a Tory or UKIP politician.


The nasty party?  Dent Coad calls a Black Tory racist names and wants to hang Tories…and Dennis Skinner (H/T StewGreen) wants to take an axe to Brexiteers….


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Hammond said what?


Today we hear that it will be a catastrophe if an effective customs system is not in place by the time Brexit comes about….long queues and food rotting at the ports.

Why though might there not be an effective system?  The BBC does tell us….

MPs warn of Brexit customs ‘catastrophe’

The Public Accounts Committee warned of “huge disruption” to businesses, “massive queues” at Dover port and food rotting in lorries at the border.

The committee’s report urged the government to commit the “relatively small” sum of £7.3m to upgrade the existing system to cope with this increase if the move to the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) was delayed.

So some upfront funding, a tiny amount, is needed to fend off catastrophe.  Hmmm OK, not unexpected.  In fact people were demanding that not long ago in October and the request was rudely rebuffed by our pro-EU Chancellor Philip Hammond.

Brexit chaos as Philip Hammond refuses to budget for ‘no deal’ days after Theresa May announces plans

Preparations for a “no deal’ Brexit have been plunged into further confusion after the Chancellor said it would be irresponsible to start spending billions of pounds now.

Philip Hammond is refusing to open up the Treasury coffers yet, just days after Theresa May announced emergency plans to avoid border meltdown for businesses and travellers.

Those plans would involve spending huge sums of money on new IT systems and border processes, lorry parks and extra staff – when the Treasury already faces a daunting Budget “black hole”

So an anti-Brexit chancellor is doing all he can to make Brexit a disaster, a ‘catastrophe’, and does so in complete opposition to the PM.

And yet the BBC makes absolutely no reference to this?  No mention that it is the pro-EU chancellor’s refusal to do anything that would ensure Brexit works that could lead to ‘catastrophe’?

How odd that the pro-EU BBC should fail to mention that when the PAC Chair says HMRC ‘should be banging on the doors of the Treasury.’

May should have ‘reshuffled’ Hammond months ago.

The BBC waffles on about a great deal here…and yet the main point of the PAC is the funding…it is the Chair’s only real point….

Chair’s comment

Comment from Public Accounts Chair, Meg Hillier MP:

“Failure to have a viable customs system in place before the UK’s planned exit from the EU would wreak havoc for UK business, trade and our international reputation. Confidence would collapse amid the potentially catastrophic effects.

HMRC is under considerable pressure to deliver the new Customs Declaration Service in time, but it does not yet have funding to increase the capacity of CDS to deal with the consequences of Brexit—nor to develop contingency options.

This is deeply worrying. HMRC requires a relatively small sum to upgrade the current CHIEF system—a move which would provide some peace of mind to traders, many of whom are still operating with limited information and in great uncertainty.

HMRC tells us it is merely ‘in conversation’ over CHIEF upgrade costs when, on behalf of business and the British public, it should be banging on the doors of the Treasury.

HMRC must press the case to secure this funding now and ensure that, if other plans fail, customs will be fit for purpose.”



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Too close encounters

As Brian Sewell said about the BBC’s output:

We deserve better. It’s patronising rubbish.  The BBC clearly think it’s good to have programmes presented by people with no knowledge or experience.  There’s no debate, no critical discourse or differing viewpoints.


Oh dear….complete rubbish from the BBC who have allowed Labour’s Douglas Alexander  to find out ‘why we’ve become so polarised as a nation and what we can do about it. His time as a politician convinced him that government alone cannot mend Britain’s divisions. So what can we do as a society and as individuals? ‘

Apparently the only group that is segregated in Britain is white Britons…..of course that is due to our racism and discrimination towards others….Poor Pakistanis can’t move to rich white areas because of lack of life opportunities due to racism of course…nothing to do with their own choices……we must deal with our negative attitues to minority groups.  Yep this programme is all about white racism….and of course Muslims are the biggest victims.  A huge lie of course….Muslims are the most segregated communities, communities that breed radicalism and extremism due to their ‘ism’ and political and social views that incubate within.

We hear of two men washing cars next to each other chatting away, rubbing along…a Somali and a white Brit….but wait…there is no deeper relationship…because the white man is from the BNP….remarkable how they can find a BNP member these days.  No thought of course that a Muslim Somali might not want to mix more socially with the ‘Kafir’? Or as Trevor Phillips might say…’It is not Islamophobic to wonder if such a closed community might have nurtured a fatally narrow world-view. No one in France now doubts that the sickening violence that left a dozen dead in the Charlie Hebdo shootings was at least in part a consequence of the disastrous segregation of the French banlieues, the ghettos to which many Muslims have been consigned.’

Left-wing propaganda about refugees and immigrants by a Labour politician given freedom to peddle his schtick on the BBC…..we need ‘neurological hacks’…singing, dancing and eating together….this will bind us all with the ‘other’….more Muslims on Strictly and Bake Off!  Trouble is many of the radical Muslims did ironically originally mix until they became more religious when that stopped and they self-ghettoised themselves….and then self-detonated…….boom, boom, as Bail Brush might say.

The BBC told us that Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs all got along famously in India before Partition [no thought as to why Muslims wanted Partition to separate themselves then?]….and thenn they murdered each other with great abandon…those ‘good neighbours’ slaughtering each other with enthusiasm.  Superficial friendship doesn’t overcome the ideology deeply ingrained into people who will always ‘defend’ their own.  The BBC refuses to accept this and instead thinks reducing ‘poverty’ or combatting what it protrays as discrimination will solve all this.  Alexander finishes by telling us the biggest divide in Britan is the wealth divide between the rich and the poor [no irony on a BBC that pays people £700,000 for chatting a couple of hours a day on the radio] but we must also all go out and hold hands with immigrants…have some close encounters with the ‘Other’…you might like it.

Naive, highly politicised nonsense that is just Corbyn and Muslim propaganda.



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New New News


I have never rated Nick Robinson, he seems to be too pleased with himself and is all too often careless with the facts.  The more I listen to him the more I get that impression confirmed.  This morning is no different as he treats us to a torrent of negative disinformation about Brexit along with Mishal Husain who uses a discussion about robotics in agriculture to scaremonger about agriculture dying in this country #duetoBrexit and all produce having to be imported at exhorbitant prices….no indication that the government says workers will come in on seasonal work visas to work on the farms as they used to do….and paradoxically the guest mentions that these jobs will be the first to go when things get automated…so why do we need these low skilled EU workers?  Oh and we’re being squeezed….worst this century….inflation due to Brexit.   Apocalypse now!

Robinson was talking about the ‘new’ revelation that Parliament will get a vote on the Brexit deal and if they reject it there will be a ‘no deal’ exit.  Robinson must read this blog as he made a meal of emphasisng this was ‘new’…but it’s not as we pointed out yesterday.  Old news that the BBC recycles as terrifying alarmist news about Brexit.

Note the tone and language used….the PM is using a ‘threat’ to pro-EU rebels whereas Tory pro-Brexit ‘rebels’ are the ‘threat’.  Robinson and Kuenssberg continually use the term ‘crash out of the EU’….pretty perjorative and alarmist along with ‘cliff edge’.  Robinson has a technical term to describe the situation….apparently Parliament has to ‘like it or lump it’...a somewhat dismissive and negative term to use.

We also get the twisting of the narrative….Leave based its campaign upon ‘taking back control’  and of course sovereignty….Remain and the BBC try to use this to say that denying Parliament a significant and effective say in what Brexit should look like is a contradiction of this.

The lie to this is of course that ‘Parliament’ consists of mostly Pro-EU MPs who will use any chance to amend and water down Brexit so that Britain doesn’t in fact leave the EU in any meaningful way….we will still pay huge amounts into the EU, still be subject to the ECJ, still be open to mass immigration.

This situation has already arisen as Labour and Remain Tories table hundreds of amendments to the EU bill going through Parliament right now in an attempt to thwart Brexit.

Giving Parliament complete control over Brexit will mean there is no Brexit…..thus the paradox and malignant result of doing so.

‘Parliament’ of course forgets that it is there to implement the will of the People, the People that decided we will have ‘Brexit’…..they voted to leave the EU regardless of the alarmist scaremongering by the Remain campaign given so much airtime by the BBC.

But how would you describe ‘sovereignty’?

Maybe like this….Sovereignty can be understood as the authority of a state to govern itself, and determine its own laws and policies.

Not then….Parliament able to ride roughshod over the will of the people?




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Recycled News…Project Fear

Michael Bloomberg: Brexit is stupidest thing any country has done besides Trump


Leave voters are ‘Dumb’ and ‘stupid’…so says former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg….or was it Putin?  The BBC gives Bloomberg top billing on the news this morning with a second bite at telling us that Brexit will be bad for the City…and we get the old myth from the BBC tied into that repeated that 75,000 jobs will go.

Presumably Project Fear is running out of the voices of doom and are having to recycyle the old ones again….how long before Carney or in an attempt to hide the origin the ‘Bank of England’, or the Treasury or Osborne at the Standard or James Chapman [remember him?], or Simon Stephens for the NHS or Sam Coates from the Times etc etc etc pop up oon the BBC with the latest ‘big news about Brexit?

What of that 75,000 jobs to be lost #duetoBrexit?  The Mail looked at that a while back when the BBC first tried to alarm us.   

Turns out the figure actually came from a pro-EU lobby group which the BBC picked up and went to the Bank of England to ‘confirm’…..turns out this is the worst case scenario…but that doesn’t stop the BBC using it as the base figure.

Here’s what the Mail said:[click on ‘Copy’ in menu top right…the square of dots]…

BBC seized on the figures … but got its facts wrong

WARNINGS that Brexit could trigger 75,000 finance job losses led BBC news bulletins yesterday morning – and were also seized on by City lobbyists.

BBC Radio 4 newsreaders said the Bank of England had told lenders to ‘prepare for a no-deal’ Brexit.

They added that the 75,000 figure was ‘predicted’ by the Bank itself.

However, insiders at Threadneedle Street insist it was not a number they came up with themselves.

It is understood that BBC reporters took the figure from a report published a year ago and then asked senior figures at the Bank of England to say if they thought it was reasonable. That conversation is believed to have taken place at the International Monetary Fund meeting in Washington DC three weeks ago.

The Bank has asked lenders to ensure they are ready for all eventualities, including the possibility Britain leaves without a deal. But it has not put a figure on how many long-term jobs might eventually disappear. The 75,000 figure came in a report published last October by consultant Oliver Wyman for TheCityUK lobby group.

But spinners went into overdrive after the BBC reports, using the suggestion that the Bank itself was predicting 75,000 job losses to bolster their argument that highly-paid financiers must get special support.

Ironically, TheCityUK was particularly keen to piggyback on the institution’s authority, saying the figure was ‘consistent’ with its analysis.

Chief executive Miles Celic said: ‘This is another reminder that a “no-deal” Brexit will be no good for the industry, for customers or the economies of the UK and the European Union.’

Is there no end to the BBC lies, deceptions and misinformation?

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Tell me something new once again!!


H/T to Craig at Is the BBC biased? for linking to the BBC report.


The BBC’s Quentin Sommerville tells us in excited tones about…..

Raqqa’s dirty secret

The BBC has uncovered details of a secret deal that let hundreds of IS fighters and their families escape from Raqqa, under the gaze of the US and British-led coalition and Kurdish-led forces who control the city.

A convoy included some of IS’s most notorious members and – despite reassurances – dozens of foreign fighters. Some of those have spread out across Syria, even making it as far as Turkey.

The story is dated….

Publication date
13 November 2017


Now if you follow the news you might have thought that you have heard this before…that convoys of ISIS fighters have been allowed to leave Raqqa…..that’s because you have…way back in October….not quite so ‘secret’ then…and not exactly a BBC exclusive……

From the Guardian….October 14….

Last Isis fighters in Raqqa broker deal to leave Syrian city – local official

Islamic State fighters remaining in Raqqa, once the group’s de facto capital, have brokered a deal that would allow them to leave the city with a number of human shields, according to agencies in Syria.

Omar Alloush, a senior official of the Raqqa Civil Council, told Agence France-Presse a deal had been reached to allow fighters out of the city, which is on the verge of being captured by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

The Times…

Final assault on Raqqa after SDF deal allows Isis rebel convoy to flee

Western-backed forces in Syria have launched the final assault to oust Islamic State from Raqqa after hundreds of militants fled the city, leaving only a few fighters behind.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a Kurdish-led coalition, and local Arab tribes struck a deal to allow a convoy of Syrian Isis fighters to leave the self-declared capital of the caliphate at the weekend.

The Telegraph….

Evacuation deal for Isil fighters in Syria’s Raqqa as city’s capture nears

A convoy will leave Syria’s Raqqa on Saturday under an evacuation deal agreed as a US-backed force battles to seize Isil’s last positions in the city.

The US-led coalition said the deal for the evacuation would exclude foreign Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) fighters, but left unclear whether Syrian jihadists would be able to quit their one-time stronghold.

Not sure what Quentin Sommerville has been smoking…must be some good shit though…he certainly writes it…..


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Tell me something new!


The BBC has a short memory as it reports this today….parliament to get a vote on Brexit…and if rejects it there will be ‘no deal’…..apparently this is a big concession and surprise…..Kuenssberg spinning away madly for the EU?

Parliament to get binding vote on final Brexit deal

Parliament is to be given a take-it-or leave-it vote on the final Brexit deal before the UK leaves the EU.

Brexit Secretary David Davis said the terms of the UK’s exit, such as money, citizen rights and any transition must become law via a new Act of Parliament.

While any deal would “only hold” if MPs approved it, he said it would not alter the fact the UK was leaving the EU.

Labour welcomed a “climbdown” but some MPs warned of a “sham” if ministers could not be asked to renegotiate.

The BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg said the announcement was significant because it represented a big concession to potential Tory rebels and Labour MPs at a highly important moment in the Brexit process.


Hmmmmm…thought I remembered this…..from February this year….

British parliament will get vote on final Brexit deal

LONDON — Both houses of the British parliament will get a vote on the Brexit deal that Theresa May strikes with the European Union, the government said Tuesday.

Brexit minister David Jones told the House of Commons he expects this to happen “before the European Parliament debates and votes on the final agreement.”

Asked to clarify what happens if MPs and members of the House of Lords decide they don’t like the deal, Jones said “the vote will be either to accept the deal. Or there will be no deal.”

Former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said: “It is not good enough for the government to offer parliament a hard Brexit or an even harder Brexit.”

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The Remain Hate that the BBC always ignores



Here’s a ‘Neo European’ wishing old white men would just curl up and die in a cold winter…their grandchildren can then spit on their graves……maybe the police should arrest this guy?  If that’s not hate speech what is?  Silly Hind.

Clearly he doesn’t read his own propaganda rag…it’s not old white men who are to blame for Brexit, it’s old black and Asian folk….bet the BBC would ramp up the outrage if Mr Hind suggested old Black and Asian men should die and people spit on their graves…..

BAME to blame: How minorities got it so wrong

Research by the British Election Study suggests the ethnic minority vote was crucial in the EU referendum.

Only a third voted Leave, but those voters could well have clinched it for Brexit.  Too many South Asians and Caribbean people I met were taken in by false Brexit promises.

We BAME people must take some of the blame as we suffer the consequences.


Mike HindVerified account


Franco-British-based investigative journalist. Contributor to .



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Washington Post Truth


The Washington Post, along with the New York Times, was a staunch anti-Trump ally of the BBC, all three spreading unfounded rumours about Trump being a compromised Russian agent as truth.

They like to present themselves as the only trustworthy guardians of The Truth that can be relied upon and to that end work assiduously to smear and discredit as many other news and social media outlets as possible with charges of peddling fake news… and comment providers that is that are right-leaning and may support Donald Trump.

Here’s a classic Washington Post attempt to link the Drudge Report to Russia.…it is entirely spurious and total nonsense [the WaPo pretty much admits as much in the article!] but the WAPO doesn’t care because the article is intended to just spread the idea, instil doubt in readers and make them think maybe Drudge cannot be trusted…maybe he is pushing Russian fake news.

Look at the links it gives….it admits they are actually way down at the bottom of the Drudge Report amongst a multitude of other links.  It also notes that the Washington Post itself is linked to by Drudge far more than to these other ‘dubious’ sites [RT, Sputnik and Infowars] and yet it ploughs on to try and suggest Drudge is suspiciously linking to far too many dodgy sites.

Just how many times has Drudge linked to these sites in a decade?

DrudgeReportArchives captures an image of the Drudge Report every two minutes, as it has for 16 years. We ran a script that checked the first update to Drudge Report after 9 a.m. on every day of the past decade, counting the number of times Drudge linked to Infowars, RT or Sputnik. Over that period, excluding the two standing links to Infowars, we tallied more than 1,000 links to those sites.

What!!!! So many times…..three sites linked to over 1000 times in 10 years….ye gods man…call the FBI!!!  That’s one link every three or four days…holy smokes!!…..mobilise the army…the Reds are coming…oh wait…that’s a good thing isn’t it?

Look at the graph above and you can see that the WaPO has been linked to far, far more times.

The WaPo’s tag line is ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness’…and yet the WaPo is doing its utmost to close and and smear sites and news providers which provide opposing views, and news, to its own world view….as of course is the BBC.

The BBC and its ilk are the real danger to democracy not the likes of Drudge who link to all and sundry and provide a valuable service in bringing as many different points of view to the debate as possible.




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Compound Error



Laura Kuenssberg told us that the issue of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s detention was highly sensitive and political which is why the BBC has been stomping around in its size 12’s adding to the kicking Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is getting.

The BBC led the chorus against Boris and his comment [briefed to him by who? and why?] and are now targeting Gove for his innocuous comments.

Sarah Montague this morning [08:10] told us that Gove had ‘waded into this’ with his comments and yet it was Marr that raised the subject asking what Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was doing in Iran….shouldn’t Marr just have said ‘Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was on holiday so why do you think the Iranians are holding her and what can we do to get her released?’  Of course he wouldn’t like to ask that because the answer leads directly to the BBC’s door.  Peter Allen yesterday also asked what she was doing in Iran…so again raising doubts about her activities.

Then Montague, trying to attack Gove in a somewhat poisonous piece, went down a similar avenue as she quoted Gove’s reply to Marr...

Asked on Sunday by Mr Marr what she had been doing in Iran, Mr Gove replied: “I don’t know” adding there was “no reason Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe should be in prison in Iran so far as any of us know”.

She went on to ask the husband of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe ‘He says ‘So far as any of us know’….Do you think he doubts it?’  That is, what Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe says she was doing…ie on holiday.

As said that was supposed to be an attack on Gove but that extraordinary piece of interpretation of a normal turn of phrase in fact merely gives added ammunition to the Iranians who can now say ‘The BBC thinks a second British government minister has doubts about the truth of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s claims to be merely on holiday.’

The BBC can’t have it both ways….attacking Boris and Gove [Gove having been asked to comment by the BBC] for jeopardising Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s position and then at least three times themselves casting doubt on her story and broadcasting it to the world.

I guess deposing two big Brexit supporting ministers is more important to the BBC than the life of one dual-national woman who got caught up in international politics.


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Media Meddling


The Iranian government has opened a criminal investigation into 152 current and former BBC Persian journalists on charges of “conspiracy against national security”.

October 25 2017

Where is the total outrage from the BBC, from Labour, from all those ‘inside the Tory party against Boris’ [Sarah Montague not mentioning they are pro-EU Tories] about these 152 BBC employees?  There came  none.  Only one ex-BBC employee gets their interest…one whom they think can be exploited to topple Boris…and now Gove.  Funny that.

The BBC tells us that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was merely a small, insignificant admin cog in its Media Action machine…..who can doubt that?

But Iran says it has arrested her for her employment by the BBC’s Media Action and its role in trying to subvert and topple the Iranian regime and links to the BBC’s Persian Service.

The BBC makes no mention of these charges in any of its news bulletins or programmes.

Iran’s Reign of Terror can seem a long way away. And sometimes not. There are plenty of Iranians here. They’ll all talk. But nobody wants to go on the record. The fear is manifest. BBC Persian TV and Voice of America carry regular reports of rape, torture and murder against opponents of the regime. Neda was just the start.
So, what happened to change everything?
“It’s the pictures, stupid. The impact of TV news lies in the pictures. Doesn’t matter if it’s Iran, or wherever. Same story.”

Here’s what Media Action tells you about its role in a recruitment advert, here for an accountant….

Job Introduction

BBC Media Action is the BBC’s international development charity, which uses media and communications to help reduce poverty and support people to understand their rights. We do this through partnering with civil society, media and others to produce creative programmes and other outputs which inform and engage audiences on key development issues. We also strengthen the media sector through building professional capacity and infrastructure. We focus on health, governance and rights, and resilience and humanitarian response. 

Sounds rather innocuous but those fine sounding words conceal a somewhat more dangerous objective….to subvert and undermine regimes that don’t match the liberal, democratic standards that the BBC and others want them to by broadcasting into countries such as Iran information the regimes don’t want the population to have…and of course doing this by using Iranian exile journalists.

Here’s an ex-BBC senior journalist telling you how effective the BBC was at encouraging revolt and uprising especially in 2009….the time when Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was supposedly involved with BBC Media Action…

The Power of TV News: An Insider’s Perspective on the Launch of BBC Persian TV in the Year of the Iranian Uprising

We were in Tehran to help prepare the launch of a new BBC Persian TV channel. Naturally enough Mr. Kallur said “no,” without actually ever saying “no” to our newsgathering presence in Tehran. All very Iranian.

“Well, of course you’re from MI6. You’re a spy.” … “Pass the pomegranate juice, please.”

The accusation was made to the director of the BBC’s World Service, Nigel Chapman. He and I and the BBC’s senior Persian analyst, Sadegh Saba, were sitting in the headquarters of the Iranian President, Mahmud Ahmadinejad. His head of communications and senior advisor, Mehdi Kallur, didn’t beat about the bush.

“The West has meddled for decades. We just don’t trust what you’re up to.”

And yet, there were signs of hope. A sea of satellite TV dishes dotted the rooftops. And in nearly every home I went into family and friends were watching the U.S. Voice of America TV, avidly. The chest‐beating chanting of “Death to America,” I also discovered, was nonsense — a carefully choreographed clique drummed up for special occasions. Virtually every Iranian I spoke to really liked America — even loved it. They might not trust it, but they love the culture: California, coast and cars, and what they see in the movies.

On the face of it, though, as Brits, and therefore junior players in this saga, the BBC was seemingly up the Persian Gulf without a paddle. It was the end of 2007. No staff, no reporters in Tehran, and seemingly no audience.

Roll forward 18 months to the uprising of June 2009. “I went to bed in one country, and woke up in another.” The memorable words of (UK) Channel 4 News reporter, Lindsey Hillsum. Hundreds of thousands were out on the streets in Tehran and cities across Iran, disputing the “stolen election.” Joe Klein, reporting the Iranian election in Tehran for Time magazine and CNN, describes it like this: “Anarchy, total chaos, and everyone watching the BBC.”

“The shooting of Neda Soltan and the killings and beatings that followed changed everything” according to Karim Sadjadpour at the Carnegie Endowment for Peace.  “Those picutres were seen by everyone in Iran, mostly on the BBC,, but also on Voice of America or CNN. And make no mistake, the very existence of BBC TV was a critical factor.”

Read the full article here.

You can judge the BBC’s interest in Iran from this site…even though the BBC is banned in Iran it still seeks to influence events there with its broadcasting….you can see the various strategies used by the media to influence politics in Iran and other countries…..and how effective it is….

The Role of New Media in the 2009 Iranian Elections

Robert Faris told participants that new media played a significant role, and international broadcasting services played a more important role. New media tools offer faster information access, but lack accuracy and credibility of traditional forms of media. Censorship is a challenge to use of social media tools, but due to the decentralised nature of tools such as Twitter and mobile phone short message service (SMS), they present challenges to government controls and they can reduce costs and increase efficiency for social movements. In Iran, they united a movement and disseminated information both inside and outside the country.

The Role of the Media as Watch-dogs, Agenda-setters and Gatekeepers in Arab States

“Before the advent of Arab satellite television, the idea that media might drive public opinion in a direction other than that dictated by government was essentially unthinkable, much less that media would have an agenda-setting effect independent from that of those in power.” The author describes a “seminal moment for the media” when a cellphone video of police abuse of power drew intense media interest and brought about the conviction of policemen. With the advent of satellite television and the broadcast of the channel Al-Jazeera, governments temporarily lost control of the broadcast media. Electronic media then took a role in opinion formation.”

Inspiring Political Participation

Iran’s Twitter Revolution

Poetic Engagement with Afghanistan, Caucasus and Iran: An Unexplored Strategic Opportunity?

Against All Odds: The Building of a Women’s Movement in the Islamic Republic of Iran


In 2011 the BBC World Service received a grant from the government…why?

International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell called the media “one of our most powerful tools”: “We want to give people knowledge and a voice.”


BBC Media Action may have laudable chairtable aims by ensuring important information on issues such as health are disseminated to those who need it to improve their lives but there is a more political side to Media Action’s work….the BBC is not admitting this in its attacks on Boris and Gove, the BBC is at the centre of this political drama but erases its own presence at every turn not admitting it has a large role in it, blaming Boris and Gove when it should be taking the blame itself.



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Careful what you wish for


The BBC wants hate speech legislation in order to silence those who criticise Islam…it had better be careful what it wishes for as the legislation will make the BBC itself fair game one day…..


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