BBC’s Hollande Daze Sauce

Compare this from the Daily Mail:

‘New French President Francois Hollande – elected on an anti-austerity platform – was yesterday told ‘unprecedented’ cuts were needed to plug a gaping hole in the country’s budget.

France’s accounting watchdog warned the government needs to find £35billion in savings over the next two years to drag it out of the ‘danger zone’.

Didier Migaud, head of the country’s Cour des Comptes audit body, said repairing the battered public finances was ‘crucial’ and must not be delayed.

‘It will require an unprecedented brake on spending and higher taxes,’ he said.’


To this from the BBC:

‘ His government would go ahead with plans to hire thousands more teachers and police, as well as creating 150,000 state-aided jobs. The moves are some of the other election pledges made by newly elected President Francois Hollande.

He also said he would not be introducing austerity measures, and that a number of summits – on social issues, the environment, education – would be held in the next few weeks.

“The path towards budgetary stability is the one that we highlighted and it is the one that we will take. I am calling for seriousness and budgetary responsibility”

Auditors warned this week that the French government needed to fill a hole of up to 10bn euros in this year’s budget to meet targets to cut the deficit.

Last week, it was announced that France’s public debt rose by 74bn euros in the year’s first quarter, bringing French public debt to 89% of GDP.’

Seems that someone is reluctant to admit too loudly the possibility that France’s much vaunted new spend, spend, spend President might have to cut back on a bit of that spending.

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My Word Is My Milibond


The BBC tells us this:

‘Documents seen by the BBC on Monday indicate ministers in the last Labour government held discussions with banks about policies which would allow the Libor rate to fall.

Speculation about how much the government of the day knew prompted a statement on Tuesday evening from former Labour minister Baroness Vadera of Holland Park.

She said she “has no recollection of speaking to Paul Tucker or anyone else at the Bank of England about the price setting of Libor”.’



Miliband…all fur coat and no knickers?

I listened to Campbell and Derbyshire this morning…and of course the news bulletins….but  don’t recall any mention of the fact that the Labour Government may have given Barclays the nod to manipulate the Libor.

I think Peston was onto it on Monday…but a deathly silence seemed to descend upon 5Live at least. 

This has the potential to be THE story….Miliband has been scurrying around demanding criminal procedures against Barclays and a full-on inquiry…..if the allegations are true Miliband and Labour should be toast…if only for his denial of truth and attempt to deceive everyone with highly opportunistic political statements.

They may well have mentioned it but the fact that I did not notice would say a lot….that it was downplayed and essentially ignored.

A lack of facts didn’t stop the BBC giving Miliband endless airtime to make his accusations and presumptious demands.


The BBC should now be nailing Miliband to the floor with questions.  Maybe Balls suspects the guns are going to be turning on them…I believe he is denying all knowledge..’I was education minister at the time!’

However if so, perhaps he could explain why the exam boards were rigging the education system and destroying a generation’s life chances…to put it in BBC talk.




And why Miliband as Environment minister saddled British industry with a target to cut CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050…a ruinous demand that no other country was stupid enough to implement.


Hopefully tomorrow in PMQs Cameron will wipe the floor with Miliband and the BBC will be forced to open that can of worms.


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What would Jesus Do?

What would Jesus do?

The alternative title was ‘Kristallnacht’ in light of the unremitting ‘pogrom’ against all bankers regardless of guilt in pursuit of a Socialist ideology of a  banker free world….with the Occupy storm troopers putting boots on the ground and a Goebbels like media riding shotgun behind Miliband.


To save you reading all of this I’ll give you a quick precis….Exam boards have been rigging the market for their exams leading to a dumbing down of exams and the resultant narrowing and truncating of pupil’s education and destruction in trust in their qualifications and therefore reduced job prospects and a commensurate damaging effect on the economy.

And yet there are no opportunist Milibandian calls for a judicial inquiry or cries that this has damaged our schools’ reputation world wide etc.

How different a reaction to the banks rigging the market….surely no more important than education, education, education?

However it seems no one is really interested in the kids when they’ve got bigger fish to fry.


Ed Miliband receives his certificate of education.

A funny old world where the massive chorus of outraged politicians and media commentators shouting to the rooftops about scandal and rigging the financial markets to the detriment of ‘the public’ have marched Bob Diamond out to the firing squad and told him to shoot himself.

We’ve been told the bank’s actions have been unprecedented.. a shock to all…a scandal of historic proportions…who knew! who knew!

Really? I would imagine fixing of the Libor has been going on since its inception…as have all the other dodgy financial scams that the banks have (yet again) been caught at recently.

Let’s ask ourselves ‘what would Jesus do?’ Two thousand years ago he was tipping over the money lender’s tables……so not a new problem then with bankers and financiers….and yet it comes as a surprise that bankers are involved in shady practises?

The BBC have singularly failed to join the dots on this and gone solely with the banker bashing narrative. They deserve to be bashed…but it was ever thus. Who doesn’t remember the old black and white films from the 20’s and 30’s where the desperate widow was being evicted by the greedy banker?

The BBC’s highly focused reporting and commenting on essentially one aspect of a society in pursuit of its chosen victim…not so long ago it was Murdoch…..means that other ‘culprits’ , such as Brown, Miliband and Balls, are allowed to escape and an overemphasis is placed on Barclays which suffers enormous damage whilst others get off scot free.

Look at this story which has gone not unreported but reported without exclamations of shock and horror and cries for judicial inquiries from the opportunist flim flam artist that Miliband is turning out to be.

Exam boards are ‘rigging’ the market to sell their products….meaning exams are being ‘dumbed down’ , made easier, so that more schools will buy them with a resultant increase in pass rates and a leap up the league tables and….

“a public loss of confidence in exams such as GCSEs and A-levels”.

…leading to pupils with a narrow and truncated education, leaving them without the jobs they could have obtained and employers either importing skilled immigrants or restricting their production and therefore the country’s economy.

Is not the rigging of exam papers and the dumbing down of education  a national scandal that equals and maybe surpasses Bob Diamond and his nifty footwork with the Libor?

And yet this comparison passes the BBC by….it simplifies to the point of stupidity which results in a massive distortion of the news and the relative importance of a story.

Sure the bank scandal is big but not unusual or unexpected in reality…we all know it went on since the first ‘bank’ was created.

Examine the claims that the banks manipulation of the Libor may have cost people money whether in pensions or mortgages or otherwise.

Labour instigated a massive printing of money, Quantitative Easing, to stabilise the economy. This resulted in a devaluation of the pound…and inflation….it therefore cost everyone, rich and poor, a lot of money (remember the BBC reports of the ‘poor’ being hit by Tory VAT increases…but no such squeals here). Not only that but interest rates are being held down…making savings a worthless prospect especially if you rely on savings to fund your pension from the interest on them….all of which continue now…with the prospect of another interest rate drop and more QE.

And yet such serious consequences go pretty much unremarked by the BBC… comparison to the Libor…in principle it is the same thing…rigging the interest market…only it was being done by the Labour government to cover up its own massive failures in financial regulation and overspending.

And yet Labour get away unscathed…Miliband claiming today that ‘Yes we failed to regulate properly and we’re truly sorry…but hey, we’ve learnt from it and we’ve learnt lessons for the future…let’s move on and so vote us in!’

‘Sorry’ isn’t enough….Labour have brought the economy to the brink of complete ruin and go unscathed legally and without public scrutiny by the BBC…no trial by media inquisition here. Let’s face it Bob Diamond resigned…’sorry’ didn’t cut it for him, he had to go.

In fact he sent a letter to his staff yesterday in which he made the same claims Miliband made….‘What went wrong happened on my watch…and I’ve learnt lessons and so it is up to me to put things right.’

And now he’s gone whilst Miliband and Balls are still there and basking in the lime light from the unquestioning BBC.

As I’ve said the banking scandal is massive with important consequences but it should be looked at in  respect to other events and in relation to history, neither of which is happening, leading to a highly febrile atmosphere and media lynchings…all of which the BBC is supposed to prevent by a measured, balanced and accurate reporting of events.





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The Campbells Are Coming

Jeremy Vine, BBC R2, has a new book out in which he relates many a story about his contacts with the Blair spin machine….Alastair Campbell and Mandelson….ALL SERIALISED IN THE DAILY MAIL:

A piece in the Sunday Express ‘Cross Bencher’ reveals that the much vaunted BBC independence is easily sidestepped by the vigorous use of threats.

Vine’s new book ‘pulled no punches’ in describing events and Alastair Campbell, also with a book to plug, decided he should be on Vine’s show and emailed him demanding an appearance….‘You have no choice in the matter of my coming on to your show to promote my latest volume of truth.’

Arrangements were immediately made and Campbell duly made his appearance on the Vine show a week or so ago.

Even if tongue in cheek it does show that influence not only allows you to shoulder your way onto the BBC but also you get a free advert for your book.

Independent my *****.

Now that little diversion is out of the way we can look at what Vine said in his book.

It makes for interesting reading.

“At any point, Peter would be involved in about 20 highly personal run-ins with political journalists… The BBC’s Nick Jones pointed out the way Alastair Campbell and Mandelson worked as a pair — the baseball bat and the stiletto. ‘If they don’t like your story, Campbell screams down the phone at you while Mandelson quietly goes to the Director-General,’ he said.”

Nice to know you can just have  a quiet chat with the Director General if you have a complaint and want it sorted out….just how many of those did Mandelson have with the BBC DG to influence the narrative of BBC output?

Of Mandelson:The charm was still there. But it was simply the scabbard on the rapier. If you helped him, he’d pump you up. If you crossed him, he’d run you through.

And by the way, if you think history has done him a disservice with its dark and menacing caricature, I’d agree. He was far more dark and menacing than that.’


…and look at this little story….it suggests that somewhere in the BBC the Labour Party has a helping hand who is willing to prevent uncomfortable truths emerging to the inconvenience of Labour when Prescott reveals that there was a ‘Blair Labour Party’ and a ‘Prescott Labour Party’:

‘Yes, fine,’ I (Vine) said. ‘I’ll just be asking you about the speech, if that’s OK.’

‘OK, hang on.’ Prescott was stooping to see his reflection in the lens of the camera, running his hand across his fringe. ‘Actually, I got Tony to sign my copy of it.’

‘Really?’ I asked. Prescott was staring at himself in the lens, straightening his tie. ‘Yes. So I had a record of the moment he gave my party a stuffing.’

Campbell took a step forward. ‘That’s not for you.’

Nick Jones, a political correspondent who never went out without a full set of spanners to insert into the spokes of any party press operation…. eyes boggled. Within hours, he was on air saying: ‘At least one Shadow Cabinet member has described Mr Blair as “stuffing the party” with this speech . . .’
Retribution was swift. Campbell bulldozed into the press room. With dozens of journalists looking on, the communications chief berated my colleague, veins jumping in his temple, calling his story ‘b******s’ and ‘a load of f*****g c***’ and asking him how he dared report it when he had no way of knowing it was true.

‘But this is terrible,’ I told our producer. ‘Prescott himself said that thing about stuffing the party and we’ve even got it on tape.’

I went to the edit suite to fetch it. Everything was exactly as it had been left the night before. But where the tape had sat on a top shelf, my hand now probed a gap: it had vanished.

To this day, I have no idea what became of it.’


Finally the best is saved till last.

The BBC insists that Murdoch was the power behind the throne, if not the King himself…however Murdoch has said that he was often ‘summoned’ to Downing St much to his inconvenience, and Vine reveals the truth about how scared labour was of the Press:

‘The New Labour crew fought with unmitigated ferocity for control of every single paragraph, printed and spoken, hand-to-hand, tooth-and-nail. And they were very good at it.’

Does that sound like a Party that would roll over and play dead for Murdoch?

Murdoch was the messenger boy who jumped ship and they’ve never forgiven him for it.

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God Bless the Scallywag Rupert Murdoch

The mother of a British soldier in Afghanistan didn’t stick to the narrative in so many ways this morning on Nicky Campbell’s show (42 mins in,  Judy from Bracknall) in which he asked

‘Is the future of Afghanistan worth the price our troops are paying?’.

That question alone should tell you all you need to know about the BBC’s attitude throughout the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The only time Campbell and Co are interested in British troops is when they come home injured or in a body bag…and can then be used by the BBC to tell us about the ‘cost’ of this war…and ask as Campbell has: ‘is it worth it?‘…before shoving a microphone into the face of a grieving wife or mother to demand if she is ‘angry’.

However today Campbell was shaken. The mother revealed she had once been a BBC employee and was loyal to it…but no more, not since 2003.

Why? Because the BBC had offered no support to the troops…the BBC had been entirely negative and only reported the bad side to the war…they had let the troops down.

She did have her hero though proclaiming:

‘God Bless that scallywag Rupert Murdoch because the Sun has supported the troops throughout’

Campbell was taken aback and suddenly she was no longer welcome….Campbell declared ‘well we’re not going to talk about the BBC.’

BBC presenters never do want to talk about the BBC, and are highly reluctant to accept that it is even remotely possible that the BBC could be at fault.

Humphrys was similarly silenced into a spluttering confusion a couple of years ago when an army officer came on and denounced, unexpectedly for Humphrys, the BBC’s dire coverage of Afghanistan which was consistently downbeat and negative. Humphrys found it harder to brush off the comments of a respected officer who knew what he was talking about…but he did try.

 God Bless Rupert Murdoch.

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Jihad Is Our Path…Yes Really.



Allah is our goal; the Prophet is our guide; the Quran is our constitution; Jihad is our way; and death for the glory of Allah is our greatest ambition.

The BBC doesn’t like to frighten you with tales of Islamic jurisprudence but a good story’s a good story and needs to be told.

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then we’ll begin.

The BBC, and many others, wax lyrical about the moderate Muslim Brotherhood and comment favourably upon the new Egyptian President for his ‘liberal’ concessions to allow Christians and women the right to not live in fear of oppression or discrimination.

“We Egyptians, Muslims and Christians, are advocates of civilisation and construction.”

“We will also work to make the Egyptian system of ethics… in addition to human values particularly in freedoms, respect for human rights, maintaining rights of women and children.”

An Indian news site does the work and reports what the BBC don’t:

“The Quran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal,” Morsi said in an election speech to Cairo University students.”


In the UK it takes Harry’s Place to shed some more light  upon what the future might really hold for Christians and women…and the Jews, revealed in an election speech by Morsi:

Mohamed Morsi: [in the 1920’s, the Egyptians] said: “The constitution is our Koran.” They wanted to show that the constitution is a great thing. But Imam [Hassan] Al-Banna, Allah’s mercy upon him, said to them: “No, the Koran is our constitution.”

The Koran was and will continue to be our constitution.

The Koran will continue to be our constitution.

Mohamed Morsi: The Koran is our constitution.

Crowds: The Koran is our constitution.

Mohamed Morsi: The Prophet Muhammad is our leader.

Crowds: The Prophet Muhammad is our leader.

Mohamed Morsi: Jihad is our path.

Crowds: Jihad is our path.

Mohamed Morsi: And death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration.

Crowds: And death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration.

Mohamed Morsi: Above all – Allah is our goal.


The shari’a, then the shari’a, and finally, the shari’a. This nation will enjoy blessing and revival only through the Islamic shari’a. I take an oath before Allah and before you all that regardless of the actual text [of the constitution]… Allah willing, the text will truly reflect [the shari’a], as will be agreed upon by the Egyptian people, by the Islamic scholars, and by legal and constitutional experts…

Rejoice and rest assured that this people will not accept a text that does not reflect the true meaning of the Islamic shari’a as a text to be implemented and as a platform. The people will not agree to anything else.”



Rejoice, rejoice, let the bells ring out…until the Muslim Brotherhood destroy the churches.


Then there is this is from Cranmer:

These are the kind of double standards practised by the fascist left both in Britain and Holland: Ignore the evils preached by Islamists but prosecute the non Muslims who reveal them.  

Amsterdam Gets a Harsh Lesson in Islam 101 Posted by Bruce Bawer Jun 29th, 2012

In January 2009 a Dutch court ordered Geert Wilders to be prosecuted for offending Muslims and inciting anti-Muslim hatred.

The complaint was based not on slurs, as such, but on factual statements made by Wilders, in his film Fitna and in various public venues, about Islamic beliefs and about actions inspired by those beliefs.

In June 2011, after a prolonged legal ordeal that cost Wilders greatly in time, money, and emotion, and that represented a disgrace to the tradition of Dutch liberty, he was finally acquitted.

In February of this year, the Islamic Students Association at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam invited Haitham al-Haddad, a British sharia scholar, to participate in a symposium, but when some of al-Haddad’s sophisticated theological statements about Jews (the usual “pigs and dogs” business) and about other topics came to light, members of the Dutch Parliament spoke out against the invitation, a media storm erupted, and VU canceled its plans.

Whereupon a venue in Amsterdam called De Balie, which sponsors debates, talks, plays, and sundry cultural and artistic events (and whose café is a good spot to grab a late-morning coffee), stepped in and offered al-Haddad their stage.

At the event that ensued, al-Haddad spelled out, and defended, many aspects of Islamic law, including the death penalty for apostates. Because of this specific statement about executing apostates, al-Haddad was reported to Dutch officials for having broken the same laws that Wilders had been put on trial for violating.

The other day, however, judicial authorities announced their determination that al-Haddad had not committed any offense and would therefore not be prosecuted for his remarks. Why? Supposedly because he had placed conditions on the death penalty for apostates.

I was curious to know exactly what he had said, so I searched for the debate on You Tube. Lucky me, there it was, all 76 minutes of it. I will recount it in some detail here because I think it provides a window on one or two bemusing aspects of the European mentality in our time.

As the event began, Yoeri Albrecht, director of De Balie and the evening’s host, explained that he’d decided to invite al-Haddad because it’s “important to discuss the position of Islam in the West.” He told the cleric that he was “very happy that you agreed” to come and wished him “a warm welcome.”

Albrecht had invited two other men to join him and al-Haddad onstage. One was Kustaw Bessems, a journalist associated with the Labor Party; the other was Tofik Dibi, a young Dutch-Moroccan Marxist, university student, and member of Parliament for the Green Left Party who has publicly protested against Wilders and who represents himself as an advocate for a modern, progressive Islam. Two members, in short, of leftist establishment parties; neither Wilders nor anyone else from his Freedom Party was asked to join the debate.

Bessums noted early on that while he finds al-Haddad’s views “despicable,” it was he who had personally taken the initiative to find an alternate venue after VU’s cancellation, because he believes in free speech (as if free speech means that fanatics have an automatic right to a platform).

Dibi’s questions for al-Haddad were a tad challenging, but his manner was respectful, even deferential. The imam, for his part, didn’t beat around the bush.

Dibi: “Do you have more right to speak about Islam than other Muslims?”
Al-Haddad: “Yeah, of course.”

Dibi: “Do you allow yourself to doubt?”

Al-Haddad: “There are certain things in Islam that are clear. No one can doubt them.”

Albrecht, for his part, sounded almost astonished when, having finally grasped al-Haddad’s key point, he said: “Outside of Islam, there is no truth?”

Al-Haddad: “No.”

Albrecht: “Could you understand that a lot of people would be afraid of this kind of thinking?”

Al-Haddad: “There is something called truth. There is right and wrong.”

When al-Haddad admitted that he supported stoning for crimes like adultery and apostasy, Albrecht exclaimed: “You can’t be serious!”

The host seemed to be genuinely gobsmacked. (Incidentally, the “conditions” al-Haddad had reportedly placed on the death penalty for apostates, and that had purportedly saved him from prosecution by the Dutch judiciary, were as follows: an apostate could not be executed until his case was handled in a Muslim country by a sharia judge.)

It emerged that earlier that day al-Haddad had refused to let a woman sit beside him on a TV show.

Asked now about women’s rights, al-Haddad insisted that men and women, being different, have different rights; that obliging women to wear headscarves is not an act of oppression any more than parking rules in Britain are; and that “women’s rights” need to be viewed in context.

A woman in the audience was given an opportunity to express her own shock at al-Haddad’s views on women: “I am really amazed at the way you think!” For a while, Albrecht gave up his seat onstage to her. “Who gives you the right,” she asked al-Haddad, “where do you get the right, to discuss women’s rights?”

I was shocked too. I was shocked that in the year 2012, these Dutch infidels – intellectual infidels – professed to be shocked, and indeed gave every indication of being sincerely shocked, when they heard a recognized Islamic authority spell out basic facts of Islamic belief.

These are the same basic facts that Geert Wilders has been talking about for years. It was for daring to speak these facts – for, in effect, reporting on the same barbaric beliefs and practices that al-Haddad was now not only describing but defending – that Wilders had been hauled into court on charges of having insulted al-Haddad’s faith.

Pim Fortuyn, Theo van Gogh, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wilders – all of them had been reviled around the world as Islamophobes for stating these same facts. But on that evening at De Balie it was almost as if none of these critics of Islam had ever opened their mouths.

By the end of the evening, al-Haddad had made it absolutely clear that he supported the gradual implementation of sharia law in the West – starting with relatively innocuous-seeming stuff like divorce tribunals and Islamic finance, then moving bit by bit into ever more serious territory.

One particularly depressing development was that after an hour or so of listening to al-Haddad, Dibi admitted that he had caught himself feeling that al-Haddad, being a scholar, must be right about Islam after all.

I’ve often felt that a major reason why less observant, essentially secularized Muslims like Dibi are so hesitant to speak out against the likes of al-Haddad (aside from sheer terror) is that some small voice deep inside whispers to them that he’s the real thing – the good Muslim, a man whose pious certitude, and unwavering devotion to the Prophet shame their own co-optation by infidel decadence.

It was at around this point that Geert Wilders and the Freedom Party entered the discussion – indirectly, to be sure.

“Some people in Parliament,” said Dibi, “I don’t want to name the party again, think that men like yourself are slowly colonizing the West – they’re pretending to be nice, pretending to be intellectuals, but secretly they are trying to take over.”

Al-Haddad asked Dibi if he had allowed himself to be brainwashed by such silliness.

“No,” Dibi was quick to insist, “I don’t believe that” – even though he had just spent over an hour listening to al-Haddad confirm these very warnings.
Dibi’s next question suggested that he was, indeed, after the evening’s workout, a torn, confused, and, yes, cowed young man: “Are you slowly, step by step, trying to implement sharia as a scholar?”

“Yes,” the scholar replied, “if the people request it.”

Certainly the audience at De Balie that evening was packed with sharia fans. They cheered al-Haddad’s attacks on the West; they applauded his praise of Islamic law. Every outburst of boisterous support for the imam’s ugly sentiments only reaffirmed things that Geert Wilders has been saying for years.

But nobody at De Balie that evening – including Bessons, who from beginning to end made clear his utter hostility to al-Haddad’s views – even wanted to mention Wilders’s name.

The video of the discussion. 

“Peace for us means the destruction of Israel.
We are preparing for an all out war, a war which will last for generations.”
~ Yasser Arafat ~


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Student Protest, 21 November, London, Be There! Bring Guitar.

I’d seen this  in the Guardian the other day and was musing on how to work it into a post on BBC Bias….I could have used the usual ‘tenuous’ link of it being an ‘illustration of the BBC mindset’…..but to be fair the Guardian ‘proper’, and not CIF, does lay into the BBC at times whilst still retaining its lefty credentials (much like the Miliband brothers )

Fortuitously rather than consign it to the ‘interesting but with vague connections to BBC Bias’ file I read this in the Telegraph:

Meet Grace Petrie, a folk singer from Leicester. According to her website, “rage and despair” at the “heartbreaking” general election result (2010) turned her political. Here’s a sample:

And we’ve got a recession to beat/Let’s put more money into the monarchy and the millionaire in Downing Street/Someone’s got to foot the bill/Let’s start with the disabled and the mentally ill (from “Farewell to Welfare”).

Right on! Composer James MacMillan was so moved that he sent Grace a message, tongue in cheek, accusing her of mocking Leftie songwriters with a cruel send-up. She replied in classic feminist I’m-sorry-that’s-not-funny mode. A proper Spartist, in other words. How long before the BBC declares her a national treasure?

Well not so long as they have the perky little fellow Billy Bragg, a much loved, by the BBC, ‘street’ poet and protest songster ever ready to give us a Marxian twist to the latest political personality or policy that the ‘Right On’ have gone right off.

The BBC however,  will be happy to know that a whole new generation is being manufactured…yes that’s right, protest singers aren’t born they’re made and here’s the proof from the Guardian’s  ‘Educational Resources ( a bit of corporate sponsorship for those anti corporate protestors):

Amnesty International’s The Power of Our Voices is a cross-curricular set of resources designed for English, music, citizenship and PSHE lessons targeted at 11- to 16-year-olds.

Students can explore protest music through the ages in lesson one and a fascinating set of case studies

Guided by the poet and rapper Kate Tempest, students learn how to write their own protest lyrics in lesson three – and find out about Amnesty’s national protest song competition. Teachers can order the entire interactive The Power of our Voices pack for free from Amnesty International.

Martin Powell’s stirring poetry provides a real wake-up call for students, who are likely to respond to his accessible, in-your-face lyrics. Write for Human Rights gets straight to the point (see Martin performing the poem here) and the simplicity of Affirmations has the power to move mountains. His poetic quotes will add fuel to the fire of any student protest or demonstration

Poetry lessons made easy is a series of lesson plans for use in primary and secondary schools. My Shiny Shoes looks at truth and lies through the poetry of Margot Henderson. Raman Mundair’s poem An Elegy for Two Boys and related teaching ideas explores bullying and racism in response to the murders of Stephen Lawrence and Ricky Reel. John Berkavitch’s A Short List of the People I Hate explores list poetry and writing poems for performance. You can see all the Apples and Snakes poetry lessons made easy here.

I shouldn’t bother following many or any of the links to see examples of the work….Bob Dylan they’re not.

Still it’s nice to know the kids are learning something at school if not reading, riting and rithmetic. 

They can protest about not getting a proper education…’I know a song about that!’

Oh and kids reading this…note that ‘a wake up call to students!’…get out there, you’ve seen the adverts on the BBC, 21st November on the streets of London….The Student Protest against the Coalition and what have you……be there or be square….‘set an agenda for the next general election.’


Victoria Derbyshire will be there handing out tea, sandwiches and sympathy in return for soundbites slagging off the Coalition.



“You’ve got a lot to be angry about.

“You’ve had your education systematically attacked across the board by the coalition. And even if you get to the other end, what have you got to look forward to?


“Youth unemployment is at an all-time high, getting on the property ladder is next to impossible and we don’t even have the safety net of pensions to look forward to any more.


“In a year in which there are no votes in Parliament and no legislation coming before politicians, it’s about time we started setting the agenda.”



Radical man radical…now where’s the bloody bar?


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Utter And Complete Dishonesty From Evan Davis And Today

“The power of the television networks does not lie in their economic power but in their ability to manipulate opinion. The degree of concentration in television is an attack on democracy. It gives them enormous power to extort.”

A more dishonest appraisal of Europe would be hard to find in an astonishingly partisan piece about a European Referendum on Today with Evan Davis interviewing Peter Kellner…as Davis tells us ‘from the polling group ‘YouGov’.

Kellner told us that although there was a majority in the country for a referendum on Europe and for some form of cutting ties with ‘Europe’ he says we can ignore this…although people say Europe is a major concern…you know what….he thought it wasn’t really…if you ask them what was a major concern in their personal lives it wasn’t Europe.

Well no, if I have tooth ache it’s going to be tooth ache I’m concerned about immediately or the kid’s school etc…but I would still be able to drag myself down to the polling booth and vote on Europe oddly enough.

So he tells us, no one is really all that bothered about Europe…and when they start to really consider what  damage would be done to Britain if we withdrew then they all start to be more positive about Europe…Kellner putting words in people’s mouths…doing what the ‘elite’ do best…thinking for us because we’re too ignorant or prejudiced to have considered, well informed views ourselves!

Just as Stalin airbrushed out of history those he fell out with, Kellner and the BBC airbrush out your concerns…‘they’re not real, you don’t really think that…now go away and let us get on with the important work running the country for  you but in our own way.’…in fact they don’t just airbrush your concerns they airbrush you as a person, they show utter contempt for you firstly by arranging this charade on Today to try and fool us and then to contemptuously dismiss your views as the thoughts of children…mere whimsy or flights of fancy not grounded in reality at all….based on ‘trying to keep the world at bay’ as Kellner said…what he really meant was you’re all racist, xenophobic Little Englanders.

And all happily endorsed or encouraged by the Labour leaning Evan Davis.

You have to ask why Davis didn’t ask all this of John Humphrys of course…who is part owner of and commentator for YouGov.

What Davis doesn’t tell us is that Kellner is a Labour man through and through….and!!! as pointed out by ‘John in Cheshire’ in the comments…. ‘Mr Kellner is married to that stalwart of the EU nightmare, Cathy Ashton.’…and of course she is a Labour politician.

You couldn’t make this up….failure to disclose such information by Today is, what, it’s just corrupt….the BBC engaging in manipulating opinion and votes by a totally and shockingly dishonest portrayal of  someone they present as an ‘honest Broker’, someone completely impartial.  And it’s all lies.

What  are some of Kellner’s personal views?… a read of this…in the Guardian naturally, soon tells you he may not be all that impartial when it comes to Europe or immigration or how to run the economy.

Here are truths that I (Kellner) believe Labour needs to recognise:

The European Union is  good for Britain. Again, Labour should not be cowed by the euroscepticism that YouGov and other pollsters repeatedly portray.(Just ignore the people)

Keynes was right.  Governments must support the economy and boost demand when growth has stalled. I agree with Ed Balls when he says that the priority must be jobs rather than pay. Labour should be arguing for job-intensive government spending over the next year or two, such as house-building and road-mending, rather than tax cuts.

Immigration is overwhelmingly a blessing. It brings to these shores new ideas, new enthusiasm and entrepreneurial talent. Those who say immigration does harm, or imply that there is a problem by setting artificial curbs on the numbers coming to Britain are wrong – historically, culturally, economically and morally. But Labour will never win votes by compromising on immigration – the right will always outbid us.


Note that ‘us’ on the end there…’us ‘ as in ‘us in the Labour Party’.

This kind of deception matters hugely…here the BBC have brought in  a ‘ringer’, someone who is intent on fixing the game so that the scorecard is always in their favour.

Jimmy Carr was avoiding taxes, here the BBC are avoiding and sidelining Democracy.  Its blatant lies, little deceits and omissions are all designed to ‘nudge’ us into quiet acceptance of the European Union or whatever other pet project such as immigration, the BBC supports.

They hope you won’t notice…but who cares if you do? …what are you going to do about it?…complaining will get you nowhere and MPs are too afraid to move against the ‘family favourite’ that is Aunty Beeb.

“The power of the television networks does not lie in their economic power but in their ability to manipulate opinion. The degree of concentration in television is an attack on democracy. It gives them enormous power to extort.”


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Lest We Forget

Normally that small but emotive phrase is used to honour and remember those who have either been prepared to sacrifice their lives or indeed have made that final sacrifice in order that the rest of us can live lives safe from tyranny, poverty and corruption.


Today I use it in another sense…Lest we forget just who lead us to the barren future that awaits us, that sacrificed all our futures and our children’s for their own socialist dreams. 

When Ed Miliband states: 

‘When ordinary people break the law, they face the full force of the law. The people who have done the wrong thing should face the full force of the law, including criminal proceedings.’….

….does he include his old boss, Gordon brown, amongst the criminals to be investigated?……


In  his June 2007 Mansion House speech, with credit markets already in ragged retreat, Mr Brown hailed “an era that history will record as the beginning of a new golden age for the City of London. And I believe it will be said of this age, the first decades of the 21st century, that out of the greatest restructuring of the global economy, perhaps even greater than the industrial revolution, a new world order was created.” 

“I will be honest with you, many who advised me, including not a few newspapers, favoured a regulatory crackdown….I believe we were right not to go down that road … and we were right to build upon our light touch system….fair, proportionate and increasingly risk based”.

Back in 2005, he said that the better model for financial regulation was “not just a light touch, but a limited touch. We should not only apply the concept of risk to enforcement of regulation, but to…the decision as to whether to regulate at all”.


Lest We Forget….

Mrs Thatcher….”The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

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Schoolboy Economics Or Cowboy Economics?

The latest strategy from the pro-Euro lobby has been put into operation….

BBC: If the Eurozone creates a banking union we’re going to be isolated and frozen out aren’t we, without influence?

Expert: Yes, we’re going to be hugely disadvantaged as Frankfurt or Berlin crushes the British financial industry and we are on the outside looking in as the new European empire led by Germany takes on the might of the USA and China..

BBC: Anybody got any other ideas?  Oh, funny, there’s no one here….but no of course not, Europe it is then!


This has always been the position of the critics of the British position on Europe. When Cameron refused to sign up to the last financial treaty he was roundly criticised for leaving us isolated and away from the negotiating table where we couldn’t influence anything.

However not long after Germany was banging on our door to negotiate….why? because Britain has one of the biggest economies in the world…..hard to isolate that, especially when Europe sells around 40% of its goods to us….and they want to buy 40% of our exports.

And what of Germany? Merkel has consistently refused to sign up to a fiscal union or even to allow the ECB to issue Eurobonds…no cries of ‘you’re isolated and powerless’ in her case.

Just how much of this vaunted ‘influence’ would Britain have in a European parliament in a political and fiscal union? Not much. Whereas now we could in theory run our own affairs under British parliamentary sovereignty (in practise of course Europe makes 80% of our laws), sign up to the German Empire and we would have around 72 seats out of a total of 754….and if Europe increases in size of course we have even less voting power as more MEPs come in from, say, Turkey.

And bare in mind the European Commission, that is, the Euro government, is completely unelected by the people.

So we would have around 10% of the vote….whereas now we have 100% of the vote in our own country. Were we to fully subsume our democracy under the European yoke we would be run by the vested interests of smaller countries ganging up to vote themselves big pay rises in Euro subsidies….and there would be little we could do about it.





The BBC seems to love a Euro Empire solution….because it is the solution to all our problems…simple, a walk over…at least by Germany, & that worked out well before:



The economic and financial solutions to the eurozone crisis are actually surprisingly straightforward.

How so?


Just ask how the exact same problems have been solved by the members of that other large (and much better functioning) single currency area – the United States of America.

In the long-run, a US-style federal budget may be needed to cover the cost of recessions, so that individual governments don’t risk going bust when their national economies get into trouble.’

Problem with that? Many States in the US are bust…California, despite the undoubted(?) benefits of massive immigration of cheap labour from Mexico, have gone broke. The BBC’s solution…massive injection of funds from central government.

How about Wisonsin? What was their solution? Cut budgets, re-negotiate pay awards and demand efficiencies….put the budget on a sound footing…and then get re-elected. Simple. But not in the BBC play book.  What’s that word?  Oh Yeah…Austerity…and financial responsibility!  Simple.  Easy.

Did you know that…..‘The new French President Francois Hollande was elected on a platform demanding a “growth pact” in Europe – a set of reforms designed to boost European economies.’

I thought he was elected by the French people to run the French economy.


Another BBC plan….Plan B in fact…spend, spend, spend…don’t ask where the money comes from or how this way of working worked out for Gordon Brown…or indeed the hospitals now staggering under the bills for PFI new builds.

‘The eurozone may need to pay for large-scale investment in infrastructure, particularly in southern Europe, much in the way that West Germany invested in rebuilding East German after reunification in 1990.


Such spending nearly crippled Germany and now the BBC wants them to fund the rest of Europe rather than Europe sorting its own economy out and making it cost effective and productive.

However strangely the BBC also recognises the need for fiscal responsibility…short term pain for long term gain….and yet fail to mention that to Ed Balls when he pops up with his plan to splurge cash on ‘infrastructure’…no cries of ‘you’re being short term and reckless’ then.

‘All Europeans (and especially southerners) are having to implement structural reforms that will increase their long-term growth and strengthen government finances (although at the risk of hurting growth in the short-term). These include removing restrictions on market competition, raising the retirement age, laying off (over many years) a lot of state employees, and making it much easier to hire and fire employees.’

and look…….‘Mr Hollande has resisted many of these reforms in France.’ All the talk about the grand new plan for growth lead by Hollande is just short term rhetoric….eventually the austerity will hit….and be all the harder when it does.


And finally……actually the problem in Europe is too much efficiency….German efficiency that is…the answer….bleed Germany dry and dole out enormous dollops of german cash to Southern European countries…that’s a pretty long term solution isn’t it?….in fact isn’t that the BBC’s answer to world ‘problems’….sandbag the Western economies and hand out huge payments to 3rd world countries….sounds like a recipe for no one making a profit….and no industry, no schools, no medicine, no progress and no better lives for the 3rd world at all….and isn’t that the ‘new’ or at least openly admitted objective of the climate change lobby as signed up to at Rio+20? It really is all about Marx.

Here’s how the BBC explains it all:

‘To make a full banking, fiscal and monetary union work, the eurozone governments would need to hand power to a central authority (the European Commission) that can pay for and supervise all of the above

Most of the above reforms involve Germany sharing its wealth with the rest of Europe (and all European nations handing power to Brussels).

“Rebalancing” means solving the big underlying competitiveness problem faced by southern Europeans that led to their economies racking up so much debt in the first place.

The eurozone’s root problem is that the southern European economies have become fundamentally uncompetitive

The ECB and German government may need to stimulate high wage inflation in Germany for several years in order to eliminate the country’s current massive competitive trade advantage over southern Europe.’



Ah yes that old problem…too much efficiency…an anthema to anyone who gets paid from the Public Purse….is that the tea trolley I hear rattling down the corridor?

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It’s A Worry

‘It’s A Worry’….you may have noticed now and again that the good people of the BBC often, inadvertently perhaps, come out with this phrase when the discussion gets around to the EDL presence on our streets.

It’s not a worry that we have Islamic terrorists or terrorist ‘sympathisers’ walking the same streets…that’s  celebrating diversity or some such nonsense from the idotic chattering classes that populate the corridors of the BBC.

What is a real worry might be this story…… 

This is a story that would be a parent’s worst nightmare…a story that you would believe could only have come out of Stalinist Russia or North Korea. But it is happening here in the UK.

This is a story that the BBC can feel proud of itself for having succeeded in whipping up an atmosphere of fear, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry and prejudice against a certain set of people who hold views that the BBC find inimical to their own and therefore are to be crushed,proscribed and silenced.

Ironically this is the BBC that is ever willing to relate how appalling McCarthyism was in the U.S, but who has worked hard, amongst others, to demonise the English Defence League and paint them as racist, violent thugs no better than the BNP and whose ideology is not far off Nazism….and by virtue of that every member of the EDL in a similar light…….some certainly are…..but as with ‘radical’ Muslims, do they represent the majority?

The real truth is that the EDL’s campaign is based on a belief that Islam is a divisive, violent, homophobic, misogynist and intolerant ideology….one that has spread more violence and misery around the world than any other ideology other than Socialism….one that has held back every country that has been wrapped in its dead embrace for centuries.

The EDL’s beliefs have nothing to do with race…considering that Muslims are from all races on earth near enough.

This story concerns a mother, Toni McLeod, a member of the EDL who has admitted to having been violent on demonstrations, though the full context is missing for that, and has had her 3 children removed from her care and has the prospect of her next baby also being removed by social workers.

A major factor in that decision was her membership of the EDL…..her children have been snatched from her by social workers on the basis that they might grow up influenced by her allegedly ‘unacceptable’ views….as the social workers state: “Toni clearly needs to break away from the inappropriate friendships she has through either the EDL or break-off group in order that she can model and display appropriate positive relationships to the baby as he/she grows and develops. Toni has been a prominent member of the EDL. They claim they are a peaceful group, however, they have strong associations with violence and racism.”

‘Social workers fear [her] child would become radicalised with EDL views and want it put up for adoption immediately.’

That might raise a cynical smile or two…social workers taking children into their tender care who then end up on the streets and possibly preyed upon by Muslim men whose own ideology says that these girls are white trash and easy meat. Curious one that. A rather vicious irony….an EDL mother whose children could fall victim to Muslim gangs when taken into ‘protective custody’.

A paradox perhaps that up and down the country in Mosques, madrassas, faith schools and ‘Islamic institutes’ an ideology of hate and apartheid is preached day in day out. And yet there is no move to take these children into care. Wouldn’t it be entirely appropriate that such teachings and the forced ‘conscription’ into the Muslim faith of children who have no choice should be considered child abuse?

One of the things  that bothers Toni McLeod most is that the decision to take her future child into care is based less on what McLeod has actually done than on what she might do in the future: ‘There doesn’t need to be any actual proof of anything. It can all be based on possible risk in the future… Like in my case, it’s the likelihood of emotional abuse through radicalisation. The baby’s not even born!’


Her cause has been taken up by Lib Dem MP John Hemming who, despite his loathing for the EDL, raised it in the Commons. He contrasts her treatment with that of the extremist Islamic cleric Abu Qatada, who was allowed to remain with his ­children when he was briefly remanded on bail earlier this year as the Government tries to deport him.

“It raises a curious question as to why Abu Qatada is allowed to radicalise his children but the state won’t take the chance of allowing Toni McLeod to look after her baby in case she says something social workers won’t like.

“I am very strongly opposed to the EDL, which I believe to be a racist organisation, but I do not think we should remove all of the children of the people who go on their demonstrations, however misguided they may be.”

Mrs McLeod has posted racist abuse on social networking sites but denies being racist. She claims she is no longer active with the EDL and has never been charged with violence against children.

Social workers have told her husband Martyn he would be unable to care for his child because he is a full-time soldier just back from Afghanistan.

Mr Hemming, who chairs the Justice For Families campaign group, said yesterday: “This case is one where the ‘thought police’ have decided to remove her baby at birth because of what she might say to the baby. I wonder what the baby’s father is thinking when he fights for a country which won’t allow him to have a child because of what the child’s mother might say.

“Toni now accepts she was wrong to have gone on EDL demonstrations but freedom of speech means nothing if people are not allowed to say things that are thought to be wrong.”


Yes Toni McLeod probably does have racist views but that is not a reason to take her children away…as said in that case all Muslim children would be removed from their parents care based on their teaching Islamic values to them….‘Believers (Muslims), take neither Jews or the Christians for your friends.’….‘Believers, make war on the infidels who live around you!’  Exortations that are constantly repeated throughout the Koran….perhaps not something that should be drummed into young minds and then expect them to ‘integrate’ into the wider community. 

A major  point is that it has been the campaign to demonise the EDL that has allowed the social workers to dream up this excuse to take her children and it has been the BBC that has played a major role in promoting that anti-EDL agenda.


Regardless of what you think of the EDL this is a very slippery path down which these social workers are taking us if they are deciding which political views we can hold.

Perhaps the BBC should stick to reporting the news instead of making it.

In the good old days of the Cold War in America you could always find a party, in Soviet Russia the Party would always find you.

Guess we better start dusting off the old jokes.


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Wilful Blindness N° 3

Importing Poverty  

In 2007 the Sunday Times had a story entitled ‘Despair of 3,000 Poles sleeping rough in UK’.

It related how the homeless charity ‘The Passage’ had to stop its ‘open door’ policy and turn immigrants away because the numbers were unmanageable…‘the queue never got any shorter’ even after 18 months.

(However like all Left wing organisations they don’t see the contradiction in their position…they close their doors when they run out of money but complain when the government shuts up shop for the same reason…need a Plan B obviously)

Not quite the rosy picture of immigration that the BBC likes to present with Mark Easton sat on the comfortable BBC sofa getting out his charts and showing us all the economic benefits and the fabulous cosmopolitan nature of London…unless you’re in the vicinity of the Somali or Turkish or Iraqi gangs roaming the streets….but no, we don’t mention the crime….there’s always some fringe elements who don’t represent the majority.


In 2007 the BBC did report this from a Croydon homeless charity telling us about the essential work being done to rescue poverty stricken immigrants:

Thirty years on, the charity is finding its workload has grown substantially. Over the last decade, its client group is being continually increased by those suffering from poverty.

“We’re appalled and of course there’s tremendous pressure on our resources … we set up as a homeless organisation …. what we’re now operating as, is a maintenance organisation to help people who are in extreme poverty”, laments Jad Adams the charity’s chairperson.


However the BBC doesn’t seem too keen to report what the Nightwatch charity now says  as it is less than enthusiastic about mass, uncontrolled immigration and its effect in taking away resources from the poor who are native to the country:

Homeless charity ‘swamped’ by eurozone migrants

A homelessness charity has called on the Government to restrict immigration, saying it is being “swamped” with destitute people fleeing the eurozone’s troubled economies.


The Nightwatch charity in Croydon say it has seen a huge rise in jobless and homeless Europeans.

Chairman Jad Adams said the charity could collapse if the Government did not stem the flow of immigration as the Eurozone crisis deepens.

He said the charity, which receives grants from including the National Lottery and Croydon Council, cannot increase its capacity “endlessly” and its finances are now under strain.

The right of free movement between members states of the European Union agreed under treaties is being abused, it claims.

“I fear that many people we see as clients are not exercising their treaty rights to come to look for work, but it is simply more attractive to be poor in this country than in some others.

“The free movement of poverty is putting unacceptable strains on charitable work.”

“Indigent arrivals from other countries would put an unacceptable strain on ourselves and other charities dealing with the poorest people in society.”

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Wilful Blindness N° 2

Labour was told about the likely failure of NHS PFI schemes even before they were signed up to and completely ignored the warnings…..something you might think would peek the BBC’s interest considering that the PFI agreements are now bringing the NHS to its knees in many hospitals.

Apparently not.

Good job we still have other sources of news to rely on:


Don’t sign, hospitals warned before PFI deal

‘An NHS hospital trust was officially warned not to sign the £500 million PFI deal that left it on the brink of bankruptcy, an independent report discloses.

Peterborough and Stamford NHS Foundation Trust should never have agreed a deal to obtain funding from private companies in 2007, it says.

Monitor, the hospital regulator, warned that there was “significant doubt” that the deal was affordable before the former Labour government approved the private funding. The trust, which runs two hospitals, is now saddled with huge interest payments.

The regulator raised its concerns in January 2007, copying in the Department of Health under Andy Burnham, now the shadow health secretary.

“We believe the long-term affordability of the proposal to be in significant doubt,” it said at the time.

It reiterated this view in even stronger terms in April of the same year, when it raised “significant concerns as to the scheme’s affordability”.

But the deal was signed in June 2007 and the trust’s finances went downhill.’

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Wilful Blindness N° 1

Labour are demanding that bankers be prosecuted under criminal law for their actions…..unfortunately because of a failure to impose and implement sufficiently rigorous regulations on banks by Ed Balls when he was in charge of this sector the banks cannot be charged under criminal law….because the laws don’t exist, as admitted by one of Labour’s very own Lord’s…..and, as yet, completely ignored by the BBC.

The BBC does ask:

‘Who was responsible?’  for the Banks actions.  The answer……

Mr Cameron said “the whole management team have got some serious questions to answer. Let them answer those questions first.

“Who was responsible? Who was going to take responsibility? How are they being held accountable?”

Labour party leader, Ed Miliband, said: “This cannot be about a slap on the wrist.

“The people that have done the wrong thing in this case should face the full force of the law… including criminal prosecutions.”


No sign of this part of the story  on the BBC for some reason:

Barclays Libor scandal: Ed Balls ‘failed to regulate banks’

Ed Balls has been accused of failing to regulate banks effectively at the time of the Barclays rate rigging scandal as a senior Labour politician admitted: “It’s our fault”.


In the House of Lords, Labour’s deputy chief whip, Lord Tunnicliffe, admitted his party was responsible for gaps in the law.

Lord Tunnicliffe said: “Criminal sanctions are extraordinarily difficult to bring about because of the burden of criminal law.

“It is fair to say though that you can’t find them in the current legislation. And, yes, OK, it’s our fault.” He added quickly: “I hope my leaders don’t hear me say that.”

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