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Two videos offering an alternate worldview to that offered by the BBC….the second by an ex-BBC/C4 journalist which looks at the rise of new media v the MSM [and here’s Douglas Murray on the ‘intellectual dark web’….’Thanks to the internet, millions now have access to views mainstream media considers ‘forbidden’….a thoughtful and honest voice trying to explain facts in an age which elevates feelings over facts. The same goes for a growing, increasingly inter-connecting world of people who do not need the mainstream media but who are united in a recognition that ideas and free and fearless debate are indispensable.

For young people in particular, who have been let down by didactic and cowardly orthodoxies, these newly discovered heroes are providing a path out of the bewildering maze that their age has created for them. It is one of the great good news tales of our time: out from the dark web, into the light.’]





What’s really remarkable is that the BBC knows exactly what is the truth about immigration, Islamic especially, it has even made films about it, the one below from Panorama, and yet it continues to promote mass immigration to Europe, to Britain, even in the knowledge that most of the migrants will be Muslim and that this has extreme and dangerous consequences.

EU and Remainers Tag-teaming with the IRA

‘We take back sovereignty and give it to Parliament so that Parliament can then give it straight back to the EU’

There’s plenty of double-talk, bluster and bombast about Brexit.  You might expect that from the politicians and hangers-on with their vested interests all trying to muddy the waters but what we don’t expect, or rather shouldn’t but do because we know the BBC, is that the BBC completely fails to cut through all the nonsense.  Rather than explain the issues clearly and impartially it in fact joins in the games…after the referendum the BBC’s favourite tactic was to try and put a Leave politicians on the spot by asking ‘What will you spend the £350 million on?’…The BBC’s thinking was that they couldn’t then deny there was a £350 million spending spree promised and alternately they couldn’t say there was £350 million available as the BBC knows that wasn’t the real figure Leave campaigned on.   This was clearly an editorial decision to use this ploy as it was across the board with all presenters using it pretty relentlessly.  There was a no such attempt to target and mock Remain’s vastly exaggerated claims such as a massive recession needing an emergency budget, mass unemployment, families impoverished, investors fleeing, planes grounded and not forgetting World War III.

The BBC is still allowing Remainers to get away with talking total rubbish without challenge.

We all know by now that Remain claims that leaving the single market and the custom’s union were not discussed during the referendum and thus ‘nobody voted for that’ is nonsense…there is a vast amount of evidence that shows that just isn’t true…but still the Remainers get away with spouting that old tripe time after time.

There’s a couple more classics they pull out of the hat trying to fool and beguile us.

One of course is the Irish border…it seems that Ireland can dictate whether we have Brexit or not as they tell us we just must have a completely open border.  No ‘no border’ and Brexit is off.  Hmmm..the British government says it has no intention of imposing a border…thus it is the EU that is threatening to impose it….not only that but they, and the Remainers, are threatening us with the prospect of the IRA restarting its terrorist activity if we don’t comply.  So it is the EU that will have to impose a border, we should call ther bluff, and it is the IRA and its fellow travellers , all those who casually menace us with sinister ‘warnings’, who will be responsible for any violence…no one else.  The EU and Remainers are working hand in hand with the IRA.  Fact.

Then there is the most laughable claim by Remainers, that the referendum was about taking back sovereignty for the British Parliament…thus, they tell us, it must be Parliament that must have the final decision on Brexit.  Well, actually it was about taking back sovereignty for Britain and its people and the People have spoken and they said ‘We want to leave the EU, the single market and the customs union as a part of a package to regain sovereignty and control over immigration.’

What they did not say was ‘We take back sovereignty and give it to Parliament so that Parliament can then give it straight back to the EU’ which is precisely what Remainers intend to do in the biggest act of treachery this nation will have seen for many a century.

That so-called ‘argument’ is so facile and ridiculously easy to take down and yet the BBC never challenges the Remainers when they spin that particular line…Ken Clark, at his patrician, louche and contemptuous of the people best, was allowed almost total freedom to peddle these messages today with the usual blustering, bluff arrogance we have come to expect from him.

The BBC still helping to promote the idea that Brexit can be stopped.


Start the Week Open Thread

Blacker Dread, otherwise known as Steve Martin, is the subject of a BBC film, Being Blacker [March 12  BBC2]…a bit of a love story really, between the film-maker, Molly Dineen, and Dread.  Dineen didn’t want to ask him any awkward questions that might put responsibility for his troubles onto him as it might have come between them and they would have lost that ‘fundamental sense of friendship’.  So not a critical and impartial film then. Is there anything that might result in any criticism…such as being a leading figure in the Brixton Riots or being jailed for a massive money laundering scheme?  No…his problems are all down to racism…the film apparently a ‘unique insight into what it is to be black in Britain today.’

Once again the BBC concentrates on the bad, the grievances, the racism and the alleged failure of Black people to be successful in Britain due to that.

When will the BBC tell the truth and bring a positive view of Black communities and people to the screen?  The BBC is so intent on creating a case against Whites as the cause of all Black peoples’ problems that it fails to do justice to that community.  Are there no successful Black people in Britain?  No business-people, no academics, no musicians, no actors, no sports-people, no scientists or engineers or philosophers or inspirational teachers?  No, in the BBC world Blacks are all gangsters, crooks or failures, victims of white racism and oppression.  That’s the message the BBC sends out…it’s a deliberate message shaped to generate white guilt and political action and some positive discrimination…but all it does is send a message that Blacks have no place in Britain, they can’t succeed with the odds, allegedly, stacked so high against them.  Once again the BBC spreads dangerous, divisive and wilfully misleading messages that does enormous harm to Black people and utlimately to the whole of society.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions…so if you spot any more of those BBC good intentions raise the alarm and list them here……

Life of Albert

There I was minding my own business, came out of the mosque one Friday and jumped on a 54 bus to Pristina, all was kushty.  Fell asleep didn’t I…only missed my bleeding stop, next thing I knew I was in Syria.  Blimey, what a turn up.  My mum would have been pissed if she’d known.  Still, eh, when in Rome, so I joined an Islamic terrorist organisation….well, I had a beard already so why not!  Had second thoughts as me old mum would have a fit if she knew I was fighting with terrorists in the name of Allah…so I offski’d to a lovely little group that swore blind they were fighting for Allah but definitely weren’t terrorists.  They trained me to shoot and kill but I swear to Allah I never shot no-one…honest.  Then I thought maybe this ain’t for me, all this murderous killing that is going on all around me but which, honest, had nothing to do with me at all…so I did a runner to another Islamist extremist group that promised that they were just there to make sure the infidels and blasphemers were murdered humanely in Allah’s name.  I thought that’s for me but then my old mum came and got me and dragged me off home.  I wasn’t a terrorist she told the court, I was just a naughty boy…still, they gave me 3 years for terrorist offences.  My mum says always look on the bright side of life…easy for her to say, she’s not going to have to share a small cell with some sex-starved hairy-arsed gorilla for 3 years.  Then the BBC came over and give me a nice write-up…boy are they stupid. I join three terrorist groups and they call me the ‘accidental Jihadist’…


‘I am not a Commie Spy’


Corbyn was a man who supported the jack-boot on the necks of the dissidents in places like Czechoslovakia, he did not support the dissidents who fought for freedom.  ‘For the many not the few‘….LOL.  Never mind, no-one need know as Aunty comes to cover up for him as it broadcasts a swathe of programmes that slip in helpful little pro-Corbyn messages.

The BBC were having a pop at Billy Graham this morning...close to Richard ‘I am not a crook’ Nixon [of course he was a crook] apparently, and part of the ‘communist witch-hunt’, and ‘could you say he gave rise to Donald Trump?’.   Any chance that the BBC has tried to slip in some subtle perception altering allusions which have nothing to do with Graham but are more intended to change your perceptions of Corbyn…a victim of a ‘commie witch-hunt’ by the Right-wing Press?  And why not attack Trump as well while you’re at it…‘the rise of Donald Trump’ obviously being an unwelcome thing for the world.

Yesterday I choked on my cornflakes as John Simpson revealed that he almost fell for a Reds in your bed honey trap...could this embarrassing little tale have anything to do with the BBC trying to muddy the waters around Jeremy ‘I am not a commie spy’ Corbyn [at the very least a very committed fellow traveller who did their work unbidden]?  If a seasoned and well travelled veteran reporter could fall for the dastardly tricks of the Czech intelligence recruiters then maybe we should give Jezza a break and just dismiss his close ties to all things communist/terrorist as naive foolishness shaped by his desire to make the world a better place.  Why does this little tale surface now and why is it a tale about Czech intelligence of all the vast array of Soviet spooks?  If anything it shows that the Czechs were actively recruiting and that Corbyn would have been a target…not that he would need to be recruited, he was doing their work as a fellow traveller without being asked.

We then had FOOC in which the BBC travelled to the Czech Republic to fully investigate the claims about Corbyn….of course he was completely exonerated…nothing to see there….not helped because Corbyn, for some reason, refuses to give permission for people to read the East German intelligence files on him.

The News Quiz was on full-on ‘Save Jezza’ mode with total support and cheerleading for the fuzzy-faced one.  Hmmm. A man who has prided himself on being a radical opponent of the Establishment is now being promoted as a pillar of the Establishment……no jokes?  Not a single joke about his tour of Eastern Europe with Di-abolical on pillion, not a joke about his support for the disastrous socialist paradises of Venezuela and Cuba or his complete u-turn on terrorism at the election where the police and security services turned out to be his new-found heroes.  Nothing about his support for terrorism, his desire to trash Trident, abolish the army, neuter NATO and silence the security services.  Nothing about his proud boast that he voted against very bit of anti-terrorism legislation.  Nothing about his leadership of the Stop the War group that was only concerned with undermining Western defences.  Nothing about his Marxist desire to smash the economy and democratic society.  I am sure there must be a joke or two in there somewhere about his coincidental ‘regulatory alignment’ with the Commies and their plots….maybe he just wanted a ‘soft Marxism’.

The BBC noted cynically that Trump has surrounded himself with people who are being indicted by Mueller’s investigation [which the BBC never fails to say was about ‘Russian interference’ in the election…depsite none of the indictments being about that…which makes you think what the invetsigation is being used for]…the BBC is less concerned about those who surround Corbyn who are well known hard-left extremists as pointed out here….

Advisers to Jeremy Corbyn were among communists investigated by MI5 for wanting to “destroy” democracy in the UK, the former head of the Security Service has claimed.

Dame Stella Rimington said that members of communist and Trotskyist organisations in the 1980s who attracted attention from MI5 are now “grown up and advising our would-be prime minister on how to prepare himself for power”

And that’s even as Guido reveals uncomfortable links between Labour and the Soviets.

How about the ex-head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, saying:

Jeremy Corbyn is a danger to this nation.

Today, Britain goes to the polls. And frankly, I’m shocked that no one has stood up and said, unambiguously, how profoundly dangerous it would be for the nation if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister. So let me be clear, the leader of the Labour Party is an old-fashioned international socialist who has forged links with those quite ready to use terror when they haven’t got their way: the IRA, Hizbollah, Hamas. As a result he is completely unfit to govern and Britain would be less safe with him in No 10. 

And now he says…

Jeremy Corbyn has “questions to answer” over his contact with a Communist spy and cannot simply “laugh off” the disclosures, a former head of MI6 has said.

Sir Richard Dearlove said it was “absurd” for the Labour leader to suggest he thought a Czechoslovakian agent was just a diplomat when he agreed to meet him and he should have “taken care to avoid” him.

So two heads of intelligence services think Corbyn and his cabal are a threat to democracy and yet the BBC tries its best to cover-up, downplay and laugh off the accusations, the complete opposite of how they have treated the lurid allegations about Trump despite those coming from serving Russian intelligence officers and being shown to be part of a campaign to destabilise American politics…and doing a fine job I might say….thanks in large part to the likes of the BBC which have been willing participants in the anti-Trump witch-hunt.

Here’s the BBC rigorously and aggressively defending Agent Corbychov…Coburn giving Kavanagh a hard time…note the BBC dismissal of this as ‘some newpapers’…..

Corbyn Czechoslovakia spy claims: Kavanagh and Nunns

Some newspapers continue to cover claims about the Labour leader’s alleged contact with a Czechoslovakian diplomat and agent in London during the 1980s, about a week after they were first aired.

And Andrew Neil, as with Tommy Robinson, taking an aggressive ‘BBC’ line on this….


As Stephen Glover pointed out the BBC is a disgrace and is involved in the cover-up of extremely serious accusations against Corbyn…but then they have covered for him on his support for terrorism and his extremist, destructive economic policies…so why change?  Lord Hall Hall was never better named.

The BBC’s dereliction of duty: The allegations against Corbyn could hardly be more serious, STEPHEN GLOVER asks why the BBC is ignoring them?

What could be more serious than the allegation that the possible future Prime Minister of Great Britain worked for Soviet-backed Czechoslovakia during the 1980s at the height of the Cold War?


Liberal Clickbait


The BBC loves the Blacktivists, the articulate, disgruntled and deluded Black race agitators like Afua Hirsch whose racial theories are not so far apart from Hitler’s own on racial purity.  The BBC exploits them and uses them like cannon fodder for its own amusement giving them massive airtime and publicity for their grievances and gripes.  But it is a dangerous game.  These are very politicised, motivated, angry, bitter, extremist people whom the BBC are telling us represent Black people as a whole and that their twisted, toxic narratives are rational and credible and given the BBC stamp of approval.  The BBC runs with their narrative that white people are all racist, that the ‘system’ is racist and even if someone isn’t obviously racist they are subconsciously and an organisation, as with the Met. Police, despite no police officer or policy being shown to be racist, can be declared ‘institutionally racist’….Macpherson was determined to find blame, blame of a particular sort…racism.  Macpherson was a show trial worthy of Stalin or the Spanish Inquisition.  The damage that well meaning liberals do is enormous as they appease extremism and throw good people to the wolves turning society upside down by giving the extremist race-baiters a stick to beat every institution and white person with.  Divisive and creating huge anger and conflict?  The BBC peddles the same toxic narrative.

Here’s the perfect example from this week as it gives a platform to two black people whose views and perceptions are ludicrously out of touch with reality and in all probability the experiences and beliefs of most of the black population.

Jay Brave is a spoken word artist and entrepreneur who doesn’t identify as “black”, arguing that an understanding of ethnic background is far more important than race. But actress, director and fitness instructor Kelechi Okafor has an almost opposite approach to identity and is proud to be, and to identify as, “black”.

Here they meet and discuss why they think the way they do, what their experiences have been, where their views meet, and how they see themselves as agents for change.

Brave claims not to  identitfy as ‘black’ and yet every word suggests he does.  Ironically recent African migrants tell him he is not ‘African’ and to stop trying to identify as such, and others complain that some ‘Blacks’ maybe not quite black enough….such as Meghan Markle…. Whites only like people like her because she isn’t Black Black, if she had not been mixed race she wouldn’t have been accepted so readily…which of course is hard to prove or disprove….or is it?  Just think of how many famous Black people have been celebrated and ‘loved’ across Britain…there’s loads of them from sports stars to actors and musicians.  Odd how if Whites like a Black person it is because of their talents but if they dislike a Black person it is due to the colour of their skin.  Maybe they just dislike them because they don’t like them.   But no, it must be racism.

The Blacktivists are the extremists who push a narrative of grievance, victimhood and oppression at the hands of white people…everything difficult in life is due to racism and thus Blacks must see Whites as the enemy, the cause of all their sorrows.  This is the dangerous line that is designed to generate discontent and anger which is exploited by the Blacktivists for their own ends…keeping them in work and on the telly usually.  If there was nothing to complain about they’d be out of a job [a self-appointed job…ala Mo Ansar] thus they invent problems and grievances and the BBC gives them a platform, a loud voice and credibility to them and their cause.  That way leads segregation, conflict and the end of a civilisation as it breaks up into warring little factions….Somalia is the apocalyptic end result.  Thanks BBC.


Gatehouse Institutional Bias


Arthur Wagner, an AFD member who converted to Islam, is the subject of a Gabriel Gatehouse investigative report.  Gatehouse is very excited, a little too over-excited for a supposedly seasoned reporter.  It all seems a bit of a game to him rather than a serious report, almost as if he had already got a conclusion in mind and he was just going through the motions to add a bit of colour and body to his script.  Of course Gatehouse has a bit of previous when reporting on those he likes to deem  ‘Far-Right’ as we’ve noted before about a previous Newsnight film by him…

Is the “alt right” on the rise in Europe? And if so, is it a fringe movement – or something bigger than that? BBC Newsnight’s Gabriel Gatehouse reports from Austria and France.

Gatehouse didn’t actually listen to what was being told to him.  He had a narrative and he stuck to it….what we got was a constant drumbeat warning us of the rise of a new Nazi regime….Gatehouse freely used words like ethnic cleansing, Nazis and references to concentration camps…just the usual BBC dangerously dismissive and contemptuous treatment telling us these groups had ideas ‘beyond the boundaries of the acceptable’… like controlling immigration and stopping Islamisation?  Very controversial.

A group in France says that if immigrants don’t want to integrate they will offer them money and the chance to go to a country where they will feel more at home…not force them but offer them.  Gatehouse says this is ‘ethnic cleansing’.  Never mind the UK government already does it.

Are you starting to get the idea that Gatehouse doesn’t have a clue what he is saying and what the reality is and has his own agenda to peddle?

You actually struggle to see what the spectre of the 30’s is here…just what are the policies and ideas that Gatehouse says are ‘Far-Right’ or ‘ethnic cleansing’ or have ‘the whiff of the concentration camp’ about them or have ‘scary connotations’?  They all seem fairly mainstream and indeed already put into practise by many governments.  Gatehouse comes with preconceived ideas about these people and completely ignores what they actually say preferring to overlay everything with his own narrative, colouring what they say in the darkest tones when such an interpretation, at least from what they said on film, is far from the mark.

Nothing has changed in Gatehouse’s approach…it’s based on ignorance and a twisting of the narrative to suit his agenda.  For example when Wagner refuses to show him what is probably an SS dagger with a Swastika on it Gatehouse has no idea why he won’t show it and makes an amused face to camera….odd the BBC’s ‘expert’ on the Far-Right wouldn’t know such ‘memorabilia’ is illegal in Germany.  Gatehouse then does a bit of amateur psychology and assesses Wagner as someone who has a ‘love of authority and a fear of the erosion of conservative values.’  Pretty much a Nazi then in BBC parlance.

But the real problem with the film was that it didn’t give us the real reason Wagner converted to Islam, though ironically it does tells us that Wagner thinks there is an affinity between the Far-Right and Islam…yes, don’t say we haven’t told you.  Islam and Fascism have so much in common…but Fascism being the more enlightened and modern as far as women go.  The BBC hates the Far-Right and yet promotes Islam.  Bizarre.

In the Telegraph it is reported that:

A politician from the nationalist Alternative for Germany party (AfD) who shocked colleagues by converting to Islam says he did so because he was unhappy with the church’s acceptance of gay marriage.

Arthur Wagner made headlines around the world last week after it emerged that he had become a Muslim.

The 48-year-old, who has changed his name to Ahmad, initially refused to comment when his conversion became public last week.

But he came forward in an interview to explain his decision in an interview with Bild newspaper.

“One of the reasons was the way the church has changed, which I don’t understand any more,” Mr Wagner, who was previously a devout Christian and member of his local Protestant church said.

“It’s their attitudes to the AfD, to gay marriage,” he said. He also said he was unhappy that Protestant pastors had taken part in a gay rights parade in Berlin. “With children there! That’s just not right,” he said.

Gatehouse cannot have missed the reports on that in the German Press and the Telegraph….so why miss out something that is clearly the main reason for the conversion?  Let’s think…the BBC wants you to think he converted because of the joys and beauty of Islam rather than the truth that Wagner thinks the Christian Church has gone soft and that Islam is radical and severe in its views about gays and all the rest….and he likes that.

Nail on head?  The BBC doesn’t want you to think that Islam is homophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynist, anti-anyone who isn’t Muslim, violent and ready to kill those who don’t meet its exacting standards and beliefs.  So it doesn’t report that.  Simple.


Weekend Open Thread


We know, because the BBC tells us, that Britain has no culture and thus no indigenous multiculture, thus the BBC likes to import the exotic inhabitants of far-off lands and bring them here as exhibits in some kind of open cultural zoo to be gawked at in amusement and delight by the natives who are all white, male and very boring. Hence we get daft comments from the simple Chiles who yesterday filled his studio with Russians, Ukrainians and Armenians…he expressed his delight saying ‘This is great, this is Europe!’.  Naturally he was really meaning ‘this is the EU…and it’s fantastic migrant open door policy’ [never mind none of those countries are in ‘Europe’] betraying the real mindset behind the mic. as if we didn’t already know from his numerous attacks on the ‘Far Right UKIP’ and Nazi Farage.  Would he express the same pleasure in the multi-culturalism if he had a Scotsman, a Welshman, an Irishman and an Englishman in the studio, or someone from Somerset, Norfolk and Yorkshire, or from London, Liverpool and Manchester?  All very different places, all with unique history and culture…and yet the BBC writes them all off and tells us they aren’t of any interest….Britain is a cultural desert that needs spicing up with those exotic imports.   Interested to hear Dimbleby on Any Questions describe the exotic men who committed the sex attacks in Newcastle as all being ‘South Asian’ and that there might be something wrong with their culture….apart from the fact that he just ran off a list of their actual origins, a wide variety of countries, which he seemed to forget, the one actual unifying cultural identifier was that they were mostly, if not all, Muslim…not a mention.  A problem with that culture?  No of course not.  It’s those ‘South Asians’.

Blind to the joys of British culture, blinded by the ‘joys’ of foreign cultures.

Spot any BBC bias?  List it here…..

High exchange rates and low inflation…’unhealthy’ for EU


From the Telegraph:

The European Central Bank has expressed alarm over the surging euro, accusing the Trump administration of driving down the dollar to gain trade advantage in breach of global accords.

Minutes from the ECB’s policy meeting in January flagged concerns that the overly-strong exchange rate had become unhealthy and “required monitoring”, with doves on the Governing Council clearly worried that the eurozone is still caught in a low inflation trap with no safety buffer against fresh deflation shocks….They are desperate to see inflation rising….’


The BBC’s narrative is that the ‘plunging Pound’ #duetobrexit and so-called high inflation is bad for our economy….wonder how they will spin the EU wanting lower exchnage rates and higher inflation.  Note the BBC also always tells us we are suffering terribly from a wage squeeze…with that ‘high’ inflation and low wage rises…and yet always fails to mention the hugely raised tax allowance, the minimum wage/living wage increase, screamingly low interest rates for a decade, and more free child-care.   Hardly getting the full picture from the BBC…almost as if they had an agenda to push about the economy.



Midweek Open Thread


Agent Cob-Nut hasn’t come in from the cold yet, perhaps he’s stuck, maybe he can batter his way out with a blackpudding [no jokes about Di-abolical], or maybe he can just use it to batter his critics in the Press into silence…the BBC need have no concerns of course as he threatens ‘change is coming’….the BBC is happy to see change even if it means a Marxist, terrorist supporting wrecker in No10…or No13 according to Di-abolical.

Spot any more BBC ‘Help for Zeroes’ list it all here……


Slow Rebuttal Service


First we get the denial of service then we get the slow rebuttal service then we get somewhere half-near the truth…almost like the BBC is trying to cover something up.

We had the radio silence on Corbyn and Cox, then the grudging admittal that there might be a story and then today  we get a [and fair do’s to the BBC if belated ala Rochdale etc] proper examination of the evidence so far against Corbyn on 5 Live with Sam Coates from the Times [not slagging off Brexit as the BBC usually employs him to do] and then Livingstone given a decent quizzing.  Curious though that the BBC considers the story is now worth reporting when nothing has really changed since it broke a week ago…if now why not then?  Similarly the Cox story…we heard today that ‘very serious allegations’ had been made about him and again we got a pretty indepth look which didn’t pull any punches as it exmained Cox’s behaviour when he worked for Save the Children.  How is it only now, a week late, that the BBC deigns to do its job and look at ‘very serious allegations’?

And in regard to Cox…Neil Henderson @hendopolis (BBC Newsdesk and Planning editor) told us that he didn’t publish the Mail frontpage because he was threatened with legal action….I’m sure I read somewhere that he originally said that he wouldn’t publish it because he just didn’t like it…but I can’t find the reference or link….if anyone knows please put it in the comments.  But maybe I just dreamt that?

Ah….I did dream it…he was censoring the Sun story on Tom Daley…still, guessing legal action or not he may well have censored the Cox frontpage judging by  this:


‘Populist’ Rebel Voices


Hungarian PM putting the boot into the EU and political correctness…

Hungary became well-appreciated. Our recognition and influence is more widespread than could be expected based on our size and economic strength. To what might we owe this result? Primarily to the fact that the Fidesz and KDNP over the last eight years suspended political correctness. We deep-sixed the Euro-blah-blah, the liberal artsy-craftsy, the empty doubletalk. We sent the muzzle back to Brussels and the leash to the IMF.

Africa is not capable of setting foot on the path of Asian-style development, and will not be able to create humane circumstances for their young people. If they let these hundreds of millions strong youthful crowd make their way North, then Europe will be soon under terrible pressure. Moreover, most of the immigrants will be arriving from the world of Islam. If everything continues as it is today, Europe’s largest cities will have an unequivocal Muslim majority, and London will not be a cuckoo’s egg, but the first swallow [not an exception, but first of many]. Our culture, our identity and our nations, as we know them today — if everything continues — will cease to exist; our worst nightmares will come true. The West will fall, while Europe does not even realize it is being invaded.




Julia Hartley-Brewer talking sense….

.  Pro-Christian, anti-EU, pro-Capitalism.



Ground Zero


Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance.

Albert Maysler.  [Was he thinking of the BBC`s reporting?]


You may initially think the recent video above has nothing to do with the BBC and its bias, an interview between Russell Brand and Jordan Peterson, but in fact things said here are central to this site and why we need to keep on challenging the BBC’s narrative.  In the interview we hear views and ideas that are directly opposed to everything the BBC believes, beliefs that it uses as ground zero, its baseline worldview that shapes its approach as to how it reports on the world and the perceptions and values it presses upon its audience.  Peterson, and Brand, unlikely you may think but true, topple the BBC iconic views on the world, on equality and Capitalism, around which much of the BBC utopian idealism is based.

Brand is far more subdued and less taken to wild, rambling, complex rhetoric than usual though not totally…Peterson politely slaps him down when he did indulge himself by saying Brand’s complex, multi-faceted and wide-ranging questions or statements are a result of an open mind, a creative mind.  The sting was that though such divergent thinking is good, Peterson said it is hard to ‘catalyse an identity’ if you take nothing as read, if you have no solid beliefs or values, everything is relative and you refuse to make judgements.  You can see already we’re into BBC territory.

Russell Brand was pretty much in awe of Peterson and indeed admitted they were getting on famously, ‘on the same frequency’. Brand frequently looked for approval for his own thoughts from Peterson.  It was indeed pretty much a meeting of minds…a bit of Christiano/Buddhist mind-melding.  This meant the interview was far more revealing and we were allowed to see so much of Peterson’s thoughts and ideas.  Brand raised the Cathy Newman interview as a contrast and Peterson said the difference is that in this interview they were trying to discover something whilst Newman was trying to prove something.  Another lesson perhaps for BBC interviewers who take an aggressive stance trying to prove one small point rather than just asking what do you believe, what are you doing and how will it help?

The interview showed that far from being ‘alt-right’ or someone from the ‘intellectual dark web’ as Brand introduced him, Peterson is pretty apolitical, not really Right or Left…he has harsh things to say about both…the Right don’t care about inequality [or they do but they believe in merit sorting out the deserving from the undeserving] whilst the Left’s policies are based not upon care for the poor but upon hatred for the rich….they thrive on resentment, destruction and corruption.  Peterson doesn’t say if he believes in God but much of his approach can be seen as coming from Christianity or religion in general…he says religion is a natural balance of good and bad whilst political systems offer unablanced promises of only the good….Christianity says be useful and generous, the Right say be useful, the Left say be generous….Peterson says we need to bring the two together…which of course is society in the West today with all its faults.

Peterson also says that he has received 35,000 messages [he’s counted] from ‘right-wing’ people who have seen his lectures and have said he has saved them from a dark place, that being too far to the extreme Right, which goes against the idea peddled by his critics that he is some sort of Far-Right Peter Pan.

Interestingly Brand admits he himself is sort of apolitical in that he can’t bring himself to support any of the mainstream parties as they take a narrow approach ‘due to the power of trans-national organisations and the irrelevance of sovereignty now when it comes to ordinary people asserting their power’.  So Brand must be a Brexit supporter then…take back control?  Oddly, though he says he understands people voting for Trump, their rage and frustration, but he still hates Trump….strange for a peace-loving Buddhist who says the problems of the world can be solved not by politics but by ‘accessing the transcendant…be kind, loving and compassionate to all.’  He has realised this on his ‘journey of self-realisation‘ as his ‘epiphanies coalesced’.

As said this was pretty much a love-match, a Buddhist/psychologist union of minds…both agreeing on pretty much everything.  Even Peterson’s belief that inequality does not derive from Capitalism but from society, human-nature and the natural course of events…inequality has been with us long before ‘Capitalism’, large C, was invented by the Marxists.  Brand agreed with this huge contradiction to his own beliefs which blame Capitalism for all the ills of the world.  That’s the beauty of Peterson, he says things so clearly and which are so obviously true that you can have no real argument with him and which is why he is now getting such large audiences and acclaim.  Brand does have a stab at defending his anti-Capitalist stance but it’s half-hearted as he suggests ‘well it [Capitalism] can’t help’ and later that ‘Capitalism is a manifestation of greed’.   Capitalism as an ideology, an ‘ism’, was invented by the Marxists, it was a necessary evil that allowed them to sell Socialism…if people don’t have a problem then they don’t need a solution…hence Capitalism was invented as the problem with Socialism as the solution.

Peterson dissects Brand’s own success saying that as Brand became successful he then got offered more and more opportunities to do things that then increased his bank balance and his fame and thus again increased his opportunities.  This is how life works….money goes to money put bluntly….it’s inequality but it’s not an ideology, it’s not an ‘ism’, it’s life and the natural course of events as people try to make a living and it’s a result of specialisation.  Brand’s success is due to his specialisation, his skill at doing his job.  He gets more famous and more people want to book him for shows…it’s a virtuous circle, for Brand, that everyone else is cut out of…the opportunities are solely available to him and thus the world becomes more unequal as no-one else can just walk in and do his job…it’s the same for businessmen who go global…they make more money from a global market with factories across the world and the BBC complains about their fortunes compared to a British worker…which is a completely false comparison….Brand is effectively the same as these globalised businessmen…these Capitalists…he just fails to admit it.

It is an irony that all capitalism is in fact a result of ‘socialism’, or ‘tribalism’, the end of the totally self-sufficient individual and the creation of the division of labour as jobs [such as metal working] became specialised and higher status and surpluses could be produced and traded.  As Lenin said …. ‘The fundamental process of the formation of a home market (ie., the development of commodity production and capitalism) is social division of labour.’ He added capitalism was ‘progressive’ and that ‘working for oneself is transformed into working for the whole of society’.

Lenin also told us that capitalism was an essential first step in the creation of a socialist paradise, saying that it would of course be eliminated as the socialist society and economy bloomed, not admitting he knew capitalism was there to stay.  Where does all the money come from to pay for the grand social projects like the NHS, schools, roads, housing, security, emptying the bins etc etc?  It all comes from business.  Shame Corbyn and the BBC forget that.  Maybe they should read a bit more Lenin.

One of the main points from the interview was about the causes of inequality.  Peterson said it came more from psychology than sociology…the solution was to strengthen the individual by giving them confidence in their own abilities, giving them the realisation that there are so many jobs that they could do if only they had the confidence and belief in the future to try for them…this would come from psychological interventions not sociology….as proven in experiments in the Netherlands where low performing migrants were powered to the top of the pile by not only upskilling them but by increasing their aspirations and expectations. Inequality.  It’s mostly in the mind.

If you don’t believe you can do something you won’t try…a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Peterson’s ‘wisdom’ is nothing new really, it’s as old as the hills….for instance he says people must do ‘what is meaningful not expedient’.  They must be long term and not self-centred, don’t go for the easy-life avoiding hardship and confrontation…tackle your demons.  That’s, he said, ‘where the gold is.’  Where the good mental health is…through fire all things are renewed….Brand was in Buddhist heaven…he even had his own little quip…

‘Don’t follow your bliss, follow your blisters’.

Watch the video, it is long but fascinating and Brand almost shuts up letting Peterson really expand on his thoughts….all good common sense, which is why the BBC types may not like him.



Agent Corbychov


No wonder really that the BBC has spent the last week avoiding any mention of Agent Cob’s alleged previous bit of capitalist entrepreneurialism selling out his country when they refused to make any noise about his, and his fellow traveller’s, proven terrorist associations and the willingness to betray Britain and cheer on those who would happily murder men, women and children across the land….and still doing it today by his support for Islamist terrorists who wish to wipe out all Jews in Israel….then again the BBC does the same

Only now does the BBC deign to allow us to read about the accusations, forced to do so as Tory MPs are demanding he face the Foreign Affairs select committee and May has broached the subject at a press conference when asked about it by a Sun journo…not a BBC one of course.  Naturally the BBC report has no added value, no investigative journalism, no stabs in the dark, no conjecture or speculation or firm conclusions based purely on a hatred for the subject…oh, I’m getting confused with their coverage of Trump whom they have no problem declaring a Russian agent time after time based upon the words of serving Russian intelligence officers who want to disrupt the US political system…and the BBC et al act as their useful idiots by trying to unseat a President.  Who is working for the Russians…Trump? or the BBC, the NYT, WaPo and the rest?

There should be no surprise about these claims about Corbyn as he has always ‘worked’ for the Russians one way or another, paid or unpaid….the man who wants to abolish the army, trash Trident, neuter NATO, silence the security services and lay waste to our economy.

Stephen Glover in the Mail today:

The BBC’s dereliction of duty: The allegations against Corbyn could hardly be more serious, STEPHEN GLOVER asks why the BBC is ignoring them?

What could be more serious than the allegation that the possible future Prime Minister of Great Britain worked for Soviet-backed Czechoslovakia during the 1980s at the height of the Cold War?

This is the grievous charge made by former Czech spy Jan Sarkocy, who claims he met Jeremy Corbyn ‘more than ten times’ between 1986 and 1989 while at the Czechoslovak embassy in London. He says that, as a young MP, Corbyn – codenamed ‘Cob’ – was a Czech ‘asset’ approved by the Russians.

The allegation has at least surface plausibility in view of Corbyn’s well-known anti-Americanism at this time, and his unfriendly attitude towards the British State, evinced by his association with members of the IRA during the ‘troubles’.

A number of newspapers including the Mail have been following up Sarkocy’s story, broken by the Sun last Thursday. Some have steered clear of it, notably the Leftist, Labour-supporting Guardian, which has so far not carried a single word. That is what one would expect.

Far more worrying is the way the all-powerful BBC has hitherto avoided Sarkocy’s allegations, which have been met with vehement denials by the Labour Party. If you relied on our public service broadcaster for your news, as about half the nation does, you wouldn’t know anything about ‘Cob’.