Midweek Thread 31 March 2021

If you read the 69 pages of the ‘BBC Annual Plan 2021 – 2022’ – published this week – you recognise a number of recurring themes .1. That the BBC is ‘London centric ‘ 2. It is worried about viewing figures 3. It knows it cannot compete with online subscription services 4. It is worried about the word ‘impartial – which features a countless number of times 5.It thinks it is British – and fails to mention Brexit or its ‘ EU fan club at all . Reading the Plan – knowing the reality as opposed to the BBC fantasy -that it is unbiased – one plays a game of reading between the lines and seeing that the users of this website ( on behalf of the good British public ) are slowly but surely winning and that the days of the current BBC are numbered .

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  1. StewGreen says:

    White house resident can’t control himself
    and leaves crap on the hall carpet


    “Biden pooch drops doggie doo in White House hallway”~

    At least Biden is better at training his kids, than training his dogs
    … oh hang on.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew, at least the WH staffers will have a choice: get dropped in the do-do by China Joe or step in something left by Champ or Major. As the late, great Prof Stanley Unwin would say “Oh, deep joy! That come out a turnus not thoughtof before.”


  2. Fedup2 says:

    The outgoing French president has announced a month lockdown plus a courtesy curfew . Will there be compliant ?
    Deaths in France are busily catching up with UK levels but no doubt they use their own methods of fiddling .

    I can’t see anything about border control so it looks like the third world boys in their dinghies are exempt from any laws …

    I reckon the BBC will be too busy whipping whitee to report one of their favourite countries being in such self inflicted trouble ….same with getting Russian novochuk vaccine


  3. vlad says:

    While perusing the BBC website (as fast as I could to avoid contamination) my eye fell on a piece titled “Young heroes save family from French apartment fire”.

    All very commendable, no doubt, but they only climbed up one or two balconies to reach a second floor flat – did it really deserve to be on the Home-page? After many years of exposure to BBC propaganda, my intuition smelt a rat.

    It transpires that three of our heroes are migrants, and a local organisation is now calling for them to be given official papers and housing.

    So the real message of the piece is: immigration = good!

    In case the reader still doesn’t get it, the article ends by linking this story to another in which a migrant from Mali was made a French citizen after rescuing a boy from a burning building.

    None of which detracts from their merit, but somehow I doubt the story would have made it anywhere near the Home page had our young heroes been called Dupont and Dupond (see Tintin).



  4. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    A couple of weeks ago I mentioned Morrison’s were scrapping their ‘More’ cards which collected points when you shop and you get the occasional £5 when you spend £1000 (I think that is the amount you need to spend to get enough points)

    I thought this was unfair as many would lose out by not having enough points on the stop date and any points accrued would be written off.
    I know it’s only a fiver but I felt it was a bit of a con.

    They are now sending out messages saying they will top up your card to get you the £5 you may well have missed out on and this will happen on your next shop (until April 5)

    I think they might have been flooded with complaints and feedback and have acted by doing this.
    So then, well done Morrison’s for listening and doing the right thing.


    • Up2snuff says:

      EG, thanks for the heads up – as the ‘cousins’ would say. I shall have to go and get some more Lincolnshire brussel sprouts! 🙂


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        You need to ‘activate’ the email they send.
        ie. click on it.


        • Fedup2 says:

          EG – that’s good news – let’s hope people who have been collecting points get their due reward …

          Elsewhere – not BBC – yesterday I witnessed a long long queue at a vax centre in my neck of the woods E17 – the Mail – today reports that the local health authority had a supply which was going off so it was ‘first come first served ‘….

          … I estimated the queue was a quarter of a mile – 3 hours long … in the end they had to go back to ‘appointments only ‘ but promise to do the same thing again …..

          … as I looked at the queue I notice that the people were overwhelmingly white ….


  5. StewGreen says:

    That BBC story about an arch terrorist autistic boy who started a Hitler club aged 15
    & has now been given a 12-month intensive referral order.

    The BBC report says
    On the Gab social media site he glorified the murder of the MP Jo Cox by a *neo-Nazi*,
    as well as the *far-right* killer responsible for the deadly Finsbury Park attack in June 2017.”

    Neither of those affirmations seem true, they are just framing hyperbole
    #1 We know Mair had a nazi book, but there is no evidence of him being a member of any group
    #2 That second guy was very frustrated about the establishment’s soft line on Muslims eg on grooming gangs etc. and on that day there had been a march where some Muslims supported terrorism. Again he was not a member of any organisation.

    This boy
    – pleaded guilty to 4 counts of inviting support for a banned organisation.
    – pleaded guilty 3 counts of encouraging terrorism
    – and 4 of stirring up racial and religious hatred.


    This case reminds me of when Greta female figures suffer rape threats on social media and the press conjure up images of horrible middle aged men
    … then after months police say the rape threats came from 14 year old girls.

    Again framing the BBC saved the mitigating bits until the end
    \\ expert report said the autistic teenager probably had “only an approximate understanding of the words and concepts deployed” and it is “likely that he did not see the wider ramifications of his activities, now seamlessly replaced apparently by interests such as Dad’s Army”. //
    The BBC title used “teen” which could mean 19, and omitted the word autistic.
    The BBC just used the word “sentenced” as if the kid had been given a 10 year jail sentence


  6. StewGreen says:

    It’s horrible how the government suppresses these wonder drug that prevent Covid

    I myself am involved in a study
    and so far my daily dose look like it will continue to be very effective.

    … The dose is six cans of Special Bru for breakfast

    … After that no one wants to get anywhere near me
    ..so no Covid will be jumping over on to me.


  7. StewGreen says:


    1)The Express has contacted Nottingham Police three times for a comment but not received a reply.

    2)A spokesman for the BBC declined to comment.

    Today they sent him a £204 for door repair
    He didn’t send for the repair men, the police did.
    The police kicked his door in and then he gets sent a bill for a shoddy repair.


    • StewGreen says:

      AB “The police accused me of stalking someone
      how is that possible I have never met them ?
      He think I am stalking him my show,
      That’s stalking that in his head”
      “The police have tried to get a stalking order against me
      4 times judges have refused to grant one
      This court date on Monday was to be their fifth try
      but then they backed out of that”

      … he just listed people who made accusation to silence him, but got caught lying.
      “I don’t want anyone to be sacked but if it goes through courts that will happen”
      Now he is going on about fixing the legal aid system cos the standard lawyers are in league with the police.
      Show ends with him saying his next shows will be about issues.


    • taffman says:

      Al Beeb is digging a hole for itself. Like AB or not, he is onside with us , he wants to see the end of Al Beeb.


  8. Nibor says:

    Government report says that racism is nearly dead .
    Vested interests don’t want it to be .

    That’s what the BBC should report as its main headline.


    • JohnC says:

      Racism is alive and kicking. Watching any TV advertisement or show made in the last 5 years will show you that.
      But it’s not the sort which can be used to attack the political right. So we don’t mention it.
      Anything which promotes one race over another compared to the real-world situation is racist. Period.


  9. BRISSLES says:

    When you thought that things couldn’t get any worse at the BBC, along comes yet another ‘disaster’.

    It seems that there is to be a revamped and updated version of Blind Date to be aired in a few months, to be hosted by the queen of self publicity Amanda Ambitious Holden. Clearly realising that BGT could be on the skids, she’s feathering her nest while she’s still got a body to flaunt at every photo opportunity.

    We are constantly being force-fed these idiots who seem to be blue eyed girls/boys on these tv channels. Thank god for Netflix.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Brissles it won’t be Blind Date cos that was on ITV
      Her dating show is on the BBC, the press are just being lazy by calling it Blind Date..
      I imagine that the pushy one is her agent.


  10. Sluff says:

    Not BBC but may be in there.
    Its kicked off big time at Pimlico High School.

    According to the pupils / students there is not enough curriculum on Black History Month or Black Lives Matter. The history of the Kings and Queens of England is not needed as of no relevance to the culture of students, and the Union Flag representing colonisation needs to be removed.

    England 2021.
    I scarcely know where to begin……


  11. StewGreen says:

    Students at Pimlico Academy protested uniform policy changes & the flying of a union flag.

    Measures were stopped, the school’s headteacher apologised, & unionised staff submitted a vote of no confidence in the headteacher.

    hairstyles that “block the view of others” would not be allowed
    and hijabs “should not be too colourful”

    A statement purportedly on behalf of students railed against “racism, Islamophobia and transphobia” and said pupils were angry at a lack of recognition of the Black Lives Matter movement.

    student statement page 1
    student statement page 2


    • Kaiser says:

      Student statement …. My arse


    • BRISSLES says:

      Sadly as far as kids and teens are concerned, we are now reaping what we sow.
      Many years ago we arrived at the stage where it was ‘unacceptable’ for children to be disciplined by ‘touch’ by parents, and suddenly teachers were told by their pupils “I know my rights” if a hand was laid on the little b………ds ! Particularly disconcerting when some of these 15 year old boys are almost 6′ tall. Then aggrieved parents would hotfoot it to the school because of course THEIR kids were never in the wrong !

      Now (as was predicted all those years ago) we are living in a world dictated by kids – ie couldn’t give two hoots at playing truant from school to attend climate change protests. They lack humour, permanently on the defensive, and despite not being at an age to vote, attempt to dictate terms to the Government.

      I admit to never being a lover of children – give me a box of pups any day, and nothing I have seen or heard in past years have made me change my mind.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        I don’t think you should tar all kids with the same brush, Brissles. My son was well over 6 ft tall at 14, let alone 15, and at 16 is strong enough to tackle most grown men, but he’s a gentle giant, and wouldn’t hurt a fly, and he’s nothing like you describe, nor are any of his mates.

        Not saying there aren’t kids like that at his school, there are, he and his mates laugh about them (especially ‘protest girl’, who apparently is the only kid in the entire school who thinks Greta is ‘cool’), they’re just a very vocal and annoying minority though, rather than the ‘norm’.

        Personally, I’d put most of it down to parenting (poor quality, or lack of), the mrs and I made sacrifices so we could be there, and a lot of people aren’t prepared to do that.

        As a dog lover myself, I’d say kids and puppies have the same basic needs – time and attention mostly, with some well defined boundaries.


      • G says:


        “……we are living in a world dictated by kids – ie couldn’t give two hoots…..”. But don’t you really just love it? In my advanced age, I couldn’t give a damn. But I understand the expression, ‘you reap what you sow’.


  12. taffman says:

    “Covid: Wales’ pubs and restaurants could reopen indoors in May”
    There’s that operative word again “could”.


  13. JohnC says:

    I may have to stop following the Floyd trial : it’s getting beyond ridiculous.
    The BBC report him saying “Please don’t shoot me… I just lost my mom.”. They don’t report she had died 2 years earlier.
    Apparently the guy in the shop knew the $20 was fake, but accepted it anyway and considered letting his employer deduct it from his salary. Oh but no. He didn’t. He went immediately to tell his manager. Doesn’t make sense on any level. More like he was scared what Floyd would do to him if he refused.
    I’m not sure I can stomach any more. Even I am stunned about how far from ‘impartial’ and ‘fair’ this is. They are guaranteeing more riots and murders by men like Floyd if Chauvin is not locked away. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Judge guides them to convict him of at least something and puts him behind bars just to save more lives.


    • Kaiser says:

      pr rep for a witness ????? Tries to take pictures of the jury

      msm collates knowledge of jurors “20 something white pharmacist”

      This just gets weirder and weirder


    • G.W.F. says:

      Best to watch the Floyd George trial directly on You Tube where several companies are live streaming it. I found it interesting and admire the way both prosecution and defence are developing their respective strategies.
      Of course the real trial is very different to the one filtered through the Trot mindset of the BBC.


      • StewGreen says:

        @GWF Why bother watching a US trial ?
        Just cos mad medialand is obsessed by it, there is no reason for us to waste our time dancing to their tune.

        Viva Frei will explain it all afterwards.


  14. pugnazious says:

    Naga and Co are just going to love this….

    About as much as they hate the new report on race….just how many voices could they cram into the day to trash the report and its conclusions? Day didn’t start well with Nick Robinson claiming the report lead was a government ‘coconut’ who could be relied upon to write what they wanted…I’m guessing Robinson therefore didn’t agree with the report then….but nor did Naga nor Wato nor Evan Davis or anyone from the BBC which spent the day rubbishing the report.

    A whole bunch of ‘coconuts’ apparently created the report…


    You could tell the direction of travel by the way the BBC introduced the report as a ‘Government’ report…thus immediately trying to set up the line that it couldn’t be trusted.

    Curious how the BBC was delighted to fully and uncritically accept the ‘government’ Macpherson report which announced the country was insitutionally racist….but have a problem with this one.

    The only institution that is systemically racist is ironically the BBC itself….rabidly anti-white, anti-British culture, society and history.

    The BBC literally hates white people and whiteness and everything it, ‘whiteness’, is supposed to stand for.


    • The Sage says:

      The gorgeous Dambisa Moya. I have read two of her books and I recommend both to Bias BBC folk here. Zambian-born Dambisa is against aid to Africa so she is on our side. No wonder the race industry does not like her.


  15. JohnC says:

    Alex Beresford: ‘After defending Meghan I’ve suffered relentless racism’
    I wonder if it ever occurs to these self-obsessed narcissists that the reason they get abuse is not because of their colour, it’s because of what disgusting, anti-white racist hypocrites they are.
    Meghan lied during the interview. The wedding ceremony was the easiest to prove and it was a complete whopper. Morgan is still being called a racist because he said he didn’t believe her. Seems he is absolutely right. The world has gone bonkers.


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC Race Bait Daily

      After pupils at the London academy were a banned from having afro haircuts, they staged a mass-walkout in protest.


      Luckily beating the bejeezus out of any East Asians or cooking missionaries in pots is culturally acceptable. In Beebworld outrage Dept.

      Remember getting ‘bicycle rides’ at school if sideburns dipped past earlobes enough for asst. head to twirl.


    • Banania says:

      If he would shave and look more presentable I should have more sympathy for him.


  16. taffman says:

    “Facebook bans ‘voice of Trump’ from platform”
    Censorship? How many on this site use Facebook?
    The media are controlling the people now.


    • Oaknash says:

      Desperate to stop anyone with an alternative message.
      I think U tube have also banned another right leaning Channel called Louder with Crowther for the crime of going to various dodgy addresses listed as voters and found lots of them were empty parking lots etc
      Of course he was banned for breaking “community guideline’s” but not told how exactly he had broken them.


  17. Guest Who says:

    OT, but this Variety headline amused:

    “ The majority of this year’s Best Picture nominees at the Oscars are unknown to entertainment consumers.”

    Otherwise known as ‘audiences with choices’.

    The ratings should impress.

    Maybe they will give one to Marianna for her role as ‘a specialist’?


    • JohnC says:

      They seem unable to grasp what a complete farce this makes of the whole awards ceremony.


  18. Sluff says:

    Here’s a contender for the BBC join the dots feature. From admittedly an unlikely source.

    Just before 8 am on Toady a grade A race-baiter was busy being given a free hand to oppose the race report from yesterday.
    He went on to say that after the BLM thing kicked off he had got a call from Clarence House. Prince Charles was very cod and want to,talk. The guy reports that he was invited over, spent two hours there and months later the Prince’s Trust is about to start a BAME equality project in Bristol.

    Which bring us to the join the dots bit.
    Now…..what was all that Meghan Markle stuff about racism in the Royal Family?
    A question which eluded Mischal ‘useless’ Hussein.

    Probably too busy basking in the BBC race hate agenda to have noticed..


    • richard D says:

      sluff….. and some PoC (Plonker of Colour) called Samuel Kasumu, who advised Boris Johnson on ethnic minorities, has loudly and publicly resigned – for the second time in a couple of months, I think – or he’s at least trying to get two batches of publicity – “in the wake of the recent report on race”.

      You know……..the report which concluded that the UK was not ‘institutionally racist’ – compiled over many months and written by an expert panel of 12 people, only one of whom was white.

      It didn’t take the race baiters 10 seconds, some years ago, to believe a report that the UK police were institutionally racist, but somehow people like David Lammy (Labour) can dismiss this report in 10 seconds – despite the credentials of the contributors.

      But that’s what race baiters do…. and boy, does the BBC give them all a platform. You can bet, if the report had concluded the opposite about the UK’s ‘institutional racism’, this would have been lauded and broadcast to the hilt by the BBC, and used as a weapon to beat the British public for years to come.


  19. Fedup2 says:

    Im guessing that in the current woke climate the age of the ‘April Fool’ has been banned because it ‘offends ‘ or is part of snowflake ‘ hate ‘ culture …

    … ive looked for April Fools but havent found any . …. so no spoiler alert …


  20. Deborah says:

    Two days ago Look North and Peter Levy kept saying that temperatures were soaring. I still needed a pullover. Yesterday morning, the even hotter day, I woke to a few black clouds blocking the sun but it was reasonably ok but not as hot as I remember the early days of lock down. The cheeky local weather girl, Catrina or similar name said today would be dry but this morning I have looked through lots of wet drops on the window. It isn’t a great success rate.


  21. Thoughtful says:

    I see this morning the DM reports the BBC China correspondent has been ‘forced’ to leave China over his massively one sided reporting of the situation in Xinjiang regarding the Uiger Muslims.

    Most people in Britain are alas brain dead and don’t look any deeper than the headlines the media feeds them, but it should be obvious even to the most clinically stupid that no story is one dimensional and that there are two sides to every story.

    So we have here at play yet again the interests of Middle Eastern Arab oil money promoting the interests of Islam through Western Universities Politicians, and the Media. Saudi has interests in virtually all the UKs media barring of course the BBC which is state owned, but not immune to the directives of the NUJ.

    It would appear the British government has raised concerned about the influence of the Arabs in UK media – something which has gone unreported here. The link posted is an Arab media and unsurprisingly biased towards their interests:


    So, the UK media reports one sided stories about Rohingyas and the Uighur Muslims, but fails to report a single item regarding the abuse of Christians by Muslims in places like Pakistan and the Middle East.

    Then they wonder why hardly anyone trusts them.


  22. Fedup2 says:

    It seems that the idea of a vaccine passport is ‘ unbritish ‘ – according to the Labour Leader . Well kier – news for you – what we have gone through in the last year is unbritish .

    Im a pragmatist – so i favour the vaccine passport . Anyone is free not to have the vaccine – but must be willing to live with the consequences .

    For me – its self interest as i want the protection of the vaccine and the ability to get out of the UK . Its also a bit different because i ve vaccinations for just about anything you can get in the third world – so livinv in londonistan is a bit easier ..


    • Thoughtful says:

      Show me ze papers!

      You have this wrong Fedup, and are perhaps viewing it from a somewhat selfish perspective, and perhaps without the knowledge of what the government is preparing behind the scenes.

      Boris Johnson has given unequivocal statements about his opposition to ID documents, he has lied through his teeth about the vaccine passport, telling reporters that the government wasn’t planning one while all along funding companies to produce one.

      The current state is that funding is being provided to companies which will be able to access your driving licence and passport details, and facial recognition software is being used to verify you are who your QR code says you are.

      The government and its agencies will be able to track you wherever you are and wherever you go. It will be able to see if and when you went to the pub, and when you went shopping. When and where you travelled on public transport, who you met and associated with.

      Now perhaps you can see how dangerous this ‘passport’ is, and that because they are making your life difficult by not having one, you are seeking the easy option – compliance.

      The correct response (in my opinion) is resistance and non compliance. These types of documents are indicative of the worst kind of Socialist states, and you should consider if the way forward should be to simply comply because it helps you overcome the obstacles they have deliberately placed in your way.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Boris Johnson is a liar and a bullshitter. You cannot trust a word he says. Even his name is false, he is really Alexander Johnson. He was elected to “get Brexit done” and for nothing else. He “succeeded” in getting us a bad deal. That should have been that. We don’t need this amoral liar as our prime minister for a second longer.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      Fed, I beg to differ. Which is something that will be increasingly disallowed as the State imposes compulsory ID checking and track and trace technology.

      Just consider this – would you, for instance, be comfortable in having your real name exposed and your entire Biased BBC comment history examined for wrong thoughts by a government agency, or perhaps a corporate employer, or your bank as they decide whether to extend your overdraft, or some firm you might want to do business with?

      Because that will be the kind of joined up surveillance resource available to the State and its cronies once we have internal passport ID computerised data collection.


    • Tabs says:

      “Anyone is free not to have the vaccine – but must be willing to live with the consequences.”

      This to me sounds like the current cancel culture we live in. If you don’t take the vaccine then you trip to the pub or your holiday is cancelled.

      Now turning this around I could say anyone is free to have the vaccine – but must be willing to live with the consequences. Any medium to long term side effects are unknown.

      What happens if you are made seriously ill by a side effects? The vaccine manufactuers has absolved all liability and UK governement have protected them from any legal action. The only compensation you would get is a standard one off £120k payout from the government.

      From a self interest viewpoint, both me and Mrs Tabs earn good money. Mrs Tabs earns a lot more per year than the payout mentioned above. If she has the vaccine and ends up not being able to work the payout wont even cover a years salary. Her life insurance company has already issued a statement saying it won’t pay out for death due to the vaccine as it is classed as experimental. The risk/reward of having a vaccine is not worth us having a vaccine just to get the basic human right of freedom back we had last year.


      • AsISeeIt says:

        “Her life insurance company has already issued a statement saying it won’t pay out for death due to the vaccine as it is classed as experimental”

        I understand private health insurance (BUPA) similiarly won’t fund medical treatment required as a consequence of any subsequent ill effects of the vaccine – again using the reasoning that these drugs are still classed as experimental.


      • StewGreen says:

        @Tabs AFAIK the government takes the risk
        There is a substantial vaccine compensation fund that pays out tens of £millions in a normal year.
        It’s not that the vaccines are particularly dangerous, it’s just in millions of doses and complications like children, there is a screwup in a few cases.


        • AsISeeIt says:

          And if ‘tens of millions’ of people should suffer ill effects – where’s the tens of trillions of compensation coming from?

          A small niggly point I know but these are apparently worth making.

          In all seriousness, I agree the likelihood is that just a very small percentage of people will suffer catestrophic side effects. But with tens of millions of doses that’s possibly a lot of people – about whom we are hearing very little in the media.

          And you must balance that adverse outcome against a vaccine that – for all really we know – may ultimately save rather few lives.

          What mass vaccination really represents is the face-saving way out for governments to exit their failed lockdown policies.


          • Tabs says:

            A couple of links of interest:


            CDC Ignores Inquiry Into Increasing Number of Deaths, Injuries Reported After COVID Vaccines


            • richard D says:

              Really interesting report from ‘lewrockwell’ site, Tabs…… loads of recorded adverse outcomes (not necessarily ‘causal relationships’) after coronavirus vaccine – including more than 1,700 deaths – and, of course, this was in the USA, where none of the vaccines used came from AZ. That hasn’t been widely made public by the BBC investigative team.

              Also interesting to note that Pfizer projects a potential income from their vaccine this year as high as $30 billion.

              Given the treatment doled out by the EU ‘elites’ (i.e. not the scientists or medics) to AZ, it will be no surprise if they never again go ‘cost-basis’ pricing on any product or process they develop in the future – and that they will demand that contracts be published in full if there’s even a whiff of a complaint regarding contractual delivery commitments in the future.

              Well done, the EU – they’ve also probably managed to ensure that no pharmaceutical organisation ever again tries to replicate that ‘cost-basis’, philanthropic, approach either. Good luck with future pandemics.


  23. Tabs says:

    Croydon stabbing: Man killed at vigil for knife victim

    Usual story of blacks killing blacks whilst at a vigil for another black victim who was killed by a black. Obviously all due to white slavery or Brexit or something else like that.

    Facts the BBC don’t mention:
    1. The BBC show the black victim but don’t offer any description of the other 2 who attacked officers and NHS staff before being captured.

    2. They don’t mention the vigil was held for Tai Jordan O’Donnell, a black man.

    3. They don’t mention Kamila Ahmad, a black woman, will stand trial for the murder of Tai.


    • Fedup2 says:

      On point 1 1 arrested the other escaped from the hospital .

      It looks like croydon undertakers are still going to be making a killing . I blame racism .


  24. AsISeeIt says:

    Meghan’s Canterbury Tales


    Bashing Britain or living off past glories?

    This morning a line from the BBC hints that the public may not have been quite so keen on lockdowns as those opinion polls that our media has touted would have had us believe: ‘Covid-19: Few people with symptoms are self-isolating, study finds‘ – one has long suspected that the fear was largely manufactured.

    Seems full compliance with the new public health religion was confined to a cultish minority who terrorised the rest of us.

    I speak heresy here of course.

    Fewer than one in five people request a Covid-19 test if they have symptoms, while the number who follow full self-isolation rules is low, a large study of the test-and-trace system has found.’ – and that’s among those people who bothered to engage with the NHS app.

    Meanwhile, the habitually highly irreverent Daily Star comes out in support of Justin Welby in his slight theological difference of interpretation of the gospel truth with the wife of Princess Diana’s second son – if she’s a trophy wife Harry, then you won third prize.

    Thou shalt not be a bed wetter

    ‘(And thou shalt not fib to the world either)

    Archbishop blasts wokes… & admits millionaire publicity-shy couple were telling porkies‘ – and if you thought you’d never read that headline then wait for the Sussexes to hit back: ‘Millions tune into Oprah show to watch Harry bash the bishop‘ (?) – I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist the temptation.

    The good book does tell us there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents, etc: ‘Starmer: Vaccine passports un-British‘ (Telegraph) – Hallelujah! Ladies and gentlemen, after twelve months (or was it his latest 40 days of isolation?) in the wilderness, we have a leader of the opposition at long last. A Lefty finally stands up for our freedoms.

    By stating the bleeding obvious: ‘Labour leader says public will not want to show Covid certificates in the pub‘ – quite right, Sir Keir, keep it up – if you can?

    One in five covid deaths at some hospitals from infections on wards‘ (Telegraph) – which, combined with dodgy cause of death statistics and sick patients shunted off to death in carehomes, tends to confirm this entire pandemic scare was exacerbated rather than helped by our ruling NHS-Media-Political complex.

    Duchess of York: Now more than ever, young people with cancer need our support‘ (Telegraph) – you tell ’em Fergie – if they’ll listen?

    The formerly patriotic Times is at it again bashing Britain, its history and culture – isn’t it about time they dispensed with the coat of arms on the masthead – its just a pose these days? : ‘The government’s race review has been condemned as “culturally deaf”… Whitehall-backed report “glorifies” British Empire

    As one noted previously it is properly the job of the Lefty press to undermine Britain and to stoke race divisions: ‘Downing Street hit by backlash over landmark report on race‘ (‘i‘)

    Downing Street race report condemned as “divisive”‘ (Guardian)

    As Sherell Jacobs observes in the Telegraph: ‘The battle against the Left’s ideology of victimhood has only just begun‘ – I’m afraid that Windrush boat sailed years ago, along with a fleet of newly arriving rubber dinghies.

    Back to the office: 12 April return for some civil servants‘ (‘i‘) – we thought slavery had been abolished – cry our public payroll servants.

    Question: When is fat cat pay not a cause for concern? Answer: When the fat cat is a she: ‘Denise Coats, the billionaire boss of the gambling website Bet365 took her overall pay since 2016 to nearly £1.6bn‘ (Guardian)

    Coats joins global pay elite with £421m… only slightly lower than Elon Musk’ (FT) – welcome aboard, here’s the keys to the elite lavatories, just be sure to have all the right views.

    In market news: ‘Deal-making has recorded its strongest start to a year in four decades‘ – flush before the crash?

    I’m not sure what the FT has been smoking: ‘New York turns over a new leaf with marijuana bill‘ – legalise it, they’ll advertise it.

    Like the woman in the diner in the movie When Harry Met Sally, whatever they are on, the Daily Mail will have what they’re having…

    And I’m not talking football scores: ‘England 2 Poland 1 Hero Harry Poles it off‘ (Sun)

    As the Mail suggests: ‘Yes, you really CAN have the best sex of your life after 60

    ‘Girl power!‘ shouts the giveaway Metro like it’s 1997: ‘Guilty pleasures Brit Awards 2021‘ – Lord preserve us from awards shows.

    Also living off past glories: ‘Helen Mirren Looking back at The Long Good Friday‘ (Guardian) – good film, must be an Easter special there in the Gruan.

    Likewise in the SUN: ‘Sharon Stone …on fame, health, heartbreak… and THAT Basic Instinct moment’

    Deborah Ross in the Times ponders: ‘What if we bred humans they way we do dogs?‘ – and I think we’d best leave it there.


    • StewGreen says:

      Sharon Stone is pushing that thing on Woman’s Hour (her only UK broadcast interview.)

      A statue of Greta Thunberg has been unveiled in Winchester but some think it’s a waste of money. Christine Charlesworth is its creator.

      – People from ethnic minorities who have fertility treatment are less likely to be successful.
      Their data says Black patients having the lowest chances of successful treatment whilst only 4% of egg donors were Asian
      … also a spokesperson for race equality at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists”


      • harry142857 says:

        Not that I would advocate petty vandalism, but if you told the cleaners that “aqua fortis” is good on bronze.


      • Guest Who says:

        Guido has done a carbon impact analysis on it.

        Justin, Rog and Matt likely searching for squirrels currently.


  25. gb123 says:

    As I don’t really pay attention to all the Beeb outlets, have they done an April fool item this year? Since the whole thing is a woke joke, and they have no sense of humour anymore, I suspect not. Gone are the days of spaghetti tree harvests.


  26. Thoughtful says:


    Here is a story of a young White female walking home with her father hit and killed by a drunk driver who later fled the country.

    Mbala Kinsala who it seems highly likely is a boguus asylum seeker fled the country for Ethiopia, and then to his native Democratic Repulic of Congo.

    It seems pretty plain that this was (although not reported by the bent media) a bogus asylum seeker, who clearly should not have been in the UK. Despite naive quotes on the MEN forums, he probably used a forged or borrowed passport to leave the UK as any passports an asylum seeker has are surrendered to the Home Office as part of the process.

    He may well have been a failed asylum seeker awaiting removal which can take years if it happens at all, and who the lying British government continue to fund with taxpayers money via the Refugee Council a charitable front the government uses to avoid telling the people the truth about what it is doing.


    • StewGreen says:

      There is a Congolese of same name born 1987 who was the director of two Rochdale companies.
      A cleaning company and an employment agency.
      It’s the same guy surely.
      … BBC will be all over it just like they were over Anne Secoolas fleeing after her mistake.
      and surely a drunk speeder is a heavier offence.


  27. Guest Who says:

    OT, but got yet another email from one of the breeding colonies of Kennington soap dodger hives that provide causes and ‘poll’ and ‘petition’ stats representing 0.1% of the country to bbc staff who have not moved from their cubicles in decades to ‘report’ upon.


    A year of Keir: the road not yet travelled



    These outfits might have a tad more cred, and the bbc ‘reports’ on their ‘findings’, if they were not blatant fronts from loser lefty causes. And outfits like COMPASS.


  28. StewGreen says:

    Media and BBC’s weird habit of vastly over-representing black people, and rewriting history

    Simon Webb videos
    #1 Out of 1.5 million air raid wardens the BBC Lucy Worsley show picked the only one who was black.


  29. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    It’s April 1st and you would expect the papers and media to come out with their April fools day spoof headlines and stories.

    The thing is, I can’t tell if there are any April fools days spoofs because the ‘normal’ everyday news is just getting dafter every day. The real world has become an April fool.

    School children protesting, demanding and getting their own way on flags, haircuts, history lesson changes and anything else they want is one example.

    If there was a headline saying UK Border Force turns back dinghy of illegal migrants I would immediately spot this as the April Fools day headline spoof.

    It’s mind boggling how crazy things are now. Things happening you couldn’t make up even 10 years ago.
    The old saying ‘The lunatics have taken over the Asylum’ has never been more true.


  30. vlad says:

    The racists at the BBC are delighted to have found a new stick with which to beat whitey and virtue signal, namely anti-Asian racism in the US.

    One small detail they never tell you is that most of the perpetrators are black or latino.


    “In New York City, where anti-Asian hate crime soared nearly nine-fold in 2020 over the year before, only two of the 20 people arrested last year in connection with these attacks were white, according to New York Police Department data analyzed by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism. Eleven were African Americans, six were white Hispanics and one was a Black Hispanic.

    Most police departments do not publish this kind of data, but anecdotal evidence suggests the pattern seen in New York has emerged in other cities, as well.”

    Note: “Most police departments do not publish this kind of data”. Of course not: the US police are as politicised as our own and it would spoil their narrative.



    • JohnC says:

      Look what The Guardian wrote on the subject:
      ‘some Asian Americans have responded with stereotypes of their own, blaming supposed anti-Asian sentiment from the Black community for the crimes. This narrative, which has not been supported by evidence, has nevertheless shoved a new wedge into age-old cracks between Black and Asian immigrant communities in the US.’
      So it’s the racist Asian’s fault for blaming blacks and upsetting them!!!.
      The Left disgust me beyond words.


      • vlad says:

        I would expect nothing less from the Grauniad, from where the BBC get their views.

        “This narrative, which has not been supported by evidence”… of course not, because the police don’t gather such data, or if they do they don’t publish it. And the media don’t dare ask awkward questions for fear of being called racist.


        • JohnC says:

          What really gnarled me later in that article was the black woman saying ‘you can’t fight racism with racism’ meaning basically it is racist to accuse blacks of doing anything bad, even why they actually did it.


    • Tabs says:

      Slavery ended a handful of years after the Union flag was introduced. So why is the flag considered racist/slave traders/colony etc? If anything it marks the end of slavery.


      • Thoughtful says:

        The union jack was conceived by James I 1603 – 1625 It is known as the Union Jack because he signed his name in the French Jaques, it has little or nothing to do with the jackstaff on a ship as proven in the parliamentary records and on the parliament website.


        • Tabs says:

          That was a similar but different flag though. It does make me wonder if Britain had a totally new flag would it silence the haters or would the word “British” have to be changed too?


          • Banania says:

            “Similar but different.” It was the same, but with the addition of the cross of St Patrick. You might just as well say that the Stars and Stripes was similar but different compared with the version before they rearranged the stars and added one.


    • Dobyns says:

      The inmates running the asylum


    • StewGreen says:

      News about Pimlico “In September 2020 children at Pimlico academy in central London took down a union jack from outside their school.
      The flag was then taken to a housing estate nearby where more than half of the schools’ pupils reside, and set alight to resounding cheers”


  31. G says:

    I see that the fake President is tinkering with the Trump bans/restrictions on Chinese imports of electronic goods. A bit like sending the Chinese Communist Party copies of all documents that they would steal anyway. Yes, a new way of looking at the conventional “Cc” in memos, emails and letters but without the formality of writing in, ‘Cc: Chinese Communist Party’. But there, the Fakir has to do some thing to justify his backsheesh.


  32. Thoughtful says:

    And you wonder why the French are the way they are with a national anthem like this?


  33. s.trubble says:

    That radio 4 Michelle seemed fascinated with salmonds “cheek stroking” exploits…..he was trying to bully her ….fair play to her she stuck at it a little bit……………..I suspect if it had been a Tory all hell would have broken loose round about her.

    Its some selection up here in Brigadoon……….pests, sex pests, baldy gropers,cheek strokers………….and the latest one TOMMY the rebel Sheridan….some might recall his case re News of the World..

    salmond has no doubt recruited TOMMY to capture the swing vote!!


  34. richard D says:

    According to the BBC, they have hordes of really fantastic investigative journalists.

    Three things I’d like investigated, please, which never seem to cross the minds of these truly wonderful investigators

    1. We have been constantly made aware, over the past few weeks, of the numbers of people who, having had the AstraZeneca vaccine, have developed blood clots. Now, on the first day this was reported, there was mention that the other vacines were finding similar problems, but I, for one, have heard nothing since about those non-AZ effects. I wonder why ?

    2. I really, really, would love to know the number of excess Coronavirus deaths across the EU thanks to their complete c0ck-up of the vaccine acquiral and distribution. It doesn’t have to be down to the last jot and tittle – just a rough estimate – say to nearest 100 or so.

    3. Finally – it cannot be beyond the wit of these ace investrigators to acquire the information from each of the major countries around the world as to what their specific definition of a ‘COVID death’ is. I’d be willing to bet, from what I learned in the first couple of months of last year, when this discussion was raging, that the UK is probably overcounting, against a great many other measures used worldwide, the deaths due to COVID….. but I’m willing to be persuaded otherwise. And that might completely de-nude the view, particularly articulated by the BBC, that the UK has almost the worst record in the world on this measure.

    But I suppose the BBC has other things on its mind, like giving a platform to the race-baiters who, armed with nothing but their own hate and prejudice, just cannot accept a report which, after many months of investigation by a virtually non-white commission, which absolutely makes the case that Britain is not institutionally racist.


    • Peter Grimes says:

      Perhaps not ‘institutionally racist’ but, according to Sucker Starmer, ‘structurally racist’ whatever the fook that means.

      Leftoid racebait terminology thought up by a professor at a Leftoid yooni presumably.


      • richard D says:

        I guess that means, PG, just as with so many other things, the Prime Kneeler is completely out of touch with the British people, but likes to pronounce to the masses, slowly and clearly, with his ‘forensic’ insight, just exactly where he is, as usual – completely wrong.


    • richard D says:

      I have one further question I would like the BBC to investigate, having read some further reports today.

      There is a huge outcry about the UK reducing its overseas aid to 0.5% from 0.7% of Gross National Income…..wailing and gnashing of teeth has ensued, with dark forecasts of lost opportunities, deaths of kids, the end of ‘Global Britain’, etc., etc.

      Apparently this 0.7% was some kind of commitment by hordes of countries, but we have been just about the only country to meet that target so far (the only one of the G7, apparently)…..for many years.

      It would be really nice to know what all other countries are doing. It’s not thgat hard to find data, but according to 2019 data, the US, for instance, was only spending 0.16%, and France, only 0.44%, with most other EU countries donating various, smaller, amounts. The Scandinavian countries do better than almost everyone else, and Germany is at 0.6% – so we are still amongst the highest donors, exceeded only by Germany in the G7, when we donate 0.5%.

      There – did your job for you, BBC

      Where’s all the condemnation of others for not doing what we’ve done since 2013 ? And why is the UK to blame in what is a farcical performance from so many others ?

      How about reporting that, BBC ?


    • Doublethinker says:

      I read somewhere earlier this week that a French Government investigation reckoned that France and the UK were significantly over reporting deaths but that some countries , I think Spain and Italy were both mentioned , were significantly under reporting deaths. The findings also indicated that some Latin American countries were under reporting by a very large extent.
      Obviously Macron didn’t get a preview of the report because he would never of allowed his government to miss an opportunity to blacken the UK. But what the report clearly demonstrated is that trying to compare death rates across the West let alone across the world , is a waste of time as you are comparing apples with pears.


      • richard D says:

        Thanks for that, DT – I hadn’t seen that report, but it kind of confirms my concerns about some of these issues – and the absence of information from the BBC, of course.


  35. StewGreen says:

    Neighbours just been telling me about their vaccine experience.
    All three were in the 50-55 category
    #1 Played by the rules saw that the NHS website said
    “Over 55s only”, then the morning it switched he went to book, but it was all booked up
    And his doctor’s website said clearly said “Don’t call us”
    When he kept trying the NHS website after 3 days he finally got an appointment a 2 week wait in the next town.
    Cos it turns out your doctor’s is not shown on the NHS website only the regional vaccination centres and they maybe only work 3 days/week.
    The next day he did actually get a missed call from his doctor, but they have a policy of not leaving messages.

    #2 The other woman whose surname begins with “A” told me she got the call from the same doctor’s 4 days before the government opened the gate to under 55.
    And that the doctor’s system is to tell you to come in the next day.

    #3 The third guy broke the rule and phoned the doctor a few weeks before and he’d been told since your 57 yo wife is being done you should just come down with her.

    So seems to me that breaking the rule and phoning your doctor’s is the quickest way.


  36. StewGreen says:

    KTHopkins is in Colorado covering the arraignment of the Syrian guy who shot 10 white people in the supermarket.
    People are hinting that he was groomed by Trump-hating media.



  37. BRISSLES says:

    Something, somewhere doesn’t quite ‘gell’.

    Watching Floyd’s brother on tv, looking for all the world like a polished tv presenter – smart jacket, shirt and tie, and beautifully groomed, talking about his brother George and what a wonderful person he was. Yet the interviewer, practically sympathising, not once asked about brother George’s criminal past.

    Then we have the cctv shots of brother George in a store, high as a kite, rambling, passing a fake bank note, and who looks as though he ‘works out’, wearing just a vest, and with a string of convictions to his name.


  38. fakenewswatcher says:

    BbC “News” at One has a golden thread running through it: propaganda. They got their scalp as a reward for yesterday’s incessant anti-‘racist’ agitation: an advisor to Boris. (The constant drone that the Commission bloke was really working for Boris -along with another lot of wild allegations has had success!) They also nailed two cops: one for membership of a ‘neo Nazi’ organisation, and one for alleged rape. Not a nice picture of our police?
    I have no clue as to what the banned NA set up is about, but obviously -if it’s banned- it’s foolish for an officer to seek membership. If the organisation plans violence or murder, it must obviously be condemned. I merely observe that militant – and frequently violent- organisations like BLM are not only NOT banned, but feted as heroes. It goes without saying that black lives matter, as indeed do those of any other colour, but that organisation is not really about that which its label suggests. Instead, it strikes me as a neo-Marxist setup, which thrives on implicit threats.


    • StewGreen says:

      ” a Met officer accused of rape and domestic abuse by two colleagues continued to work as a policeman, with no disciplinary proceedings, for years.”
      In 2020, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) awarded her £17,100, saying “police evidence indicates that you were a victim of sexual abuse”.

      CICA paid £11,600 to Kate, saying she had been raped and subjected to “serious physical abuse”.

      Well Crimebodge always says the police always cover up after their own
      and that there are lots of bad cops, even thugs and rapists.
      cos the police job attracts god-complex men.

      The other guy
      “Jurors convicted him of remaining in NA for several months after it was banned in December 2016, as well as two counts of fraud for lying about his far-right past in a Met application form.

      also convicted of lying on his Met Police application and having terror documents detailing knife combat and making explosive devices.

      Hannam is the first British officer to be convicted of a terrorism offence
      (I would say that is partially due to rule changes
      That in the past to get a terrorist conviction , you had to do real terrorist stuff
      now people are prosecuted for joining weird online cultish forums )


      • digg says:

        I agree with your last point wholeheartedly Stew. It has reached a stage where you are a criminal for not toe-ing the left-wing line. So it’s not what you do that gets you slammed, it’s what you think.

        This has all the hallmarks of totalitarian regimes, if anyone disagrees with your point of view, paint them as criminals.

        Soviet Russia showed how to do it and The Peoples Communist Army in China use this tactic with no compunction and now the Myanmar Junta are doing the same.

        As long as members of any organisation keeps the right side of the common law and commit no criminal acts I don’t see why anyone should be criminalised for aligning with them, be they People in animal masks frolicking in the woods, cult-like religious groups like the Jehovas Witnesses or Mormans, Morris Dancers, Steam Punk oddities, the list is endless.

        Its always from the left, I don’t recall any vaguely right-wing group attempting to get anyone cancelled or criminalised without a real reason.

        It’s just in their playbook!

        Show me any person or group trying to get someone stitched up for their point of view and I will show you a lefty, or a Beeboid come to that.


    • G says:


      Exactly, depends where the bar has been set for the neo-nazis and needs condemning if not set realistically. The Government know full well that the Soros/Davos plan to flood the UK ably supported by our left wing Government has only the public, ultimately, who carry any hope of redressing the balance and halting the nonsense. And they know the police / army will not quell that revolt when it happens. Even if they are inclined to.


  39. StewGreen says:

    Interesting local news clip this morning
    They played a clip of the Liberty steel owner
    … “The future of steel is recycling …is decarbonisation..”

    I thought that is weird
    that is exactly what The Islington elite want to hear.

    But the fact is steel production always has as much recycled steel as you can get away with. There is no scrap steel mountain.

    In later bulletins that clip was replaced by other ones talking about how customers were helping and how he is hoping to re-finance himself.


    • Doublethinker says:

      The liberal dummies probably don’t know anything about steel production and somehow believe that sticking a windmill on top of the smelter will generate sufficient power to run it. It is impossible to over estimate the ignorance and stupidity of liberals.


  40. richard D says:

    The time of death of George Floyd was recorded as being one hour after being transferred by paramedics to the ambulance which took him to hospital (much less than an hour away) – so how come lots of media sources (including the BBC) are reporting that the crowd around the place he was arrested witnessed his last, dying, moments ?

    Nothing to do with ramping up the dramatic effect, I guess ?


  41. Thoughtful says:

    And now the cowardly useless incompetent Tories unveil the true horror of the vaccination passport scheme which despite denials has clearly been in the planning for months. Some are claiming it was first raised at a conference in 2015.


    If you don’t have the passport you will only be able to visit GP surgeries, hospitals and supermarkets, it looks like there will be compulsion for pubs, restaurants, cinemas etc to administer the scheme.

    It leaves huge areas of life in limbo, such as public transport which will almost certainly require a passport to use and almost every area of life is going to be controlled by this.

    We as a people need to resist this creepeing horror, we have never had an ID card, and certainly not as invasive as this one, with all its surveillant overtones.


    • G says:


      Next, Barcodes tattooed on members of the public. And we know where the likes of that went.


    • Foscari says:

      Thoughtful-I don’t believe a vaccination would be as carte blanche
      as suggested. But when everybody has been offered a
      vaccination . Those who still don’t want it , for other than
      health reasons will have to except that their world will be
      somewhat different.
      I am not for draconian measures. But I would not like to sit
      next to someone coughing their guts up on an aeroplane
      who hasn’t had a covid 19 vaccination. Maybe as we had
      in the past a couple of carriages for smokers on tube trains
      in London, we could have one carriage for non vaxers. Yes
      if it was crowded there is a chance that Covid could be spread
      amongst them and some could get very ill and even one
      or two could die. But they would still have their principles.
      But on a lighter note I wouldn’t want anybody sitting
      next to me on an aeroplane coughing their guts up . Or for
      principle not using a deodorant.


      • Jeff says:

        You’re no more likely to be “coughing your guts up” if you’ve refused the vaccine than if you’ve had it.

        “I am not for draconian measures” Clearly you are! And if you’ve had the bloody vaccine you should feel safe. Why else are you subjecting yourself to this experiment?

        I’m not having the damned thing now on principle. We’re being bullied and coerced. The poisonous propaganda is endless and gutless Boris is being swept along on the breeze like an out of control weather balloon. The man’s utterly useless.

        For God’s sake, even Kier Starmer doesn’t agree with vaccine passports.
        It’s just un-British.


        • Foscari says:

          Jeff- That’s OK by me. In fact my daughter who is
          psychologist says that’s it the latest “in thing” not
          to have the vaccination on principle.
          You have to go back to the late 1990’S to find the
          “in crowd” on principle not letting their children have
          the MMR vaccinations. Not that many children died
          from contracting the measles. And for those who did
          their parents can say that they were just acting on principle.


          • Jeff says:

            A nonsensical comparison.

            What I really don’t understand is if this “vaccine” offers so much protection…and I don’t actually doubt that it does…how can someone who hasn’t been vaccinated be of any threat? It’s utter nonsense.

            Surely, if you’re correct, the people at risk are those that refuse the jab. You’ve said as much yourself, but you still don’t want to share a railway carriage with one of us. It’s a totally irrational argument. And the vaccine passport will mean the non vaccinated people are barred from social events.


            If you’ve had the jab…and most of you sheeple have… you’re safe.


            • Foscari says:

              Yes Jeff- My daughter tells me that sheep is wat the
              “in crowd” of non vaxers call us. I just wish my sister
              and two of my dearest friends could of had the
              chance of being sheep before they died from the virus.


              • StewGreen says:

                Wow @Foscari sad about your loss
                maybe in the Easter thread you can share how old they were
                and where the caught it.
                With only 1 in 500 of UK population dying
                It is quite unlucky to know 3 people that have been killed by Covid.


      • Banania says:

        Gosh, if we were all like you the Government would have an easy time. Even easier, I mean.


  42. micknotmike says:

    Bias, what bias? Top story on the BBC now “Met pc guilty of neo-nazi group membership” On searching his house, a business card and badges were found. Heavens above, there is even a picture of his bedroom, clearly showing socks and underpants on the floor. I imagine if the search had revealed knives, swords, fertiliser, rucksacks, and certain religious texts it would have been on the local boondocks page “quiet man, read a lot, promising sportsman (Sorry wrong untouchable group), regular at you-know-which community prayer centres.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      I think in the last few days we have certainly seen the beeb at its biased worst, with R4 (as usual) the most excessive.
      I can’t be bothered to look up the details of this ‘banned’ group, but the bit I caught on TV was that said officer had a picture of a German soldier in a helmet on his wall. Was that the offence?
      The huge fanfare with which beeb opened its lunchtime TV ‘news’ to announce the arrest of the officer, more or less told a story of its own, given its triumphant campaign yesterday against ‘racism’.
      I had expected to see Swastikas all over the show, with pictures of old Adolph etc. Perhaps I missed them?
      What can we say about the Nazi horror? Well, perhaps that it is closely related to that other horror, the Soviet Gulag/CCP variety. Why? Because AH and his ilk were National SOCIALISTS. Socialists find it easy to create horror.
      It is interesting to speculate why Beeb easily locates this horror in Xinjiang, but not in Tibet, another CCP victim. Bias? We hear a lot about the persecution of the Rohingia, but very little about the persecution of Christians. A statue of Mandela is fine, let’s forget about his terrorist past, but a ‘neo-Nazi’, who may have had terroristic thoughts, needs to be locked up and triumphantly castigated. (I say that as someone who would admit Mandela had undoubted virtues, but -like most of us, he had his dark side, now conveniently erased.)
      It is not only that the Bbc is blatantly and deliberately biased; hypocrisy in society as a whole is rampant. It looks much like a society in terminal decline. Nothing new. Paging through a book by Malcolm Muggeridge, I read: “…what is called ‘Western civilization’ is irretrievably over, and…another Dark age is upon us…” The book is called ‘Jesus -the Man who Lives’, and I highly recommend it. I bought it in 1970, so it may not be easy to locate.

      As for dear Malcolm himself, if only he could see us now….! On the back cover Edward Carpenter, New Statesman, says that: “Muggeridge, as usual, writes like an angel”. Indeed. Can’t see Malcolm working for today’s ‘New Statesman’ though, far less find employment with the BbC. (And -given their third-rate ‘journalism’ I doubt he would want to.)

      Off to jail for subversive thoughts, Malcolm? Wouldn’t rule it out….


      • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

        Membership of this group is a bigger crime than blowing children to bits at a concert.


    • Banania says:

      I expect he was always a bit of a loner.


  43. digg says:

    BBC blasting a new “niche” story at us..

    Trans clothing: Designer works to create standard sizes…

    “A lingerie designer and a model have worked together to create what they claim is “the first global sizing standard” for transgender women.
    Clothes makers work from a universal measurement set when creating garments in High Street male and female ranges.
    Designer Bok Goodall set about creating standardised sizes for trans women when she realised none existed.
    Transgender model Winn Austin said she believed the development had the potential to “change someone’s life”.”


    Apparently “Standard” ladies sizes don’t work very well for the “was a man” brigade so a new standard needs to be created.

    For God’s sake women! a 5 minute stroll down out high street will show atet the vast majority of women of all ages are well above and beyond “standard” sizes.

    So if an 18 stone man decides to become a woman he is being victimised because he can’t get into a size 10 frock eh!

    I’m off back to the shed!


  44. digg says:

    Lorraine Cox murder: Man convicted of killing and dismembering woman in Exeter


    Words from the prosecutor about the failed asylum seeker who chopped up a woman in his house above a kebab shop..

    Mr Laws said: “Given the dates he viewed this material, you may think it is clear he was interested in the topic before he had any need for information.”

    “He did not have the dead body of Lorraine Cox in his room until a couple of days later. When he did, he performed a neat and professional amputation of her limbs.”

    “You will no doubt want to consider whether it was this interest that may have motivated him to commit this murder,” he added….

    Flabagasted is not the word!

    Reading this it it sounds to me like the “Prosecutor” was trying to convince the jury that the Failed Asylum seeker should be given credit for the neat and professional amputation meaning that he might possibly have grounds to remain in the UK to retrain as a professional butcher rather than the insane, despicable animal he actually is who should be thrown into jail for life?

    If this was the prosecutor, I’d hate to hear what the defence made of it!


  45. Thoughtful says:

    I see the French government which clearly is nowhere near as cowardly as ours in, has rejected the word Islamophobia as a concept saying that Islamists use it as a weapon against freedoms.

    In this country Boris cowers somewhere in a safe room because the Islamist threatened the UK would become like France if they didn’t allow them to murder the poor RE teacher. I say Macron would make a far better PM than Boris the bottler who is a complete disgrace.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Macron says stuff about Muslims and their refusal to accept a French cultural norms that Boris daren’t but he doesn’t seem to actually do anything to force them to conform. Also he is forced to say this stuff to try and head off Marine Le Pen . Sadly there is no significant UK politician who even half matches Le Pen and who would be able to shift the political debate in the UK to a stronger defence of our country from Islamification.
      Sadly voters get the government they deserve . At least they did until Dominion arrived n the scene.


      • taffman says:

        ‘Plastic Tories’ that are really Liberal career politicians in disguise . I will be voting for The Reform Party in the next GE . Its our only salvation.


        • JohnC says:

          I will vote ‘Reform’ unless there is a chance Labour will get in if I do.
          Luckily, that seems a remote possibility.


  46. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news “Vaccination in time of Ramadan”
    “having the vax doesn’t count as breaking the fast”
    … well no one thought it did.

    next item
    Asian shop in Hull faced armed robbers.
    Traumatic but then they said the perps were 2 14 year old girls.


  47. StewGreen says:

    BBC local news : last night
    #1 More EU residents in Hull
    PR cutNpaste from an org called Centre For Cities
    said Hull has 24,000 not the 14,000 expected
    So 10% .. that does seem quite high.
    Like are towns in Spain 10% British ?

    #2 Disabled guy gets new computer voice

    #3 Paddle boarders rescue drunk swimmer.


  48. digg says:

    I had a revealing discussion with young family acquaintance who happens to be at Bristol UNI.

    He was having a fierce go at Big Industry for ruining the environment.

    I suggested that consumerism was the biggest driving factor.

    He then said what you and I do has almost no adverse effect it’s the big conglomerates who create the biggest impact on the planet.

    I tried to say that without a you and I buying the products, conglomerates could not exist at all, they are merely filling a demand in a consumer environment, they stand out as targets purely because of their size and “peceived” political stance, rich, white folk etc. yawn, yawn.

    Stoney ground… his mentors at UNI have persuaded him that society must smash big business to fix things.

    I tried to list the things that would change if this could be brought about. e.g no supermarkets, no filling stations, no hotels, no rail system, no energy companies, no foreign travel, massive unemployment. In effect back to a feudal way of life.

    It would be pointless building millions of cars if no-one agreed to buy them. etc. etc.

    He wouldn’t have it at any price, it basically comes down to a belief that the bigger you succeed in generating what people want, the guiltier you are.

    Of course he had no guilt about the myriad Hi-Tech stuff that he uses to live his life, computers, phones, headphones, gaming devices etc. etc. They apparently just appear as if by magic.


    • Dobyns says:

      Let he who is against Capitalism cast the first smartphone


      • Garry Lavin says:

        Good one!


        • maxincony says:

          Good one!”


          • Garry Lavin says:

            I think you’ve just reinforced my point.


          • StewGreen says:

            Maxi, your cartoon doesn’t make sense
            Guy says “cars SHOULD have seat belts”
            then a guy calls him a hypocrite for buying one

            Surely to make sense he should be saying
            “cars SHOULDn’t have seat belts”
            only then could the guy try to call him a hypocrite, vaguely.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think such views are really sweet and all part of growing up . I d say – just go without running water or electricity for a few days and see how you feel then – or get your own food – kill your own animals to live .

      The comforts of capitalism are taken for granted so easily …

      … a tap with clean water coming out of it is great technology …


  49. Guest Who says:

    Can’t wait for Emily and Jon to join the mob down Batley.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Guest – are you already having withdrawal symptoms from the disappearance of the fair and balanced ‘Americast’ which gave us such peerless insights into US politics? And you forgot to mention the wondrous Zurch.
      You can get them on ‘Sounds’. I still listen all day every day, cos of the huge insight one gets. Same sort of depth one gets with the NYT and WAPO. Boy, do I miss R4s top notch American analysis! Unbiased journalism of the highest quality. Just a shot in the arm, every day!


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      This reminds me somewhat of Alan Yentob’s warning/threat that, if the government didn’t go on paying money to support the discredited charity “Keeping Kids Company”, then there might be unrest and even riots in the areas of London where Black people benefited from the handouts.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Suggest the BBC report on the Floyd George trial rather than impose its guilty verdict on the viewers.
      There is a lot of evidence supporting the defence – and this needs to be reported on, rather than present the case as an opportunity for the US to demonstrate its deference to BLM.


      • JohnC says:

        Just reading todays installment.
        Another lengthy article and only 23 words devoted to the defence – delivered coldy and with no embelishment to expand on the statement.
        And I have yet to read any facts at all pertinent to the charges.
        It’s beyond ridiculous. This is the Left bouyed by the confidence of everything they have got away with against Trump. They are pushing the boundaries again and again.
        Who is going to stop them ?. They are their own judge and jury now. Opposition is supressed.


    • JohnC says:

      Violence, burning and especially looting.