Weekend Thread 13th March 2021

The Far left BBC has cancelled a Left wing propaganda programme called ‘the mash report ‘ – but is allowing the SNP leader to run daily party political broadcasts ( also know as covid briefings ) in the run up to Scottish elections . The BBC fixation with race has now been joined by an anti – male strand following the death of a woman in London .
To describe these times as ‘strange ‘ would be putting it mildly .

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  1. G.W.F. says:

    BBC news is once again focusing on stutterers who st st st a a mmer. Ppprobbally because their PPperesidddent ststammers. So we are getting interviews with stammerers.
    Looking forward to gay stammerers of colour with lead roles in BBC drama


    • Lefty Wright says:

      I would like to here and now throw down the gauntlet and challenge them all to a game of Snap.


  2. Guest Who says:

    Just scoped a selection of Beeboid twitter feeds.

    Amol and Marianna are, of course, wallowing in self love. No surprises there.

    That of Lurch did crank an eyebrow.

    Quite how you can be proudly claiming all sorts of associations with the BBC, ‘explaining’ things to audiences either side of the pond, but ‘views’ are not those of… the BBC…. ? ????


  3. Jack in the Green says:

    I think the most sickening aspect of the media frenzy over those third rate chancers M&H is the cheapening of peoples’ real experiences of the true horror of actual mental health trauma. It is a perfect example of the me me me society we live in, thereby treating people with real issues with utter contempt.


  4. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    The bill, which activists say is anti-trans, argues that boys and girls have “inherently different athletic capabilities”.


    There is a link, doubtless rammed with BBC ‘analysis’, but that wording suggests it will be utter boll… weevils.


  5. Guest Who says:


    All to ‘handle’ JonDon’s replacement, the Bryant BFF who posts about a country she knows zippy about half yearly?


  6. Guest Who says:

    Just a wee bit of context.


  7. Doobster78 says:

    If ever you needed reminding of the elite, woke, out of touch bubble BBC staff live in , this is the tweet !!!

    A Nation ???? Really BBC ????? Really ???


    • Tabs says:

      The BBC think 100 Twitter retweets is viral and anything over 300 likes is the nation speaking.

      The BBC really went down hill fast when it started to report tweets as news.


      • Guest Who says:

        6,000 droids in the cubicle gardens not budging need to write about something to feel like ‘journalists’.


    • Guest Who says:

      They know their audience.


  8. Fedup2 says:

    Get your popcorn

    The BBc is covering the illegal assembly on Clapham Common .

    Will plod kettle and fine them all ? Or just pretend they are not there. I watched some yank female raw meat eater telling us how they are going to ‘stop the violence ‘
    Some violence is different from other violence it seems ….

    …. the interview was actually a ‘chat’ with one of the thicker autocue readers called martine something or other – the 2 exchanged ages and support – which nice –

    … unless you were looking for journalism ..

    By the way – dont misinterpret me – i m pro death penalty and doing something such as this crime deserves that punishment


    • Deborah says:

      I just cannot understand what the Clapham Common women want. Unless the country does what the Green lady wants, a curfew for men, then women have to look after themselves. But Sarah Everard wasn’t obeying the ‘rules’ going to a friend, and young black men with knives aren’t obeying the ‘rules’ either. So many pay the price.
      What is obvious from Thursday evening was that the BBC was pushing the agenda of these organisers of the vigils. They got a voice immediately on national and local tv and as I said our local tv was giving out time and place. But who are the people behind this vigils and what do they really want? What we can be sure of is that it is nothing to do with owning the streets and that the BBC support them and will not tell us the real agenda.


  9. StewGreen says:

    from Ratiowatch
    Sadiq tweeted

    There’s no good reason why 65% of people
    working in science and engineering should be white men.
    Inequality costs people’s futures & the economy billions.

    We’re working on fixing it.
    So far we’ve helped 10,000 young Londoners
    learn these subjects so they can follow their dreams.

    FOR 191 AGAINST about 3,300
    Ratio 1 to 16
    one reply got 1,600 likes

    White men are 42% of population
    so are 1.5 times over-represented in science and engineering .

    Asian men represent 14% of science and engineering jobs (Nat. Science Foundation official stats).
    Yet Asian men represent only 3.6% of the population (ONS).
    So they are 4 times over-represented in science and engineering.


  10. StewGreen says:

    The dead woman was having dinner at friend’s house
    .. if it wasn’t for Covid rules
    maybe there would have been more people/MEN on the streets
    so maybe she would have been SAFER.


  11. StewGreen says:

    libmob with their hands on hips
    .. “Male violence against women has to end”

    Everyone else
    .. “Actually prefer to try to end ALL violence against BOTH sexes”


  12. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    It’s certainly an awful thing that’s happened to this murdered girl and must be horrible for her friends and family.


    Can anyone explain why this case is so different from all the other murders where the victims also have friends and family.
    I think there has been several murders since poor Sarah was murdered but there has been no mass grieving, vigils or mountains of flowers piled up (as far as I’m aware)

    The case was headline news even before a policeman was suspected and, she was only missing at the time.

    I wonder how the families of other victims feel when their cases seem to be less newsworthy. Hundreds each year that we hear little or nothing about.


    • StewGreen says:

      As I explained earlier there is a bill to be debated on Monday
      “misogyny to be made a HATE crime”
      ..so this London death is being weaponised by the PR people promoting that bill

      .. didn’t the media tell you ?

      Similarly I don’t know why anyone is going around saying the Green peer was seriously saying there should be a male curfew.
      The media did tell you that her speech was about this forthcoming bill , didn’t it ?


    • G.W.F. says:

      I have just seen several videos of the demonstrators at the vigil with tough police action. But one video was quickly removed which showed feminists screaming F+++ the police.
      None of this is about respect for a woman who has lost her life.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Yes – a vigil / protest in favour of less violent crime – turns violent . Even Starmer has pitched in his support for ‘protesters’-
        Truly strange times – I just hope all those ladies who went to protest get home safely – truly .


        • Banania says:

          The police broke up the meeting for the sake of safety, because people were too close together and might have spread the disease. It would be interesting to know what we shall never know: how many caught the disease at that meeting. My confident guess is, not one.


    • BRISSLES says:


      Because there is little other news at the moment. Harry & Megs are yesterday’s chip paper, Covid has been done to death (ooops !), and there are no politicians about to give us a bit of scandal. So tragic though this is, in normal times this would rate a mention 4th or 5th down the news list at best, and 3rd inside page. But now its being milked to death.


  13. StewGreen says:

    9pm now even more anti-white stuff


    • StewGreen says:

      And earlier on R4 Comedy


    • maxincony says:


      9pm now even more anti-white stuff

      Please explain how this drama you haven’t yet listened to is; “anti-white”?


      • taffman says:

        Other than trolling, please explain why you post here?


        • maxincony says:

          I asked StewGreen a question; what’s it got to do with you?


          • taffman says:

            Because I am asking you. Nothing to do with StewGreen.
            Now that I have answered your question, please kindly answer.
            Other than trolling, why do you post here?


            • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

              To expose you as the hypocritical bunch of snowflakes you are. You don’t seem able to engage with anybody who holds a different point of view, something that others are frequently charged with in these pages. You try to drive them away so that you can all wallow in your bygone fantasy world of neatly striped lawns, cricket on the green, and endlessly tedious Sunday afternoons with nice cups of tea and Sing Something Simple on the wireless.


              • Guest Who says:

                Interesting thread progression there.

                Max, Taff, Wow….

                Correspondence Secretary now?

                Neat generic conflation too.



              • Fedup2 says:

                Wild woman – careful on the generalisations- dont do a markle ( racist royal family allegation ) .

                The issue around the troll is a matter of engagement . Neither you nor the nocturnal troll talk about the BBC . You choose to respond to comments made by others .
                Your mind reading of what you think some posters on this site desire suggests you see your self high on the mountain of moral high ground . Altitude sickness is dangerous .
                From my reading of what people who comment on this site about the BBC is a more british broadcasting outfit – on subscription without the legal requirement for a licence .

                As for British – 85 % white should be reflected by at least 85% white faces on the screen—- if that makes me a racist so be it . I would say that since the likes of ofcom set targets for non white faces on the TV it works both ways .

                It might also be nice if the BBC stops pushing changes is society which it collectively favours – such as more and more foreigners in blighty when many – such as me – would like to see and hear less.

                By the way – if you get abusive ill just take your comments down …


            • Banania says:

              I have always assumed that he is paid. Why otherwise would he (or WW) bother?


          • Guest Who says:

            OFCOM called you in as a director yet?


      • StewGreen says:

        Sure @Maxi if BBCpublic output was disproportionately kept out black people
        there would be protests that it is anti-black
        Or do you disagree ?

        and the BBC has a reputation for cherrypicking


        • StewGreen says:

          @Maxi I could have added a qualifiers like “expect” or “seems like more anti-white racism coming up”

          BTW the same black actress in on TV tonight on 2 channels at the same time
          ITV at 8pm as Assistant Chief Constable
          ChannelS4C Wales
          “RakieAyola ‘s journey to learn Welsh is going very, very well!”

          R4 drama recently
          – Saturday night : Black and Mixed Race women from Cardiff Docks and beyond
          – Saturday afternoon : play about Mumbai gangsters
          – Friday : Jamaican descendent goes to Mars
          – Thursday ..dystopian future white British people become refugees


      • JohnC says:

        Are you one of those hypocrites who cry ‘racist’ when non-white people are under-represented but keep silent when white people are under-represented ?.
        Answer this maxincony: Do you think the current trend of placing more non-white actors in TV programs and on the BBC front page than the actual proportion in society is racist or not ?.


        • taffman says:

          maxincony does not answer questions however simple they are. He is a simple fellow, simply trolling for Al Beeb.


        • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

          I’m not Maxincony (whatever you believe) but to be honest I don’t give a toss what colour the actors are as long as the drama is enjoyable and the acting is good. Trying to count the different skin tones and getting hot under the collar because they don’t reflect your idea of a strict demographic proportion of the population is bordering on the psychotic.


          • Guest Who says:

            Using the right account is a good start.

            Using ‘to be honest’ less so. Puts the rest in context.

            Especially the remote medical diagnosis attempt.


  14. Fedup2 says:

    As might be expected the Twitter world has reacted strongly to scenes of plod manhandling ladies at Clapham Common . Mention of the commissioner having to ‘go’ have been mentioned by the likes of Brillo .

    Much of the incitement to protest must lay with the BBC which has chosen this particular death to become something different from the usual ‘promising footballer ‘ coloured boy as victim ‘ killer …


  15. StewGreen says:

    Sunday Times has a new racebaity article
    ‘our survey say Britain is very racist’ etc.

    Some libmob commenters praise it
    but Most Times commenters call it out

    eg “Shame on you Times.
    You just love stirring the pot with
    these “why we British are the worst people in the world” articles.
    Yet people flock here in their millions, some even risking their lives to get here, just to sample our no questions asked generosity. “


  16. Thoughtful says:

    Interesting to see the Gestapo (Miller Vs College of Policing) attacking a group of White women in completel contrast to the way they responded to the BLM riot, and the Bristol riot which involved a statue being torn down.

    Next time you hear a call to defund the ‘Police’ please support it because none of us need a Gestapo which has us the indigenous people in its sights as untermenschen.


  17. harry142857 says:

    This protest against violence.

    99% of the crowd white women. Where were all the ethnics? Maybe the males in their household wouldn’t let them go out without reprisals.


  18. StewGreen says:

    Thursday Portland rioters attack federal courthouse, set fires, and bash Biden: ‘New president same imperialism’
    Portland Police are bracing for a ‘No Borders’ protest



  19. StewGreen says:

    ITV got ratioed for Slow Handclap PR
    .. They magically found the only 2 melts in the country
    .. Do they look like Labour activists too ?



  20. Tabs says:

    BBC got some Owen Jones abuse on Twitter for this headline and they quickly removed the tweet.


  21. StewGreen says:

    @Telegraph says “A major study has found that almost two thirds of people who died or became severely ill from Covid in December may have caught the disease in hospital”


  22. JohnC says:

    The thing which stands out a country mile for me when reading about the Sarah Everard vigil is how much they do NOT protest about any of the other murders.
    I can find the latest mugshots of people convicted of murdering women in London easily online and I really wonder why they have singled out one by an English white man. They are far more likely to be assaulted and/or murdered by someone with a name not even remotely English.
    And it’s very odd how so few black women feel the need to protest about a white man murdering a white woman. No 30% quota in those pictures.
    This story is an excellent example of the hypocrisy riddled through our society. And nobody dare raise the questions because we now live in a fascist Left state and they will be crucified by social media and a corrupt left-wing controlled MSM.


    • Mrs Kitty says:

      Where was the outrage for the thousands of white working class girls raped by gangs for over thirty years with some dying. Hypocrites all.


      • vlad says:

        The outrage only applies against white non-muslims.

        BAMEs can do no wrong. Ever.


        • JohnC says:

          The Left need BAME to weaponise as ‘victims’ in their eternal ideological struggle against the Right.
          Can you even begin to imagine the venom and hate which would fly in their direction from the Left if they were the enemy. Their ‘blind eye’ to the intolerance, homophobia and sexism of Islam in particular stands out a mile – yet they do it without any shame because they have none.
          When the socialists have absolute power, the veil of hypocrisy is dropped and we see what they are really like.
          Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot … the list extends throughout history. I see the same same fundamental spite and intolerance in them today. Particularly in people like Pelosi and Clinton.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      My reckoning is that the whole of the press and tv/radio see this as a free hit because the alleged murderer is a white man.
      Had he been the usual murderer colour or religion they would have avoided this because they would not want to be called racist or anti muzzie.

      That’s what’s become of our society.
      It’s a breath of fresh air every time I come on here with you lot.


    • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

      “I really wonder why they have singled out one by an English white man.”

      Perhaps I can help out here. This appears not to be just any old English white man lurking about in a dirty mac or a rogue taxi driver, but one who is a serving police officer, in the diplomatic protection unit no less, somebody trained in reassuring people in a crisis, somebody in a position of responsibility, somebody whom a woman walking home in the evening might reasonably be able to trust above all others.


  23. ScottishCalvin says:

    Surely the BBC could combine their obsession with the SNP and commissioning to comedy by hiring Alex Salmond to do a late night snow? He once (true story) did an Edinburgh Festival show where he opened with “I promised you today we’d either have Theresa May or Nicola Sturgeon, or Ruth Davidson or Melania Trump, but I couldn’t make any of these wonderful women come . . .” That was followed by a tongue-in-cheek ‘bud-dum’ on the drums, before he added: “…to the show.”

    Doodle and thoughts on the week


  24. JimS says:

    The BBC website says:

    What are the rules on gatherings in England?

    Under the current lockdown rules two people can meet for recreation outside, which can include “coffee on a bench”

    From 29 March people will be allowed to meet outdoors, either with one other household or within the “rule of six”

    Police can break up illegal gatherings and issue fines of £10,000 to someone holding a gathering of more than 30 people

    During last year’s restrictions, when Black Lives Matter and anti-lockdown demonstrations took place, police took a hands-off approach to protests

    That could be read as saying that anti-lockdown and BLM protests were treated equally, i.e. with no police action. No doubt that is the way we are meant to read it.

    It could also be read as saying that anti-lockdown and BLM protests took place last year. The police took no action against BLM (but beat the hell out of anti-lockdown protesters).

    I suggest that the second version is closer to the truth.


  25. Scroblene says:

    Just reading all the comments here – as I do most mornings, it appears that after all those years of hating President Trump and moaning about his use of twitter and by-passing their ‘usual channels’, there’s an awful lot of lumpen BBBC hypocrites, spouting their bile against all sorts of minor issues which are irrelevant and boring and using the very same platform!

    If they want to do whatever they’re paid for by the taxpayer, why aren’t they making cases for their ‘journalism’ (sic), on the TV and the radio, rather than in sad, incoherent little tweets which many normal citizens (like me), don’t ever see?

    If they’re doing this in their spare time, then that’s fine, but rather like you see schoolkids these days, staring at a mobile phone the size of a telephone directory, if they’re spending all that TV tax to give their opinions etc., then like most of the output from W1A, the British people are getting short-changed at yet another level!

    When the awful BBBC is defunded, and all these minor autocue-readers have to get proper jobs, I wonder whether the small local rags and dire local radio stations will really want to employ a squealing bunch of these kids – or even the older ones, as all they’ve done so far is witter on like the standard, opinionated pub bore, for whom nobody really gives a toss!


  26. JimS says:

    I don’t usually bother with those links to the Guardian that IsTheBBCBiased provides but this morning I made an exception – some poor 52 year-old, divorced, kids moved away, alienated from her parents bleats to Mariella Frostrup for help. Her response is basically to find some new people to be friends with.

    It reads like a plea that everyone else is marching out of step with her!

    Neither can understand how socialist parents have become ‘fossilised right-wingers’, voting for UKIP and rejecting their European ‘nationhood’.

    Perhaps the 70+ year-old parents remember the lies about the EEC and are Socialists like Tony Benn and Peter Shore, both regarded as being extreme hard left in their day?

    The story gave me a laugh anyway. The mother seems quite sensible – “We haven’t got the plague you know!” – not a fossil, unlike her brain-dead daughter. (52 and writing to Frostrup for help? Really!)


    • taffman says:

      Peter Shore was a vehement anti-EEC politician. Check him out on YouTube.


      • JimS says:

        So was Tony Benn, which is why I mentioned them.

        Politicians of those times, like Enoch Powell, were able to make philosophical arguments to support their case.

        Now all we get now is, “You are an X-phobe says I, therefore I win!”


  27. JohnC says:

    Just had a quick look at the front page for the BBC.
    I can see 30 faces. 2 are white males. If poor old Murray hadn’t kicked the bucket, there wouldn’t be any.
    Is this what the Left call ‘equality’ ?.


    • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

      Funnily enough I just did a quick check too. Without scrolling I saw members of the Scotland and Ireland rugby union teams, all white. I saw an England cricketer (white). I saw the red-headed white woman whose photo being pinned down by police (no faces here) went viral last night. There’s a white couple called Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman who are in some band I’ve never heard of. There’s a couple of black footballers but that’s the Premiership for you, it would be odd for the BBC not to cover it at the weekend. I have to scroll down through several white faces before I come to Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe (not black but Anglo-Iranian) and further still to find the late Marvin Hagler. Mr Hagler is flanked by a picture of more Premiership footballers, three of them, all white.

      Have you considered it possible that your sample may be an aberration? And does it really matter?


      • Northern Voter says:

        Do They only let you out on a Sunday between 2 and 4?


      • JohnC says:

        I said ‘White males’. Who said anything about ‘Black’ ?. Women are not ‘White males’ you know. Why make it all about racism ?.
        I was at the home page. Not the UK page or any sub-page which I suspect you went to.
        ‘And does it really matter?’
        Why did it matter before then ?.
        And I check this regularly. The pictures are NEVER in proportion to society these days.
        I suggest you read comments more carefully before throwing your labels around. You are not on twitter here. Blatant left-wing hypocrisy gets called out.
        Just checked it again (the main news above the ‘Most watched section’) (Merkel at the top):
        5 white females, 2 black females, 2 non-white males. Zero white males.
        Another aberration ?. Be ashamed.


  28. Guest Who says:

    Bet BBC NNnnna BS are missing Kayleigh by now.


    Before it was not covering briefings when their colleagues were handed their tushes.

    Now it is not covering it because Sleepy’s girl is circling around and out of fuel.

    Maybe we’ll see Katty on Clapham Common with Dawn Butler for CBS?


  29. Guest Who says:

    “But at least all the boxes were ticked”

    Katya Adler seems quiet. She eloped with Femi?


    • Guest Who says:

      Oops… sorry Fed; it brought over the first tweet too.

      I think it is necessary context, mind.



    • Beltane says:

      Or using the more traditional form: ‘We were only following orders.’


  30. AsISeeIt says:


    Had police cheifs had any sense they would have run away from this one the way they ran away from BLM and statue-toppling protests.

    Softly Softly as Stratford Johns and Frank Windsor might have said.

    Outrage as police clashes tarnish vigil for Sarah‘ (Sunday Times) – oh dear, oh dear, and in the week of International Women’s Day. The Times doesn’t have their headline quite right, however; in fact it was not the vigil but police reputation that is tarnished here.

    The Times frontpage continues: ‘Patel demands report from Met after peaceful tribute descends into mayhem‘ – never mind the short-arsed shouty Conservative minister for strong statements, it’s the images of burly coppers forcing an unarmed woman to the ground that will win the argument here.

    It’s not a good look. Which is a comment I believe we first made earlier this week concerning the murder case which led to the vigil.

    ‘Met cheif faces calls to quit as police clash with vigil women‘ (Sunday Telegraph) – why, oh why, didn’t the police turn a blind eye to this one and make themselves scarce (like they do with most petty crime) – or take a knee… or twerk… or whatever it is they do at Pride marches?

    Why did they have to go in using the tactics they honed against anti-lockdown elderly ladies outside Parliament?

    Could some of the bad management of police in recent times actually stem from the fact we have a female Met cheif desperate to prove her right-on sympathies at the same time as emphasising her macho toughness?

    The Sweeney, in skirts, signalling her virtue, but still going in gangbusters.

    Cross-party fury at Dick after heavy-handed tactics mar gathering to mourn Sarah Everard‘ (Telegraph)

    Shoot an innocent Brazilian electrician, break your own lockdown rules clapping the NHS on Westminster Bridge, and still come up smelling of roses – but hopefully this is finally the end of the line for our Cressida Dick.

    Meanwhile, in complete contrast to the police reputational disaster, our Kate gifts the Royals as massive PR victory: ‘Kate joins the vigil for Sarah. Duchess mingles discretely to pay respects…‘ (Mail)

    As a sort of thought for the day, I’m struck by all this vigil stuff and wonder why someone like, say, the Archbishop of Canterbury, doesn’t tap into the obvious public desire for some form of ceremony in our lives and promote a bit of church going? Rather than signalling his own virtue and trying to set the world to rights? Or, ask the government to allow the churches to open? I digress.

    The Sunday Express features an: ‘8-page bird watching pull out‘ – careful now. And in line with most of the tabloids features a picture of Kate on the frontpage rather than the broadsheet pics of police brutality.

    Nation mourns as man appears in court‘ – that’ll be a police-man.

    The Sunday Observer fails to make the BBC press line up but amusingly the lefty liberal Guardianista Guardian-sista organ puts the case for the Met: ‘Sarah Everard: Met defends policing of London vigil as “necessary”

    The BBC drop another clanger: ‘BBC Proms job advert fails to mention classical music‘ (Sunday Telegraph)


    • Old Goat says:

      All of it, for me, is vomit inducing, banal claptrap. That’s why I pay no heed to the press or television media, have little to do with the “public”, and live somewhere where I don’t have to mingle with them, other than on a quick foray to the supermarket (which is pretty awful, anyway, with ranks of mask-clad zombies wandering around, trying to keep away from me, and each other).

      I spend a lot of time watching Youtube videos about how it used to be within my living memory, and have come to the conclusion that it was SO much better. As I witness (occasionally) the antics of the world through alternative media (the only real way to reach the truth), I realise that we never had it so good (as suggested by McMillan), and try to relax as I approach my demise.

      Depressing, innit?


      • Up2snuff says:

        OG, ca va bien? Funny thing, but I was thinking today of the turmoil of the 1970s when invasion from Russia externally, or internally via Arthur Scargill & the NUM, was a possibility versus a counter-revolutionary take-over via armed forces created for the purpose by wealthy businessmen. The three-day week, power cuts, constant strikes, incredible inflation and price increases all added to the woes.

        And you know what?

        It seemed preferable to the lunacy of today!


  31. Guest Who says:

    Bill’s network replaced him with Nish yet?


  32. Fedup2 says:

    Guest Who

    Sneaky …


  33. Tabs says:

    BBC News channel just had a so called commedian and podcaster say “97% of murders are by men. If men stopped murdering then all murders would end as the 3% done by woman are in self defence”.

    I guess the likes of Rose West and Myra Hindley murdered for self defence?!?

    Of course these comments were totally unchallenged and no proof of these claims offered.


    • JohnC says:

      I went surfing to find out what percentage of murders in London are by black men. And it does not specifically say it anywhere I can find. They have every other statistic (especially how many are murder victims) but somehow every single place I looked missed that one.
      But I did find this buried:
      ‘White people in London make up 60% of the population, but only account for 35% of murder victims and 24% of murder suspects.’
      Which is the typical Left-wing news of reporting the facts but keeping them hidden.
      So 76% of murder suspects in London are not white. Perhaps those idiots fighting police at the vigil should be educated about that.


  34. Tabs says:

    Also on the BBC News Channel a piece about the “racist Royal family”. A black woman saying they messed up followed by a quote from a ex BBC Royal correspondant saying the family are racist. What more proof do we need?!?

    Now I thought Meghan and Harry said the UK press are racist and the Queen took Meghan under her wing but facts don’t matter if this is a chance for the BBC to slag off the Royal family for their goal of a socialist republic UK.


  35. andyjsnape says:

    Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe due in Tehran court on new charge

    “..outside the Iranian Embassy in London, Britain”

    No way, London is in Britain??? Looks like the copy and paste isn’t being used more and more, maybe from twitter


  36. vlad says:

    The BBC headlines scream:

    ‘Sarah Everard: How a woman’s death sparked a nation’s soul-searching’


    ‘Men are the culprits here’

    More for us lads to feel guilty about. Maybe we should take the knee for being male, as well as being white.

    So much to atone for, so few knees.

    But hang on – I thought that on Planet Beeb gender was a social construct anyway.



    • Banania says:

      Yes, “men are the culprits” must, for the BBC, be strictly meaningless.


  37. pugnazious says:

    Where are all the cries of ‘Blood on Their Hands!!’ and accusations that the protestors are endangering life and the drive to end the pandemic? Is this ‘toxic feminism’?

    Lots of grandstanding politicians and media types weaponising the death of Sarah Everard and using it for their own agenda.

    Just a short while ago Sadiq Khan was declaring a covid19 emergency in London…

    Sadiq Khan declares Covid emergency in London
    ”I’m afraid this virus is out of control,’ the mayor of London has said after declaring a major incident as the capital’s hospitals struggle to cope with coronavirus patients. ‘The NHS in London is at risk of being overwhelmed…The best way you can help the NHS is by staying at home,’ he said’

    Back in 2020, apart from raging at people being irresponsible, told protestors to stay at home…

    Funny how that is all forgotten as he attacks the police for daring to arrest a few women at Clapham Common (and have to say all the videos on BBC/Guardian only show the arrests not what led up to them…much as we only see the ‘domestic violence’ and not what led up to it)

    ‘London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the scenes were “unacceptable” and that he was “urgently seeking an explanation” from the commissioner.

    “The police have a responsibility to enforce Covid laws but from images I’ve seen it’s clear the response was at times neither appropriate nor proportionate,” he tweeted.’

    How soon we forget Wee Shuggy et al’s shock and anger at Glasgow fans just last week…..where a small number of arrests were also made…to no rolling outrage from the Great and the Good…

    ‘Shortly after 5pm, Police Scotland said a “small number” of arrests had been made and that officers at the scene had been encouraging fans to return home. But by 8pm, the crowds had not dispersed, despite the police herding hundreds of people away from the stadium along Paisley Road West.

    The first minister tweeted: “I share folks’ anger at this. Everyone has made so many sacrifices in the past year and seeing a minority risk our progress is infuriating and disgraceful.

    “It is deeply unfair to the entire country, and the police have a hard enough job already. Please ask fans to go home Rangers FC.”’

    Contrast the BBC’s sympathetic coverage of the protest and its attempts to politicise the death of Sarah Everard in order to demonise and stigmatise men and their ‘toxic masculinity’ (even promoting the idea of a curfew for men) with their vitriolic and fanatical attacks on Cummings or people going to the beach or even people daring to go to work….and look at this piece in Spiked by a friend of Sarah Everard and compare it to the BBC’s puff pieces for the protests and all the narratives around this about men and how dangerous they are to women…when the most danger by far is to other men.

    ‘This is not what Sarah would have wanted

    I think my friend would have been unsettled at how her death has been politicised.

    When I first heard of the vigil for Sarah on Clapham Common I was looking forward to attending – it felt good to be able to ‘do something’ and express my love for Sarah and my sorrow for what has happened to her. Less than a day later, I decided not to attend, as have many of her friends. I can’t speak for all of them, but my reason for not attending is this: my friend’s tragic death has been hijacked. It is not a tribute to her any more, it’s about something else – and I don’t like what it has become.

    Sarah was a victim of one of the most horrific crimes imaginable. She was extremely unlucky – that is all there is to it.

    Her abduction and murder is not, in my opinion, a symptom of a sexist, dangerous society. When something awful like this happens there is a rush to look for reasons and apportion blame. If the suspect police officer in custody is eventually tried and found guilty of her murder, then I will hold him alone responsible. I will not be blaming ‘men’ or ‘the police’ for the actions of one individual. There will always be the odd psychopath out there – male or female – and there can be no accounting for that fact.

    As for us, her friends? Let us grieve for our loved one, brutally taken in such an awful way. The public reaction to her death has been overwhelming, and for the most part very touching. But be assured, the misuse of it by those with an ‘agenda’ is not a comfort to us.’



    • G says:

      Un-Governability on the way? A consequence of decades of advocating principles of, “anything goes”, “whatever turns you on”.

      That old pendulum swings on and on and on………..

      Glad I won’t be around to see the pendulum hit the buffers before returning this time round.


  38. Lovely Luvvies says:

    It shows just how much the bbbbc/msm/social media inflame opinions in those people that like to attach themselves to any sort of campaign without reference to any sort of reasoned disscussio. The tragic murder in London is one such event all murders like this are truly shocking but what gets my goat a recent case of a Hull student murdered by a Polish immigrant has hardly featured, and didn’t raise the same outrage (it should have!) Why?


  39. The WestWyvern says:

    Various media outlets this morning are reporting politicians disgust with the ‘heavy handed approach’ shown by the Met Plod at last nights ‘vigil’. Now I’m no fan of the police service, they are in my view thugs in uniform and have long ago lost the respect or consent of the silent majority. The best thing Dick could do would be to resign, but that’s another debate.

    But, if I am hearing the wireless speakers correctly, these are the same politicians that first granted the polis these draconian powers under the thinly veiled guise of a ‘pandemic’. Mmmm now. Really?

    The same politicians that this week will debate a bill sponsored by the Home Office, to remove the right to protest. Really?

    The same politicians that said nothing when innocent dog walkers were fined for visiting beauty spots, the same politicians that do nothing about boat loads of illegals arriving on our shores daily?

    The same politicians that the delightful BBC either call out for more clarity on lockdown rules, or then try and shame whatever plod they have in their sights for heavy handed approach to Easter eggs.

    This is no clarity, no clear guidance, it’s one fudge on top of another. The plod were rightly taken to task over the BLM riots so now they dig in on the common (easy with a group of lefty wimmin I guess) and that’s wrong too.

    The BBC and their lefty friends have loved the events of the last week, they agitate daily for a person of colour to be killed by plod, and now they they have the next best thing, a young woman.

    The politicians have, to claim a phrase, sown the wind, they now reap the whirlwind. Sadly most are too thick or comfortably numb to the whole thing so they do not see what’s going in front of their own eyes.

    I agree it’s time to reclaim the streets, but not in the way the professional vigilist, politicians, polis, BBC etc would wish.


    • G says:

      Yes, the early police uniforms were navy blue. Since then, the uniforms have become black enabling the police to become synonymous with their preferred appearance – that of SWAT teams. Haircuts followed similarly.


  40. andyjsnape says:

    Countless historic artefacts were looted from around the world during the colonial era “reports” the bBC

    Mark Walker was feted in 2014 when he returned an oro bird and a bell to call ancestors stolen by his grandfather, luckily this is returned to Benin, not much corruption there 🙂

    I wonder how far will the nation have to return items, maybe back to the Romans? or further


  41. Jack in the Green says:

    No candle-lit vigils or mass protests for the victims of rape/murder/trafficking gangs then? No protests over the continuing cover-ups? No, far easier for old bill,the media and the Government to keep the anti working class hate whitey agenda in place. Well keep pushing my friends – you might end up with more than you bargained for.


  42. Peter Grimes says:

    Jess ‘Jaws’ Phillips comparing her wonderful local police, Birmingham Morley, with the heavy-handed Met.

    That’s Birmingham Morley police who like other forces have failed young, mainly white, girls who have been systematically groomed and abused by Labour’s favourite remaining supporters.


    • G says:


      Yes, brings to mind scenes of police, standing around in the numerous examples when dozens if not hundreds of muslims assemble intentionally, to pray in public spaces.

      ‘Before they break up and arrest members of the gatherings’ NOT.
      Forgive my wishful thinking that police would deal with the public in a balanced and unbiased way.

      Under new laws in Scotland, I guess that my observation above would break the criminal law soon. Just think about that for one lingering second.

      A compliant police state looms whether that’s denied by those who we vote for.


    • JimS says:

      Moreley? Surely Yardley, where the ‘local’ police station has long been a pub?



      • Nodding Dog says:

        Or Moseley even a very right-on trendy part of Birmingham if you could call any part of Brum trendy that is!


    • Guest Who says:

      Interestingly Labour, or ‘Labour’ if a Graunista, are mixing their messages wonderfully all over the shop.

      On the one hand they are demanding every media white male demand is met, on the other…


      • StewGreen says:

        Ah Australian spelling .. who would have thought that the ocka Australian union blokes typical in the Australian Labor Party would be bolshy against the sheilas


  43. pugnazious says:


    Lots of citicism of the Charlie Hebdo cartoon from the lefty activists and campaigners for some reason…perhaps they don’t like the idea that someone dares to satirise Markle’s claim that she was driven out of Britain by a racist Royal Family….and it’s not as if the Lefty commentators and comedians aren’t happy to constantly use the ‘I can’t breathe’ meme to attack their own favoured targets….


    Cue total outrage? Non!

    The Charlie Hebdo cartoon is in fact a perfect pictorial summary of the BBC’s toxic and incendiary coverage of Markle’s interview which has painted a lurid picture of a racist, uncaring, bigoted Royal Family and Britain driving the poor girl out to the safe haven of a racism free USA….where we’ve paradoxically had a black President, elected twice, and an interview by a billionaire black woman. LOL.

    The interview has done enormous damage to, not just the Royal family, but to Britain as well…and this is where the BBC should have come in….but it failed us, Britain, the Royals and indeed the Commonwealth, as it failed in its duty to report without fear or favour and to bring us the truth…the real truth not Markle’s version of it.

    Apparently Americans side with Markle and ‘it’s over’ between us..according to racist bigot Bonnie Greer on the BBC, of course. The interview may have done enormous damage to our reputation over there…but not just there….as the Mail reports…

    Threat to the Commonwealth as critics of Royal Family seize on Meghan and Harry’s bombshell interview to demand their countries cut ties with Britain

    Just about every word Markle spoke has been proven to be a lie, a half-truth or a distortion of the truth along with toxic claims, such as the racism claim, that are deliberately left vague and without actual facts such as names and a run-down of what was actually said, and yet the BBC has acted as if every word was proven fact….in the first two days of almost solid marketing of Meghan Markle’s Martyrdom on the BBC I never heard a BBC presenter raise any doubts about her claims…and the commentators dragged in were not just almost solidly pro-Markle but were the usual extreme blactivists who were desperate to weaponise this and turn it into a race war on Britain and white people. There were barely any measured and impartial voices brought in to calm things down and bring some perspective on what was said….and they are out there….Chiles eventually had two on his show this Friday[too late of course to change the Big Lie that has already spread across the world]…much to his surprise. Chiles often voices the liberal take on things as if it was the accepted truth….but in this case he was somewhat non-plussed as both his guests criticised the interview and reactions to it….you could hear him suddenly being confounded and having to change tact as he didn’t get the affirmation of his own narrative that he expected.

    The BBC failed entirely to challenge Markle’s claims, and instead decided to promote them as fact across the world…the consequences are that it has given ammunition to the critics of Britain, all those Republicans and anti-white marxists out there, who want to do anything they can to destroy Britain.

    The BBC did what it always does and chose to trash Britain and scorn all white people, their culture, their beliefs and values and ‘their’ institutions, as racist.

    It could have chosen to take a measured, balanced and critical approach but instead chose to whip up the fury, anger and sense of grievance thus once again adding to the ever increasing incendiary nature of the ‘debate’ on race….dividing instead of uniting, polarising instead of pacifying, turning up the heat instead of cooling hot heads.

    The BBC is the most dangerous organisation in Britain.


  44. pugnazious says:

    Douglas Murray says it all more elegantly that I can…


    ‘Now, across the world, people who may know next to nothing about the Royal Family are under the impression that it is ‘institutionally racist’ and senior members have a problem with black people.

    For anyone who knows the good work that the Royal Family does with communities all over the globe, this is tragic to see. The memories of the crowds cheering Harry and Meghan in Windsor on their wedding day and the fact that it was watched by a UK TV audience of 13 million people lie far in the distance.

    There was a time when all of this and more could have been pointed out by people with a voice.

    But no longer, now that we are living in an age with a ferocious culture war.

    And the reaction to the Oprah interview has galvanised those on one side, giving them more weapons in the battle over issues such as class, identity politics, race and gender.

    This is a tragedy for everyone who cares about social harmony and rational thought.

    I have often said that what we are witnessing is nothing less than a ‘great mass derangement’.

    It’s having a toxic effect, breaking society into myriad interest groups and giving self-ascribed ‘victims of social injustice’ a bogus moral sense of superiority. Add to this the fact that there is a great divide in opinion between the generations on such topics as the Monarchy and free speech, and many of us have great fears about how much damage will be done by all these exploding cluster bombs before a ceasefire can be declared in this crazed culture war.

    The reaction to the Sussexes’ interview, sadly, won’t be the last explosion. Most worryingly, we are now being encouraged to think that we must never question the ‘truth’ of someone who presents themselves as a victim.

    Even if it means they can get away with smears and provide no evidence. Anything must be accepted from anyone who cloaks themselves in the garb of victimhood. Inevitably, in this culture war, there has been much collateral damage.

    Many of us still hope for a world where people are listened to for the content of their words and character, regardless of their nationality, class, colour of their skin, religion or politics.

    A world where people are listened to not because of the chromosomes they were born with but because what they say makes sense and matters just as much as what we think ourselves.

    In other words, a world where the concept of truth still matters.’

    Not to the BBC unfortunately which is mightily ironic given its declared aim to wipe out fake news and disinformation….the quickest way to do that would be to shut its own studios down.


    • G says:

      Not a major criticism of Douglas Murray but, having read all of his books, he does tend to shy away from thoroughly scrutinising / commenting on the growing communist element to all this. To be sure, all the accelerating events in the Western World can be placed firmly at the foot of Marxism: the only element involved in the overthrow/destruction of Capitalism who are constantly partying. It’s sure gone well beyond their wildest dreams.


  45. JimS says:

    Sharyl Attkisson gives 56 minute presentation of the slanted journalism around the US 2020 election campaign here.

    BBC-like the US media ‘corrects’ headlines such as ‘Trump owes China millions’ to ‘Trump owed millions’, i.e. years ago and then only for a month.


  46. Guest Who says:

    Biden does a Blair to complete the politicising job Barry started.


    In other news, Cressida Dick moving to RAF Menwithout to oversee twerking, tik tok and panda painting training.


  47. StewGreen says:

    Monday : “Oprah Winfrey’s new series continues
    where she interviews millionaires who are losing titles
    and getting bullied at home

    … This week Jurgen Klopp ” …. Mystic Mick


  48. StewGreen says:

    Was it a Clapham hijacking ??
    “ACAB All Cops Are Bastards” signs etc.


  49. StewGreen says:

    Bill Rodgers


  50. digg says:

    Lessons to take away this week.

    1. A Marxist old dear in the HOL tells us that all white males are potential murderers and rapists.

    2. The dear Mayor of London tells us that it’s impossible for gatherings of women to spread COVID.