Start the Week 18 January 2021

The BBC will be continuing the adoration of Joe Biden in the run up to the Coronation on Wednesday and the demonisation of President Trump with a single groupthink . How much can the British Licence payer take ? Less and Less it seems ..

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  1. StewGreen says:

    Emma Barnett world still characterised by people pointing out she knew about her father’s brothel business.
    Then replies from her side that say “that’s not true !”
    ..which then get deleted when the next person post the newspaper story
    There are all these threads with deleted replies.



  2. Laughing at Lefties says:

    Tomorrow is arguably the most pivotal day of the last 70 years. We will discover whether Trump has allowed America to be stolen by the communists and technocrats leaving his fellow Americans to fend for themselves (and likely allowing him and his own family to be massacred or at best imprisoned) or – as I have long suspected and continue to genuinely believe – he and his military allies have orchestrated the greatest sting operation in history and are about to send these criminals into permanent exile, as well as bring down the complicit media companies like the BBC and the tyrants of social media.

    We don’t have long to wait now. I and millions of others have either fallen for the cruelest psy-op ever committed, or we’re going to be validated in roughly 30 hours and the evil Marxist authoritarian bigots of the left are going to be humiliated and shamed on an unprecedented scale. Please pray for the latter.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      There is nothing to be done about the coup now. It has succeeded. No order President Trump gave would be obeyed, and that has been the case since November.

      When the Supreme Court simply refused to hear the case which Texas had brought, it was clear that the establishment wanted nothing to do with any claims about a stolen election. They wanted to keep their hands clean.

      As the old saying goes: Treason never prospers. What’s the reason? If it prospers, none dare call it treason.

      Hence you see the MSM busily proclaiming that there was no election fraud, even when we actually saw it, caught on CCTV. Biden stole the election, and he will be president. None dare call it treason.


      • G says:


        “No order President Trump gave would be obeyed, and that has been the case since November.”
        Not the case. Release of the ObamaGate papers for one. I could go on.


        • Rob in Cheshire says:


          The President can sign an executive order, it doesn’t mean the civil service will actually carry it out. They know there is a new sheriff in town tomorrow, and have decided whose side they are on. Trump now has no power to order anyone to do anything, sadly.


        • Up2snuff says:

          G, think that is too late. It should have been produced today. Tomorrow is Biden’s day although it will all be a sham and rather hollow.


    • G says:

      Watch all, ‘Orange Man Bad’ pursued by ravenous pack of hyenas. For you, continually ‘to genuinely believe’, hopefully, as in the film, there’s help arriving.
      Hyenas : Dem/communists.

      Yes, pray for the latter.


      • StewGreen says:

        Vid show hyenas almost on point of winning against the solo male lion
        ..but then his son turns up
        “and for the hyenas it’s too much to take on”

        There is the real world and there is the PR narrative world
        For a long time libmob told us Trump was a Putin project
        .. yet neither Putin nor any other leader came to help Trump.

        Trump was never allyless. He had his family and Gorka etc.
        I don’t know why he ditched Bannon.


  3. Tabs says:

    BBC censorship.

    I’ve struggle for a few years to post on the BBC Have Your Say. Most of my comments are removed before they get through the pre moderation queue.

    I’d thought I would try some BBC brown nosing instead so posted something about “2020 would have been much worse if we didn’t have the BBC providing quality TV and unbiased reporting” but that comment also got removed in the pre moderation queue.

    I guess once you have been targeted by the BBC you can never become an accepted citizen or comrade again!


    • Up2snuff says:

      Tabs, why not adopt a whole variety of registered user names? After all, the BBC allows that but you have to be prepared to post something bad about Brexit or Bojo. 😉


      • Tabs says:

        Usernames with FBPE or SocialismNow would allow me to post without moderation. Seems to work well on Twitter.


    • Pat..original says:

      Your positive comment would probably have been viewed as sarcasm.


  4. StewGreen says:

    BBC had to apologise about a false claim Barnett had made about vaccine skeptic Mike Yeadon
    It’s been edited out of the prog now ( )

    At 12 minutes… Completely unprompted:
    “We were looking through how this all came about and one of the roots to this idea came from -(Mike Yeadon) and I’m naming him specifically… and he put it out there that it’s a form of female sterilisation“…

    False : he wrote a paper which said, you have to rule out that the vaccine COULD cause sterilisation
    Someone had indeed made a web article with a title that misrepresented that in the title “Head of Pfizer research: Covid vaccine is female sterilization.”
    That article is the root of Barnett’s false claim

    Now when you go to the 12 minute . She speaks Yeadon’s name ..and then jump we’ve moved on.


  5. Eddy Booth says:

    Covid: Health secretary Matt Hancock self-isolating after app alert

    What a virtue signalling little…. goodie
    Is contact traceing still a thing, surely it’s only mathmatically workable to nip outbreaks in the bud.

    I’ll be out and about as normal – when the torrential rain stops anyway


  6. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – It’s become such a Beeb meme

    Nick Robinson on TOADY made reference to ‘President Trump and his inciting a riot at the Capitol in which five people were killed.’ or words to that effect. Repeat a lie often enough and people will still refuse to believe you, Nick, because it is coming from the BBC on R4 and you are saying it. We have read the news reports. Only one person was killed, Nick. You know that so why help in creating a lie?

    Oh, it was in the script, was it? ‘They’ made me do it, is your defence then.


  7. Nibor says:

    BBC very kindly reported that lorries were protesting around Westminster .
    Could it be because there is an anti Brexit angle to the story ?

    BBC never reported when we were protesting around Westminster 20 odd years ago , a bigger demo repeated .

    Thats because Labour were in power and it would be a bit anti EU .


    • Beltane says:

      You don’t suppose there’s some sort of concerted attempt by ‘interested parties’ to ensure that Brexit is strangled at birth by artificial and even spurious red tape?
      And the SNP making more than the most of deliberately contrived delays in seafood exports? It seems unlikely that such short-lived and perishable food would be sent out without very clear and unquestioned paperwork – or not without a bit of chicanery to help the compo claims along.


      • Kaiser says:

        someone exporting seafood was on the radio yesterday complaining about brexit and his new difficulties

        but at the end he let the cat out of the bag ,

        there is twice as much paperwork needed to get it into france (complete with shiny new eu deal) than to get it into china (no trade deal) and he somehow appears to manage to ship it all the way to the far east without it going off but not as far as france.


  8. Up2snuff says:

    Wonder how that vote is going in the Senate? Hopefully the Republicans will have some intestinal fortitude and back the President. Then the photo to have will be Pelosi pictured unmasked.


  9. angus longstaffe says:

    funny that , I spent some time on a kibbutz on the leb israeli border and was showered by katyushas rockets. years later the same mentality wants israel vaccine help to help them to stay alive and kill the jews


    • Up2snuff says:

      al, and I have a shrewd suspicion – I hope it’s unfounded but … – that the money from the EU, given ostensibly to help the health and education of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, was miraculously turned into rockets and explosives and stuff to attack Israel.


  10. angus longstaffe says:

    funny that , I spent some time on a kibbutz on the leb israeli border and was showered by katyushas rockets. years later the same mentality wants israel vaccine help to help them to stay alive and kill the jews


  11. andyjsnape says:
    Violated apparently

    GET A LIFE, and don’t set your password to password123

    bBC “reporting” at its best


  12. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    Incoming presidents are usually keen to boost the number of people at their inauguration ceremonies, but that’s not the case this year.




    • Up2snuff says:

      Well, at least Katie Hopkins has turned up so China Joe won’t feel too lonely, Guest. I wonder if Nigel Farage will pop over to help out?

      TWatO today, with the Montacutie struggling with the autocue, was at pains to tell me that DC Central is a ghost town and that people are scared to attend so thousands of flags have been planted in their place. Funny that. Too scared to attend. They weren’t too scared to riot in 2016, 2017 and summer 2020. And there were policemen around with guns then as well.


  13. s.trubble says:

    he bBC will be under strict guidance from the SNP about what to say about this fish crisis business in Scotland.

    If you stand back from it though it surely must be a demand issue………all the top restaurants particularly, in France are undergoing lockdowns…..these are major customers

    So Mr Messi c.o/ bBC why are you letting an opportunity for SNP grievance mongering go without proper challenge?

    If you want to be impartial send someone out to investigate customer demand for the fish in light of Covid restrictions……
    and tell the reporter if they mention Brexit they will be force fed an uncooked langoustine!


  14. taffman says:

    “Covid vaccine ‘being delivered with increasing urgency’ in Wales”
    IMHO Gething has been brought in to cover Drakeford’s blunder yesterday ?
    Like Al Beeb, The Assembly should be ‘cancelled’.


  15. Up2snuff says:

    How is that Senate vote going, BBC? Has it taken place yet?

    Funny thing, when you interrogate the BBC web-site about when the US Senate Impeachment vote takes place, there is nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

    But search for Beijing Biden’s Inauguration date and – hey! – up it comes.


  16. JimS says:


    • taffman says:

      Sorry , I have stopped using twitter.


      • JimS says:

        I never have but it doesn’t stop one looking.

        Seems to me it is often hard to work out the ‘angle’ of the Twits – do they approve of what they post or not?

        That is why I made no comment as to what the BBC’s aim is. I doubt it is about ‘building bridges’ as that has never been the BBC’s aim – harmony makes for dull news, riots are fun.


  17. taffman says:

    “Brexit: Fishing firms hold London protest over disruption”
    Time to sort out the Civil Servant or sack them .


  18. Concrete sea says:

    News from a couple of days ago…. ‘Two small boats with a total of 36 migrants on board were intercepted while crossing the English Channel on Saturday.
    It comes as the Home Office said French authorities had stopped 27 people from attempting to make the crossing since Friday evening’.

    I think ‘intercepted’ means escorted to the UK, but the Beeb report neglects to mention this.
    Well done to the French. I mean, stopping 27 is about a 40% success rate. Mon Dieu they’ll be wanting a pay rise next. Stupid me, they’ve already had one.

    With ferry crossings still restricted you might have thought that numbers would drop. Not that I’m aware of, as at least double figures are still arriving monthly at other south coast ports. Examples include men (disguised as boys) found hiding in freight loads of lettuce or oranges (with a blatant disregard for having a negative covid test to hand either !). What happens then to the ‘contaminated’ cargo* ? Well it gets destroyed and I guess we subsequently bear the cost (*cargo being lettuces not people).

    It might strike me as amusing that a man from Albania on arrival here seeks to claim asylum. That would be so if they were immediately returned (the ferry companies having brought them one way refuse to return them, red tape, security excuses, blah blah- Border Farce meekly accepts this). However for potential asylum seekers there is lots of helpful information on the government’s website to ensure you have the correct persecution story on arrival.


    • taffman says:

      Concrete sea
      The country is supposed to be under stringent lockdown rule , including international travel.
      But does this rule only apply to the people of Britain ? I am sure that our Home Sec. will enlighten us via Al Beeb ?


  19. taffman says:

    “HSBC to close 82 branches this year”
    Are they using Covid as an excuse to get all ‘on line’ What price loyalty?
    Change banks if you can, if you wish to continue using Cash.
    ‘Use or lose it’.


  20. taffman says:

    “Japan: One dead as snowstorm causes 130-car pile-up”
    “A huge snowstorm has struck a highway in north Japan, causing a 130-car pile-up, killing one person and injuring 10.”

    More Global Warming ?


  21. Guest Who says:

    Someone tells BBC what to write, plus quote. Offers jolly.

    BBC coverts this into BBC News.


    “Wuhan is the safest city in China. The safest city in the world.”

    We’ve returned to the city that saw the world’s first Covid-19 lockdown to see what life is like one year on.


  22. Fedup2 says:

    The DT has sopel doing his ‘senior journo’ act over President Trump and his last day . But more and more I wonder -‘what are his kind going to do when President Trump Is Donal Trump again ? Will they go after him ? What will they write about with their Biden love in ?

    Sopel does not allow even the suspicion that the election was ‘fixed’ ‘perverted ‘ ‘stolen ‘. …. it was ‘free and fair ‘…. end of story – no journo inquiry – end of .
    This time in 24 hours we will be listening to Joe Biden desperately reading from a giant autocue behind ballistic shielding . It will be a great speech – hyperbole on steroids ‘repairing the divisions ‘… er making America great again …. er …..
    Katy Christian zurker .. sopel , maitliss will fawn over the new Camelot – a 78 year old swamp reptile who will save America .

    I bet gun sales are up again

    . popcorn and sick bag ….


  23. StewGreen says:

    If 37,000 people are in hospital with Covid
    How much is that as a percentage of UK population, what percent aren’t ?

    …. 0.056% …. vs 99.944%


  24. Kaiser says:


  25. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Over the last 2 or 3 days both sky and bbbc have been doing interviews with lots of varied people asking them what they thought about Trump and his 4 years as President.

    What would you think the chances were that every one without exception hated him and had nothing good to say about him, only intense hatred.
    If they deviated slightly from their hate, the presenter/interviewer got them back on topic by asking their usual type of question with the answer in the question such as “he still says he won the election which was absolutely fair with no evidence of anything wrong”

    Has anybody heard any positive interview supporting Trump, the man supported by (over) half the USA voters.

    The far left have everything going for them at the moment.
    I expect the centre and right will just roll over and take everything without any reaction at all.

    Or maybe not!


    • JohnC says:

      I bet they added one in the middle who thought Trump had done a reasonable job. Just for balance.
      Street interviews are as pointless and fake as using twitter comments to support things like Dr Who. All you need to do is pick the ones which suit you.
      The only good point about the Left’s overconfidence after getting away with the election is that they are dropping their guard and showing us what they are really like. I suspect they are going to hang themselves and the USA is due for some trouble.


  26. StewGreen says:

    BBCnews channel now ‘We’ve had a bit about court delays, now back to our main job Public Relations for the agendas we push
    .. Lets talk about our new BBC comedy show Bamous.
    .. Get it a show which doesn’t features any nasty whities just BAME”

    CCBGB On their trailer


  27. G.W.F. says:

    New BBC comedy show about Diversity by someone I have never heard of called Dane Babtiste.

    It will be sooooo funny.
    Good to hear comments from anyone who watches.


    • callinson says:

      I have actually seen Dane Baptiste live at various comedy venues in Islington a year ot two ago – you know – when we could actually go out. The events of the last year will probably have encouraged him to be more woke and hence unfunny. But back in the day he was funny.


  28. Oldspeaker says:
    No questions asked about the size of the FBI profiled military force in DC. Isn’t it totally out of proportion to the perceived threat?


  29. Rob in Cheshire says:

    I was watching the BBC lunchtime news.

    The Washington reporter (some woman) said that Trump had got his wall, only it was in Washington. Ha, ha. The “wall” was some traffic barriers. Biden needs these because he is so popular and didn’t steal the election. Oh no.

    The joke was so good the presenter had to use it again a few minutes later. It hadn’t got any funnier.

    Left wing scum? The BBC? Surely not.


  30. Sluff says:

    You can’t make it up. Again.
    The BBC 6 pm news is running a daily max doom and gloom report from the covid ITU in a London hospital.

    The first interview is with the senior mortician in the hospital complaining about the dead bodies !!!!!!!!

    Dredging the bottom of the barrel or what?


    • Sluff says:

      Clive Myrie has been on the same ‘Undertakers’ course as Fiona Bruce
      PPS The BBC have regularly featured on the need to turn patients over and how many staff (7) are needed. I’m amazed some automated machinery cannot easily be developed for this.
      PPPS new cases are down to 33000 but this had barely a mention compared with the record death rate of 1600, a number predictable from case rates 2-3 weeks ago and with a weekend effect.
      PPPPS but no comment on the very low, 204000, vaccination rate. A valid question but I guess no time after the agenda-driven stuff.

      All in all, people pulled off the street at random would give a better overall information service.


      • Beltane says:

        Beyond belief that Myrie’s mortuary scene and sobbing nurse are repeated on the 6 o’clock news – see my comment of 6.21pm yesterday – but Alex Belfield sums it up on You-Tube with gusto.


        • Fedup2 says:

          It looks like there is a bit of reporting but then it is edited and re edited and used 2 days running . I thought Myries pushing of the mortician to feel sad then cry was tasteless and unworthy of any news broadcast ….


  31. StewGreen says:

    Local ITV news all about possible flooding
    ..cos rain from the west always ends up in places like Fishlake
    whereas if it rains north of Hull, tides can prevent the River Hull draining.
    … The Hull voice just mentioned work to be done like Climate Change prevention.
    … The trillions UK spends on it
    will make naff all difference to global warming when China and India are pushing forward.

    Spending billions on flood mitigation will make a huge difference difference.
    Especially things like keeping low lying land for farming, and only approving new building on high up non-risky land.


  32. Despairada says:

    Just listening Radio 4 6pm news reporting on Megs Markles court case against Daily Mail.

    The reporter seemed to put some real vocal energy into giving an account of her lawyers points against the DM.

    Funny that, thought I. The Beeb is not really pro Royalty is it? They seem to make an exception for the Duchess of Woke.

    I have also noticed that Keir Starmer always gets his full title ‘Sir Keir Starmer’ and ‘Sir Keir’ when the PM has to make do with being called ‘Johnson’.


  33. Fedup2 says:

    Sopel doing his piece for the 6pm news . Absolute certainty that the US Election was’ free and fair ‘- the same attitude the BBC about climate change – humanity is responsible for it – no doubt at all .
    It’s odd seeing so called journos with no scepticism At All – no doubt at all . Yet enough Americans upset by what happened for Biden to have DC turned into a military state in order to facilitate the theft of the office ….

    The irony is that the coronation on Wednesday is likely to be as false as the actual election – empty and dull …..I bet the ‘live feed ‘ will have a 5 second delay on it and that there will be ‘technical problems ‘ with the coverage. …..


    • Eddy Booth says:

      Remember the biased media showing , supposedly, huge gaps in inauguration crowd last time


      • StewGreen says:

        The liberal mob gaslighting and stitching up from start to finish.

        – Obama getting a Nobel Peace Prize before he’d even started
        – maliciously editing a Trump speech and framing it with the lie that he told people to drink bleach
        – Shouting that an election was so so so fair there was zero cheating and they didn’t need to look.
        – The Jan 6 stitched up riot where 97% of Trump supporters stayed peacebf outside, and a stunt with a few dozen happened inside
        Random deaths outside like a stroke and a heart attack dogmatically added to make a tally.
        When in reality what we should be considering is how the crushed protester and the cop ended up dying,
        and why cops next to Babbitt didn’t stop the action.


  34. Nibor says:

    One lone British lorry arrives in France .

    French Authorities ;
    Have you a valid passport ?
    Have you a Green Card insurance paper
    Have you got a haulage permit ?
    Have you got a CMR ?
    Have you got an International Driving Permit 1949 ?
    Have you got T Forms/ TIR carnet for the load ?
    Have you got more than 800 litres of diesel ?
    Have you got a phytosanitary certificate ?
    Have you got form E111 for medical insurance ?
    Have you got any lunchboxes with you ?
    Have you got a certificate that you are Covid free ?

    Bogus asylum seeker .

    French Authorities ;
    What time do you want the escort to the UK ?


  35. Northern Voter says:

    A piece in either the Mail or the Express, says that Kamala Harris is upset that people don’t stand when she walks in the room! Queen Bame or what.


  36. R P McMurphy says:

    C4 news 7.00 pm. Biden actually crying whilst making a speech. This is a man (?) who will have to stand up to some of the biggest thugs that want to see the end of western society. Putin, Xi Jinping some Ayatollah. America is doomed.


  37. Sluff says:

    Recently I mentioned three neighbours who have died from covid having got it in hospital or at the hands of carers.

    Make that four. A carer with covid visits a house. All occupants caught it, but the elderly mother caught it worst and was sent to hospital, dying shortly afterwards (earlier today).

    Maybe the Police, instead of fining people £200 for sitting on park benches, could do something that would really make us safe, and bring manslaughter charges to those in positions of responsibility who are quite literally killing the public.

    And may be Clive Myrie could tear himself away from his hospital ward and do some proper reporting.



    • Fedup2 says:

      Sluff – tragic – and ignored . I couldn’t believe the attitude the news has to the numbers still dying in care homes either . No one gives a damn about elderly social care ( politician that is ) .

      Image how someone on their own who gets a 15 minute career twice a day feels when they don’t know who is coming through the door – and whether they will be infected by them ….now back to nurses wearing full PPE on good money having a little cry for the camera ….

      ( notice how Myrie went to a ‘decent ‘ London hospital – bet he doesn’t know where Whips X is – part of the same failed trust )


  38. Deborah says:

    6pm news started with Clive Myrie’s report starting with bodies being pushed into the fridges in the mortuaries. It is a good job that young people don’t watch the BBC any more otherwise the snowflakes wouldn’t be sleeping at night. But I am sure that these scenes didn’t help people who had lost family and friends (oh how I hate the expression ‘loved ones’) recently whatever they died of. I am also sure it doesn’t do a lot for the people who have family and friends in hospital at the moment, particularly if they have covid or indeed I am sure the piece won’t have done a lot for people due to go into hospital shortly and you may be surprised to hear that some people are still going into hospitals for some treatments, tests or operations.
    But the BBC loves ’emoting’ and presumably so does the tv Awards industry. Alex Belfield has suggested that Clive Myrie will be hoping for an award for his pieces this week which will be bringing so much extra distress to people who are already distressed about any treatment they may be due to have.

    I had to wait 10 minutes into the 6pm BBC1 news to hear that the number of cases had dropped by approximately a quarter and even then there was a rush to say that it will be WEEKS before this reduced number affects the death rate. We now have over 4 million people vaccinated and some of those were in the most vulnerable range and it will be three weeks plus for some of them. The risk of vaccinated people falling sufficiently ill that they need to be in hospital is greatly reduced and should soon be reflected in the figures.

    The BBC don’t care how many people they distress in the name of a good story.

    And for the anti-vaccers reading this – please remember Halifax. His post when he first realised that he had covid told us he would let us know how he was getting on. He came on and posted he had had 12 days in hospital and then we have had radio silence. For some it is certainly a disease to be taken seriously.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I completely agree – the desperate attempt to get some tuppeny TV award for showing such things on the 6pm news 2 days running is pretty sad – as with the rest of the formulaic assault on emotions . They should be ashamed – but will never understand that .

      50 thousand less vaccinations reported today than yesterday – it needs to be up at the 300 k a day to meet that 2 million a week .
      I really hope they don’t blame the weather …


    • StewGreen says:

      NewsSpin is theatre
      ..In a city of 9 million people aren’t mortuaries pretty busy anyway ?

      I’d expect 1% of the population to die each year in the churn
      that’s 90,000 people/year
      20 each daytime hour


  39. Up2snuff says:

    Funny thing, the BBC really do not want to tell me how the Impeachment Vote went today. Did it happen as scheduled? Or did I get the day wrong? I thought it was meant to be voted on in the Senate today, the first day that the Senate could sit.


  40. digg says:

    Normally when you need 20,000 troops to protect you as incoming president it’s because you are taking over control in a banana republic.

    If Joe had any balls he would stand them down, this will blight his term as president and show him to be the straw man he really is.

    The USA is now and will be a basket case until he is gone which I predict will not be long.


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC News

      Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take the oath of office today — but the event will be different than usual, due to Covid and the recent riots.


      The BBC – some mobs are more forgettable than others.