Midweek Thread 6 January 2021

There is to be a parliamentary ‘debate ‘ about the new variant of Lockdown . Will there be dissenters ? Where will the biased BBC stand ?

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  1. AsISeeIt says:

    Anarchy and breaking the plastic ceiling

    Just the one interpretation of events in Washington – on offer in our not particularly diverse by opinion press this morning. With just the two versions of the same basic headline: ‘Anarchy in the USA’ (‘i’) & (Express) with plenty of variations on the theme “chaos” with lots of outrage directed at Donald Trump and a sudden and rather touching emotional admiration for what our newspapers term “democracy”:

    ‘Chaos as pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol’ (Guardian);
    ‘Democracy under siege’ (Telegraph):
    ‘Trump’s hate mob storms the Capitol’ (Daily Mail);
    ‘Crazed mob storms US Capitol’ (Daily Mirror);
    ‘Trump mob senate riot’ – that’s the Sun, winning the competition for succinct.

    Makes one nostalgic for the days of the “resistance” to Trump, the cordoned-off lawless anarchic “autonomous zone” in Portland Oregon, attacks on cops and all those other “mainly peaceful” riots and lootings in the US.

    Yesterday, apropos of a discussion of governmental health and safety messaging here in the UK, recently being in the hands of Jimmy clunk-click Savile, I mentioned our erstwhile anarchic punk rockers of the late ’70s. Anarchy in the UK? Who would have thought in 2020 it would be the respectable grown ups allowing the toppling and defacing of statues, dishonouring of our history and banning the words of the national anthem?

    ‘Hong Kong activists arrested in crackdown’ (Telegraph) – “…quarrel in a far away country, between people of whom we know nothing” (Neville Chamberlain)

    Here at home how’s the respect for those rather undemocratic covid restrictions working out?

    ‘Zara’s £4K Covid fine’ (Daily Star) – our Zara is a former Love Island reality star.

    ‘The Head of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission was ordered by police to leave her second home in Wales on Christmas Day for breaching lockdown’ (Times) – too obsure to name but she’s Rebecca Hilsenrath.

    We’ve had Rita Ora and then Kay Burley’s girls’ nights out birthday bashes. Beth Rigby was a guest at the latter.

    Margaret Ferrier, SNP MP for Rutherglen & Hamilton West recently charged with “reckless conduct” after an alleged breach of coronavirus rules.

    Even Nicola Strugeon’s mask slipped.

    Mind you, it’s good to see the ladies stepping up and breaking the plastic PPE ceiling to join all the Premier League footballers and public health expert rule breakers… on the naughty step.

    I would even say in mitigation on behalf of the chaps that it was the alure of the fair sex that lured footballers and the amorous expert away from the path of covid self-righteousness.

    “Frailty, thy name is woman” as Wil Shakespeare would have it.

    But for equality’s sake: “A plague on both your houses”

    If a footballer can make child welfare policy for us in his spare time then why not a singer step up to direct housing policy? : ‘Renter SOS: must we rely on Beyonce?’ (‘i’)

    Methinks the lady doth share a PR agency with the Lord Rashford.

    ‘The clap’s back’ (Daily Satr) – don’t panic… : ‘8PM every Thursday …& this time it’s for ALL of our heroes’ – I’ll make a point of missing that.


    • Fedup2 says:

      You’ve got to the heights of replacing the need to watch a couple of wokes having a nice chat with a beeboid woke to fill 5 minutes…..

      Frankly as far as American politics is concerned I’m surprised it’s taken so long for a ‘rising ‘ and many more have not died . I suppose that’s the covid approach .

      I’m glad you mentioned the story about the Head honcho of the Equalties commission but didn’t publish the apology .

      The ‘apology ‘ is a cold heartless couple of sentences which look like it took 4 long hours to draft and redraft . Also – said top lawyer claimed she and her husband are ‘embedded’ in thr village .
      She gave me a laugh with that one ….

      Thanks as always Asiseeit – not being much of an MSM consumer anymore other sources are highly valued ….


    • Thoughtful says:

      “Frailty, thy name is woman” as Wil Shakespeare would have it

      As an aside Shakespeare was a very clever man, the cleverness however is somewhat lost today in pronunciation.

      In his day it was pronounced Woe-man and so Shakespeare damns both sexes but he is far too clever for the woke loons of today to understand this.


  2. JohnC says:

    Goodness me yet again.
    ‘Capitol siege: Trump’s words ‘directly led’ to violence, Patel says’
    Patel is clearly deliberately avoiding blaming Trump directly for the actions of the rioters so the BBC interviewer interrupts her twice to try and steer her in the right direction and bring Trump into it.
    But here’s the amazing part : she never says what they quote in the headline !!.
    A new low for the BBC ?. This is about as blatant a lie as you can get.


  3. Fedup2 says:

    For those wishing to indulge -you can witness the woke BBC going flat out through the day to get the clappers going again – theyll be happy to freeze as they clap like a bunch of thoughtless frightened idiots with full coverage from ‘ regional ‘ BBC droid kidults ….. i just hope theres some footy on to help avoid it …


  4. Sluff says:

    The Leftoid BBC love to highlight each and every disparity between ‘the poor’ and ‘the rich’. But there is one huge disparity they are strangely silent about.

    Public sector.
    Guaranteed jobs
    Guaranteed pensions
    Both of which exceed private sector equivalents in almost all categories.
    No furlough
    No short time working
    On full pay throughout the pandemic.
    And now in many cases in preferential categories for the vaccines.

    Private sector
    Many jobs on the line
    Already hundreds of thousands of redundancies.
    Pensions related to a pension pot of money but annuity rates at all time lows
    Millions on furlough or short time working
    Low priority for the vaccines.

    I can see it. You can see it. The BBC are either unable or make a deliberate choice not to see it.


    • The WestWyvern says:

      I went for my walk last night and my route took me past the the ** regional NHS clinical care commissioning building. A large administrative hub on two levels and 3 wings. You can’t get treatment there as they ‘do admin’. Now given the current pandemic I’d have thought they’d have a late shift processing admin for jabs, logistics, personnel etc….
      Nope. The car park was empty and all the lights were off, bar one, where a cleaner could be seen doing something to a desk.

      Of course, silly me they are all working from using laptops and stuff paid for out of that massive budget they get.

      Health crisis, what health crisis?


  5. StewGreen says:

    Claims about the photo
    The guy on the far left is Matthew Heimbach. He’s a Neo-Nazi.
    Guy in yellow in Jason Tankersly. He’s also a Neo-Nazi.
    Guy in the horns is “The Q Shaman.” He’s an insane QAnon weirdo.
    But the guy on the far right? Not sure.


    • Guest Who says:

      Claims that need checking by trustworthy account holders.

      That excludes almost all it politics or the media.

      The same people who screamed in America Trump was not their President and Brexit didn’t count.

      I’m done.

      Boris, Patel, the entire establishment… the whole sorry lot can go fish, after a long walk down a short pier.


    • StewGreen says:

      The claims are convincing that those guys are righties
      #1 we can’t right off the Capitol building as a Antifa stunt.
      but neither can we say the stunt is everything
      Think about the dead victims

      #2 The nature of antifa is that it would try to infiltrate Trump supporting groups
      so they might have some way of manipulating some loonies in those groups.
      Antifa often uses under cover agitators that initiate violence at opposition demos, who then back off once some opposition supporters get carried away into violence themselves.


  6. Fedup2 says:

    Seems like Biden has formally stolen the election and that president trump will now step aside … off to Scotland for a game of golf …?

    ( I’d prefer Florida – no offence jocks )*

    * I apologise to anyone of a Scottish ‘heritage ‘who finds the word ‘jocks’ offensive , hateful , racist, stereotypical , exclusionary or otherwise demeaning (I’ve had the course ….)


    • Fedup2 says:

      Editorial cut and paste from the bubble DT

      ‘A new broom at the BBC ‘

      “ An opinion poll earlier this week suggested that a growing proportion of the country does not regard the BBC as representing their values or outlook on the world. Roger Mosey, a former head of TV news, observed that the Corporation “is more in tune with a metropolitan and more liberal audience than it is with the rest of the country”. Against this backdrop, Richard Sharp is to be appointed chairman of the BBC, with the task alongside the new director general, Tim Davie, of placating those disgruntled viewers while seeking to maintain the Corporation’s pivotal position in British public life.

      Mr Sharp, a banker, has donated considerable sums to the Conservative Party and was until recently an informal aide to Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, who in turn had once worked under him at Goldman Sachs. Mr Sharp was also on the board of economic advisers to Boris Johnson while he was Mayor of London. This is, in other words, not the usual chattering-class appointment.

      The two figures now at the top of the BBC are keenly aware of the way the Corporation’s inherent centre-Left political culture has coloured its news coverage of events like Brexit and the pandemic. This is not to say it should be dragged off to the Right, either. Mr Sharp’s remit is to uphold its independence not to make it parti pris in another direction. He will oversee the negotiations now under way over the future financing of the BBC at a time when there is pressure to scrap the licence fee in the face of competition from streaming services.

      Those who want to maintain its traditional funding mechanism may have cause to be thankful that the new chairman has the ear of the people who will make the decision.”ENDS

      The comments section demonstrates how out of tough the woke DT is with its readership and receives the kind of broadsides expected to come from many users of this site .

      I even take issue with the header – the BBC doesn’t need ‘a new broom ‘ – it needs some one with a roll of bin liners to take the rubbish out …..


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I think you can guarantee some trumped-up charges (no pun intended) against the President to remove him and his family from the game. Otherwise he will be a thorn in the side of both the Democrats and the GOP before standing again in 2024, perhaps as an Independent. Health permitting, of course, given his age.


  7. Guest Who says:

    I have just deactivated and closed my social media accounts.

    Duck Duck Go over Google.

    A drop in the ocean.

    Or but one more in the bilge to sink rotten vessels?

    Off now to figure out how to work Parler.

    Not having my future run by billionaire socialists and their pig thick political pawns.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Parler is horribly clunky. And also, I’m led to believe, easily taken down. It may be wise to open up a Gab account in reserve as they have put in robust precautions to guard against any such attempt. Or so, once again, I have read.

      I’m staying on Twitter for now to keep an eye on what the enemy is up to. Though it’s doing my blood pressure no good.


      • Guest Who says:

        Yes, Parler is awful.

        Found out I already had it and Gab but all my Mac stuff is on the frizz too.

        Going crash course both and then try and find old friends anew.

        Only just getting my iPad back after a reset.

        Mac PC really ticking about even after a drive wipe.

        Currently no access to archives though got Safari to work.


        • Roland Deschain says:

          As a matter of interest, does the Parler app show dates of posts on your iPad? Mine just says “Date Unavailable” which is irritating as you can’t be sure how old a post is, especially where retweeted echoed. The iPhone used to do that but now sorted.


      • Tabs says:

        I’ve been on Parler for the last 6 months. It is a bit buggy but once you know the bugs it is easy to workaround them. eg. only expand one Parler at a time by clicking on the number of comments. Close it before opening another otherwise the web browser scrolls to random position and you lose where you were. Notification settings are very buggy too so best to turn those off.

        I’ve not seen any censorship on Parler and it is very civil unlike the Twitter hate mob. Everyone agrees on there that it is much easier to get and maintain followers unlike on Twitter where followers are removed or banned if you have any political views that are slightly right of Owen Jones.


    • StewGreen says:

      Don’t cave in, it’s only battle at a time
      and moves forward involves some steps back
      You had 1,600 followers

      I thought you already had a Parler account
      or is someone copying you ?


  8. Tabs says:

    Why is it when “Trump supporters” riot and 4 people die it is directly the fault of Trump but when 19 people die and 100’s more raped during the BLM riots (supported by Biden) it barely makes any news let alone apportion blame.


  9. StewGreen says:

    Amol’s R4 prog on health
    4 guests all agree “we need more SOCIALISM”
    Those 4 guests
    – Old timer from UK Marmot .. seem anti-Tory, wrong claims has worst Covid outcome in Europe (Belgium is worse actually) ..He wrote the NHS report fro Gordon Brown
    – Sir Angus Deaton Old timer economist works in US
    – Dr Saleyha Ahsan NHS doctor been working 12 years
    – Dame Julie Moore, former nurse just retired from heading Birmingham health trust

    The US economist claiming US poverty is responsible for US reduced lifespan since 2014
    AFAIK a lot of US bad health is due to overindulging
    then there is drugs
    The US guy just contradicted himself as he said many died from alcohol liver disease “cos they are depressed”
    FFS if they are that poor they wouldn’t be able to afford the alcohol.
    His book is called “Deaths of Despair and the Future of *Capitalism*”

    It is a fair point that the NHS often £5K patching up problems
    could have been prevented for £100
    eg a new stair carpet.

    Ahsan ‘oh some people don’t have the language skills’
    OK so immigration is costing the NHS hugely ?
    (She has 2 sisters who are GP’s an one whose a paediatrician )


    • StewGreen says:

      @Damejuliemoore has spoken at a Tory conference
      but fervent anti-Brexiter and supported the idea of an all party alliance to stop Tories.


  10. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Regarding the woman shot dead by the police yesterday, (called Babbitt I think)
    I expect we will all be expected to take the knee in support of her the same as we are expected to take the knee for a convicted drug dealer who died of a self taken drug overdose whilst being arrested by the cops.
    Silly me, of course not, she’s white so she counts for nothing.

    I’m sick of the one sided bbbc with every comment and guest being anti Trump.
    All sound bites and comments coming from Obama, Pelosi, Clinton and similar types. Not one opposing view.
    I suppose with only 75 million (genuine) supporters to choose from it must be difficult to find one to give an account other than the 100% msm anti anything Trump media are portraying.

    What I did hear in the background was a protestor shouting something along the lines of “you made us like this” aimed at the media.

    Surely this one sidedness can’t carry on.
    The left have got everything going their way, politics, msm, big tech and they control everything we hear with only places like here (or Parler) where you can get an alternative view.
    The frustration can only increase and will eventually result in some kind of civil war if only one side is having their way whilst the other side is being suppressed.


  11. Doobster78 says:

    These 2 headlines encapsulate precisely why the Lefty media make my blood boil !!!

    Rioting, looting, BLM, Antifa, its all OK if it for the Leftist cause.

    People who are not progressive liberals, fight back and are classed as far right thugs.

    Its the brazen double standards of the MSM that make ordinary folk like me….. angry !!!!


  12. StewGreen says:

    Sargon’s got a show coming up at 1pm
    youtube link

    Americans awoke this morning to the news that President Donald Trump has reportedly promised an “orderly transition” of power following a certification of Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election by Vice President Mike Pence at 3.41am.


    • StewGreen says:

      From Sargon’s LotusEaters.com
      article from before the crowds started


    • StewGreen says:

      Sargon had the take I expect
      But surprisingly the Triggernometry guys just regurgitated the media narrative
      ‘Yesterday terrible, Trump supporters bad, all Trump supporters bad, ALL Trump’s fault”

      Yet at 1:30pm Francis Foster made the intelligent comment
      The problem these days people take a side and then
      for every event they just take the narrative of that side
      It’s a big problem that people are not taking the time to think for themselves”


      • StewGreen says:

        They pointed out that it’s no good trying to blame the storming on antifa
        “Journalist Andy Ngo, who has become an expert on the violent anarchist group antifa, today dismissed claims by President Trump’s supporters that the group was behind the pro-Trump riots on Capitol Hill.”
        What Ngo has now been doing is reposting old tweets from the storming of the Portland Capital building by BLM multiple times
        where it’s obvious the authorities technique was always to back off and let them in.


        • StewGreen says:

          Oh in fact it was two things
          Antifa did in the past storm Portland
          and then yesterday again they did storm the Portland court house


  13. digg says:

    The Guardian trying to stir up Black anger again by describing the police handling of the Trump protesters as nothing compared to their previous handling of BLM supporters.


    The BBC generally in agreement.

    So it’s kid gloves for 4 of them including a woman who died to get shot by police is it you absolute tossers, how many BLM protesters have taken a police round then?

    Also Antifa were urging their supporters to attend dressed as Police so we can probably guess where the bullets came from!

    They all stink to high heaven!


    • Tabs says:

      Notice how the Guardian doesn’t compare photos of BLM burning cars versus Trump supporters not burning cars, or BLM looting stores versus Trump supporters not looting stores, or or BLM pulling down statues versus Trump supporters not pulling down statues.


  14. StewGreen says:

    David Vance’s new video
    ‘So the Deepstate has chose China as the winner of the US election’


  15. Fedup2 says:

    DT again

    This time it reports that a doctor – who is an ex Labour MP – has been doing vaccinations but using the Pfizer jab – coming up against some people saying “no – I’ll wait for the English one “….
    How heart warming ….

    I left a bit out – the doctor said this was down to ‘nationalism ‘…. matee – I beg to differ….


  16. s.trubble says:

    Wee Burney has claimed to have 2500 vaccinators at the ready.
    here’s a calculation;

    1 vaccinator = 5/hour/8hours/x5 days = 200 jabbed.

    2500 vaccinators x 200 = 500,000 per week

    Supply assumed,

    So theoretically, a 4 – 5 week blitz should enable the bBC to rid this woman from our daily TV screens, hopefully forever!

    And deliver another major blow to the bBC as it has to find other news to report as opposed to Covid Gorging.


  17. StewGreen says:

    Shelagh Fogarty apologising for her 2 word tweet
    “shoot them”
    which was in reply to a @FirasMaksad video tweet
    “Scuffles & violence inside the US Capitol”


    • Fedup2 says:

      Stew – I wonder what time of day the ‘shoot them ‘ tweet was ? Could it have been ‘red wine o’clock ‘…. funny how that BBC droid woke shell just breaks into what would be seen ( by many ) as ‘extremism …. no doubt a troll will be along in defence ….

      Can we assume those attacking the Cenotaph would be looked at the same ? Or a ‘disapproved type ?’ Troll replies welcome …

      … although without lorries queuing all the way from the channel to London …. and shops still with food in them – I suspect the subspecies of troll will go quiet until they can moan about ‘vaccination injustice ‘ or similar ….

      Nice to see BBC types in favour of the death penalty though – welcome to the club …


      • StewGreen says:

        Just gone 8pm ..so late night excuse not allowed

        She tweeted a few other things before this 11:39pm backdown
        “A woman has died and while my tweet was making a wider point about who gets shot in America
        – it was clumsy. Awful events.”

        Then by 11:52pm she was saying that if you are white and with that crowd , you are a white supremacist, so that’s why you got shot”
        “You know what I meant.
        These are white supremacists who, but for the colour of their skin, wouldn’t have reached the door let alone the inner sanctum.
        Nobody should be shot.
        Nobody should be there.”

        BTW there are 3 other people who died
        and they should not be forgotten even if they were shot by Trump supporters going rogue
        I currently don’t know which side shot them.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Cheers stew – I suppose in these circumstances people see what they want to see – in order to support their particular view – a phenomena which extends to BBC Group Think.

          Presumably ms fogertys publication of one of those ‘hate crimes ‘ is being fully investigated by plod and they’ll be knocking on the door of one of her homes any time soon ….. or maybe not ….

          Personally I’m comfortable with the use of such a term and would like to be able to use it . However ms fogerty and the rest of her BBC droid crew hold to a higher morality –

          Speaking of which – now that she has to blatantly breached the DG Twitter policy – will she be joining the other ‘girls ‘ on safari for a while ?…..

          ( I’ve written this but I don’t know what foggerty is now – is she an ex BBC or just ‘resting ‘on Classic FM or similar )


          • StewGreen says:

            ” blatantly breached the DG Twitter policy”
            She hasn’t worked for the BBC in years
            she’ moved to the afternoon shift on LBC


            • Fedup2 says:

              Yeah I couldn’t be bothered – never heard her – never will – could care less – has she been suspended from wherever yet ? Actually – don’t carec


              • The WestWyvern says:

                Once a beeboid always a beeboid, you can take the lefty idiot out of the bubble…….


  18. StewGreen says:

    BLM guy John Sullivan was with the crowd that stormed in
    and then appeared on CNN saying he was just documenting it all

    Yet he’s on bail for previous demo violence
    (that is different from having a conviction of course)
    AmyMek does assume arrested means guilty in her tweets

    Other August tweets claim he threatened violence against Trump
    oh actually Mek’s video shows him doing that


  19. G.W.F. says:

    Interesting to see conservatives distancing themselves from Trump now he is sinking.
    Douglas Murray joins Boris Johnson, Priti Patel, Melanie Phillips, Julia HB.


    • Darcy3 says:

      Erm Spectator US:

      Call me crazy for taking the man with hair dye dripping down his cheeks seriously, but I think it would be unfair to dismiss Rudy Giuliani. Amusingly shambolic he may be. That doesn’t mean he is wrong.

      The media has been claiming since the election ended that President Trump’s claims of voter fraud are ‘baseless’ and ‘without evidence’. That just is not true. The President’s lawyer gave examples of it during today’s press conference at the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington DC. But everyone is too busy mocking him to pay attention.

      I tried to listen to what Giuliani actually said and not what he looked like or the characterization of him by the rest of the media. The cameras started feverishly clicking the first time he wiped the sweat from his face, all but guaranteeing that would be the focus of the presser.

      Giuliani did in fact present evidence of voter fraud today but many people simply didn’t want to hear it. He cited multiple Americans, one by name, who have signed sworn affidavits stating that they witness some type of fraud, whether it was pro-Trump ballots being thrown out without cause, ballots being backdated to before the election, poll workers being told not to ask voters for identification, and more.
      As Giuliani helpfully pointed out, affidavits are considered ‘evidence’ in a court case. Whether you agree or disagree with them is a different question. And it’s reasonable that not all of the people who signed their names would be willing to go public. If you want to hear more of the evidence that was presented, just watch the first hour or so of the press conference.

      The more difficult — and crucial — question is whether Trump’s legal team has enough witnesses or other evidence to actually overturn the election in court. That is what journalists should be addressing. But it is simply wrong for the media to assert there is NO evidence of fraud.



  20. StewGreen says:

    Ah the other 3 dead were not shot by Trump supporters
    “and three died in medical emergencies.”

    IMHO it always wrong to say 4 people died after protests
    like that
    cos you have to draw a line about incidental deaths.

    Anytime you have a huge protest, especially involving old people
    it is likely that someone will di of a heart attack or car accident etc.
    that doesn’t mean the protest caused their death, unless the ambulances couldn’t get through etc.


  21. digg says:

    BBC just awarded sound of 2021 to Pa Salieu….




    • Doobster78 says:

      Well Rita Chicken Tikka Balti on the BBC 1pm News seemed very happy with this news ..smiling like a good un after the report.

      Looks like Mr Salieu is another one of those little cherubs who is just mis-understood. The type the BBC love to fawn over.

      Extract from wiki (just a normal guy hey)

      Pa started pursuing a music career after his close friend was killed.[9] He recorded his first freestyle at a friend’s small home studio setup, where he would regularly visit to write and record music. In October 2019, he was the victim of a shooting in Coventry where he was shot in the head but he survived and made a full recovery.[

      I mean, all us law abiding folk have been shot at least once , right ?????


      • Doobster78 says:

        And here are some of his lyrics … very BBC !!! Of course, anyone else using the N word would be cancelled by the BBC, never work again but, its a young, black rapper so its OK. Gloss over it. Give him the award.

        My name is Pa and I’ve got a lot of enemies
        Niggas want me dead I wouldn’t blame them
        Humble, it’s only right they hating on the energy
        It’s only right they envy me
        Did this shit the right way, I could never take threats
        Young, dark, active
        I could never get checked


        wo days before, we both talked about living right
        Lands and houses, big tings pending
        From mashing up like it’s Tetris
        Eating crops, then they lock us
        Investing back home for the next
        I’m a real nigga, say it with chest

        Just a flavour there of the BBC award winner.


  22. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Well, here we are at 1:30 and still we are only hearing the one sided reporting of the goings on in Washington.

    There’s a couple of things though.
    Many of the lefties commentating are saying the police or those guarding the building didn’t do much to stop the crowd.
    Could it be that they mainly agreed with the crowd.
    I would guess the majority of the police would prefer Trump.

    And then, talk of the ‘riot’ or whatever the msm are calling it.
    Any police/guards were seen walking amongst the crowds inside the building and never looked like they were in any danger (from the Trump supporters that is, they were probably unaware that antifa had infiltrated the demonstration and were looking to provoke violence)
    The crowds were even keeping inside the roped walkways inside the halls, hardly the picture of how we are being told things were happening.
    Compare that to the lefty/blm/antifa demo’s where there’s flames of buildings on fire and gangs of lefties running out of stores with new tv’s and trainers, looting being part of the lefty form now.

    And they still keep repeating that the election was fair (despite the massive amount of evidence that it was a complete fix)

    Will the next election be won by the side that’s best at cheating and fixing votes?
    That’s how it’s looking now.


    • G says:

      “Will the next election be won by the side that’s best at cheating and fixing votes?”
      Think about it. The election issue will not go away. It cannot. It remains as unfinished business which, if nothing rears its head within the next four years, why would anyone vote?

      I always remember – always – many many years back, being shown this educational film on the art of selling: “Handling objections”. It showed a salesman who did not understand handling objection’s. Early on in the film we saw the ‘buyer’ raising a legitimate question. The salesman did not clarify the question merely moving on and bypassing it, anxious to present all the benefits. Later on we see a more half-hearted attempt to ask again. Again ignored. No sale. Reason? That unanswered question came back to haunt. Simple but fact.
      What reassurance, if any, will (can) the communist dems give the public?

      Unless of course, there are no more elections – take a leaf out the chinese playbook.


      • Fedup2 says:

        G / EG – I don’t think we are going to have to wait 4 years for the next stolen election . Now that the basic method has been established it can be transmitted anywhere that has a shaky process .
        Perhaps president Trumps ‘ biggest failure was to put enough energy and resources into fixing the results himself – he’d have had more trouble doing it because the MSM wouldn’t have been ‘looking the other way ‘ as they were with the current coup .

        I always assumed president trump would be assassinated – but it came via the ballot box or Computer rather than a bullet – so far …..


        • taffman says:

          The problem with Trump as with Farage is, that they were both up against the lefty, liberal media, ‘swamp’.
          Fortunately for Brexit and the people of Great Britain we are a little more discerning than our American cousins. We can see through the Meeja’s bias, especially Al Beeb, hence this site, long may it survive!


          • Fedup2 says:

            Taffman – my surprise that the referendum wasn’t ‘fixed ‘ to remain still remains …. I think the remainer mistake was to make it regional voting than a national centralised vote where the numbers could have been easier to fix . I bet the SNP , Sinn Fein and the like are looking to copy the Democrat technique . ….


            • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

              I’m so glad they didn’t have the Dominion vote ‘counting’ machines for the Brexit referendum otherwise we’d still be in the EU.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Fed, re your 3.46 p.m. post, Socialists everywhere now have an incentive to keep ‘a virus thing’ going because they can then leverage that for more postal voting in Elections to ensure that their candidates win.

          re your 4.02 p.m. post, a lot of people took indelible pens and markers to the 2016 EU Referendum and the 2017 & 2019 General Elections to avoid any scuffs 😉 to graphite pencil crosses happening before the count.


          • Fedup2 says:

            Up2 – it’s as much about the upstream process – the counting – either manually or by machine which provides – maybe – a bigger source for ‘fixing ‘ … and then the whole voting process shakes because if people think their vote is meaningless -why vote ?
            Delivery of manifesto promises doesn’t count for much either – although – of course – the Chinese virus affected the view of Donald Trump -‘ America first ‘ couldn’t beat the Chinese virus …..


  23. Laughing at Lefties says:

    Thought it was over in America? Think again.

    This doesn’t even touch on the fact that congress have broken the law by not certifying on the 6th, meaning if Trump wanted to go the SCOTUS route again (which he shouldn’t as Roberts is compromised) he would now have clear standing. Additionally, Trump’s video calling for peace also specifically called for people to go home, which is a prerequisite of invoking the Insurrection Act. And his comment about a ‘transition’ was intentionally ambiguous and had an interesting misspelling when retweeted by Dan Scavino (‘bear’ instead of ‘hear) which may have been intentional.

    The Democrats and RINOs still think this is just about domestic election integrity, when it’s actually about global cyber warfare with some kinetic spillover. The CCP is even offering to provide troops on January 20th. This is the most momentous time of our lives even though we’re not on US soil, what happens in America affects the whole world and we must continue to pray that Trump and his army of patriots are successful in defeating this evil communist coup.


  24. Fedup2 says:

    Princess Nut Nuts husband to address the nation 1700 Thursday to tell us that he has suddenly realised how cheesed off Joe public is with a leisurely vaccine rollout – but not Sundays ……
    If he fails to give vaccination numbers today he might as well not bother doing any more ‘briefings ‘ …. and maybe hand over the job to the Israelis ….


    • taffman says:

      The NHS ‘Trusts’ are full of bureaucrats and pen pushers and bean counters, they need reforming . They waste vast amounts of money that could be better spent.


  25. Dover Sentry says:

    The BBC for once, has to be more responsible in its coverage of the US riots and not gloat.

    Trump supporters now have their martyr. Female, served her country and probably with no criminal history. (Unlike the BLM martyr).

    This will roll on and on.



  26. StewGreen says:

    Massive Trump crowd,
    many boo as helmeted man has a go at breaking windows, a MAGA guy then grabs him and throws him back
    Twitter video

    We have this amazing unbalanced world
    2% of the Trump crowd go crazy and support the Capitol and do almost no actual violence
    Result the Senate was UNITED against MAGA
    Yet when antifa/BLM did months of violence
    ..why didn’t the libs UNITE the senate to condemn that.

    In a BLM/Antifa crowd the proportions are different with maybe 10%, 20% or more prepared to endorse violence


    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew, I re-post part of my reply to you (just completed) on the previous page. This may answer your question about a strange, unbalanced world, now made more so.

      What are the results that President Trump has now achieved?
      – He has alienated his political Party from himself and his family
      – His wife, children and son-in-law will now be tarred with this should they seek nomination
      – He has opened the door for Socialists around the world, including the UK & especially in the UK, to cheat in every Election
      – He has re-enforced the Socialist belief that they have a God-given right to win power at all costs to prevent ‘that sort of leader arising in future’
      – He has damaged the Electoral chances of any Republican who wins the Party nomination for 2024, and probably 2028 and maybe 2032 as well
      – He has hung the Pro-democracy campaigners in Hong Kong out to dry
      – He has opened the door wide to Chinese-style and North Korean-style dictatorships around the globe
      – Oh, I nearly forgot; John Sopel 7 the other Beeboids in the USA will have annoying, smug, superior looks on their faces and will resurrect the events of the last 24 hours at any and every given opportunity. They will be insufferable for years.



      • JohnC says:

        Well, sometimes things get so messed up and there is no right answer to fit the circumstance. So you have to do what you believe is right for the bigger picture. Because if you start doing wrong things for short-term right reasons, I guarantee it will eventually turn into an even bigger sh1tshow.
        Rolling over for the Left is how we got into this situation.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Now the Left are firmly on top, John. There will be no way to get them off because they will say “We won it once that way, why not do it again?”

          Do you know who I feel really sorry for? The people in the USA who courageously stood – some of them may have even been Democrat supporters and voters – and swore depositions to the fact that they had seen Electoral fraud take place. Their reputations and maybe even their personal safety has now been trashed by Trump.

          They are a relatively small number. The much larger number of ‘conservatives’ in democracies around the world are now tarred by that same Trump brush and their democracies are now imperilled.


      • Up2snuff says:

        typo correction ‘John Sopel & the other Beeboids …’ – sorry, bit tired & not pushing on Tab key firmly enough.


  27. JohnC says:

    Just looking around the various anti-Trump articles and it seems to me that the new ‘normal’ is that journalists can now make the categoric statement that something other people say or believe is false without having to provide any evidence themselves that it is false. Even for things which could never be actually proven to be so. And they are getting away with it.
    How on earth did we end up like this ?. It’s half-way to North Korea.


    • Up2snuff says:

      John, yes – my point. In the last two months Donald Trump has done some real damage to democracy in the world. Funny thing, all those people with Trump Derangement Syndrome were certain that a President Trump, elected in November 2016, would start a war with North Korea, start a war with Iran, get involved in the Syria conflict, make Afghanistan and Iraq far worse and needing US military involvement and build a huge wall around the USA, shutting out Mexico and Mexicans. Then there was other bits of Central and South America that he would turn upside down.

      None of that happened.

      And all the damage Don has done has been down to the Democrats in the first place!


  28. The WestWyvern says:

    Not BBC, but remember when the outgoing PM is preaching to you all regards Lockdowns and the wonderful any chess later on, take heart in the fact that a quick look at FlightRadar24 shows the following data.

    CA577 just about to land at Heathrow. Air China from Beijing.
    BA61 is right up its chuff pipe, inbound from Athens,
    BAW6is 10mins out, having left Tokyo 11hrs ago,
    BA168 is also around 15 mins out having left Shangai 11hrs ago.

    All passenger flights.

    Remind me again why we are in lockdown please Doris…


  29. The WestWyvern says:

    PS have given up the BBC radio totally now after hearing that utter Cnut Jon Sopel, this morning compare what happened in the Capitol with Pearl Harbour.


  30. taffman says:

    “Trump blocked by Twitter and Facebook”
    It is coming to something when Twitter & Facebook can block the president of the US.
    ‘Censorship’ is on the way ……………
    Liberals beware. this can work both ways and may come back and bite you on your fat, limp @rse.


    • Doobster78 says:

      But anything goes if you’re a leftie !!!!!



    • G says:

      ‘Fraid that’s down to the prevailing thinking at the time. Right now, we have clearly seen logic and truth not pursued and enforced so I would be doubtful as to whether ‘working both ways’ would have any effect in the failing US.


  31. Tabs says:

    Capitol riots: Who broke into the building?

    The words “far-right” appears twice and “Trump” appears 4 times. BBC going out of their way to link “far right” and Trump together whilst ignoring the fact the Antifa were also seen in Capitol but the BBC have conveniently forgotton to mention that. Probably due to editorial space or something like that.


  32. Tabs says:

    Capitol riots: Congress certifies Joe Biden’s victory after violent disruption

    In this article the word “mob” appears 6 times and once more in a side link. I don’t recall the BBC ever using the word mob to describe the mostly peaceful BLM protests.

    Edit: it actually appears 7 times in the article.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Tabs, that will now be how the BBC view us on this Thread – a mob – and can write us off accordingly. We will have to get used to it. Thanks, Don. Thanks a lot.

      But on a brighter note: the Beeboids must have seen my post about the missing oil prices from the Market Data section of the Business news on the BBC w-site because it has been put back today. Instead, the BBC’s service provider, WebFG, got the a.m. Gold price fix wrong! Nevertheless, good old Dominic O’Connell was there on TOADY to limit the damage, just before I switched off. He could play ‘sweeper’ in a footie team.

      I may have to go without the BBC all the way to Inauguration Day.


  33. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “Capitol riots: How it feels to be an American in the UK”

    “I watched the speech Trump gave, riling up these so-called protesters,”


    All three interviewed were anti-Trump. What are the chances of that happening when the BBC chooses who it interviews?


  34. Fedup2 says:

    Got to hand it to the BBC website top ten reports –

    1 – as a criminal barrister I earn less than the minimum wage (sob)
    2. Upskirting lawyer runs away from court ….


  35. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #something or other, probably #3 – pray tell, what are LEAs for?


    LEA = Local Education Authority. The Department for Education (Gavin Willamson’s Ministry) lobbies the Chancellor of the Exchequer for cash at Budget time. Rishi doles out the dosh to the DfE. They then subtract an amount for their ‘cost’ (said in Tony Blair’s and Gordon Brown’s time to be 50%) and divi up the leftovers among the LEAs in England. There’s probably some sort of formula for that.

    The LEAs then deduct an amount for their cost (said in Tony Blair’s and Gordon Brown’s time to be 50% – remember “Education, education, education”) and divi up the remainder among the Schools in their Authority area. There’s probably some sort of formula for that, too.

    Mr Whiteman, leader of the NAHT ( Heads’ Union), said “”We have concern that the government has not supplied enough laptops for all the children without them and so has made lack of internet access a vulnerable criteria – only adding to numbers still in school.”

    There is a leader of a Trade Union attacking the Government for something Government is not responsible for.

    Funny, I thought. I thought, funny. Shades of last year’s so-called ‘PPE Crisis’ in the NHS.


  36. taffman says:

    Presumably you have all heard about the new tv channel known as “GB News” that’s Andrew Neil’s Channel.
    Look out Al Beeb , the truth is on its way.


    • Up2snuff says:

      taffman, I have heard of it but what about us non-TV viewers in legally-Licence Fee free households? Is there a DAB radio version?

      We need David Vance to start a Radio Station out of this web-site. 😉


      • JimS says:

        From Sky News:

        “The new channel says it will recruit 140 staff – including 120 journalists – and expects to reach 96% of British television households through Freeview, Sky, Virgin Media, YouView and Freesat.

        It said on Wednesday that it would also launch streaming, video-on-demand and audio services.”

        Which implies an internet presence, Google and Bill Gates willing.

        Will having ‘Dubai-based’ backers make a difference though?


    • StewGreen says:

      Don’t get your hopes up.


  37. StewGreen says:

    There can be a lot of talented Indian people
    but R4 4 pm film prog was about an Indian female film director
    into a trailer with an Indian woman about the £3 Indian immigrants to Britain
    4:30pm into the science show
    and they’d chosen the weird Indian activist Covid spokesman Gurdasani.

    The one that tweaked her Twitter bio a few months ago



    • StewGreen says:

      That new prog airs for the next 3 Friday’s
      “Kavita Puri hears stories from the second generation about a golden decade whem British South Asians were beginning to see themselves in the mainstream in music and on television.” sic



  38. theisland says:


    Facebook blocks Trump ‘until transition complete’

    He said it was clear Mr Trump intended to undermine the transfer of power to President-elect Joe Biden.

    “Therefore, we are extending the block we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete,” he wrote.


    • StewGreen says:

      What had Trump tweeted before Twitter suspended his account for 12 hours ?

      A clear polite video where he hold his supporters to home.

      BBC local news ended with a double lie
      “President Trump incited violence where 4 people were killed”

      Yeh like the way my mother was in a hospital where 3 people died that day.
      3 normal deaths.


      • theisland says:


  39. Fedup2 says:

    PM briefing – and the winner is – the BBC – the first question Alex Forsyth – the BBC droid asks was about foreign affairs – america….
    And then up comes something about covid – can’t remember now . As moderator I can’t really swear here but what a xxxxing xxxt .

    By the way – more importantly no numbers of people vaccinated was supplied in this meaningless briefing -nor were current vaccination numbers mentioned at all – unless I missed it ..

    some bloke in cammo read an MOD script designed to get himself promoted or a gong – and that was it – although a couple of new drugs helps people with covid in hospital .

    Looks like they’ve given up on wiggly lines in different colours which can’t be read

    One Great Big Jam Tomorrow waste of air as far as vaccination is concerned –

    Can I have those 43 minutes of my life back please ?

    ( at least they didn’t mention the nonsense clapping )

    After the briefing they had a BBC bloke called Nick Triggle AKA The Tin Man … having a chat with the autocue girl .


    • Doobster78 says:



      • Fedup2 says:

        Ha ha
        Thinking about it – perhaps they could provide subtitles which interpret the words these people are using into what they really mean – every time the canmo bod said they were supporting the excellent NHS I thought I saw a different body language …


    • StewGreen says:

      Doh of course it’s a waste of time watching the briefing
      Boris does his dishonest show
      Then the media do their dishonest show.

      Bit like watching the 3 cup game in the street.


  40. Sluff says:

    The totally disgusting woke BBC are still trying to shoehorn in mention of ‘unfairness’ when dealing with BLM as compared with the ‘storming’ of the Capitol building yesterday.

    Unbelievable race-baiting.
    You just cannot make it up.


  41. JohnC says:

    I find it quite amazing the amount of coverage because some people won’t accept the result of this election.
    Just take a look at how many protests and riots there were by people who would not accept Trump was elected – and that’s without any accusations of fraud:
    I don’t recall much at all in the media about them. Just regular coverage.
    My disgust at the Left and their hypocrisy knows no bounds.


  42. Sluff says:

    Another day. Another covid news conference.
    And still no-one has noticed that if it takes 6 weeks to vaccinate 12 million people at 2 million a week and they all need a second jab then exactly who else are you going to vaccinate after that?

    Nobody, but nobody, has mentioned a capacity of 4 million a week by the middle of February.

    Anyone under age 70 should be worried.


  43. Tabs says:

    John Sopel just now doing a live report outside The Capitol said, “You might be able to hear the angry crowd here heckling me”.

    Good to know that due to the unique way the BBC is funded they can be hated by everyone all around the world.


  44. G.W.F. says:

    Johnson obtains brownie points from his BBC masters by blaming Trump for the horrific violence in Washington.

    Just wait until the POCs start rioting under the progressive administration of Biden/Harris.


    • Wink1 says:

      I could not believe that Boris would go as far as he did in blaming Donald Trump. He even condemned Trump for criticism of the fraudulent election. Boris stating that it was in fact ” free and fair”( I think those were the words he used) What is wrong with him ? He seems to have absolutely no concept of reality . Even a cursory look will tell you things were far from fair !!!! Trump offered the hand of friendship time and time again to Boris only for Boris to turn away. How I could ever have voted for such a Lily livered, liberal loving buffoon I shall never know. He is Conservative in name only. I am sure of one thing though, I would never ever vote for him again.


  45. Northern Dreamer says:

    This is a free country. If people want to say the hospitals are not overwhelmed, what is wrong, is it illegal to say so? My sources (lincolnshire) tell me that it is busy, but no more than usual. I detected an anti anti-lockdowners attitude among the MSM at todays briefing , I almost thought they were going to name Talkradio as undermining the efforts of our hard working and fantastic NHS.

    One question I would like to hear asked of these state parasites at these briefings is ‘has your paycheck been going into your bank every month?’

    Lose your business, shut your face, save our anychess.


  46. StewGreen says:

    Local BBC news most parts in our region have had fall in Postives
    all are way lower than national average of 0.53
    ours is 0.22

    The opening item made a big deal of the government refusing to give vaccine tallies for our region.
    I guess the government keeps tallies secret cos otherwise the journos will cherrypick the area which is under target and use that as a “gotcha”


    • StewGreen says:

      ITV put the West/South Yorkshire region at all 0.29 … all below the national average

      Hospitalisation looks like 40 in 100,000
      That doesn’t look that much to me

      146 people in hospitals over Leeds
      means they’ll be deaths maybe 30, but it’s not the end of the world.


  47. digg says:

    As for the furore over the Demonstration at Capitol Hill, I can already detect moves by the MSM including the BBC to use this to target any “wrong-speak”. I believe there is massive left pressure to de-platform anyone in any walk of life who disagrees with their version of how the World should be run.

    I can see people like Farage being targeted and his organisation banned as being dangerous (Like Trump) along with many others.

    Even this site is probably now under threat.

    It is a tactic which has worked throughout the higher education system – no voice so you don’t exist!

    It is the modern day equivalent of the Russian Gulags.

    Even a short while ago news outlets like Brietbart and Fox news stood up against the tide but they have mysteriously gone woke in the past year too so pressure must have been applied on them.

    The West is going in a very dark direction and either their goals will succeed and everyone will be one of their army of ants, forced or not or a backlash will explode into a bloody Civil War as we have witnessed now in the USA.

    Just look at what happened when Oliver Cromwell used exactly the same tactics.

    I fully expect we will end up either as a clone of China or even run by China.


    • StewGreen says:

      The pattern libmob seem to use
      : Misrepresent/ Mislabel/ Marginalise

      Trump did little wrong
      he could have warned his side about provocateurs and to make sure marshalls didn’t let a fraction of protesters get misled
      But had he issued any commands that would have been misrepresented as him having direct responsibility for the protesters.


  48. tomo says:

    Two sides of that Capitol door…


    • StewGreen says:

      Tomo you can just say it’s the same door
      You have to give evidence.


      • StewGreen says:

        OK you on about a different door, the one on the outside of the building where Babbitt was shot
        And in the video of the actual shooting
        There are 2 heavily armed cops right next to her on her side of the door.


  49. Northern Dreamer says:

    Today the bBBC ‘news’ website has the following headline ‘Clap for carers founder abused over new initiative’. Mentions those comments saying NHS staff would prefer pay increases and for people to follow the rules. The founder, Dutch woman Ms. Plas said “It’s up to each person to decide how relevant or worthwhile they feel it is to participate,” and added “Ve are making notes, and if you fail to clap, your name vill go on ze list.” Only joking about the last bit (apologies to Croft and Perry).

    Amazingly does not mention the absolute mauling this story received in yesterdays HYS re virtue signalling.

    Biased by omission……


    • StewGreen says:

      No clapping round here, I just ran down to the shop and back
      Got inside at 8:02pm
      I had seen no sign of anyone outside their house
      … couple of people out walking their dog.
      However it’s frozen here I had to run in the road, cos shaded pavements haven’t unfrozen for 2 days.


  50. Darcy3 says:

    “Someone” or group, is co ordinating this somehow, putting the fear of God into the msm to fall in line

    Call me a conspiracist if you want but the evidence is in front of your eyes

    that “someone” did not expect Trump to win and has done everything in its power to denigrate him for 4 years with the help of the state apparatus and the msm and violent protests around the country

    Dark times ahead


    • JohnC says:

      We would have had exactly the same treatment of they got another Brexit vote.
      The coordination and united front between the big players of the MSM and social media is far too obvious to ignore.
      And this will be making them think they are now untouchable.