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  1. Skeldings says:

    I sometimes – indeed quite often – turn for amusement, anger, irritation, a range of emotions, to the Guardian News and Opinion sites to treat myself to the maunderings of Owen Jones, Aditya Chakraborty, George Monbiot and the rest.

    Today I learned from the Guardian news front page that one of the great sporting heroes of my youth in the 1960s, Surrey and England opening batsman John Edrich, had died at the age of 83.

    I turned to the BBC front page: not a mention. One had to go to the sport page to be told by the BBC of the death of one of English cricket’s great names.

    Now, not everone is a cricket lover: probably most people are not; and the name of J H Edrich is not going to be on the lips of everyone. But I had never heard of Chadwick Boseman or Kobe Bryant, neither of whom were fine representatives of England’s national game; but their deaths were reported in acres of column inches for days.

    But you can bet your boots that when Edrich’s long-time England opening partner, Geoff Boycott, takes his final walk back to the great pavilion beyond, the BBC will be all over that: not because of his prowess at the crease, though; but because of his hateful conservative views and the fact that he was once accused, and acquitted, of striking his girlfriend.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Skelding – I wholeheartedly agree, but its sadly a reflection as to the age of those in the production/reporting offices who decide what news to report. If Sinatra or Crosby had died this year I wonder what sort of coverage they would have garnered, because I bet ‘those’ in the offices in the 20 to 40 age group certainly wouldn’t have heard of Crosby, and I wonder how many over 60 can claim to know who Boseman and Bryant were, and we are the age group who actually read a newspaper !


    • Sluff says:

      Worth remembering that Edrich scored a triple century in a test match.
      And not many do that.


    • StewGreen says:

      News of death came in just after midnight first thing on 25th
      the BBC report cam at 10:30am


  2. pugnazious says:

    The BBC’s big hitters, Nick Robinson and Andrew Neil, launched all out attacks on Boris for acting like a dictator and being undemocratic….for using social media to deliver some of his message and for refusing to do an interview with Neil….never mind Boris did well over 100 interviews, many with their esteemed BBC colleagues such as Marr, Barnett and Kuensberg.

    ‘BBC presenter Nick Robinson accuses Boris Johnson of acting ‘like a DICTATOR’ for broadcasting directly to voters in social media videos’

    Curiously when Boris does actually act like a dictator the BBC remains silent…because what he does is widely approved within their ranks.

    Boris, without an consultation with Parliament or the British people, unilaterally invited 3 million Chinese to come here from Hong Kong….just the logistics alone are frightening….where, for instance, will they live never mind the slightly less obvious concerns which should in fact be very, very obvious at a time when migrant heritage Muslims are attacking us from within as they try to Islamise Britain and Black extremists and terrorists launch massive attacks to destroy our society, culture, history and identity as well as attempting to demonise, stigmatise, silence and sideline white people in their own country. The history of mass immigration should point to massive problems with ensuing racial conflict, dischord, disharmony and division….never mind that many of these Chinese immigrants will be spying for the Communist state.

    Boris announces massive and radical climate change measures that will massively and expensively act on our lives….where has been the discussion and concern about the imposition of these measures? There has been none on the BBC….they love it and want him to go further never mind they are already ruinously expensive and are unachievable in reality…just look at broadband….the targets being pushed back as we speak.

    Then there’s the lockdowns which the BBC loves, called for and demands even more of.
    Lady Hale was the hero of the day when she struck down Boris’ prorogation as undemocratic and the BBC lauded her for that, even making her guest editor on Today….however…when she stated that ‘Parliament surrendered control to Government over ‘draconian’ Covid-19 emergency laws’ the BBC remained shockingly silent and completely ignored her words….astonishing when previously every word she said was broadcast to the nation by the BBC as if it was the Queen’s speech….never mind the importance of the subject…a massive, undemocratic power grab by Boris.

    So three gigantic and momentous power grabs by diktat by Boris and the BBC stays silent, if not actually applauding what he has done,….but Boris not doing a certain interview is undemocratic, and daring to use social media to talk directly to the public without the BBC filtering and interpreting the message to their own liking is ‘what dictators do’.

    The BBC ‘holding power to account’? Since when?


    • Doublethinker says:

      It’s politics . Boris May have delivered a decent Brexit, judgement reserved until the ERG et al have perused the deal, but he wants to show he is a ‘good guy’ to the Woke and Princess nut nut. So we get an appeasing the Woke green agenda , which won’t cause much trouble until after he has left No10 ,a reprieve for the BBC , which hopefully is only temporary and isn’t a pardon, and taking in few million more aliens which will accelerate the destruction of our culture and hence our nation state.
      This latter point is the one which disturbs me the most. What was Brexit for if it wasn’t to reestablish the sovereignty of the British nation state? Yet for the past thirty years our leaders have been allowing millions, probably ten million, aliens into our small island , who don’t share our culture or values. In my view this policy is one which has already wrought much damage to our country and will ultimately destroy it. Brexit will be for nothing other than the last stand of the nation and yet there is no politician who dare even talk about it let alone oppose it.
      Very few politicians have the courage to embark on a strategy opposed by the great and the good and stick with it. In my time only Lady T has had the guts to do it and then after 12 years of great achievements the establishment got her and frittered away much of what she achieved. She was head and shoulders above Boris and much further ahead of Major and Cameron . As for Brown and Blair , so many of our current problems can be laid at their door, two of the biggest , mass immigration , devolution and the seige of NI threatening to break up the UK , are entirely their creation. Within five decades of the end of their premierships the long term time bombs they planted will have destroyed the country.


      • tarien says:

        Well put and said Doublethinker, this sums up my own analysis of the situation. Believe me or not these matters glanced through my mind ( even though I had enjoyed a few glasses) when spending such a great Christmas day with my children and grandchildren-what will be their future be?-my eldest grandson 13trs, loves history but is not gaining much from the way it is apparantly taught today-you can imagine where the emphasis is put- Not against the great achivements, inc inventions, industrialisation, this nation has brought to the world, the benefits the world now enjoys- they take certain historical issues usually out of time to illustrate not how we defeneded our nation and gave so much Oh no, quite the contrary. Indeed social liberalism has been allowed to creep through this nation, aided by the UK’s time in the European Union-we owe them nothing but they owe us one hell of a lot, not withstanding two world wars. Happy New Year.


  3. Sluff says:

    Totally off topic.
    But for quite a while, daily covid deaths have run at about 2% of the case rates 3 weeks before.
    But 3 weeks ago case rates were at a post lockdown low.
    So exactly why is the current death rate so high?

    The new strain has not had time to work through to severe cases and deaths.
    Or has it?

    I do wish reporters would ask questions designed to yield information.
    But they are too busy searching for a gotcha moment to embarrass the government.


  4. Darcy3 says:

    Tier 4 here but cars still parked all around the grass verges visiting the benefit “families” down the road and all day parties


    • Sluff says:

      Here in tier 4, both our dear neighbours and family opposite had …ahem….extended family Christmases.

      Meanwhile the guy two doors down has covid.

      The people who break the rules are so often not the ones that pay for the results.


  5. Darcy3 says:

    The Nashville bombing today

    A van was recorded on CCTV giving out a warning to evacuate minutes before the bomb went off so it appears only first responders were targetted

    Investigators will have their work cut out establishing alibis for those who want to abolish the police…

    The Vicar of Dibley

    A racing driver

    Sky Sports and quite a few footballists

    And of course the bbc with that big eared goalhanger at the vanguard


  6. tomo says:

    Taiwan has not recorded a single new case of the coronavirus since April 12 thanks to the implementation of early and effective measures to stop its spread. Taiwan notified the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) of information regarding the spread of an infectious disease in China in December 2019, but the W.H.O. ignored the warning, as Taiwan is not allowed to join the U.N. body.

    Merry Christmas


    • StewGreen says:

      @Tomo that Taiwan story was already spoiled a few days ago when a New Zealand born pilot spread Covid to a “lady friend”
      He was based in Taiwan doing the cargo route to the US and back.

      Strangely Worldometer shows they have new cases all the time
      been consistently 1 -2 per day couple of times recently 20 per day
      I guess that is infected travellers coming in rather than local caught cases.


  7. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    Happy Yuletide greetings to all from here in the Wairarapa.

    May the new year bring good hunting.

    Blessed Be.


    • StewGreen says:

      In 2001 I was WWOOFING in Wellington/Hutt in November/December then I took the train upto Featherstone and upto Masterston and to WOOF at a place in the countryside that did pottery workshops.
      before going back to Levin to work at the Organic River festival.


  8. taffman says:

    “Brexit deal ‘will make UK safer’, Priti Patel says”
    “ She said the UK would be “more secure through firmer and fairer border controls” after 31 December.”

    She says a lot of things . How about deporting all those “illegals” shipped over by France ? One of BoJo’s promises.


  9. taffman says:

    As we approach the New Year may I take the liberty of proposing some hero’s for“biasedbbc” that Al Beeb cover very little ……………….
    Nigel Farage
    Liz Truss
    Lord Frost .


  10. Sluff says:

    Taking one for the team, I endured about 45 minutes of the Toady edition featuring Lewis Hamilton.

    Even for the BBC, this must rank as one of the most unutterably awful glaringly race-baiting programmes of all time.

    No stone was left unturned in the search for wayycism.
    Even more glaringly that search yielded so little true racism, it was just an excuse for general BAME whingeing.

    So here’s an idea. Why doesn’t the BBC do a special on a really disadvantaged group. One consistently shown by one year’s data after another to underperform at school and have their life chances diminished as a result.

    I bring you…..white working class boys.
    Can you imagine the BBC running a Toady special for them – or do I mean us?

    Nope, me neither.


    • taffman says:

      De-fund Al Beeb.


    • StewGreen says:

      According to St Lewis of Hamilton, no one had ever faced up to any negatives in British history before.
      Really ?
      i don’t think we thought Henry VIII killing his wives was a great thing
      or the persecution of Catholics
      or that the Charge of the Light Brigade or Gallipoli were great things
      Or Peterloo or the Tolpuddle martyrs or the victims of suffragettes etc.
      And if the ancestors thought slavery was great, why did they end it ?


      • BRISSLES says:

        Contrary to what Hamilton says, his upbringing was not that bad. Funny how the cameras don’t go anywhere near his white Mum to get her views of her arrogant son.


    • Oaknash says:

      Toady plus – “My dads life matters, but my mums life obviously doesnt Hamilton” What a woke combo!
      Above and beyond Sluff – I salute you


  11. Foscari says:

    For those of you that still watch BBC don’t you want to
    throw something at the TV every time you see Laura
    Kuenssberg opens her sarcastic gob?


  12. AsISeeIt says:

    The ladies appear to be front and centre in the press this Christmas. First and foremost is Her Madge, on the frontpage of most titles, save the republican-leaning Guardian and the formerly patriotic Times.

    It’s good to see our nonagenarian Queen given some respect as she plays her part as reassuring mother of the nation: ‘Powerful words of comfort as she tells virus-hit Brits you’re not alone’ (Mirror)

    Most papers, although they may not directly voice the feeling, pick up on the contrast between the corona restrictions and our inate yearning for human contact: ‘As Queen says we all need a hug at Christmas…’ (Daily Mail)

    Despite the tabloids both right- and left-leaning uniformly embracing the Queen as though she were our shared grandma, The Telegraph is a little staid in its praise: ‘The Queen kept her presentation simple this year, emphasising on the good that had prevailed despite the hardships of 2020’ – I’m afraid I baulk at the phrase “emphasising on” which seems to have the tone of a compulsory staff Zoom conference on diversity training – something I think we’ve had more than our fill of this year. Shame on you Telegraph.

    Sharing the Telegraph frontpage, her laughing expression more suited to the thrill at her own promotion than to the sentiment of the report, we find another powerful unelected female Brit: ‘Jane Sarpong. White privilege is a reality says BBC diversity chief’ – despite the white Christmas for some of us, I think we all know what we can look forward to on the BBC in 2021.

    The Sun favours a triumvirate of tabloid queens who appear to suggest, at first glance, would have us believe women can have it all.

    Katie Price insists: ‘I will marry hubby No 4’ Her Christmas wish is: ‘I’m not getting any younger…so I want a new husband and baby in 2021’

    Seems it’s been a bit of an annus horribilis for our Katie: ‘After being declared bankrupt and spending time in The Priory, she broke both her feet in a freak ­holiday accident and her 29st disabled son Harvey was hospitalised and nearly died.’ – that litany of bad luck certainly has me couting my blessings.

    Shirley Ballas (of Strictly notoriety): ‘My guilt over leaving family’ – this is a tale not of infidelity but of: ‘Not hugging family at Christmas brings back memories of being away from my son when he was a child’ – perhaps women can’t have it all in terms of both family and career and difficult choices do need to be made. Seems the televised announcemnet of Boris’s Christmas restrictions upset our Shirley and brought back memories of separation from family: ‘I was so upset even my false eyelashes were falling off.’

    Joanna Page (TV Gavin’s Stacey) bemoans: ‘No sex in lockdown’ – we’re not talking puritanical non-mixing rules blunting hook-up opportunities here. Our Joanna’s been suffering a dry spell with actor hubby James (off Emmerdale): ‘The real-life drama echoes the sitcom’s plot in which Mat Horne and Jo’s Gavin and Stacey Shipman find their marriage in turmoil from a nookie drought… Jo – a mum-of-three like her character – says her youngsters, aged four to seven, killed any chance of intimacy’

    So there you have it, decades of feminism seem to have left the ladies in desperate need of an agony aunt.

    The Times also features a Joanna, a little longer in the tooth and rather more feisty: ‘Joanna Lumley Yes I’m 74 No, I’m not vulnerable’

    Not to be left out, the right-on Guardian has females on the cover. Black nuns, no less: ‘Light in the darkness: Christmas prayers in the Nairobi slum…’

    To the weather and another gentle reminder to the BBC that once prohesied British children would never again witness a white Christmas: ‘White Christmas… But storm Bella will hit on Boxing Day’ (Express) – seems we can’t keep the ladies out of the news, or the weather, this time in the form of storm Bella: ’70 mph Bella to batter Britain’ – says the Daily Star whose thought for the day reads: ‘Deadly storm? Oh isn’t that just typical of 2020.’ – deadly? Is this a prediction of storm-related fatalities? Watch out for the death certificates reading “died during storm Bella”.

    Not wanting to leave the Christmas paper review on a such a cold note of dark humour, I thought I would refer those knockers of the Brexit deal hereabouts with the Star’s other frontpage female, the shapely: ‘Rhian’s red hot’

    ‘Page 3 icon Rhian Sugden flaunted her hourglass figure as she stripped off to a strapless red bodysuit for a sexy Christmas display. Rhian, 34, smouldered for the camera as she flaunted an impressive amount of cleavage in the tiny leotard, which was held up by luck alone.’ – and with the sort of luck we’ve all had this year…


    • G says:


      “The ladies appear to be front and centre in the press this Christmas.”

      But they still ‘make up’ to attract the males, why on earth do that?

      The reality? Nothing really changes………….


    • Up2snuff says:

      AISI, June Sarpong, BBC’s BAME Diversity Director provides me with a ‘M R-D moment *’ on the front page of the Daily Telegraph. And no, I’m not using a French vulgarity there. ‘White privilige is a reality, says BBC diversity chief’

      * A Mandy Rice-Davies moment = “She would say that, wouldn’t she?”


      • Fedup2 says:

        Up2 – have some respect – that’s the next chair of the BBC you’re ‘dissing’ – seasons greetings ..


      • BRISSLES says:

        When I hear ‘white privilege’ being uttered, I think that someone is envious of not being born white too, and that all this “black and proud” display is just a front.


  13. Fedup2 says:

    Sluff – you shouldn’t endure such hardship at this time of year . And you probably increased the listening figures by 10% – bit like the ‘sports personality ‘ thing .

    I missed the Queen reading somebody else’s words on an autocue yesterday .so I want to my 2021 ‘go to’ BBC – site – pidgin English to watch her there .

    But to my disappointment it had the president of Nigeria – Mohamed odinga and his pidgin Christmas message .

    Pidgin – for those too thick or lazy to learn the real one.

    The Christmas viewing figures must be eagerly awaited by those thousands of BBC managers …..


    • Darcy3 says:

      Nigerian Xmas message ?

      Has it been a difficult year for all the royal families and ex government ministers trying get gold and cash out of the country via emails to UK pensioners ?

      Let us hope more bank account numbers are forthcoming in the new year

      and plenty more multiple housing benefit applications are successful for our many wifes and kids


      • Darcy3 says:

        I have part of the trnscript, allegedly:

        “Dat Queen sed sumfink about Anal Horrible or sumfink, woss she talkin bout ? she cant even speke English

        But sound dirty to me

        like dat Prince Andrew,

        if he eva touch my 45 daughters on state visit he get his balls nailed to a chair no problem, appy Xmas over and out”


  14. Fedup2 says:

    I’m waiting for ‘yes minister’ to be redubbed into pidgin but I’m worried that trolls and BBC staff reading this site will ‘develop ‘ the idea . They must be desperate for a coloured PM by now – as long as it’s not called ‘Priti’ . …..


  15. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC: Brexit: How European leaders reacted to EU-UK trade deal


    You’ll find the BBC garnered comments from 14 of the 27, plus 3 Eurocrats.

    Nothing from Hungary or Poland. Perhaps they don’t do Twitter?

    The Spanish bloke made some rather unnecessary reference to Gibralta.


  16. JamesArthur says:

    BBC on normal form….how many remoaners have been invited on..Ed Davey on this morning….he was what one might call..a miserable barsteward….the anti brexit vitriol spewed forth..and the BBC didnt challenge..
    Why dont these people now put energy into positive action…?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Perhaps a new political party will form with EU funding aimed at rejoining – so they can get their 20% funding back . Let’s call it The Change Party ….Ed Davey seems to have forgotten what happened at the last election to the last Change Party ….

      …. I’ve been trying to find ‘odds’ on a knighthood or peerage for Nigel Farage – one of the papers said odds had tightened on a knighthood ….
      Whenever these gongs are awarded you see the way the bubble works – maybe the former speaker will get it this time – but even more friends of Princess nut nut will get their ermin and free money …
      Any one wanna predict some ?


      • tarien says:

        Apart from the fact that whole honours business makes me sick, as very few deserve any reward-its those that selfishly give their time to vulunteer or those that devote their lives to helping others through a number of social services for which they get little thanks. Scrap the Lords as is, and to counteract the commons replace it with a new house with members nominated by the public possibly through their Councils. Shall we say only UK Citizens, who have lived and worked in the UK for a minimum of 10 years. One other proviso, absolutely no member of Islam would be allowed. Accepetable?


        • Sluff says:

          It is going to be very dismal.
          Loads of the usual gongs to civil servants who have heroically errr…..turned up for work…..or worked from home. No short time working. No redundancies.
          Lots for NHS workers who are even now busily injecting themselves with vaccine when, hey presto, there is a lot left over at the end of the day which will otherwise have to be thrown out. Kudos though to ITU and A and E staff.
          Nothing for shop workers and bus drivers who have worked all through and kept us fed and mobile, and put themselves at proven greater risk.
          And what about all the gongs to BAME people for services to skin colour?
          And a special award to RocNation, for outstandingly successful management of Marcus Rashford’s off-field profile.



      • Up2snuff says:

        Sir Lewis of Monaco?


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        Instead of trying to cram even more lords into the bursting at the seams HofL building why don’t they use one of the many empty unused nightingale sheds.
        I’m sure the lords can happily sleep in those huge unused buildings, the lords who stay that is, not the ones just clocking in for the expenses.

        Maybe the nightingale sheds are used (to do the choreography for the multitude of dance routines we get from the overworked nhs staff) as they must have to practise these routines quite a lot and then do the dress rehearsals before the videos.


  17. theisland says:


    • Fedup2 says:

      Cant see the BBC seeing anything positive out of it – and will be desperate to look for ‘rejoining arrangements ‘….

      Since this document is to be debated in the commons on 30 December it’s only fair that we get to see it …..


      • G says:

        Yes, they will have to wait the 5.5 years (contained in the agreement) for there to be any move toward rejoining. I even see Farage increasingly seeing the cracks in the plaster:


  18. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – this could be fake news, it probably is fake news

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/ top line, middle item ‘France finds first case of new coronavirus variant’. Will Marianna be despatched to check it over?


    I thought not.

    She should be right on it. Firstly, the language is suspect: ‘new coronavirus variant’. It is sloppy science. That could mean a variation on regular influenza or even something as mundane as the common cold to a chronic rhinitis sufferer. Is it Covid or is it not?

    Secondly, only one discovered so far and just happens to be a person who has travelled from Britain. What do we know already about this new variant. It is already global and has possibly/probably been around since the spring of 2020. O ho ho!

    Pull the other one, France and BBC.

    BBC put on some Gullible Travels this Christmas ….. ?


  19. vlad says:

    Naturally the lying BBC are giving a very biased account of the situation in America concerning the stimulus package that Trump has refused to sign off.

    They present the package as a splendid thing, being opposed by Trump for political reasons. In fact it’s a rotten deal, squandering aid on overseas projects while giving Americans a meagre $600. Trump is rightly demanding more for domestic aid and less for overseas.

    Wish our politicians would do the same.

    Predictably the BBC makes no mention of the wasteful overseas aid aspect of the bill, nor of Speaker Pelosi’s months of dithering and political shenanigans that have led to the present crisis.


    • scribblingscribe says:

      Exactly Vlad.

      Had it been the other way around, ie the Republicans offering a paltry 600 dollars to each person and Obama insisting on 2K per person, there is no doubt who the BBC/Guardian would be supporting.

      The fact that Trump is seeking to fund it by reducing overseas aid means it is, in some way, coasted too.


  20. Fedup2 says:

    I’m going with Lord Cummings of Barnard Castle ….with a task of ‘reforming ‘- or abolishing the Lords ( I know the latter one is naive because it provides somewhere to go for the political class when they die ) …


    • Darcy3 says:

      Princess Nut Nut, Duchess of Woke seems to be doing well with her own private HR company on Downing St


  21. Dover Sentry says:

    The Nashville car-bombing interests me.

    Who and why? It was a technically proficient job and with no fatalities.

    Therefore not Islamic.


    • Darcy3 says:

      Since it was a camper van it could be something to do with ex Top Gear presenters

      with a strong dislike of country and western


    • vlad says:

      Al-beeb will be praying it was one of those imaginary Far-Right terrorist groups they keep warning us about, that never seem to materialise.

      We’re told the van ‘broadcast a warning to leave the area’.

      Concern for human life, so definitely not islamic.


  22. Darcy3 says:

    Conspiracy theorists have already noticed AT and T s connection to Dominion voting machines…


  23. Guest Who says:

    That ‘our’ doing some heavy lifting from Jane and the BBC there.


    • Scroblene says:

      Don’t worry, Ducks, there’ll be loads of private planes arriving in Glasgow sometime next year, full of climate change wannabes, all spending millions on aviation fuel etc.

      They’ll all try to rival prescott’s daft idea that he was a ‘broker’ in some sort of ‘deal’ years ago, and everyone forgot that in just a few months!

      Come on BBC, give us a break from your relentless, boring rubbish about all this! Leave it to people who actually create the wealth, not waste it all like you all do!


      • Darcy3 says:

        I suspect any primatologists arriving in Glasogow will have a better understanding of silverbacks than when they try to book a bed and breakfast on on Sauchiehill Street


    • Fedup2 says:

      Always plenty of fruitcake at Christmas – maybe she is of the Scrooge ‘surplus population school – to link a malicious / negligent leak of an experimental virus from a Chinese state laboratory to ‘green issues ‘ really does push the nutty cake a bit far…
      ….. guess she’s related to a BBC bigwig …


      • JamesArthur says:

        Probably mentioned earlier but I have just watched BBC Queen’s speech…does anyone know if Queenie sees the images that are displayed?
        Talk about pc woke BBC bias..Mary Secole wasn’t a nurse and contrary to popular BBC belief the country isn’t 85% Bame..and as for the bloody NHS singers.why did one have a bloody stethoscope aroiund his neck?
        Ruined Queens speech..defund in 21


        • BRISSLES says:

          I was less then impressed with the Speech. It was full of nothing, despite what the commentators say. Plenty of thanks, full of platitudes and a Merry Christmas to you all. Oh, and we’re missing hugs. Big deal. I could see what was happening when the first couple of minutes were filled with black NHS workers here and medics overseas. Then despite being Defender of the Faith, we had references to all the other lot. Waste of time.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      “We have terribly harmed this planet… It’s our disrespect of nature…”

      Really, Jane?

      ‘The Gombe Chimpanzee War was a violent conflict between two communities of chimpanzees in Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania lasting from 1974 to 1978. The two groups were once unified in the Kasakela community. By 1974, researcher Jane Goodall noticed the community splintering… During the four-year conflict, all males of the Kahama community were killed, effectively disbanding the community. The victorious Kasakela then expanded into further territory but were later repelled by another community of chimpanzees.’

      ‘The outbreak of the war came as a disturbing shock to Goodall, who had previously considered chimpanzees to be, although similar to human beings, “rather ‘nicer'” in their behaviour’



    • vlad says:

      “It’s our disrespect of nature that’s led to this Covid-19 pandemic”

      And there was me thinking it was the Chinese penchant for bat-soup and monkey-brains (and possibly monkeying around in bioweapons labs).


  24. G says:

    Changing the subject, I’ve just watched all of Series 8 (the last) of, ‘Homeland’. I’ve watched avidly since Series 1 in 2011. For any other devotee, I’m confident that they would agree that the Series’ had a knack of mirroring, slightly late, events in the US. Until now. The hitherto depicted fictional ‘closeness’ between the CIA/FBI was, for me, in S8, totally out of place. Not that the writer could have foreseen that the now real CIA/FBI no longer support the presidency both, now, being rouge outfits devoted to cherishing the growing communism.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I thought it got tired and the girl who was as mad as a box of frogs got to be too much – I was trying to think of a ‘spoiler ‘ but couldn’t be bothered ….. I was always surprised that Jason bourne and Jimmy bond turned up in the latest series though
      ( oops )


    • 7Clubs says:

      It is a while since I saw series 8 so cannot quite remember but they did make a mistake with making a female president in the series they made in mid 2016 .Homeland producer/writer clearly assumed that Hilary Clinton would win as the female president was so similar to Hilary.Thought Series 1 2 4 & 6 were brilliant 3 & 5 were poor whilst 7 & 8 were watchable.


  25. davylars says:

    George Blake dies…
    Great sadness at the BBC no doubt

    Obituary: George Blake



  26. Fedup2 says:

    Davy – yes one of their traitor comrades lived far too long …


  27. pugnazious says:

    If you want to start the day off well don’t turn on the BBC….and keep it that way all day unless you really need to feel like someone is poking your eyes out with a sharp stick.

    However the wobbly finger returned to the fire and I tuned in and instantly was assailed by the ignorance, lack of curiosity and urge to investigate that any good journalist should have in spades but is sadly missing in nearly all BBC ‘journalists’ these days.

    The presenter wanted to know what your Christmas was like…socially distanced, windows and doors open, everyone safe?….and maybe you discussed the merits of the vaccine….‘I hope not!’ said the presenter.

    Soooo….you’re not allowed to discuss whether a vaccine is safe to take? Just believe eh? Never mind more and more issues are being found with many people having severe reactions after taking a vaccine.

    We’re told the vaccines were thoroughly and rigorously tested….so how is it that people who are susceptible to severe allergic reactions to many drugs weren’t tested? You might have thought they would be the first to be tested….but no, only now are such tests being conducted.

    But never mind….look away….nothing to see here…just get your jab and keep your mouth shut.

    This isn’t journalism from the BBC it’s campaigning by a pro-vaccine lobby group called The BBC.

    Then again we know the BBC avoids difficult discussions such as climate change [the science is settled] or muslim rape gangs prefering to allow thousands of young white girls to be attacked rather than raise the alarm.

    Similarly with trans issues…the BBC is fully on-board and acts as a mouthpiece for the trans lobby….disgracefully encouraging even the youngest child to transgender and continuing to do so even when the courts have said this was illegal and immoral….the BBC actually misreporting what the court said as James Kirkup in The Spectator spells out…

    ‘The BBC should be ashamed of its reporting on trans teenagers’

    But there’s another wrinkle…the BBC can keep lying, spreading pro-trans propaganda and misreporting things without being held to account as Ofcom has declared that critics of trans lobbying are hate groups who shouldn’t be allowed on the BBC’s airwaves…

    ‘On Wednesday, Ofcom chief Melanie Dawes said it would be “entirely inappropriate” for the BBC to approach groups like the LGB Alliance to “balance” debates around trans issues after SNP MP John Nicolson, a homosexual, described them as “transphobic”.’

    Odd thing…if there are no such things as ‘women’ how can Trans people describe themselves as ‘women’ or get upset when women describe themselves as ‘women’ or when women say trans-women aren’t women?

    Is it not in fact the trans lobby that is the hate group that tries to demonise, dehumanise, delegitmise and silence women?

    Here’s a BBC video showing how transwomen can improve ‘women’ who are sadly lacking in so manly respects….


  28. Fedup2 says:

    I’m sorry – I caught the BBC news at 1300. The autocue reader was positively chirpy about huge numbers of the English going into tier 4 5 6 7 or whatever it is . He obviously enjoys the idea of 25 million people having basic civil rights removed for an unknown time .

    Brexit didn’t get a mention until after
    Boxing Day sales ( meaningless )
    Somewhere flooding
    Russian spy dies

    In fact – Brexit didn’t get a mention at all – after 12 minutes – maybe the BBC is in full denial – why won’t they put up a count down clock until new year – new country . ?


    • StewGreen says:

      The Hard Lockdown flag flies outside the BBC building
      : the Hard Remain flag
      : The BLM flag
      : The Rainbow Flag
      : The GreenDream flag , Great Reset flag, the UN open borders flag

      Our local news had on the Indian American scientist on who advises the Scottish Government, talking about ENGLISH tiers
      presumably cos she is the hardest lockdown voice they could find.

      They also talked about the 100 tonnes of dead sperm whales on the Hornsea beach
      without a hint of mentioning the “world’s biggest windfarm” that they usually promote.


  29. StewGreen says:

    Yesterday’s viewing figures
    Queen 8 million : 12.5% of UK population
    Soaps 5 million
    Mrs Brown’s Boys 4 million, 6%
    So 92% of UK public weren’t watching the hours top programme


    • Seppers says:

      Listened to the Queen on the radio, but watched no telly at all on Christmas for the first time in my life. And liked it 👍🙂


  30. The WestWyvern says:

    Mrs Browns Boys. As funny as piles. Has anyone seen the C4 Alternative Queens Speech. A comedienne digitally enhanced to look and sound like her Maj. interesting comment about the Prince and Princess of Woke, something about Canadians and a comment that Andrew won’t be visiting North America anytime soon… certainly more funny that 4extra this morning with the painfully unfunny Sarah Milican introducing ‘comedy’ that started with a rant at Donald Trump and his nasty woman jibe at the witch Hillary. I was waiting for the balance, ref Killarys deplorables comment but of course this being the Beeb, it never came.

    Switched on R4 only to hear something about the racist privileged racing driver, so turned that straight off.

    Still I’m sure June Sourprong on her £70k for 3 days work is having a nice Christmas.


  31. Fedup2 says:

    As might be expected – the obituary of the Russian spy / British Traitor is enthusiastic and skirts over the effect of his betrayals . Strange – or maybe not – how the BBC gives a free pass to the Evil Russian Empire – but perhaps there are so many senior managers in the BBC who got ‘signed up ‘ by the Russians that one might expect such behaviour .

    There should not have been an obituary – or main news coverage of one of Stalin’s boys


  32. StewGreen says:

    June Sarpong is trending
    @AsISeeIt & Up2Snufff already mentioned the Telegraph article

    Parody Grauniad comments
    Racism | BBC Head of Diversity, June Sarpong promises to continue the hunt for white privilege racism where none exists, starting with an 18 month investigation at BBC Asian Network

    Here is the BBC getting 5 fold ratio-ed as they promote the interview

    Laurence Fox’s take
    Critical Race theory is the most divisive, racist and patronising ideology.
    So much so that it’s been banned in schools and it’s pseudo doctrine of unconscious bias banned from government departments.
    Why should the @bbc be any different?


    • StewGreen says:

      Mad Theories and June Sarpong ??
      It’s not like she presented 16 episodes of the US show Conspiracy Theory 2009-2012
      alongside people like Alex Jones. …./sarc



    • vlad says:

      “White privilege is a reality says BBC diversity chief”

      Well she would, wouldn’t she?

      THAT’S HER JOB!!

      No white privilege = no need for overpaid ‘diversity chief’ = you’ll have to find a real job, if you can.


    • tarien says:

      It would appear that this Sarpong woman really hates this country, a country that has been of a white colour for 1000,’s of years, and where were it not for this country’s strenous efforts to abolish the slave trade, Ms Saprong would still be an enslaved woman somewhere else in the world. The biggest slavers were and still are the Arab traders, still plying their acienttrade and now they are enslaved into the abhorrent ideology of Islam. It is they that this coloured woman should be fighting against, it is Islam that promotes raceism. It is Islam that is invading all Western European countries, and unbelievably being gievn support by some European leaders-we know their names.


      • BRISSLES says:

        At least being ‘white privilege’ I don’t have to worry about the constant change of wigs to make myself look like whitee girls do with their straight hair. If they’re proud to be black then ditch the wigs and reveal the Afro frizz.


    • Oaknash says:

      I was looking through todays Telegraph – and the ist thing that struck me was the interview of this race Hustler. I suppose they need to restore a bit more “woke” balance to last weeks phasing out of “The wrong Trousers” column in the magazine about some journos “transition from a he to a shim.
      We also had articles by the once eminent Charles Moore and Liam Fox all billed as Britains “best” writers on a “historic” deal. I was especially not interested in the Liam Fox article who was such a determined brexiteer he couldnt wait last time to endorse the Theresa May surrender. Juliet Samuel is another one who poses as a serious journo but in reality is more vanilla than a Mr Softee 99 cornet.
      The Telegraph was the last newspaper left to still encourage critical journalism but this too appears to have drunk on the Kool Aid, with all of its journalists apparently jockeying for position to praise the Bojo deal despite very little analysis of the small print.

      Such a shame – For me it will be following the way of the BBC – I will no longer buy it and just hope that at some point a truly conservative paper one day will come along.
      The media bemoans the loss of the printed newspaper but appears blind to the fact that just like all of the political parties the “meeja” have followed them only allowing one accepted view and regarding everything else as “extremist”


  33. Darcy3 says:

    Never mind, the Carry on films continue today on ITV 3 reminding of us when we were a more cheerful nation and not afraid to cast our indigenous population or admit that boys fancy girls and vice versa.

    No Bernard Breslaw today or Barbara Windsor in the typical NHS uniform of 6 inch stilletos, mini skirt, seamed stockings, low cut blouse and a little hat with a red cross

    although judging by the waistline of so many anychess staff nowadays maybe thats not a bad thing

    I hear many bad comments about NHS meals but suspect they may have been quite good when they left the kitchen but somewhere along the way all the sausages, bacon and pies went missing and just the veg left

    Now I’m for it…heresy … what’s the punishment nowadays?

    Lucky I am not on Twitter it may have exploded by now


  34. pugnazious says:

    The problem with Britain is that there are too many white people….and it’s not just D’Abbott who thinks this…the head of BBC diversity is also of that opinion….the 87% majority of whites is a big problem for Sarpong….something needs to be done to handicap these white supremacists and make Britain Black or at least put them in charge.

    ‘Ms Sarpong is in no doubt that white privilege is a fact of life. “There is unfairness baked into our system,” she says, and while the “elite white male” is at the top of the tree, even the white working class has an advantage over people from black and Asian backgrounds.’

    So the BBC’s head of diversity is in no-way neutral, impartial, balanced, measured or fair-minded…she is in fact a fully signed up bigot, racist, anti-white black supremacist and an outright campaigner for Black LIves Matter spouting all the trendy and poisonous rhetoric we expect from these extremists and racists.

    Be clear ‘white privilege’ is no different from ‘nigger’….it’s meant to humiliate, belittle, marginalise and ‘other’ white people…it tells you to shut up, go away and let the Blacks take over.

    As Powell said when they get the whip hand…at the moment it’s just power-plays for influence and a colonisation of culture, politics and society…but when they do indeed get the real ‘whip-hand’ who can deny that ‘killing whitey’, like ‘Kill the boer’, will become the reality.

    Giving someone like Sarpong such a powerful position from which she can shape BBC programming so that it denounces white people, their history and culture and replace it with a new ‘Black’ version of history is extremely dangerous…not just for society which will be torn apart by her divisive agenda but for the BBC itself as people start to recognise how toxic and packed full of hate for white people and Britain its programming is.

    The BBC knew exactly who it was employing…..she has a long history of standing on the ‘critical race theory’ platform…the BBC obviously backs her words and beliefs…..if you’re white the BBC thinks you’re a problem. Sarpong, of course, is also a remainer, wants to scrap private schools and is Labour through and through…as well as having been Lammy’s squeeze…birds of a feather….and of course she’s yet another of those immigrants who came here for refuge, took that refuge and all Britain had to offer and then decided to attack Britain because it is so bad, so racist and so nasty.

    The BBC is engaged in ethnic cleansing of whites, their history, culture and society. …it is why it loves open borders and mass immigration…it, along with Labour, wants to ‘brown Britain’ by changing the demographics and making white people a minority…just see how it cheers on the mass immigration of illegal occupiers into America and the resultant change in the populations….the BBC can’t wait to see Hispanics overtake whites as the majority and what they expect to see, the Republican Party consigned to history because all these immigrants will vote Democrat…right? Wrong…Trump received large numbers of Hispanic, black and even Muslim votes….most immigrants are ironically ‘conservative’ and the Democrat’s liberal, progressive woke agenda does not play well with them.

    The BBC is the most dangerous organisation in Britain.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      Unfortunately Pug it isn’t limited to the BBC. Does anyone still wonder why Boris & Co haven’t made a move to tame the BBC? It’s because the fake Conservatives espouse the same views. Remember they showed their fangs this year.

      Every member of the Home Office to be indoctrinated in mandatory diversity training courses that mass immigration is great. Senior positions to be offered to minorities, excluding white applicants. (And elsewhere Britain's immigration policy to be refocused to outside of Europe). pic.twitter.com/ft3F49vRSu— TraditionalBritain (@TradBritGroup) July 21, 2020



    • Seppers says:

      Regarding the last line you wrote – I have thought this for a long while for other reasons.
      I’m no Tory, but I’ve watched them try to dismantle Brexit, and now Boris’s government. They are activists, using everyone else’s forced payments to their causes.


  35. Darcy3 says:

    Oh. hang on it’s Carry On Again Doctor just started

    Which comes with an ITV warning (yes really):

    “which reflects the language of its time”

    In case our millenial snowflakes get offended by Dr Nooky I suppose, and lines like

    “NOT bowels Doctor BELLS ringing in me ears”

    Double FFS


  36. Jack in the Green says:

    Be like me
    Have a drink or three
    Forget about your troubles…….
    And the BBC !

    I meant to post this yesterday, don’t ask! Many thanks to all the people who run the site and best wishes to all contributors.


  37. Eddy Booth says:

    Seems the BBC’s website has a single thread open for comments.
    (Guess the mods are sat at home exhausted after removing so many non woke comments all year)

    “Mikel Arteta says Arsenal’s next three fixtures could define their season”
    Top comment:
    “Basically Arsenal are shit.”
    Up 256
    Dowm 45


  38. Guest Who says:

    Apols if already covered, as seems likely if it is pernicious lying and the bbc as one, but sharing to see what is being referred to.


    • Guest Who says:

      Ah, yes, covered but worth promoting further.


    • G says:

      I would welcome the BBC becoming totally Black and Asian. Then it could broadcast to the 13% of that population. No problem. But I’m sure very little money will exist to pay staff when all those with, “White Privilege” leave an unfillable gap in licence fees behind.

      But for the present, please tell me what qualifications this person has to occupy such a position within, “Our Worlds Most Trusted Broadcaster”


    • Oldspeaker says:

      I’ll swap June my white privilege for her salary, pension and perks.


    • JimS says:

      Throughout the ‘white’ UK interview and promotion boards know they have to justify why a ‘black’ candidate shouldn’t get the ‘thumbs up’ while for a ‘white’ candidate it is a case of why they should.

      It is twice as hard to reject a candidate who is ‘black’ and female.

      Largely this is because of so-called ‘equality’ legislation.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        It seems to lower productivity and increase costs because of the need to increase the level of bureaucracy in state run organisations. The Black person in charge becomes the useful idiot of a white puppet master. But George Soros is 90 years old, and so could soon die of the Covids, leaving his puppets in charge of the madhouse.


    • BRISSLES says:

      She’ll be signing up Nadya next as her side kick.


    • Dobyns says:



  39. StewGreen says:

    YouTube Cancelled Anna Brees’s channel cos she covered anti-lockdown demos


  40. Zelazek says:

    Maybe I’m weird but I quite like Lewis Hamilton. When he talks, he sounds like a decent bloke to me. But this morning on Today I got annoyed by so many of the ideas and assumptions underlying the material he was apparently editing.

    Does he ever stop to think if pushing this racism in sport theory makes sense when he has risen to be the most successful racing driver in history? Does he not feel the slightest pang of cognitive dissonance?

    If you look at the early life of other racing drivers, many came from motor racing backgrounds. Many had fathers who were very supportive and ambitious for their sons. This can also be seen among the top practitioners in many other fields of endeavour. Think of Mozart or the pianist Lang Lang in music. They had tyrannical fathers who bullied their sons into becoming the best.

    I believe that to a large extent Lewis is where he is today because of the support of his father. I suggest the reason why he has found himself to be the only black driver in the sport is not just because blacks make up a small percentage of the population anyway, but because too many black fathers are absent during their sons’ upbringing. Opportunities are not being denied to blacks by the motor racing establishment. Hamilton’s success proves otherwise. But one needs a lot of help to get into a high-status sport like motor racing – and that help begins with one’s family background.

    Very few people who become the best in the world at something come from nowhere and do it on their own. There will usually be a solid support network behind them, constant encouragement and strong fathers.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I’ve said on here before many times Zel, that Hamilton had an ok upbringing, and his Dad would take him regularly to the go karting centre not far from Stevenage where he grew up , and where his love of speed was nurtured and his talent clearly grew. Sadly he decided to denigrate his home town and said he grew up in a ‘slum’ – well, anyone who knows Stevenage knows that its one of the new towns built after the War, so hardly a ‘slum’ in the pure sense of the word. This has not endeared him to the people of Stevenage, and if he was ‘decent’ , instead of decrying his upbringing he would go back and do some good in the town, but no, he just continues to dig himself deeper into a hole with his outbursts. Like I said earlier, the cameras and interviewers haven’t exactly beaten a path to his white mum’s door.


      • Zelazek says:

        I will take your word for it, Brissles, that Lewis Hamilton isn’t as “decent” as he sounds. I didn’t know he had called Stevenage a “slum”.

        I went off Grand Prix when Nelson Piquet Jr. deliberately crashed his car at the Singapore Grand Prix in 2008 and now I don’t follow the sport closely.


        • Sluff says:

          Brissles and Zelazek.
          This comment will be buried in mid thread but I cannot help noticing that the overall insight analysis and balance of the above posts contrasts so starkly with the shallow, uncritical Leftoid woke BBC coverage of Hamilton despite their near limitless extra resources.

          PS Compare and contrast. BBC coverage of UK tax avoidance of Philip Green versus that of Lewis Hamilton. Both Monaco residents, I believe.


  41. Fedup2 says:

    If there is anyone looking for Boxing Day reading – the full text of the agreement has been published – 1200 plus pages here

    Click to access COM-2020-857-F1-EN-ANNEX-1-PART-1.PDF

    The papers are talking about tears , resignations and splits within the socialist cum the vote on the 30th so get yer popcorn in before the panic buying starts …


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Fed, It’s beginning to look a lot like a sell-out.

      Seems to full of nods ands winks to committees and councils to be set up to discuss all things…. some sort of four year time periods for deals, more red tape and befuddlement, also something about permanent access to EU boats in the ‘eastern Chanel’ to catch Cod with a 97% quota in perpetuity.. WTF?

      More like a treaty than trade agreement.

      I’ll await the likes of Cash and Redwoods take on it, but it’s getting clear, the outgoing PM Doris has sold us down the river. Surprised? Nah. Time for him to go.


      • Oaknash says:

        The fact that “Sir” Keir will order a 3 line Labour whip to support the “deal” and all of the popular press are jumping aboard tells me everything I need to know about how good the “deal” is for us.


  42. Richard Pinder says:

    Now Isolated on Boxing Day for the first time in my life. But yesterday I was told by a cousin that my uncle was persuaded to watch the Xmas edition of All Creatures Great and Small. He hasn’t seen the new series yet. Apparently he switched off after watching the first five minutes of the program. James Herriot is seen walking up to the isolated home of a dales farmer. It turns out the farmers wife is as Black as they are in the Xmas adverts.

    My uncle is in his ninties, he served in the Home Guard in the Dales, protecting the Ribblehead viaduct, he has been camping in the Dales for years and walked the Pennine Way. He has been a railway volunteer and been to shows in the Dales. He reads the Dalesman magazine and has read the books and watched the original series All Creatures. He has even visited the James Herriot Museum in Thirsk. But the first time he encountered a farmers wife of African descent, was in the first five minutes of the new series of All Creatures Great & Small.

    It also reminds me of my Grandmother who said that when she was young in the first world war, she remembered a German retail businesses in Hull being smashed up. She also remembered a Chinese Laundry business in Hull. But said that the Blacks did not arrive in Hull until after the creation of the welfare state and NHS after the second world war.

    But then that is what is unique about Blacks. Continental Europeans, Jews, Chinese and Asian immigrants did not need the state for help to set up businesses. While like BBC employees, the overwhelming majority of Blacks of African decent seem to be dependent on support from the state. In fact the only ethnics living down my street are Chinese, and my nearest Shopping Centre has a Chinese takeaway.

    So therefore if the state collapses due to bankruptcy. The Blacks of African descent would be the group of people least likely to survive if an advanced civilisation was in a state of collapse.

    So whites are privileged in being less dependent on the state due to the privilege of having an evolved higher intelligence level, fifteen percent higher than Blacks.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Netflix have some Regency type downtown abbey thing which just started – it too – is peppered with coloured tick boxes – I gave it 10 minutes before realising the demographic group it was aimed at – it wasn’t me .


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        Same as when I was growing up.
        I think the first black man I saw was when I was almost 20.
        I saw quite a few in the Army if you include the excellent Gurkhas. Never ever had any problems with any (and that was the time when we are told we were all racist)

        Even now there’s no huge number up north here (in Sunderland) but on tv you can’t go for a few minutes without seeing loads of Anne Boleyns, woke adverts and, have you noticed, every (good) US President/police captain in films is black.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        Is it the one with the Black Duke of Hastings. If I remember correctly I saw on the telly, a Black Duke of Hastings talking to William the Bastard prior to him coming over to England from France in 1066. Also I saw on the telly a Black Duke of Hastings in the new series about Robin Hood.

        My guess is that the Black Duke of Hastings is related to Hastings Banda, who succeeded the Queen as head of state of Malawi, or came from
        Hastings, Barbados or more likely Hastings, Sierra Leone. A secret Duchy founded by freed slaves.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Yep, like I mentioned on here the other day, all thanks to a black activist colour blind casting producer called SHONDA RHIMES. She’s responsible for a lot of black casting on Netflix dramas – whether they’re any good or not.


  43. Guest Who says:

    Phew… she has logged back on.


    • Guest Who says:

      And on the matter of the BBC’s stellar factual accuracy, here is a new post from Craig.


      Chris rather suffering not just from being the wrong colour, but old, and male.

      Don’t see him making it much further.

      Unless he commits to a few more po-faced howlers for Ms. Spring to ignore.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Guest – I really thought the BBC would quietly dump this whittee after he was ripped a new one by Peter Lilley live on Toady about 18 months ago .

        I think once ‘fact checkers ‘ are created it is a real sign that the broadcaster isn’t even pretending to be unbiased any more – it sees anyone outside their group think as an adversary – an enemy – who must be damaged or destroyed .

        People on this site keep putting up the young lady (age @25?) who is now if ‘fact check world’ ascendency – I will never hear – see or read anything this kidult puts up .

        As for fact-checker Morris – I think he might be doing a ‘leaving the BBC after 30 years’ tweet before too long ….


    • JimS says:


      Must be a good 70 years since Sherman tanks rolled down the streets, but then I’m not ‘only 24’.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I think that’s a T34 .


      • pugnazious says:

        LOL….troops were ready to deploy…and could be used in event of civil unrest….

        https://researchbriefings.files.parliament.uk/documents/CBP-8074/CBP-8074 [add .pdf to the url….removed as it loads the pdf itself to comment]

        ‘With only a few exceptions, requests for military assistance must be approved by the Ministry of Defence. In certain cases – when there is an urgent need to protect life, alleviate distress and/or protect significant property’

        And in the event of ‘terrorist’ attacks….which could be interpreted as an attack or riot by anti-lockdown protestors.

        ‘10,000 military personnel are available on standby to assist the civil authorities for significant terrorist incidents at short notice (see box 2). The army has three battalions placed at extremely high readiness to respond to emergencies in the UK. ‘

        The BBC were quite happy to suggest troops would be deployed in event of a ‘disastrous’ no-deal…..
        ‘Brexit: Military reservists on standby in event of no deal’

        That’s despite the MOD saying no…..

        ‘The MoD said in September 2019: The maintenance of public order is the responsibility of the police. There are no plans to utilise military personnel in the event of civil unrest in the event of a no-deal Brexit”.’

        So the BBC can spread its own misinformation designed to terrify you about a no-deal but anyone else, actually reporting the truth, is fake news?


    • JimS says:

      I was trying to work out what Ms Spring’s emoji 🚨 was all about – could it be an epaulette from her Chinese Communist Party uniform?

      Turns out it is supposed to be a police car light, woo, woo.


  44. theisland says:

    Breitbart: Poland to Pass Law Protecting Online Free Speech Against Big Tech Censorship

    On the other hand our government agrees with the censorship of free speech as proven by its politically driven persecutions and the fact it refuses to close down the lying bBC.

    Here AMW speaks to Dr Bill Warner, Scientist, Educator and author of best-selling books on ‘Political Islam’.

    For Britain are the only registered party that will talk openly and honestly about immigration, rape gangs, protecting our culture and anti-white hatred.
    We must build on platforms our enemy do not control.
    As For Britain will talk about the subjects the communist want to shut down, our accounts are hidden by YouTube and Facebook.


  45. StewGreen says:

    Over Christmas Radio4 has filled space by repeating progs 3 times instead of just 2 times

    So I heard the Radio4 Science show where Alarmist-Activist-Presenter Adam Rutherford
    interviewed Alarmist-Activist-Scientist T*msin Edwards
    she told us ‘I cheered Boris’s net zero announcements
    .. he was listening to what we scientists advised’
    ‘I think we are heading for +2.7C by 2000,
    a bit less if China backtrack on coal plans’

    Those words seem to me to be PR , NOT science

    Ben Pile also tweeted
    Hard to exclude the implication of what T*msin Edwards @flimsin
    is saying on R4 — that new papers have been produced to coincide with #COP26.
    We always knew that was the case
    — that “science” tries to urge policymaking. Good to have it confirmed.

    We could call it the Ferguson model of science communication.

    Next week, Alice Roberts and Brian Cox review the decade in science. (with Rutherford again)
    C’leb and BBC “science” is so predictable, so ideological, so shallow, incestuous.

    Next programme after the news, no shit, is Adrian Childs investigating UK self-sufficiency. Autarky.
    It’s religion.

    Autarky = a nation in self-sufficiency


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Scientists don’t have free speech on the BBC. Editors get sacked, so most scientists and almost all Atmospheric Physicists and Solar Astronomers haven’t even been invited on to the BBC in the last ten years. Its now been established that 24 out of 28 of the BBC’s best scientific experts, turn out to be environmental activists without any scientific qualifications. On the Mensa forum they call it a Dogma. See the article from the Mensa forum, below.

      Climate Dogma? We do know that the Greenhouse Effect exists because all Planetary Atmospheres have a surface temperature higher than the grey body temperature. The problem is that the Arrhenius hypothesis, as explained by NASA, does not work on planets with carbon dioxide atmospheres, proving that it is a Dogma. On the other hand a formula for the Greenhouse Effect based on Atmospheric mass, gravity and air pressure first suggested by James Clerk Maxwell in 1871, was proved correct in 2011 for all known Planetary Atmospheres by Ned Nikolov & Karl Zeller, Gravity pulling molecules downward producing the heat gradient. Other scientists have found the same results using NASA data with air pressure and the Ideal Gas Law. Therefore I hope that environmental activists like Greta don’t phone up Mensa and demand that the editor should be sacked for publishing this email, which is what scientists are presuming to be what is going on within the British media these days.

      My experience is that environmental activists rule the show. They control the politicians through the media. They approve and make sure taxpayers money goes to those scientists who are the crooks, but keep decent scientists off the air and censor most of the science. In Britain most of the scientists are only discovered to be decent when they are free from control by the state, by becoming retired.


  46. Darcy3 says:

    Off to Warmington on Sea now, the only time it is worth risking the black Broadcasting corporation without wondering if we have tectonically shifted to the Carribean or some minor African republic over the last year

    off course we do hear about the Sudan in some detail

    Rather surprised each episode is not prefaced by an apology

    they don’t like it up em


    • Fedup2 says:

      Talking pictures has a little gem at 2010 Saturday called

      ‘Went the day well ‘

      Which ages quite well…..


  47. StewGreen says:

    BBC The home of Diversity
    BBC2 last night 2 hours of Victoria Wood
    BBC2 tonight 2.5 hours of Victoria Wood


  48. Fedup2 says:

    A happy report in the Telgraph that the number of subscriptions for pay TV has gone from 24 million to 36 million in a year ….

    …. the BBC is gonna have to do a lot of ‘strictly’ and ‘flea bite ‘ to beat that shift .. defund it now …


  49. Jack in the Green says:

    Every time I hear a Bee Gees song I’m reminded of their contribution to Bomber Command’s UK WW2 memorial. Left to Dan Snow and his BBC friends this would never have happened. Nothing sums up this foul organisation better than giving military history airtime to an incompetent nobody like him. Thank the Gods that he’s not the bloke next to me In this trench.