418 Responses to Start the Week 21st December 2020

  1. Guest Who says:

    Speaking of Cox blockage, another Beeboid thus prone….


  2. Up2snuff says:

    Fed, just to let you know that something has happened to the ‘edit’ facility on this site. I find I can make one edit in the 15 minutes allowed but no more after that.

    I will have to be on time with my copy and have it in good order, won’t I? No more Bojo-ing for me. 😉

    Oh dear.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Up2 – your claim will be countered by mr ‘that can’t happen ‘ – other site changes include the return of the cut and paste trolls as well as the trolls desperate to say someone is wrong .

      I think I even saw a troll virologist explaining about viruses mutating or not –

      I have to confess I’m now at the stage of scannng for badness as well as not reading very long cut and paste stuff people put up not directly about the BBC .

      The same goes for anything with a picture or video attached …

      My favourite one was a 21 minute video of some bloke in Milton Keynes filming a covid test site and looking for an argument with the third world security . After that I thought – ‘no more ‘….no doubt a troll will ‘check the archives ‘- I think it was about September ….


  3. Fedup2 says:

    Some might say that the coincidence of a new virus at the very end of the EU trade negotiations is just that – a coincidence .

    Others might think that the Uk government / EU is trying to soften up public opinion to accept the coming sell out –

    – the coming pictures of panic buying – rationing – and empty shelves will be fully deployed by the BBC as Project Fear – together with ‘key’ remainers …

    … and of course some brexiter politician will be caught breaching tier 4


    • Darcy3 says:

      Porn sites are under attack apparently wimmin dont like them ,apart from the fact that most content is provided by (normal) wimmin, those without purple hair, and your site is under attack

      where will it end ? opinions and choices are becoming more limited by the day

      and I thought it would be an alien invasion that did this, but it seems all it took was a Tony Blair education to convince a generation that stupidity was sense

      that me now is the most important thing

      that I have the right to demand never to be offended yet my opinion is the most important thing

      and I can pick and choose what is offence at my leisure whilst witch hunting onTwitter

      and Jews bad but racism bad ???? how does that work ?

      Well done Tony, sitting in your gated, secure environment sipping champagne watching the racial hatred you have devised


      • Jeff says:

        Porn sites are under attack!!!

        Damnation and confound the blighters, is nothing sacred?

        I can’t go the pub. I can’t go to the gym. I can’t even buy myself a pair of bleedin’ shoes. And now, just to add salt to the wound, I’m not even allowed to (accidentally…cough…) take a swift gander at Hot busty wives.
        This lunacy has gone too far.

        Just a question, Darcy…

        How did you discover this?


      • Dobyns says:



    • Beltane says:

      Another coincidence is the site of the new ‘virulent’ strain. No mileage in the north – the contrived divisiveness has done the Red Wall trick there anyway – so London and SE evens things out nicely, with the added bonus of total chaos orchestrated at heart of cross-channel trade. My, how our ‘European friends’ will be laughing.


  4. StewGreen says:

    R4 Marr is doing religious history , now a comparison between Britain and France.
    “far right” is being shouted now.
    … “In France fascism is about winding the clock back to before the revolution..”

    Marr “of course in Britain we see Muslim clerics and Christian, Hindu leaders standing shoulder to shoulder”
    France expert “now in France there is a hardline group in the Catholic Church that comes out with a message about maintaining French purity, an idea which is of course fascist.
    .. these guys were even against Charlie Hebdo”

    “The Islam tradition in North Africa is soft Islam with dancing etc. they complain about the hardness of Wahhabism”

    Test edit1, edit2, edit3, edit4


  5. StewGreen says:

    Cowick, helicopter flood rescue
    .. seems near to Goole The bank of the Don Aire canal has breached, and the helicopter is moving into drop ballast bags to stabilise the breach, then the barges will move in with more rock.
    They say the piling is still there but soft earth behind it got washed away.

    So far no houses flooded.


  6. Darcy3 says:

    “Muslim clerics and Christian, Hindu leaders standing shoulder to shoulder”

    yeh right, until the schools are out

    just saying, 3 O clock then it will be the Christian and Hindus saying “where’s he off to in his Vauxall Vectra taxi with no MOT and bald tyres?”


  7. StewGreen says:

    The World After the Pandemic – Hayek Lecture 2020
    from IEA


  8. StewGreen says:

    FooC the BBC said there seems to be an unexplained rise in Turkey
    but the beeboid was too busy claiming the Turkish government was covering up both
    : The Positives tally
    : The death tally

    In the former they had reverted back to limiting the count to serious cases only.
    That isn’t evil cos it allows you to spot trends.
    Otherwise what happens is the positive tally keeps climbing , but that is an effect of increased testing picking up very mild cases or even over counting.


  9. digg says:

    Just to make sure the EU’s bullying intimidation covers Northern Ireland as well as mainland UK, the BBC trumpet…..

    Covid-19: New coronavirus variant ‘probably’ in Northern Ireland


    Perhaps they thought the EU had accidentally overlooked that, they are praying for Border Guards to appear! Probably to make bloody sure that no UK trucks manage to sneak across to Europe via Eire.

    I think it’s time the new “variant” was given it’s own name due to it’s importance, maybe “Brexit” variant?

    I would dearly love it if some leading scientific body with balls would come out and say outright that this is total rubbish, all viruses mutate over time by their nature.

    I for one now need to see death graphs split into original and new improved variant flavours from now on, with clinical proof.

    This is a despicable lie being spread for one purpose only which is why only the UK is reportedly affected which is la-la-Land and makes absolutely no sense at all and you don’t need to be a scientist to figure that one out…

    If Boris swallows this garbage he’s a gonner as far as I am concerned from here on in. He’s being stabbed in the back by his own “trusty” advisors and is now done up like a kipper.


  10. dafydd says:

    BBC & SKY NEWS this morning was a satisfying watch.

    Despite all the best efforts of the idiotic presenters to manipulate the so called experts, it was a disaster.

    Time after time they tried coheres the experts into slagging of the government in its handling of the latest Tier system, but brilliantly none of the experts would have saying time after time the Government was doing the right thing and had no choice..

    And to reiterate this a new pole has been released confirming what the experts were saying..



  11. tarien says:

    Utterly incomprehensible that this haphazard government should tell the world we have a new rapidly spreading variant virus-so Europe jumps at the chance to shut the UK off completely-what a load of plonkers we have in the cabinet /Sage. Of course we all now know that this new virus development was known to the powers a couple of months ago! So why was nothing done then to tackle the issue? Frankly one could be forgiven, were there to be tens of thousands of people massing outside Parliament to demand that the scientists collaberating in this pandemic Panic be fired and preferably inprisoned for a period. From all that I have read on the subject and by many notable medical/scientific peopl;e we the people are not being shown the true measure of this virus and certainly not as far as the rushed vaccine is concerned. Shambolic-would be too easy, shameful would be nearer.


    • Darcy3 says:

      Quite comprehensible:

      Until a relative dies, arranging the funeral now but care home will not release the body “cos of the virus” etc etc

      any news site will inform you of all the moronic millenial twats having a few beers before lockdown (yeh what a [email protected] laugh and we are off to a rave later) (and any mosque who does not belong to this country but happy to use us)

      I give up but you want to know why this virus has spread ?

      look above


  12. Beltane says:

    With our new Princess of Hearts tugging away on Bojo’s strings, what’s the betting on a knighthood for Packham in the New Year list?
    Rashford and Hamilton too, of course, but BLM’s a different game to the Countryfile agenda.


  13. Fedup2 says:

    Apart from the moral duty ( I bet other countries sat on it ) the news would have leaked making those involved have to resign .
    The problem is any spread of the news virus will be blamed on the UK . Let’s hope the vaccine still works …


  14. Kaiser says:


    “Not surprisingly, the Government’s scaremongering about the “mutant” strain prompted other European countries to start imposing travel bans on visitors from the UK. Apparently, this entirely predictable reaction wasn’t something the UK Government had predicted. ”

    and yet where is the evidence

    “Carl Heneghan, Professor of Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford University’s Nuffield Department of Primary Care, expressed scepticism over the 70% figure.

    He said: “I’ve been doing this job for 25 years and I can tell you can’t establish a quantifiable number in such a short time frame.”

    He added “every expert is saying it’s too early to draw such an inference”.”

    seriously WTF is going on


    • Guest Who says:


      Just got a DM (not friend of BoJo) email saying Dover was open and lorries flowing.

      The MSM seems a shark frenzy of contradictions serving ideology and ratings and a glimmer of actual news in the mix, only taking chunks out of each other and serving occasional accuracy and the public by accident at best.

      Half expecting Laura to set fire to herself in the foyer of W1A next as Marianna lifestreams claims that suit from Pesto, whoever is left at Sky and the Telegraph and Times Cougar news teams.

      With Surkeer running a ‘thoughts and prayer’ body gesture by bot template tonight in hope of a Newsight gig.


    • digg says:

      The EU-Meisters are busy, that’s whats going!


  15. digg says:

    Lord Heseltine using EXACTLY the same words as the German EU official used yesterday.

    Lord Heseltine said: “We have been misled, terrible phrases about taking back control and sovereignty which actually in the modern world means nothing.”


    If so Mr. Heseltine why are you still a “Lord”?

    This is a peerage granted by the Monarchy in this Country which you greedily accepted. So this also would mean nothing to you right?

    The EU and it’s lackeys in the UK are a swamp worthy of comparison with the anything the USA has generated up to now.

    I loathe these despicables!


  16. Darcy3 says:

    “the bbc trumpet”

    I like that, one could imagine a far less talented Louis Armstrong tooting to their hearts content with no one listening

    But alas not even that we will be reduced to listening to black rappers who use the N word endlessly and glorify violence and feted by the bbc cos they is black innit

    how insidious that, you can be arrested and jailed for saying a word but only if you are white

    if you are black you can say that word if you are white you will be arrested

    As the Clash said “I want a white riot I want a riot of my own”

    my Zimbabwean friend from college became bored with managing a mental heath unit so now is a barrister, yeh right we are all racists exams are racist

    or maybe some bames do not value education but prefer rioting


  17. Dystopian says:

    Someone have a word!


  18. G.W.F. says:

    We have learnt from the US election that the media have replaced governments.
    Here is more evidence that the media has done the same in the UK.

    Peter Whittle AM
    Why am I not surprised by this. Johnson has shelved the proposal to decriminalize the BBC license fee.



  19. StewGreen says:

    YouTube from : VivaFrei & Barnes
    Dominion vs. Sidney Powell? Election Lawsuits UPDATES
    2 hours


  20. BRISSLES says:

    Thank you media ! in your rush to tell the world there will be shortages of fresh fruit and vegetables, what happens ? this….

    Yesterday I just walked into my local co-op for my Sunday papers, no problems, with a mostly empty car park. Today, there’s a long queue standing outside. I turned the car round and left. Now whether its management deciding to let in a few at a time, or the idiot public panic buying everything in sight I don’t know, but as we cant exactly feed the 5000 this Christmas, then I’m happy as long as I’ve got bacon, eggs and a loaf of bread in the cupboard !! I’ve got a feeling we’ll be seeing overflowing bins of unused food again after Christmas, like we saw on the first lockdown. Crackers ! in the stupid sense of the word.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Supermarket update
      I’ve just returned from a trip to the local very diverse Sainsbury’s in very diverse East London . Queues at the entrance – but no sense of panic buying – just Christmas ….

      The streets are full of foreigners wandering around because everything is shut . When I say foreigners I means both coloured and whites …not the place I grew up in …

      It’s been a long house arrest ….


  21. StewGreen says:

    Alex Belfield accuses the largely BBC white management of anti-white racism again.
    ‘They have an excellent popular presenter on Radio Lancashire
    ..but he’s a white man, so he’s out the door’
    video clip about Steve Royle


  22. Jack in the Green says:

    Black/white, gay/straight – not bothered. People who hold different opinions than mine are fully entitled to them, therefore – not bothered. Different political views? – ditto. BBC bias and twisting news stories and rewriting history – very bothered. End of.


  23. StewGreen says:

    Humber ports “all freight is flowing normally”


  24. Twin_Town says:

    Just popped out of the office to pick up lunch and Twat0 was one and they seemed to be floating that we are getting isolated and deal chances ending and banging on about easiest deal and how we should extend the transition period 🙄

    Don’t these people ever stop?

    I’m glad I don’t pay anymore – took a fellow Taffmans advice and bit the bullet in the end – hopefully my cancelling will contribute to them going under 🤞🏻


    • Fedup2 says:

      Well done on cancelling the licence – for various reasons I haven’t had one for …. over 10 years ….I wish it was longer …

      And now I consider myself to be ‘legal ‘ because I don’t use the BBC domestically …..

      Talking of BBC – I wonder what the YOY sports personality numbers were … guess they are fixed anyway …


      • taffman says:

        Save yourself some money.
        You would think BoJo would abolish the Telly Tax to help the struggling people over these hard times ?
        Anyway, you and other ex-licence payers will find this site useful …………….


  25. StewGreen says:

    Boston Lincs
    19 year old shop worker Hikmet Maez jailed for 3 years for killing customer Gediminas Vaitikus (43) with a one punch assault

    Maez had first refused to serve him.
    Then as he walked out to another shop, Maez followed him there and then picked up a glass bottle and threw it at his victim.
    Mr Vaitkus managed to block this and continued walking
    However, Maez continued to follow him before kicking him in the leg and punching him in the face.
    The punch to the face caused Mr Vaitkus to fall to the ground and bang his head causing a fatal head injury.



    • Ian Rushlow says:

      According to the report, the killer was a Boston man (“Boston man jailed for three years after ‘one punch’ death”). That sounds about right, what with Hikmet being such a popular name in Lincolnshire over the centuries.


      • Banania says:

        The Hikmets are an old Lincolnshire family. I came across them riding to hounds with the Burton Hunt.


        • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

          One of them, Richard Saladin Hickmet [sic] was Conservative MP for Glanford and Scunthorpe from 1983-1987, so the family isn’t unknown in those parts. He didn’t make much of a mark as an MP but he did a turn later as High Sheriff of Somerset so I imagine he enjoys massacring the wildlife.


    • Concrete sea says:

      And plod’s response is along the lines of “We welcome the sentence” as per Detective Chief Inspector Richard Myszczyszyn.
      Really ? it’s actually breathtaking that such a clown could say this. Unfortunately the Police have a very small stock book of ‘positive’ phrases for commenting to the media. Any unjust sentence cannot be greeted by anything else, because it’s not in the book.
      If I were Detective Chief Inspector Richard ‘No vowels’ Myszczyszyn , An insult, disgraceful and complete and utter shock and embarrassment would be an understatement.


  26. StewGreen says:

    Brighton is in Tier 2
    ..how is that ?


  27. Darcy3 says:

    update try getting a GP

    Nope try phoning later

    bloody cowards one would think the black plague had broken out


  28. Guest Who says:

    The comments…

    Almost no one in Westminster and/or a tv studio should read this and not feel a cool shiver.


  29. Guest Who says:

    What was this little weasel on about recently?

    I appreciate that does not narrow things down much.


  30. Guest Who says:

    Marianna has a convert.


  31. infoquest says:

    There was a lovely bit of ‘compare and contrast’ this morning. I went to the kitchen to make another cup of coffee and Today was on, with Neil Ferguson thanking his team for all their hard work (sounded like an awards speech) in the modelling that came up with this new mutant strain of corona virus. Back in the office talkRadio was on, and the presenter was having an off the scale rant – “I thought Ferguson had been sacked, what the hell is Boris doing, listening to this scaremongering idiot whose main qualification is in sociology – he’s not even a scientist”.


  32. Guest Who says:

    BBC News forgets the Media Law of unintended consequences…

    Spain has become the latest country to suspend all arrivals from the UK from 22 December, excluding Spanish citizens and residents.

    Top comment:

    “so…..as it turns out EU members do indeed have control of their own borders after all!”


  33. Guest Who says:

    Now, who is prone to shouting from the rooftops when it suits, and going coy when it doesn’t?

    Maybe a… fact check?


  34. Fedup2 says:

    Princess Nut Nuts husband is to give another Press Conference at 1700 Monday – which gotcha journo is going to ask him ‘have you considered your position ?”( you eff wit )..

    ….Ot maybe it’s the announcement of the sellout ….


    • gb123 says:

      Anyone want to take a guess as to how long after he makes the announcement he contradicts it ?


  35. Fedup2 says:

    Some wet BBC type wetting himself at the prospect of daily ‘ gotcha’ briefings again as the world comes to an end again .

    Why bother ? Just gives opportunity to present dodgy data and gotcha questions .
    Surprisingly the autocue reader described dover as ‘chaos’ whilst the droid on the spot said it wasnt ‘ chaos’….

    In the briefing the sign language bloke doesnt appear to like boris judging by the faces he is pulling


  36. Fedup2 says:

    In the gotcha briefing Laura Koonsburg challenged the PM over the policy regarding Father Christmas spreading the Chinese Virus whilst delivering presents on Christmas Day .

    Will Father Christmas be tested for covid ? Is he a priority case for the vaccine ? Should presents be left untouched to reduce infection ? Should children who misbehave still get presents ? Could this breach their Human Rights ….

    ( I might have made this up as it is obvious that Father Christmas is immune )


    • Darcy3 says:

      FFS keep this quiet, its the only way I can keep the cat to behave, she’s convinced magical things happen on the 25th

      but I cannot get her to reciprocate with the ginger cat or the black cat up the road they still fight in the garden whatever date it is

      like a feline bloody middle east most days here

      Good luck Father Xmas with that f cking lot, I have given up


    • Dobyns says:

      Fedup 2, not to worry


      • Fedup2 says:

        Dobyns – you really didn’t have to…. the longest 1 minute 41 seconds of 2020 … with an anorexic Santa ….


  37. Darcy3 says:

    Why do the government even allow this fi ng idiot to attend ? she is a moron, and should be treated as such, does she get a twisted smile when she goe s back to the bbc for asking a moronic question whilst the 90 million say WHAT ?

    I know that Trump would handle it properly

    and then we would see and hear much less of her twisted nasty vicious mouth

    there s a witch ducking place going vacant, they were not all wrong in the middle ages, they had a knack of noticing a wrong un


  38. Philip_2 says:

    From the TPA this week:
    Have ago at the WOKE quiz. What does it all cost?
    And why it had to go.. (Thank Liz Truss, my star for this Christmas).

    And next up. BBC why it has to reformed for a modern age.
    ‘Worth an excerpt” Thanks TPA. It needs to be said. The combined waste of the BBC is legendary. Its time we were heard.

    We’ve railed against wasteful spending at the BBC throughout our 16 year history. We’ve also challenged the organisation on its establishment outlook, that usually ignores typical taxpayers and tends towards an ever-bigger state.

    Lots of people are open to the idea of a much smaller state-funded BBC, adhering to past principles of high culture and serious news. But that’s not what the BBC is – and hasn’t been for sometime. It competes in the commercial market using taxpayers’ money; it has helped kill off local media outlets with its dominant regional stations; and it wastes cash chasing a youth audience it has no hope of catching. It has lost the confidence of taxpayers.

    The licence fee is not fit for the 21st century. With drastic technological change and the myriad ways in which people watch the media, the current model looks increasingly outdated. Last year, the number of licences sold fell for the first time, with 37,000 fewer households buying one than the previous year. Little wonder, when consumer habits are changing – and quickly.

    So in January 2020, we launched our Axe the Tax campaign to scrap the BBC licence fee. It’s time taxpayers’ stop being forced to support the BBC!

    The licence fee is guaranteed until 2027. Winning this battle won’t happen overnight. We have to start making the case now for changes, calling out the BBC and Channel 4 models and empowering politicians and commentators to take a stand. Everything from preparing Channel 4 for commercial ownership to decriminalising the licence fee is up for grabs, and the fight to win these battles has to start now.



  39. gb123 says:

    Reminds me of an Achilles quote. I doubt Boris would have the guts to say it. “”What have you carried that stupid face here for?”



  40. StewGreen says:

    This live-rolling-news-stuff is BS
    like live coverage from Dover port etc.
    media people love it : It’s called “boy in a well” reporting
    But watching it is just a waste of your life

    Local ITV news was live from Humber dock saying the trucks are moving normally.


  41. Dover Sentry says:

    Have the BBC considered the following? They do so like to stoke the political fires in the US.

    70 million Republicans feel angry and let down. This is a force not to be dismissed out of hand. After all, the truth is what people believe.

    The Democrats from day one in 2016 insisted that the election had been fixed by the Russians. Now the Democrats say the election cannot be fixed.

    The US media and the BBC needs to tread carefully – but they won’t.

    There is a possibility of serious civil disturbance in the US if and when Biden becomes POTUS in January.


    • theisland says:

      Quite right.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      What about Britain. Boris has let us down on everything, so he is now expected to let us down on Brexit. His top policy comes from the Green Party, his economic policy is worse than Corbyns and he wants to put us in prison for not supporting the communists of SAGE and the BBC.

      Now I understand why Boris had a strange fear and mental health problem about suggestions that he should talk to Nigel Farage or Ian Duncan Smith.


  42. Richard Pinder says:

    Have just read the Xmas edition of the Mensa Magazine.

    Pamela Austin says about BBC News in the magazine. “There is definitely a hidden agenda to lower moral, incite distrust and of course to discredit the attempts of politicians to make life safer, bearable and sustainable” “It is quite obvious that the remit is no longer to disseminate news of what is happening in the world, but to impose opinions, instil disquiet, exaggerate where more drama is perceived to be required, and provide information which will give a distorted view when considered necessary”

    Also according to Junior Mensa members, the BBC are about to repeat an error which sparked a complaint from Mensa members in 2009. According to the Radio Times, Page 201, Royal Institute Christmas Lectures. Professor Chris Jackson reveals that what drives these (Climate) changes is the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. So The complaint to the BBC was about the Climate Change program “Hot Planet” transmitted in December of 2009. The complaint was “Ice Core data shows that CO2 levels rise about 800 years after Global temperatures rise, and therefore this fact makes the whole Documentary misleading and biased”. The context and intention of the program misleads the viewer into thinking that the CO2 increase causes the warming. It was suggested that this was a serious and specific breach of the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines, because ice core data shows that CO2 levels rise about 800 years after a warming. The reason for this is that there is a 800 year thermal lag in the deep oceans and that the Oceans dominate the system with a mass 275 times that of the Atmosphere, so the ratio of CO2 in the Atmosphere/Oceans is dependent upon the heat in the Oceans. This means that 84 percent of the increase in carbon dioxide was natural, and caused by the Medieval warm period which peaked 800 years ago.

    So how on earth has such an idiot been promoted to a Professorship? Well apparently Chris Jackson must be Britain’s first Black Professor of Geology. Other candidates must have been unfortunate in being both White and more knowledgeable about the subject than some of the children in the Royal Institute audience.

    And that’s why they say its worse in Britain than any other country.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Richard -I think my comment about BBC News earlier ticks the box on the attitude they have with the news reader saying ‘chaos at Dover ‘ and then the reporter on the ground saying ‘not chaos ‘ – I don’t even watch BBC news anymore – also

      – I go against the whole global warming school because I do not believe mankind understands how the climate works and the influence of – say – solar storms – on it because we do not have reliable detailed records .
      The arrogance of the certainty will be looked back on in time to come with a ‘ how could they be so dumb ?’


      • Richard Pinder says:

        On solar storms, the records go back to the 18th Century and with movements of the barycentre relative to the centre of the Sun, and using the predicted movements and known masses of the planets, means that as with a predicted mini-ice-age, in future they could predict weather beyond that of the 40 days of Piers Corbyn using Kepler’s laws of planetary motion.

        Certainty in science comes from retrospective analysis. Isaac Newton did it without computers. But that’s why the most important revelation I have seen on the telly about the Global warming scam was when Peter Lilly asked about retrospective computer runs. The reality is that they have never done any retrospective computer runs, because it would destroy the whole mad man-made carbon dioxide scam.


        • Fedup2 says:

          It sort of proves my point – what about geothermal activity in the oceans – or the effect of volcano emissions on the upper atmosphere …. I got to A level science level a long time ago and have not read the literature .what does current science know of these things ?

          One of my degrees was in ‘advanced common sense ‘ and hope that’s enough. Yes it’s good conserving hydrocarbons but not for the sake of cutting carbon dioxide . If only to screw the Arabs and Russians ….


        • Red Pill says:

          I have zero knowledge in this, but I guess for me what seems oddly ignored is the fact that the earth is ~4.5 billion years old, and we seem to be making ‘factual’ conclusions on, at most, a couple of hundred years worth of data. If this was a clinical trial of some sort we’d say the sample size is waaaay too small to derive any conclusions whatsoever. That’s why the idea of global warming seems like more of a religion than a science-based belief to me.


    • G says:


      Yr. first para.

      Call it what it is, ‘Marxism’. That’s the right label. And imported from Beijing.


  43. StewGreen says:

    7pm. BBC1 Ready for one hour from the PR team that uses Marcus Rashford as a front


  44. Guest Who says:

    An image that says important, and excited, for sure.


  45. theisland says:

    News-watch is preparing a detailed report on BBC Ideas because in microcosm it indicates the scale of the rot which has overtaken the corporation, and shows starkly that any idea of impartiality has now been abandoned in the pursuit of advocacy of ‘progressive’ ideas. Over the coming weeks, we will be highlighting in further TCW blogs other issues raised by our analysis.


    • digg says:

      10 million quid is small change to the BBC, they didn’t need to earn it so it’s easy come, easy go and allows them to wallow in their self satisfaction and gratification-fest.


  46. Guest Who says:

    How many have they got?


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Guest. Easy answer, None.

      The AlBeeb only employe activists and agitators. Not a journalist or correspondent among the hordes.


  47. digg says:

    BBC are worried about certain groups not accepting the vaccine…


    But treading VERY VERY VERY carefully….

    No condemnation of course like they do with the rest of us unruly misinformed specimens.


    • Red Pill says:

      Honestly, I sometimes can’t work out whether they’re massively woke or massively racist. I’m beginning to think the two actually go hand in hand. These people are most often just patronising the BAME community – spelling things out to them like you would a child. Think I’d prefer their disdain to their pity.


  48. StewGreen says:

    Apparent box ticking programmes
    On Sunday not only was Mrs Kanneh Mason’s chosen for Radio3’s version of Desert Island Discs
    but Radio4
    5:45am Profile : Viola Davis, first black actor to win an Oscar, Emmy and Tony award.
    6:05am Elizabeth Adekunle explores the idea of lasting beauty

    17:40pm Profile : Viola Davis, first black actor to win an Oscar, Emmy and Tony award.
    23:30 Elizabeth Adekunle explores the idea of lasting beauty


    • StewGreen says:

      14:45pm “a daddy shot by the police, thinking he was black”

      Wednesday play : “chronicles the complex lives of migrants from China to the UK”


    • StewGreen says:

      The troll said ‘ah that Radio 3 show is not all brown people it’s 15% old white people’

      …One thing it is not so much as us the public who divide the world into white/brown but the BBC itself.
      The BBC already has an exclusively brown national radio station Asian Network.
      therefore one would expect the number of BAME on national networks to be lower,
      cos people can’t be in two places at once.


  49. Guest Who says:

    He has a list!