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  1. Twin_Town says:

    New member (watched the site for a while) and now cancelled License… bring on Capita 😉


    • taffman says:

      Excellent – ‘Ardderchog’!
      Tell your mates to Defund Al Beeb.
      Welcome aboard and watch out for our Trolls .


    • Fedup2 says:

      Welcome aboard – our campaign is growing by the day …


    • Up2snuff says:

      Well done, Twin_Town, you will not miss it – in fact, with all the blether about the ‘reality shows’ that are anything but – that are fake – plus the ‘awards’ season that has now started, I’m actively glad to not be watching TV and having to hunt for something decent to watch.

      For me it will be sixteen years next April. I’m less poor although I have spent a little bit on some boxed sets and films but it can be done.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Here’s the sort of letter you can expect from TV Licensing. It contains so many logical errors that it would be tiresome to point all of them out but I’ve annotated a few [within square brackets].

      “… … …

      Your TV Licence has been cancelled

      Despite our recent attempts to contact you, we have cancelled your licence because you have not paid for it. To sort it out, please call us within 10 days of the letter date shown above.”

      [Strictly speaking, I cancelled it – by stopping the direct debit / standing order – and not anyone else. This cancellation means that I no longer wish to purchase their service. The paragraph assumes that I need to pay for it; but what if I don’t watch any live TV, or BBC i-Player, and thus remain within the law even without a TV licence?]

      “If you do not sort out your licence, we’ll schedule an enforcement visit.”

      “Our officers can call daytime or evenings, even at the weekend. If no one answers, they can come back. Act now to avoid that knock on your door.”

      [Again, the paragraph assumes the need for a licence; but on what basis? Just because some people drink whisky, it doesn’t mean that everyone does; by the same token, just because some people choose to watch/record live TV, that doesn’t mean everyone does. I can’t prove that I don’t watch or record live TV but they certainly can’t prove that I do, when I don’t either on a TV or over the internet.]

      “You’re risking prosecution and a 1,000 fine.”

      The penalties for getting caught without a licence are severe. It is a criminal offence to watch or record live TV programmes on any channel or device, or to download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer, without being covered by a licence. Turn over to find out more …”

      [Again, there’s no acknowledgment of the possibility that I DO NOT REQUIRE a TV licence, though they do list the circumstances which would necessitate one.]

      “You can prevent a visit and pay back what you owe (sic) in instalments.”

      “This problem won’t go away if you ignore it. The longer you leave it, the more it could cost. We’d like to help you sort it out, but we can only do that if you contact us. It’s best to call, but you’ll find other options over the page.

      [The danger in calling them is that it invites further contact by confirming that you are who they think you are. When I looked at their website some months ago, the feature allowing cancellation on-line did not work. This could have been a genuine fault but I suspect, as confirmed by others on this site, that it was done deliberately to try to render cancellation as difficult as possible and, at any rate, conditional upon phoning the 0300 790 0367 number.]

      … … …

      “What if you don’t need a licence?” [This finally comes in the middle of the second page.]

      “… … … Please tell us you don’t need a licence by going to tvl.co.uk/noTv or calling the number over the page. We may confirm this with a visit.”

      [The problem here is that, if the link doesn’t work, then you can’t inform them other than by phoning. If anyone has tried recently, I would be interested to know what happened. The notion of confirmation by a visit assumes the right of entry into your property, which TVLicensing does not have. It also assumes that a visit would prove anything; but it is easy to see that it would not, for instance if you had no TV set but watched on occasion on a laptop or phone that you brought home from work.]


  2. Dobyns says:

    First again???

    Be still oh my heart!!

    Just one man’s opinion …

    The Chinese Flu will continue playing ‘Whack A Mole’ with new variations until the CCP decide they’ve won.


  3. taffman says:

    Congrats Dobyns
    They have not won until the game is over. Biological warfare works both ways.


  4. Tabs says:

    BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award has gone full on black lives matter.

    I wonder who will win the “public” vote?


  5. Philip_2 says:

    With all these lock-downs and the BBC overt compliance for them to be followed under pain of death (or worse), is to save the NHS or some other public utility like the BBC itself, you may find some information in this free newspaper which has just published a long feature article by Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB Dsc FRSA…. He is more qualified than most to comment.

    If you ever wondered what DAVOS was all about, why they are so keen on vaccinations (even though there is nothing wrong with you, how Gates ‘Vaccines’ were developed years ago (they were adapted for Covid 19) and once introduced ‘ will you have to have them for life – or until your demise, whichever is soonest, (to control the disease of global populations) -’ with a cold virus – which ONLY affects 0.5% of the population in the US or UK. There is no doubt our own government is complicit in this hoax.

    The wrong disease at the right time. Right disease at the wrong time?

    The facts are that globalist have seen profits surge 25% whilst small businesses are going to the wall. Big corporates will be bailed out by a hidden body called the WEF Worl Economic Forum), supported by globalists, who are (unsurprisingly) involved in rolling out the same vaccines (which are racially untested) and based on ‘test-and-trace’ giving everyone a false positive for the common cold that get logged a COVID 19. Doctors (question) why they have to go along with this. Why the media have to go along with it, and why the EU (along with Western all nations participating in this Ponzi scheme) will have to indemnify the vaccine – toxic ‘after effects’ from all International legal claims and even NHS Doctor malpractice (UK and EU) lawsuits are now dis allowed. When the predicated ‘side-affects’, become more apparent (and then suppressed within the NHS as the BBC do in media). Nothing (legal) to report: the media at large (notably the BBC are big influencers of this practice of thought and mind control.. Some races are going to be much more affected by ‘anxiety’ than others and those who think they are ‘at risk’ are the least affected. Its the fear and anxiety which will weigh heavy, and the rich (billionaires) can carry on as before. Soros is of course involved along with Bill Gates, but also a long list of billionaire bankers including all the usual suspects at DAVOS can bank on support.

    Read this while we can: https://thelightpaper.co.uk
    (free download includes feature by Vernon Coleman)

    Read Page three: The Global reset, page 6 on how the last global reset on a ‘eugenics’ went, page 7 on how Bill Gates plans to purge us all, followed by an overview of where we are all heading right now on pages 8 to 9. On page 14 – Pubic borrowing for this ‘pandemic’ (for a cold) is £398.5 Billion and rising. Any country that does not comply will not receive a ‘bail out’ from these same globalist corporations BANKS!. So the ‘common cold’ scare will be with us for several years, or more!

    I can also confirm (from another source) that National ID cards are on the horizon to ensure we all get regular ‘top-ups’ of Bill gates ‘stick on’ medicine patch. It will be compulsory to carry an ID card with you at all times when travelling in the UK and also ‘overseas’ are already planned roll-outs. So we can travel ONLY of we get the vaccination.

    (The date will be a subset of the DVLA (drivers license). If you want to find out more about this you will have to subscribe to PCPro, (issue 316 for an odd reason dated February 2021).
    The magazines feature writers (all Computer Engineers) have seen the equipment installed and comment on the half-brains who scared us all into lockdown using an old Excel 6 spread sheet that grossly over-predicted the panic in March and was never corrected by SAGE or BORIS. The person who supplied this faulty ‘pox’ data is the same one from several other incorrect ‘panic’ studies, non other than Nigel Fergusson (with his pants down), who has a history of falsifying data for previous government departments. He seems to be an expert on faulty predictions, and that is a common theme of his popularity in this small echo chamber.

    But I doubt what is in store for all of us, will create a better UK society. We will all be drug dependant for our entire lives. Forced to take drugs we don’t need or want. There will be no travel for a (wishfull) holiday abroad unless you agree to be vaccinated every six months or eve each trip. There may be severe side affects, which can shorten your life (or make you infertile), pregnant woman are the most vulnerable, its likely there will be birth defects at the NHS and no mother can claim negligence, as no legal team can prosecute under new legislation drawn up earlier this year.

    I doubt the left have thought about this. This a world inhabited by Tony Blair, not Corbyn. Only the super rich benefit by a monopoly of everything else, including the production of food, all property all national taxes and have control of the drugs which you are about to receive. Your right to even attend a Christmas mass will also be questioned at some point not far away. And you will need an health check identity card to attend any event – within months.

    We just all need to believe that all this is for our best interests. Save the planet. Save the NHS, Save the BBC, Save rich folk from scrutiny and having to pay any global taxes as they can offset ‘global emissions’ (as the rest of us will be paying for everything that does for the ‘environment’ diddly squat. But at least the UK will be a world leader in pulling all this off by a madman working at the WEF (World Economic Forum). Assisted by Boris (who with no clear idea, inherited all this guff from previous Prime Ministers, notably the arch globalist Toney Blair).

    The rest is history. God help us all for this mess.

    The best I can hope for is a good Christmas. And that this hoax can be exposed for what it is. A global Ponzi scheme based on fear of the common cold.

    Dr Vernon may be a crackpot, but I trust him more than SAGE who seem engaged work to an international Agenda – where its impossible to escape as a new virus is ‘discovered’ at the back of a filing cabinet every few months. Oh! and a miraculous cure* we made for the common cold.

    * AS long as you all wear a mask to show compliance to an elaborate hoax.

    Our rights to freedom are ebbing away.
    Assisted by the media to keep a pandemic beyond its sell-by date. Why is the left so keen on all of this? Are they not alarmed, or are they prepared for a total collapse of all jobs (except BBC media).





  6. Eddy Booth says:

    Budget smartphones: What do you get for £100


    “To find out what was available at the lower end of the market, BBC Click’s Chris Fox went hands-on with eight new smartphones priced from about £70 to £379”

    A loose definition of a hundred pounds I guess…
    They’ve even found a bloke with a posh accent and a Jimmy Hill chin only beard…the latest hipster trend?


    • JamesArthur says:

      Why is the BBC even doing this stuff? There are so many places to get better reviews and this is what puts magazines – who don’t have the BBC’s free funding, out of business..defund and drop the dross


    • JamesArthur says:

      Why is the BBC even doing this stuff? There are so many places to get better reviews and this is what puts magazines – who don’t have the BBC’s free funding, out of business..defund and drop the dross


    • Up2snuff says:

      “They’ve even found a bloke with a posh accent and a Jimmy Hill chin only beard…the latest hipster trend?”

      Wot? No mullet?


  7. taffman says:

    What connects these all together? …………….
    Al Beeb rewriting British History.
    Al Beeb slapping the TV licence on pensioners.
    Airbrushing British History.
    Black Lives Matter Marxists
    Desecration of War memorials.
    Pulling Statues Down.
    Denigrating British Heroes.
    The Slave trade (We stopped it!).
    Extinction Rebellion.
    Undermining Britain’s Proud History.
    The ‘No Platforming’ and ‘Cancelling’
    Closing down Free Speech.

    All coincidently happening at the same time as Covid19
    Dark Forces at work?


    • Dobyns says:

      Youbetcha taffman …

      It’s the Globalism play now, nations are so yesterday

      Come on taffman, let’s all hold hands and sing Kumbaya


  8. StewGreen says:

    Nadiya came up in the last thread
    as regards the BBC’s inverted racism
    In the way it gives vastly disproportionate coverage to it’s chosen BAME
    Now this afternoon Radio3 chose to do a special prog about
    :one of the mother of one of the BBC Young Musician of the Year

    Take a wild guess at which family


    • maxincony says:


      Nadiya came up in the last thread as regards the BBC’s inverted racism

      Erm no, Nadiya came up because the people here don’t like seeing BROWN PEOPLE on their TV.

      In the way it gives vastly disproportionate coverage to it’s chosen BAME…

      So you mention the latest episode of “Private Passions” on Radio 3 – Behold, the VASTLY DISPROPORTIONATE COVERAGE.

      Here is the full list of guests on “Private Passions” for 2020 (so far):


      Alexandra Harris
      Mike Brearley
      Judith Herrin
      Sarah Perry
      Jack Klaff
      Heather Phillipson
      Anthony David
      Brian Moore
      Helen Macdonald
      Peter Stanford
      Patricia Wiltshire
      Brian Greene
      Andrew O’Hagan
      John Dyson
      Chris Watson
      Jools Holland
      Stephen Schwartz
      Isabel Allende
      Piers Gough
      Jonathan Aitken
      Ann Wroe
      James Thornton
      William Sieghart
      Carlo Rovelli
      Darcey Bussell
      David Nott
      Hannah Rankin
      Philippa Perry


      Sheku Kanneh-Mason
      Johny Pitts
      Gretchen Gerzina
      Chibundu Onuzo
      Helen Cammock


      • Darcy3 says:

        Still plenty not managing to reach the notice of our our self appointed “world class” national broadcaster…


        and anything they may have in common, including a br i hish passpor innit bruv and a family heritage that fails to speak english yet somehow manages to apply for all benefits

        £500 bunged to Luton college can work wonders with ones abilty to speak English


      • Nibor says:

        Maxi ,

        Thats 28 to 5 .


        • maxincony says:


          Thats 28 to 5.

          Yes, well done. It’s also 33.


          • Darcy3 says:

            And mass rape does not exist if it is muslims in your twisted world view, the thousands of white schoolchildren because of their race and the pakistani cowards who would rather rape our children than take their hatred of our country to our faces and fight man to man because they have a heritage of running away from wars

            these are the people that hate our culture but love our benefits and our civil servants hand it over and our current government are accused of bullying if they object


      • Red Pill says:

        maxincony – you say “people here don’t like seeing BROWN PEOPLE on their TV”. That’s a huge, sweeping generalisation that simply highlights your own discrimination and bigoted thougts. Your mind is simply incapable of consideration and rational thought.

        I for one have absolutely no issue with anyone within these shores, regardless of ethnicity, who wants to integrate and contribute. And, yes, integration is important as, without it, a land becomes a disparate collection of different competing cultures; as is self-evident, that leads to conflict. I would like to think that even someone as dim-witted as yourself can understand why contribution is important. Now, what I do have issue with is being told, because I am white, that I am part of systematic racism in the UK. I do have issue with seeing the Union Jack being set alight on The Cenotaph. I do have issue with seeing the statue of Winston Churchill being defaced – the very person that gives you and your illiberal friends the freedom to show your ignorant distaste. I do have issue with Police being bullied into ‘taking the knee’ – a political statement that has very little to do with racsim. I do have issue with how you and your short sighted chums, of which the BBC is a cheerleader, have sowed division and hatred into a country that is recognised within the EU as one of the most tolerant and accepting. You and your feckless friends have taken us back decades and you’re simply too stupid to realise.


        • Doublethinker says:

          An Excellent riposte to maxi.


        • Banania says:

          I don’t mind seeing some brown people on TV, but there are so many now that I feel I am being got at, so when yet another brown face comes up I swear and switch off. The BBC is telling us what our country ought to be like, even though it isn’t, and this is all helping to bring about the transformation they (for some reason) want.


      • Up2snuff says:

        hello maxi, Happy Christmas and where is the apology you owe me?


      • StewGreen says:

        Nope Maxi, the general issue here is the BBC and medialands own prejudice
        that they don’t do true equality, but rather push selected mates and tick boxes
        one of which is BAME.

        And as I explained there are two levels that come at us
        When you open the TV guide you’ll see BAME vastly disproportionately pushed at you
        cos #1 producers are tickboxing
        but #2 media editors tickbox as well,
        … often cos the BBC Press dept has chosen to send out PR with disproportionate BAME faces

        I can accept as you say that the Radio 3 Private Passions show doesn’t have 50% non-white guests nor even 25%
        but The Times TV guide very rarely promotes it
        Yet this week they did promote the prog when it featured a BBC favourite family.


        • StewGreen says:

          BTW Private Passions is a generally a celebration of someone at the end of their career so tends to feature more whites, because of the demographics
          ie BAME are skewed towards youth.
          I suggest to you that aged 60 plus BAME are not 15%


  9. taffman says:

    Defund Al Beeb and tell all your mates.


  10. taffman says:

    ‘Just a few hours’ left to agree Brexit trade deal, says Michel Barnier

    They said that 2 days ago.


  11. Twin_Town says:

    Sorry Dobyns.. pipped by a new member 🙂


  12. taffman says:

    “Covid-19: Dover port halts exports to France for 48 hours”
    That’s a lot of EU drivers not getting home for Christmas then ?


  13. Sluff says:

    In October 2019, Marcus Rashford was involved in a charity campaign called ‘in the box’ to get essential items forvthe homeless over Christmas.
    He did not however win a special award at SPOTY.

    This year he joined RocNation, to manage his off-field activities and profile. He has now won a SPOTY special award, nominally for free school meals but in reality for embarrassing the government.

    He’s not more virtuous, he’s just got a more effective agency.

    And of course the woke Leftoid brigade at the BBC are more than happy to lap it all up and fall fall in to line.


  14. taffman says:

    Al Beeb Wales – “A further 69 people have died with Covid-19 and another 2,334 people have tested positive in Wales.”
    Note: “Died with” , “not of”

    Probably most of Wales has had Covid and England likewise.
    The testing has not caught up yet to confirm this . The testing is just chasing Covid.


  15. Nibor says:

    The Book , The War Against the BBC .
    Chapter 8 In Which We Meet …..

    This becomes a more subjective chapter and if you havent guessed what the authors views are on life , the universe and happiness then you`ll know at the end of this one .

    It starts with several swipes at right wing think tanks . Firstly , they exist . Secondly , they`re funded by god knows who – i would have thought the investigative authors could have found out . Thirdly they`re an American thing brought over here .
    Fourthly , they are all based in a small area _ the political area of London – suspicious or what ?

    The House At 55 Tufton Street and the Illiberal Metropolitan Elite is a sub title and you`d think it was about lefties , but no this is a building that houses several right wing think tanks . The authors describe it as ” from the outside its a pleasurable enough , largish town house in the Brewers ` Georgian style . But inside , it could become dangerously overcrowded , with a significant health and safety problem because of its large constantly shifting population of up to ten different right wing institutes and forums ”

    So its benign on the outside but inside COULD – notice that , well ,inside be I suppose seedy and evil . Perhaps one of the authors had a tour round and saw all the fire escapes blocked by desks worked at by sweated labour .
    The book says all these think tanks are “classified by independent analysts like Transparify , Sourcewatch , and Who Funds You as having a lobbying -or in US terms – advocacy – approach to their work , unclear funding sources and strong links to their American right wing counterparts ” .
    Who are Transparify , Sourcewatch and Who Funds You and from what are they independent ? And why wouldnt lobbying style organisations lobby ?
    So the authors carry on about the work of right wing think tanks that make the case for free markets , tax cuts and policies that favour specific commercial interests , especially — now wait for it because the devil incarnate appears — fossil fuel interests .

    Now the book then describes the machinations of these groups and who wouldnt want to reign them in if they were really so despicable . Except that , left wing think tanks , lobby groups etc share buildings , conglomerate around the same political areas of capital cities , work together and function in the same way as the bete noir of Professor Patrick Barwise .

    Cont .


    • Doublethinker says:

      Sadly I read in the DT that Boris et al have bottled the move to decriminalise non payment of the LF. I think this is extremely depressing because I reckon that this would have given a big boost to the numbers of folks refusing to pay for the foul corporation which in turn would eventually have led to it being forced to ask to become a subscription only service.
      I have always voted Tory , out of conviction when Lady T was at the helm and to keep Labour out since then. This last time I did so reluctantly and nearly voted for NIgel’s party which I joined at the Euro elections. The reason I stuck with the Tories in addition to keeping Corbynistas out , was that I wanted Boris to do only two things, deliver a decent Brexit and kill off the BBC. He seems to have chickened out of the latter , if he does the same on Brexit, the Tories lose my vote for good.


      • Banania says:

        The BBC seem to have succeeded in making themselves indispensible: faithfully keeping to the line of Government propaganda, and holding the country together as in the days of the blitz.


  16. Eddy Booth says:

    On the bbc web site, the have your say comments,
    you can arrange comments by:
    Highest Rated.
    Most Replied.

    Is it my imagination or was Lowest Rated once a category ?


    • StewGreen says:

      Lowest Rated definitely used to be there
      .. You could often spot activists deliberately voting down counter views
      cos of the way they had almost the exact same number of downvotes.

      Use the HYS checker to monitor Removed Comments etc.


      Seems the change happened at the end of September


      • taffman says:

        Al Beeb fiddling the figures. Nothing new . It was blatant more so with the Brexit HYS’s .


      • JohnC says:

        The stories used to have Left/Right wing votes something like 3:1 against the Left.
        Then, more recently, some stories would be like that then suddenly shoot up for the Left votes in the space of an hour. Very very obviously fake.
        What made it obvious is that it only happened to specific stories – like Brexit. Others would stay at the usual voting ratio.
        Nowadays the top comments read like some half-wit student wrote them (like ‘Exit Brexit’). I think they are the only ones left – but the BBC will be happy with that.
        They are VERY quick to delete comments against their agenda these days with the slightest excuse.


        • Up2snuff says:

          John, so many new registered names appeared on BBC HYSs after the result of the EU Referendum, I can only conclude that it was an orchestrated campaign. But by who? Did the BBC or BBC staff have a hand in it? I wouldn’t be surprised. Care to comment maxi, after a fulsome apology to me, of course?


        • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

          They must be using a Dominion vote counting unit to show the most liked etc votes.
          That would explain how some lefty comments suddenly shoot up to the top for no apparent reason.

          You can do anything with these dominion machines, just set it for the result you want and it’s all done (and it’s the most secure system ever used ((apparently)) as in the USA open and completely fair elections)


          • Scroblene says:

            It’s not a pleasant observation, but it’s clear that the BBC just cannot be trusted to do anything correctly these days. Their language automatically gears the listener, or the (unfortunate) watcher towards a left-wing element of any story, with negativity built in to most of their output.

            Their poor standard of ‘journalism’ is a disgrace, and while some idiots prefer the squealing/shrieking sort of rubishy stuff like Eastenders, it should be the case that a balanced political stance – preferably a non-political one, is displayed on behalf of the taxpayer.

            I like your analogy, Emmanuel, one has to assume the BBC just knocks any downticks on the head!

            It used to be the case that it was only politicans who were untrustworthy, but at least you could vote the sods out. With Al Beeb, you’re stuck with lies and fake news and have to pay for the ‘privilege’.


            • Darcy3 says:

              I am an Eastender script writer

              Monday: “woss going on” (headbut) followed by baseball bat on kneecap

              Tuesday ” You just don’t get it do you ?” (headbut) followed by infidelity

              rest of week off artistic license paid by the bbc

              next week : “woss going on ?” a strong possibilty, or maybe “you just dont get it do you”

              Funny sound going on around Shakespeare’s grave

              woss going on ?

              Thinking about moving to Australia if I can brush up my car crashes and cancer


        • Banania says:

          “….then suddenly shoot up…” Just as in the American election.


  17. Nibor says:

    Continuing on the Book TWATBBC .

    Under the sub title A Venue For Beeb Bashing , we get the first mention of Robin Aitken , author of Can We Trust the BBC , Can We Still Trust the BBC , and , as the two authors of TWATBBC wryly put it “in case you didnt get the message ” , The Noble Liar .
    Now the authors point out that nearly every right wing think tank in or around 55 Tufton Stret has had a representative on Question Time , Today , Newsnight and other BBC current affairs programmes “- which in turn provoked some criticism of the BBC ”
    Who criticized the BBC for that and why ?
    And why shouldnt every one of those Tufton Street mob have at least one appearance on those shows ? If not one of them , who else to put a point of view counter to the normally liberal/ left panellists who appear on the BBC ?
    Its bad enough that before the pandemic lockdown the Any Questions and Question Time audiences were filled with hissing , booing mirthless laughter catawauling louts that put off anyone normal interested in current affairs , never mind that the guest panellists would only come from a boringly regular liberal /left spectrum .



  18. StewGreen says:

    FullFact put out a report
    “Lockdown sceptics” “Hitchens/Cummins/Mike Yeadon”
    “The evidence shows that their claims are wrong.”

    .. FullFact’s tweet got ratioed
    However people who support lockdowns are waving the FF report as if it is a holy sacrament.

    I have only glanced at the report
    And spotted FF seemingly making a false claim.
    FF seem to hint at Conspiracy Theory
    ‘Yeh the sceptics made claims & then deleted videos, they’re shifty’

    Experience teaches me to be suspicious of that claim
    I looked, and easily found an example of such a video that was NOT deleted


    • Dobyns says:

      From the FullFact.org website …

      I would suggest there’s a clue as to their potential bias in the founders …


      How did you get started?
      Full Fact was launched by a cross-party group of trustees led by Michael Samuel in 2010.

      They were –

      Michael Samuel, a businessman who built Mayborn plc from a £1.5 million to a £115 million business. He is also Chair of the Anna Freud Centre, a leading international leader in child mental health charity.
      Peter Archer, a Labour Peer, former Solicitor General, former ombudsman of the Mirror Group of newspapers, and founding member of Amnesty International.
      Julia Neuberger, then a Liberal Democrat Peer, a healthcare expert and ethicist Britain’s second ever female rabbi.
      John Lloyd, a founding member of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University, former Editor of the New Statesman, and a Contributing Editor of the Financial Times.
      Professor Jean Seaton, the official historian of the BBC.
      Full Fact was initially funded by two donations: one from Michael Samuel and one from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust’s Power and Accountability grant scheme. Michael is a former conservative donor, while the JRCT describes itself as trying to address the “root causes of conflict and injustice”.

      At around the same time, David Lipsey was setting up Straight Statistics, a campaign established by journalists and statisticians to improve the understanding and use of statistics by government, politicians, companies, advertisers and the mass media, which merged with Full Fact in 2011.

      Michael and David are now Chair and Deputy Chair of Full Fact. Michael has given money to the Conservative party and David was a Labour Peer but chose to give up his party affiliation when he became Deputy Chair of Full Fact in 2017.

      Full Fact came out of separate conversations almost two years earlier in 2008. Will Moy, now the Director, and friends came up with the idea in the pub. At the time Will worked for a non-party political member of the House of Lords and so was able to pitch it to one member from each party.

      Similarly Michael Samuel had been concerned about accuracy in public debate for a number of years, and he and Natasha Ascott had been discussing the same kind of idea.

      Will and Michael were introduced by Julia Neuberger and worked together to found Full Fact. Their first task was to bring together a cross-party board of trustees and ensure that Full Fact started on a cross-party basis, which it did 2010.

      With advice from the founding trustees and other experienced people on all sides of politics and journalism, Will, Natasha (Michael’s daughter) and other volunteers including those friends from the pub worked for almost two years to get it off the ground.

      Will became Director in September 2010 and, under the Board of Trustees, has continued to lead Full Fact ever since.

      Natasha, who now runs her own business Muddy Puddles, continued to provide financial know-how and strategic advice as a volunteer in the early years until Full Fact was ready to stand on its own feet.

      Around the time Full Fact began quite a lot of people were thinking about fact checking in the UK. Channel 4 Factcheck had recently been established; the journalist Peter Oborne’s 2005 book the Rise of Political Lying called for a UK fact checking organisation; bad journalism blogging was prominent; and factcheck.co.uk had been registered by someone else.

      We think a few early choices have been crucial –

      20 months of work to assemble a cross-party board, including lots of rejections
      Making sure we had a mix of funding representing different political perspectives from the start
      The mixture of being led by senior people from all sides of politics, journalism, and business, but driven forward by a young team of volunteers
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      Above all, we actually do something about misinformation, political nonsense, and bad journalism. We recognised from the start that simply publishing fact checks isn’t enough, so we pioneered getting corrections from politicians, journalists, and others who get their fact checks wrong, and using the evidence from our fact checking to identify were misinformation comes from and find ways to help reduce it, from getting corrections columns set up by newspapers to getting government departments to improve the way they handle information.

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    • maxincony says:


      FF seem to hint at Conspiracy Theory
      ‘Yeh the sceptics made claims & then deleted videos, they’re shifty’

      There is absolutely no implication in the report that they deleted their own videos. You just made that up out of thin air.

      Experience teaches me to be suspicious of that claim

      Well, since you are the only one making that claim; then yes 🤣


      • StewGreen says:


        FF say the claims were made in TalkRadio videos which are “now deleted from Youtube”
        Yet as soon as I searched the TalkRadio videos I founded a Yeadon video where he speaks about “already immune”
        It’s the video i linked to above.


        • StewGreen says:

          Maxi, Fullfact did 2 things
          #1 Claimed the videos were all deleted…they weren’t.

          #2 As I wrote

          FF seemingly making a false claim.
          FF *seem to hint* at Conspiracy Theory
          ‘Yeh the sceptics made claims & then deleted videos, they’re shifty’

          You are right the text did not mention who deleted them .. but it’s INFERRED that the videos were deleted, as if someone was covering there tracks.
          .. Otherwise why mention it ?
          The text could have said “Yeadon claimed ABC on TalkRadio…” and then stopped at that.

          If I said “Mr X did make a big claim in a video,
          but you know what that video has been deleted” that makes it sound like Mr X is backing away from his big claim.


      • taffman says:

        Look out look out maxincony is about!
        Things must be getting desperate at Al Beeb as they have resurrected their Chief Troll.


        • G.W.F. says:

          Maxi is home for the school hols and mummy has once again placed him in a post in the BBC where she works.


  19. Helena Hand-Basket says:

    I mentioned last week that I’ve written an article satirising the BBC and its role in spreading the political correctness plague that seems to have peaked during our Covid outbreak. Here it is:


    The political correctness pandemic of Con-vid 2020 (Corbynistavirus) has spread devastatingly through Britain’s media. There is overwhelming evidence it is of BBC origin.

    Vulnerable viewers have swallowed a toxic deluge of delusional dogma transmitted by sources from Newsnight to Mock the Week. Surgical masks afford some protection. Fastened firmly around the eyes, they defend against misleadingly edited news footage (and Emily Maitlis).

    Even BBC dramas and sitcoms are now seriously affected. A virulent strain of Con-vid known as Acute Repressive Syndrome Enforcing Diversity (ARSED) is largely responsible. So sick that hardly anyone would pay to watch it, Dr Who survives on a life support machine of forcibly extracted licence fee cash. The Time Lord’s implausible transition to Time Lady displays the diversity virus variant Gender Under Fluid Flexibility (GUFF).

    The virus is assumed to be alluded to in common complaints like, ‘The BBC scripts the most half-arsed load of reality-denying guff since the Flat Earth Society.’ Also, ‘I couldn’t be arsed to watch the Beeb’s latest Shakespeare after I heard King Richard III was played by Idris Elba. (Especially as it was a rap version called Rappin’ Richie the Hip-hop Hunchback.)’

    Our elite have shown pitifully weak immunity to Con-vid’s contagious cliches: ‘Diversity is our strength – it is vibrant and enriching.’ ‘Islam is a religion of peace.’ ‘All Brexit voters are ignorant provincial gammons and racist, coffin-dodging Little Englanders who stole their children’s future.’ ‘Donald Trump is, like, literally Hitler.’ ‘Unprecedented climate change is destroying the planet (thanks for white capitalist countries).’ ‘Gender is a social construct.’ ‘Nish Kumar is funny.’

    Infected authorities have attempted to thwart Britain’s pro-Brexit vote. In shock after the referendum, the BBC grew careless about hushing up its Con-vid. A pestilence of propaganda became blatant in practically everything: its biased news, mirthless comedies, dishonest history and patronising dumbed down documentaries. Viewers who had trusted it for years grew alarmed.

    Tragically, PC pathogens have now spread to commercial media. Unreliable TV news abounds, and diversity virus symptoms have been observed in shows from Midsomer Murders to Coronation Street. (Failure to quarantine or decontaminate ex-BBC staff probably played a part.)

    As to newspapers, even traditionally conservative publications like the Telegraph, Mail and Times have displayed telltale Con-vid symptoms such as spewing anti-Brexit bile. The Telegraph’s My Transgender Diary column shows that GUFF is spreading rapidly.

    Healthy people now increasingly self-isolate from mainstream media, getting by on non-infected Internet sites and Dad’s Army box sets. Some are stockpiling classic DVDs feared to be at risk of confiscation by sick, despotic authorities. ‘Fawlty Towers’, ‘It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum,’ ‘Rising Damp’, ‘League of Gentlemen’ and ‘Little Britain’ are disapproved of by the race-obsessed elite.

    (Loss of sense of humour is a classic symptom of Con-vid. Another is such hypersensitivity to racism that it can be sniffed out in microscopic concentrations undetectable to normal people.)

    Perhaps most puzzling is the spread of Con-vid to healthy young businesses – even football clubs. (Advertising agencies now depict the typical British family as so diverse it could pass for a UN meeting). Organisations that once cared only to make lots of money by making customers happy now compete in ostentatiously displaying how ARSED and GUFF-ridden they are.
    But surely the saying, ‘Go woke, go broke’ must ultimately apply? Must they not either go bankrupt or acquire immunity?

    The BBC, however, can never go broke, even though it’s so woke its eyes are bloodshot. While any form of public funding lasts, it can live forever – a bloated vampire gorging in the blood bank of the British taxpayer.

    Many would be happy to see the BBC survive in slimmed-down privatised form, funded by subscription or advertising. Others say, ‘No – this incurable organisation needs to be on permanent broadcasting lockdown! They could unleash a new wave of Con-vid when the rest of the media have got over it.’ They also assert it would continue to influence and misinform an out-of-touch ruling class who still trust it as the ‘national treasure’ and ‘envy of the world’ that once displayed integrity and intellectual rigour.

    What, then, should be the policy of those of us who strive for a healthy society and media? How should the BBC be tackled? It is a difficult decision – a gamble – and the stakes are (so to speak) high!


  20. pugnazious says:

    Turkeys coming home to roost if not roast as Christmas is cancelled….and the EU shuts the border.

    The government hypes the dangers of the latest C19 outbreak in order to provide an excuse for Boris’ surrender to media pressure to cancel Christmas and the unintended, unthought of, consequences hit hard as borders slam shut and imports [including vaccines lol] are threatened.

    Lockdowns just incubate the virus and ensure that we get continual outbreaks that then ensure we get more lockdowns due to Boris ‘following the science’…or one version of it…the science as approved by the BBC and all those in favour of lockdown who refuse to allow any other course of action to be contemplated or discussed…..anyone critical of the narrative is now a ‘lockdown sceptic’ and a ‘mask denier’ or are labelled dangerous conspiracy theorists…..echoes of how the BBC dismissed and demonised climate change critics.

    Time for a change of course and a new narrative. Let the virus burn itself out and accept some death may happen rather than pretend we can stop all deaths as Boris does in order to stop the media laying the blame for granny dying at his door.

    The media is the real problem along with Boris’ cowardice and Hancock’s love of grandstanding power grabs…just loving his 15 minutes of infamy where he can destroy businesses and lives on a whim with the stroke of a pen….unaccountable to a supine parliament and with a lapdog media at his beck and call.

    Hancock laughing not crying…..


    • maxincony says:


      Let the virus burn itself out and accept some death may happen rather than pretend we can stop all deaths…

      As usual from you Alan/Pug this is ignorant nonsense. Viruses don’t “burn themselves out”.

      The more they spread the greater the chance they will mutate into a possibly more virulent strain; either more contagious (as we have just seen) or (inevitably) more deadly.

      Probably best that you return to your previous 5G conspiracy theories so as to avoid wasting any more of anyone’s time.


      • Darcy3 says:

        Any one knows that a virus will not want to kill its host so not more deadly as that will lead to its death

        A parasite, like a misinformed troll, needs life in its host to continue despite its partial education with few qualifications but many twitter badges of honour through witch hunts

        it will still need to find hosts to continue to display its ignorance, intolerance and racism


        • Darcy3 says:

          Viruses don’t “burn themselves out”.

          yes they do

          they stop killing the host

          it makes no evolutionary sense for them, but pressure needs to be applied to ensure that

          Never mind lets have a few BLM riots and 300 in a luton mosque, oh now the virus is racist FFS

          or maybe black rioters, idiot ravers, 18 year old alcoholic twats and muslims are thick as shit ? I could not possibly comment


          • maxincony says:


            Viruses don’t “burn themselves out”. yes they do, they stop killing the host

            Of course, all we have to do is stop inoculating people against the Smallpox virus and it will magically go away; perhaps if we just wait for another 3 thousand years…


            • Darcy3 says:

              oh, smallpox, have not heard much from that recently,

              has it magically gone away ? or has it changed to become less lethal

              go figure

              so funny the left and their “health” obsession one can observe and see the evidence everyday (apart from raped schoolgirls)

              hippy shops look like the black plague has arrived whilst normal people get on with life

              one of the twats in St Neots even had a sign saying “you will sanitise your hands even if you are wearing gloves” FFS

              but that is the left for you, happy to attack someone make them sacked from their job for a casual remark and then attack the government for not protecting them whlst protesting on the streets as BLM


            • Up2snuff says:

              maxi, where is my apology from you? As to viruses burning out, I suggest you look at the history of Mexican Swine Influenza in 2009.


      • pugnazious says:

        LOL…..Guess I’ll believe Nature magazine and many a coronavirus expert…which are you Cony-boy?….

        ‘Another possibility is that immunity to SARS-CoV-2 is permanent. In that case, even without a vaccine, it is possible that after a world-sweeping outbreak, the virus could burn itself out and disappear by 2021. ‘

        ‘Coronavirus expert says he knows when the virus ‘will burn itself out,’ ‘

        ‘Professor Karol Sikora, former director of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Cancer Programme, has revealed that the coronavirus ‘could burn out naturally’ before a vaccine is developed’

        And your favourite news feed after the BBC….

        ‘Will the new coronavirus burn out like SARS … or is it here to stay?
        CNN Digital Expansion 2018, Kristie Lu Stout’

        I could go on and on quoting till I burn out….

        Back in your hole cony-boy until you’ve actually got something intelligent to say…..I can wait.


      • Banania says:

        Amazing that any of us are still alive.


  21. BRISSLES says:

    I’m not a fan of the government, despite voting for them, but honestly ? I’m sick of journos banging on about how “we were promised that rules would be relaxed at Christmas, and now there is a U turn”. What the f….. were they supposed to do when it was discovered a more virulent strain was happening ? carry on with the relaxing and then get slaughtered by everyone after the holidays as more people were dying ? Now its being asked, ‘how long is this going on for ‘ – oh get real, how long is a bit of string ?

    Sorry, but if fridges are full of food that doesn’t get eaten, then so what ? I’m sure Rashford would be grateful for it – its a small price to pay for not being infected. I may not be a ‘granny’ but am the age where I’m not ready to die just yet, and take offence at those who consider us not worth saving. Its a rapidly changing world and will be until the whole planet has been vaccinated, because nowhere will be safe until then.


  22. pugnazious says:

    Rusbridger defending the BBC yet again….I don’t really need to comment…just too easy to fisk….

    The threats to tear down the BBC have not gone away. Watch this space
    Alan Rusbridger

    Biggest lol of all…

    ‘Amid the information chaos of Covid, the national broadcaster is more vital than ever’

    A BBC that utterly fails in its duty to provide a meaningful, intelligent, rounded and full perspective on lockdowns and instead acts as the government’s mouthpiece spreading pro-lockdown propaganda and indeed campaigning and lobbying for stricter measures can hardly be said to be providing a vital service.

    Rusbridger bases most of his defence on a comparison of commercial media with the BBC…putting them on a par when of course the difference and reason for the criticism of the BBC is self-evident…we are forced to pay for it even if we don’t watch it…if you watch any ‘live’ TV be it C4 or ITV or Sky you need a BBC licence. The BBC is also supposed to be impartial whereas commercial stations have much more freedom..hence they don’t get as much criticism as the BBC…though they do get it when necessary….such as C4 deliberately misquoting Boris….

    ‘CHANNEL 4 News has been accused of bias after the broadcaster misquoted Boris Johnson as saying “people of colour” had to be controlled when coming into Britain – when he actually said “people of talent”.’

    Rusbridger ironically then claims the BBC is entitled to a privileged place which no other media should be allowed to encroach upon…

    ‘Murdoch’s tanks, so long parked on the BBC lawn, are certainly back on manoeuvres: launching a radio station; planning a UK TV station; making Fox News available again in this country. None of these ventures would be harmed by enfeebling, or even abolishing, the BBC.’

    ‘Parked on the BBC lawn’? What?! How dare they offer another news service, a wider and different perspective and a bit of competition to the haloed BBC!!!

    Fast coming to the conclusion that the BBC is past saving and needs to be broken up and commercialised so that its funding is no longer a matter of law and dark threats.


  23. StewGreen says:

    Video about “Selective Fact Spinners”


  24. Nibor says:

    Bit more of TWATBBC .

    Sub title is Institute Of Economic Affairs .
    In which the authors disapprove of it .
    Next sub title is ; The Institute of Economic Affairs Covert Aims and Funding .
    Starts by mentioning again Jane Mayer and her book Dark Money . No background to her or her book , contacts , sponsors etc . So we get another author more covert than the IEA .
    More on IEA as though its as sinister as ODESSA where it mentions at least some of its funding comes from tobacco giants Phillip Morris , Japan Tobacco and British American Tobacco .
    British American Tobacco -BAT- most (in)famous non executive director is of course the Right Hon Ken Clarke ex mp , leading EUrophile Bilderburger so favoured by the BBC ( many appearances on Question Time ) that they gave him his own radio show about jazz .
    Then the book describes a “sting” organised by Greenpeace`s investigations unit [] showing an IEA person telling a client he could introduce the American [what else] to an agriculture minister and a senior civil servant .
    Like you I`m against undue influence on The Powers That Be by any pressure group and I believe open and accountability of the Civil Service . Not that the BBC helps here .
    Then chlorinated chicken is mentioned , presumably second only to fossil fuels as the work of the devil .
    The piece ends about Kate Andrews , who moved from IEA to the Spectator magazine and they note she appears on Question Time . The Authors say ; ” clearly , there are businesses , mainly in the US , with a vested interest in her success , but who it was funding her campaigning has never been revealed “.
    Why is it “clearly ” , who are these businesses and why cant you find out who is funding her if things are “clearly ” ?

    cont .


  25. Darcy3 says:

    Having seen so many starving kids, you know, the fat ones we all see everyday, chauffeured to school,

    the bbc care SO MUCH for these children

    maybe the bbc and the millenial semi educated snowflake brigade could have a look at those that have been tortured and gang raped ?

    you know, the 13 year olds tied naked to a bed and repeadedly raped and racially abused by muslim pakistani men

    in every city and town in the uk that is infested by muslims

    ………………silence at last from the bbc


  26. Square-Eyed says:

    This could be big. Starts at 1:07.


    • maxincony says:


      This could be big. Starts at 1:07…

      Summary: “An anonymous poster on 4-Chan said something. Buy my product.”


      • Darcy3 says:


        be grateful that no one one here has the interest or can be bothered to “summarise” your invaluable comments

        You seem keen to summarise

        Don’t tempt me, I could summarise you in two sentences or less. but who needs words when an image will suffice



      • Square-Eyed says:

        Dear Max

        As you have more expertise in American affairs than I, can you tell us, please, which voting figures at Antrim County, Michigan were correct:-

        a) the first count
        b) the second count
        c) the third count
        d) none of them (please supply true figures)?

        The question is more than academic, because on the answer hinges the integrity of the Dominion voting system used widely in the Presidential election.

        Take your time, but we keenly wait to see what your answer, with reasons, will be.


  27. Darcy3 says:

    Until that Lara Carrsberg abuses her postion in a minister briefing to ask a question that is a thinly veiled attack upon the government which is also a failure of our national broadcaster to ask a relevant question, I do not pay the license fee for a overpaid twat with a face like a witch doctor’s rattle to state the bloody obvious

    She is either deaf, thick as shit or biased, go figure (deafness and blindness infects bbc journalsts quite often it seems, )

    but I do apparently (yes. I know taffman your response to that but I want to be able to access other channels)


    • Foscari says:

      Darcy -Are you referring to Lady Haw Haw, ” Germany calling ,
      Germany calling” Her sarcasm is very similar to William Joyce
      in attacking Boris Johnson as he did against Churchill.
      Do you think it could be the German influence of having
      to use sarcasm for the lack of any natural humour?


      • Darcy3 says:

        I could not possibly comment,

        well actually I could, they could at least find someone less “radio friendly” with a couple of O levels maybe


  28. Nibor says:

    Bit More TWATBBC .
    Next sub title ; The IEAs Sustained Attacks Against the BBC .

    Starts with
    A striking [] feature of the IEA , the Adam Smith Institute , and to a lesser extent , all the think tanks at the Tufton Street cluster , is that , whatever the question the answer is always the same ; less government , less tax , less regulation , more market .
    [the emphasis is put on the word less ].
    Striking feature ?!?
    Printing about organisations whose raison d`etre is advocating less government , less tax , less regulation , more market as is not a striking feature .
    What next ? its a striking feature about the Post Office that it wants to deliver letters ?
    Now read this paragraph the book prints
    ” That does, not in itself , mean that the answer is necessarily wrong ; each case needs to be analysed on its own merits . But it does mean that complex social and economic policy choices are sometimes reduced to the level of a generic introductory lecture on microeconomics without analysing the specific practicalities and trade offs .”

    Actually the above makes sense . Sort of . But is patronising drivel by such people as the authors .
    Do they think people don`t think through their political thoughts about the effects one policy or policies that affect one locality or interest doesnt have on the great scheme of things ?
    Especially lobbyist groups ? Are left leaning groups like the Joseph Roundtree Foundation , Greenpeace , Prison Reform Trust et al unaware that their generic introductory lecture on microeconomics should be concomitant with analysis of the specific practicalities and trade offs ?
    Was that bit written by the scriptwriters of Yes Minister ?
    At least when Boris Johnson waffles in Latin you can get the phrasebook out and translate immediately .



  29. Richard Pinder says:

    It took Astronomers fifteen years using the Atmosphere of Venus to determine that man-made global warming must be a “Hoax”. Confirming Solar Astronomers who say that Solar Irradiance and Cloud Albedo changes are responsible.

    It looks like it took a year to determine that Covid is also virtually a “Hoax”. Its 0.3 percent more dangerous than a flue epidemic.

    It looks like the same people who selected the “best scientific experts” for the BBC Climate Change seminars, must have selected the members of SAGE.

    There were 50,100 excess deaths during the winter of 2017/2018. The death rate in 2018 was 9.38 deaths per 1,000.

    67,401 have died with Covid making the current yearly death rate 9.41 deaths per 1,000. That’s a 0.3 percent increase in the death rate due to Covid. Before 2008 the death rate was always higher than this.

    “Bureaucratic Insanity” “a policy that is medically and scientifically bankrupt” retired Professor of Pathology, John Lee.

    Groupthink, A Study in Self Delusion, by Christopher Booker.

    “You can have political correctness or you can have the truth, but you cannot have both” Philosopher and Mensa member Douglas Kruger.

    As with Climate science, the problem is we are being ruled by people who seem less intelligent that the ordinary working man.

    Fifteen years ago we had newspaper articles written by Professor of Atmospheric Physics, Richard Lindzen. Today the article would be written by Greta Thunberg in the Guardian or Princess Nut Nut in the Daily Mail.


  30. taffman says:

    maxincony what have you done with your chum WildWomanOfThe Woods?
    Where have you bin all this time ? Now that Al Beeb’s viewers are going elsewhere what are you going to do to help finance the outfit? How about paying the telly tax?
    Now what can you tell us about it’s blatant bias?


  31. digg says:

    The BBC tell us that the EU have banned all traffic to the EU from the UK. ( but not traffic from the EU TO the UK! )

    Suspiciously, the UK appears to be the only Country in the World to have developed the nasty little “variant” of Covid that triggered this, now why would that be and why right now?

    Folks, we are being had big-time, this is a Franco-German EU plot ably assisted by all the teeth-gnashing Remain characters in the UK and in particular the lefty Scientists.

    We are being “taught” how to be good subservient Europeans if we want to have a normal existence.

    This was all clarified by the German MEP Reich-mother yesterday who was scathing about the UK’s wish for it’s own sovereignty. Saying the EU Sovereignty was the only one which was important.

    Think HSBC “we are not an Island, we are part of something much bigger”

    In fact…Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Feurer…

    The only way through this is to dig in and just get out, then let pure economics restore sanity.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Yes Digg that is my view. EU playing bully again.
      And wait for the BBC to bring on the remoaners to start saying see this is what happens when the UK deviates from the official EU virus standards..sanctions in place..
      I am sure chlorinated chickens will be raised as well


    • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

      The drawbridge going up two weeks early? It’s what you wanted isn’t it? Come come, there’s plenty of manglewurzles for you.


      • The WestWyvern says:

        Oh look, a scum troll.

        It’s the lengthened hours of darkness this time of year encouraging the creatures to break cover.


      • Red Pill says:

        WildWomanOfThe Woods – do be careful and not get that lovely armpit hair caught round your neck won’t you?

        That’s a joke btw.


  32. taffman says:

    “Brexit: Trade deal talks continue as negotiators fail to reach agreement”
    Continue ? It looks as if they are going for an extension ?
    Parliament has been recessed for the holidays and we are supposed to be out by January 1?


  33. Darcy3 says:

    I used to think Henry 8th was a bad person but with the libtard left we are surrounded with those who are quite happy to support a stolen election and a so called president whos son smokes crack with chinese teenage prostitutes ,,, (SG I can provide the links, my son is an expert in computer forensics) the video has disappeared…..,more silence, oh dear why is that ?

    no evidence says the bbc

    whats next ? we already have no speech if the state dislikes your speech, your words can get you arrested and next ? beheadings ? well our immigrant friends are already ahead on that one (sic) it seems instant justice from immigrants is allowed

    and tommy robinson gets dragged through the courts every month for stating the bloody obvious

    Henry 8th would be proud


    • Darcy3 says:

      How much money do the morons at the bbc get paid to igonre evidence ? surely that is corruption ?


  34. Guest Who says:

    This is impressive even by Lewis’ standards.


    • Guest Who says:

      In particular the cute trick the bbc has of trying to separate broadcast from press, and themselves from ‘the media’.


  35. taffman says:

    A Note to our ever watchful government we have more ports around the uk that can be utilised. Consider the movement of ships etc during operation Overlord – D Day.
    Unfortunately we do not have the Calibre of people running government anymore,


  36. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world – but could it learn from a town in Italy which has mastered a method of transforming old scraps into new clothes? 👚🧶


    The bbc loves fashion.

    It also loves Green finger wagging.

    Fashion is the luvvie classes getting their audiences to buy and ditch stuff regularly.

    The solution? Pretend to care, concoct a ‘thing’, but pose it as a question.


  37. Guest Who says:

    BBC Moaning Emole

    ‘Please help catch my husband’s killer’

    Abayomi “Junior” Ajose loved nothing more than spending time with his family. Afrobeat tunes would be on in the background as he spent hours playing a classic Nigerian card game with his three kids. “Even when I’m home now and a certain song comes on, it just makes me smile to remember how he was dancing in the house and the kids trying to copy his moves,” his wife Lola says. On 21 June 2020, Junior, 36, and another man – 21-year-old Cheriff Tall – were shot dead in a crowd of 400 people in Moss Side, Manchester. Six months on, their killer still hasn’t been caught.

    Read full analysis >

    Cherry Wilson
    BBC News online



  38. Guest Who says:

    BS chips in.


    • Guest Who says:

      When Matty met Emily


    • JohnC says:

      Always amazes me how these innocent and truly good people of colour end up being targets of other people of colour with guns and knives.
      What are the chances of such good and evil being in such close proximity so often ?.


  39. Guest Who says:

    Interesting what gets BBC journos pounding keyboards.

    And what not.


  40. taffman says:

    “Covid-19: Boris Johnson to chair emergency meeting amid travel bans “
    Our ‘friends’ in France mean to starve us into submission .


  41. Guest Who says:

    Ms. Spring is active, selectively, elsewhere.


  42. The WestWyvern says:

    Radio4 toady tells me that the fish wife sturgeon wants a Brexit transition extension.

    They then go to a Brussels MP for his view on a transition and ratification on any extension.

    Lord Haw Haw was more patriotic.


  43. Fedup2 says:

    I’ve been gloomy about the prospect of the Red Tories taking on the BBC – to add to this – have this cut and paste from today’s Telegraph

    ‘ Boris Johnson is preparing to shelve plans to decriminalise non-payment of the BBC licence fee, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

    Ministers have delayed a decision to end the prosecution and imprisonment of people who do not pay the licence fee until at least 2022, it is understood, amid concerns it could create an even harsher system in which bailiffs pursue elderly people and poor families for unpaid debts.

    The move will come as relief to the BBC, which has claimed that decriminalisation could cost it £1 billion over five years and would “inevitably require significant cuts” if dissatisfied viewers opted to run the risk of a civil penalty and withhold their licence fee.

    The postponement signals the latest cooling of hostilities between Number 10 and the BBC after the departure of Dominic Cummings, the Prime Minister’s chief adviser, and Lee Cain, the head of the Downing Street communications operation. The pair had advocated sweeping changes to the broadcaster and refused to allow ministers to appear on political programmes, alleging Left-wing bias.”

    My view that the red Tories haven’t the stomach for a figh seems supported ….
    ……the fight is going to take much longer …..


    • Red Pill says:

      My guess is that the unelected Princess Nut Nuts is having a disproportionate influence. Without Cummings, Number 10 is just another London-centric echo chamber, out of touch with the majority of its voters. It’ll only get worse I fear


      • JohnC says:

        I expected Boris to dump Nut Nut after the screaming session for spilling his wine.
        What a disappointment he has turned out to be. All mouth and no trousers. Clearly he got where he is on the back of Cummings.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Have to remember that – like gove – the guy is a journalist – politician . Ego the size of a house and unable to tell the truth . The ‘common touch ‘ has been very popular but I think it’s’ time is done . Johnson has only self belief and as soon as he is seen as a voting liability he will be gone and as forgotten as May or Cameron


  44. Guest Who says:


    • theisland says:

      DFDS report no problem with incoming freight or UK residents.

      [and definitely no problem whatsoever with the continuing importation of illegals].


  45. AsISeeIt says:

    How to characterise Boris Johnson’s premiership? Could we perhaps say he’s gone native? ‘Plan to end licence fee prosecution ended. Boris Johnson is preparing to shelve plans to decriminalise non-payment of the the BBC licence fee’ (Telegraph)

    Perhaps he’s cooked up one of his famous oven-ready deals with the BBC? One wonders what the was the quid pro quo?

    Maybe the dishevelled PM and his whimpish cabinet have a case of early onset male menopause? There does appear to be a distinct lack of testosterone around the cabinet table: ‘ Tiers of a clown. What a load of baubles. Crying Coco: U-turn panic YOUR fault! Teary Coco Hancock yesterday welled up on TV after he moaned about missing his mum at Christmas’ (Daily Star) – lack of baubles might be my diagnosis.

    Perhaps our minister for the No Hope Service was channelling Bill Bailey as quoted in the Telegraph: ‘The Comedian, 55, writes in his final Strictly diary… that his victory was tinged with sadness that his late mother was not there to to see him perform’

    Not so fast Bill: ‘Oti… the real Strictly winner’ (Daliy Mirror)

    Black people must be awarded all the baubles in modern Britain: ‘Champion of champions Hamilton wins BBC SPOTY’ (Guardian)

    Your attitude toward Johnson will depend largely on whether you happen to adhere to the accidental theory of history, that mistrakes tend to be made by the random incompetence of individuals in the face of unforseen events leading to unforseen consequences, or whether you lean more toward notions of conspiracy in high places.

    So when the Eton schoolboy bluffer tells us we’ve all got a mutant virus: ‘”Out of control” Covid-19 varient means curbs will stay for months’ (FT) so as to put the willies up us, so we’ll do as we’re told and our neighbours take it seriously: ‘Europe imposes travel bans over new Covid strain fears’ (‘i’) then you have to decide do you think this was a deliberate plan or just an unforseen cockup.

    I’m beginning to shift my opinion toward conspiracy: ‘No surprise… Brexit talks to drag on’ (Daily Express) – my Road to Damascus moment being this mutation nonsense and the question how could anyone be so stupid as to believe such a bluff?

    The appalling Labour-leaning Daily Mirror believes it of course: ‘Sick man of Europe. Labour slams PM for not bringing in tight curbs sooner’

    Someone should ask Sir Kier whether he would have banned flights from China etc back in February? – yeah, someone like a journalist.

    ‘Winter gas prices on the rise’ (FT) – how about Boris go the full Jeremy Corbyn and order market prices for goods down by government dictat?


  46. Guest Who says:

    The MSM, Gob, Opportunistic Pol nexus of weevils could not be more obvious now.

    And something by Lisa Nandy, Lammy or Femi on Vile, probably.

    For Laura and BS to RT.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Here they come….out like cockroaches in a dark room..expect more to scurry forth on the back of the flea ridden BBC


  47. Dover Sentry says:

    What’s the betting the EU will extend the ban beyond 48 hours? Just to be safe…

    Roll on January 1st 👍


  48. AsISeeIt says:

    48 hour border closure to quarantine a virus with a median incubation period of four to five days. Yeah that makes sense. Vive la France.


  49. theisland says:


  50. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – you don’t want to go there, Nick, you really don’t want to go there!

    Nick Robinson interviewed Dominic Raab on the prog. in the prime 8.10 a.m. slot and although I did not hear all of it, I gather the BBC had – in their delightful little way in search of a ‘gotcha’ moment – had an on-air piece prior to the interview of a Conservative MP stating the obvious, that the PM and the Government are hostage to whatever the SAGE Committee and especially Whitty and Vallance want and that the latter are using the Pandemic as socialists to attack a Conservative (in name at least) Government.

    The problem for Nick and most of all for the BBC will be if they pursue that line of questioning then the truth will come out, including the BBC’s part in it all.


    Better to keep schtumm, Nick. 😉