Midweek Thread 16th December 2020

Deal or No Deal Part – Whatever – thankfully for us the BBC continues to self harm . This time they’ve taken on a boxer who doesn’t want to be a ‘sports personality ‘ . Naturally the BBC ignores him .Meanwhile Joe Biden is the President Elect of the USA . Therefore the BBC narrative will change to ‘how long can the dementing old boy last? “ . Let’s see…

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  1. Northern Voter says:

    1, Reading the Daily Mail today, I spotted a piece that stated, 50% of British Asians,(I know it should be Britons of Asian descent, but that’s what it said) and 33% of British blacks are suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency. Hands up, who pinched the effnix Vitamin D, and will there be riots till they get it back?

    2, Has anyone been taking notice of the Johnny Walker whiskey advert? For Johnny Walker Black Label, the ad company are using a black female to promote said whiskey. Will we see an American Indian to promote the Red Label? They will be snookered when it comes to the Green and Blue Labels.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      To be fair at least the government tried its best to remove
      this inequality in Vit D wealth over the summer.
      By using it’s lockdown zealots to fly drones in the sky, tape up park benches and beach shame the greedy bronzed sun bathers.


  2. tomo says:

    closed comments on a telly tax piece across NewquestUK’s fleet of 200 local rags (AKA Gannett Corp of Virginia USA)

    ah, yes … no surprise there – Keiran “Doody” btw is the author of the piece :


    • Guest Who says:

      Was in ours too.

      No coincidence they are now rammed with BBC-funded ‘local democracy’ reporters.

      Just checked back.

      At least 90% #CCBGB


  3. Peter Sausages says:

    Is it the Law now that nearly every advert has to have a Black Person in it.??


  4. Guest Who says:

    I thought Stevo was on the BBC protected list?

    Still, once a BBC ‘Anger Over’ Khukri is unsheathed, it must taste blood.


  5. Guest Who says:

    A bbc her… well, a Dem pol has brain farted a clear bit of non Dettol-injecting genius that can only see every MSM journo taking a knee in awwww, publicly, and then being retweeted by Lurch.

    I am simply now fascinated at how organised their rapid reaction social media teams are, albeit rivalling boxes of rocks for blatant and obvious, and dumb.


    • StewGreen says:

      Minitrue tweeted the same tweet a few weeks ago
      and didn’t get challenged

      And Andrew Yang’s thread has been hit by a Rob (Schneider with a million followers) saying the same thing

      Oh PJW is there


  6. StewGreen says:

    Wuhan China : UK teacher’s vid
    Life is normal here


  7. StewGreen says:

    Hospital occupancy down


  8. JimS says:

    BBC 2 Waterhole: Africa’s Animal Oasis, set in Tanzania but has fewer Africans than a typical ITV advert or BBC continuity link!


  9. StewGreen says:

    PJW vid from last week


    • Eddy Booth says:

      Edinson Cavani: Man Utd forward charged over Instagram post

      Bbc not telling the full story as usual
      Not repeating the phrase he said ie
      his friends nickname ..
      Now he’s facing maybe a 3 match ban
      I wouldn’t mind but I’ve got him in my fantasy manager team.😬.
      From dailymail:


  10. StewGreen says:

    Covid in Germany
    click the boxes to see the 7-day trend
    Exponential up



  11. Red Pill says:

    St. Rashford: ‘Sometimes we didn’t even have a loaf of bread’ – https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55338104.

    One of the most, if not THE most, benefits system in the world, and yet you can’t afford a 50 pence loaf of bread. Astonishing. Call in Unicef or… perhaps ask mother and father to stop spending other people’s hard earned money on fags and alcohol?


    • Red Pill says:

      *generous benefits system


    • StewGreen says:

      @RedPill Rashford’s father was not with his family
      So the state paid for his Mum’s benefits.

      Rashford’s father moved back into his life after he grew up
      and is his manager now.


  12. JimS says:

    An article on the BBC’s website about David Attenborough is 90% about animals and the places he has visited over the years.

    The sub-editors though choose to headline it as “Sir David Attenborough on Joe Biden, Christmas wrapping… and flamingos” while the home page flags it as “Attenboroogh: I cheered when Biden was elected.”

    Bias on top of bias on top of bias.