Weekend Thread December 12 2020

Deal or No Deal Part 2 – or somewhere in between ? BBC happily shouting about shortages and price increases and not lay any of this Project Fear stuff at the door of the EU . Nothing changes .

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  1. Jeff says:

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…

    This is week just keeps getting better.

    The latest loud mouthed, bullying, two faced hack to be pictured breaking the lockdown rules they are so keen to enforce on the rest of us, is none other than… Piers Morgan. Oh yes!

    According to old blancmange face he had just jumped into a taxi without his mask, but, realising his mistake, immediately put it on. The photo suggests otherwise.

    Look, I honestly couldn’t care less if this sanctimonious creep went about wearing a traffic cone on his head. What gets me is his holier than thou, endless preaching to others. If any other public figure had been pictured flagrantly breaking the rules (other than Beth and Burley, obviously) he’d be down on them like a ton of red hot rubble. The man is insufferable.

    All three, Burley, Rigby and Morgan are the most horrible, haranguing bullies. I loathe all of them with a passion.

    Perhaps it’s too much to hope that Morgan might also face suspension, but we’ve still got him by the short ones…

    Whenever he starts one of his chin wobbling rants, his victim has a very good comeuppance.
    “Where’s your mask, Morgan?”



    • Fedup2 says:

      I admit I don’t have direct experience of seeing these people much – but they do seem to take part in an ‘arms race’ of abuse / offence toward their ‘victims’/ interviewees.

      I suppose it’s entertainment rather than informing the viewer – but if they hold people up to high standards then they have to keep high standards themselves – and if they don’t – it’s a safari holiday in South Africa ….


  2. digg says:

    The Guardian showing how to lean the “left” way…

    Violence flares in Washington as far-right Trump supporters clash with counter-protesters


    Let me correct that for them..

    Violence flares in Washington as far-left Marxist Antifa activists attack Trump supporters rally.


  3. scribblingscribe says:

    Sky News, BBC’s poorer and uglier young brother, has just said it is the UK that has made changes at the last minute to scupper the negotiations.

    This he intoned with authority, this is the view of the EU and member states of the EU.

    How can an entire news channel be pig ignorant of the French announcing last week, they intended to raid our waters, as Macron put it, for their ‘share’ of our fish.

    At the same time the EU changed the rules linking UK standards with those of the EU, saying that they could unilaterally legislate on our laws in the future.


  4. pugnazious says:

    Funny thing….the BBC is very, very concerned about the price of lamb and what a no-deal Brexit will mean for Welsh hill farmers. Glad to hear it….not often you hear the BBC sticking up for farmers, especially meat farmers.

    This is after all the BBC that wants to ban meat sales to save the planet, the BBC that cheerleads for its fellow media princelings, George etc, who want to rewild Wales in order to turn it into a safari park for rich metropolitan types…oh and don’t worry about the farmers…those proud and independent hill farmers can work as tour guides humiliating themselves as they seek to please the visiting media royalty in the hope of a nice gratuity or a favourable mention in the next Guardian column or Countryfile report. Funny how the BBC isn’t concerned about the price of lamb then or the livelihoods of the farmers….only when it’s Brexit related oddly enough.

    The BBC that stridently opposes a deal with Trump’s America in case we are deluged with chlorine-washed chicken…the BBC trying to insinuate that this is toxic and posionous when your kids swim in the stuff all the time and it is added to drinking water. The BBC will, when challenged, then claim oh no, not about toxicity but animal welfare….we just can’t have meat produced in conditions that are below standard….of course the BBC doesn’t raise similar objections to the flood of halal meat that is imported…no such concerns about animal welfare there for some reason.

    As always with the BBC everything is politics….they shape their news and programming to suit whatever message they want to sell to you…not news, not facts, not straight, honest reporting…just outright corrupton of journalism and genuine BBC values…fake news, views and opinion served up as fact….and in this case all shaped to make you think Brexit is a terrible idea.


    • Fedup2 says:

      And why it must be ended . The BBC group think now believes it is superior to those who pay for it and ( still ) use its ‘products – and exploits what is still – for many – a monopoly – the ‘go to’ source of information – if only the damn weather .

      It is an infection now .


    • taffman says:

      Welsh Lamb is very expensive here in taffland because much of it is exported to the EU. A surplus of it would bring the price down at home . Also the livestock doesn’t suffer the long distance of travelling to the continent.


      • StewGreen says:

        one reason is that Muslims prize lamb
        as they can’t eat pig
        and often come from regions where beef is discouraged.


    • taffman says:

      I know of many people complaining but a lot are reluctant to stop paying for the biased garbage .
      All I hear from them when I suggest they de-fund is, “its the wife you see………”


  5. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    Historian David Olusoga has interviewed former President Barack Obama for the BBC.

    Here’s the whole interview, on BBC Sounds https://bbc.in/2W1zY2S


    That’s his award sorted.

    For…. something.


  6. pugnazious says:


    Black lives matter don’t they? Nah…don’t be silly. BLM is a political anarchist group that exploits black people for its own ends…it cares not one jot for black lives…and nor does its media mouthpieces….the BBC and the Guardian. The new slavery and colonialism….oh the white man’s burden having to come to the rescue of black people….all those white saviours…just as long as it’s the right black people.

    Look as you might and you won’t find any outrage, any tears, any angry remonstrations about the death of a 15 year old black boy, Kayjon Lubin, in London after he was hunted down by a gang like a ‘pack of dogs’….colour of gang unknown but you know…. The Guardian is completely silent as far as I can see and the BBC barely manages to scrabble together a few words to report his death….two reports and it hardly registers…



    Contrast a black man high on powerful drugs dies during an arrest [not ‘killed’, not ‘murdered’] from cardiac arrest [not asphyxiation] due to the drugs in America and BLM, the BBC, the Guardian and our Institutions take a knee out of respect, lol, and then try to burn society to the ground one way or another…and that continues to this day as our institutions, on our behalf, try to atone for our sins by destroying history and demonising white people.

    No such outpourings for Kayjon Lubin. Guess he just wasn’t black enough or the BBC et al can’t work out a way of blaming his death on our systemically white and racist society[yet] and exploiting it for their own ends.

    Where are ‘the protests, fury, anger, hurt across the world’….where is the emotive, misleading, dishonest BBC video about the mass murder of black youths in London?


    • StewGreen says:

      Black Lives Don’t Matter
      .. unless they can be weaponised for some lefty anti-white politics.


  7. pugnazious says:

    All ye who read on despair……not the BBC but so very, very BBC…..


    From 2019 pre-BLM madness…

    ‘Fiber artists of color are taking to Instagram stories to call out instances of prejudice — and to try to shape a more inclusive future.

    Karen Templer’s Fringe Association Co. is kind of like Goop for knitting. There are tips and how-tos for navigating knitting’s trickier maneuvers. There are knit-alongs for chunky cowls and cute fingerless gloves. There’s an online store that sells the Fringe bag, which has come to be known in some circles as the Birkin of knitting bags. And there’s the blog where Templer puts her personal thoughts.

    On January 7, she blogged excitedly about her upcoming trip to India. She wrote that 2019 would be her “year of color.” She said that as a child, India had fascinated her, and that when an Indian friend’s parents offered to take her with them on a trip, it was “like being offered a seat on a flight to Mars.” She spoke of her trip as if it were the biggest hurdle anyone could jump: “If I can go to India, I can do anything — I’m pretty sure.” Templer, it should be noted, is white.

    As someone who is mixed-race Indian, to me, her post (though seemingly well-meaning) was like bingo for every conversation a white person has ever had with me about their “fascination” with my dad’s home country; it was just so colorful and complex and inspiring. It’s not that they were wrong, per se, just that the tone felt like they thought India only existed to be all those things for them.

    The initial comments on Templer’s blog post were supportive, but quickly, knitters and fans began to criticize her tone. “Karen, I’d ask you to re-read what you wrote and think about how your words feed into a colonial/imperialist mindset toward India and other non-Western countries,” wrote commenter Alex. “Multiple times you compare the idea of going to India to the idea of going to another planet — how do you think a person from India would feel to hear that?”

    Templer has since apologized for her post…..’


  8. Guest Who says:

    Rob gunning for Timmeh! or Franny levels of BS patronisation on a tell it often enough basis.


    • pugnazious says:

      GW….that’s the problem with BBC interviews…they’re confrontational, point scoring gotchas that put the interviewee on the defensive rather than making them comfortable enough to tell us something informative and transparent….surely the point of an interview rather than being a vehicle for the interviewer to stroke their own ego and signal to the world how brilliant they are….in their own view.

      Just leave it to the audience to decide if someone is truthful or is evading the question….we don’t need smug interviewers trying to hang people out to dry with smart arse questions, double takes and slam dunks that do absolutely nothing to inform the audience and add to their understanding. It is bad interviewing. Thankfully the Queen of the Gotcha, Emma Barnett, has debunked from 5 Live [though still in the Newsnight bunker] to be replaced by the Muncher…..who on first appearance as she stood in for Barnett was not bad….not aggressive but not a doormat…her interviews were easy to listen to and were much more informative….hope it continues once in the hotseat full-time.


      • taffman says:

        My usual message to Al Beeb, wildwomanofthewoods, Piku, maxincony et al………………..
        “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
        That’s why the number telly tax subscribers are dropping faster than a lead balloon.


  9. StewGreen says:

    BBC 6pm doing Project Covid Fear
    … Here is a vaccine expert who is afraid Xmas could cause big break out

    FFS She’s just like a random bloke in the pub, not a person with a proven track record in modelling.

    “The Covid numbers will soar at Christmas” narrative is one size fits all BS.
    It all very much depends on who meets with who.

    Many people live in a safe bubble will simply be meeting with someone else who’s in a similar safe bubble.

    A non-switched on person who just been sharing a lunchroom and toilets with 100 people is a different matter.

    Some family who all use their fingers to access food on a central plate
    is way different to a family who are eating piping hot food with knife and forks etc.

    Previous Covid outbreaks wouldn’t have happened if the chain had been broken.
    but we rarely hear about the chain and how specific people caught it outside their own homes.


  10. Northern Voter says:

    Top of the BBC books for Christmas

    How to alienate viewers and antagonise the rest.


  11. Fedup2 says:

    The MSM has reported that the Tory MP who was accused of rape is not to be prosecuted – a victim group is to appeal the decision . So far he has not been ( rightly ) named – apart from in bits of social media . Let’s hope it stays that way – al though judging by the calibre of Labour MPs it might be that one of the sistas used privilege to name him ……


  12. StewGreen says:

    Rod Liddle is trending cos their is a lefty pile on against him
    “Look he said if he was a teacher he’d shag the kids”
    .. all leave the date off the article
    Surprisingly only Ash Sarkar fesses up straight away that the article is from 2012


  13. StewGreen says:

    Countryfile dripped out the fakenews as usually that the London romantic view of the Countryside is the true one.

    Oh “aren’t AONB’s amazing they generate £19m/year”
    FFS that is nothing
    yet you MSM have spent this month telling us that UK fishing industry is nothing even tho it’s much bigger than that.

    “Oh Climate Change, sea level rise ..this island might disappear”
    Actually rivers carry silt to the sea
    .. so that as old islands disappear
    brand new islands grow
    etc. etc.

    Did @BBCCountryfile just show footage of Swallows during a piece on Swift’s?

    so many wrong images of the birds you are talking about its not good enough. Talk about Redshank and show Godwits, Swifts and show a Swallow flying as you describe Swifts flight #birds #notgoodenough

    Matt “here we are are on the River Stooor”
    locals on Twitter “it’s Stower like STOURPORT.”


    • StewGreen says:

      By law, as of tomorrow (December 14) all chickens, ducks etc are to be kept indoors as a preventative measure against Bird Flu
      … Yet Countryfile never mentioned it.


    • StewGreen says:

      Oh and when they featured a house in Essex they chose it to be the Grayson Perry artwork that really contrasts with the open country enviroment



  14. Guest Who says:

    Nish. As funny as….