Midweek Thread 9 December 2020

Deal or No Deal ? Whichever way the wheel spins the BBC will see it as a victory for their EU . And stand bye for some made up ‘social injustice ‘involving the Chinese virus vaccine ….

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  1. StewGreen says:

    SkyNews Christmas pantomime to run for 3 months
    title SkyFall : starring the Ugly Covid Sisters


  2. StewGreen says:

    Crimebodge wins again in court
    Derbyshire thug cop convicted of assault
    After the establishment had tried to brush it under the carpet.
    – Lowest of sentences 3 month curfew
    – Disciplinary hearing to follow ..likely to be sacked
    – Headbutt victim Civil compensation case likely to win big

    Video is sweary


  3. StewGreen says:

    Beware – DPD SCAM EMAIL Received a couple of very convincing DPD emails saying they tried to deliver early this morning.
    Asking you reschedule via a link and to make payment.

    Never give out your card details after getting an email
    Bona Fide corps already have your bank account number they don’t need it again.

    H/T Alex Belfield


    • BRISSLES says:

      Yep I received that, and racked my brains trying to think what I’d ordered that would need a DPD delivery. I ignored it in the end. I also get ladies with a heavy African accent telling me there are issues with my Amazon account. She gets cut off too.


  4. richard D says:

    I notice that Mr Andy Burnham isn’t quite so keen to show his face or talk on TV/radio about the recently reported failures of his police force to protect the public as he was when he was portraying himself as the ‘white knight’ riding to the rescue of Mancunians under Covid restrictions just a couple of weeks ago – wonder why that might be ?

    And the BBC don’t seem quite so keen to ask him on for a grilling, or to announce that he refused to appear on their programmes – as it does with anyone whose views they oppose – again, I wonder why that might be ?

    Never mind, I am sure that the Beeboids will find some good excuses to have him back on again shortly to have a pop at anything the BBC can find fault with in the government, with this little episode dropped like a hot coal from their main news.


  5. SkeptikEye says:

    Is anyone out there reporting on or following these news stories? Because the BBC certainly is not!



  6. davylars says:

    BBC respond to complaints about the vicar of dibley in BBC style…….

    Summary of complaint

    We received complaints that an upcoming episode will reference the Black Lives Matter movement.



    • StewGreen says:

      Entire response
      In The Vicar of Dibley in Lockdown, Geraldine shares with her congregation her take on some of the key stories of 2020, including clapping for the NHS, the Black Lives Matter movement, lockdown, and school exams being cancelled.
      She is a much-loved and well-established comic character and will be seen processing the year’s events in her familiar outspoken and high-spirited way.

      That tells us nothing.


  7. StewGreen says:

    Facebook’s ‘independent’ fact-checking certifier exposed as Hillary Clinton supporter
    SkyNewsAust investigation into who are the fact checkers
    and who selects the “fact checkers”


    • JohnC says:

      ‘Fact checkers’ (BBC especially) only focus on cherry-picked claims which they can either prove as fake or at least cast major doubt over it. As with everything, they have hijacked something for their own agenda and made it worthless.
      Nothing from the Left gets fact checked.
      I remember reading one on the internet ‘disproving’ something Trump said after I saw other Lefties quoting it as their ‘reference’. I checked his twitter and it was just one long tirade of anti-Trump rhetoric.
      I still have to supress a smile when I see the button ‘Why you can trust the BBC’ on their website.


      • StewGreen says:

        Fact Checker = SELECTIVE fact spinner
        = Merchant of Doubt
        = Dirty Dirty Smear Merchant *

        * As Sargon says


  8. Guest Who says:

    Dog bites man.

    In this case a pol sees the BBC coverage and jumps on the bandwagon late without thinking.

    Their choice of martyrs is bizarre.


  9. s.trubble says:

    I play a little game each day at 12;15…the only time I ever switch on a bBC news channel.

    I call it “Beat the Krankie”

    It is a simple game of reaching for the off switch before 1 word is uttered from her lying gob.

    Thanks bBC for allowing this wretched women a daily platform
    to spout her devious lying garbage.


  10. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    There’s a lot of people rightly paying tribute to Barbara Windsor.

    A common theme running through these tributes is that she was a very funny woman and made us all laugh a lot but you couldn’t do that today.
    Are the snowflakes proud of (one of) their achievements. Killing comedy.

    The msm are all praising her as a national treasure yet they are the ones pushing hard to stop her kind of comedy.
    They would be giving her the J K Rowling cold shoulder treatment.

    It’s ok to hold up a lifelike Trump severed head dripping blood and gore.
    It’s alright for lefty comedians to incite hate towards those who are not communists. The bbbc loves that.
    It’s ok to swear, eff’ing and blinding their way through their anti Right/Brexit/Trump/Farage routines. I never heard any swearing in the Carry on films.

    And yet there they are, all loving Barbara.

    One thing we may be thankful for regarding our Brexit exit.

    Our politicians are so crap it might end up that they give us what we actually voted for.
    Their useless negotiations (hopefully) look like they might fail and because they are all rubbish they could end up not getting the deal we don’t want anyway.
    If they were good at their jobs they may well have arrived at a deal which satisfied all but because they are so pathetic they have failed to get the deal that they wanted (not the deal that we wanted) and with luck we may be free due to their incompetence.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I get hacked off when ‘tributes’ are aired by 20 odd year olds who know nothing of the person who has passed except what they’ve read ! which anyone of us could do.

      Numerous times well known film stars / people of note have passed and you get some unknown the researchers have dug up to pass comment. So thats when I switch off.


      • StewGreen says:

        Obituaries belong in obituary programmes not in the news
        And “old person dies as expected” should not be opening item, I’d put it at the end.


  11. Guest Who says:

    One for BBC Fac… oh, no…. WaPo is on the ‘nice’ list.


  12. StewGreen says:

    4:30pm Feedback
    Where they bin most of your complaints
    and probably read out fake complaints that they wrote themselves.

    Just as Woman’s Hour listeners were getting used to the idea of losing long-standing presenter Dame Jenni Murray, there came the news that another favourite, Jane Garvey, was also heading for the exit.
    So what is going on at one of Radio 4’s staple programmes?
    Jane joins Roger Bolton to talk about the reasons for her departure, and what is next on her agenda.


    • JimS says:

      Most of Feedback nowadays is taken up by promotion pieces from the BBC.

      Insofar as the listener gets to make a ‘complaint’ they are chosen to set the context for what the BBC wants to say: “Why isn’t the BBC doing more to keep the Trump, Brexit and Climate Denial advocates off the air?”


  13. Guest Who says:

    BS liked this gem.



  14. Guest Who says:

    Good use of BBC ‘quotes’.


    • Doobster78 says:

      And they wonder why #scummedia trends !!!!

      Bunch of crooks and cretins.


    • Doublethinker says:

      They are probably trying to convince some that Chedder will cost 56% more in the UK than it currently does. Remember the ultra stupid Harriet Harman thought that tariffs were applied by the exporting country rather than the importing country. I don’t suppose there are many folks as dumb as Harriet but the BBC probably thinks it’s worth a try.
      Anyway thank goodness that the UK cheese industry has flourished so spectacularly in the last twenty years or so producing so many delicious offerings.The French stuff won’t be missed.


    • StewGreen says:

      So you believe that ?
      Just cos some guy said it’s only 4,000
      Irish Cheddar alone was 90,000 says this article

      Imports of Irish cheddar into the United Kingdom are on track to be the highest for at least twenty years.
      Imports of the cheese totalled just under 90,000 tonnes between January and September 2019, analysis by AHDB Dairy shows.



      • StewGreen says:

        looks like he mixed up year tallies with monthly tallies
        He found a month where 4,000 tonnes was imported

        Often Cheddar is moving in both directions, but UK is a big cheese importer.


  15. Guest Who says:

    Sweeney! risking the alumni Xmas drinks here?


  16. Doobster78 says:



  17. Guest Who says:

    OT, but an exchange highlighting how some media still try to shape news to fit.


    • Banania says:

      Why do they think it is so important? It is actually a mark of our respect for a foreign city that we have our own name for it.


  18. richard D says:

    I’m getting pretty fed up with the reporting of so-called “Institutes”, “Commissions” and the like which the BBC introduces into the headline news on a regular basis now.

    There was one the other day called the “Wealth Tax Commission”, whose recent ‘Final Report’ was widely relayed on the BBC Today Programme this week…. with absolutely no information as to who or what the Wealth Tax Commission was or is…… but it sounds really official, maybe even a government-sponsored report from a government appointed Commission….?????

    So I decided to just look uo what this was about, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s an opinion piece by a self-appointed bunch of left-leaning organisations trying to sound as though it’s an authentically instituted body.

    It very briefly mentions in its report that Rishi Sunak has already indicated that he thinks that a wealth tax is inappropriate. But hey, a campaigning report, created by an self-selecting, activist, left-wing think tank, constituted from a whole bunch of other left-wing think tanks, is right up the BBC’s street, so there’s no sense in confusing people by letting them know there’s absolutely no official aspect to this report whatsoever – best to just let the public think that this ‘Commission’ has some sort of authority, independence and and validity.

    Real Bias by Omission, BBC’s usual deception.


    • Guest Who says:

      Stew has the video above.

      Doubtless another one Marianna will steer clear of.

      She is still on Pat’s feet.


      • Guest Who says:

        Still on feet.


  19. Guest Who says:

    Interesting on several levels.


  20. Guest Who says:

    War of the Poses.

    Tvl payers must be thrilled.


  21. StewGreen says:

    Luna Center in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg

    Allegedly confused woman injured 3 people with a knife
    First, she attacked 2 customers in a branch of the “KiK” ​​store slightly injured
    then attacked a worker who suffered bruises in the attack

    Escaped briefly.
    Arrested in Jungnickelstrasse
    German newspaper marks it as a minor story


  22. Beltane says:

    Would all those GPs who have decided to opt out of the NHS Covid vaccination scheme ‘due to pressure of work’, please hand their applause back?


  23. Guest Who says:

    Champion Ash securing studio to studios from the bbc still.


  24. vlad says:

    BBC in their happy place doing what they do best: stirring up race hate.

    The family of a black man fatally shot outside his Ohio home has demanded answers, claiming he was killed for being a “young black man”.



  25. Guest Who says:

    Bet he still sneaks a bacon sarnie.


  26. Guest Who says:

    Thommo still working his bbc magic there?


  27. StewGreen says:

    It’s Friday so it’s lefty panelist day

    6pm Richard Osman panel show with Alex Jones

    8pm Jo Brand hour, about Covid mental health
    9pm Show about viewers watching dumb TV
    10pm Lefty panel show

    7pmOne Show rubbish with Alex Jones
    7:30pm pm Question of Sport Panel
    8pm Second Richard Osman panel show with Jennifer Saunders, Jason Mandford
    9pm Romesh chairs HIGNFY
    9:30 Royle Family repeat
    10:45 Graham Norton : Lee Mack
    11:30pm 45 mins of drag queens


  28. StewGreen says:

    Local News : Grimsby Chief Inspector for saying “choc ice” once SACKED after 21 years service.

    Again the TV didn’t actually say that, but danced around
    “he said a racially offensive word”

    … Meanwhile the cop convicted for headbutt assault is still with Derbyshire Police


    • StewGreen says:

      The key point was that the TV report omitted he was already on a warning for SOMETHING
      ” he had received a disciplinary sanction in February this year for two matters of disreputable conduct.”

      On June 8 CI Miller was asked if a lower ranking colleague could work from home due to concerns his black ethnicity was more susceptible to the virus.

      DCI Miller said: ‘He isn’t fat or diabetic and has a good job so doesn’t fit in to the category. In fact, he is as close to white as he can be.
      In fact, he’s a *choc ice*.
      He is probably more white and middle class than I am’.

      The comment was made next to the Major Incident Room at Police Station in Grimsby.

      He said he only realised when he went onto Google that a Choc Ice is a term used by one black person to another to refer to someone who has betrayed their heritage.

      But panel chairman ruled that the officer’s claims that he did not know the phrase was racist was no defence.
      ‘He is an ‘exceptional officer who had led serious and major investigations’ during his 21 years or service’
      BUT ‘It is incredibly damaging to public perception of the police. It damages race relations locally when there are national concerns about the policing of black communities.
      ‘The conduct is so serious it justifies dismissal. It constitutes gross misconduct.’

      Olivia Checa-Dover, for the force, argued:
      ‘The only outcome capable of maintaining public confidence in the police is dismissal without notice.
      Police forces wish to recruit officers who represent communities they serve.
      ‘The scale and depth of national concern about racial stereotypes is a significant aggravating feature.’

      She also revealed he had received a disciplinary sanction in February this year for two matters of disreputable conduct.
      (ah that is a key point)
      Demotion was not an option.
      ‘There is no room for racism in any rank,’ she added.

      The top comment sets the tone
      Cops are supposed to be courageous not cowering behind the sofa afraid of what might happen.
      They sacked the wrong man


  29. Guest Who says:

    I was unaware that there were museums of ‘women’ and ‘Latinos’, but now, thanks to the bbc…

    No word on places where you can wander around exhibitions of Latino women…


  30. tomo says:

    I saw some stuff about a month back claiming that the BBC had dispatched quite a crew (200?) to the USA to watch Orange Man get his comeuppance…

    Now that I want to reference it – I can’t find anything …

    I recall quotes like “more people that any US network”

    – anybody?


    • Guest Who says:

      Guido went there I think.

      Maybe even an FOI.

      Could always try BBC Transparency Dept via Marianna.

      Just be careful answering doors at midnight.


  31. Guest Who says:



  32. Ian Rushlow says:

    Apparently, Labour’s Kate Green (no, me neither) says “‘Offensive’ Empire honours titles must go”. Without any sense of irony or self-awareness, she also says: “How can it be that today that we find our country run by a group of people disproportionately who have had an educational and life experience so unlike the majority of people in this country.” Couldn’t agree more on the latter point – let’s get rid of all those Labour MPs plus the past, present and future ones who infect the BBC and our public life.

    Not sure what Ms Green thinks should replace the MBEs, CBEs and OBEs (of which she has one herself). Maybe ‘Hero of Socialist Labour’ or ‘Order of Lenin’ medals, or perhaps the highly coveted Медаль «За восстановление предприятий чёрной металлургии юга» (Medal “For the Restoration of the Black Metallurgy Enterprises of the South”).



  33. Fedup2 says:

    I have put up the weekend thread – in celebration of the cavalier way the government has dropped the quarantine period from 14 to 10 days – one of the reasons being ‘mass disregard ‘ of the rule .
    For someone like me – who has just adjusted life to be locked up for the next 14 days it comes as a mixed blessing . I’m going to miss a party Ms Burley is throwing to celebrate 6 months ‘furlough’…..


  34. StewGreen says:

    Ezra guests on the Tucker Carlson show
    to explain how he found out Trudeau has invited Chinese military officers to train at Canadian military academies.