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  1. taffman says:

    “Government to cut £1bn from rail budget”
    Does this include the waste spent on Hs2?


    • Darcy3 says:

      Having a working knowledge of Hs2 I can report the following:

      1 the hotels are nice

      2 the offices are amazing

      3 being told that I cannot eat lunch at my desk for fear of offending muslims who may be fasting meant that 1 and 2 were invalid as I walked out


    • Scroblene says:

      Why this country needs to spend billions on saving 15minutes on a journey to The North is quite beyond me.

      Wouldn’t it be easier to buy all those travellers an alarm clock, so they got out of their stinking pits a bit earlier and caught an earlier train?


      • JamesArthur says:

        Especially true now the UK has realised that many of the people HS2 was supposed to help can work from home most of the time. It changes the economic rationale (if there ever was one)
        Monet would be better spent on some new electricity generation (not wind or solar) maybe open coal mines 🙂


        • tarien says:

          100% agree James-as Scroblene says ‘spending £billions to save 15 minutes on a journey north’, Government got caught with pants down some years ago when this HS2 was first muted, they had to plough forward irrespective-costs now have lept to astronomical heights which will take many years to be paid back from passenger tickets which at this rate will cost £200+ a journey and maybe more.


      • JimS says:

        There is an argument that HS2 will take express trains off the West Coast Main Line and that will provide space to run more (slower) freight and passenger trains on the WCML.

        These extra trains might originate and/or terminate beyond the WCML providing new/better services to places beyond the Birmingham – London corridor.

        Birmingham New Street is a heavily congested station trapped between two tunnels in the centre of Birmingham that is on the major North East – South West route. So the simple act of moving London – Manchester/Liverpool trains to HS2 provides more capacity for Newcastle – Bristol traffic, for example.

        This non-HS2, non-government video might change your mind!


        • StewGreen says:

          JimS it was cheaper to put the customers in taxis when I did the maths
          This is the age of the car not the train
          There is nothing wrong with the plane either.
          If you were worried about CO2 ..it won’t be long before biofuel plane options exist.

          For example an an airline could buy carbon credits by paying for a fleet of cars to switch to biodiesel for a year, and then put conventional kerosene in its lanes and sell the seats as a zero carbon flight.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Quite so, Scrobie. The (lack of) connectivity of HS2 will mean the route is a complete failure, except in one regard.

        There are some really nice properties around Birmingham (think Warwickshire) at much lower cost than in the Home Counties, with acres of space and countryside living and pursuits available, that will become in reach of senior Civil Servants, business executives and top media people (some of whom commute from Scotland – I kid you not) – all the people who have the income or who can pass on the cost of their travel to others, esp. the taxpayer – and HS2 is all really about that.

        Or was in the pre-Covid-19 era. The PM should nhave pulled the plug on HS2 early in January. He certainly should do it now. Turn it into a conventional speed line with extra stations and good connectivity. Build extra branch lines to our coastal port towns and cities. That is what is really needed.

        The PM should be made aware that the HS2 locos or tractors, the bits that pull the trains will be colossal consumers of electricity. An engineer on BBC Radio 4 pointed out that high speed rail is incompatible with reducing CO2 outputs. This engineer pointed out that the electric motors involved cannot be made more efficient in time. And becasue there is no interconnectivity and it is a HS line, should a tractor unit fail for any reason – that’s it. Kaput. The line is finished until that train can be rescued.


  2. Darcy3 says:

    I did posit that in a meeting but there was a awkward silence afterwards until the call to prayer

    Virgin trains are good and fast and an get you out of Birmigham quite quickly

    They wre halfway though arranging to marry my cat off to some old bloke to get a visa

    try getting a veil on that bitch it will scratch you to hell and back


  3. Guest Who says:

    Lurch pioneers a new era in op-ed…

    ‘Kinda sucks for Jackie, but here’s a cool new angle from the grassy knoll…”


    • Doobster78 says:

      But ignores this ? BBC at is best.

      The way they are ignoring this, kinda makes you think they KNOW its fraud.


      • G.W.F. says:

        None of this evidence matters any more. We are experiencing a revolution where the media are in the ascending class and voting no longer counts as it did under previous societies. The new administration can be appointed without a majority and the media can simply ignore complaints of foul play.


  4. Guest Who says:

    In the spirit of his ongoing #prasnews commitment to Greenpeace on the tvl payers’ tab, here’s the latest copy and paste from Rog:


    • G says:

      Unless the Sheeple rise up to stop all the nonsense the likes of Boris and his international mates in Davos now acquiesce to, a time will be reached (again, a la 70’s) where you flick the switch in your home and nothing happens because there is no power.
      Any bets?


    • StewGreen says:

      Denmark’s PR trickery
      “look over there we are really green, we won’t be drilling for oil
      .. don’t look here at the HUGE new Russian gas pipeline we’ve agreed to
      that no doubt the energy grid will be tapping into
      … only one nasty man tried to stop Germany/Denmark committing to decades of Russian gas imports


  5. Guest Who says:

    First I read this.

    Then this.

    And then I had to wipe coffee off the dog on my lap.


  6. Guest Who says:

    Looks like Timmeh!’s first new Pyromania Editor hire is now ready for fast track hiring….


    • JamesArthur says:

      Funny. It is now worse to pee in public besides a war memorial than to set fire to the Union Flag? Potential consequences of peeing..a dead plant, of a fire? Building burns down and people die..
      so Jail the pee er and let the pyro off.

      What a F888ing judicial system we have


      • G says:

        Imagine the courts dilemma when some other savage tries to torch the Union Flag and someone pees on it to put the fire out…………
        Oh! Joy of Joys.


      • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

        It’s not, as far as I know, illegal to set fire to a piece of cloth. Not unless somebody is wearing it anyway. It’s just a piece of coloured cloth.

        Oh, some squaddies had their feelings hurt – bloody snowflakes! It cuts both ways you know.


        • taffman says:

          WildWomanOfThe Woods
          That is the symbol of our great nations’ identity. Try saying and doing that in other countries or other religions.
          This country would be a much better place to live in if those that did not like it silently left .
          Trolling again maxincony ?


        • The WestWyvern says:


          Swipe left for guardian website. Unpatriotic scum can be found there.

          Of course it’s still a free country. If you don’t like it and what the flag represents, feel free to … Off.


        • Guest Who says:

          Even for you, that is special.

          Beyond Maxi level. Almost reaching some real charmers from old.

          But that ‘as far as I know’ is a very BBC EG weasel.


          • The WestWyvern says:

            Guest, concurr.

            I’m a firm believer in free speech but this is not on, I’d ask Fedup to consider blocking this trolling piece of excrement.


        • Rob in Cheshire says:

          Wild Loon:

          It is illegal to set fire to something you do not own. Any normal person would understand this. If this rioter of indeterminate gender had gone to the trouble of buying its own flag, it could have set fire to it, but not to a flag it did not own.

          But I think you knew that already, and you are in fact a troll.


        • JamesArthur says:

          Wildwoman ..I lnow you are a troll and possibly a woman. Wild ? Maybe..stupid definitely.
          The full impact of arson or criminal damage such as vandalism on national heritage assets including listed buildings, historic objects or unique parts of national heritage and history…needs to be consideted..that is a quote from legal texts…

          This person commited arson/ criminal damage …It is illegal..and deserves a suitable penalty. Now go back to woods


        • G says:

          ‘Tis if it belongs to someone else, dimwit.


    • G.W.F. says:

      So he was ‘coaxed down by police’, said the Mail. I wonder what they said to the little dear.


    • StewGreen says:

      Bas Javid The Met Police’s Commander Commander for Frontline Policing – Operations. (and brother of ex Home Secretary Sajid Javid )
      said about the 14 day jailing of Banks who accidentally urinated near a badly sited memorial
      “While I note that Banks did not act with intent,
      I welcome the sentence handed down by the court for his thoughtless and distasteful behaviour.”

      The Met have deleted their news story
      It’s archived here


      • StewGreen says:

        Oh and Banks handed himself the next day
        seemingly he got no credit for that.

        BTW “Charlie Gilmour was sentenced to 16 months in prison for swinging off the flags on the Cenotaph. #WhitePrivilege ”

        Also from The crap criminal justice system this week
        Bolton : Albanian woman Eltiona Skana has been found not guilty of murdering Emily Jones, 7, in front of her family
        The decision to drop the murdered charge had come following evidence from psychiatrist Dr Saifullah Syed Afghan, who is treating Skanaped


  7. Guest Who says:

    The American MSM are going gaga of a gaga guy saying something utterly underwhelming like Churchill’s ‘beaches’ speech.

    Expect BBC American BS to go into overdrive not noticing any instances of mobs or Democrats not doing so.


  8. AsISeeIt says:

    Our BBC suspended a football commentator for describing a tussle between players as “handbags” and his characterisation of another as a “drama queen” was taken into consideration as being a further offence.

    I wonder how much trouble I could get into as I attempt to relay details of the catfight between Priti Patel and Naomi Campbell – as reported in today’s Daily Mail?

    ‘Priti fury at stars’ insult to Windrush victims’

    The Home Secretary, at the televised Parliamentary weigh-in, seemingly a petite battler who lacks the social media reach of the lanky super model, certainly has the trash talk. “To see ill-informed Labour politicians and do-gooding celebrities attempting to conflate the victims of Windrush with these vile criminals set for deportation is not only misjudged and upsetting but deeply offensive’

    Campbell and her black celeb ilk of course fail to highlight the likes of our thuggish Albanian deportees and instead focus on those rocksteady gangsters of Jamaican origin as they try to shame airlines into stopping the flights.

    So who will tough this one out? Priti Patel, our British and Commonweath champ, may only be a flyweight but she has knocked down many a civil servant in a stand up fight since her rise to the top. Her critics may say these bouts were against nothing but slow moving chinless wonders and bums. Still, she did leave them crying and whimpering on the carpet.

    Campbell meanwhile has slapped many a personal assistant during her rise to the top. From whacking an employee with a telephone (known in celeb cirles as throwing a Russel Crowe) via slapping a maid (cheekily referred to as pulling a Strauss-Kahn) to smacking a personal assistant who was caught wearing the same dress as Naomi to an event, with a Blackberry upside the head (Blackberry – how very 2005). Suffice to say her list of knockouts is as lengthy as is our Naomi. She seems to have a thing about phones (à la Gordon Brown) employing a crystal-encrusted example to leave another maid in stitches when she couldn’t find a particular pair of jeans. There’s been some substance abuse in her checkered career but our Naomi hit back by adding her drug counsellor to her list of victims (allegedly). Tough cookie.

    The Mail frontpage pictures both ladies – so who do you fancy?

    Priti is snapped showing a bit of leg whilst caught in that tricky short skirt car exit manoeuvre. She obviously means business in her secretarial specs and clutching work files. Naomi is pictured full length catwalk style – made up to the nines probably with a bit of airbrushing here and there.

    One has to admire the Mail’s insouciant cheek as it’s headlines today further inquire: ‘Is BBC’s new City drama just prime time porn? See page 46’

    Having confused feelings? Perhaps at this point I should recommend The Daily Star which has a free: ‘Agony Aunt Pullout. Your essential guide to life and love’.

    Just to cool things down a tad the weather is in the news again: ‘Winter arrives white on time’ as the freebie Metro pictures a gritter truck busy on the roads of Upper Teesdale yesterday.

    No such utilitarian practicality for the Telegraph. Their snowy photography features a beautiful aerial shot as ‘a train passes over the snow-covered Ribblehead Viaduct in North Yorkshire’ – a pic worthy of a Christmas biscuit tin.

    For the Daily Express it’s a Christmas card-like shot of: ‘a lone walker surveys the wintery scene…’ – a little stone bridge beside a tiny cottage. Plus tabloidese caption: ‘Freezing Frrriday’

    Awkward segue here to the Telegraph report: ‘ To reach 2030 climate goals half of all cars must be electric’

    And now I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or play some old Gary Numan records.

    And finaly, as we swerve the trap of making fun of the ‘i’ headline: ‘Bristol sewage explosion kills four’ – lets instead finish with the Star’s lead item: ‘Hitler wins election’

    ‘A politician called Adolf Hilter says he has no plans for world domination after sweeping to power. Adolf said his parents named him after the World War Two Nazi dictator not realising what he stood for’ – this is in Nambia, a former German colony in Africa. No comment.


  9. theisland says:


    “Prevent any restrictions on those who refuse a Covid-19 vaccination”

    Parliament will [pointlessly] ‘debate this petition’ on 14 December 2020.

    The Department of Health and Social Care helpfully tells us plebs that “Immunisations save thousands of lives every year by preventing outbreaks of serious infectious diseases …”

    No kidding DoH? Perhaps the endless number of imported savages don’t know this basic fact so we all have to be treated like infants.

    As others have noted this is not why some of us may be objecting to this particular vaccine.

    @adamfleming (above) tweeted that Bliar also told @bbclaurak @BBCkatyaadler @ChrisMasonBBC and me it’s “absolutely clear” that all international travel will require #Covid vaccine or test certificates in the near future. (3)

    So the view/intention of our masters and their lapdogs is clear.


  10. Guest Who says:

    The Graun at least does stray into actual news on occasion.


    Meanwhile Vile will doubtless get in Femi again to tell us how awesome the EU is with Monbiot nodding on.


  11. G says:

    USA watchers, well worth a watch –

    ” ‘We’re Still Living in the Coup’—Amanda Milius on “The Plot Against the President”; Twitter Ban ”

    I still reckon there has to be a massive uprising to support any meaninful, “Reset”. Nothing less will have any hope.


  12. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC New-Speak. To ‘walk back’ means that you got it wrong. Expect to see more of this terminology. Unless it is Farage or anyone else the BBC disapprove of.

    “Fauci later told CBS News that the UK had “rushed” the approval, but on Thursday he walked back the comments, and said there was “no judgement on the way the UK did it”.”



    • Guest Who says:

      Pure, blatant, propaganda backed by censorship in lieu of actual reporting.

      Currently they are swooning over the Three Presimigos negotiating their TV jabs of Vitamin D in Pfizer syringes, led by Barry, who has a ‘may’ caveat until he has sold the rights to Netflix, gunning for him in his butt, Harry in his brain and Meghan on whatever exposed body part to yet be sponsored.


  13. Laughing at Lefties says:

    I’ve not visited for a few days and I’m ignoring all corporate fake news including the BBC, so I have no idea if any of this has been reported on but I’m assuming it hasn’t. Apologies if this has been or is already being discussed on here.

    https://wearethene.ws/ dropped a number of major bombshells yesterday. Several documents were leaked by the FBI – which appears now to be under Trump’s heel at last – with absolutely damning evidence regarding the Biden laptop, the Clintons’ ties to Dominion, and Obama’s partisan wiretapping of the Trump campaign in 2016. Not only that, but a former aide to Bill Clinton went on record stating that Clinton visited Epstein’s child trafficking island – which was already recorded in flight logs, but important to have someone publicly testifying.

    At the Georgia hearing on election fraud, they revealed a video of elections officials emptying the room then producing a suitcase full of ballots from under the table, and a data forensics expert stated they had Dominion hardware and could prove that voted were flipped from Trump to Biden. The latter part was reported on Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic show. The full hearing can be seen here: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/12/video-full-six-hour-georgia-senate-oversight-committee-hearing-democrat-voter-fraud-witnesses-video-evidence/

    Finally, there’s the humiliating secret recordings of CNN conference calls released by Project Veritas proving once again what a bunch of partisan hacks they are, but also implying that they’re working in lock-step with the DNC. CNN were so embarrassed that they called law enforcement, even though they did the exact same thing to Melania Trump just a few months ago amd have been dog-whistling for leftist violence towards conservative for years, so I somehow doubt they want to go down the legal route.

    Overall, things are really heating up and any media outlet that continues to portray this as Trump just being a bad sport have no business calling themselves news outlets.


  14. Square-Eyed says:

    Apologies if someone else has already posted this.



  15. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch # 1 – The PM has been waggling his willy again

    Overslept. I awake to Toady telling me the PM has been waggling his willy. No, not that. “Calm down, dear” (as another PM – who used to waggle his willy on behalf of our nation) once famously said in the House. No.

    Our PM has been willy waggling and bragging. “We are going to lead the world in reducing our carbon emissions by 2030.”

    He probably hasn’t thought about how he might do that while pushing out vast amounts of CO2 creation in manufacturing wind turbines, solar panels, National Grid connections, electric central heating boilers, electric cookers, ground-source/air-source heat pumps, heat exchangers, electric scooters, electric cars, electric vans, electric buses, electric trucks, electric trains and the power stations to power it all. Oh, and also to install it using current diesel burning trucks and vans. On top of that there is the CO2 created by making and distributing Covid-19 vaccines that have to be kept cool and the extra electricity consumed by everyone working from home. Boris Johnson really hasn’t thought about all that at all.

    I do wish our nation’s PMs would not indulge in willy waggling. They all do it.

    Blair & Brown famously wanted the City of London to be the world leader in trading derivatives, especially the newly invented CDOs. They didn’t think what might happen. They used to get out their willys, waggle them and brag “We have abolished boom and bust.” and “We have had the longest period of continual growth ever in our economy”.

    The bankers took the blame – although they were probably not the main or only guilty party – as Gillian Tett observed. She was one of the handful of people to warn of the 2007-2009 collapse. She went to an international conference of bond traders and she realised that they were all willy wagglers, even the women. “My bonus is bigger than yours. Nyah nyah n-nyhah naahh.” Gordon Brown did it again with his commitment to give away a fixed percentage of UK’s GDP without thinking in the slightest about whether it was affordable and needed where it was sent, whether it will be well used or simply stolen and whether there were more pressing needs at home.

    Cameron was the same. But for a miracle of sudden sanity in the House we would have been involved in some more wars than the ones we were already fighting at the time of his Premiership. Libya today still suffers from Cameron’s ill-judged bout of willy-waggling there. Screeds could be written by me about Cameron’s EU willy-waggling and that of other UK PMs, including Margaret Thatcher but I don’t have time and you probably don’t want to read it.

    They have all been at it. Theresa May as well. Waggling her willy and deciding (in complete ignorance) to ban the sale of new diesel and petrol cars in the UK from 2040.

    Here’s a message to all Prime Ministers, present and future, of the UK: Please don’t waggle your willy on behalf of the nation. We are very happy to not lead the world. We are very happy to live quietly and peaceably and to look after each other. We need a continuation in life not just thoughtlessly and needlessly junking freedoms and technologies over threats, whether real or imagined.

    I can see China Joe, if he is installed as US President, inevitably getting involved in an international conflict somewhere. Either Beijing Biden or Kamala Harris as a successor. A lot of people thought a President Trump would lead America into a war or wars. Instead he was quite remarkable as a diplomat and had several achievements for the sake of peace. No doubt if Bojo is still PM then, if and when Biden assumes the Presidency, he will get the UK involved because his desire to be out front and to waggle his willy will get the better of his brain.


  16. Square-Eyed says:

    This is the case of the Christian pastor who had to explain coronavirus law to the police and later got a night-time knock on the front door for his trouble.



    • StewGreen says:

      The police are numpties & they did apologise.
      but the pastor did get away with arguing that 15 people are essential for the broadcast.
      That does seem excessive, but safety depends on specific circumstances
      Having 15 people who come from only 3 households is completely different from when they come from 15 households.
      I suspect his church : Kingdom Faith Ministries International Church is one of those money making churches. Him and his wife are the founders.


  17. theisland says:


    • Kaiser says:

      Earlier, in 2017, Skana had stabbed her own mother and in another incident attacked her sister and had been admitted to psychiatric hospitals three times.

      known dangerous psychopaths are not departed now

      getting worse isnt it


  18. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Here’s a prediction.

    Many will have noticed that flu and pneumonia deaths have drastically reduced for some reason or other.
    Once this vaccination program is up and running, I predict that as well as covid deaths dropping we will see a rise in flu and pneumonia deaths.

    This drop in covid deaths will be used by our politicians and others to show why everyone must get vaccinated.

    The only reason why flu and pneumonia deaths may not rise will be if the government still need a high number of covid deaths to scare more people into having the jab.
    We will then be getting bidenesque numbers of deaths as if they were counted up on dominion computers.
    Q “How many deaths today”
    A “How many do you want”

    I wonder if the government have considered why so many are against the jab. Could it be that nobody believes anything the government says anymore. They have lost any trust they might have had by lying all the time.


  19. Darcy3 says:

    And meanwhile in racist Britain with our anaychess nurses whining away and demanding a pay rise whilst all are losing their jobs

    Edith Cavell was a British nurse who served during World War 1. She saved the lives of soldiers from both sides, and helped 200 allied soldiers escape German-occupied Belgium, offering them refuge in her own home.

    Edith was executed for treason by a German firing squad on 12 October 1915.

    Cavell’s courage and fortitude during her trial, and the absolute honesty with which she addressed the accusers’ questions, served as an example which reverberated worldwide.

    Subscribe to discover your family’s amazing story in our records

    Edith was born the first of four children to the Reverend Frederick and Louisa Sophia Cavell on 4 December 1865 in Swardeston, a village near Norwich in Norfolk.
    Cavell enters the nursing profession

    After working as a governess in Brussels, Cavell entered the nursing profession aged 20, and trained at the London Hospital under the renowned matron and medical reformer Eva Luckes.

    Upon returning to Belgium, she was appointed matron of the Berkendael Medical Institute in 1907, where she utilised her new skills to improve and modernise the standard of Belgian nursing.

    [Cavell’s courage and fortitude during her trial, and the absolute honesty with which she addressed the accusers’ questions, served as an example which reverberated worldwide](em)[](span)

    After war broke out in 1914, Edith, who had been visiting family back in England, immediately returned to Belgium and joined the Red Cross at Berkendael hospital.

    Cavell treated both German and Allied troops. Many of the captured Allied soldiers who were treated at Berkendael subsequently succeeded in escaping – with Cavell’s active assistance – to neutral Holland.
    Edith is placed under military arrest

    The German authorities became increasingly suspicious of Edith, alarmed by her outspokenness and unwillingness to cooperate with them.

    Read more about Edith Cavell in our historic newspapers

    She was arrested on 5 August 1915 by local German authorities, who charged with treason for having personally aided in the escape of 200 soldiers, in violation of German military law.

    During her 10 weeks in prison, the final two of which were in solitary confinement, the Germans extracted the confession from Cavell which formed the basis of her trial


    • StewGreen says:

      Why the title is fake news
      “Weekly deaths once again exceeding 20-year average during pandemic’s second wave”
      “total deaths are the highest they have been in the last 20 years.”

      If you look at the chart in other weeks in other years it has exceeded the 20 year average by the same margin (about 1,700 deaths)
      eg mid Oct to mid Nov

      Counting raw deaths, only shows trends
      Counting QALYs lost tells the true harm

      BTW Jamie Jenkins has some interesting graphs showing regional excess deaths spikes well over the 5 year average.


      • G says:

        “Why the title is fake news”

        Be a good boy and take it up with the Nuffield Trust.


  20. Foscari says:

    With Tomi Arayomi and Letitia Wright opposing
    vaccination for the Chinese virus, could the BBC
    become one of their disciples? Could the word
    vaccination have racist connotations ? Did Edward
    Jenner have any association or family involved with
    the slave trade?



  21. Darcy3 says:

    Look up Hamilton, slavery and West Indies

    No bbc journalist will

    Their third class meeja degrees do not require three or four words together in homework

    unless it is Trump, orange and bad

    probably get a pass there


    • Darcy3 says:

      Despite keeping us out of war for four years, and apparently he is racist

      onnce again I am confused

      Oh Hillary and her mob are back now all with advanced dementia running the world
      All is fine, apparently

      all we need next is Jimmy Saville behind the desk oh hang on she has a husband

      Cigars again ffs


  22. theisland says:

    Dominic Raab should read this article by David Banks for brexit-watch.org.
    I bet he hasn’t – too busy believing the EUrophile traitors and tricksters in the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO).

    It seems US protestations always come too late, but that might be the fault of Europhile UK officials and politicians who have failed to keep their Five Eyes partners fully abreast of details of agreements which helped the EU military project to accelerate. Europhile UK officials have cajoled and reassured their US counterparts, saying that ‘there’s nothing to worry about’, using the same script they developed for British audiences.

    The best thing the US administration can do now is back European allies in the political battle with the EU Commission and step in to ensure the UK at least escapes from the EU’s defence arrangements. If they don’t and the EU defence architecture is allowed to guide the future of European military politics, it will once again be too late for US objections.


  23. infoquest says:

    16:00 TalkRadio
    Topic in the next 2 hours – Should we defund the BBC


  24. taffman says:

    “Emily Jones: Bolton child’s killer cleared of murder”
    Why ?


    • Red Pill says:

      Mainly because the offender is female. Women are treated far more favourably than men in the courts. I can’t remember the exact stat., but, on average, they receive something like 50% less time in prison for the same crime. Some f*ckin patriarchy!


  25. Guest Who says:

    So the bbc is pretty pro-Joe. Not supposed to be, but easy to see why. He delivers… apparently.

    But they can’t be too obvious, so they tend to use proxies, like CNN. These guys.

    Very on message. Like, so on message. How come?



  26. Guest Who says:

    Phew; at least the bbc will have an independent broadsheet commentator now on Brexit.


  27. Guest Who says:

    Cherry picking is a very bbc technique.



  28. Red Pill says:

    “Actress Letitia Wright criticised for sharing vaccine doubter’s video” – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-55185119. Basically the BBC is not very happy that Letitia Wright (nope, not a clue either) shared a video which questions the safety of the Covid vaccines. What tickled me was reading this:
    ‘The BBC’s disinformation reporter Marianna Spring explained: “Baseless conspiracy theories about a coronavirus vaccine have been spreading on social media for months – and the latest vaccine news rekindled these pre-existing narratives online.’.
    ‘disinformation reporter’? At the BBC? Oh, the irony. Anyway, nice easy job – she (probably the wrong pronoun to use if ‘she’ is working at the BBC) won’t ever have to leave the office. Nice to see the taxpayers money being put to good use anyway. What next, a ‘pointless story reporter’? Ahh, perhaps not, I think that position has been well and truly filled there!


  29. taffman says:

    Today ,”Post-Brexit trade talks at a very difficult point – No 10″
    But, but, what about this ?…………………
    “On Brexit: Trade talks with the EU are over, says No 10”

    Boris , we voted to leave not to deal .
    Will he go or be pushed ?


  30. taffman says:

    “In pictures: Snowy scenes in many parts of UK”
    Didn’t the ‘eco warriors’ tell us that our children would not see snow ever again ?


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Taff, do the windmills perform in snow and icing conditions?

      I suspect the blade leading edge spinning in cold conditions will lead to ice accretion which could prevent it from operating…..

      Coal, Nuclear or gas seems a better bet to me.


  31. The WestWyvern says:

    I hear on the wireless that the replacement for Hamilton in this weekends F1 parade, sorry Grand Prix has secured the fatest times in practice.

    Just goes to show any muppet can drive that Mercedes quickly…

    Not just those that are coloured/black/ downtrodden/repressed or originating from Stevenage.


  32. Darcy3 says:

    RE Taff

    Ozzy Osbourne has an endless supply. allegedly

    one would need with a wife like that, her father was charming also, a semi legal violent gangster


    • Darcy3 says:

      a short example of what we all knew anyway


      When music mogul Don Arden, a notorious thug with Mafia links, died last week, people assumed he had taken his secrets to the grave.

      But here, Mick Wall, who spent an extraordinary year with Arden, reveals the shocking – and hilarious – truth about Sharon Osbourne’s terrifying father.

      You could feel a hush descend in the pub as the well dressed old gentleman at the corner table began speaking in his overloud voice, the result of encroaching deafness in one ear

      “I looked him hard in the eye and said, ‘One false move from you, you bastard, and I’ll rip your heart out with my bare hands and shove it down your f****** throat.”

      “And, er, how did he respond to that?” I asked nervously.

      “He didn’t move a muscle,” said Don, turning his ice-cold eyes on me.

      “A bloody shame as I would have enjoyed doing that to him. Enjoyed it very much, I would.”


  33. taffman says:

    Has Al Beeb turned the spotlight on to the Mayor of Liverpool yet ?


  34. taffman says:

    “Priti Patel has criticised Labour MPs and celebrities for invoking the Windrush scandal in their efforts to stop a flight deporting convicted criminals to Jamaica.”
    Another ‘own goal’ by Labour?


  35. Guest Who says:

    I was doing a report on my iPad Mail all afternoon instead of a proper .doc programme as my back was hurting.

    It just obliterated the whole thing and left me with an empty draft.

    This however made me LOL.

    How the BBC/CNN/WaPo/NYT RT Nexus of butt weevils will spin it will likely be even funnier.

    Off now to swing a cat in the jacuzzi.


    • Darcy3 says:

      Cat has just got its laptop back after two day confiscation for an accident on the carpet

      and you are in trouble now


    • StewGreen says:

      Doesn’t it save drafts as you go like YahooMail does ?
      ..Look i. your drafts folder.


      • Darcy3 says:

        I will forward the advice but more interested in a feather on a string at the moment

        I’m getting quite interested also

        Mrs Darcy is shaking her head but making sure she has my credit card number and the security code


      • Guest Who says:

        First port of call. Nada.

        But Tx for trying to help.

        In future I will compose on Pages.


    • vlad says:

      I reckon he was sniffing the dog’s fur and she wasn’t having it.


  36. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news : Poor teachers are being worn down by Covid work.
    Claim cos schools have spent money on ppe and sanitiser, they might run short of money next year.
    Not mentioned, that schools saved a lot of money this year cos they were closed
    or have far less pupils on site.


  37. Guest Who says:

    BBC ‘News’ on FB.

    Some UK ministers have claimed that leaving the EU allowed the UK to be first country in the world to approve a Covid vaccine.

    Minister Michelle Donelan echoed that claim on BBC Question Time, but said the success of the vaccine was a global achievement – while Labour accused the government of being crass.



    At first I thought it was going to be a fact check.

    But no, just a BBC editorial hit attempt.


  38. Guest Who says:

    OT, but how editorial integrity works.


  39. Guest Who says:

    Then there is what Jon, Tony, Nick and Katty never notice.


  40. Doobster78 says:


  41. StewGreen says:

    Local BBC news Radio presenter Kofi has being trying to live without plastic for a month.

    BTW this tweet bills it as a Climate Change issue,
    but #1 plastic is. different issue
    #2 All plastic can safely burnt in high temperature incinerators to make electricty. … which incidentally can replace burning of gas or coal.


  42. Fedup2 says:

    Isnt it Great ?
    Joint announcement by UK EU negotiators – big distance between parties so they are stopping . Johnson and th thr German woman to chat saturday – sounds good for a ‘no deal ‘ ….

    …. theyll be stopping the vaccine very soon


  43. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Tis the season.

    Mackworth church fire: Grade I listed chapel ‘destroyed’


    Coincidence or Diversity attack ?


  44. taffman says:

    “Covid: Pub alcohol ban sees barrels of beer poured away”
    Thanks to Mr Snakeford .
    Its time to dump the Welsh Assembly .


    • Eddy Booth says:

      “Go out and find out (what the announcement is). I got out (and found) an announcer making this announcement: Behold, liquor has been declared unlawful. He said: The liquor (was spilt and) flawed in the lanes of Medina”


  45. Dobyns says:

    Just sayin’ …

    After 6 burglaries, 3 car thefts, multiple illegal trespasses, an ongoing cocaine and alcohol addiction, committing 2 violent home invasions, 3 armed robberies, dealing Fentanyl and Meth, passing counterfeit money, beating 4 victims senseless and being arrested 23 times since 1998, George Floyd hasn’t committed a crime in over five months now …


  46. StewGreen says:

    Derby : Spate of Church and school arson attacks
    – Today 4pm : The Mackworth church fire
    – Between the evening of Thursday, October 15, and the afternoon of Friday, October 16 fire damaged St Paul’s Church, in Quarndon. A 17-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of arson in relation to that incident.
    – October 16, a fire destroyed a building at St Matthew’s Church, in Church Lane, Darley Abbey

    Schools also
    – Oct 5 Ravensdale Infant School in Mickleover was also destroyed in an arson attack.
    – October 3 A fire was deliberately set at St Mary’s Catholic Voluntary Academy in Darley Abbey in the early hours of Saturday,

    \\ Warning- if tweeting about the Church fire in Derby, be aware that a female vicar called Jo Kershaw is taking a screenshot of your tweet.
    Even if it doesn’t mention islam, she is going to call it “Islamophobic” and invite her woke vicar pals to do a bully-pile on. //

    I know people would want to shout Islam
    but I imagine there are plenty of nutty or disgruntled white kids
    that would set fire to churches.




  47. Fedup2 says:

    Dear all
    It’s time for the weekend thread
    Wild woman has gone off to look up the law on Criminal Damage by Arson and is unaware of the significance of the National Flag – or perhaps looking for bites to make a meaningless troll have meaning ….