300 Responses to Weekend Thread 28 Nov 2020

  1. Doobster78 says:

    Some great replies to the race baiting sky news


    • Fedup2 says:

      I enjoy it when someone digs up the coloured prison population Line. I think I know what they’d find if they dug down on what colour the criminals’ victims were … there are an awful lot of coloured boys hurting and killing other coloured boys ….
      But that’s a bit of uncomfortable research for the wokes to even think of ….


      • Scroblene says:

        Fed, one of the reasons Kent is in Tier 3, is that the Isle of Sheppey has a huge prison population, and presumably the visitors come and go as they please!

        Like anywhere else in the country, the villages just carry on as normal, although who’d have thought that Tunbridge Wells was such a dangerous place to visit! Luckily, we avoid our poll tax HQ, because it’s an awful place nowadays, and apart from getting new glasses, we never go there, like millions of others I assume…

        (If you walk into the small arcade opposite the station, there is a remote BBC office with a table and a microphone in full display of us oiks. That’s enough to make you rush off to the nearest boozer…)!


  2. StewGreen says:

    Radio4 this morning

    9am Woke Saturday : with Mica Paris etc.
    10am Black comedian Desiree Burch and historian Dr Michell Chresfield discuss American spy hero and abolitionist Harriet Tubman
    16:15pm WH : Ozlem Cekic, one of the first Muslim women with an immigrant background to enter Danish parliament about confronting racists
    17:30pm Nick Robinson talks to Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoc
    18:15pm *Mica Paris* second appearance
    black saxophonist YolanDa Brown, Black screenwriter : Juliet Gilkes Romero, Radio3 BAME presenter/ biographer Kevin Le Gendre
    + woke comedian Richard Herring +2 white muscians
    23:00pm Panel show features : Nikesh Shukla Writer: BROWN BABY: A MEMOIR OF RACE, FAMILY AND HOME


    • Richard Pinder says:

      What about a one off BBC 4 radio program called “Men’s Hour”. One hour of bullshit about inspirational weightlifters. Powerlifting accountants of butch male icons with male warrior mentality and incredibly courageous resistance to girl power.


    • StewGreen says:

      I listened to the item about the Danish MP “confronting racists”
      and ever the framing embedded in the headline didn’t stand up to reality.
      To the BBC presenters dismay the first thing the MP said she suddenly realised it was her that had a lot of prejudices
      ‘ I realised that immigrants in Denmark have the bus pull up20m past them , they assume the driver is racist and this is not the case.
      The guy who was supposed to be racist invited me round for coffee had the same coffee cups as my mother
      it was all about coming to understanding’ etc.


    • Peter Sausages says:

      Dark times indeed at the Black Broadcasting Company


  3. StewGreen says:

    7pm Channel4 : Plymouth : Alice Roberts
    explores the story of England’s ‘Golden Age’,
    from Sir Francis Drake to the Spanish Armada,
    allows for an uncompromising look at the wealth he earned through piracy and slave trading.”



    • Old Goat says:

      But he was black – wasn’t he?


      • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

        He was black only when he was doing amazing achievements.
        But when he was doing bad things he was white.

        This is the new way to think. And the Beeb are happy to embrace it.


    • StewGreen says:

      Oh it’s on at 8:30pm not 7pm


      • StewGreen says:

        No, my correction was wrong
        It is on at 7pm
        cos the Gran Prix has caused the schedule to be changed.


    • StewGreen says:

      OK they quickly dealt with the points

      paraphrase ‘Plymouth was well situated for undercover stuff
      one of the guys exploiting this was Hawkins, and his cousin Drake
      Hawkins had worked out that there were better designs of boat shallower and faster
      When Spain’s trouble and its Netherlands colony rebelling started that was a vast opportunity
      They helped the Dutch rebels and *pirated Spanish ships*’
      The thing is the Spanish used slow fat ships.
      Hawkins had gone out further to Spain’s transatlantic route captured Portuguese ship with slaves and profited ..the first British slavery. Hawkins cousin Drake also came on the scene
      He goes right around the world attacking Spanish colonies
      claiming California ..dropping 3 Africans in Indonesia.
      ‘ The Elizabethans were poor and liked this wealth gain, but the Queen knew the Spanish would hit back with their massive Navy’
      ‘Drake was acting like a pirate but secretly Queen sponsored
      ..so 1587 he goes down to Cadiz and does a pre-emptive attack.
      (The Queen is kinda keeping her distance, but getting a huge commission of the plundered stuff.
      When the Spanish came back up to Plymouth with their attack
      bad luck and faster English boats defeated them
      .. absolute unexpected catastrophe for them.. They are no longer masters of the sea.
      .. Drake and Hawkins do another Caribbean trip but end up dying there.’


  4. vlad says:

    More good news from Alex Belfield…


  5. JimS says:

    A baseless claim…


    • StewGreen says:

      Bill Gates must have hacked your image coding
      (The site it was on doesn’t allow third parties to embed it)



      • JimS says:

        So how come I can see it twice?

        You have previously claimed that the BBC website doesn’t allow embedding (after I have done just that).

        Could it be that sometimes there is a ‘fault’ at your end but you always assume that if it doesn’t work for you it doesn’t work for anyone else?


        • StewGreen says:

          @JimS Cos you are the second party
          since you have an account there it shows up on your PC but not ours.

          Yes I am assuming when it doesn’t work on 2 devices here (Windows 10 and Android), that it isn’t just a fault at my end.
          Plus only 1 person liked your post, whereas other posts from the same time have 8 likes.
          Previously BBC embedding hasn’t worked from the library computers
          So instead I lift the BBC images from Twitter.

          BBC embedding lets try it

          That doesn’t show up for me
          BTW some bbc,co,uk images do work for me , but not those at https://ichef.bbci.co.uk


  6. Dobyns says:

    Self-censorship … Very interesting


    As always the question is. “Qui Bono?”


  7. Kaiser says:


  8. Guest Who says:

    Someone unsurprising posts in favour of a Trump claim.

    Then someone equally unsurprising leaps in to attack it.


  9. Guest Who says:

    Who checks the checkers?


  10. Guest Who says:

    Hence the ratings.

    Hope John gets another gig soon.


    • BRISSLES says:

      There’s only one Steve McQueen I think of when I hear that name, and he certainly ain’t black !


    • StewGreen says:

      Yep Small Axe didn’t make the top 15 for BBC
      13 of the top15 struggle to get to 10% of UK population (5m to 6.7m)
      Yet Strictly in the top2 spots is miles ahead, Sunday episode takes about 18% of UK population

      Small Axe got 1.5m, 1.1m, 1.2m viwers apparently
      So 98% of UK people didn’t watch.


  11. Guest Who says:

    BBC Newsbeat

    Now, we don’t want to take what pleasures there are left in 2020, but your chicken burger could be contributing to deforestation.

    A new investigation has linked British chicken to forests being cleared for agriculture in Brazil

    The evidence for that opening sentence is baseless.

    Especially when promptly followed by ‘could’.


  12. Jack in the Green says:

    BBC pundit dropped for using the term handbags at dawn. Ah yes, footie, increasingly becoming a live metaphor for the BBC itself. Intertwined like a pair of deluded lovers living on a diet of political correctitude and prawn sarnies. They both love their Maradona eulogies as well. Ah, bless! conjugal bliss!


  13. Fedup2 says:

    Must be very tricky for commentators – increasingly lowing quality – deciding what words can’t be used. – a suspicious person might think that the BBC is using this as a vehicle to get rid of white ageing knowledgable chaps to be replaced by you know what …


  14. vlad says:

    Is this just Turley being unrealistically optimistic, or has his assessment got merit?

    “BREAKING! PA Judge Rules Election UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Effectively Gives State to TRUMP!!!”


    • Doobster78 says:

      Fingers crossed. The BBC saw events VERY differently !!!

      As they would . But I have read a awful lot of positive news from the Trump perspective .

      This legal stuff way above my head but getting positive vibes 👍


    • StewGreen says:

      Yet MSM run with
      Trump loses appeal in Pennsylvania: “Calling an election unfair does not make it so”

      Whoever runs with headlines which don’t acknowledge there are at least 2 lawsuits is deceiving.
      Secondly the only win that counts is the final one at the supreme court.
      Democrats will be trying to have cases thrown out or defeat them at the Supreme court.
      They will have a mountain of Kompromat to influence people.

      I see a Trump route to victory
      He let them play the mail in vote game
      then afterwards he tries to get mail in votes removed.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      If the BBC asked the Democrats if there was any evidence of electoral fraud. The Democrats would say “The DNC/CIA/FBI/GCHQ looked into the computers for Russians voting for Trump, but didn’t find any, so they added lots of phantom dead people who voted for Biden” The dead people where patriotic Americans, not evil Russian Jews, so there is no evidence to show the US election was fraudulent.


  15. Concrete sea says:

    Please excuse ze accent, but it appears that ze French are going to double ze number of Gendarmes patrolling beaches to ensure that ze number of migrants crossing to ze UK is reduced to neant. Apparently Pritti ad a virtual meeting to discuss with er French counterpart, who was not taking an extended lunch our at ze time.
    Brilliant timing, now ze weather as changed and our friendly invaders ave abandoned that choppy uncomfortable crossing and will now be arriving by ferry, train or aeroplane. We can expect excellent results in zis matter. So dinghy crossings down but other methods up.
    So…. no change really.


  16. Guest Who says:

    Often, now, pretty much the case.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Never finish a question
      Use ‘some say ‘ when really it’s me
      If a victim tries to answer – interrupt
      If the victim tries to make a point – interrupt
      If you are losing say ‘we’re pushed for time ‘
      Ask something completely outside the remit of the victim
      If you are being put in your place say ‘and now the weather ‘…

      And of course – when you are finished with the victim ask Laura for her version of what was just said to distort any non approved BBC views behind the back of the victim – then say – now the sport from sajit …


  17. Guest Who says:

    She really is a joke.


    • Van Helsing says:

      Hmmm. I’d describe anyone who happily pays the TV tax as having fallen down the rabbit hole. That being so, is Marianna (aged 24 and a bit) going to come to their rescue?

      Answers on a stamped addressed selfie to the usual address.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      As far as the information I have. The Vaccines are only dangerous if they have aluminium or mercury preservatives in them. Also, the Chinese flue is twice as dangerous as a typical annual flue outbreak, and the same as Asian flue and Hong Kong flue, and 400 times weaker than Spanish flue. The economic and social damage is caused by a heavy political and mainstream media overreaction and propaganda by people who first used computer projections to produce fear about the climate change hoax and now use computer projections to sow fear of death by Covid, to justify taking away freedoms. The daily death rate is 1,600. Most of those people were already in hospital. So if a third of those, died with Covid, then its possible that the death rate for 2020 wont be higher than 2018. Big Pharma also don’t like to talk about the two cheap anti-inflammatory drugs and two cheap anti-viral drugs and the currant cheap flue jab, being effective enough to bring Covid down to as harmless, as the common cold that killed my granny in the 90‘s. We live with coercive laws typical of a fascist state, were those exempt from wearing masks in shops are the Children most likely to spread the Virus and those most likely to die of the Virus.

      Now we have Boris Churchill behaving like Stalin or Hitler, using the Police to enforce coercive laws and needing the Labour Party to force through more coeherisive laws. I wonder if Boris is doing this because he needs to deflect the Plebs from being let down over Brexit?

      In contrast to Nazi Germany, In Churchill’s Britain, mask wearing and going to the air raid shelter were voluntary. The reaction to Asian Flue and Hong Kong flue was like what was in the Great Barrington Declaration.

      Stop controlling us, Boris. We want freedom from the EU, your Covid hysteria, and your loony Green Climate madness. The World is also talking about two Political prisoners in Britain called Julian Assange and Tommy Robinson.


    • Jeff says:

      The BBC’s “Specialist Disinformation Reporter”…

      Um, that’s pretty much all of them at the Beeb, isn’t it?


  18. Fedup2 says:

    Isn’t it great ? The minister fir strong statements has announced that the French are to double their channel patrols – from one corrupt copper to two –
    This means double the number of illegals will be escorted over – better build some more hotels ….


  19. Dover Sentry says:


    Travelodge rebranded as Channelodge.



  20. StewGreen says:

    Looks to me that Coop are saying questioning disproportionate OVER-representation in TV adverts is #WrongThink
    Their thread

    #StandAgainstRacism like #BLM is an ambush name
    cos of the way it takes an honourable ideas and uses them as a shield whilst pushing lefty dogma and agendas
    …. eg smear labelling people who oppose Labour (who the Coop fund and are closely associated with), thus clearing the way for Labour’s own chosen people.


    • StewGreen says:

      Oh where it started Guardianland ruling over both white & non-white working class
      then saying “look over there racism”


  21. Fedup2 says:

    Strange how these outfits try to out woke each other and thereby make the most inattentive notice something not quite right ( white ) is going on – and setting back relations between colours quite a bit – we re just learning to cover up our prejudices better ….
    A fictionalised victimhood based on the internal workings of America ..


    • StewGreen says:

      Fed, further up the page do you see Jim’s cartoon twice (2:46pm)
      or does it fail to show the first time ?

      I can’t see it, but maybe it works on Apple or something.

      Oh and below that can you see the BBC graphic that I say doesn’t work for me ?


  22. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    The Wisconsin recount going Biden’s way. Not looking good folks.

    My morning dose of Dr Turley’s optimism wore off quickly today.


    • StewGreen says:

      IF they trick counted it the first time, they’ll trick count it the secondtime
      The bigger issue is the fake postal votes etc.
      and postal votes that arrived after election day, so should not have been counted.


      • Dobyns says:

        Agree totally Stew about bad counts before equalling bad counts after.

        One point though, it’s not necessarily when the ballots were received but when they were postmarked. A ballot postmarked on or before election day can be counted even if it is received after election day.

        Each state sets the cutoff for receiving a postal vote, for example this year Maryland (where I voted) counts ballots received by 13 November if postmarked on or before 8pm November 3 (Election Day).


      • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

        Stew, I realise that the recount methods might not be very satisfactory, but two points a) Trump paid for this recount, b) Dr Turley had very high high hopes of the result and had expressed them in last few videos.

        This could be a huge blow to the morale of the Trump Campaign.

        It reminds me a bit of when the Exorcet hit HMS Sheffield during the Falklands war. It was a hard blow to take when all and sundry were saying that Britain couldn’t hope to retake the Falklands and urging surrender all along.
        Let’s hope Trump and his supporters can do a’ ‘Maggie’ and see it through to victory.


    • StewGreen says:


  23. StewGreen says:

    Norman is coming around
    as the retired police spokesman he’s always steadfastly defended the police


  24. StewGreen says:

    The one that got away


    • Fedup2 says:

      Interesting difference in policing ‘ styles’ when it came to the coloured protesters demanding plod take a knee – ive come to rooting for the one who got away …


      • G says:

        Never mind the muslims outside the embassy a few weeks ago.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I think their senior command only looks as far as the next contract renewal / medal so are not concerned about loss of public consent – which I think is eroding at about the same level as that for the BBC …


  25. StewGreen says:

    Cadwalladr is continuing her libel defence
    but seems to have criticised the judge
    Not normally a good legal move.



  26. taffman says:

    “Covid: More than 150 arrests at London anti-lockdown protest”

    The Met Police appear to treat the anti-lockdown protesters far more harshly than they did with the Antifa, Extinction Rebellion and BLM protesters . Why ?


  27. taffman says:

    “Channel crossings: More officers to patrol French beaches”
    What has been surrendered by Great Britain to get the French to do this ? I looks a bit ‘fishy’ to me.
    How will Boris go down in the history books, Humpty Dumpty?


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      An agreement with the French! I’ve never heard such nonsense.
      Only disagreements with the French are possible. Priti should learn some British History, REAL British History (and you don’t get that from Al Beeb)


  28. taffman says:

    How many of you are still paying the Telly Tax ?
    The tax that robs from the poor to give to the rich .


  29. taffman says:

    What’s the latest on Carole Cadwalladr?
    Over to All Beeb for the latest news…………………….


  30. tomo says:

    Apparently Dominion voting machines burn remarkably well…

    According to this BBC report


  31. vlad says:

    The lying BBC continues to pretend that Sleepy Joe won fair and square, and if you think otherwise you’re a swivel-eyed conspiracy theorist – and probably a fascist to boot.

    But what’s this? The reputable Spectator – no friend of Trump’s – agrees that the results are very fishy indeed. And the writer is a pollster!

    Some extracts below and links to the article below that.

    “Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling”

    …I am a pollster and I find this election to be deeply puzzling. I also think that the Trump campaign is still well within its rights to contest the tabulations. Something very strange happened in America’s democracy in the early hours of Wednesday November 4 and the days that followed. It’s reasonable for a lot of Americans to want to find out exactly what.

    First, consider some facts. President Trump received more votes than any previous incumbent seeking reelection. He got 11 million more votes than in 2016…

    Trump’s vote increased so much because, according to exit polls, he performed far better with many key demographic groups. Ninety-five percent of Republicans voted for him. He did extraordinarily well with rural male working-class whites…

    …Florida, Ohio and Iowa each defied America’s media polls with huge wins for Trump…

    Atypical voting patterns married with misses by polling and non-polling metrics should give observers pause for thought. Adding to the mystery is a cascade of information about the bizarre manner in which so many ballots were accumulated and counted.

    The following peculiarities also lack compelling explanations:

    1. Late on election night, with Trump comfortably ahead, many swing states stopped counting ballots. In most cases, observers were removed from the counting facilities. Counting generally continued without the observers

    2. Statistically abnormal vote counts were the new normal when counting resumed. They were unusually large in size (hundreds of thousands) and had an unusually high (90 percent and above) Biden-to-Trump ratio

    3. Late arriving ballots were counted. In Pennsylvania, 23,000 absentee ballots have impossible postal return dates and another 86,000 have such extraordinary return dates they raise serious questions

    4. The failure to match signatures on mail-in ballots. The destruction of mail in ballot envelopes, which must contain signatures

    5. Historically low absentee ballot rejection rates despite the massive expansion of mail voting. Such is Biden’s narrow margin that, as political analyst Robert Barnes observes, ‘If the states simply imposed the same absentee ballot rejection rate as recent cycles, then Trump wins the election’

    6. Missing votes. In Delaware County, Pennsylvania, 50,000 votes held on 47 USB cards are missing

    7. Non-resident voters. Matt Braynard’s Voter Integrity Project estimates that 20,312 people who no longer met residency requirements cast ballots in Georgia. Biden’s margin is 12,670 votes

    8. Serious ‘chain of custody’ breakdowns. Invalid residential addresses. Record numbers of dead people voting. Ballots in pristine condition without creases, that is, they had not been mailed in envelopes as required by law

    9. Statistical anomalies. In Georgia, Biden overtook Trump with 89 percent of the votes counted. For the next 53 batches of votes counted, Biden led Trump by the same exact 50.05 to 49.95 percent margin in every single batch. It is particularly perplexing that all statistical anomalies and tabulation abnormalities were in Biden’s favor. Whether the cause was simple human error or nefarious activity, or a combination, clearly something peculiar happened.

    If you think that only weirdos have legitimate concerns about these findings and claims, maybe the weirdness lies in you.

    Patrick Basham is director of The Democracy Institute




    • G says:

      ““Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling”

      …I am a pollster and I find this election to be deeply puzzling.”

      Clearly he’s no good at being a, “pollster” and he’s now trying his luck as a journalist.

      “Deeply puzzling” = can’t be bothered to research effectively.

      Suggestion? – try looking through the texts of the cases submitted to various courts / judicial bodies……………….


  32. Darcy3 says:

    An agreement with the French ??

    I have never forgiven them for the way they talked to King Arthur:


  33. Guest Who says:

    Lurch and BS are up and about.

    Plus of course their core audience, mommy collapso.


  34. Guest Who says:

    Karen managed floors.

    No longer.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Will she go off and write her book about how terrible the BBC is ?


      • tomo says:

        She will – but it’s part of her gratuity that the BBC will buy it off her for £££££££ and she’ll use it to purchase a well appointed bolthole in The Dordogne


    • Fedup2 says:

      Quite a lively discussion on twitter about the treatment people get when they leave a job theyve had for a long time …


  35. Guest Who says:

    BBC News doing its bit to see migrants across the Channel divert immediately for Aberdeen Harbour.

    “Hong Kong’s leader has said she keeps “piles of cash” at home as she has no bank account due to sanctions imposed on her by the US.”



  36. Guest Who says:

    Mr and Mrs C chillin by the open, inefficient fire with the Lab.

    There’s a knock at the door.

    A small, gaunt, Swedish girl stands outside.

    She’s not happy (frankly she never is).

    She looks up, points, and says…..


    • StewGreen says:

      Burning logs = air pollution
      Nicky thinks of himself as an eco-warrior, and blocks you if you question his green dogma.


  37. Fedup2 says:

    Sopel has a long – long – piece in the free Mailonline today about the ‘isolated’ president trump . There is little fact – plenty of hearsay .
    I wondered how the bbc is going to deal with mr trump should he be defrauded of the win . Well we are starting to see the answer – they are running ‘downfall ‘ the film about Hitler in the bunker …
    But of course – there is no mention of Biden being kept in a bunker during the election – few interviews – sparce public visits . We can understand why now – the democrats were putting their efforts and money into controlling the vote counting and stealing an election on a national scale .

    ( there is no evidence for the above comment and the account has been suspended and first born slaughtered )


    • Guest Who says:

      Little fact… plenty of heresay?

      Send for….


      • Guest Who says:


        So, Ms. Spring, what do you make of this?


        • StewGreen says:

          It’s standard for vaccine manufacturers to be exempt
          then government uses its own vaccine compensation fund to pay out £millions each year.
          (vaccines are still almost 100% safe)


  38. Guest Who says:

    One for that famous JezBo ‘analysis’?

    Maybe Marianna could investigate too.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Nice selfie – have they got one with marradona as well ?

      Cocaine futures take a dip…


  39. Fedup2 says:

    By the way – for those of a Christian persuasion – happy 1st day of Advent – so that excludes BBC staff ..
    And 32 days until we cut away from their EU


  40. Sluff says:

    It’s Sunday. So instead of Toady we have Toady on Sunday.

    It used to be a religious programme. Now ……?
    You judge. Here are today’s main features.

    1. Interview with Sikhs who are hurt by their turbans or patkas being removed at school by joshing fellow pupils.
    2. Interview on an inaudible internet line about the death of…Maradona (FFS x10)
    3. Long interview with a transgender pastor from the United Reform Church who was feeling hurt about something. This rather evasive talk was immediately followed by, to be fair, an utterly incomprehensible response from the Bishop of Coventry.

    If the BBC have no ideas at all for decent features for the main population of this country and can only dredge up and play the woke snowflake card about hurt feelings of tiny minorities then why not just close the programme down and put it out of its misery.


    • Zelazek says:

      Sluff, I agree. Sunday is not a religious programme anymore. It as an abomination. That transgender pastor was feeling “unsafe” and demanded protection from the Bishop of Coventry. What he/she was really asking for was the suppression of free speech, that any criticism of her perversions and delusions be banned.
      I don’t buy these claims of feeling “unsafe” anyway. We are all protected by the law, the threat of legal punishment deterring others from attacking us. That is sufficient. If we feel some more immediate and specific threat, we should call the police. The kind of people who whine about being “unsafe” are never in danger; they just don’t like being criticised or having their opinion challenged. The Bishop of Coventry ought to have told that transgender pastor to man up.


  41. Fedup2 says:

    Sluff – I think there is a charter requirement for 2 religious programmes on Sunday – but when the charter is dumped in 2027 the Newly independent BBC can do a pay to listen ‘ view on these programmes can’t they ?…..


  42. AsISeeIt says:

    I must have been channelling Sleepy Joe Biden this morning. Glancing at the Observer frontpage sub-headings to their Michael Gove “overwhelmed NHS” story, I thought for a moment I had read: ‘Dinghy hospitals remark fuels row’

    “Will you shut up man” I thought. Yes, we all know illegal migrants have been flooding into the country unopposed on rubber boats and the French are taking the piss, but think of the bad press you’ll get. The cries of racist! The BBC will be down on you like a ton of bricks. All that good work Princess Nut Nuts did for Boris in his bring your wife to work week – all gone for a burton. Didn’t you see that memo David Cameron wrote and Theresa May had laminated which they left in the top drawer of the PM’s desk in No10: “Top Tory objective: strive for a good write up from the BBC”

    I focus properly on the Observer story and correct myself. The remark was made not by Gove but by Nadine Dorres, it was an off the record statement made privately to a group of MPs, Dorres denies she used the phrase, and anyway the words were “Dark and Dingy” – not Dinghy. And there’s no suggestion – as yet – she was being racist. Even with the dark bit. Phew…!

    The point being the angels over there at our sainted NHS reckon those Nightingale hospitals flung up at huge cost, to supposedly relieve pressure on the NHS, don’t provide a good enough backdrop for the staff TikToks – or some such.

    The upshot of: ‘Angry Tory MPs turn on Gove after “overwhelmed” NHS claims’ (Observer) is simply that Boris has kicked the end of lockdown madness can a few more weeks down the road: ‘Virus tiers could end in 9 weeks, MPs told’ (Telegraph)

    Excuse me while I open this golden envelope…. The AsISeeIt press photo of the year award goes to the Sunday Times for their pic of a gang of burly coppers clapping Santa in handcuffs. Caption reads: ‘An anti-lockdown protester is arrested in central London yesterday…’ Or as I might title it, sticking with the festive theme – “Pigs in blanket clampdown”

    This one I didn’t make up: ‘Army spies take on antivax militants’ (Times).

    This one I did make up: “Turkey PM stuffs British freedoms – as Brussels look on”

    Has Paxo considered coming out of retirement?

    ‘No-deal Brexit is “underpriced” No10 warns’ (Telegraph) – seriously, Brexit is the only thing now preventing us from burning Boris in effigy – and I hope he knows it.

    Here’s another golden envelope. The AsISeeIt special award for most tenuous excuse for putting a picture of an actress on the front page of a national newspaper, goes to… The Sunday Telegraph: ‘Doctor in distress: Whittaker tells of anxiety’ – has Jodie seen the dire viewing figures for her last car crash overly woke Doctor Who series? Has she read the hate… I mean fan… mail? She appears in a coverall dark green frock, looking alarmingly like medical scrubs. In my Sleepy Joe Biden mode, unable to focus properly on the teleprompt, I thought for a moment the Telegraph had done some aren’t they fab, our overworked female docs piece.

    But no. The story is about our overwoke Jode, whose: ‘…anxiety has “skyrocketed” in the pandemic. Living in London with her husband and daughter, five, she fears the “worst case scenario” of giving her loved ones Covid-19’ – I attempt to envisage anyone actually using the phrase “Covid-19” in such circumstances and find I simply cannot sufficiently suspend disbelief. However, full marks to Jodie’s agent, really earning his 10% getting her on the frontpage.

    Just as well, I forsee a certain “regeneration” in her future.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sounds like you need to get back in the bunker ! And very brave starting the awards season so early – Princess Jodie must be due for a refit – the first coloured Dr Who – it is inevitable – I favour the Rasta bloke in a wheelchair who gets rolled out the BBC / C4 when they need to get the tick box done …. making the tardis wheelchair accessible will be a challenge – but makes it more even when fighting the darleks

      ( by the way – before any lost woke types have a go about mocking wheel chairs – I have full combat experience of pushing wheel chairs and the level of fitness and concentration required to do so )….


  43. Guest Who says:

    When wee Wally goes low road, Groper can go lower.


  44. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    “I’m willing to step into the fire.”
    As a young actress, Jane Fonda was winning awards, protesting, and getting arrested.
    Now as an 82-year-old, the focus of her activism is the environment. (via 100 Women) bbc.in/3o3QPhv

    Not in areas where BLM is kicking off, obvs.


  45. G says:

    Priti Useless ties up (another) deal with the French. The French cannot be trusted. But let’s see what happens next year.

    Convenient eh?. A so-called, “Deal” arrives conveniently when the winter is, of itself, going to stop channel crossings by flimsy rubber boats……………
    That alone will keep news of crossings off the news headlines and it can then be quietly forgotten about


    • G.W.F. says:

      Neither Priti nor any member of this government intend to reduce the number of men of military age coming to this country.


      • Sluff says:

        ‘Men of military age’

        Woke LeftMob translation

        ‘Vulnerable children fleeing persecution’..

        From France.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      Can’t really blame the French, as it’s our fault for attracting the immigrants. We’re like a dumb neighbour feeding rats in our garden.


    • theisland says:

      Time and time again Migration Watch spell out the facts and figures in a moderate and reasonable way – but to no avail.
      See Population Growth – Main Points and An Asylum System Overwhelmed and Abused.

      Strains on the asylum system – worsened by significant abuse – are threatening to overwhelm the system. In the midst of ballooning budgets, falling productivity, rising backlogs and disintegrating enforcement, asylum abuse is too often being used as a ‘backdoor’ route into the UK by those whose identities it is extremely difficult to properly verify because those entering clandestinely (e.g. in small boats across the Channel) often destroy documentation prior to arrival. This is not only a huge security risk. It is also unfair to genuine claimants and a grave affront to law-abiding UK people who expect that the system they fund will be set aside to help only those in the most genuine need. Such a system must have adequate safeguards against abuse. Yet, as a Minister stated recently: “[The legal system]… is quite frankly not fit for purpose in this area when it comes to asylum and immigration enforcement matters. We are often frustrated by repeatedly vexatious legal claims, often made at the last minute with the express intention of frustrating the proper application of the law.”

      Despite this, government actions do not appear to have significantly deterred such abuse (and may have tacitly encouraged it), including through a failure (despite repeated promises to the contrary) to stem unauthorised arrivals via small boats and lorries (both of which have risen recently – as recently confirmed by ICIBI). The vast majority of those entering in such a way go on to claim asylum after being encountered by officials. A clear promise by the Prime Minister to ‘send back’ those entering in this way appears to have largely fallen flat, with 3% returned since the start of 2019. There has also been a deliberate drawback in enforcement as a matter of policy, for instance through the declining use of detention. Some HO staff believe more use should be made of detention in order to ensure better enforcement of the rules.

      One presumes the ‘some’ HO staff who want better controls are few and far between (as a result of recruitment ‘initiatives’ by HR Common Purpose drones), and the ‘policy’ makers all fancy a seat at Davos, or wherever the big boys meet nowadays.


  46. G says:

    What’s going on in China?

    Take the video to about, 14.15 to see what sort of money china has invested in US Press publications and then tell me it is impossible for the chinese to be a part of the current fraudulent election.


    • StewGreen says:

      Official claims : China reports 11 new COVID-19 cases vs six a day earlier
      plus 114 in Hong Kong

      Meanwhile official Chinese media makes grand claims about UK and US data
      like saying that 4% of Americans have it
      (1 in 25 Americans infected with COVID-19)
      The actual article says 1 in 25 have had, over all time, not right now.


  47. Doobster78 says:

    Wanting to catch the weather on BBC just before noon.

    Caught 30 seconds of Dateline . And wouldn’t you know it, it was only 30 seconds but it was entirely anti Trump !!!!

    They just CANNOT help themselves !!!!


  48. Doobster78 says:



    • StewGreen says:

      Link was missing a backslash


  49. Square-Eyed says:

    In the United States Bill Still is revealing as yet “unverified” reports that American special forces were sent to Frankfurt to seize election servers from CIA operatives. This they accomplished and the computers are now safely back in the US. Some soldiers were killed in carrying out the exercise.


    • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

      Foreign troops opening fire on German soil? Sounds like a declaration of war on a major European country to me, if it were true. Which it clearly isn’t because Angela Merkel hasn’t expelled any American diplomats.


  50. theisland says:

    The co-ordinated persecution of TR continues.
    Drip, drip, drip. Chip, chip, chip.
    He is back in court tomorrow.
    No doubt this is all in the ‘public interest’ (not).



    • StewGreen says:

      Strange : so TR detained an alleged perv who is been prosecuted for perving by the CPS
      police arrested TR for giving the guy a bloody nose whilst detaining him and dropped his charge to ABH, thus avoiding the CPS and a jury trial
      An outside judge is being brought in to judge the trial.
      TR claims that reporting will criticise him, but with withhold the info about the alleged perv, due to the need to not prejudice the later trial.
      Surely press can’t report at all on the TR trial, cos the outcome will prejudice the later trial ?