Midweek Thread 18 November 2020

You may remember that at the beginning of 2020 the government held a ‘consultation ‘ over decriminalisation of not having a TV Licence . The result was due to be published in the Summer . Well it has now said it will not announce the result of that consultation until a new BBC Chairman is annointed – which means – the Summer of 2021. Meanwhile Capita TV Licencing Inspectors /debt collectors are still visiting homes – despite the Chinese Virus . Defund the BBC .

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  1. vlad says:

    When the Dominion story first broke, the BBC ran a lazy ‘fact-check’ on it and concluded there was no evidence to support allegations of widespread fraud.

    Now the Dominion ‘fact-check’ has disappeared from their website.

    It might be that, in their infinite wisdom, the beeb have decided there’s no substance to the story so why waste precious space which could be better filled with worshipful blurbs about Beijing Biden, Heals-Up-Harris, Saint Obama – and endless attacks against Trump.

    OR could it be that, au contraire, they know the Dominion allegation HAS legs and could be hugely damaging to their favoured team? In which case they wouldn’t want to give it currency.
    And, if the allegations are shown to be true, perhaps they don’t want to look silly with their previous dismissive rejection of them.

    We shall see.



    • Doobster78 says:


    • JohnC says:

      I’m still stunned how the majority of the media are telling us Trump has made ‘false claims’.

      How on earth do they know that ?. And is every tweet saying Biden has won being flagged with a warning about how some people are disputing it – like they are flagging tweets about Trumps claims ?.

      It’s the gross and shameless hypocrisy which gets me the most because it spotlights the complete lack of ethics and integrity of the Left.


      • JimS says:

        It’s not the integrity of ‘the left’ per se, it’s the fact that we expect the media in a free society to report what is going on without bias.

        Newspapers used to make a clear distinction between ‘news’ and ‘opinion’, TV and our own BBC removes that distiction by merely using the ‘newsreader’ to give the headline before passing over to the always opinionated ‘correspondent’ or topic ‘editor’.

        Add to that ‘channels’ like Facebook and Twitter blocking access to certain views or stamping them with unsubstantiated caveats and we are truly living in dark times.

        How long before an ‘operator’ breaks into our phone conversations or just cuts us off?

        By the way, here is a gem that a relative of mine re-posted on Facebook.

        “So many folks talk about how they’re being “forced to accept” things that go against their beliefs.
        You’re not being forced to accept them.
        If you have a problem with people of color, with gay marriage, with trans people, with immigrants, with women of any race, etc., then you’re still welcome to feel however you want to feel about those people. You’re just not allowed to make their lives harder because of your feelings. You’re not allowed to turn their daily lives into a battle ground.
        No one is forcing you to “accept” a single thing. You’re just not being allowed to terrorize people.”

        I must say I have missed on this mass terrorising, but there is more than a real danger that anyone doubting the orthodoxy of the cultural Marxists is liable to face real consequences, such as losing their job.

        Sadly my relative doesn’t think that is actually happening. When one is truly virtuous the end always justifies the means. See Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao etc.


        • Dobyns says:

          Dead on Jim


        • JohnC says:

          That’s exactly right : The Left are so sure that they are right, they think the ends justfiy the means.

          Reminds me of the Muslim terrorist who was asked how he could do such terrible things. His response was ‘Allah knows my heart’. Exactly the same. Only a question of degree.

          I’m quite certain the Left would repeat what those people in your list did if society would allow it. During Brexit, the vast majority of the shallow, spiteful and nasty comments I saw on the Daily Telegraph site were from remainers.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Vlad are you sure the Dominion REALITY check disappeared from the BBC website ?
      There is this story timestamped 2020-11-17T00:40
      That’s first thing Monday morning
      Backed by their 1am tweet

      BTW BBCRealityCheck themselves haven’t tweeted since Nov 5



  2. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch#2 – you set ’em up and I’ll head ’em in

    Great to hear Geoff Hurst, member of England’s World Cup winning football team on TOADY. Not so great to hear him plugging Smart Meters instead of talking about Martin Peters. Geoff thinks Smart meters are going to be a big help for sufferers of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease and pure doddery old age with the Power Company spotting that they have turned on their cooker to make lunch or a hot drink and sending someone round to see if they are OK.

    Quite barmy!

    I wonder how much Global Warming and Climate Change causing CO2 has been created in manufacturing the 54,000,000 Smart Meters and same number of sender units and the same number of display units, many of which did not work or did not work when there was a change of supplier? It must be massive. That’s ignoring the CO2 creating fossil fuel burning vehicles that delivered them to wholesalers, installers and then to a home to be fitted and tested using some more electricity (at customer expense) that will have caused more CO2 emissions.

    Quite barmy? Exceptionally barmy. No, stark raving lunacy.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      The purpose of smart meters is for the electricity company to be able to switch the power off remotely. In Spain, when you sign a contract for electricity, you have a power capacity limit. If you exceed this, the power goes off. Something similar happens if you overload the electrical system anywhere e.g the Consumer Unit trips and you have to reset the appropriate circuit switch. However, with a smart meter, the time taken for power to be restored is controlled by the utility company. For instance, if you’ve been naughty and put on one heater too many, they could leave you without power for 5 minutes for the first ‘offence’, 10 minutes the second time, 20 minutes the third time and so on until you get the message. Frequent ‘offenders’ could be encouraged to move up to a higher power capacity or forced to do so. In practice, the Spanish energy companies don’t currently enforce these features… for now.

      The ultimate goal is to be able to make energy more expensive and ration it. Partly this is to cover shortfalls that may arise from over dependence on unreliable renewables and lack of timely alternatives i.e. the wind doesn’t blow every day, the sun doesn’t shine at night, the coal power stations are being shuttered (unless you live in China) and the UK is proving Borisingly inept at building new nuclear power stations. So, sorry folks, we are going to have to impose blackouts or restrict you to a handful of lightbulbs tonight – all for the good of the planet, don’t you know. In the Brave New World of Building Back Better, things such as constant electricity, taking a flight or owning private transport are intended to be special treats that you pay through the noise for and only available if you’ve been a good citizen.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Sure, Ian, I have heard the stories about the longer-term downsides.

        What I find absolutely incredible is the fact that people in Government, in the ‘Green’ lobby groups, in the media cannot figure out that in introducing these Smart Meters they are specifically increasing the thing they claim is the cause of the Global Warming and Climate Change that they are so worried about. The mental disconnect must be, certainly is, absolutely colossal.

        Especially at the BBC after Blue Planet 1. All that extra plastic. Eeeeek! Attenborough, Harrabin, McGrath and Shukman (a very dodgy firm, that one) must have a collective heart attack every time they think about it. But they probably don’t and just think it is all very necessary or even a ‘good thing’.

        It wouldn’t be so bad if the wretched things worked properly and did not require extra bits of plastic and electric kit – the display unit and/or a smart phone – to get the readings to the consumer!

        It’s the same with scrapping perfectly serviceable gas boilers and gas cookers. What will the replacements be made with? Unicorn farts on a production line staffed by Snow White’s helpers?

        Barking mad. This stupid dogma will not shift the world CO2 emissions in any direction but upward.

        Barking mad, blind and mentally ill, really.


      • JamesArthur says:

        You all make good points and one I will throw in – they power companies take out the old meter at the incoming supply so you cannot check whether the usage your smart meter is telling you is correct..it was virtually impossible for them to alter the old meters but they can do what they like with smart standalone meters.
        Don’t get one is what I say…


        • moggie63 says:

          EON have been pestering me for months to get them, insisting I must have them. My reply of “no, I not only don’t but most certainly won’t” seemed to upset them no end.


          • Scroblene says:

            We are almost entirely dependent on electricity, and rely on night storage heaters plus a good old-fashioned open fire using coal and wood.

            I’m a proper, paid-up nerd when it comes to switching power companies (we’ll be saving £21.00 a month this year), but none of them seem capable of providing smart meters for Economy 7 users – well, round here in leafy Kent, they don’t!

            So we have a pretty ‘good’ deal on juice during the night, and a lot of extra cost during the daytime – but that’s if we use it. Can anyone tell me why solar panels work so well at night? And has the tide changing made any difference? Do the ugly propeller farms just stop turning during the hours of darkness? Is the vat rate on renewables any different from good old nuclear?

            Our refund from our old power company is due at the end of the month. It is over £500.00, after only one year – i.e. a whole, crisp tenner a week! Would our esteemed government like to tell the power companies to stop making spurious claims for ‘green’ juice, and say that if they screw the public much more, their ridiculous, near criminal overcharging, will eventually backfire?

            I very much doubt it.


  3. Darcy3 says:

    Here we go…Jamaican jerk, like we all have at Xmas

    Merry McChristmas! McDonald’s festive menu lands in stores TODAY featuring a double Big Mac and a Jamaican Jerk Chicken Sandwich

    I am just waiting for some barmy vicar or something to write a non christian / diversity Xmas carol to be feted and lauded on the bbbc


  4. taffman says:

    “Princess Diana interview: BBC vows to ‘get to truth’ about Panorama interview”
    If anyone knows the truth, they should?
    Who is paying for the “investigation” , Telly Tax payers ?


    • Doublethinker says:

      The BBC has already held two internal investigations into this and found nothing worth reporting! Their investigations are just like those of the Labour Party. We don’t want yet another internal investigation and whitewash. What we want is full transparent investigation with consequences . The question which the govervenors of the BBC ought to be asking, but of course they are all BBC supporters so they won’t, is ,’ Is the BBC a fit and proper organisation to hold a Broadcasting License’ , in my book the BBC acted worse over this and over Saville and Cliff Richard etc etc than did the News of the World over phone hacking!


  5. G says:

    The News-Watch’s opinion on the BBC Plans for 20/21 entitled: “Deluded BBC’s mission to mislead”. A good start to NW’s opinion.


    In fact, many here could add examples of bias: that of muslims and blacks.


  6. StewGreen says:

    4pm Radio : Black deportations

    16:16pm Nasty Laurie just said
    “..EX-PRESIDENT Trump’s NOTORIOUS wall”

    Deportation discussion
    in Ex1 the 15 yo Jamaican came to Britain where his mother already lived
    but her and the family rejected him
    so he ended up in crime and the tax payers problem
    Is that wrong to deport him ?

    Ex2 had only marijuana charges but suspected of being with a gang
    So it’s said that was an unfair deportation aged 33 he left 6 children in UK
    He had been the househusband


    • StewGreen says:

      Amazing 4:30pm Lauries show was followed by a big BBC apology statement
      “Last week the presenter made accusations of corruption against the head of the UK vaccine task force Kate Bingham.
      We apologise for not allowing her a say on the prog”
      … went on to her statement saying the allegations were false
      that her US statements had been precleared and her role there was in paid extra work.

      I did mention the other day that hidden away on Laurie’ prog page .. was an update note “this prog has been edited since broadcast”


    • StewGreen says:

      Lefty beeboid MichaelRosen just tweeted
      Great ‘Thinking Allowed’ just now @BBCRadio4

      That implies that he loved the “ex-president” sneer
      .. but I am not going to confront him & risk the wrath of his 220,000 followers


    • Banania says:

      “He had been the househusband.”
      I wonder how many of them there are.


  7. StewGreen says:

    4:30 Amol’s media show : “A new era for media
    Trump “plans to wreck Fox News” *
    whilst the tech platforms face new regulation.
    * that sounds like a claim without evidence .. So the media are allowed to make such claims ?

    Are we witnessing a shift in the balance of media power?
    The Labour party says emergency laws are needed to make social networks “criminally responsible” for anti-vaccine content their users post. Meanwhile, over in the US both Republicans and Democrats are vowing to change the way the likes of Twitter and Facebook are regulated. And could it also represent the birth of an alternative media?

    – “Donald Trump is rumoured to be plotting a new channel to rival Fox News.”
    FFS there are already 2 rival channels : OANN and NewsMax

    Oh Amol suddenly absent Joe Tidy presents
    – Amélie Pia Heldt, Leibniz-Institute for Media Research,
    – Tom Wainwright, The Economist media editor,
    – Shayan Sardarizadeh, BBC Monitoring disinformation journalist
    – Mathew Ingram, Chief Digital Writer at Columbia Journalism Review


    • StewGreen says:

      Their Trump vs Fox idea, seems little more that a Conspiracy Theory
      The US commentator seems clueless
      he just used the word “alt right”
      Made reference to Trump retweeting Fox news Hannity as if that was a long time ago
      when i’ve seen Trump retweet Fox news stuff yesterday


  8. Up2snuff says:

    Yesterday the BBC, and possibly our Government also, wanted us to keep our windows and doors open so we don’t catch Covid-19 indoors.

    Today, the BBC and definitely our Government want us to install triple glazing and keep our windows firmly shut during late-Autumn, Winter and early-Spring to save the planet from Climate Change.

    Save the NHS or save the planet.

    Bit of a conflict there. Tough choice.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Im climbing onto my horse . Its very high . I wrote here in the summer about the need for air to circulate – and wrote to TFL ( transport from london) about fixing windows open on their buses and trains And being told to eff off .

      Hearinv what the likes of Halifax are going through i want to avoid any airborne illness …

      Hope things improving Haifax …


      • Red Pill says:

        Think it’s important to remember that current evidence suggests at least 75% of people that contract the virus will be asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms. I tested positive a couple of weeks ago after suffering from one day of a slightly irritating cough and a couple of days of a slightly ‘wooly’ head. I didn’t really think anything of it, but wifey wanted me to get tested as I’d been left with loss of taste and she had an upcoming hospital appt. But my experience was one of a very, very mild cold. After saying that, I’m sure I’ll take a turn and be dead by the end of the week!


        • Up2snuff says:

          I hope not, Red Pill. Keep some white ones handy (aspirin, if you can take it) and drink lots of fluids just in case.

          My Local Authority area has seen cases rocket above the English average but deaths haven’t budged. Think it might have been Roland Deschain who pointed out on here that the likely trend for the Covid-19 virus was for it to become less severe: viruses don’t want to kill too many hosts as there will be nothing for them to do in future and they, too, will eventually die, probably from boredom.

          That is of course, if China hasn’t already deliberately released Covid-21 to disrupt the Western world.


  9. vlad says:

    In Georgia, Biden is as popular as Kim Jong-il apparently…


  10. Foscari says:

    “Listen up everybody BIG BROTHER has a directive for you.
    One of our Biased BBC.org
    watchers has been telling me that this foscari
    has been making comments about the amount of ethnic frontline
    pictures on the website.
    Well we are going to up the stakes and “educate ” this birthday boy even more
    We are going to follow the line of Argos
    and Sainsbury’s in our Christmas features. So along with our
    default position of the typical British family having a black dad
    and white mum or vica-versa. Now we are going to share this
    with ALL black families !!
    So our main feature picture on our headline page today the 18/11 will be titled “Ministers look at allowing family Christmas get togethers !! That should “educate ” Biased bbc.org


    • Fedup2 says:

      Foscari – source ? What ?


    • Richard Pinder says:

      The BBC and all other media seem to be saying that Cultural appropriation of European culture by people of sub-Saharan African descent is the only way Blacks can be equal.

      Cultural appropriation by the use of Black actors to play Tarzan, Father Christmas and replace monkeys in PG tips adverts.


  11. digg says:

    So the BBC have appointed a top Judge, Lord Dyson, to investigate accusations of bad practice by the BBC over the Bashir / Diana/ Panorama stink with an “independent” probe say the Daily Mail


    Is it normal to have the accused appoint and pay for the Judge to look at the complaints or am I being too suspicious? How can that be independent?

    Do I detect the small of burning paper in W!A?

    I guess it will be “Nothing to see hear, they got it about right”

    Methinks they protest too much!


  12. StewGreen says:

    Anyone know how @Halifax contacted Covid ?

    In personal contacts I know one guy who got it from the NHS
    and another who said her friend got it from the NHS
    Now a 95 yo round the corner has recovered ..she got it from the NHS
    4 miles away two pensioners died of it a few months ago, they got it from the NHS.

    Another very believable neighbour says he had it before last Christmas and he works with the Chinese teams who took over the steelworks


    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew, I suspect that the NHS was/is the source of most infections of Covid-19/19a/20. Firstly, the percentage of obese workers in the NHS is very high. I recall the statistic of 40% but that seems to conveniently not quite high, but fairly high to be alarming. You could say it is a conveniently round figure. Ahem. Coat fetching will have to wait until later. Certainly I know of NHS staffers/ex-staffers who are in the morbidly obese category. And quite a lot smoke, also, judging by those you see on smoking breaks and the ciggie stubs on the ground.

      Secondly, hospital cleanliness is none too good.

      Thirdly, hospital design and outfitting can be really chronic, a total disaster. I think of one Geriatric Ward in a hospital I know, where the hand washing sink to be used by staff before gloving up, was actually close – nearly above – one of the beds. The architect who designed that and the LA Building Inspector & Health Authority people who allowed it, should be publicly shamed and sacked.

      Fourthly, HAIs were commonplace in the NHS before Covid came along. I can’t think of all the names now – the flesh eating one, fasci wotsit necrosis, Staphylococcus, Clostridium, Campophillibacter, the Winter Norovirus (may have spelled some of these incorrectly) are just a few of the things you can catch in hospital along with pneumonia and TB!


      • Northern Voter says:

        Mrs voter once worked in the anychess (non medical) I mentioned
        that, whilst watching the virtue signalling supermarkets ads, that I was under the impression that anychess staff i.e. nurses were not allowed to wear working dress outside the hospital. She said that they could, if they wore an overcoat. Yeah right!


  13. StewGreen says:

    Oh look a trailer for BBC Obama interview tmw
    9am Rdio4 7:30pm BBCone


  14. StewGreen says:

    After confronting Twitter head Jack, Ted Cruz has put up 3 test tweets to see if the Twitter warning appears on them

    test 1
    test 2

    Test 3


  15. taffman says:

    “Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM’s green plan”
    Has BoJo lost the plot ?
    The people of Great Britain voted the Tories in to power to get us out of the EU, To cut immigration legal or otherwise, to end the unpopular Al Beeb with its telly tax and for a Conservative Government. Not the Liberal Green Party. Who wears the trousers in no 10 ?
    What has happened to the ‘mass’ of Tory MPs in Parliament?


  16. taffman says:

    “Talk of Brexit deal breakthrough: Handle with care”
    I don’t like the look of this . Remember ; We voted to leave the EU not to get a deal.
    Do they want to export goods to us or not ?


  17. taffman says:

    “Jeremy Corbyn will not return as Labour MP, says Sir Keir Starmer”
    But, but what about this …………………

    Click to access Chakrabarti-Inquiry-Report-30June16.pdf


  18. Guest Who says:

    Always nice to see the BBC on the wrong end of a ‘defends’, which they invented.


  19. Richard Pinder says:

    Dominic Cummings has gone. So now we have top advisor Carrie Simmons’s 10 Point Plan for a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ a green new deal to help build tomorrow’s green economy today, and a statue of Chairman Doris in every town, to commemorate the day the airhead, Carrie Simmons and her gang of simple minded metropolitan liberal thirty something posh upper-class twit advisors from Islington (some of them must have worked at the BBC), took over from Dominic. The Great Leap Forward into the metropolitan liberal utopia is now possible because Boris lost his fight with Carrie in the bedroom, the other day.

    Dr John Constable, GWPF energy editor, said: “Does the Prime Minister have any competent advisors? One wonders?”

    Lord Lawson said: “A programme to erect statues of Boris in every town and village in the land would also ‘create jobs’ but that doesn’t make it a sensible thing to do”

    Richard Lindzen, American former MIT Professor of Atmospheric Physics said of Britain: nowhere has “the irrationality of the response to this issue been more evident”

    Presumably because of the fact that the Tories are more extreme on Climate Change ideology and carbon tax-tax-tax ideology, than any loony left-wing foreign government anywhere.

    Either Boris will lead Britain into Carrie Simmons’s metropolitan liberal Utopia, or patriotic attractive ladies could save Britain, by replacing the traitor Carrie, in Boris’s bed.


  20. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    “Family Christmas get-togethers being considered”
    Good news from the bBBC. If your family is Jamaican.


  21. G.W.F. says:

    Six pm news. Yoo Pim is optimistic about the Government allowing us to have Christmas, but experts agree we will have to behave and follow rules


  22. Sluff says:

    BBC 6 pm news and they feature a report on extremism.
    About time, I hear you say.

    We need to call out those terrorist attacks in Manchester, Borough Market, Westminster Bridge.

    Oh wait. The extremism they have in mind is Far Right. Who had nothing to do with the above mass fatality examples.
    And is about the grooming of young people.

    Strangely, grooming of young people has not always been a BBC priority. Rochdale. Rotherham etc.

    The BBC. World class in selectivity.


    • StewGreen says:

      BBC Radio Lincolnshire news today
      “A 20 yo Lincoln man has been arrested on 7 counts of FAR RIGHT terrorism”
      .. what details “having iformation useful to terrorists”

      You get to the end , and what have they done with him
      “released on bail”
      So sounds like he’s not that dangerous

      They’d arrested him in January and let him go, pending investigations


  23. moggie63 says:

    Let 1 in 10 electric car owners be allowed to charge their car at any one time because of the massive lack of infrastructure and generating capacity.


    • StewGreen says:

      after 2030 you can buy a very new secondhand diesel or petrol vehicle from the new showrooms which will sit on the Irish border.

      FFS Now on local BBC news we have to have a live outside broadcast from the green mad BBC local environment guy
      reading a list of possible green projects.

      FFS he’s in the dark in the wind
      it was a totally pointless use of OB.


    • Darcy3 says:

      They must think we were born yesterday, electricity might be cheap but the extension lead, I shudder to think, unless you stay local


  24. StewGreen says:

    5:35pm more Far Right propaganda on BBC Two
    Flog It was in Huddersfield so had a long biographical item on Harold Wilson with help from Alan Johnson
    They visited his school, with a selection of black and Asian pupils praising him.
    He was some kind of god apparently.


    • Northern Voter says:

      I watched that, and thought yeah, didn’t Crosland Labour MP rid the country of that great education leveller, The Grammar School. I didn’t see Harold’s statue wearing his free Gannex mac courtesy of Lord Kagan, his mate. I once had an argument with a staunch socialist over the closing of pits, he didn’t know that more pits were closed by Wilson than by Thatcher, till he googled it!


    • StewGreen says:

      Oh that’s Alan Johnson ex Hull Labour MP of course

      BTW on Sunday some more Labour stuff slipped onto the Far Right radio4
      – 11am Desert Island Discs featuring Keir Starmer

      – 3pm Drama serial about one of the first female Labour MPs Ellen Wilkinson


  25. Doobster78 says:

    I give up !!!!


  26. Deborah says:

    6pm BBC1 news. An item about young men accessing Far Right websites. I was amazed how many times the words ‘far right’ could be squeezed into a few minutes. There was once incidence where the reporter told us he went on line looking for a right wing site (I suppose he might have come here). Who defines ‘right’ and ‘far right’? I guess this ‘journalist’s’ definition might not be mine. He did at one point give the example of Holocaust denial. I might suggest that can also be the feature of the Left, particularly those who suggest Jewish people use the memory of the Holocaust for their own advantage.

    We then had a very very short item (statement?) from Sophie Rayworth about the BBC and Martin Bashir getting his interview with a Princess. By this time I had the volume turned down, and she read it very very quickly so I didn’t catch what she was reading. But blink and you would miss it (I did and very nearly did).

    Propaganda, it is what the BBC does best.

    Oh and Look North has just reported a young man who held information about a planned right wing terror attack. We don’t get those very often, but we didn’t get any details. We get lots of warnings about the risk of the far right attacks but Islamic attacks are rarely described as terrorist attacks.


    • StewGreen says:

      Deb the Look North item was even less serious than that, see above.


    • Sluff says:

      Sorry Deborah, you have the wrong end of the stick.
      This is BBC la la land and they are able to educate and inform us that Islamic terrorism does not exist.
      What is really happening is

      1. People are unfairly disadvantaged by society, cannot get free lessons and as a result have poor driving skills.
      2. People are disadvantaged by the education system, especially in Northern England and so do not know how to behave at pop concerts.
      3. People are disadvantaged by being unable to access sporting opportunities, for example fencing. As a result they do not know how to handle swords correctly
      4. Many young white girls are inherently racist as they do not know how to respond sympathetically to older males from other cultures and religions.

      If only the BBC were in charge, all these societal ills could be solved.


  27. vlad says:

    Dr Turley examines the latest developments in the election, including some ‘RINO’ Republicans caving in to intimidation from the Dems.

    He also floats the idea of a new, third party in America that would oblige the Republicans to fully embrace the ‘nationalist-populist-traditionalist’ wing of the party, the way the Brexit Party obliged the Tories to embrace Brexit.


  28. Fred Stubber says:


    The BBC, having hastily consigned the Corbyn racism story to history, have gleefully seized on something much closer to their hearts.

    The Carrie-driven Boris has declared that wind farms could power every home by 2030. This sort of thing is, of course, perfect grist for the BBC’s (wind) mill.

    Boris was a bit disingenuous by not mentioning industry’s energy consumption but, letting that pass, his claim just doesn’t add up. At best it’s just typical Boris hand-waving woffle; at worst it’s a cynical attempt to pull the wool over our eyes.

    The main reason is the intermittency of wind power. In the last few weeks several high-pressure systems have passed over the UK, and wind turbine output had dropped almost to nothing for long periods. Gas and nuclear were flat out and we were importing the absolute max from Europe. It was a close call. At present wind accounts for about 35% of our power generation. What would happen if it accounted for, say, 90%, and there was a flat calm and freezing temperatures?

    And if we are going to have all or almost all of our power generated by wind, what about nuclear, which at present provides 20% of our power? Plans for small nuclear plants are at an advanced stage.

    By 2030 there will, apparently, be many millions of electric cars in use. Roughly speaking, charging them means that each house with one electric car will be consuming the equivalent of seven to ten electric fires right through the evening and night. That could be a very tall order if we become heavily dependent on wind power and it isn’t windy. Actually, that’s an understatement. It’s an impossibility. All this just doesn’t make any kind of credible sense, Boris.

    It seems to me that the Prime Minister is talking bollocks. Nothing unusual about that of course, but this latest pronouncement is just ridiculous. The green-obsessed Carrie is leading him astray. Boris needs to let his brain determine policy and not his knob. The Tory Party and the electorate are not in bed with Carrie.



  29. vlad says:

    More allegations of ‘cyber warfare systems’ being used to rig the US election.

    These are NOT coming from tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorists; this latest is from a retired USAF General speaking on OAN news network.

    “Retired Air Force General blows whistle on CIA vote hacking”


    • StewGreen says:

      That presentation seems so over top and Hollywood deep voice intro, it feels like a made up thing like from that movie Wagging the Dog

      I don’t know what happened in the election
      All I know is that there are scenarios
      – No cheating at all by Democrat establishment … not credible, we know from what O’Keefe dug up some people were always planning to cheat
      – Dems won, but still cheated …possible
      – Trump won, but the establishment cheated him ..possible
      but so what ?
      Trump would still need to jump through a few hoops
      If the establishment cheated in the election, they can cheat in the courts as well
      It might take big concessions from Trump to placate people etc.
      Trump has every right to keep the pressure up in case some super duper evidence comes up.

      But the whole point is , in a 52/48 election “winner takes all” is a rubbish outcome.
      In a family you can’t let one person choose what TV to watch every night, you have to let the minority watch what they want some time.

      I see PJW in his video also warns , that it is a big ask for Trump to get everything through the courts.


  30. StewGreen says:

    Belfield : Comic Relief gave £800K to African charity
    ..and they spent half of it on the high life
    …No surprise.


  31. StewGreen says:

    Today’s positives 19,609
    well that’s better than the 33K we had the other day


  32. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    The coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech appears to protect 94% of adults over 65 years old.

    Have to admire BBC News.

    Something ‘appears’ accurate to not over 90, not 95, but 94%.


  33. Darcy3 says:

    Boris is living in cloud cuckoo land in my opinion

    I have experience of electric cars at a fairground once

    they have no suspension, are prone to collisions, only last for 2 minutes and attract gypsies hanging off the back nicking your spare change and chatting up your wife


    • StewGreen says:

      Yep bottom line their green ideas don’t work, so they are going the COMMUNIST way of banning their competition.

      If new tech works
      it is automatically sustainable
      and the market will love it
      eg hydro dams are a functioning green idea in the right circumstances
      Fusion when it works will be the same

      No subsidies needed, big corps will just do it to make money and be prepared to pay some extra tax.

      What Boris’s lot are doing
      is saying, “we have some NEW green tech ideas
      but they are not good enough for the free market, so we are going to force it on the public
      we are going to ban the conventional competition or tie them down in red tape,”

      FFS Drax sits on a coal field
      but the idiot government has banned coal
      so Drax ships in trees all the way from America
      which produce MORE CO2 and burn DIRTIER
      .. but we have this idea that eventually new trees will grow and theoretically re-absorb the CO2 over the next 30 years
      but all the time they’ll be cutting down new trees and burning them and there is a 30 year lag before their CO2 is reabsorbed too
      It’s all nuts


      • Darcy3 says:

        I am led to believe the biggest input of doixins is bonfire night..burning wood and leaves is not good at all


        • Bulldog says:


          ……just hope you don’t have one of those cosy log burners in your living room to warm you and yours during the winter months while in lockdown, it will soon have to be ripped out and scrapped along with millions of others – can’t have them polluting the atmosphere, can we? Their removal will inevitably be on the statute books with hefty fines, even prison terms for anyone who refuses to comply. Rewards will be on offer to anyone who snitches on their neighbours.


          • Darcy3 says:

            Smoke forms when wood or other organic matter burns. The smoke from wood burning is made up of a complex mixture of gases and fine particles (also called particle pollution, particulate matter, or PM). In addition to particle pollution, wood smoke contains several toxic air pollutants including:

            benzene , formaldehyde, acrolein, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)

            Smoke may smell good, but it’s not good for you. The biggest health threat from smoke is from fine particles, also called fine particulate matter or PM2.5. These microscopic particles can get into your eyes and respiratory system, where they may cause burning eyes, runny nose, and illnesses, such as bronchitis.

            Fine particles can make asthma symptoms worse and trigger asthma attacks. Fine particles can also trigger heart attacks, stroke, irregular heart rhythms, and heart failure, especially in people who are already at risk for these



          • Scroblene says:

            Our coal supplier told me last February, that our fuel, (‘Wildfire’, which is a formed ‘nut’ from anthracite dust etc.) , will not be available after February 2021, and that only smokeless fuel will be sold.

            Senora O’Blene requested that we use more wood, and now we have a pile of superb, barn-dried logs, (£85.00 a pop), stacked in a dry area. The fire smell is just gorgeous too!

            What could be greener than that!


          • Loobyloo says:

            Buying a new build with one in it 🙄
            No gas of course, and smart meter mandatory…we’re expecting to have to install a generator in the future when they start to cut off power.
            I see Waitrose have ‘logs’ made from coffee grounds though…


  34. taffman says:

    Al Beeb……………………..
    “US election: Trump campaign seeks partial recount in Wisconsin”
    Is this just a’ flash in the pan’ or a glimmer of hope for President Trump ?


  35. Darcy3 says:

    I heard she was fat, but..FFS, unbelievable, how anyone could watch that wobble about, it is morbidly obese, what a role model, hope they do not do any diet related items or the production team will struggle to keep a straight face

    If they had revolving doors in the office entrance she would have no chance

    Viewers cringe as Ruth Langsford appears to ignore Alison Hammond during TV link… as the pair interact for the FIRST time since This Morning host shake-up

    Ruth, 60, and Alison, 45, suffered an ‘awkward’ encounter during their first on-screen meeting since it was claimed Ruth will be replaced by Alison
    Ruth and her husband Eamonn Holmes, also 60, have been presenting on This Morning for 14 years together but are apparently apart of a shake-up
    Alison will reportedly be joined by Dermot O’Leary as the duo have been picked as the new faces of the This Morning Friday show



    • StewGreen says:

      Who cares ? who needs to watch crap TV in the morning
      It’s all trash, all PR to sell book, or political idea etc.


      • Darcy3 says:

        Never seen it but, I care if it is another example of a white person removed from their job to make way for another just because she is black

        I just really hope viewers vote with the off button


        • Darcy3 says:

          And replaced by someone so bloody fat that they cannot sit in a tube train, on a commercial flight or the front seat of most cars, what an example to the nation

          for the only reason she is black


          • Emmanuel Goldstein says:


            Maybe it’s a plan to save electricity.

            On a tv, showing white (brighter) objects uses a tiny amount more electricity than the equivalent black area so adding up all the tv’s and the electricity saved they can claim it’s all part of going green.

            Hammond will actually save more electricity than a normal sized black (if that’s still the way to describe them) so it’s a double plus good move by the greens against the whites.


    • Guest Who says:

      The terme du jour currently is, I believe, ‘easy to see’.

      Clearly designed to appeal to the extended family audience gracing dfs sofas the width of the land on 65” TVs delivers personally by Marcus Rashford with a bargain bucket each morning, to ensure a good day’s telly watching all day.

      Philip is so brave.


      • Darcy3 says:

        Easy to see, agreed, you cannot miss that one

        Also presents a major challenge to the production crew to socially distance

        But Millets will be happy to get the free advertising for her outfits


  36. Bulldog says:

    Fishing vessel intercepted off Great Yarmouth earlier today, had sailed from Ostend and escorted by the border farce into Harwich. You can only find this item on the beeb website in the East Anglian local news. On board were 3 crew, 1 Latvian, 2 Ukranians and hidden in the hold were 69 Albanians. Usual pre-printed response from the Authorities, “…a significant attempt to breach our borders, we are doing all we can to disrupt the smugglers blah blah”. Following a cosy chat with our immigration officials they will soon be “escorted” to their 4/5 star hotels to later join up with their Albanian relatives and friends already in the U.K. and will work hard, stay within the law and contribute to our economy.

    Rubber dinghies are clearly old hat, the latest method of travel is somewhat more robust as with the recent oil tanker incident. As we speak numerous cruise ships are heading our way.


  37. Darcy3 says:

    Yet more [email protected] from the woke bbbc

    FURY-TALE OF NEW YORK BBC bosses edit lyrics of Pogues’ Christmas hit Fairytale of New York to avoid offence

    BBC Radio 1 bosses have banned the original recording of Fairytale of New York and edited it in a bid to avoid offence.

    The word “f****t” — sung by Kirsty MacColl in the 1987 Christmas classic — is changed to “haggard” while Shane MacGowan’s “slut” insult is muted.



  38. vlad says:

    If you know where to look on ‘alt tech’, you will find an abundance of documented claims of electoral fraud of one sort or another. As well as Dominion, other software names are starting to pop up like Smartmatic, Hammer and Scorecard.

    But search Google for any of those names and you will get page after page of bromide, debunking the allegations… ‘unverified claims’, ‘conspiracy theories’ etc.

    Given the massive amount of bias, suppression and censorship we’ve seen from Big Tech and Silicon Valley, I’m inclined to believe Google are in on it too.


    • Guest Who says:

      BS on ‘dog twitter’.


      Maybe they need a shoot in the Bahamas with Meghan and Vogue’s shutterbug, for a story on green resetting?


      • JimS says:

        Eeh bah gum lass! Did’st tha not bring up t’pup with tha sound of blastin’ caps?

        What’s tha good uv a whippit that can’st bring t’ snap tin down t’ pit?


  39. taffman says:

    “Brexit: Lords defeat government twice over internal market law”
    Scrap the H of Lords.


    • Doobster78 says:

      Wonder what Sopel , Zurcher, Bryant etc think when they see that ???

      its plain as day FRAUD.

      How can anyone defend it ?


      • G says:


        Our, “Most Trusted” has slipped from, “no evidence” to now, “unsubstantiated claims”. What next? ‘Some claims are substantiated’? Whatever, they’ll camouflage their climb down somehow.


  40. taffman says:

    Four years on since the EU referendum – A quick look at Al Beeb’s news website on the topic of Brexit and nothing but negativity. If my memory serves me , Boris even commented in 2016 about its anti Brexit stance ? Does anyone recollect this ?
    ‘Impartial’ broadcaster , my ars#. I am glad I do not pay for it.


  41. taffman says:

    “PMQs: Starmer accuses Johnson of ‘fuelling’ the break-up of the UK”
    I thought it was Sturgeon and the SNP were responsible for that?

    IMHO it was all part of Blair and the EU’s long term plan to breakup the U.K. in to 4 small subservient states and airbrush out Great Britain . ‘The new European Empire’ . Where have I heard that before?


    • pugnazious says:

      All fact Taff….Labour wanted to destroy national status and break us up into EU regions….Eric Pickles…2006…

      ‘Prescott and EU conspire to form new transnational regional assembly
      “This is the political equivalent of Frankenstein’s monster, a hybrid creation of John Prescott and European Union bureaucrats. Taxpayers will be alarmed that their hard-earned cash is now being spent on literally wiping England off the map and handing power to foreign politicians who they never elected. This Labour-EU project needs to be stopped before these transnational regions grab real power and funding. I fear that John Prescott’s legacy of unelected and unaccountable regional assemblies in England will be the blueprint for a new masterplan – further undermining England’s cherished local and national identities, and creating a European super-state via the back door.”’

      The BBC has long encouraged regions, Cornwall for instance, to break away in order to break up Britain and make it an EU vassal state….it is of course why the infamous ‘Backstop’ was invented….a device engineered to annex Northern Ireland one way of another using the threat of terrorism to back up the demands….and why the BBC was so happy to accept and promote the terrorist cause.


      • The WestWyvern says:

        Al Beeb has long been complicit, they regionalise everything they possibly can. You may find ‘news’ from named counties buried 6 clicks deep on their webshite, if you look hard enough, but long have they hated and detest the richness and diversity of the true English shires.

        Minor point, but in sport they’ve decried county cricket for years, due I guess to what they consider elitist traits and a certain type of hideously white fan. I think this is one reason why they are pushing the ‘100”, a circus of pointlessness to the true fans, but great for Al Beeb because it franchises teams to regional venues and removes any sense of home or belonging, values the Al Beeb lefties detest.


  42. Darcy3 says:

    “Ex judge” ? appointed by the accused ? Where are the fraud sqaud ?

    Prince William backs probe into Martin Bashir’s Panorama interview with his mother Princess Diana saying ‘it should help establish the truth’ over BBC decisions – as ex judge is hired to lead investigation into the scandal


  43. Scroblene says:

    If the awful BBC, the most expensive quango we have in the British Isles, insist on squirting their autocue-readers around the world, to stir up trouble in countries where the indigenous population were overcome by colonialists, could they please apply the same rules to what they are doing to citizens like me, who, as far as I know, have been a normal British family since the year dot! I’m supposed to welcome being colonialised now!

    I also suppose some bright spark will say that the university degree in vegan gender studies will counter a serious job of work in plumbing, or building something useful…

    Of course, these two facts are not related, it just saves me doing two posts, and wasting Fed’s time!


  44. Darcy3 says:

    “Boris to transform Armed Forces with £16.5bn investment – biggest since end of Cold War”

    Don’t bother, if a country wants to invade us they just need some rubber dinghies and lorry containers

    There appears to be nothing we can do to prevent this

    Although Dad’s Army appeared a little more vigilant than the present lot. I suggest investing in a butchers lorry and some bayonets instead.

    My bank manager and the bloke from the corner shop could do with some exercise.


  45. Guest Who says:

    Have Jon and the rest of BBC American BS hit twitter to seek mental hel… go ment… any story from anywhere but this?


  46. Guest Who says:

    Phil is impressed.


  47. pugnazious says:

    ‘Today’ discussing Star Wars music….speaker said that the Orchestra was one of the great inventions of the Western mind….Mishal Husain no doubt triggered….expect some comeback with numerous BBC programmes telling us that the orchestra was invented in Zimbabwe or Baghdad until culturally appropriated by whitey.


  48. G says:

    “Follow the Science”. That ubiquitous expression again. We learn on Toady that the, “scientists”, when ‘modelling’ the chinese virus in care homes earlier in the year, did not realise that most staff from agencies worked in any number of care homes. That negligence or ignorance, (or just plain stupidity) primarily caused the infection to spread.

    “Follow the Science?”. I coined my own expression many many years ago when I decided that the ‘scientist’ faction were no more than, “academic idiots”. How true and accurate that opinion has been, in the main, over the decades.


  49. AsISeeIt says:

    Boris has given the Guardian something else to moan about this morning: ‘PM finds £16.5bn for defence as foreign aid budget faces huge cuts’

    The Times report rounds the figure down to the nearest billion (hey, it’s just made up money printed and borrowed by Rishi they’re spending anyway): ‘Johnson pledges £16bn military spending spree’

    But don’t get carried away all you armchair generals out there – read the small print. The Telegraph, which quotes a rather different figure of £24bn spending increase, reveals, despite a nod to the Navy (which one understands has more admirals than vessels) the plan is to: ‘…invest heavily in drones, cyber warfare and space programmes’

    In other words, corporate crony contract mongers, the trough is open for business, start your bidding…

    I just held a quick defence review with myself. Since the Israelis are doing a pretty good job on the QT neutralising all the various arab and Iranian A-bomb projects for us; the German-led EU can deal with the wrath of Putin if they want to keep antagonising him by stealing Ukraine and Belarus; Sleepy Joe Biden has China well and truly on his plate now and we’ve no interest over there since we gave up Honkers – so apart from avoiding Argentina catching us with our Falklands pants down again and defending the Isle of Wight from Nigerian pirates, I’m somewhat bemused as to who or what exactly we’re supposed to be defending against?

    The Telegraph headline suggests this extra bunce will: ‘end retreat’ – our military strategists out there will surely confirm that once you’ve retreated on all fronts all the way back to base, as demonstrated by our last engagement taking place practically up the Solent with African forces now having happily achieved their objective of (presumably) being held at a 4 star POW camp with trouser presses and minibars, then it’s game over. “GG” or “good game” as our computer-savvy youngsters would say as they sign off.

    The ‘i’ pays tribute to: ‘Jetman’s final flight’ – that French chap who flew the jetpack, a proud moment you’ll recall for President Macron, who had also put his trust in high tech military gadgets. Anyway the chap has just pranged his kite and sadly bought it. Hubris. Mon brave.

    The FT’s headline perhaps explains why Number 10 is leaking the supposedly good news about military spending first – there’s a tax raising budget afoot: ‘Sunak faces worst hit to public finances since second world war. Spending review next week. “Scary” outlook predicted. Tories braced for tax rises’

    Now the FT has me wondering whether even my innocent posts hereabaouts are contributing to the killing of the planet?

    ‘Pointless emails under fire as reducing carbon output become thankless task. Officials working on plans to tackle climate change have alighted on a new threat: millions of unnecessary emails sent every day saying nothing more than “thanks”‘

    And with that I’ll say hello and thanks to our moderators – and sod the planet.


    • Fedup2 says:

      You sound like a defeatist . We need more defence for the coming world war – triggered by the fishing dispute between the EU and Blighty after the ‘clean break’ or ‘no deal ‘.our plucky navy taking on EU boats to keep our waters ours – with as much success as shown by foreign invaders looking fir a free hotel …

      Maybe Johnson can divert the giveaway to foreigners borrowed money into defence spending …

      It’s only a matter of time before we get involved in someone else’s war for no gain at all ….

      And there was always the warning that the bigger the military the more likely they are to find a war …


      • The WestWyvern says:

        Yes, they buy US, but the Israelis, surrounded as they are by enemies on 3 sides also produce excellent weaponary and supporting technology for their armed forces, with a tiny civil service and ministry for defence.

        Unlike the bloated monster that is the UK.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Asiseeit -mand another fing- why no mention of ‘little mix ‘? And that ‘jesy’? Is ‘taking an artistic break ‘? Big noos .😎keep up the good work ….


    • StewGreen says:

      Spending plan announcements are usually BS
      – Big number
      .. oh yes spread out over years
      … oh not in addition to old announcements, but rather includes the projects we already announced.


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