489 Responses to Start the Week Thread 16 November 2020

  1. Sluff says:

    One of the perversities of ‘equality’ is with us today.

    The Prime Minister of this country has been pinged by Test and Trace and according to the rules has to self-isolate for 14 days. The rules also state that you should not go for a test if you have no symptoms. He has already had covid and the number of cases of re-infection are infinitesimally small.
    As a result the governance of the entire country will be made less efficient and effective.

    So it is a no-brainer that he should be tested immediately and if negative should go back to work as normal asap and maybe have another test in a couple of days.

    But LeftMob would immediately cry ‘unfair’, ‘unequal’, and countless members of the public would cry ‘one rule for one and one rule for another’.

    So we lurch on for 14 days with a PM in lockdown and unable to function as effectively as he could.

    Ignoring all manner of jokes about Boris’s capabilities, is this really a way to run the country?


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Sluff, personally I want him no where near the switches and controls of power. This weekend was the final nail in the coffin for showing us his lack of decisiveness, bumbling and general utter incompetence.

      If the leader is sidelined, the cabinet ministers should be more than capable of making the big decisions, with a good XO calling the tune. The day to day running is, as always left to the uncivil serpents, but should be overseen by the ministers on a sliding scale of seniority and calling them out when HMG wishes are not followed…

      With his 80 seat majority, our outgoing PM Doris should have the country, government and parliamentary machine well oiled and running at full steam by putting Britain first, batting through legislation, standing up to the EU, dealing with the COVID enhanced National Death Service (Where does all the money go?) and placing the Al Beeb under a PAYW subscription.

      Instead this administration more resembles a wind-turbine during a UK winter high pressure anti-cyclonic weather pattern.

      Becalmed, pointless and totally useless.


  2. StewGreen says:

    12pm Cos running one black book a day isn’t enough there is another in its second week
    “Colson Whitehead’s electrifying Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, set in Jim Crow-era Florida”



  3. The WestWyvern says:

    OK, so Al Beebs favorite Hamilton won a race, good on him. A number of Schumachers wins back in the day left a bitter taste for me, some of his ‘tactics’ being questionable.

    Sadly for Hamilton and the Beeb, Lewis will never get the recognition outside of his bubble because hes such a lefty virtual signalling ignoramus when not behind the wheel.

    On another note, how well did ‘Tiger’ Woods do in the Golf. Cant have been very good as I’ve not heard his name mentioned….


    • R P McMurphy says:

      I don’t know much about F1 but could the car be the star and not the driver in this case ?


      • Darcy3 says:

        of course, but why let facts spoil a good story


        • The WestWyvern says:

          For sure, F1 has only been about the technological advancements of the car since 1988…


      • Dobyns says:

        R P, one can only wonder how the Monagesque tax-exile (#HamiltonsMoneyMatters) would have fared in the days of Fangio, Hawthorn, Surtees, Moss, and Hill to name a few when the cars were brutes and the fatality rate was much higher than today.


      • JamesArthur says:

        I was thinking that and also as 10 teams with two cars are permitted in a season the odds of winning are quite good if only 20 cars start a race.

        What made me smile was the coverage that showed Mr Hamilton being serviced by masses of white blokes…how must they feel when he does his BLM crap.


    • Dobyns says:

      Tiger took a 10 on the Par 3 12th hole. He finished at -1, 19 strokes behind DJ


    • Mrs Kitty says:

      Re Woods not very well, paraphrasing Bluebottle “he’s gone in the water …..again and again. We enjoyed the Turkey F1 and suggest they put sprinkler system on all the tracks at least they were going around and around in an entertaining manner.


    • The Sage says:

      Pleased to say that Woods was an also ran at The Masters and as he has been all season. He is ranked 99th out of the current world’s top hundred golfers in terms of form, but we still manage to see each and everyone of his shots of the Sky Golf Channel (big lovers, of course, of BLM) and hear from him after each round – thankfully and often only two rounds when he fails to make the cut.
      It was a great pleasure seeing him take a 10 on a par three on the back nine yesterday. Hopefully that will now be it for the rest of the year and we can watch other and better players in the weeks ahead.
      But I forgot he has his own little no-cut tournament in The Bahamas each December with just 18 of the world’s best players (including him) and to which world-ranking points are awarded to this elite group, which enables them to stay elite.


    • Van Helsing says:


      It’s worth remembering that all but one of Hamilton’s world championships and circa 70% of his victories has come since he joined Mercedes and was given a rocket-ship of a car and, it has to be said, team-mates who are not from the top drawer.

      He’s very good, but not in the same league as Fangio, Clark, Senna and Moss.


  4. pugnazious says:

    LOL…the Black Death strikes again…death to your career that is as Eamon Holmes and wife are shunted off the morning sofa to make way for a black woman….which is really why the whole change was made….solely to lever her into place….Dermot must be thinking he’s a very lucky boy to be her ‘Man Monday to Friday’.

    Can’t wait to see who they pick for the new FA chair…will it be a black as demanded by the blacktivists? Gotta laugh at their cheek but maybe not as they know whitey cringes before them and will go more than half-way to meet their demands and thus Britain starts to look more like Nigeria than a country that is 87% white as the media, advertising and top jobs fill up with black faces purely because of reverse racism and cowardice of people trying to not look ‘racist’…or rather not get denounced as racists by the blacktivists.

    The BBC is itself a big promoter of reverse racism and is keen to sack old white males…or as they put it so disparagingly the ‘Pale, male and stale’….no prejudice, sexism, racism or ageism there then.

    The BBC loves to castigate football for not having enough black managers….it happily gives airtime to those who proclaim the FA and ‘football’ is racist and never questions those claims. We had someone come on the other day to demand more managers saying that there were only 5 black managers in 91 clubs…..er….isn’t that actually over representative….the population only being 3% black. They of course have no problem with 30% of the players being black….no demands that white players get their own proportionate quota.

    The BBC keenly cheered on the idea that Sterling was a victim of racism when in fact the abuse he got was a result of him gobbing off and being flash whilst not getting results on the pitch….contrast when a white player got the same treatment for the same reasons…the BBC presenter actually said ‘Well he’s chippy and mouthy and doesn’t perform to match the big talk’. The BBC didn’t say how whitey loved blacks when they cheered Sterliing on when he played well…or when Liverpool fans sang ‘We’re all Muslim now’ when Salah was scoring…the BBC gave that a lot of airtime but no comment about how wonderfully tolerant and accepting white fans were of diversity….if they’d booed him for a bad performance it would, however, be ‘racism’.

    The Mail has upset the blacktivists again by reporting the new hero of the day, Rashford, has bought five houses…..and why wouldn’t a paper note such a thing especially for someone who is so, so high profile at the moment…mainly, er, because he’s black. We know he’s a Labour Party frontman…chosen precisely because he’s black…and has a very good PR company promoting him and his image….Labour tweeting ‘We’ve done it’ after the first Govt. U-turn.

    The Mail article is in no way derogatory and is merely reporting Rashford is ‘moving into property’ as an investment along with other business moves…clearly related to his new high profile engineered by his PR company…

    ‘News of the Manchester United player’s burgeoning property port-folio comes as he received the go-ahead to trademark his name in America. Reports on Friday revealed that the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued him with a certificate to sell name-branded goods, including clothes, sportswear, books, grooming products and games.

    He is also set for global stardom after billionaire hip-hop mogul Jay-Z signed Rashford to his Roc Nation management agency to co-ordinate the footballer’s off-field branding and philanthropic activities.

    Rashford, who came from humble beginnings on a council estate in Wythenshawe, Manchester, made global headlines this summer for his free school meals campaign.’

    Rashford is whining about the article and how it mentions his campaigning…no links at all, of course, between his ‘philanthropic activities’ and his business moves based upon hs fame and his image….none at all….he insists…

    ‘“Ok, so let’s address this. I’m 23. I came from little. I need to protect not just my future but my family’s too. To do that I made a decision at the beg [beginning] of 2020 to start investing more in property. Please don’t run stories like this alongside refs to ‘campaigning’.”’

    No demand that the Media must not run stories about his campaigning….which only gets headlines because of his fame and footballing profile….which is why Labour chose him to front the campaign.

    Nolan was on the case last night…didn’t hear the whole thing but surprisingly he put up a bit of resistance to the blacktivist who claimed it was all about racism and white supremacy….after all, she said, Beckham would never have been subject to such scrutiny. Now previously when this old lie was wheeled out in relation to criticism of Sterling the BBC folded completely and was suitably outraged on Sterling’s behalf….never mind Beckham, Rooney and Neville etc suffered massive abuse for years for their supposed misdemeanours and have had endless scrutiny of their lives and business affairs….the BBC never reminded the blactivists of this before.

    Nolan however stepped up to the plate and did contrast what happened to Beckham…his every move and that of his family played out in the pages of the papers all the time…so fair play to Nolan…if only more BBC presenters would have the balls to stand up to the blacktivists.

    Nicky Campbell for instance…a more wormlike, cringingly submissive and apologetic little creep is hard to find as he takes the knee to his blacktivist [and Muslim] callers and guests. When Greg Clarke ‘had to go’ Campbell was there weeping and wailing and couldn’t grovel low enough to his black pals….a whole show devoted to atoning for ‘white supremacy’.

    One day, maybe, lol, someone at the BBC will stand up to those racist blacks who delight in denouncing what they call ‘white supremacy’ and ‘white privilege’ and cry ‘Kill Whitey’ on BBC programmes.

    I will laugh long and hard when Campbell gets the Black Death treatment….though with him it might be ‘suicide’….surrendering his job to make way for a more diverse presenter….he’s so, so worthy.


    • R P McMurphy says:

      Brushed under the carpet is when Salah refused to shake hands with Israeli players before a match, well at least with the Jewish players he did with the Muslim Israeli guys. Little or nothing is ever said about the Muslim players in Israel’s so called apartheid’s state.


  5. Darcy3 says:

    This country seems to be run by twitter opinions


  6. digg says:

    BBC still can’t get the hang of the ginger thing.

    The story that started it… “In pictures: Connecting the world’s redheads”…..


    (Lots in Jamaica doncha-know!)

    Then they added….

    The people with the reddest hair in the World… Our reporter travelled to Russia…


    And found a local who says…..

    “All religious persuasions live peacefully alongside each other and we have no culture of radicalism. I am a Muslim woman but not required to wear hijab,” she says.

    Oh sorry, I thought this was about ginger hair!

    And finally…”Gene study unravels redheads mystery”


    Judging by the photo, It looks like they think that putting on Henna makes you a ginger!

    Every article finds a way to play the race card however subtly or not!


  7. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch # 1 – The TOADY Prog joins the opposition – on the Tory backbenches

    It seemed to me this morning that the BBC have finally decided where their loyalties lie: they wish to complain about Lockdown. Rick Nobinson made a start on SoS for Health, Matt Hancock, and was pleading for rules and legislation.

    Rules and legislation to be amended, I should add.

    So that people with relatives in care homes can visit. Robinson starts with the elderly and Matt Hancock, who was quite firm with the usual BBC onslaught, expressed concern and got a little teary eyed and strained voice at the thought of some of his family that are in exactly that situation. Matt Hancock was firm and explained the situation.

    Rick Nobinson slipped back into Socialist-mode (oh, the BBC hive mind has deep tentacles) and wanted Big CENTRALISED Government but Hancock was patient and explained it was up to Local Authorities and local Health people to decide for their area. He was unmoved even when Robinson produced handicapped children in care as his final weapon.


  8. Darcy3 says:

    Ginger thing, probably not unconnected to wee krankie and her fans at the bbbc

    “Vile Katie Hopkins says Nicola Sturgeon deserves the death penalty calling her a ‘short, ginger poison dwarf’


    Vile, note, ( I do not necessarily disagree with the rest of the headline) yet when Jo Brand proposes those she dislikes have battery acid thown in their face, tumbleweed at the bbbc.

    the rules are confusing

    or maybe not


  9. pugnazious says:

    I was thinking Black History Month was morphing into Black History Forever and lo and behold turn on R4 and it’s the same old black noise, that black whining noise that comes out of your radio….promoting a blacktivist propaganda organisation, sorry, equalities movement, that’s touring schools and the media spreading the word…and, lol, they don’t want black history to be just a month of outright propaganda but an endless dirge about black oppression and, paradoxically the brilliance of black success in racist Britain, and scourge of whiteness and white privilege…white kids gotta learn how evil they are for being white.

    The BBC is of course already there….the end of black history month seems to have gone completely unnoticed by the BBC as they continue to treat us to the new ‘normal’.


  10. Darcy3 says:


    “and in 2020 there will be loads of ginger headlines in the biased BBC website, as well as loads of black people and other pointless crap”

    “and lo, they will dispute a Brexit vote for many years but will sticketh the tongue up Bidens rear before he is declared leader, they are indeed a bunch of lefty liberal shites”


  11. scribblingscribe says:

    Sky News has driven further and further into the Left lane until it became the mini-me to the BBC and CNN’s younger, dafter brother.

    So how’s its rating fared as it becomes more and more like the Guardian’s letter page?

    In 2012, when I believe Sky News was agonizingly fair, its audience was 18.8 million. Sky itself has expanded its box sales hugely since then yet Sky news viewing figures today have nosedived to 12 million.

    I wonder why?



  12. StewGreen says:

    Peter Hitchens on TalkRadio at 11am
    “The way the police turn up in massive numbers shows that the idea there is a shortage of police is just a trade union argument
    .. in the past there used to be a lot less police than today
    and they did a better job then, walking the street than today”


  13. Robot says:

    Absolutely spot on regarding Campbell. Insufferably smug and self-important.


  14. dafydd says:

    Having been determined not to watch the BBC News and other political related programming it is with great sadness i have to announce that im am back watching the BBC.

    The reason for this jaw dropping announcement is the fact that SKY News is firmly nailed its flag to the far left agenda.

    It was staggering watching that lump of Primordial Slime Kay Burley sneering her way through the interview this morning with the Government representative. Her sarcastic interviewing technique and unwanted innuendo is appalling…

    You can see, as someone commented above in a previous comment, why there viewing figures are plummeting..

    I genuinely don’t get it anymore,why Sky are letting her get away with it and secondly, why are the Government letting this appalling bias go unchecked


    • StewGreen says:

      Newsmax TV, America’s fastest-growing cable news channel, broadcasts breaking news from NY and Washington DC,
      Live feed on youtube
      .. just talking about the top Dems having big dinners ..breaking their own lockdown rules


    • Darcy3 says:

      Next general election should be fun, I have already changed my name to Mohammed and my twenty relatives

      that should guarantee me 50 votes

      oh forgot the wives make that 75

      oh and the slaves on 20 p an hour 100 votes

      now THATS what I call a democracy, and remind me, what were they all running away from ?


      • Fedup2 says:

        I’m applying the a ‘returning officer ‘ job – measuring the windows to put up blinds so no one can witness the fraud …big plans …


        • Darcy3 says:

          believe it or not, I have done this in the dim and distant past, a very long 16 hour day, plus the setting up and taking down, seen persons frog marched out of the building for having a political rosette but as we all know, allow postal votes and it is open to abuse


          • Darcy3 says:

            I can guarantee there will be many “sick” Mohammeds

            I am fifty of them

            and the cat has decided she wants to to exercise her franchise, chaining herself to a wall as a protest proved popular with early morning dog walkers,

            vets bills are out of control in my opinion


        • StewGreen says:

          I already have many recent recommendations from big US clients
          on my website RigMyElection.com


      • JimS says:

        Suppose we brought in a Community Charge? Every adult in the house pays the tax.


        • Up2snuff says:

          And you have to bring a receipt slip with you as ID before voting ….

          …….. Maggie had the right idea but completely botched its implementation.

          It makes me cross to think that she and her successor could have had a very beneficial effect on the UK. Aauuuughhh! Stupid politicians. And maybe Civil Servants, too.


  15. Fedup2 says:

    My sympathies – I don’t think the government can be bothered – and see it as more trouble than it is worth . And they are red Tories so know it’s just a game .

    Plus they have power and guaranteed pensions for the coming years – with a similar ‘opposition ‘ ready to take over and be the same .
    They like being popular and upsetting ‘auntie ‘ isn’t on the list now ….hence dragging their feet on banging up people for licence fee breaches …


  16. StewGreen says:

    Simon Weston on XR’s Cenotaph Remembrance Day video

    “An insulting cheap tawdry publicity stunt by these people
    on a day that is so special to many people”
    “It’s the same as spray painting a monument
    they have no tight to put their concerns above ours”
    “If they tried it in France, French police might have shot them”

    At the end he praises Thatcher for changing the world and bringing respect back to Britain.

    direct link to youtube, cos the presenter spent the first 7 mins waffling


  17. Kaiser says:

    I have to say im shocked, shocked I say, to see how easily you lot join the conspiracy theories about saint joe and the dems being crooked

    after all the bbc with all its resources cant find any evidence



  18. digg says:

    Not the BBC but very much their kind of stunt is an article in the Independent, another bastion of the truth.


    A Muslim Woman gets taken off an American Airlines flight because of a complaint from a “white male passenger’


    As usual it doesn’t take long reading the account to see that it is a perfect example of “The Race Card”..

    The man apparently by-passed the woman in the boarding queue because she had stopped to take her shoes off. A perfectly reasonable thing to do in my opinion. She then proceeded to have a go at him. When they had boarded she approached him and started with argument and abuse whilst filming him.

    No wonder he was “Uncomfortable”…

    Turns out she is a political Muslim and apart from running a Muslim women’s magazine also ran for Congress.

    I can’t begin to say how I detest these sort of people who are happy to whip up artificial grievances knowing they can rely on the Racist call out game.

    I also detest the Independent for polishing the headline and the story to try to whip up resentment and present her as the injured party, The story and the accompanying video clearly show that this was case of a gobby women trying to make a mountain out of a molehill to vent her particular brand of spleen and score racist points.

    Sure they guy felt uncomfortable as would any right-minded person confronted by a shouting woman on a plane whilst being filmed.

    Gutter people!


    • vlad says:

      “A political Muslim”? Tautology.


    • StewGreen says:

      If you spun the headline around 100%
      “Christian man removed from plane after Muslim woman said he made her uncomfortable”
      ..No one would bat an eyelid



  19. Dobyns says:

    Never to be reported on al beeb … even though we all know comparable shenanigans are happening here in the UK too


    • Dobyns says:

      Imagine that, a 20% bonus in your hospital’s reimbursement payments from the government. Certainly that would not create any incentives for false reporting by hospitals would it?

      246000 reported deaths from the Chinese Flu yet the US Government’s Center for Disease Control itself says 130000+ were actually from other causes.


  20. StewGreen says:

    Update from Crimebodge
    Dorset Police have finally issued a statement that Sergeant Robbie Jephcott the violent traffic cop caught on video breaking 20 rules
    has had a complaint upheld against him
    and “management action” will follow.

    But the disturbing thing is the local paper’s journo acting as a police puppet
    Doing amazing things to spin the story
    by merely printing the police press release, and deleting comments that gave info about the innocent side eg the mere name of the Youtube video

    That confirms that “news” is often just PR for a special interest group or mate of the reporter.



    • StewGreen says:

      Also a second video has emerged
      Well omg look who it is!!! I was stopped last year by the same copper and he was as equally as aggressive, and thought he would be able to control me with his bully boy attitude and aggression!
      … the cop had lost it when someone annoyed at his bad driving had tooted at him.
      But this guy, had put his phone on video record and stood up to him
      ..and called his bluff “go on arrest me, I haven’t committed an offence”

      Video is in the Facebook thread


      • StewGreen says:

        Another : Thugs in Blue event

        “PC William Sampson has been charged with unlawful & malicious wounding after striking a 16 year old male.
        He will appear in court 2/12
        The event was in February, prior to the Barnsley V Sheffield Wednesday game. “


  21. vlad says:

    With a staggering lack of self-awareness CNN (below) warns that small independent social media platforms like Parler are ‘an echo chamber for the Right’ and ‘a threat to democracy’.

    In reality it’s the huge msm networks who are the (liberal) echo chamber with their near monopoly on news and information distribution. Add to that the immense power of (liberal) Big Tech to influence opinion, and there you have the real threat to democracy.

    Because people are waking up to the Matrix-like nature of the Media-Silicone Valley complex, a few small ‘alt tech’ platforms are indeed springing up, oases of free speech and independent thought in a desert of conformity. And even those small voices, Big Tech and the media giants want to crush!

    But perhaps they have a point. Perhaps their outrage is not so much a sign of their power, but of their fear of losing that power. What is now a trickle of viewers abandoning Big Media and Big Tech, could soon turn into a flood. Maybe their days are numbered; maybe they sense it, and they’re frit!

    You listening BBC?


    • Dobyns says:

      vlad, you are dead on when you talk about “losing that power”. It’s the same reason the Globalist Deep State is so afraid of Trump since he’s not of them.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Hilarious….they are either just dumb or don’t realise that they are living in an echo chamber or both…

      OMG people are leaving Twitter….they must be Trump supporters or Brexiteers…see we told you they were dumb. I read it on Twitter..

      Just have to hope enough people start to wake up…


  22. StewGreen says:

    The massive extent the “BeKind left” will go to spread HATE about Farage
    nasty graphic on Twitter that dates from 2016 or earlier

    It seems it’s from a burner-account ie they setup new account, get banned , setup another etc.


  23. pugnazious says:


    ‘Manchester University student ‘traumatised’ by ‘racial profiling’ incident’

    ‘The University of Manchester has suspended security officers who were accused of “racially profiling” a student.

    It comes after footage posted online showed first-year student Zac Adan held up against a wall by security guards who demanded to see his ID.

    “I had my ID card in my hand and they tried to snatch it from me. The next thing I know I was being pinned up against the wall,” he said.

    Mr Adan said everyone on campus had been told to show their identification to security guards on the gate before entering.

    He added: “There was no conversation. They just pinned me up against the wall and said I looked like a drug dealer. Why? Because I am black and wearing a hoodie?”

    The university said it was investigating the “serious incident”.’

    No video on the BBC of course…but the Mail has it for you to judge for yourself…


    Looks to me like he was refusing to show them his card and was more interested in getting a film of him being ‘victimised’….didn’t hear anyone say he looked like a drug dealer but did hear them continually ask for his card…so there was a ‘conversation’….and didn’t seem at all traumatised….seemed quite happy to be ‘racially profiled’.

    Maybe the guy should study from home using an online course…..ohh…wait…no that just leads to more prejudice…

    ‘Working from home could lead to more prejudice, report warns’

    ‘Widespread working from home could lead to an increase in racism and prejudice, a new report warns.

    Workplace friendships are key to breaking down misconceptions, the England and Wales study for the Woolf Institute suggests.

    Institute founder Ed Kessler said as more people work from home they risk going “back into isolated silos”. ‘

    The BBC may of course be sprewding its own prejudices…a Jew who’s not racist but may have had msiconceptions about Muslims…and a Muslim who isn’t racist because her views are based purely on the politics …of the evil Jewish Israelis bashing innocnet Palestinians.

    So we have a Jew claiming not to be racist but is apparently unconsciously racist and a Muslim who is only driven to her views by the horrible Jews…..not her fault if her views re dodgy…so like the BBC’s ‘The Honorable Woman’…a series that was nothing less than pure, outright pro-Palestinian propaganda that excused their terrorism…driven to it by the horrible Jews.

    Aren’t Jews appalling…only if you listen to or read the BBC.


  24. StewGreen says:

    Probable fake story that in Ireland 4 boys bought €10 plane tickets
    and then drank at the airport bar
    as a way of getting around the pubs closed rule.

    Cheaters could much more easily just buy beer at Tescos and drink it at someone’s house.


  25. Darcy3 says:

    Ask a simple question : show us your card

    response no

    result trouble

    assertion is cos i is black innit

    well we can all make our minds up about that


  26. Darcy3 says:

    Black lives matter seems to be based on the assertion the police should have no control over violent drugged up black people

    or gobshite bullying morons like above

    the media are all over themselves about the death of Stephen Lawrence over 20 years ago and still appeasing his mother

    PC Blackelock, hacked to death by a bunch of black people for doing his duty on the streets of this country not bloody Africa

    who carries his memory for his family ? bbc ?


  27. G.W.F. says:

    Obama looks like winning his third term with BBC support.


    The US faces a huge task in reversing a culture of “crazy conspiracy theories” that have exacerbated divides in the country, Barack Obama says. without evidence.


  28. Darcy3 says:

    SG proposed a while ago that we do have a problem with testosterone and I would draw his attention to that Clinton Woman and some of her comments which suport the assertion


  29. Laughing at Lefties says:

    Ignore the gaslighting. Americans know this is a hoax and will be exposed as such in due course. Every corporate media outlet pushing the lie of president-elect Biden is writing its own obituary.


    • vlad says:

      I wonder if he dubbed the voice to mock him or to avoid copyright claims?

      Either way, works for me.


  30. Darcy3 says:

    Thirty years ago PC Keith Blakelock was stabbed in the Broadwater Farm riots in Tottenham, north London. Despite numerous investigations no-one has ever been convicted of his murder.


    • StewGreen says:

      35 years ago, 6th of October 1985.
      BTW 3 were convicted eg Winston Silcott, but later it was overturned.

      2010 “Two men questioned over murder of Pc Keith Blakelock:
      The suspects, aged 52 and 46, were arrested, released on bail”
      nothing more happened

      Six people were originally charged with the murder, including Winston Silcott, Mark Braithwaite and Engin Raghip.
      The three men were convicted of the killing in 1987 but cleared on appeal four years later.

      Three youths were also charged with murder but did not face trial after a judge ruled their questioning was inadmissible.
      One of them was Yardie gang leader Mark Lambie who was jailed for kidnap and torture in 2002 after terrorising the Broadwater Farm estate.


    • Kaiser says:

      and his mum isnt a baroness


  31. Darcy3 says:

    In the hours that followed, up to 500 officers were drafted in, battling with rioters throwing bottles and cans from the walkways within the estate.

    At about 22:15 BST, PC Keith Blakelock was repeatedly stabbed and, a court later heard, attempts were made to decapitate him.

    PC Blakelock, who was from Sunderland, was trying to protect firefighters tackling a blaze. He died later in hospital.


  32. Darcy3 says:

    I do not speak for everyone but, (sorry SG, I will posit again with no evidence)

    In any conflict who here considers carrying a knife ? how many ?

    it seems to be a black thing, those poor oppressed people who all seemto have a blade on hand


  33. Sluff says:

    It’s evil capitalist private sector American pharma 2, everyone else 0.

    I”m sure supporters of the Far Left, BLM, ER, the Labour Party, Momentum, various Union leaders will not wish to avail themselves of such unacceptable sources of technology and will make sure none of their elderly relatives will be given these vaccines.
    Especially if the companies concerned make any profits as a result.
    Remember. No American money in the NHS. That was their mantra.

    HahahahahHaha. Hypocritical socialists can go to the back of the queue.


  34. Darcy3 says:

    Oh it is indeed rich all of a sudden a cure and now the argument who should be first in the cure

    well we can see the pictures of all celebrating last night at the pub before lockdown (education said blair, of what standard one may ask)

    and, of course the usual suspects who do not give a flying f@ck about our country or culture or our laws muslim funerals, cricket matches and whatever else they want to do as long as they have a br i h ish passport innut bruv

    I am sure they will insist top of the queue


  35. StewGreen says:

    Three white homeless died in Oxford after being evicted,


    • Darcy3 says:

      SG it is absolutely disgusting that we have homeless around this country, in every city, yet allow bloody 40 year old Iranians in who pretend to be children because they do not have the balls to fight for their country, to get a council house whilst those homeless are in no doubt related to those who stood and faught for their country


  36. StewGreen says:

    Two tier policing again at another XR stunt
    hordes of press and police stood by

    Extinction Rebellion let get off again by police after creating criminal damage to a building in Central London this afternoon.

    The two XR actors poured fake black across the pavement and wall as the press filmed the stunt
    outside the International Chamber Of Shipping building in Central London.
    video 1
    video 2

    That Twitter chap has a lot of other good exposure clips of the lefties and authorities


  37. Foscari says:

    “Welcome to the BBC.Please look at the main page of the BBC
    website.Can somebody explain to me what I am supposed to
    learn from the main picture montage? Yes I know the final
    picture in row two does show a couple of Caucasion women,
    even if they are lesbian footballers kissing. But I want to
    be educated by the BBC and I don’t really understand
    what I am supposed to learn from these pictures ,one after another.


  38. pugnazious says:

    Hard to argue with any of Hitchen’s conclusions…of course the BBC dodges such inconvenient truths by avoiding all such heretical debate instead preferring to peddle the government’s covid19 propaganda and acting as its official mouthpiece….the BBC has failed utterly and completely to do its duty to hold the government to account and to interrogate its actions…but of course why would it do that when the government is in fact merely doing what the BBC and Labour blackmailed it into doing….locking down….and the consequences are catastrophic…..


  39. Doobster78 says:

    410 sounds about right given how it was going before the Biden Vote Dump.


  40. StewGreen says:

    3pm R4 panel show
    – “The trans writer or trans novels for teenagers”
    – Freedland the BBC’s top Trump hater
    – The actor who played the black Dr Who


  41. StewGreen says:

    Sweden tightens Covid freedoms
    8 person maximum meeting from 24 November

    20/21 regions, people advised not to socialise with people they don’t live with

    “It is going to get worse. Take your responsibility to stop the spread of the virus” PM Stefan Lofven

    Cases spiked to 5,764/day on November 11th
    oh 5,990 on 13th


    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew, something funny going on with Covid cases.

      Don’t know about Sweden but I keep an eye on a few areas around the UK. One was bumbling along with new cases varying by three or four increase/decrease, sometimes as many as seven or eight, with numbers in the low/high 90s out of 100,000 for days and weeks on end.

      Then, suddenly, three days in a row – a daily approximately 25% increase – where did that come from?


  42. StewGreen says:

    Are all radio 4 progs black or green ?

    7:15pm Arts show
    “Biyi Bandele talks about the music and politics of Afrobeat founder Fela Kuti”
    Then there are 3 black repeats
    Start the Week, The book of the week , another black slave topic
    and 11pm Loose Ends which always has lots of black guests
    but 8 to 9:30 3 non-black progs
    – 20:00 The Raising of Coventry
    Telling the story of the bombing of Coventry 80 years ago on November 14th, 1940.
    – 20:30 Chasing Unicorns
    What does the future hold for Silicon Valley’s tech start ups in a post-pandemic world?
    – 21:00 The Invention of… Scandinavia, The Bridge
    1/3 Misha Glenny looks at the people, the borders and the histories of Scandinavia.


  43. Guest Who says:

    Quite the claim.

    Modest too.

    How old is she?

    Not listening to anything from a show headed by that clown.

    But picking up a bozo ringer allowed through by the filter and citing the edit is a pretty lame way to prop up your cred.


    • Guest Who says:

      Her colleague.


    • Guest Who says:

      On the subject of BBC variable editorial integrity… Mac on ITBB OT…


      This is fun. Trump’s legal battles once he’s not President. Here’s the reporting:


      1. “What we don’t know is whether Mr Vance has any evidence to file criminal charges…”
      2. “But whether there’s a criminal case has yet to become evident…”
      3. “Civil investigations like this can result in financial penalties, if evidence of wrongdoing is found…”
      4. “Regardless, the emoluments lawsuits will probably be dismissed or dropped, legal experts say…”
      5. “Once that happens we move to the discovery phase of the case and there could be some movement there…”
      6. “If requests for documents and testimony come…”

      It’s almost as if these claims are – what’s the word – ‘unsubstantiated’?


    • Van Helsing says:


      I’ll freely admit to knowing less than Marianna about her speciality – I’ve never taken a selfie in my life…


  44. Guest Who says:

    Guessing BS will likely let this RT opportunity slide.


  45. Guest Who says:

    I guess this might play in America, but if BBC American BS go near it to spin here in the U.K…. good luck.


  46. vlad says:

    There is growing evidence of systematic large-scale fraud at the election.

    We will know more details in the coming days and weeks.

    What we may never know is the extent of un-systematic fraud carried out by the many intermediaries between a vote cast and the registration of that vote: postal workers, polling station volunteers, workers at counting venues, computer programmers and now Dominion technicians.

    Trump has been so relentlessly, hysterically demonised over the past 4 years that he has come to be seen by many as a Hitlerian figure of pure evil.

    Under those conditions, many would feel no compunction whatsoever in rigging the results in any way they can; indeed they would see it as meritorious act; a good citizen’s duty. All means are fair to stop Orange Man.

    I know that to be the case as I have friends in this country (now ex-friends) who feel the same way, and openly admit it – nay, proudly boast about it. It’s the ultimate virtue signalling. Look what a caring person I am: I’d like to murder Trump.


  47. Guest Who says:

    A creative forum just sent this….

    “ Over the last 4 years, illustrator Edel Rodriguez has made headlines satirizing Trump. From a melting orange face on the cover of Time to Trump beheading the Statue of Liberty on the cover of Der Spiegel, Rodriguez’s visuals have provided a biting critique of Trump’s presidency. But with Joe Biden’s presidential win, what comes next for Rodriguez?”

    If Sleepy prevails, the Medal of Oner, presumably.

    The presumption in the media world that everyone is as one in that community, and probably poor people too, never ceases to impress.


  48. infoquest says:


    BBC’s Woman’s Hour power list 2020 is out, this year focusing on “our planet” and has delivered a result few could have expected; giving a backbench MP in a tiny fringe opposition party with one MP the top spot. Caroline Lucas is described by the BBC as having “unparalleled experience”. ‘Unparallelled’ if ignoring every woman alive with experience of power and government…

    Some brilliant comments………………….


  49. taffman says:

    “Manchester Arena Inquiry: BTP ‘let people down’ on night of bomb”
    I think that the terrorist bombers were to blame along with the people that let them into the country.
    I suspect more have come in across the Channel this time.


  50. StewGreen says:

    What’s fake about this tweet ?

    … that the Twitter link marked “official sources” does NOT go to any official sources
    It goes to media reports where media PROJECT that Biden has won
    and a tweet each from Biden & Harris simply saying “we won”