574 Responses to Midweek Thread 11 November 2020

  1. Guest Who says:

    ‘US Officials’…. Ooooooook

    BBC Propaganda

    “There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised,” US officials said.


  2. JamesArthur says:

    If this is true then it does just show they are worried. Why contest it if there is no fraud. They would be vindicated…it is all odd

    Bezos can find $30m out of his small change…


  3. StewGreen says:

    11am Talk radio news a voice says “I’m glad that Cummings is going
    in that Rose Garden press conference he treated the BRITISH PUBLIC with utter contempt”

    FFS no he didn’t : He treated the MEDIA SCUM with utter contempt

    I checked who was speaking
    “Guto Harri, former communications director to Boris Johnson when he was the Mayor of London”
    Talk Radio have put of a clip where he says
    “Cummings is a psychopath”
    … which was made just as smear , no evidence was offered
    FFS metroliberals want to police everyone elses unPC language, yet they think it’s OK to use such monstering labels themselves !

    Anyone would think that Guto is a very bitter Remoaner
    .. which he is


    • Scroblene says:

      Well, I blame Lady Nugee, David Lammy, Tony Bliar and Roger Harrabin for all the bad stuff going on everywhere!

      No evidence, but I still blame them!

      Sources say I’m right too!


  4. Guest Who says:

    BBC Local Radio

    A prevention zone aimed at stopping the spread of bird flu is now in place across England, Wales and Scotland following an outbreak at a farm in Herefordshire – the fifth in the UK this month.

    Some farmers are afraid they could lose their livelihoods – and if the birds have to be culled, it could lead to an even tougher Christmas for producers.

    Prevention zone after Herefordshire bird flu cases


    Top rated Comment: And people wonder why panic buying breaks out. Crazy headline. Stop stoking hysteria.


  5. StewGreen says:

    Note MSNBC journo’s reply to Elon Musk’s simple tweet


  6. Guest Who says:

    Dear BBC… when struggling, best not to do the exact same again and expect a different result.


  7. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    Sue Horsfall lost her husband Steven to Covid-19 in October during the second wave of the virus.

    She has spoken about how it feels to grieve during a pandemic. bbc.in/3kq3cCq

    Struggling to grasp the thinking behind this ‘news’.


  8. Fedup2 says:

    The BBC reports the new traffic stopping policy in london


    Coloured people driving cars will not be stopped

    This includes

    Cars with tinted windows
    Cars with loud sound systems
    Cars with jamaica flags
    Bob marley
    Cannabis plant picture

    Any coloured person who is stopped will be offered compensation and a KFC bargain bucket as well as a slot on the local news with their ‘ legal team ‘ and ‘community worker/ dealer ‘ ….

    The mayor is also considering licencing knife sharpeners ….


  9. Fedup2 says:

    After a footballer has ensured the nations kiddies are all to be well fed by the taxpayer – “ children in need ‘ has been replaced by

    “Journo in need’

    Supporting plight of journos whose hate figures may be stepping from the stage . Can they be weaned off Trump or Cummings ? Who are they to hate next ? And spare a thought for all those coloured BBC funny people … where will their material come from now ?’

    Thoughts and Prayers …

    Although mr Trump may still triumph …


  10. Darcy3 says:

    No comment, just despair, and not a little contempt..

    Now Sadiq Khan tells Met Police they must ‘justify’ stop-and-searches on BAME suspects after ordering Cressida Dick to DOUBLE intake of ethnic minority recruits to 40%

    Sadiq Khan has ordered Met tears up 19% BAME target and double it by 2022
    Met has 15% BAME workforce – when city it serves is 40 per cent non-white
    Scotland Yard previously said it would need 100 years to achieve racial parity
    Commissioner Dick accepts plan and says force is ‘not free of discrimination’
    New action plan comes at the end of a year of protests by Black Lives Matter
    Half of all the BAME police officers in England and Wales work in the capital



    • StewGreen says:

      London is a bit strange, the workforce should reflect the diversity of the commute to work area
      not just the city boundary
      So 40% BAME is vast over representation

      You end up with a 60% BAME workforce at the O2 arena to reflect Greenwich/Lewisham population
      whereas the customers are 85% white cos they are coming from a wider area.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I know youll find something to correct me on but i had a job in central government once which included trying to explain to some bright young ministerial lackies that the population of London wasnt constant – day – night – weekends – and that most ordinary londoners dont live in it – they live on the outskirts …
        I think the lack of grasp has never gone away …
        …. my exposure to such limited intelligence led me to realise vast tracts of the civil service is pretty thick and lazy


    • Van Helsing says:

      Any workforce, and particularly that of the police, should be comprised of the best people for the job rather than being selected on the basic of discriminatory quotas.

      Meritocracy? Not in Khan’s London.


      • G says:

        Londonistan: The largest accumulation of wasters and hangers-on in the country.


        • Foscari says:

          G-You should see our Londonistan Programme on BBC TV.
          The chief presenters are Riz Lateef, Asad Ahmad and Alice
          Bhandhukravi. As we indigenous Londoners are a relatively
          small minority in the capitol now.One can say that this
          programme is just about the only one on BBC TV that
          doesn’t use diversity and positive discrimination as it’s
          default position in presenting and reporting.


          • Foscari says:

            Just as an appendage.We sat down for dinner at 1830 this evening.
            My wife had BBC 1 on just as the Londonistan programme
            was about to start. As I am paranoid about this programme.
            I said as usual”the police” as this is what Riz Lateef or
            Asad Ahmad often start the programme ,with some derogatory
            comment about the Metropolitan police . It stems from the time when Lateef all but used to eulogize about black
            gangster Mark Duggan. To be honest all that was missing
            in the studio was a statue of the criminal .
            So it was no surprise that Lateef DID start the programme
            with a rant against the police. To be fair she is only reading
            the scripts of her revolutionary anarchist Marxist editors.



  11. Fedup2 says:


    Also – take away the blue lights and sirens – why should people get out of the way for plod ?
    I think its a clever scheme to increase the number of coloured kids kiling each other so that the Emirs’ tribe can completely take over londonistan

    So good news for undertakers


  12. G.W.F. says:

    Daisy Cousins is both brilliant and entertaining. If only we had her skills in the MSM.


  13. StewGreen says:

    SkyNewsAust , why don’t we h=get this news in the UK ?


    • Van Helsing says:


      There are a number of presenters on Sky News Australia who are open in their support of Trump. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to what’s served up to us by Sky in the UK.


    • Dobyns says:

      So now we can be certain that China’s release of the virus was a deliberate act of state policy with the objective of ‘redeeming’ Taiwan by politically neutralizing the US.

      A lot less risky than taking on the 7th Fleet; the trick will be to see if they can confine themselves after that. The younger generation of PLS generals will be the key.


  14. LastChanceSaloon says:

    According to Guido the Law Commission proposes to outlaw “Islamophobia” starting with banning cartoons.
    When in Rome do as the Romans do.


  15. Darcy3 says:

    Worth a perusal:

    RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: The Force is with you? You must be joking! Once again, Mr Plod has lost the plot



    • Luckyharry69 says:

      thanks for sharing.He says a lot of what we are all thinking currently.

      we have had 10 years of so called ‘Conservative’ rule and things seem to be getting worse not better

      I have actually written to my MP telling her to resign and take Johnson with her….I have had enough.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Darcy3 sorry for winding you up the other day
      I’d done what other people often do to me on lefty sites
      ie scanned the post and read it as saying something it hadn’t.
      That’s why I thought you were talking about some new stabbings , when you were making the old general point about black gangsters often coming from homes with no father. Something Thomas Sowell has often talked about.


  16. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    Gore vs Bush. Or is it Trump vs Biden?

    How Donald Trump’s vow to go to the Supreme Court raises comparisons with the Florida recount of 2000.


    It’s Biden v. The USA.

    Du ya is now gaga and Al is a billionaire. Somehow.


  17. Guest Who says:


    Good word, ‘essential’.

    Like MSM bimbos tweeting their jog to the office past peons to do their own makeup, tweet that, and then tweet about the awards they give each other.

    And the women.


  18. Jack in the Green says:

    Just to add my thanks to the people keeping this site alive. Cheers me dears!


  19. Guest Who says:

    An important post from a sibling site poster Mac.


    Interesting example of creating a narrative here:


    Basically they’re trying to say that this Tory MP was slandering the North as uncultured. To do this, you start with a headline stating something he never said (Northerners prefer football to ballet), followed by a paraphrase of something he never said (People in the south of England enjoy opera and ballet but football clubs are what matter to those living further north), then voice criticism of the things he said even though we don’t actually know what he said yet.

    Finally at paragraph six we get the actual quotations. Then round off the article with excitable tweets that don’t actually address what he said. Job done.

    And a typically bbc, nasty job it is too.

    Why not follow BBC North West on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? You can also send story ideas to northwest.newsonline@bbc.co.uk

    And then the baseless propaganda can begin.


    • Guest Who says:

      The result, from a nicely stirred lefty site, Vox Political.

      “Tories who say stupid things need to be rebuked – and Jake Berry has been made to look the fool after this cultural howler about the north/south divide.”


  20. StewGreen says:

    7pm BBC1 : Virtue Signallers in Need
    After their clever accountants have help them avoid paying 60% of their taxes … celebs make a big show of donating 1% of that back to a “charity” which pays millions of their mates salaries.


  21. taffman says:

    “Cummings’ exit offers Boris Johnson a ‘fresh start’, say Tory MPs”
    If Boris was serious about Brexit he would recruit Nigel Farage in is new team of advisors.
    Nigel knows the EU and its leaders inside out.


    • StewGreen says:

      Breaking : they now claim Cummings has left with immediate effect

      Expect Boris’s Big Brexit Cave In


    • theisland says:


      • taffman says:

        Boris and the Tory Party will be finished if there is a “Brexit sell out”.
        There could be a revolt coming in the Tory backbenches.


      • Guest Who says:

        Someone must have pictures of Boris in bed with a pangolin.

        The cretin had the country at his feet; policies the public wanted enacted on Brexit and immigration, a clear majority and a shadow front bench of performing gibbons to swat away even with BBC support.

        And what happens..?


  22. taffman says:

    \\Home Office ‘missed chance to stop rise in migrant boats’//
    That’s many chances .
    Will Priti and her ‘covert marine’ be next to go ?
    This problem could have been stopped years ago by setting an example when the first wave of invaders started landing.


    • theisland says:


      • vlad says:

        Wasn’t Sadiq Khant a youman rights lawyer once? Represented the racist, antisemitic, black-supremacist Nation of Islam, if memory serves, as well as islamic terrorists and assorted repulsive individuals.

        Now he rules – misrules – over us. Lord, how did we get here?


        • Jeff says:

          Yes, you’re right.
          He defended Louis Farrakhan, who had been banned from entering the country.
          Louis has some really (um…) unusual opinions…
          He wants an apartheid America, where blacks and whites are kept separate, he loathes Jews and thinks Hitler had some good ideas.

          And yet our beloved London mayor argued that he should be made welcome in Blighty.

          However, when it came to President Trump…


    • StewGreen says:

      Last night on TR Richard Tice said it’s not the fault of Tricky lawyers
      It’s Priti’s fault for not simply putting a bill in Parliament exempting illegals from the Human Rights Act


      • taffman says:

        What about the “Human Rights” of the people of Britain to defend themselves from invasion?


        • Up2snuff says:

          “What about the “Human Rights” of the people of Britain to defend themselves from invasion?” Quite so.

          Or to prevent themselves from being unfairly exploited?

          Trafficked illegals are usually a great cost to the taxpayer and can sometimes deprive another UK resident (who may in turn be a legal immigrant or son or daughter of a legal immigrant) of services and benefits. Who pays these ‘Human Rights’ lawyers? Not the client. Although they are wealthy enough because they have paid traffickers to get them into the UK illegally. No, it is the taxpayer who foots the bill.

          Or services are cut. And people suffer that way, including immigrants who are here legally.


  23. Darcy3 says:

    The usual suspects, again:

    Covid kills FIVE revellers who went to lockdown ‘street party’ with hundreds of people after funeral in Birmingham

    Paul Lankester said the city council had learned ‘anecdotally’ of the deaths

    ‘We’ve had a very serious incident in the last fortnight where we have taken action against a funeral director,’ he said in the meeting.

    ‘I’m not going to say where, when, how, who, what faith was involved.

    Mr Lankester also spoke about some funerals attracting crowds following announcements on social media – which led to one funeral being stopped.

    ‘I’m aware of all sorts of things that can go on social media, details of what’s happening – we’ve had that in the last week,’ he said.

    ‘When they realised that people were going to do it (be let in), we had bolts, padlocks cut at the funeral, at a burial at a cemetery.

    One mosque member questioned the issue of the Government not banning someone with Covid from attending a funeral of a family member as long as they are fully socially distanced.



  24. StewGreen says:

    Benford curve. Election Math
    1 hour video
    Our analysis in Michigan indicates a computer algorithm was likely used to transfer 69,000 votes. We are willing to subject our results to a critical & transparent review with your representatives.


  25. StewGreen says:

    CrimeBodge gets story onto BBC



  26. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news
    “Yorkshire Ambulance Service have made a Tik Tok music video”


  27. taffman says:

    Out of nowhere …………………….
    “Princess Diana’s note to BBC about Panorama interview recovered”


  28. StewGreen says:

    BBC local news
    “Here we are live from Hull hospital where there are 150 cases and they fear further growth”

    The normal emotional blackmail shot
    “This virus is real, take it seriously”

    An interview with a 31 year old, blobby woman
    … “Oh I never realised I was vulnerable” doh !


    • StewGreen says:

      Next “Boston has declared a critical situation”

      “In our area 1,000 NHS staff are self isolating”

      Here is nurse Rebekah’s video, she is recovering from Covid
      .. Again she is pretty overweight.


      If I’d had it I wouldn’t worry about getting it a second time
      but I bet the when recovered staff come back to work, and later on one of their colleagues tests positive, the NHS still tells the recovered one to take 14 days off again.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Exactly so, Stew. Made a point on TCW yesterday and Johnnythefish (who sometimes posts on here, I think) added the absentee figures: “With 37% absenteeism across Yorksihire and the North -East even the ‘dedicated’ bit is, to put it mildly, questionable.”

        Absenteeism can be rife in the NHS. Mind you, if NHS nurses and doctors aren’t stressed when they listen to the BBC during the winter months they are going to be suffering stress before the end of any News bulletin.


  29. StewGreen says:

    I wonder is trolling the media
    and going to turn up as the new head on #10 on Monday.
    … Why else would he deliberately do the 6pm news photo of walking out of the front door ?


  30. StewGreen says:



  31. Fedup2 says:

    With Stew Greens painful tweet shot – I think I need to put up the weekend thread ….

    Stand by and thank you for a very busy thread ..


  32. StewGreen says:

    Twitter chose TO NOT tag this video with
    “there is no evidence of election fraud”
    It went up 15 hours ago

    Ah the longer version gets a new type of warning


  33. Northern Voter says:

    I was perusing the Mail today and see, lo and behold Burberry have made a 15 % loss on the year for their clothing range. They are moaning that resurrecting customs free shopping will hit their pockets even further. Note to Burberry board, putting Rashford into Burberry clothes will slash your profits further!


  34. StewGreen says:

    end of thread