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  1. Up2snuff says:

    Apologies for lateness but have been very occupied today

    TOADY Watch #1 – Listening from 6 – 7 a.m. I am left wondering:
    How thick do you have to be to be a Peer of this realm?
    How come so few voted last night – I thought the PM had stacked the Lords in his favour?
    What happens to former UK Prime Ministers that makes them hate* their country?

    *John Major has been uttering again.


  2. Foscari says:

    After watching Tucker Carlson on Fox News you don’t
    need to be an Einstein to know that there was voter
    fraud in the USA presidential election. To what scale
    we may never find out. And it still very possible that
    the result of Biden winning may of been the same.
    What we must learn in the UK is for this fraud not
    changing the results of elections in the UK.
    Of course it has already happened in places such as
    Tower Hamlets in London ,in Birmingham and Peterborough.
    What do these three particular places have in common? You
    tell me.
    The BBC will “educate” us into believing that diversity in
    communities is the most important factor when it comes
    to voting . So when the family elder tells his family that
    they will all send in postal votes at elections they know that HE
    must be obeyed . Even the dead members of the family who
    for one reason or another have been issued ballot papers.
    We live in a multi cultural diverse society and one has to
    understand that practices which are carried out in mother
    countries must be accepted in the UK. The BBC tries so hard
    to “educate ” us in this respect.
    The only way to stop postal fraud is to only allow people with
    proven disabilities to vote by post. Everybody will have to
    go to a voting station and have their right to vote checked.
    This may help to save our democracy . And not destroy it which
    has happened in the USA.
    You can see that I am very stressed out at the moment. I
    know I shouldn’t of read it after the BBC told me that “this
    report contains offensive language ” Can you honestly believe
    the words that Greg Clarke used? I know that Fedup may
    rebuke me for this and he can edit it if he likes. But Nobby
    called black players, coloured !
    Resign ? He should of been
    taken out and shot!!


    • JimS says:

      Have you ever tried to check the electoral roll lately?

      Copies for the local area used to be available in public libraries and main post offices.

      Now they have been moved to council basements, where, under supervision, you will be allowed to check your own entry. So no way of seeing that the two and a half bedroom semi-detached down the road has 15 voters all called Mo.


    • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

      Peterborough? Oh right, your candidate lost so there must have been a fraud.


  3. Concrete sea says:

    This typifies the Beeb.
    The sports page- Football- under the headline ‘Greg Clarke (who ?) resigns as Football Association Chairman’. Why ? Perhaps he was convicted of a henious crime, maybe murder, assault, fraud,sex offences or similar.
    No. He used the term ‘coloured footballers’. Nothing more and he didn’t accuse them of anything or say they were no good or bad at something. Probably using words that were more acceptable 20 years ago. He says he is ‘deeply saddened by this’.
    The Beeb or it’s report then really goes to town with the comments from chosen select persons associated with football. Here we go- ‘Absolutely abhorrent’, ‘awful’, ‘inappropriate’, accusations of lazy stereotyping. The objections and whines go on and get louder. It’s not as if he called for (and now I have to choose my words carefully) non white footballers to be shot or hung or questioned their ability. He has not, to my knowledge, committed any of the criminal offences referred to above.
    We seem to have this obssession in this country of seizing on any slight misdemeanour, if you can even call it that, and blowing it up into the greatest travesty or outrage ever committed. And that can, in my opinion, do more bad than good to relationships, harmony and understanding. This, of course, is cunningly fuelled by the Beeb and others. Probably ‘awful’ and ‘inappropriate’ on their behalf.
    I really struggle to understand.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Foscari & CS, John Barnes was interviewed on TWatO today and he explained that 1. it could have been an age thing as the prefered ‘acceptable option’ has changed over the years and people get used to one, 2. there are many places in the world where ‘coloured’ is very acceptable (eg. S.Africa) and 3. there may have been no maliciousness behind Greg Clarke’s words, it could have been a slip of the tongue.

      Three cheers for some common sense being talked by a former player whose skin colour becomes irrelevant when he talks common sense but lends an air of authenticity to it.


      • Concrete sea says:

        Up2. Yes that is a refreshing chink of light.
        Having said the word chink I can assure you that this has no other connotations.
        It does remind me of a true but slightly sad/amusing story concerning a former colleague who was born in China to Chinese parents . (His surname was Hon). One day he asked some other hungry work colleagues if they ‘fancied a chinky after work’. He was disciplined for that remark.


      • G.W.F. says:

        My new washing machine has deeply offended me.
        On the dial which can be set for different kinds of washing is a category called ”Coloureds”
        I will write to the manufacturer insisting that it is replaced with ”Washing of Colour”


    • Dobyns says:

      And if he had said “footballers of colour” he’d be hailed and acclaimed

      F*ck Political Correctness


      • Up2snuff says:

        I thought the prefered description at present was BAME.

        Or am I behind the times, already?


  4. Northern Voter says:

    Not really the beeb, well strictly speaking not at all, but has anyone seen the ads for IKEA, you know the Swedish company that had their products made by political prisoners in East Germany, that company. The ad is all about the Tortoise and the Hare. Well check out the Tortoise, looks just like George Soros, taking his time. He’s been doing that since Major took the UK out of the ERM in the 90’s. Made a fortune then and he’s doing it again.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      I took a look at that revolting IKEA advert. There appeared to be some sort of primitive chanting going on in the background. It was hard to make out, but it seemed to be saying ‘Hey Whitey, don’t buy our stuff… Hey Whitey, don’t buy our stuff…’

      Fun facts: IKEA was founded by Ingvar Kamprad. Shortly before his death he was estimated to worth $58 billion and the 8th richest person in the World. As a young man, he was involved with Svensk socialistisk samling, aka the Swedish Nationalist Socialist Workers Party. There’s even an item still hanging about on the BBC about it:


  5. Laughing at Lefties says:

    “The way people consume news and information is about to change forever in a big way. Once the truth of this election surfaces, institutional media power will crumble to ash. No one will ever again believe anything the mainstream media reports. No one will ever again trust anything they see from Big Tech platforms. No one will ever again take any poll seriously.

    The People yearn for the free flow of information, for authenticity, and for truth. We will no longer submit to celebrities, media personalities, Big Tech companies, or “journalists” telling us what to believe, what to think, and what reality is. The era of smug inner city elites dictating “facts” to us like a parent scolding a child is forever over.

    Big Tech, pollsters, pundits, and the mainstream media have all overplayed their hand for the last time. This false narrative and this fake “President elect” will be the red pill to end all red pills. When the bubble bursts, and make no mistake it will burst, the collective great awakening of people around the world will be an unstoppable force that will forever change the way we process, consume, and distribute information.

    The Truth is surfacing daily on Gab.com from normal everyday people who are brave enough to speak freely. Gabbers have seen the content of Hunter Biden’s laptop. We’ve seen the truth of the pervasive and systemic fraud in our electoral process. We knew all of this was coming which is why we stand firmly grounded as the sane minds in a world gone incredibly mad.

    The Gab community is the dawn of a new era for the free flow of information. An era where information is not dictated to the masses by a handful of elites, but rather crowdsourced, curated, and distributed by millions of people in real time.

    Buckle up, the media revolution has only just begun.”

    Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab.com


  6. The WestWyvern says:

    Radio5dead had an effnik female on the 7pm sports slot talking about the resignation of the FA fella.

    I thought he’d killed and maimed thousands, such was the tone of the comments. I had retune to Classic FM, esp after the effnik told me to keep listnin’ as there were an hour of wimmins football, cummin up.

    Just after we’ve we’ve finished with the body of the FA whitey ( I made the last bit up).

    Jeez. Get overyourselfs Beeb. No one cares.


  7. StewGreen says:

    “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances”

    Did this Hillary video never happen ?


    • StewGreen says:

      This version is not from a Trump friendly network
      It’s an August 2020 upload by the anti-Trump MSNBC
      Note the Democrat commentators comments.


  8. The WestWyvern says:

    Apparently, al Beeb wireless news tells me Doris, (the outgoing PM) had a call with someone called ‘presidence elect bidon’ earlier today…. and Brexit was mentioned.

    Why, what goes on Doris?

    Why are you wasting time calling the unelected leader of an overseas foreign power’s main opposition party to discuss an issue that concerns the UK and its relationship with our continental neighbours?

    A relationship that despite your bullshit promises you have failed to extricate us from as yet?


    • StewGreen says:

      This Greg Clarke FA resignation
      the libmob are saying, that it’s a strawman he resigned due to saying the word coloured.
      Instead IN THEIR BIG PILE ON againt him they list a series of offences from his MPs question appearance today.
      However when you check the videos you see they themselves are doing cherrypicking and incorrect wording
      eg he never said the words “gay is a lifestyle choice”
      Rather in the middle of a speech he used the words “life choice”


  9. Doobster78 says:

    Work together they say ?? Be inclusive !!!


  10. theisland says:

    Around 300 invaders welcomed today alone.


  11. Tabs says:

    Watched the last 20 minutes of Holby City. Every single scene had an ‘actor of colour’ and for the rare scenes where a white person was included the actors of colour always took the position in the centre of camera.

    Everything else was a tick list of covid, masks, NHS clapping etc.

    Very predictable and very forced making the whole thing unwatchable.


  12. StewGreen says:

    To Adam Boulton “If you haven’t expressed an opinion then I have green hair”

    Note : Psychological priming trickery
    Bottom left of the screen
    the words words “BIDEN WINS”
    #CommieCast’s #SlyNews are NOT impartial


  13. Fedup2 says:

    A very busy thread . I cant think why .

    Im putting up the midweek thread which includes Armistice Day . A day when this moderator doesnt intend to comment or intervene .


  14. taffman says:

    “Nearly 160 migrants attempt to cross Channel to UK”
    Boris & Priti ? Nothing !
    Who voted for this bunch of clowns that do nothing about it but talk, while the rest of the country is locked down?
    Dump the feeble Tory Government.
    Farage, your country needs you.


  15. Darcy3 says:

    Great Ormond Street worker, 36, sues children’s hospital claiming colleagues bullied her for being a Christian and called her a ‘stupid northerner’ and a ‘silly white b***h

    Catherine Maughan, 36, is suing Great Ormond Street Hospital over ‘bullying’
    She claims she was told not to drink alcohol at all as it would offend Muslims
    A manager told her she ‘would be sorry,’ that she complained, Ms Maughan says



  16. pugnazious says:

    The BBC is being extremely positive and unquestioning about the Pfizer vaccine…you know, the company whose CEO sold $56m of shares on the day of the announcement.

    Throughout the day we have had the BBC broadcasting to the nation Prof. Van-Tam assuring us of the safety of the vaccine despite its extremely rapid development…which often takes up to 12 years.

    The BBC itself also assures us of the safety and that the vaccine us absolutely essential and the only way out of lockdown…it is “the” exit strategy.’….

    ‘If you want your life to get back to normal, then we need a vaccine.

    Even now, the vast majority of people are still vulnerable to a coronavirus infection. It is only the restrictions on our lives that are preventing more people from dying.

    But vaccines safely teach our bodies to fight the infection. This can either stop us catching coronavirus in the first place or at least make Covid less deadly.

    The vaccine, alongside better treatments, is “the” exit strategy.’

    The BBC still pushing the lockdown as well….‘ It is only the restrictions on our lives that are preventing more people from dying.’

    The BBC informs us that the government has been in touch with social media companies to cobble together a strategy to shut down all criticism or questioning of vaccines….and the BBC doesn’t think this is a very sinister development….because the BBC itself is part of that propaganda drive to assure us of the vaccine’s safety and to coerce and compel us to take it…making it our moral duty to do so.

    The Telegraph at least raises a few doubts….

    ‘”Really it’s just a cynical and egregious marketing ploy by Pfizer to get early orders, with money up front, because they know that mass vaccination with a vaccine that needs storage at -80 degrees is completely unworkable,” he said. “It’s just a dreadful example of big pharma trying to get its share price up and profits into its organisation before the Pfizer vaccine is declared totally impractical for widespread use in society.

    “As soon as other vaccines are available, then this Pfizer vaccine will not be widely used. Hence their announcement to get in early.”

    Many experts now believe the Pfizer vaccine will never be suitable for mass immunisation because of the cost and cold-chain storage required. ‘

    Astonishing at how easily the BBC turns itself into a mouthpiece for whatever bandwagon it wants to promote…from Black Lives Matter[the violent marxist anti-capitalist, anti-police, anti-family, anti-white agit-prop group] to the lockdown lobby and peddling vaccinations which haven’t had proper development and scrutiny whilst urging the censorship, censuring and demonisation of those who raise sensible questions.

    The BBC is utterly failing in its duty to inform and educate….it has become nothing less than a propaganda mouthpiece for various lobby groups and movements…it is absolutely unfit for purpose.