Midweek Thread 4 November 2020

Whilst the biased BBC dreams of a Biden presidency other stuff is happening . This thread is for biased BBC reporting of non Election events ….

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  1. Fedup2 says:

    Ah yes the 5th of November – another time – another tyranny – that time against Protestantism – this time our freedoms being cast aside in the name of Public Health …. based on uncertain advice base on uncertain data ….


    • Eddy Booth says:

      Too much of a coincidence not to be nose rubbing.
      On this day Yorkshire man Guy tried to blow the whole stinking parliament up, now hundreds of years later the swamp is celebrating the annaverasy of his failure, not with bonfires this time, but by a pointless draconian lockdown.
      Penny for the guy please?
      £1000 fine for your parents my lad.


  2. Guest Who says:

    Is it true Sarah Wollaston has been appointed BbC Chairhypocrite?


  3. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – I will await expect the Daily Mirror scam, then.

    I am told in the News that the New Lockdown for England came into force at midnight. Meet the New Lockdown. Not the same as the Old Lockdown.

    There are some differences but hairdressers are going to have to close. Cue serious voice from Newsreader, cue serious voice from JustRemainIn or Nick “The police are going to enforce the New Lockdown with heavy fines for those who breach the rules”. (They then helpfully tell me in a later segment that nobody knows what the rules are and that includes the Government. “We have guidelines.”)

    I bet the Daily Mirror journalists and photographers will be busting a gut to get a picture of Dominic Cummings going into and/or leaving a hairdressers!


  4. Sluff says:

    Although I’m more cautious on covid than some readers I don’t like having the wool pulled over my eyes. Keeping space in hospital ITUs is important imo, and ironically the situation is worse in one sense than in the first wave because we are able now to keep more people alive which effectively causes bed blocks whereas dead people quickly create free bed spaces,

    But I digress. Anyway here’s an observation.

    On the worldometer coronavirus stats, the UK 7 day average cases appear to have flattened out if not peaked and may now even be in decline. The 7 day average goes up to Nov 4.

    But on the UK government stats website, the 7 day averages are always days behind and are currently computed up to only November 1, which suggests to the casual observer that the cases may not have peaked yet.

    Now the Maths on this isn’t exactly difficult. You know. Take the last 7 numbers and divide by 7.
    Yet they are days behind.

    So is this another example of government selectivity of reporting, in this case in order to frighten us into obeying the lockdown?

    Liverpool, Nottingham, and Newcastle hot spots are now way down. But the BBC don’t report that. They’re suddenly too busy mooching around ITU departments interviewing ill people.


  5. Eddy Booth says:

    Sainsbury’s to cut 3,500 jobs and close 420 Argos stores

    BBC never pick a photo without an agenda, the one here shows a female Sainsbury’s staff member ( sorry a colleague) hard at working, whilst 4 males lounge about in the background.

    Despite being the business section, no mention of how they managed to turn a seemingly successful store Argos in a failing one. It’s a store for poor people to buy stuff from the catalogue, which now have been scrapped and the stores are click and collect only.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Eddy – I think they’ll be clicking and collecting Amazon stuff soon …


    • moggie63 says:

      Even better, you can use as many gift cards as you want in-store but only three online. Except you can’t buy anything instore.


    • JimS says:

      Maybe Sainsbury’s customer base isn’t as ‘black’ as it would like?

      Good stuff at good prices might produce more sales than insulting the customer.


  6. Fedup2 says:

    Stuff – all through this the data has been shoddy and then difficult to understand – even for the health secretary . The ‘lesson learned ‘ from the simulation 2 years ago must have been for accurate and quick data to set policy / strategy – before and beside images of overwhelmed A and E and the emotion of sobbing next of kin and medics .

    But this has failed – yet has still led to draconian restrictions or personal and economic freedoms .

    I was pondering on how people would feel if it had been a Corbyn Government? Would it have been any different, better or worse ?

    Failure is across the board – NHS D of Health SAGE PHE – civil service and of course an ill equipped panicking cabinet .

    Yet when our next election comes – will there be a real choice ?

    My job – once – was to plan for the bad – at micro and macro level – so I look at this shambles as a non medic but some one trained to look across time – 1hour 4 hours 12, 24, 48,..week ..month ..year .. on available events and information to plan to respond and ‘minimise the chaos ‘ and see through the fog …

    Failure across the lot – at the cost of unnecessary suffering .


  7. vlad says:

    The Dems attempted – and almost succeeded – to impose a permanent Democrat majority, a one-party state.

    “Democrats fell short in bid to impose new ‘system’ on America”


  8. vlad says:

    I’m sure there”s a perfectly innocent explanation for the Dems to blank out the windows of the polling station in Detroit in the middle of hotly contested vote count.


  9. Guest Who says:

    One way the BBC is utterly the same is the photo.



  10. StewGreen says:

    Simon Webb and his History Debunked channel
    which exposes much of accepted history a being narrative not truth.
    I’ve always found old timers like him are the best source of info
    .. one thing is they don’t have to conform to popularity, political correctness
    so don’t have to shout Remain
    or be cowed by people shouting “racist them”

    He has about 50 short videos
    In one he complains about modern BLM narrative that slavery is White person against Black African thing “The Slave Trade”
    giving a “The” to the Triangular trade programme as if it is the only slave business instead “*A* slave trade”
    A slave trade which is a comparatively minor one and comes at the end of a tradition which had existed in all places of the Earth since the dawn of time.
    He picks on the Bristol Colston statue and argues it is ironic that people ignore the fact that Bristol docks used to have REAL slaves shipped through them at the time of the Vikings as the Vikings were transporting English people to their slave hub of Dublin, where they were then often shipped on to whatever market would buy , whether that was Sweden or North Africa.

    He then cheekily picks up on David Lammy and his picking on Anne Widdecombe’s speech to the EU saying that Britons will not be slaves to the EU. Lammy said that since his ancestors were real slaves this is highly offensive.
    Webb points everyone has ancestors who were slaves
    and goes on to speculate that since Widdecombe is a Somerset name some of Anne Widdecombe’s ancestors may have been transported through Bristol docks.
    OK any such talk is start of debate not the end of it, but is the analogy too far ?
    Lammy certainly has a concrete connection to slavery, he knows his ancestors were transported to Dutch Guyana a slaves (not British Guyana when it happened)
    Whereas Widdecombe doesn’t have a concrete connection to being a slave it is mere distant speculation.
    Of course if we go back from Lammy’s transported ancestors there is a possibility that they themselves in the previous battle may have sold slaves, and there is a possibility that Widdecombe’s ancestors participated in Triangular business. Almost certainly both families some time long back were slavers.


    • StewGreen says:

      It is interesting that although the majority of Webb’s recent videos touch on BLM and he gets called “racist” for this he actually doesn’t automatically side with whites
      eg He calls Starkey an idiot for saying that black slavery was not a genocide .. I disagree with Webb there
      eg 2 He takes a surprising stance on Florence Nightingale arguing that her history is a product of PR narrative. He says she was obviously a rubbish Crimea nursing administrator and that she was awarded credit for the work of a military sanitation task force that came in and fixed the hospital mess that she had created. He adds that her actual genius was later when she became the world’s expert in medical statistics a thing which then facilitated dramatic hospital progress.

      I find his videos too short
      but I just found his longer appearances on a youth podcast Raising the Bar presented by John Cooper
      ep 10
      ep 13
      In that he sets out his theories on Africa
      #1 That the idea of Africa as a black continent is a PR myth
      OK that is fine it’s a diverse place of 56 countries and those in the north always seem to have not been black but rather Berber or often in the deep past European looking people
      whereas on the west side there has been far back Arab colonisation.
      He says Africa and Black are wrongly equated .. Black is only one component of African genes.
      #2 Webb goes further claiming that the true indigenous of much of Africa were light skin people not Black. These Khoisan he argues occupied much of the temperate zones on Africa like the entire modern South Africa and had yellowish skin and oriental eyes.
      #3 He says that when white Boers arrived in Africa they entered this non-black country.
      And that subsequently the Bantu Black people moved out of central Africa in all directions an colonised places including many parts of South Africa.
      #4 Asked for the origin of Bantu he claimed that they were probably Khoisan who evolved black skin. He cited DNA analysis for these theories.


      • Jeff says:

        Quite clearly the slave trade wasn’t a genocide. There was no desire to exterminate Africans, they were used as a commodity. The slave trade was horrendous, almost beyond comprehension, but it’s obviously wrong to equate it with deliberate eradication of a race of people.

        Genocide would be like killing the golden goose.


        • StewGreen says:

          I think Webb is leaning over to view Lammy’s side
          There are still white people in Malaysia and Singapore
          but when people are talking about the Burma Railway
          they might say it was like a genocide of white workers by the Japanese.
          It wasn’t but it was close.


      • BRISSLES says:

        “That the idea of Africa as a black continent is a PR myth”. Just as an aside on that, I remember my Geography classes at school in the 50s/60s and Africa was referred to as the “dark continent”- not specifically because of its black population, but because of the vast swathes of uninhabited jungle that were still in existence that short time ago. – – A time when we still had a fully functioning Amazonian Rain Forest, non-melting ice floes in the Arctic, and our annual holidays were taken in Devon or on the beach at Ramsgate !!!!


  11. s.trubble says:

    Brissels has kindly posted the Mail story about the ” Bashir fraud” and also the article by Tom Mangold , concerning the infamous Lady Diana TV interview..
    Mangold describes the regime of his day which he suggests would have prevented Bashir succeeding.
    He writes ” In rank order ( a rogue reporter) would have to go through the producer, the deputy programme editor,the programme editor,the deputy head of department,the departmental managing editor,the head of department,the director of news and Current Affairs,and finally the Director General DG>

    You can bet on one thing…….this management structure will still be in place with the addition of 2 or 3 additional layers of Diversity Assurance deputy and programme management together with HR.

    You are left with 2 possibilities

    1) that Bashir hoodwinked them all

    2) they were all in it up to their ears.


  12. Jeff says:

    Well, that’s very telling…
    Our resident Mr Moneybags, Rishi Sunak, has just extended the furlough scheme until the end of March.

    If any of you are still naive enough to believe Boris’s promises of a return to relative normality by December 2nd, then I’ve got a thriving oil field you might be interested in…

    A paltry 38 MPs voted against these further infringements. Never in anyone’s lifetime has there been such a pathetic parliament.
    There’s no opposition. The Marxists actually prefer even more imprisonment. Well, there’s a surprise…

    The MSM, particularly the BBC and the equally awful Sky, are cheerleading for these measures. Anyone with an alternative point of view is either ignored, silenced or roundly ridiculed. I feel like I’m living in Stalin’s Russia.
    It will be bad enough with an aging and clearly out of touch Biden in the White House. We’ve got a cowardly buffoon in Downing Street.

    These are very grim days.


  13. JimS says:

    Is this a new policy to be followed by the BBC for all political stories?

    Radio 3 News at 1 p.m. – President Trump claims electoral fraud ‘without evidence’.

    Keir Starmer alleges Brexit will be a disaster – without evidence,
    Caroline Lucas alleges global warning – without evidence,
    President Macron alleges Islamic terrorism – without evidence,
    BBC continuity announcer alleges a comedy programme will follow – without evidence.


  14. JimS says:

    Is this a new policy to be followed by the BBC for all political stories?

    Radio 3 News at 1 p.m. – President Trump claims electoral fraud ‘without evidence’.

    Keir Starmer alleges Brexit will be a disaster – without evidence,
    Caroline Lucas alleges global warning – without evidence,
    President Macron alleges Islamic terrorism – without evidence,
    BBC continuity announcer alleges a comedy programme will follow – without evidence.


  15. vlad says:

    Rod Liddle in the Sun:

    I love the sound of wailing lefties in the morning after Trump election shock

    YES! Just what I like to wake up to every morning. A bowl of cornflakes sprinkled with leftie tears.

    The sobbing, the gnashing of teeth, the wailing. In the newspapers, on social media and the BBC. ESPECIALLY the BBC…




  16. Fedup2 says:

    Wow – now that Andrew Neill is free of BBC bias controls see the 2 minute extract – on twitter – of him ‘ crossing the T’ of the SNP fleet on the ‘Daily Lefty Politics Show’ today – fierce attack on SNP performance …

    I think he is about to become a target


    • Fedup2 says:

      With the debacle of counting in the states surely the only outfit capable of any trust to do the job is the military -? Maybe here too …


    • scribblingscribe says:

      hopefully that will take people to enjoy what the BBC should have been doing for years – telling the truth about the SNP and the rolling disaster that is scotland


      • Fedup2 says:

        Thanks for posting scrib – strongly recommend a watch …

        What does this prove ?

        That the BBC has a right bias ? – no

        That true debate takes place with 2 sides and the beeboid sitting in the middle .

        But what do we get from the Biased BBC -? Campaigning from BS Katy Sopel and the rest – out campaigning each other in the same lefty causes …
        And people roll their eyes , switch off – end the licence


  17. vlad says:

    A half-decent editorial in the Sun (give or take some obligatory sneering at Trump, without which no article is complete).


    IT is too much to hope the Left will learn anything from the strength of Donald Trump’s election performance.
    Here, they learned nothing from the votes for Brexit or Boris. In the US they learned nothing from Trump’s 2016 win.

    Instead they and the left-wing media have indulged in a four-year tantrum, stoking baseless ­conspiracy theories and wailing and hyperventilating about Trump the hate-filled “dictator”. In the end their “Antifa” mobs turned violent.
    Is it any wonder millions repelled by such thuggery backed Trump over Joe Biden?
    Or that so many working-class black and Hispanic voters — rejecting the middle-class Left’s sanctimony and socialist fantasies — were among them?

    That anyone at all could support Trump clearly boggles some people’s minds, including the useless pollsters who wrote him off completely yet again.
    But while we are no fans of Trump’s bovine Tweets, nor his crazy and dangerous election remarks yesterday, his economic achievements are undeniable. As are some on the world stage too.

    What will it take for the Left to wake up? To accept that those who backed Trump are not the “deplorables” of ­Hillary Clinton’s suicidal caricature?
    To realise that their own sneering intolerance is repulsive and corrosive?
    Biden still looked poised for a narrow victory last night.
    But if the Left continues vilifying the entire other half of the nation, America is heading into a dark new era.



  18. theisland says:


    ???????????????????????????????? 2.0 ???????????? ????????????????????. ???????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????? ????????????????????????????????????

    12 Illegal migrants have arrived into #Dover so far today. French handover to our ‘BF’ mid-Channel.

    There has also been a beach landing in Dungeness, #Kent this morning. Possibly some Illegal migrants still on the run, according to locals.

    And last night

    Disturbance at Napier Barracks after ‘asylum seekers’ refuse to get off bus.
    The bus was taking the migrants from their hotel to the camp in #Folkestone
    The men eventually gave up after a five hour stand-off with staff/police


    • taffman says:

      Draconian rules for the British while The Border Farce is shipping more invaders in. How many potential terrorists ? How many with Covid ? .
      What ‘Tory’ Government ?


    • moggie63 says:

      5 hours? They should have set the bloody thing on fire. 30 seconds.


  19. theisland says:


  20. Sluff says:

    Fake coronavirus news on the BBC.
    They ‘interview’ some doctor with a ‘caring ‘ tone at 1645. It’s really a cosy chat with appropriate lines being fed.

    It is clearly stated that case rates in Liverpool ‘may be plateauing’.

    Well, that’s interesting. Because according even to the government’s own figures, case rates have more than halved in Liverpool. Try this.


    If I can find this, how come hundreds of ‘impartial investigative’ BBC journalists cannot?

    The BBC seem to be more interested in maintaining the doom and gloom than reporting the actual facts.


  21. taffman says:

    “Covid-19: Northern Tory MPs demand England lockdown exit plan”
    Lockdown , No Lockdown, Lockdown , No Lockdown……, Ad infinitum
    It is very reminiscent of the generals in the First World War, continually sending the troops ‘over the top’ to continually repeat the same the following day ……
    Only this time its the economy of the UK.


  22. Guest Who says:

    BBC Local Radio feeling a bit left out with all the nonsense over pond seeing their W1A colleagues stocking up on Xmas duty frees at JFK.

    So… what they needed was… an offence bus to turn up, and whaddya know… bingo!

    “It feels like we’ve spiralled back into the dark ages where people with a disability are seen as weird, freaky and scary.”

    That’s how Worcestershire Paralympian Claire Cashmore says she felt after watching ‘The Witches’ movie.

    No word yet from the Ledbury Cuban community on facial characteristics being used as means of intimidation… in a movie.


  23. Guest Who says:

    Next local radio ‘cause’ is the medium of a question.


    Have you done anything for charity in recent months?

    Experts say thousands are charities are struggling due to Covid – have you done anything to help them?


    So far, #CCBGB, including a question back about charity CEO and BBC staff salaries in these furloughed times.


  24. Guest Who says:

    This is what happens when the activist/media #prasnews machine get a bit too close for comfort.

    No one checks if it fits their ideological agenda.



  25. vlad says:

    The Left aren’t the only ones who can demonstrate…


  26. Eddy Booth says:

    Bank of England boss pledges to do ‘everything we can’
    Some garbage supposedly exlaining the latest quantitative easing.
    Pretending that, as it’s not physical printed, the term printed is wrong..
    £895,000,000,000 so far
    This USA economics YouTube video from 10 years ago explains it better.
    Nothing much has changed.
    I wonder where all the money will end up ? Soaring property prices and stock markets is my guess.


  27. Doobster78 says:

    Not wrong !!!


  28. Philip_2 says:

    The BBC each year has a Christmas Radio 4 Reith Lecture. It seems above the usual BBC censor and is about something of minority academic interest. This is distinct to the former BBC (now Channel 4) RI Lectures which are often televised on Boxing day. The BBC had invited someone who was not a Scientist on a BBC themed topic but an independent mind (very much like the late Roger Scrutton), It sounded interesting, someone who I actually warmed to listen to (against my aversion to the BBC radio 4), his talk was surprisingly relaxed and informative and educated. I was (and it was a year or two ago) transfixed on the radio for the duration. It was not at all BBC, but against many of the ‘know-alls’, the faux liberals and the dangers of politics ‘well meaning’ and the overall danger of the police state.

    He just happened to be on LBC Nick Ferrari Show earlier his week. And his name seemed familiar, although It did not twig who he was at first. On LBC I learnt that he was actually a former UK Supreme Court Judge, and he was making total sense. His topic was the continued erosion of democracy of the current lockdown and its implications…

    I always thought judges were government of the day placements. And yet, the Supreme Court was a Tony Blair creation to rubber stamp EU directives and make them UK law. And here he was speaking out on conservative (real conservative) topics and concerns. He is respected in his former role (on all fronts) and is increasingly concerned about the lack of parliamentary governance as our country is making itself bankrupt on something which is not as dangerous as was thought, not a danger to that predicted, and its highly likely that nobody, seems to be in charge of the ship set on course. Its on auto pilot. Destination unknown (although I think it is Agenda 21).

    I found this document on a link of Peter Hitchins blog (Daily Mail) who happened to comment upon it at the same time as LBC radio airing. Its worth a read. Its a bit of a shocker, we are descending down a slippery slope. If not by design, by the lack of democratic means to prevent it.

    His name, by the way is Lord Peter Sumption. Not that I am any great fan of the Lords, but he speaks sense and is being ignored by the largely hysterical media (not LBC) who want greater and greater lockdowns and our weak willed political leaders who have given in to media pressure of the type the BBC specialise in with draconian powers not seen since the fall of East Germany. The future of lockdown is not good.

    Click to access Freshfields_Lecture_2020_Government_by_Decree.pdf


    • Fedup2 says:

      Isn’t it great that the state can practice controls on the entire behaviour of the population in the name of ‘public health ‘?

      Their parliament is a rubber stamp . Dissent is crushed – on the basis dodgy stats , dodgy science and failed world beating ‘trace and trace ‘

      As well as crap terms such as ‘wrapping the government arms around ..fill in as applicable ‘.

      And paid to stay at home until April 2021?


      • taffman says:

        “dodgy stats”
        Unless I missed it, the Labour opposition were slow to pull them up over it ? Strange opposition party .
        Perhaps Al Beeb’s Panodrama might do an investigation in to it ?


        • Fedup2 says:

          Yes dodgy stats compounded by comparison with the dodgy stats of other countrys .

          Upon which lock downs are raised which wont change behaviour afterward .theyll be bingeing just the same


    • JimS says:

      ” but I believe that history will look back on the measures taken to contain it as a monument of collective hysteria and governmental folly. ”

      Sorry mate, that’s ‘hate speech’ and you’re knicked! That sort of talk will be banned under the ‘Great Reset’/’New Normal’.

      (Where are ‘Spider Woman’, Gina Miller, Baroness Chakrabarti and Cherie Blair QC now that the ‘human rights’ of 70 million are in the bin?)


    • digg says:

      I see this from a different angle Phillip, the last paragraph shows it to be a last ditch attempt to equate the Gov actions on COVID to Brexit, thus trying to sabotage Brexit which is the real reason for this document. Clever but nefarious!


  29. StewGreen says:

    I just looked at Fran Unwin’s grand vision speech from Sep 23
    It is a lie. It sounds like she works for the ideal BBC
    But we know the actual BBC behaves like the SWP newspaper
    Look at the way BLM, XR campaigning is in its DNA.
    Yet the speech mentions it resisting Special Interest Groups lobbying.
    At one point she mentions social media bullies.
    Is that us ?

    I added much more at


  30. taffman says:

    Al Beeb
    “Covid-19: Merthyr Tydfil now worst in UK for case rate”

    Just as we are about to come out of Lockdown.
    Do lockdowns work ?


  31. StewGreen says:

    Talking Pictures 5 mins into the Joe Brown film
    and he is in the Labour exchange and into a joke about how “it’s like the UN in here these days”
    Lots of stereotypical but accurate representations that wouldn’t be allowed these days.
    Now Harry H Corbett is telling Joe Brown to get his hair cut.


  32. Darcy3 says:

    About time those disenfranchised Americans demanded a Peoples Vote

    They surely could come up with a system where each individual of voting age gets to cast a ballot

    … and those votes are counted somehow


  33. Darcy3 says:

    I note the current obsession with zombies for some bizarre reason, but zombies resurrecting and voting is a step too far in my book


  34. StewGreen says:

    Today’s stats
    A big drop down from the 492 deaths the other day

    You can’t see from these graphs but there i something going on with hospital admissions
    the claim is there are 1,500 new admissions per day
    but there are only 12,000 people in hospital
    When what should be happening is each of those people should be in hospital 3 week plus
    what look to be happening is quite a few people are leaving hospital after just 1 or 2 days meaning that they weren’t a serious case.
    4,00 deaths/day isn’t funny
    but expect almost all were on their last legs from cancer etc. already.


  35. Eddy Booth says:

    New lockdown: Manchester University students pull down campus fences
    “Students have torn down “prison-like” fencing erected around their campus on day one of England’s new lockdown”

    About time, hopefully the Covid fiasco will be a wakeup call to students that there’s more to protest about than fake woke issues.


  36. JimS says:

    I find this video quite worrying. The subject isn’t really important, it’s the behaviour of Piers Morgan and the (sensible?) Susanna Reid which is typical of what passes for ‘journalists’ today.

    Morgan alleges that President Trump advocated taking bleach to kill the Covid-19 virus and Nigel Farage said he was wrong.

    Morgan does his ‘gotcha’ and plays his clip of Trump several times. Farage calmy points out that Trump didn’t say ‘bleach’, Morgan insists that he did and plays the clip again. Trump, of course didn’t say bleach but speculates that some sort of disinfectant (rubbing alcohol?) might be used against it.

    Eventually it dawns on Morgan that the actual word ‘bleach’ wasn’t in the clip, but having invested so much vitriol on the subject he then flips to suggest that ‘disinfectant’ is ‘bleach’ (which it isn’t). He could have equally said rubbing alcohol, but then that is routinely used ‘against the virus’. Reid jumps in to back up her loud-mouthed co-host.

    Not only did Trump not say ‘bleach’ in the clip he didn’t advocate anyone using anything, he merely speculated as a layman that perhaps something (a vaccine?) might be found that could be injected (not ingested) to kill the virus.

    As I say the subject and the characters aren’t really important here, rather it is the way the media have constructed a false story and then blindly bend ‘the facts’ (the clip in this instance) right in front of their own eyes to fit the made up story.

    (Reid even goes on to allege that Trump made misogynist remarks during his campaign – a slur that goes back to a time even before he first stood for president but, as the BBC now has set the precedent for, is without evidence.)

    Modern journalism. Write the story you would like to tell, then make up facts to fit.


  37. taffman says:

    “Tell a lie often……..as the saying goes.


  38. taffman says:

    Looks like the postal votes are going against Trump in Georgia and Pennsylvania?


  39. taffman says:

    “Manchester Arena Inquiry: Six wanted for questioning over bombing”
    How did they get into the country?
    How many more are coming from France ?


  40. Scroblene says:

    Yet again, on listening to the very occasional ‘news’ on ‘R5Gasping-for-breath’, the narrative about the expected Biden win is all in his favour, and that everything about President Trump’s allegations is ‘false’, and ‘unfounded’.

    First, how do they know this? Who is telling them, as the Katty Sopels never want to find out anything, unless it’s anti-Trump, but are the BBBC absolutely sure about this? If not, then they are guilty of spreading rumours which they don’t know for certain, are untrue! Another ‘sources say’ get-out.

    Secondly, as this US election is not over yet, and the High Court starts to wave it’s arms about, are the BBBC going to try and send over someone who does actually understand why there are allegations of fraud, as the Katty Sopels are tarnished goods already on this issue!

    Talk about Covid lasting until Christmas, this US election may well beat that deadline! Dr Steve Turley’s exposition (thank you for that Vlad) is setting down some dire predictions, and I’d rather believe him, than any autocue-reader from the awful BBBC shoved in front of the cameras.

    The BBBC just don’t get it do they!


  41. Fedup2 says:

    Cant pay attention to either big event going on at the moment .just too much .

    But I hope the current red Tory government pays attention to widespread voting fraud in the States and restricts postal voting and voter personation in UK elections . It’s what an 80 majority is for .
    But with a failing PM with the attention span of a wasp I don’t hope ….


  42. taffman says:

    “Covid: Can mass testing save us from another lockdown ?”
    In short , NO.


  43. Peter Grimes says:

    I’m surprised Al Beeb was prepared to air this…


    But will they be bold enough to follow this up given the alleged culprits?



    • Peter Grimes says:

      Apologies…I forgot to mention that these criminal chancers were based in Mullah Khant’s constituency…but you probably guessed that.


  44. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 on this Thread – Oooh, they make me nervous

    Martha is worried about having troops on the streets of Liverpool even for mass Covid testing.

    It was brainless of Boris to trial that in Liverpool if it was his decision. He has obviously forgotten that he and many of the residents of Liverpool have ‘history’ and an unhappy relationship in the past. The PM has obviously also forgotten Margaret Thatcher’s trial – again I wonder if it was someone else who made the decision – of the Community Charge on Scotland. That decision and the resulting grievance led directly to the growth in the SNP and enabled their push to make Scotland an independent nation.

    It would have been much better to have trialled the mass Covid testing in Buckinghamshire or even Surrey, Kent and Hampshire where h h hurricances h hardly h happen. There is storm being stoked up and I wonder if the BBC is at the centre of it? The Bee Lady was certainly blown into it this a.m..


  45. vlad says:

    Last night a BBC update on the election was openly scornful that, in one State, Trump supporters were demanding they ‘Stop the count’ whereas in another they chanted ‘Count every vote’.

    The reporter seemed to think this was a real gotcha moment.

    Whereas in fact it’s perfectly appropriate to try to stop the counting of illegal votes in one place and to demand the counting of every last legal one elsewhere, when shenanigans are suspected.

    Meanwhile the BBC is confident that there has been no fraud (based on what, beeb, other than your vitriolic hatred of Trump?) and that the US media reporting is perfectly above board – despite its blatant partisanship against Trump since Day 1 of his presidency.


    • theisland says:

      “it’s perfectly appropriate to try to stop the counting of illegal votes in one place and to demand the counting of every last legal one elsewhere”

      Good point.

      Not unconnected to the scorn was Starmer’s first utterance at PMQs on 4 Nov:
      Can I start with the elections in the United States? Whatever the results, will the Prime Minister join me in saying that it is not for a candidate to decide which votes do and do not count or when to stop counting? The next President must be the free and fair choice of the American people.

      I think we know to which candidate he was referring (although as usual being cagey) but at least he got the last part right. Unfortunately Labour in particular have a strange idea of what constitutes a fair election (e.g. Peterborough, Tower Hamlets etc.)

      After that he expressed ‘revulsion’ at the terrorist attacks in Nice and Vienna. Priorities.


  46. AsISeeIt says:

    Did Boris extend lockdown simply out of fear of the BBC news running their “NHS winter crisis” headlines amplified to eleven this year? – the dodgy dossier seems to have nudged him in that direction. ‘Death toll graphs were wrong’ the Daily Telegraph tells us today in black and white terms that we were conned.

    Did Rishi extend furlough out of fear of redundancy notices going out in millions like Christmas cards? ‘A year of furlough’ cheers the Guardian ‘Jobs support scheme is extended until March’

    NHS Crisis and Unemployment – they scare our weak-kneed Tories like garlic and crucifixes scare Dracula.

    Sadly only one of them is real. ‘400 Argos stores to close’ (FT) and of their owner, Sainsburys? ‘Sainsbury’s investors prosper as jobs are cut’ (Telegraph)

    Always beware data presented without context and especially when those presenting it have an agenda.

    For example: ‘Britain gets that shrinking feeling’ (Telegraph) seems some “study” has found UK teenagers are shorter in stature of late. Given that the ethnic makeup of our teenage population has altered radically in recent years and I see no mention of this factor in the summarised write up, I’d take this chicken nugget with a large pinch of salt.

    The Daily Mirror enjoys a good frontpage senseless virtue-signalling campaign. This time it’s the ‘…Mirror’s call for a two-minute doorstep silence’ – this one is supposed to replace our beloved traditional acts of Remembrance which have just been banned. I tell you what, Daily Mirror, I’ll top your doorstep silence. At the appropriate moment I will not go to my front door and I will do it in a solemn and dignified way.

    The Daily Mail daily and stubbornly plugs away at their Diana-gate BBC-gate story: ‘Burglary of BBC’s Diana scandal files.’

    Will it make a jot of difference to our bloated BBC and will our bloated PM act against them?

    No. And he won’t ever act against the bloated NHS.

    At odd moments of such punditry I’m reminded of odd moments of long-past popular culture. This time it’s the intro to Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate’s wonderfully evocative kids TV series Bagpuss… you decide who from Boris, the BBC, or the NHS, is Emily and who the saggy old cloth cat?

    Once upon a time
    Not so long ago
    There was a little girl and her name was Emily
    And she had a shop
    There it is
    It was rather an unusual shop because it didn’t sell anything
    You see, everything in that shop window was a thing that somebody had once lost
    And Emily had found
    And brought home to Bagpuss
    Emily’s cat Bagpuss
    The most Important
    The most Beautiful
    The most Magical
    Saggy old cloth cat in the whole wide world

    The lumley Joanna Lovely turns up in the Express proving there’s one rule for the soon to be put out to grass misogynistic stale male 007 and quite another for his girls ‘I’ve kissed every Bond… but who was best?’

    The Star has the same story but has to go and cheapen it: ‘Lumley reveals best James Bond snogger’

    The Star has had a bee in its bonnet lately over panic buying. Now given our Church of England is more interested in interfering in politics than the fact the Government ordered their churches shut, one has little sympathy for our clerics and their out of the pulpit sermonising. All gas and gaiters as Derek Nimmo might have said (there’s another one for the teenagers). So one can but admire the Star headline: ‘Bishops bash bog roll bandits’


    • Up2snuff says:

      AISI, well done! Again.

      “The lumley Joanna Lovely turns up in the Express proving there’s one rule for the soon to be put out to grass misogynistic stale male 007 and quite another for his girls ‘I’ve kissed every Bond… but who was best?’

      The Star has the same story but has to go and cheapen it: ‘Lumley reveals best James Bond snogger’ ”

      There is no doubt that the PR Agencies are working hard during the Pandemic and making a fortune out of ‘Slebs’ wanting to be ‘in the papers’.


  47. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – ancient news, already.

    The Home Page has at least five items that are several days or weeks and months old.

    BBC, the whole idea of the Internet and a Home Page is that it is fresh, up-to-date, current. OK?


    • Eddy Booth says:

      They have no option for newest news item first, just the ones they want to shove down people’s throats, ridiculous organisation.


  48. G says:

    “Ethnic minority representation in advertisements”

    Answer? – The loyal association of Globalists headed by China and ably assisted by Soros.


  49. vlad says:

    A contact in Vietnam sent me the news clip below. I didn’t understand one single word of the commentary, but the images of US and Chinese military equipment speak for themselves.

    They’re nervous as hell about a possible Biden win.

    With good reason.


  50. BRISSLES says:

    Oh dear Lord. One of those ‘fenced’ in students has been interviewed on the Beeb. The poor little mite is a first year student and has paid thousands for his education, but only to have online tutoring. Sadly he’s not having the whole yuni ‘experience’. Now the fences have gone up to keep them in, well of course ‘we know we cant go out’, yes dear but do you actually do that ??

    Then came the coup de gras, those dreaded words were used – anxiety / mental health issues. FFS if these kids are healthy enough to get bladdered most nights for their ‘yuni experience’, then why aren’t they robust enough to withstand the restrictions the rest of the country have to endure. Just bury your heads in your books and actually do some sodding studying !!!!


    • vlad says:

      You have to feel sorry for the poor little snowflake. His basic human right to go boozing and shagging every night is being violated.


    • tarien says:

      By Heck Brissles, have to say your observations are quite eye opening-I had no idea these poor liitle chaps/eses/ were likely to suffer as much as it appears they will-of course being old gaffer, well not that old!, I would have them all doing 2 years under military service-discipline, robustness, endurance, stoicism, and a better understanding of the world would give this nation a better person after that period and someone better able to cope with further Uni education. One chap I knew did his 2 yrs service back in 1955 then then went to Uni to get his degree-he admitted he was far better able to cope with University at 21 then at 18-in those days you were not considered adult until 21 yrs old, good job.


      • Loobyloo says:

        Disagree! You don’t pay 15k+ to go in the military, and of course it’s easier to cope. With uni at 21 than at 18. Some of these kids won’t have ever been away from home before and they’ve had no freshers experience, may have all classes online…so they’re basically expected to spend most of their time in an unfamiliar room, then prevented from mixing with each other?
        The bottom line is that the governing bodies didn’t think it through cos they needed the money. Now there are rumours that they might not be allowed back for Xmas, or might have to quarantine etc
        The whole thing is bloody outrageous- where are the lawyers fighting for our human rights to a free family life?