Midweek Thread 4 November 2020

Whilst the biased BBC dreams of a Biden presidency other stuff is happening . This thread is for biased BBC reporting of non Election events ….

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  1. Guest Who says:

    Will the bbc have any other news?

    Rather depends on what happens where they all appear to be.

    They tend to specialise in distraction to serve the narrative.


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hi Guest, talking of Distraction

      Unable to see any mention now of the Austrian terrorist attack, news buried very quickly. Normally it will go on about certain things which seems like forever, ie “bad” news as perceived by them


    • StewGreen says:

      Previous threads
      We have 2 threads running : The US Election Special, and this one
      – The last page on the last thread had page 4 started just before 3pm
      page 3


  2. Peter Grimes says:

    ‘It ain’t over until every vote is counted’, Uncle Joe Biden is quoted as saying.

    I guess that means his supporters are still stuffing the ballot boxes.


  3. andyjsnape says:

    A quote from the bBC website

    Mr Biden appears to have increased Democrat support among white voters in Florida, but Mr Trump made big gains among Latinos compared with his 2016 performance.

    Why the need to mention White Voters, Latinos etc?? Surely they are all American

    All lives matter

    PS beeb don’t forget to tell if in future if there is a murder, stabbing etc, the colour or the persons skin – it may help identify them!


  4. AsISeeIt says:

    Our previous century technology newspapers are inevitably wrong-footed by overnight news developments and so tend to prevaricate: ‘Massive turnout as America decides’ (Telegraph); ‘America decides its fate’ (Times); ‘Old fart wins’ (The Star)

    The humourless Guardian takes things far more seriously: ‘Battle for America’s soul’ – really? Didn’t our cousins over the pond already elect the modern Messiah in Barack Hussein Obama?

    ‘A vote that will shape the planet’s future’ insists Johnathan Freedland. Well, assuming he’s rooting for Biden, and as a Guardian writer that’s de rigueur (or as they say in the States “Are the Kennedys gun shy?”) then sleepy Joe (if he wins – so much for the polls) had better get cracking, he’s 77, you know and there’s a awful lot of planet. Someone will have to tell him which one he’s on.

    The suspense is obviously fraying the nerves of our liberal press: ‘America (finally) decides’ – is how the Metro impatiently headlines the US vote. The freebie meanwhile runs a feature on ‘How fitness is helping TV anchors in lockdown’ – well that’s our main concern right there; how the BBC’s Louise Minchin and Channel 4’s Cathy Newman are coping.

    ‘Covid deaths unlikely to hit 4,000 a day, Whitty concedes’ (Telegraph) – so for Johnson critics in the media who demanded lockdown and accused the PM of a U-turn when he conceded to those so-called scientific demands this must be a U-turn on a U-turn.

    Also in the Telegraph we learn: ‘UK terror threat level upgraded to severe’ – A few days ago, as we learnt the covid threat level was being upped, I joked hereabouts that if both the terror fear applifier and the weather danger sirens were all turned up to their top notch, this would mean the Government had won the game. It was a joke but I should be careful with this degree of morbid prescience.

    The Daily Mail continues to rabbit punch the BBC and yet our beleaguered broadcasting heavy weight refuses to go down for the count: ‘BBC to probe Diana TV lies. Mail publishes ex-BBC boss Lord Hall’s memo admitting Bashir faked claims for Panarama’

    Speaking of low journalistic standards combined with lame tabloid frivolity, it must be ladies day in the Times as the old Thunderer presents: ‘Matchy matchy masks! Should you? The fashion experts’ verdicts’ plus Carol Midgely on ‘Save me from the virtual office Christmas party’

    I might have a last glass or two this evening, frequenting some local hostelry, weather permitting, afterall I’ll be attending the beer garden side-stepping the social control App. And the toast may well be Keep America Great – I’ll drink to that.


  5. Sluff says:

    The BBC champagne is still on ice this morning as the Donald has confounded his critics, pollsters, and glitterati – irrespective of the final result. What a shame. No empty bottles in the corridors just yet.

    But here’s a thing. Looking at the state by state percentages, the District of Columbia i.e. Washington, gives Biden 93%, Trump 6%!!!!!!!!
    The difference is astonishing.

    Now where do you think those in the government machine live? Yep, near where they work. They are almost entirely democrat.

    So when Trump said ‘drain the swamp’ I just wonder how many realised just how big and deep that swamp was.

    I wonder how London civil servants vote?
    We already know about the BBC.


  6. BlackCountryWench says:

    Oh dear, oh dear, Johnny Rotten has apparently been on GMtv this morning saying he voted for President Trump and predictably left wing Twitter are up in arms regarding his comments.
    I think a few Sex Pistols records may get burned today!


    • Fedup2 says:

      That’s – good – maybe my original collection will go up in value .. people buy that stuff apparently …


      • BlackCountryWench says:

        They were (just) slightly before my time, my musical taste is more new wave and reggae, but I’m sure a lot of ex punks will be surprised at his comments, I know he has been living in America for quite a while now so knows the situation there better than most.


        • Up2snuff says:

          OK, you asked for it!

          The original Punk Band?


          • Fedup2 says:

            After Peter Townsend finished his research on pictures of very young people and – if i remember – prosecution dropped – at his first gig his first words were – “ the kids are alright “…..

            Never liked pistols – never liked who…


  7. Sluff says:

    Question not asked by the BBC

    ‘Mr. Whitty, Mr Valiance, how do you account for the sharp drops in coronavirus cases in Liverpool, Newcastle, and Nottingham in the last 2 weeks, given that lockdown has not yet started’?

    And don’t expect Laura Doomsberg ever to ask.


  8. Fedup2 says:

    A BBC droid in Vienna is now saying it was ‘a lone gunman ‘ -untrue ? And even got in a mention that she had seen ‘a Muslim family ‘ laying flowers … but left out the bit about being slaughtered by Islamic terrorists …. nice omission ….


  9. taffman says:

    Two posers before I clock off : Is our economy being trashed to prevent Brexit, hence the rise of The Reform Party?
    Is SAGE an oxymoron?


  10. Fedup2 says:

    Guardian reports 6 NHS staff shared a car and all got covid – big price to pay for saving a few bob… wonder how many heroes have got it and passed it the same way .

    Apparently half of hospital patients got covid whilst in hospital,…. i despair ….


    • Sluff says:

      Fed up.
      I don’t know about half but it is a sizeable number The detail of which our NHS heroes are very keen to see buried and stay buried.

      But sadly it’s real not theoretical.

      A friend’s elderly mother died of covid yesterday. She had been perky, had all her marbles, and had been living in her own home.
      She died in hospital.
      But when she was originally admitted into hospital, after a fall, she was tested and she was negative.
      Killed by the NHS. It doesn’t quite have the ring so many in power and influence have since 1948 tried to brainwash us into accepting. And especially so this year.


      • Deborah says:

        A friend’s friend, a retired doctor, covering a few surgery hours came down with the covid a couple of weeks ago. He has been blue lighted to hospital today. Whilst most people get better a sizeable number do seem to get very poorly. Glad I didn’t have to vote on lockdowns.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Sluff – my sympathies and I fear many many similar sad avoidable deaths .

        When dim witty and the other medical mafia clones ‘appealed ‘ for the NHS still to be used I thought – yeah people really are going into those places ….

        An aside …l
        Halifax …. how you doing my friend


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, the BBC have been reporting occasionally that the public are tending to avoid going to GPs and hospitals for fear of catching Covid and are possibly dying or suffering a worsening of their condition as a result. They don’t really investigate this though.


  11. tarien says:

    The not so great BBC/Sopel have been such supporters of the Democrats ever since Donald Trump became President of the USA and have seemingly made every effort to undemine anything that might have been remotely successful. They have acted like a dog with a bone. I am still certain the world would be in perhaps a better position under a Trump Presidency than a Biden Presidency-Biden would fall back on his No 2 and most likely bring the most awful creature that, has ever served the USA in a most criminal way, yes you guessed it the Hilary Clinton woman. They might even give Sopel a medal for his brave continued support!
    However frankly there is a far more concerning issue facing us all now, the entry of a monsterous dictatorship governed by FEAR and where Covid is used as the conduit-A second wave, worldwide, was already predicted in May 2020 – because those who call the shots on the “innocent” people knew exactly that the flu season will come, as it does every year. Just the time to shut us down-increasing the publics complicity to obey.


  12. G says:

    “Report Warns of Islamic Radicalization in France”

    I wonder how much the report cost. Take it and divide by two: that’s how much I would charge for reaching the same conclusion. Difference is, I’d provide a, ‘Report’ within days of being commissioned.



  13. StewGreen says:

    Wednesday’s TV : I didn’t find too much propaganda in the normal TV besides the news
    now that they are not showing 2 or 3 ant-Trump documentaries per night.

    2:15pm Radio 4drama Drama
    Talk to Me: Ayn Rand
    Philosopher & darling of the Alt-Right has secrets.

    .. Yet again they misuse language
    Ayn Rand is the darling of many conservatives
    by using the words “darling of the Alt-Right” the word that white-supremacists coined to label themselves, the BBC are smearing all conservatives as white-supremacist.

    “1974. Ayn Rand, darling of the Alt-Right, and allegedly* President Trump’s favourite writer, has secrets she will never reveal.

    “allegedly* President Trump’s favourite writer” … another attempt at a smear.

    8pm Moral Maze : What price longer life, if it’ not worth living
    What has the crisis revealed about our attitude to our own mortality and how we value human life?
    – Some are accused of being too blasé about the fact that many who died in the first wave of the pandemic either had ‘underlying conditions’ or, more bluntly, would have died soon anyway.
    – Others, who believe the second lockdown should have been sooner and more severe, are accused of giving in to fear – as one lady quipped in a TV vox pop: “I’m 83 and I don’t give a sod”.
    Nevertheless, the coronavirus has made many people face death far earlier than they were expecting.

    Last weeks prog “How celebrity gives people aristocracy” .. eg Marcus Rashford get political power without being elected.



    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Here’s the second paragraph from Melanie Phillips’ preview / summary of tonight’s Moral Maze (R4 8pm).

      “My co-panellists were Mona Siddiqui, Andrew Doyle and Ash Sarkar. Our witnesses were Rev Dr Brendan McCarthy, adviser on medical ethics to the Church of England; Ellen Townsend, professor of psychology and director of self-harm research at Nottingham university; Dr Kathryn Mannix, consultant in palliative care; and Professor Michael Hauskeller, head of the department of philosophy at Liverpool university.”

      An interesting cross-section of modern British life! A panel of four, of which three women: two Muslim, one Jewish. The guests are divided equally between the genders (always assuming there are only two!) and of course Michael Buerk chaired. Not a bad programme, though the Moral Maze can end up going round in circles at times.


  14. StewGreen says:

    Journalist are the biggest victims are they
    Times Oct 24
    Journalists will be protected by new laws that require social media companies to take responsibility for threats and abusive material on their platforms.
    Ministers have established a national committee for the safety of journalists in the face of increased hostility.
    In particular, *young women reporters* in the regional and local media have been targeted, and some have left the job out of fear for their wellbeing.

    Ministers are about to publish plans for legislation to tackle online hatred.

    Comments don’t load for me

    The article focused on a Liverpool Echo journo and gave examples of hurty words he had received due to people thinking his Covid reporting was alarmist. Then it says in January a man who had made death threats to him, was jailed for two and a half years.
    Hang on those are two completely different things.

    Then it spoke of a Belfast journo who said police had been failing to act on threats she received, after she said who she thought it was.
    Hang on that is also a bit tough
    “oh I’ve had an anonymous threat so police must arrest Bob cos that is who I think it was”


  15. StewGreen says:

    The 39 dead migrants : I see in the court case
    The day before a French carer had phoned the gendarmes after seeing 9 of them get dropped off and then get into a lorry, leaving one guy behind cos he turned up after they’d left.
    and the French police had turned up.
    That shows to me that the French police are not jut ignoring the issue, even though they failed to prevent anything further.


  16. StewGreen says:

    Right wing terrorism ?
    Court case on 23rd Oct the usual suspects were shouting that
    cos a guy called Cavan Medlock was annoyed about lawfare by immigration protection lawyers so had on September 7th
    “walked into a solicitors office carrying a knife, nazi flag and confederate flag with the intention to murder a particular immigration solicitor”
    OK he was charged with preparing an act of terrorism.
    But I am think Lizzie Deaden and all stretch it
    with their headlines “: An alleged far-right extremist has been charged with attempting to launch a terror attack on a solicitors’ firm in London.”

    FFS the thing though tragic is comical, as if he should have been carrying a copy of Mein Kamf as well
    Terrorism is an active organised campaign by groups.
    Lone pyscho nutters are a different thing, probably reflecting a failure or the social work system.
    We shouldn’t be doing this false equivalence with actual ongoing actual terrorist groups.

    He didn’t appear in court live or by video, co he refused to put clothes on.
    He faces a trial on 17 May.

    Context \\ Duncan Lewis Solicitors, who have blocked the deportation of many illegal immigrants, and who have pocketed £55 million in legal aid, offer ‘support’ to would-be immigrants in Calais.//
    Seems to be a front name, as it was started by someone with a Hindu name.


    • StewGreen says:

      Of course many claim Priti Patel’s statement about ‘activist lawyers’ CAUSED the event.
      But she said it on October 6th whereas the event happened a month earlier on September 3rd.

      I’m sure that the same kind of psycho guys also make threats against Farages’s office
      and I wouldn’t call that terrorism either.
      It would be wrong to say these lawyer should have special protection on social media that is not afforded to Farage.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Name ?


      • StewGreen says:

        @Fed both the name of the arrested guy and law firm are there in my 11:58am post


        • StewGreen says:

          Missing context : The reporters didn’t mention such immigration lawyers have been fined and truck off etc.
          On Oct 17th The Times did an article about problematic immigration lawyers.
          That law firm Duncan Lewis is not entirely innocent.
          One of their lawyers was struck off for defrauding an asylum seeker.
          She got him to pay £2,400 into her personal account.
          When in fact he would have probably got legal aid
          She was struck off in January although the Times only reported it in October.
          Furthermore it reported that staff and Duncan Lewis travelled to Calais and touted for business from migrants, whose costs are almost always paid for by the taxpayer.

          Another law firm Malik and Malik run by brothers Nazeer & Saleem earned thousands from bogus asylum claims involving bringing tactical judicial reviews designed to prevent claimants being removed from the UK.
          Many of these cases had no merit at all, so were unlikely to succeed, judges complained. So there was a fine of £20K.
          Yet the brothers are still practicing … The Times leader called for such lawyers to be struck off


  17. Fedup2 says:

    Macron is being urged to have ann’islamic’ envoy to explain policy

    Here are the essential skills

    1able to run fast
    2,willing to wear a bullet and stab vest
    3 abilty to say ‘ surrender’ in arabic
    4 life insurance

    Christians , jews , sihks,Gays and girls need not apply

    There may be a sooni or cher position …

    Islamic terrorists pretending to be ‘reformed ‘are not welcome and might choose another continent ….


  18. Nibor says:

    Sorry to bang on about this subject ( although the BBC does )

    Donald Trump did not say inject or drink bleach .

    If a BBC liar went into a supermarket , he could go to the aisle for cleaning products . On one shelf he would see disinfectants , and further away he would see shelves of –
    bleach .
    Not lumped together . always separated . Why ?

    The BBC , needing disinfectant in all it broadcasts .


    • StewGreen says:

      Trump’s biggest achievement is to draw out and expose metroliberal media as #FakeNews, that it places its dogma and pet agendas abve truth
      so is willing to spin and lie … yet then say we have to TRUST Greta and Attenborough and Neil Ferguson etc.


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Stew – we are witnessing a full scale assault from the BLM/Antifa crowd (see Kamala, OAC, Ilhan Omar etc) on the ‘traditional’ US system. Mass immigration has changed everything, and will continue to do, as in Europe.
        The California that now is a safe Democrat state with its massive 55 electoral votes, once elected Ronald Reagan as Governor. The same is happening in the Arizonas of this world.
        The Fake News is merely part of the problem, albeit a very big part. Fox News is the latest recruit to the “left-wing” cause, with one or two honourable exceptions.
        It’s going to be a struggle. Trump took it on with the energy of 10 much younger men. BoJo doesn’t even begin to compare!
        The ‘West’ has been cowered into submission by the threat of the ‘racist’ label, which was liberally applied to Trump. A virus came along and conveniently closed us all down, as well as helping Biden (in reality Kamala) in the US.
        I think I may have mentioned that Antifa comes to us from Germany of the 30s, where -as Antifaschistische Aktion- is was part of the Communist effort. (Don’t think for one minute Merkel is a ‘Christian Democrat’) Who would have thought, when Ronnie was President, the US would fall to Communism?
        Certainly not me.


  19. BRISSLES says:

    More revelations emerging about the underhand fakery instigated by Martin Bashir on his Princess Di interview. Freedom of Information has released documents which her brother has pounced on, and has put the spotlight firmly on the dodgy dealings, cover ups and denials at the heart of the BBC. Tom Mangold once a reporter on Panorama has written an excellent but excoriating article in today’s D/Mail….


    Well worth a read.


  20. StewGreen says:

    Also Oct 24 “Yoof” obsessed Blairite James Purnell, who knew nothing about Broadcasting or Education, is leaving the BBC & his £315,000 pa salary after being dropped from the Board.
    He’s to become President & Vice- Chancellor of the University of the Arts London .. in April

    Cornelius Lysaght said he doubted anyone at the Beeb was ‘vaguely sorry’ to see him go, before referencing the former PM Tony Blair protégé’s role in a failed coup against Gordon Brown, the shrinking of his constituency’s majority when he took over and the doctoring of a photo showing him outside a hospital during a visit when he was, in fact, not there.
    ‘Hate is too big a word for me but his talentless contribution to BBC is surely regretted by many,’ added Lysaght for good measure.


  21. Doobster78 says:

    Can’t believe Trump ends up losing this. Gutted.

    Was all done and dusted halfway thru the night !!!!!

    That’s voting fraud for you !!!!


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Doob- I know how you feel. But, take heart, the Fat Lady hasn’t finished singing yet…
      And Trump ain’t no BoJo.


      • Doobster78 says:

        True. The fall out could be good to watch. Although the BBC etc seem to 100% know there was no fraud !!!!


        Be interesting to see how the BBC treat Biden, guessing kid gloves.


  22. StewGreen says:

    Emma Yeomans wrote this Times article that read a if it is a full page advert by the Kent refugee network

    There is a pattern with Times comments
    in that if the writer writes like a Guardian writer they get a kicking in the comments. (you have to be paid subscriber to comment.)

    The top comment is against open borders
    “citizens of these countries seem to think that Western Europe and the UK. are the answer to their problems and will be heading our way.If everyone is content for this to continue without an end in sight then fair enough but I am not of that viewpoint.”
    However all the other comment seem to be written by migrant supporters.
    A couple of others allude to that their comments were deleted.

    A couple also mention the weird bit of the article which describes his journey to Greece, but then say he has forgotten how he got from Greece to the Jungle. They ask why these people didn’t seek aylum en route
    The writer pops her head up to offer a defence
    He also explains that the people smugglers were bent on getting him to the U.K., most likely because that is where they had been paid to take him (without his knowledge). There was never an option to stop anywhere else, especially as a young child in the hands of criminals.

    Tweets about the article often come from Refugee charities
    eg 2 from Ed Milliband’s “International Rescue Committee”


    • StewGreen says:

      Iran is not at war , and the article never mention what he was supposed to be fleeing.
      Rather it’s an article which will be passed around and encourage even more illegals.


    • StewGreen says:

      Exactly one week after the Times had a 2 page spread
      “Smugglers lure migrants to UK with promises of warm welcome”

      “In Iran internet searches in Farsi throw up page after enticing page facilitating transit to Britain. “
      FFS your own paper ran just such an advert last week

      People traffickers are luring would-be Iranian migrants towards Britain with the promise of plentiful high-paying jobs, a warm welcome from non-racist locals and good weather.

      The gangs openly advertise routes to Europe along with fake or stolen passports for sale on Instagram and other social media sites, holding up Britain as a prize destination. The family of five who drowned this week in the English Channel trying to reach England were Iranian Kurds who are believed to have travelled through Europe with the help of trafficking gangs.

      Many pages stress the advantages of travelling to the UK over other European countries, saying that it is easier to claim asylum and that work is better paid. One caption under a photograph of the Houses of Parliament claims Britain’s average income is more than £65,000.


      • StewGreen says:

        In the week between those 2 articles an Iranian family drowned in the Channel.


      • StewGreen says:

        I turn over the page in Saturday’s Times and there is a puff about all the BLACK people Idris Elba admires

        Same page : “Iranian bodybuilder jailed for ending impersonator to take his driving test
        Been in England since 2016 when he sought asylum and was given leave to remain.

        The other page is about a Russian woman tying up UK courts with enforcing her £453m divorce payout.


  23. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Remember those seven ‘Nigerians’ who hijacked a tanker and were floating about in the channel until the SBS landed on it and took it from them, about a week or two ago.

    They, all seven, are out on bail, let loose in our Country.
    Just as the terrorist threat has gone up and several attacks have recently happened in France and Austria.

    What a fine legal system we have with such compassionate judges who will be well out of harms way if anything kicks off.


  24. taffman says:

    Emmanuel Goldstein
    Many people I know are losing patience with this government’s hard line with the people of the UK and yet turn soft with illegal foreigners.
    Have the judges already forgotten the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing ?


    • Van Helsing says:


      Frankly, I doubt that many of our Judges ever really cared about them. To them, law is merely a game – an intellectual exercise, replete with semantics and sophistry.


  25. StewGreen says:

    Grindr Killer Couple Found Guilty of Murder: Diana Christea, who was 18 at the time, and her boyfriend Joel Osei (25) injected Adrian Murphy with the drug Scopolamine so they could rob him
    .. Osei is a Ghanaian name
    “Christea” i a Romanian surname


  26. Fedup2 says:

    Very distressing pictures of a nurse trying to get her 97 year old mother out of a care home – being arrested . Daughter videoed it … Britain -authoritarian state …Lawrence fox put it up


  27. StewGreen says:

    Multinational eco-propaganda outfit’s advert are run in Rickmansworth school


  28. StewGreen says:

    Times had a 2 page advert from the FA
    all it says i that FA has anti-racism material to give to schools.


  29. Doublethinker says:

    Decent article in the zTimes by Roger Boyes re Islam in Europe, including f course the UK . He rightly says that Macron is saying the right things ,following up with action is another matter of course , and he then contrasts that with our bunch of limp wristed cowardly fools.
    He goes to say that the liberal ‘intellegencia’ have longed assumed that Muslim would shed their medieval beliefs and undergo some form of reformation as they were exposed to western liberalism . That they haven’t is a profound shock to the liberals which they are unable to come to terms with.
    I think that Macron is being forced to say the ‘right’ thing because of the pressure of Le Pen. If only we had a party that regarded Islam as incompatible with western values and was able to force the daft politicians to face up to the reality of the catastrophic situation they have and are still creating.
    The Readers comments are about 95% ones which users of this site would agree with.
    I find it interesting that the Woke Times allows quite forthright comments, although a few of mine have been pulled, on terror attacks whereas the Telegraph never allows any comments about islamic attacks. I wonder if they are trying to interest a Muslim buyer , the owners have been trying to see it for some time.


  30. taffman says:

    “Covid: MPs vote to back four-week England lockdown”.

    Its ok for the MPs, for many are career politicians who have never done a real day’s work in their life and will continue to draw their salaries and ‘expenses’.
    IMHO BoJo will be gone by Christmas, because many Tory MPs are not happy with his and his scientist’s decisions. They take us all for fools .
    The Reform Party – take note .


    • Oaknash says:

      I see your point but I dont think the “World King” will go until he has completed his agenda 21 task. This I believe is to carry on until there are no small and medium sized businesses left. We have seen how Boris knows that we know his figures are still BS yet still he carries on with this utter madness.

      I expect this is also part of some sort of plan to push us back into Europe.


  31. StewGreen says:

    The Times scours the world for BLM stuff it can publih;
    so this Saturday one article was about a black model whose family told her America is too dangerous for black people.
    – Then there is another slavery book review.
    The book call the Interest aims to but the myth that idea that all Britain’s wanted slavery to be abolished, by explaining there was a big pro-slavery PR group it calls The Interest.
    It says they spent 20,000 per year £1.2million at today’ value
    … well that’s nothing. Maybe there i a mitake in the author maths.
    Likewise later on it says that 592 Britons died 1809-1874 with a “slave earned fortune of £100K each (6 million at today’s value)”
    If bought some land, ran some ships and prospered whilst other failed at the same thing, how does one separate what was slave earnt or not ?

    Another book review is of a Biden biography
    it says that clearly the negative bits were left out.


  32. StewGreen says:

    Slavery news from 2018
    There 592,000 laves there


  33. Richard Pinder says:

    Satire by Dr DeAth:

    A mass epidemic of Hypochondria has been induced by the BBC. Those who had Hypochondria in 2018 have committed suicide. Those wearing masks in shops are next. Those who still haven’t got Hypochondria will commit suicide after going bankrupt or being given a £1,000 fine. The seven sages of SAGE believe they are exempt from this Great Tribulation.

    Also, I remember watching a film about Winston Churchill. The Boris Johnson/Lord Halifax character said “I believe there is no alternative but to surrender to the Lockdown/Germans”. But the Winston Churchill/Nigel Farage character said “We shall never surrender”


  34. StewGreen says:

    Times review : The Age of Static by Phil Harrison
    Harrison, a regular writer for The Guardian, wears his world view in much the same manner

    … says its dependence on the government of the day for the renewal of its charter weakens its impartiality.
    Yet Harrison pushes it a bit when he implies that the funding structure has contaminated Broadcasting House with — wait for it — right-wing bias.
    His evidence — “the BBC’s sympathetic reporting of the coalition’s austerity programme” and Fiona Bruce’s treatment of Diane Abbott on Question Time — doesn’t stack up.
    Harrison is also sniffy about public interest in large star salaries, attacking those newspapers that show an interest in a subject that many people feel strongly about.
    Harrison doesn’t, in the end, show how TV explains modern Britain

    The review ends strangely
    “He takes it all personally. Just like those Rotherham mums.”
    That’s a joke on his opening line about a set of Rotherham mothers boycotting Jamie Oliver’s school dinner ideas.
    I find the phrase in poor taste.


  35. StewGreen says:

    Just looked at the book charts
    When you look at non fiction the top 6 of the paper back charts is normal

    but the other 4 and the top of the hard back chart
    are all wokes like James O’Brien, Caroline Criado Perez, Attenborough etc.
    I guess they are popular with the people that arrange the book in front of the shop etc.


  36. vlad says:

    These guys were on-the-ball yesterday, and funny.

    They continue their coverage today.


    • vlad says:

      Includes footage of fraud in Detroit, with votes apparently wheeled in, unchecked, in dead of night.


  37. vlad says:

    Dr Turley exposes the election fraud, including the collusion between Democrat governors and the media, which he calls a coup d’etat.


  38. theleftwilleatitself says:

    Anyone watching ‘The Paedophile Derby’ tonight, it’s Rotherham v Luton 🤔
    I wonder what some of the crowd chants are… 👍🏻
    Any suggestions 😅


  39. Northern Voter says:

    Has anybody seen the new Amazon ad? Extremely Bame. Still if you only have warehouses and no stores, you’re never going to be looted are you?


  40. taffman says:

    “Brexit: Differences remain over trade deal, say UK and EU”
    I bet that’s Fish and they want us as a vassal state.
    They think that they have BoJo in the corner since the US election results.


  41. vlad says:

    They’re trying to steal the President’s election victory.


  42. Guest Who says:

    In lockstep.


  43. StewGreen says:

    The Time’s corrections column
    ‘We said Victorian philanthropist if George Peabody made money from the slave trade, … we now accept there is no evidence of this’

    Another story tells of a stateless Palestinian MUSLIM family now gaining Spanish citizenship on the grounds that they are descended from Jews expelled from Spain 500 year ago.
    strangely one of the daughters already lives in Birmingham where he is a student.


  44. Jeff says:

    Boris has promised we’ll be out of lockdown by early December and we’ll have the virus licked by the spring.

    Oh Christ, it’s even worse than I feared.

    Judging from his recent pronouncements…
    We’re going to be inside longer than The Great Train Robbers.


  45. StewGreen says:

    Times book review .. “The Mournable Body” is shortlisted for the Booker
    but in a pattern The Times say ‘black writer’s book is shortlisted for the Booker Prize but it’s not very good’
    The Review title is “Fated to Fail”
    The lead character is written to be a black fool on the writer’s premise that he think society/media only ever mourns WHITE victims of terrorism ..hence white people are mournable and black are not.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Well judging by the mourning the lady who was killed by Muslim terrorists whilst in church praying last week in France maybe coloured victims don’t get the ‘treatment ‘ or is that something …. different ? … some lives matter less ….


      • Guest Who says:

        The coverage of Christian Slaughter of Color is likewise low to zero.

        So there might be other factors.


  46. StewGreen says:

    Kicking out the white men
    Radio4 has the Women’s Hour prog which is all about women and nothing else
    on the premise that most of the rest of the schedule is about men
    Surely that is no longer true !
    Every day with week the 9am show has been about women with a female presenter and female guests
    The exception is today one of the 4 people was a black man
    and Thursday Melvin presents but the topic is Mary Astell (born 1666) “the first English feminist”
    quotation : “If all Men are born Free, why are all Women born Slaves?”
    .. (Funny cos HD Thoreau said farmers are slaves to their animals)
    Oh one of the 3 panellists is a man

    Friday the National Trust female director is interviewed by a woman again


  47. taffman says:

    “Covid: MPs vote to back four-week England lockdown”

    Police are going to clamp down hard on lockdown breakers .
    Will they clamp down on illegal invaders?
    I bet that there are a lot of angry Tory voters and supporters out there . This must be the worst Conservative government in the history of this country?


  48. taffman says:

    “Brexit: Differences remain over trade deal, say UK and EU”
    We should have walked away a long time ago. Trade deals with the Commonwealth should have been driven at more pace.


  49. Fedup2 says:

    The story I put up here yesterday about a daughter being arrested for rescuing her mother now features in three telegraph ….. HMP Northgate House – in York – is meant to be a ‘care home ‘ ..but when the daughter took her 97 mum out the care home /prison made an allegation of assault against the daughter and she was arrested on the way home .

    There must be consequences for making such allegations – expensive ones .

    The daughter was in arrested and the old lady is now with her family ..


  50. infoquest says:

    I’ve just moved into a new world – JHB on TalkRADIO.
    What a breath of fresh air! Talks a lot, but knows her stuff.