US Election Special Thread 3/4 November 2020

Victory of Defeat – or something else . This thread is intended to monitor the bias of the BBC output until someone wins the US Election.

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363 Responses to US Election Special Thread 3/4 November 2020

  1. Doobster78 says:

    Amazing isn’t it.

    Any allegations , no matter how spurious , against Trump in the last 4 years have been cheerleaded by the BBC .

    Report after report into any claim. . Sopel, Zurcher, Katty can’t tweet \ retweet enough as soon as there is any gossip.

    Now we have real proof of voter fraud, it’s EVERYWHERE.

    We even had Biden telling us they had put together a comprehensive package of voter fraud. Many said he didn’t know what he was saying …..if course he did ????. He knew ok.

    But still, according to all the scum media, trumps allegations are false, misleading and dangerous !!!!!!

    Not one person at the BBC interested. How strange.

    Now just imagine if Trump has ACTUALLY said they had sorted massive voter fraud and then we had these results and allegations. They would NEVER let it go.

    They make me sick !!!!!


  2. Doobster78 says:

    Yep. Covid is now over in the USA now Biden been declared. All these folk here were sure it was a deadly plague last week.and it would have reckless endangerment of life to be out with others !!!!

    Not to mention it was too dangerous to attend a polling station and Trump was irresponsible


  3. Up2snuff says:

    I have just posted (I found I was signed in there thanks to TheConWoman and me forgetting to sign out) on the ‘Is the BBC Biased?’ web-site. Four years seems to go very quickly these days and I have remembered how Jon Sopel reacted to Donald Trump’s win in 2016 and all the predictions he, Jon Sopel, made.

    Impeached before a year is out.
    Gone from the White House by Christmas. (2017)
    Out of office by the mid-terms.
    Still facing possible impeachment.
    First President to not serve a full term since Richard Nixon.

    All wrong. I hope someone finds clips of Sopel’s broadcasts about President Trump and gets them linked together. Afraid I’m out of touch these days with an engineer friend who might have put that together for me.

    It struck me though that it would be kind of ironic if Jon Sopel’s failed predictions for President Trump became true for President Elect Biden? Impeached for Election Fraud before a year is out? And Kamala Harris steps up as another unelected female Leader, just like Theresa May. Whatever happened to her?


  4. Doobster78 says:

    BBC , nothing to see here !!!!!!

    Am Hoping Afghanistan or Iraq invades the USA to PROTECT democracy !!!!!!!


    • JohnC says:

      They don’t need to invade Doobster. They will be invited in under the bizarre idea the Lefties have that everyone in the world just wants to be good to each other.
      They have no idea what life is like in those countries.


  5. JohnC says:

    It occured to me the other day that since the USA election started, I can’t recall a single positive story about Trump or a single negative story about Biden. It seems all accusations of sexual assault and corruption and his clear mental decline have been totally ignored.

    The real story for me here is that we cannot have real democracy when the news and information we are fed has such bias. Looking how close this result is, I wonder what the result would have been without biased media.
    I think the root of the problem is that Lefties are by nature ‘thinkers’, not ‘doers’ who are intolerant of those with different opinions and want to force the world to change to what THEY think is best and hence are far more likely to enter journalism – whereas right-wing people tend to be too busy dealing with the real world.

    The problem has been increased exponentially with the internet and social media. It is now my firm belief that it will eventually destroy Western civilisation as we know it.


  6. Liberals are Medically-Proven Psychopaths says:

    Biden hasn’t won shit.

    Here’s another one for the ‘no evidence’ category – video evidence of clear fraud or at the very least massively unreliable vote counting practices on CNN of all places. Note at the end that the FBI is already investigating this, yet another highly credible legal challenge the BBC refuses to acknowledge in its rush to celebrate.

    In the end though, if the following video is accurate – and the source is certainly a lot more credible than those claiming ‘no evidence’ – then Trump has had this planned all along and has completely outsmarted the Democrats and their media allies yet again.

    I almost chuckle now, knowing what we do, at how much the BBC and liberals in general are going to lose their minds when Trump is proven 100% and the DNC are disqualified and prosecuted. Please share these links around and make sure any contacts you may have in the republican party or even just allies in the UK who can keep the pressure up on social media are made aware of just how much corruption there has been in this election, and how likely it is that Trump will in fact be president for he next four years when all is said and done.