433 Responses to Start the week Thread 2 November 2020

  1. StewGreen says:

    The virus will always be out there
    Lockdowns just play hide & seek with it
    When we come out of hiding it comes out to play again

    BBC staff get full pay on lockdowns
    Is it a wonder they believe lockdowns save more human-life-days
    than is LOST due to deaths from lockdown effects


    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew, there seem to be an impressive number of irresponsible people prepared to take a chance with the viruses. Especially young people, it appears, from two weekend ‘Raves’ and BAME people, if the Shishi Bar in Birmingham is anything to go by.

      Did the PM mention personal responsibility in his address to the nation (minus Scotland, minus Wales, minus Northern Ireland) I wonder? And the NHS starting to take responsibility for themselves and their situation instead of constantly blaming (Conservative) Government and constantly just wanting more money as a solution.


      • Jeff says:

        Up2, with respect, I think you’ve missed the point…
        The virus isn’t killing any more people than we usually lose during this time of the year to flu and pneumonia. The five year mortality figures are nigh on identical. Amazingly, this year, deaths to these two maladies have massively decreased while being replaced by covid.

        Kids are letting off steam because they have to. They know our inept PM is about to imprison them again, for at least a month, though I suspect longer.
        The lockdown has failed. The three tier system was worse than useless.

        Whitty and Vallance are resorting to a sort of scientific superstition. It makes me think of pagans slaughtering virgins to make sure their crops would provide a decent harvest. If the crops failed they believed they hadn’t murdered a sufficient number of young women.

        There is a success story. Not perfect, but a heck of a lot better than this semi permanent imprisonment we’re being reduced to.

        No lockdowns, no masks, no imprisoning their population…



        • Up2snuff says:

          Jeff, I could make the same response, you have missed the obvious points. The virus(es) are still around. As Stew says, we’ll have to live with them – as we do with colds and ‘flu’ – for some time. I corrected Stew on his over-estimate of deaths the other day (he was using the BBC’s ‘drama queen’ figure) and deaths from Covid-19 according to Professor Calum Semple (he’s not keen on Lockdowns) are running at 0.2% per 100,000 infected (he was interviewed on R4 at weekend lunchtime, IIRC) but even he admits they could go to 15% per 100,000.

          However the key point that everyone is missing in our informal, undeclared Civil War and that the PM has grasped is that come what may, HMG is a hostage to the NHS. There are no two ways about it. The NHS is not just dependent on bed capacity (and Civil Servants have been constantly cutting that over the years, even under a Labour Govt) but it is dependent on staffing.

          Consider this. Female nurses of certain ages: wake up before due to go on shift, feel hot, take temperature and are feverish, they are on the ‘phone to work “Maybe I had better quarantine myself.” Same with all nurses, any gender, any age, waking up with a sniffle from a cold or the shivers from ordinary ‘flu’ and is on the phone to work “I have a symptom.” “Is it Covid?” “It might be, I had better quarantine.”

          There’s no need for a Trade Union to call a strike in the NHS now and face public opprobrium. All the staff need to do to hold the Government to ransom via Covid-19 symptons, real, undiagnosed symptoms or imagined undiagnosed symptoms.

          The only armoury HMG has is statistics but they already have the NHS miscounting on deaths and undermining them on that score and there is no guarantee that the Civil Servants at the ONS are neutral in this war. The BBC are certainly not. I would really like to know who arranged to change the data displayed here, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51768274 from county-wide to Local Authority district. I can no longer trust the BBC. Was it them? Or was it PH(England)? Or was it the ONS?

          Then, because HMG relied on a small group in March, known as SAGE (that appeared to be very light on virologists) for their advice, you have Whitty and Vallance who are both prone to panic but also like to damp a finger, hold it in the prevailing breeze, and state “We could have 40,000 people dying every month from the Covid virus.” We could. It hasn’t happened yet. It is probably highly unlikely.

          However, they key to that scenario takes me back to my reply above to Stew; that all depends on the behaviours of people and the examples from last week were not encouraging in that regard.


          • StewGreen says:

            @Up2snuff “deaths from Covid-19 according to Professor Calum Semple are running at 0.2% per 100,000 infected

            What the heck is that metric ?
            Death rate stat is either a *percentage* of infected
            OR number *per* 100,000 infected
            You can’t mangle them both

            BTW I did realise something this morning
            when I heard the respected JPA Ioninides using a stat of 0.15-0.2%.
            That sounds like what you were talking about, and what Yeadon quotes
            BUT that is not the “death rate per infection”
            Rather it’s a completely different metric “likely death rate over the ENTIRE *POPULATION*”

            The reason why it is so much lower than “death rate per infection” is cos say 30% of people already have natural Tcell immunity

            Given 67 million in the UK Ioninides 0.2% stat
            gives us 0.2 x 670,000 = 134,000 MAXIMUM possible deaths

            We have already had 47K With-Covid deaths
            That’ a third of the max, so suggests one third of the population have come into contact with a full infection load
            I don’t think that can be true
            Why ? cos that would show up in antibody tests
            I sill think UK has had about only 5 million infections


            “I corrected Stew on his over-estimate of deaths the other day ”
            No you didn’t
            I checked my maths and it was right
            I now suspect as I just said you were using a different metric
            but that this was not clear from your wording
            I see there oN Oct 24th You suggested the 46K stat is an over estimate
            I agree
            but it can’t be that much lower otherwise we wouldn’t have had such a huge pike in excess deaths. Could be 25K I uppose

            I see that OCTOBER 27, 2020 AT 11:02 PM I suggested to you that even though the death rate per infection is 2%
            Few under 50 dies
            So yes if you compartmentalise you can say the under 50 death rate per infection is 0.15% or something.


            • Up2snuff says:

              Stew, I was just quoting – albeit from unreliable memory – what Calum Semple said.

              BTW, Stew, if you type 100,000 into a calculator and then hit the multiply button and then type in 2 or 0.2 (or whatever) and then hit the equals button, what do you get?

              I think you will find that it’s a number. Apologies for being a bit sarcastic but different science & medicine disciplines (virology/pharmacy/epidimiology/respiratory) probably have a standard measurement that is different from each other. A percentage of a 100,000 is quite legitimate in that discipline.

              The BBC use that 46,000 death number I suspect because it is large enough to be scary to some viewers and listeners. It probably includes influenza deaths, severe asthma deaths with/without a severe (common) cold. We know that we do not have accurate figures for Covid-19 deaths in this part of the UK thanks to Public Health (England).


              • Up2snuff says:

                corrn: please add hit percentage button at the appropriate place in the calculator illustration.


    • Sluff says:

      On a TfL train today.

      There was an announcement to make sure we all were wearing masks over our noses and mouths.
      At the exact time of this announcement a black female train ticket inspector was standing by the door with her mask pulled down To her chin !!!!!

      You just can’t make it up.

      It just takes a few percent of cocky tossers who refuse to play by the rules to screw it up for all the rest of us.
      And they have.
      Enjoy Thursday.


  2. Fedup2 says:

    Whilst plod was busily arresting TR for nothing apart from trying to kill him again – the londonistan murder count has hit 4 stabbing murders and a shooting murder last night . 2 serious stabbings in lammy land – tottenham

    Suspect descriptions are sparce – which is MSM code for non white …

    The fatal explosion in stratfordistan is … indeterminate….

    Maybe the latest lockdown with control the feral / third worlders but i doubt it …


  3. JimS says:

    My thoughts on weekend listening/viewing the BBC:

    Radio 4’s continuity announcer has moved on from describing The Hotel as ‘deliciously unsettling’ to ‘deliciously spine-chilling’. Personally I don’t understand why it was made.

    Feedback continues to not give unsolicited feedback from listeners but instead has Jon Sopel telling us that he is impartial and that Biden is boring but vote for him anyway as sure as hell he won’t be held to account. A couple of captive Asians come pretty close to saying they don’t want to be called Asians and do say that they don’t listen to the BBC’s divisive Asian Network.

    BBC Four tries to kill of interest in Scand-noir by putting on four hours on Saturday. Less is more BBC.

    Not the BBC’s idea presumably, but why does DNA cast the 74 year-old Charlotte Rampling as a rude French police officer. She should have been able to draw her police pension 17 years earlier and her state pension 12 years earlier. Hardly Laure of Spiral! In The Bridge Henrick puts a prisoner in the back of his car – how does Saga cope with her two-door Porsche?

    And finally, ITV serves up more Black people in half-an-hour than I see in a year. Didn’t the Advertising Standards Authority once use the slogan ‘legal, decent and honest’? Surely it can’t be legal to employ all these actors on the basis of race and it is hardly honest to portray the UK as 98% black?


    • Guest Who says:

      SurLenny is in talks to reprise Jonny from the Fast Show.


      I suspect a whitewash.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Courageous of you to be watching it . The only thing i ‘took’ was ‘from our own snowflake correspondent’ –
      Many of whom sound like friends of the producer for all the explanation they provide ….
      Even the soccer ball isnt worth it …..


  4. digg says:

    BBC website runs an article with David Attenborough


    Attenborough: The excesses of capitalism must be ‘curbed’
    Sir David Attenborough tells ‘What Planet Are We On’ podcast presenter Liz Bonnin that the excesses of capitalism have to be “curbed” to help the natural world “flourish again”.

    The renowned broadcaster says “greed does not actually lead to joy” and Western countries must learn to live with “a little less” if they are to become sustainable.

    Let see what our Dave is worth then!


    Yep, thats $35 million dollars or around £24 million quid….

    learn to live with a little less is of course for us lot, not him.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I bet when he pops his clogs he wont be hit for it inheritance tax ….

      … bet he is ‘off shore ‘ in oil shares …


      • Scroblene says:

        “… bet he is ‘off shore ‘ in oil shares …”

        That’s pollution, that is…


  5. Fedup2 says:

    As a regular gambler i i looked at a certain ireland based bookie and saw the President Trump ‘ specials’ -which are affected by wokism with regard to Mr Trump .
    It includes a bet that mo farah will be deported … but says nothing about Sopel , BS , Bryant or the rest of the BBC army of beauties …


  6. Doobster78 says:

    Sky now on the school closure bandwagon.

    Who better to have a opinion on it than Andy Burnham. That’s the massive anti government, pro trade union Andy Burnham.

    For some reason, he seems to get a awful lot of air time with the MsM !!!!


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Burnham, a true cock of the north, with an opposite view on just about everything.

      Not unlike Suckweer Charmer.

      Glad I don’t pay for SLY News.


  7. andyjsnape says:

    Anyone else noticed that the bBC and joined at the hips MSN, are reporting on US people buying guns/rifles, in case the election goes the way the beeb doesn’t want it to

    I so hope that President Trump gets re-elected


    • StewGreen says:

      Farage just said “Washington is being boarded up
      that is for fear of Trump winning & the LEFT kicking off, and not accepting it”


    • Up2snuff says:

      ajs, I’m no fan of Trump but I hope he doesn’t just get re-elected but he wins with a landslide. Some of the Democrats (ironic in view of the Party name) probably will not accept it even then but at least the President will be able to justify a crackdown on any rioting and looting in the aftermath of the Election.

      In 2016, that came immediately after the election and in the following weekend (Election day was a Thursday that year) and it is difficult for a new President to take action in the Transition Period. In reality, it was Barak Obama who should have cracked down on the rioters but …..

      The worst possible outcome, in my view, will be a narrow win by either Candidate or a Biden victory.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Peter Hitchens’s jut recommended this article
    saying “The full term of Covid catching to death is 4 weeks
    So when we locked down on March 23rd and peak death came on April 8th and started declining, it is NOT possible that decline was DUE to lockdown (it was already built into the system)”


  9. Fedup2 says:

    In prep for the US election ive been rewatching The West Wing . Ok its liberal and pre woke … but …. spoilere alert … series 2 of 7 covers a president who has MS but didnt declare it during his election campaign ….
    Funny how i thought of Biden ..,
    The other thing about The West Wing is how smug it is ….


    • BRISSLES says:

      Fed, where are you watching it ? Unless I buy the box set I cant find it on Sky Demand. Have tried through All4 but its not registering via Sky. Thanks.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Bris – smug answer alert …I got the box set in a charidee shop ..or £5….. I saw that c4 is running it but I don’t ‘do’ C4 anymore …

        Elsewhere,,,it seems like I am becoming ‘a stranded expat ‘ – I must be coming into the ‘victim’ category which BBC News loves so much … the plight of staying on the coast where the sun shines from 0745 to 1830…. oh the suffering ….


        • Up2snuff says:

          It was good quality TV, even down to the replica WH. The characterisation seemed pretty good to me (one of the strengths of the cop shows, HSBs and H:LotSs and the original CSI) all very believable.


  10. andyjsnape says:

    Top of the pops, i didn’t realise that the last show was hosted by the beebs own Jimmy Savile, and didn’t go out with a bang apparently



  11. Doobster78 says:

    To have a President who so clearly loves his country with a passion must be a dream. And so many Americans want to throw it away !!!!!!

    The economy, the jobs, the record employment of blacks etc, work on North Korea, peace deals in middle East etc, absolutely not one iota of credit from the DISGRACEFUL MSM.

    This guy deserves so much more respect. It’s truly disgusting how he has been hounded by the left these past 4 years.

    Hoping and praying for 4 more years.


  12. tarien says:

    Getting close to that time of year, so here is a little Poem that says so much to us all.


    I am not a badge of honour,
    I am not a racist smear,
    I am not a fashion statement,
    To be worn but once a year
    I am not glorification
    Of conflict or of war.
    I am not a paper ornament
    A token, I am more.
    I am a loving memory,
    Of a father or a son,
    A permanent reminder
    Of each and every one.
    I’m paper or enamel
    I’m old or shining new,
    I’m a way of saying thank you,
    To every one of you.
    I am a simple poppy
    A Reminder to you all,
    That courage faith and honour,
    Will stand where heroes fall


  13. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    A strange lot, the lefties.

    Howling with outrage because they think some children are not getting enough food yet silence about the tens of thousands of little schoolgirls being raped, gangbanged, drugged, tortured and generally passed around for old men’s sexual gratification.

    All we get is the odd handful of faces shown in a newspaper saying this or that ‘grooming gang’ charged with something or other but is only the tiniest fraction of the industrial scale of the sex crimes being carried out by these people.

    You would think one or two out of the millions who are going potty about some teenager missing a meal because the parents are useless would notice these goings on.


    • Guest Who says:

      Picking up on the blatant selectivity and hypocrisy concocted by the left, between NGOs, pol parties, charities and their media shills, I just got this from one of the outfits the bbc likes to use as representing the nation as much as they do not either, 38 BeeGees:

      Jesse Norman under pressure in Hereford and South Herefordshire

      Is he? No, because he voted against pubs being shovelled cash to give single mums their daily Stella whilst the brood is stuck in the childminding area with cones of chips.

      Want to put pressure on your MP to support free school meals for hungry kinds? Order a poster for your window here

      No. I want him to do the job he was elected to do, and not dance to the daft tunes of yuppie activists in nice flats in London.

      And the money for idiot posters could go to those genuinely in need, and not the feral toe rags who only use eggs in the fridge to ‘trick’ all the OAP homes in the area as they dare not answer the door to entitled thugs who know they are immune from discipline.


    • Banania says:

      And these odd handfuls of faces appear so briefly (and only in a few papers) before they disappear again and are never thereafter referred to. Somehow the news is being managed so that we never have to think about certain things. How and by whom and in whose interest is this being done?


  14. Fedup2 says:

    BBC on,new headline

    “Two households can form bubble in Wales from November 9”

    I want to know about the rest of the country ? And what is so special about those two households ..?


  15. StewGreen says:

    Jut a thought if 300 people died in a day in March
    they were mostly vulnerable
    If 300 people die today perhaps the penetration is deeper, cos the most vulnerable have already gone.
    BUT second thought maybe current infections are mopping up the vulnerable in areas that were missed last time

    It would get to a point that all the vulnerable & weaklinks get used up. And you’d end up with a robust society.


    • Scroblene says:

      Much on the lines of Mr Yeadon’s examination, Stew!


    • JimS says:

      Up to a point.

      New children are born, we each move closer to our death, the vulnerable of today are the healthy of yesteryear.


      • Up2snuff says:

        The normal period for surviving pancreatic cancer is or was three months; it may be better now. A friend survived over a year a decade ago, enduring some surgery, chemo & radio-therapy on the way. Yet there is a guitarist from a south-east Essex punk band who had a tumour the size of a football removed by a surgeon brave enough to try to do it and Wilko Johnson is still alive to this day.

        Someone else I know, quite elderly, is scheduled to have his bowel removed (cancer again) and there are all sorts of risks during and after surgery. HAIs probably being the worst and now, Covid-19/20 is an extra one.

        The problem is that the media, the BBC are extremely guilty of this – yet again, promote the idea of ever longer life expectancy. But life is never certain. Nor is business life ever certain, and that includes farming. Anna Hill and colleagues, please take note.

        Back to Covid-19/20. Listening to Mike Yeadon, reminds that it is possible the virus(es) have mutated to something much more mild. It could, of course, go the other way, too. However, it takes me back to the hard fact that the PM and our Government are hostage to the NHS and what the staff do.


  16. StewGreen says:

    Children in Need : Teachers resources corp have just sent me
    “We’re once again Official Education Partner for BBC Children in Need 2020.”
    ..’here’s a whole bunch of resources to be used in the classroom for fundraising’

    Hang on I am not sure I want BBC politics in school.


  17. StewGreen says:

    O/T Re Johnny Depp judgement, it’s making “Dan Wootton” trend
    cos that TalkRadio presenter was being jointly sued co he wrote The Sun’s article
    .. And what’s currently happening is Depp supporters are tweeting hate at him.


  18. BRISSLES says:

    I’ve said this before, but I want to see and hear from those kids from 30 odd years ago when this financial bandwagon started, and see if all the millions given has helped them, because from what I can see the country isn’t awash with playground / disability equipment / play buses etc


  19. StewGreen says:

    There is a caveat at the bottom of scare graphs used at the Government TV Briefings.

    ‘These are scenarios – Not predictions or forecasts’



  20. Kaiser says:


  21. dafydd says:

    I for one am sick to the back teeth of this Pandemic..

    What makes matters worse is the constant negative coverage on the news outlets.It a complete balls ache having to lock down again but the awful depressing coverage brings you down even further.

    New snap poll just released says 75% of people who were asked support what the Government are going with regards to the new lock down.

    I no longer watch the BBC so have to put up with the just as awful SKY NEWS. The first 4 contributors to the 6am news bulletin were all anti Government so called experts and all said the lock down would not be supported by most in this country, its getting to the stage where your going to need Prozac just to watch the bloody news..!!! This constant politicization and mis- information of the Pandemic is doing more harm than good, and of course being driven by Labour and the left wing press and media.

    Yet again the same old suspects are paraded on TV to voice there anti Government waffle, Andy Burnham and the alternative anti Government Sage group.

    I believe the media are seriously mis-judging the public mood. Yes we are all pi–ed off and fed up and yes none of us want another lock down, but most realise its necessity and its reason.

    After this is all over and the dust has settled some in the media should hang there heads in shame..There coverage has been a disgrace..!!!


    • Kaiser says:

      “Yes we are all pi–ed off and fed up and yes none of us want another lock down, but most realise its necessity and its reason”

      no dont I get it
      dont trust the test
      dont believe the stats
      cant follow the logic


    • BRISSLES says:

      Heartily agree Dafy. Just watched the cringeworthy interview between Mark Austin and John Redwood. If they had been in the same room, then I’m sure Austin would have beaten Redwood over the head with a stick, the aggressive questioning was definitely biased.

      ALSO for one day of electioneering in the States, I see that half the Sky newsreaders have flown over there for a nice little jolly. Nice little mid-term holiday for a spot of Christmas shopping, on top of the fabulous salary .


  22. Doobster78 says:

    President Trump having a little “saver” bet 😂


    • Laughing at Lefty Trolls says:

      Another reason to hope Trump to win. All the rich elites with money to burn are supporting Biden. It would be brilliant to see them lose their ‘nailed on’ bets along with humiliation for the likes of the Racing Post.

      Trafalgar polls continue to indicate Trump will retain his electoral college lead, and a new poll from the Sunday Express which also used a similar methodology (asking participants not just who they themselves were voting for, but who their neighbours and significant others were voting for to remove the stigma and fear drilled into them by the endless attacks of the liberal media) suggested Trump is ahead in EVERY state he won last time AND ahead in Minnesota, Nevada and New Hampshire.

      Please let these be true and the lamestream media once again be embarrassing themselves. I genuinely fear for the western world if Biden/Harris get in. As a reminder, Trafalgar were the only ones who got the election right last time and even got te exact electoral college score of 306, so there’s plenty of hope.


  23. vlad says:

    The BBC ‘coverage’ of the US election continues to be a criminally biased disgrace.

    They treat Biden as if he were a serious candidate. He has dementia and is constantly making gaffes which the BBC ignores.

    His ‘rallies’ are pathetic events that no-one attends. The enthusiasm is in the basement, where he spends most of his time.

    Trump’s rallies are supercharged events with tens of thousands in attendance and usually an overflow of thousands more outside.

    Trump has car rallies, boat rallies, motorbike rallies, with thousands of vehicles, sometimes miles long. Biden has zilch.

    The contrast is huge, but you’d never know it from the BBC.

    Nor would you know the huge, systematic suppression of pro-Trump or anti-Biden news and views by the media and social media. I spend some time on US conservative (NOT far-right) sites – YouTube, Fb, Twitter, and large numbers are complaining about being throttled, de-ranked, demonitized, shadow-banned, censored, shut-down, or hobbled in 1001 ways by Big Tech dirty tricks and clever algorithms.

    Nor would you know about the huge ongoing Biden scandal, the riots in Philly, and now mobs of Antifa / BLM / Black Bloc thugs intimidating voters at polling station.

    I could go on but you get the picture.

    I’ve never been a believer in sinister global conspiracies, but I’m starting to wonder. This goes way beyond Trump Derangement Syndrome. Could a very wealthy totalitarian superpower be buying agents of influence in the West? Could Big Tech, with its unlimited information on key players, be blackmailing and intimidating them? Are certain billionaire Hungarian gentlemen buying influence and pulling strings?

    Actually all those questions have already been answered: Yes, yes and yes.



  24. Richard Pinder says:

    A good job they didn’t have computer models in 1941. Otherwise we would have had to Lockdown all the Spitfire factories and move to caves in Derbyshire. All because a computer built by Tommy Flowers and programmed by Alan Turing, shows a continuation of the increase of bombing from September 1939 to May 1941, shows that all the factories and houses in Britain will be destroyed by 1945. Boris Churchill will also fine you £1,000 if you don’t wear a Gas Mask.

    Also, instead of selecting a hundred Sages of Doom, selected for their politics, but called experts by the BBC. The Churchill Government would appoint one scientist. The scientist would appoint assistants to do practical experiments. The Government would then publish a pamphlet full of results obtained by the scientific method. Then people would voluntarily follow the advice, but without any fines or threats of imprisonment. Because that would be seen as undemocratic, authoritarian and fascist.

    But now we have got Boris Johnson turning Liberal Fascist on us all.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      Ironically, the British government of that time spent a great deal of money, that might have otherwise gone on Spitfires, manufacturing and distributing millions of gas masks – yes, masks. Masks for babies, masks for pets… masks we were told were obligatory based on the projection that the Germans would surely drop poison gas. But I guess their issue did at least galvanise the population into the notion that there was indeed a war on. There’s a thought.


    • JamesArthur says:

      All true
      Practical people now have very little place in Govt or public sector and I include universities

      I don’t agree with Boris’s Lockdown approach but most people I know have sympathy for him – he is buggered no matter what he does and so he is still just following the rest of the world and his bag of Sage. If everyone else does it I can’t be accused of doing it wrong..except he will be ..


  25. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I get this popping up on Facebook.

    ‘Four more years? Get 50/1 on Donald Trump to win the US Presidential Election 2020 with promo code EPUS2020.’

    There’s a big picture of Donald and when you click on it you go to a William Hill site and they ask you to join. I didn’t see any more of the 50 to 1 offer.

    Any others getting this on Facebook and how can it be true. It must be a con.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      “50/1 on Donald Trump”

      It must be a joke. Paddy Power are giving 15/8

      Perhaps Facebook will fact check it?


      • Fedup2 says:

        If there is a 50/1 please send the link …

        The PM has given a report to is commons – he sounds tired – defeated and really doesn’t want to be there …. pity the wrong PM is in place for current events ….


        • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

          It appears randomly.
          I tried to click on the post but it kept going on to another page which didn’t mention the 50/1

          If or when it appears again I’ll see if I can somehow get the address or some sort of picture of it.
          If anyone else gets it maybe they could somehow get it on here for us to look at.

          It’s obviously not a sensible or honest bet but it looks very real and will have some people thinking Trump may as well give in which may well be the intention of the post.


        • vlad says:

          You have to feel a bit sorry for BoJo. He spends his whole life endeavouring to be PM, and he ends up with what? This Pyrrhic victory, this poisoned chalice, this Pandora’s Box, this… oh, enough classical references – this crock of shit.


        • Emmanuel Goldstein says:


          This is part of it but I can’t get the whole post as it misses out some of the complete post.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I found the offer and have put £50 on it at 50/1 a Trump win . The bookie is based in Lagos and you can use a UK debit card as long as you send the PIN……

        ( this should never never be done )….


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      EG, you shouldn’t even get that price as an introductory offer! I don’t know the exact facts but treat it with caution 👍🏻


  26. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC on-line News page

    Story on top right: ‘PM expected to tell MPs there is no alternative to the 4 week England lockdown’

    Story on top left “Live”: ‘PM says no alternative to England lockdown’

    Proving nothing as to the necessity of the policy. However, showing Number 10 takes care to speak with the BBC so as to manage the reporting on this issue as a priority over making the proper announcements to the Commons. And secondly, the BBC is more than happy to act as the Tory Government his master’s voice – on lockdown at least. Which tends to suggest this is not a conservative policy – discuss…


    • Richard Pinder says:

      The alternative is called the Great Barrington Declaration.

      It is effectively being practised to a large degree in Sweden, with considerable success. Focused protection is its key, targeting resources at those most at risk, whether it is the elderly, vulnerable or those with other medical conditions. The rest of the population should get on with life, this way we build immunity in the population. We must learn to live with the virus not hide in fear of it. The new national lockdown will result in more lives lost than it hopes to save. Suicides are soaring. Businesses and jobs are being destroyed.

      Treatments for coronavirus are getting better, results from practical experiments on patients identify two antiviral drugs and two anti-inflammatory drugs as very effective, as is the present Flue vaccine. We have more hospital capacity and survival rates are improving. Putting Covid into perspective. Around 1,600 people die every single day in the UK. In recent weeks, Covid has barely featured in the top ten causes of death.  The average age of a coronavirus fatality is 82, that is older than average life expectancy. The reality is that Covid is only very dangerous for a tiny minority of people. Anyone catching Covid has more than a 99.5% chance of surviving it, most with no symptoms at all.

      The Reform Party is the only political party that supports the Great Barrington Declaration.


  27. digg says:

    As part of my plan to keep my enemies close, I regularly glance over the trio of usual suspects, The BBC, The Guardian and the Independent.

    I have noticed that the two latter are ramping up the begging bowl pop-ups to a ridiculous degree. Almost everything you click on is preceded by a begging banner which has to be dismissed before you can read on.

    I can only assume and heartily hope that this means their coffers are emptying fast, I hope one day we see the BBC forced to get their begging bowls out. Maybe then they will realise just how much they are reviled by the ordinary people in this land that they despise..


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      Same with Liverpool Echo on Google up here digg, ‘add to your homescreen + please contribute’ 😅
      Do one dic*heads 👍🏻


  28. StewGreen says:

    The Mirror did their own poll and still spun it

    @FullFact tweeted
    The Daily Mirror claimed a new YouGov poll shows that 62% people think Britain was wrong to leave the EU.
    This is misleading.

    The poll shows 50% of GB adults thought Britain was wrong to leave the EU, 38% think it was right and 12% don’t know.


  29. Fedup2 says:

    Plenty of opposition backbencher moaning that lock down has only been bought in because th south east is being affected. They don’t seem to grasp the population size of the SE of England which around 20 million .

    Some Scots liberal -MP – for Shetland – moaned – his constituency has 33000 voters – some London boroughs have 300 000 ….. fair representation ?


  30. digg says:

    BBC 2 Britain and the Sea….

    Only got through the first 30 seconds before we are informed and educated by the all-knowing BBC that despite his fame at the time Sir Francis Drake was in fact a murdering, thieving, slaver, and a money grabbing greedy monster….. with the caveat that he was “A man of his time”

    Relentless vomit…..


    • Up2snuff says:

      Funny, digg, I was taught at school – may have been Primary School(!) – that he was a privateer. The teacher may then have had to explain what a privateer was in the 16th century for some of the children in class. Once they knew, the kids in class were probably thinking ‘Cool!’.

      Now, in the 21st century, the Secondary School teacher may not know and would have to have someone explain to them what it means as they think the term ‘privateer’ meant being a member of the Cabinet during Margaret Thatcher’s and John Major’s terms of office as Prime Minister.


  31. Swarm says:

    Isn’t it strange, that in these hard times, we are still expected to give the BBC £15 per month from our earnings/pensions?

    £15 for constant propaganda, twisted facts, false news, never ending virtue signalling and rubbish programmes that no one seems to watch.


    • Luckyharry69 says:

      I dont


    • Up2snuff says:

      Swarm, don’t.

      Keep the money. Give up telly. Sell it. Or give it away on Freecycle. Watch box sets and films on DVD on your PC tower or laptop or tablet. You will probably find that you do not miss TV in the slightest.


  32. StewGreen says:

    BBCbreakfast Poppygate
    “Saturday presenters took off their poppies
    cos they had mistakenly worn them a day early.”


  33. StewGreen says:

    Tonight, @TinaDaheley
    is exploring the world of lockdown social media sensation, TikTok. In the latest @BBCPanorama
    show, Tina will be hearing from young influencers and an ex-moderator, to investigate whether the platform is safe.

    Nothing is 100% safe , our local BBC presenters promote the app

    BBC News – TikTok failed to ban flagged ‘child predator’
    (There’re some reasons why authorities don’t ban people
    It makes it easy for them to monitor them
    instead of losing them to a made up fake account.
    It’s like taking away a paedos phone and expecting them to not get another)



  34. StewGreen says:

    9pm ITV Labour’s Tom Watson & Craig Charles etc
    in celebs do manic row from Cornwall to Scotland
    Can’t wait.


  35. vlad says:

    There are two reasons why the lying pollsters and the lying media (that’s you beeb) have been trumpeting a huge Biden win.

    The first is called ‘voter suppression’. If Trump supporters can be convinced their candidate doesn’t stand a chance, why queue in the cold and rain to cast their votes, which may well be mysteriously ‘disappeared’ anyway?

    The second is even more sinister: if the public can be made to believe that Sleepy Joe is a dead cert with a huge lead, then if Trump wins on the day, the ground has been laid to delegitimise the win with the further lie that the vote was ‘stolen’.

    This would be followed up with endless litigation, which the Dems have lawyered up for.

    So Trump needs a decisive win in order to circumvent those strategies.

    Soon it will all be over bar the shouting. And there may be plenty of shouting.


  36. JamesArthur says:

    Anyone listening to R4. Evan is a real gobshit£

    Jesus they are having a field day. First get in two political commentators who surprisingly think Biden has had a better campaign and is going to win – and agree….

    Slagged off conservative MPs who they described as grizzled old timers followed by those that agree with them as new ‘young’

    Now someone from the ‘fast show’ knocking Boris and pals as ‘middle aged men’who don’t understand technology..what a tw*t
    I don’t know who she is but if she thinks a power point show is technology well that sums up her knowledge – she didnt once think that the reason they kept saying next slide is because they were not controlling it…

    The Govt must defund the BBC – it isn’t even trying to hide its bias


    • taffman says:

      The Government should send Al Beeb employees for Unconscious Bias Training.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        My “Unconscious Bias Training” would involve training people on biasedbbc to bash BBC employees on the head until they lose consciousness.


  37. Guest Who says:

    Put them out of their misery.


  38. Jack in the Green says:

    The luvvie media appear to be salivating over the possibility of Bewildered Joe taking office and the seemingly inevitable take-over by his side-kick. I remember the Glasto-twonks whining about their sad lives and that people like me should die. Well, that went well didn’t it? One of the things you learn in life is to be careful what you wish for and not to make unnecessary enemies. But I suppose living in a country that regards it’s older people with sneering contempt and a national broadcaster that reinforces this prejudice, one shouldn’t be surprised. Having said that, the chances of anything happening about the BBC seem pretty remote. How you can have an eighty seat majority and still run scared of the media Taliban is certainly beyond me. But then I’m OLD and THICK aren’t I. Sickening.


    • Laughing at Lefty Trolls says:

      It’s not just America that needs Trump to win. Hong Kong democracy protesters, non-conforming EU members that rely on the US to keep the EU in check, Israel and Jews in general, secularists and Christians, and basically everyone to the right of Marxism is desperate for his re-election. Not to mention the millions of neutralised Americans from communist regimes that know the direction the US – and thus the developed world as a whole – is headed if Manchurian Joe gets in and quickly replaced by Harris, who has flat-out stated her goal is extreme socialism and has even begged illegal citizens to vote for them.

      The BBC et al think they’re immune if they pay lip service, but they don’t seem to realise they’ll be cast aside as soon as they’ve served their purpose. They are, after all, a potential threat themselves and capable of being subversive.


      • vlad says:

        Don’t forget the populations of Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, and many others who are extremely anxious about Chinese hegemony in the area.

        Not for nothing have there been mass rallies such as Vietnamese for Trump, Filipinos for Trump, Asians for Trump, etc.

        They know what’s a-comin’ with Biden / Kamala and they don’t like it one bit.


        • Laughing at Lefty Trolls says:

          Yep, exactly. For all the rubbish about Trump being in Putin’s pocket – which is directly contradicted by his actions over the last four years – the BBC is deafeningly silent about Joe’s ties to China. Venezuela and other communist countries are also praying for a Biden win, which likely means their populations are behind Trump. And of course, while tarring Trump as racist and ignoring Biden’s own long history of racist comments, the BBC ignores his record levels of employment for black Americans and his support of anywhere between 20-33% – and that’s only the confirmed cases, so it’s probably a good few percentage points higher given how Trump supporters hide their views to liberal pollsters.
          This is bigger than a political choice. This is an existential crossroads. I know there’s hyperbole around every election, but this time the choice is so stark that the concern is 100% justified.


  39. Fedup2 says:

    If you have the excellent ‘Alexa ‘ device – try asking it who is going to win the US election …..
    …..put it this way …. it give the odds for Biden winning … at 65%…


    • Laughing at Lefty Trolls says:

      Which is a lot better odds for Trump than he was given in 2016, where pollsters had him with no more than 25% at any given time.

      Let’s not forget that Huffpaint said on the day of the election itself that Clinton had over 98% likelihood.

      Polls don’t vote, people do. And it’s quite clear from all the rallies and spontaneous support parties that far more people are behind Trump in the swing states than Biden, unless Biden’s supporters have learned to keep quiet and take Republicans off guard – which doesn’t seem likely, given the left’s pathological narcissism.


  40. Northern Voter says:

    1. Opened my emails this evening, to be informed that I was due a repayment of £129.99 from BBC licensing. All I had to do was fill in a form, obviously a scam. The thing is, I thought could it be the BBC scamming to make up the shortfall of the licence leavers. Anyway having lived in France for 10 years there is no chance I would have a licence.

    2. Having just seen the BBC ad for this years Black Children in Need, its another thing I won’t be putting my hand in my pocket for.

    3.Why isn’t Pudsey a black bear?


  41. Sluff says:

    For days the BBC narrative has been ‘why is the government avoiding a lockdown?’.

    Now we have one.

    Within microseconds the BBC narrative is suddenly ‘what effect will it have on the economy’ followed by a queue of people with all sorts of complicated situations who might miss out as a result.

    Isn’t the change amazing?

    Not when you realise the BBC’s sole aim is to undermine the government, depress us, and so hope we vote the ‘correct’ way next time.


  42. vlad says:

    In case of a Trump win, thousands of US pollsters, analysts, researchers and assorted talking heads from corrupt ‘news’ outlets will be out of work and looking for jobs.

    Perhaps the BBC could employ them?

    Incompetent? biased? dishonest? leftist? woke?

    Step right this way, sir or madam or preferably trans, we have just the job for you: lying to the British public at their expense. When can you start?


    • Laughing at Lefty Trolls says:

      Unlikely, sadly. They should have lost their jobs in 2016 and are still pushing the same messages four years later, hoping their audience is both large and gullible enough to swallow it.

      In the case of MSNBC, their audience has remained steady, largely because – despite being the liberal equivalent of what liberals assume Fox News is (i.e. unhinged, emotional rants) – they do at least have a few contributers that support Trump, plus they tend to limit their disdain of Trump and his supporters to just sneering as opposed to outright venom. CNN’s ratings are in the toilet and have been for years, and it’s not surprising given how unprofessional both their host and production values are, but what’s worse is their outright calls to violence against Trump and his voters on numerous occasions, as well as doxing them and villifying people such as the teenage Covington students who did nothing more than stand in a public space wearing a hat and smiling.

      Incidentally, CNN’s Van Jones has a documentary series that’s being shown on Crime and Investigation called the Redemption Project. It’s actually really interesting and powerful, but as you’d expect from a liberal outlet it cant just let the stories speak for themselves – they have to shoehorn their agenda into it at any opportunity. One episode had a white policeman visiting the black gangster who shot him in the neck in cold blood and tried to shoot him in the head (luckily the gun’s safety had slipped back on), and despite the aggressor clearly being in the wrong, Jones asked the victim if he was guilty of ‘unconscious bias’ and accused the police of being racist. What’s worse, the cop agreed. It really spoiled what was otherwise a really nice episode, as both the cop and his wife – who originally wanted nothing to do with the meeting – forgave the assailant after seeing how much he’d turned his life around in prison. However, as is always the case, the left can’t help themselves when offered a chance to patronise and gaslight others.


  43. StewGreen says:

    Covid ..136* deaths today . The graph trend makes it look like we’ll soon be heading for that 4,000 deaths / day Boris/Vallance predicted /sarc



    • StewGreen says:

      It’s the trend that matters the 136 might mean they are holding back a few deaths data for the last few days.


  44. davylars says:

    Seven dead and several injured near Vienna synagogue’: Huge manhunt underway as gunman rampages through streets and ‘accomplice blows themselves up’

    Do extreme right Terrorists blow themselves up?


    • taffman says:

      As usual, Al Beeb playing it down again ? They are hopeless.

      Much more going on . Hostages ?


    • StewGreen says:

      Vienna Police statement

      “Please don’t stare any rumours, accusations, speculations or unconfirmed numbers of victims
      – that does not help at all! Stay inside, take shelter, Keep away from public places “


      • Fedup2 says:

        Yes – we plod want to control what you find out so that we can cover up the truth…. we will do the same for the next attacks ….


  45. Doobster78 says:

    The media hysteria is just embarrassing now !!


    • StewGreen says:

      quote Very sobering report just now from @BBCFergusWalsh
      in #Liverpool the Royal Infirmary.

      “Nearly all non urgent surgery is cancelled. The staff are all needed in critical care.”


    • StewGreen says:

      FT said Liverpool ICU was 95% full 3 weeks ago


      BTW The new Liverpool hospital was due to open, but completion delayed due to Carillion bankruptcy.


    • StewGreen says:

      Most viewers on Twitter appear to be FBPE account saying
      “aren’t the BBC wonderful for showing u Liverpool and proving that the second closedown is needed”


      • Sluff says:

        The case rate graph above, embedded from James Melville, is a little hard to find. It’s on the daily gov.uk stats where the UK figures have a drop down menu giving regional data.
        I’ve not drilled down it before but makes for interesting reading.

        1. Several university cities had a rocketing of cases in early October. Compare Sheffield with Doncaster where the ramp up in the latter case is more gradual. Not rocket science is it?
        2. Case rates in Liverpool are clearly down and in Manchester and Newcastle may have now peaked. Could the regional tier system have actually been working??
        3. Yet overall rates are stubbornly high. Maybe this is a spread across many areas, each of which is not too high but rising inexorably. If there were a lot of these, then a short lockdown could be justified.
        4. Even if we are near peak caseload we’re not necessarily at peak ITU bed occupancy and certainly not at peak death rate. A daily average of 400 can be expected in 2-3 weeks.
        5. But statistics on flu (and pneumonia) deaths would be welcome and surely social distancing etc should have a favourable impact on these too.

        Not sure sage have shown these numbers to Boris.
        They leave me cautiously optimistic that we might be in a good enough place by Dec 2 to relax some rules, though it remains to be seen if Boris will have the bottle as the sage doomsayers will still have him by the short and curlies.


  46. Fedup2 says:

    Vienna – multiple shootings near a synagogue – BBC put this in the ‘Europe ‘ section . Plod says ‘terrorist attack’ .

    A ‘mostly peaceful terrorist attack ‘? At least it distracts from the shooting of a priest or the multiple killing in a church … or …or ..or…


  47. Fedup2 says:

    Guess what ?
    Vienna police appealing for public who took video not to publish it on Twitter but send it to them – in order to cover it up – presumably – get it share it – the truth …


    • Fedup2 says:

      This could be a big test for the BBC – which I have viewed as anti Semitic as the Labour Party – how will it bury the killings as the standard ‘Norwegian one off ‘ as opposed to an organised team of terrorists targeting Jews and a synagogue ….

      … maybe the truth will be different … or maybe not ….


  48. davylars says:

    Here’s a pic of shooter.
    No doubt won’t be shown on the BBC.


    There’s also a short vid clip in the daily mail.


    • Doobster78 says:

      Another delivery driver for Alan’s Snack Bar !!!


    • StewGreen says:

      People are making a bit deal of the Armenian President saying a couple of weeks ago
      ‘You have to keep an eye on Turkey otherwise they’ll be back in Vienna before you know it’
      That’s stretching it but it could be a bust up between Vienna based Armenians and Azerbaijanis.

      In active shooter situation police maybe don’t want witnesses to broadcast their own location etc.

      30 min ago Police tweeted
      “Still active: Stay at home! “


  49. Fedup2 says:

    Breitbart saying 6 separate shooting locations – which the BBC will interpret as ‘mental local man with personal grudge ….’


    • taffman says:

      Its those “men” again.
      Coming our way soon.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Six lone wolves.
      Bit of a coincidence them all deciding to have a ‘largely peaceful’ shooting at the same time.


  50. Doobster78 says:

    What a shit hole Europe has become.

    Unchecked, open door immigration policies from Far left governments have allowed the third world to decend with their backward religion.

    Yet, not one single MSM outlet has the guts to call it out.

    Honest folk having their heads chopped off in broad daylight , yet according to the BBC etc, it’s the far right that’s the threat !!!!!