Weekend Thread 31 October 2020

The evening of All Hallows. A full Blue Moon . A busy time for BBC bias – Labour Party Civil War again – islamic terrorists murdering again – and America deciding its president again – full Covid Project Fear again – and biased BBC staff publicly revolting over restrictions on expressing their bias on social media . Where do we start ?

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  1. Darcy3 says:

    Maybe a good thing, I doubt there are many non marxist teachers, so better they stick to abusing and threatening Jews and Conservatives on Twitter than infect children with their bile

    and as for the product of their efforts

    Cambridge last week, narrow streets, over and over again Cambridge students, the creme de la creme of education walking three and four abreast along the narrow pavements during social distancing policies

    morons (Cambridge City R number is highest in the county and many other areas)


  2. digg says:

    BBC news lady grIlling one of the numerous professors they have on tap…. “if a months lockdown is announced, will that be enough?”

    Inference being, “can’t we stay in lockdown until the next general election?”


    • JamesArthur says:

      Yep…got the disgraced Ferguson on..funny don’t ever invite those with different views…
      Now education union chap lives in Hackney wanting schools locked down….WTF….these people are obnoxious…the UK is doomed…


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Only what they really want to say is: “Can’t we stay in lockdown for ever and get rid of General Elections?”


  3. JamesArthur says:

    He is indeed a creepy weasel…has he checked that fact?


  4. pugnazious says:

    These people are insane.

    The BBC just gave Neil Ferguson another platform to spread his message of terror and lockdown…all without any challenge to his claims whatsoever. The BBC is failing this nation, its people, its very existence by being the government mouthpiece promoting lockdown without question.

    Ferguson stated that the effects of his latest lockdown are unknown….‘We can’t predict what will happen’…he went on to suggest that at best, at best, numbers of infections might be reduced by 10-20%. He said we must in fact remain in a severe lockdown until a vaccine is found.

    WTF? Lockdown the whole country, destroy businesses, destroy people’s lives and futures, keep on destroying children’s education [schools may or may not be open but….], destroy the economy….all for what?….a temporary 10-20% reduction in cases which he can’t even say will actually happen and in fact he hasn’t got a real clue as to what the effects of the lockdown will be?

    And the BBC ‘journalist’ just sat there and took it all without batting an eye. No questions, no thoughts that a lockdown based on such flimsy justifications and dubious benefits but which will have evermore ruinous effects, might merit some rigorous and challenging questions. But…no.

    Yesterday I heard one of the Sage professors on Today putting the pressure on for a lockdown[Who runs the country…unelected fanatical scientists or an elected government?]….however at the same time he told us that the lockdowns won’t work and that all they will do is delay the spread of the virus…..delay the virus for what purpose you might ask? Until we get a vaccine? Could be years and even then it probably won’t work effectively. Until we get track and trace up and running? Track and trace only works when you have a small number of infections…once it gets beyond a certain number it becomes impossible to make it work….Scientists fom South Korea tell us this…we know this…Germany’s track and trace is also failing badly…but the BBC doesn’t question anyone who says this must happen. Or maybe we lockdown until the NHS can cope….well they’ve had 6 months to get the NHS prepared for winter….what have they been doing ? Can the NHS really not cope with all the resources, the billions and billions, poured into it during the last lockdown?

    Sweden and Japan give the lie to all this nonsense….deaths in Japan…11….Britain…326. There is no relationship between harsh lockdowns and low death numbers….as numerous studies have shown. Lockdowns do not save lives.

    A small group of people are, with the careless stroke of the pen, destroying businesses, jobs, the economy, lifes and lives, kids futures, the wealth and health of the nation….all done without any scrutiny or accountability….from Parliament or the media.

    An astounding usurption of power that tramples over our democracy and our rights and is having devastating and destructive effects on everyne and everything.

    ….and the BBC not only stands by but seems to fully back the lockdown lobbyists as they sabotage Britain with continuous, catastrophic and never-ending lockdowns.

    ‘Author Nick Hornby has written an essay praising the BBC as “one of our crowning achievements as a nation”, saying that its handling of the coronavirus pandemic should make it “untouchable” once the crisis has passed.’

    I doubt that….anyone not an unthinking BBC mouthpiece will understand that the BBC has overseen and facilitated one of the most devastating attacks on our democracy, our economy and our nation state almost in our history….. the enormous damage being wrought is a choice, a political choice….one that needs to be challenged and interrogated…but instead we have a broadcaster, whose proudest boast was that it ‘holds power to account’, utterly failing, wilfully failing to do that.

    The BBC ‘untouchable’? What do you think?


    • Dobyns says:

      Beff on Sky is doing the same


    • StewGreen says:

      Cunning plan to stop Brexit
      .. isn’t it ?


      • Fedup2 says:

        Stew – may well be ….. the armistice commemorations are going to be very sad ….

        …. strange how the government is being blamed for the unhygienic behaviour of people….. I’d love to see the breakdown of ethnicity and ages of those most affected …..

        …. the NHS is already saying it can’t cope and people aren’t trained – I could only think – ‘what the hell have you being doing across the summer -when the money tree has been showering you with cash ?’


    • Laughing at Lefty Trolls says:

      Three other reasons Japan’s death toll is so much lower are stricter immigration laws, better classification of cases (i.e. only counting those who actually die as a result of having COVID, rather than just dying ‘with’ it which is a meaningless statement that artificially inflates the totals), and probably the fact that many people in the cities have been wearing masks in the cities for decades and they’re presumably either better quality or the wearers are just better used to avoiding infection.

      I was in support of the first lockdown until I realised how arbitrary it was. You can’t half-arse something like this trying to appease everyone, you need to commit or not bother. The restrictions don’t apply to Black Lives Matter rioters, despite COVID apparently disproportionately affecting BAME, and the virus apparently only affects people up to 10pm. I don’t blame Johnson for the original decision, I think it was in good faith, but he and his government’s decision to double-down when it was clear that the modelling was suspect and the rules weren’t being applied consistently has caused a lot of damage to the economy and, more importantly, people’s health and wellbeing. People are missing out on cancer treatment because of this, it’s insanity.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Yes, good post, LaLT. The PM hasn’t really thought things through but he has a lot of distractions. New baby sqwawking for food and providing endless distraction, Brexit negotiations and being ill with the virus and having colleagues and advisors similarly afflicted, have all worked against him. It doesn’t help that Parliamentary opposition has done an immense U-turn and Devolution means that there’s always a distraction from the other nations. Media mulling over every single statistic from around the world and constantly comparing the UK doesn’t help.

        All adds up to the PM, well-known for his muddles in the past, not really being the leader he thinks he is and wants to be.

        It doesn’t help that we are effectively in an undeclared, informal, civil war without guns, bullets, bombs and rockets. Ranged against HMG are the Civil Service, the science industry, the knowledge (schools & Unis) industry, almost all of the print and broadcast media, the Luvvies and much of the entertainment industry, the various Green groups, Trade bodies such as Fairbairn at the CBI, and all the scientists who think they ought to be on SAGE but weren’t invited. There may be more besides that lot but my brain cannot dredge them up.

        Politics is foul.

        Yes, the PM has probably fouled up, too.

        Meanwhile another nappy has been fouled and it’s the PM’s turn to change it.


    • G says:

      T he BBC: “…..by being the government mouthpiece promoting lockdown without question.”

      I think it is more a case of both going in the same direction rather than the BBC doing Boris’ bidding.


      • pugnazious says:

        LOL…I think it’s Boris doing the BBC’s bidding that’s the problem…both lockdowns are due to media pressure, the BBC the main source of that pressure as it presses the case for lockdown and fails to challenge the doomsday narratives with any calm, balanced, measured and neutral analysis.


  5. fakenewswatcher says:

    We now have a triumphant Laura K. on beeb 1 news, hammering the PM; she does give the other side, BUT then says the ‘other parts’ of the UK may not follow England, and that government ‘wouldn’t listen’.
    “Told him so!” seems to be the gist of her message.


  6. Darcy3 says:

    Apropos of nothing, or maybe something, whilst I do not mind the Govt guidelines, I have noticed that some shops go way beyond what is required and reasonable

    and in my opinion they are all the independent shops who let us just say, would not be Boris or Donald voters

    last week in St Neots one of these shops (hippy type, selling dolphin friendy jewellery and hand knitted yoghurt etc) had a big sign in the window with so many requirements before you entered including, and I quote :

    “you will hand sanitise even if you are wearing gloves” ffs

    we walked on, I was looking for a vegan gearbox for a 2007 Jaguar. cash waiting, but they lost out

    the left do feel rather sensetive when it comes to their own welfare


    • Scroblene says:

      “I was looking for a vegan gearbox for a 2007 Jaguar. cash waiting, but they lost out”

      What gender, Darcy?



  7. G.W.F. says:

    Boris’s news conference delayed. No problem. Yoo Pim has all the information at his fingertips.


    • Darcy3 says:

      It does beg the question what is the point ? I heard this morning,

      and Lara Karsberg was already confused apparently but maybe that was how to operate her toaster with no clarity in the instructions,
      and so you say cornflakes ? and crunchy nut ? have you considered nut allergy ? and have you tested crunchiness ? any testing been done ? I do remember June and July Ms Carlsberg was obsessed with testing


  8. pugnazious says:

    The BBC/Labour narrative…if only we had locked down two weeks ago…not locking down was a political decision to save the economy but which will now cost lives…..and every death you can be sure will be hung round Boris’neck….curiously that wasn’t the BBC narrative when Labour’s Burnham refused to lockdown….then he was a hero….’Kng of the North’…..was he not ‘killing people’ then? The BBC still pushing the lockdown message hard as ever despite its enormously damaging effects and very doubtful benefits.

    You could suggest that it is in fact the lockdowns that are killing more people and keeping the virus going into winter….it would have burnt out by now if we’d let it run whilst implementing targeted measures to protect vulnerable people. The BBC et al of course immediately stamped on that idea when the government first implemented it….’genocide’ and ‘mass murder’ was the narrative to a policy of herd immunity.

    How many people are dying due to not being able to access the NHS for non-coronavirus illness, how many are dying because the virus has been kept on the boil, how many people will die or suffer because as the economy is destroyed there is ‘no money left’ to pay for the NHS and the welfare state…and kids’ education?


    • Lefty Wright says:

      I think what we are witnessing here is a football match being played where the ball is the flu, the politicians are the players and the ref is the international Communist Party. It’s time that the punters realised that the match is fixed and the goal is the destruction of Western democracy.


  9. vlad says:

    Nothing is yet known on the ID of the man who shot a priest In Lyon.

    To be fair, sawn-off shotguns are not the usual MO of the Religionists of Peace. Knives are so much more fun, and allow you to saw off the infidel’s head, like in the good-old days of the prophet.

    But there is what may be a small clue in the French press: the attacker is described as ‘of Mediterranean type’.

    Italian perhaps? Or code for the unmentionable?



    • Up2snuff says:

      vlad, you are quite right about the shotgun m.o. but at least it allowed the Daily Telegraph to sink to a new all-time low with ‘sorn’ being used in the description of the gun. I suppose all the Sub-Editors are working from home and didn’t spot that one.


    • Banania says:



  10. Doobster78 says:


    • Sluff says:

      Proof of the above.
      Caught bits during breaks in the England v Italy rugby.

      A Professor Gupta was being interviewed. She advocated a balanced approach. Protect the elderly and have managed herd immunity for the rest, and keep the economy open

      Rita Chakribati looked like she had been stung by a wasp and couldn’t wait to cut her off !

      The BBC really do not like people who give the ‘wrong’ answers.


  11. Darcy3 says:

    We could take an epidemiological look at why the virus has come back ? young people, muzzies and blacks of all ages continuing to congregate

    every time a local lockdown is proposed they are all out on the streets the night before

    Fact check that bbc

    BLM protests ?


  12. fakenewswatcher says:

    bbc… boris… project fear… yawn…


  13. Darcy3 says:

    Apparently the army is coming in pity our churches do not have the same protection


  14. Darcy3 says:

    The best thing for this country is to completely abandon any racism legislation, I have been racially abused in China and in Scotland, so what

    yet those who are “so offended” are the very people throwing homosexuals off of buildings, raping 13 year old girls and murdering daughters who will not marry their 60 year old cousins

    offence seems to be more important than gang raped children ?


  15. Synchronised says:

    As Jordan Peterson points out to individuals, if you keep doing the same things you invariably end up with the same outcome. Second lockdown, common sense is generally lacking in so called experts.


  16. pugnazious says:

    Kuenssberg….’What took you so long [to impose lockdown]…Have people lost their lives unnecessarily due to delay?’ {and note the dumb Beth Rigby asked exactly same question moments later….what a pro…no second question ready just in case?]

    Highly loaded, highly political take.

    No idea of any other considerations that might need to be balanced with a lockdown.

    Witty slapped her down…..’No perfect time and no perfect solution…it’s very complex and many issues to consider.’

    Just that the BBC refuses to accept that….lockdown, lockdown, lockdown…that’s all they want…until of course Labour decides it wants a different policy.

    And you get the impression that the lockdown won’t be four weeks but the intent is at least to keep it going until ‘the spring’…and remember Boris has already said that measures will be in place until October…2021….can only hope, lol, Parliament will do its job and throw this out.


  17. Darcy3 says:

    Blacks never thrive..for whatever reason I cannot surmise


  18. pugnazious says:

    Nolan ramping it up with a very sensationalist tone….not informing people but shock-jocking.

    He demands to know how many people will die due to delay in imposing lockdown…and won’t doctors have to make tragic decisions as hospitals get overwhelmed due to the delay and they have to decide who gets oxygen or other life-saving treatment?

    What we’ve come to expect from the BBC but not what we should be getting which is measured, balanced and calm analysis and comment.


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Fatty Nolan was a bloody disgrace earlier on this evening.

      Talked gently to a female member of the saintly NHS and sympathised muchley regards full wards, lack of ICU beds and its ‘already busy as December’ as cases rise. He let her make her ‘points’ without so much as a whimper.

      Then… Someone called Mike, representing business and retail, who was bemoaning the knock on effects to trade for the smaller shop traders etc.

      ‘Well, you’ve got your furlough’ snapped the fat one.

      The tone of his sneering was palpable. And I’m sure he’d have loved to follow it up with, ‘so what you effing moaning about’ – if he could have.

      Strange he never utter a word regarding the Nightingale Hospitals as the saintly one was allowed to pontificate un challenged.

      Still at least England won the rugby, no fan of the odd shaped ball game, but the Beeboids won’t like it.


  19. Jeff says:

    As has already been stated, if you keep doing the same thing, don’t be surprised if you get the same result.

    We’re not just doing the same thing, we’re also getting the same barbed, snidey and spiteful questions from those two snotty bints, Laura and Beth. They’re as predictable as the bloody lockdown…

    I knew what this pathetic excuse for a man was going to do last week. It was simply a matter of time.
    There are a few more hospital admissions…as is normal at this time of the year…although miraculously, hardly anyone is suffering from the flu. Incredible.

    The pressure mounts. Boris makes some feeble, half arsed, attempt at resistance and then folds. Another lockdown. Who’d have thought it?

    The poisonous BBC and the equally loathsome Sky are like two vultures circling over an injured hippo. The useless lump stands there squirming between the Chuckle Brothers and announces another nail in the coffin of our already damaged country. And then those two snotty bints set about him. “Why didn’t you lock down earlier? How many lives have we lost due to your inaction?” It’s like watching the fat kid at school being set upon in the playground. He’s so pathetic I (almost) feel sorry for him.

    Then I remember what this well educated oaf is inflicting on our country.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      Not sure I’d call someone who studied Classics as exactly well educated, but can’t argue with oaf..
      What a surprise: the furlough handout benefits got extended and at the exact same time a new lockdown appears.
      Now wait for the teacher’s strike 😀


  20. vlad says:

    This site is understandably preoccupied with the lockdown etc.

    But something monumental is happening across the pond.

    Bombshell revelations about the Biden-China collusion are dropping by the hour.

    It should be the biggest story in the world right now.

    Yet the BBC, with its 35,402 employees and its world-class investigative reporters, isn’t investigating, or even reporting it.

    How lucky we are to have such a relaxed national broadcaster. Insouciant, désinvolte, chilled.

    The future of the free world is at stake, but Auntie ain’t touching the story as she hates Orange Man so much because of his fake tan. Apparently he eats Big Macs in the Oval Office, and dahling have you seen his hair? #OMG!! Definitely not one of us.

    When Trump wins he will sort out the corrupt US media and Big Tech.

    But who will sort out the BBC? Who, for the love of God, will rid us of this troublesome beast?


  21. Guest Who says:

    Hell hath no fury like a hack missing his dinner.

    Knob fancies himself quite the wit.

    Whatever the failings, and there are many, this is not the way to report anything.


  22. Guest Who says:


  23. StewGreen says:

    Britons never never never
    … will be slaves


  24. StewGreen says:


  25. StewGreen says:

    9pm Now on Channel5 The Big History of America
    Look there’s a BUT
    and after the BUT black folks read out the claims white woke bosses have written for them


    • StewGreen says:

      Why is the prog weird ?
      The 1619 Project is an ongoing project developed by The New York Times Magazine in 2019 which “aims to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of [the United States’] national narrative”.

      The prog seemed to begin with that 2 minute trailer
      and instead of Vikings or Mayflower we are into the Civil war and slavery

      21 mins in tickbox phrase “white supremacist”
      followed a few seconds later by “equality”
      “equal , but separate”

      BTW after each break there is the warning
      “viewers may be offended by language now considered offensive”


  26. Doobster78 says:

    Mike is going to be on fire on talk radio on Monday 😂😂


  27. taffman says:

    “Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a second national lockdown for England to prevent a “medical and moral disaster” for the NHS”
    Anyone here taking bets on how long he will be PM?


    • Doobster78 says:

      He should have added, if there are any NHS Tik Tok videos filmed in empty wards in the next month , it’s INSTANT dismissal !!!!!!!


    • Eddy Booth says:

      Do we get to seal clap on Thursdays again!


  28. Guest Who says:


  29. StewGreen says:

    Is the media coverage making people tense & crazy ?
    Earlier on I went to drop something off at a neighbour’s house
    And we both said “Boris is crazy, Sweden gets on OK without full lockdowns”
    His wife answers back “You can’t compare UK with Sweden , it’s a big country, small population”
    He says “Well actually it’s 10 million often living close together”
    She replies “stop lecturing me”
    He made the fatal mistake of saying “what do you mean ?, your the one that answered back that You can’t compare UK with Sweden”
    She started screaming at him ..and I made a quick exit
    It’s weird he and I agree, yet his wife was kicking off.


    • StewGreen says:

      Oh I forgot the main thing
      .. She was sat there in front of BBC News channel
      and looked like she’d been there hours .


  30. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    French President Emmanuel Macron said he could not accept that cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad justified violence.


    The BBC really are low lifers.


  31. Guest Who says:



    • StewGreen says:

      Bio : “Sky News Specialist Correspondent.
      Climate Change. Migration”
      explains why SlyNews Global Warming and Migration coverage
      is so clueless & lacking in proper science/ & maths understanding

      Her tweet is ratioed 400 to 100


    • G says:

      Its noticed that, these days, you can take a point off at a tangent in any bizarre direction to the discussion/argument to ridiculous levels and immediately switch back to a criticism like, ‘racist’ if losing – and appear to have won the discussion/argument – apparently………….


  32. pugnazious says:

    Go to the WHO website giving national stats for cases and deaths….what you’ll see is massive increase in cases and……but…deaths not only nowhere near what they were in April but also nowhere close to being proportionately the same in comparison to the number of cases….ie cases have ramped up enormously but deaths have not.

    This is of course due to the massive increase in testing not a massive increase in the disease….back in April probably far, far more people had the disease than showed up in official stats because they weren’t tested….and as many studies show there’s no correlation between the severity of a lockdown and the number of deaths….some countries with the harshest lockdowns have the worst death rates.

    You might think Kuenssberg and Co would at least ask about such anomalies but instead their narrative is solely aimed at promoting lockdown..the only criticism now being the same as before….the lockdown came too late. But what if the lockdowns are completely useless? After all they don’t save lives they merely delay things…and in the meantime destroy businesses, jobs, lives and ultimately the NHS itself ironically.


  33. StewGreen says:

    Lockdown junkies
    completely disregard the human collateral damage.
    Ireland’s six week lockdown will end a day before ours.
    “Political decision, not a scientific necessity. I have the London data that shows that”

    It’s the same as last time , the actual 7 day average of poitives has FALLEN …BEFORE the lockdown
    22678 to 22521 despite a massive rise in the level of testing


  34. StewGreen says:

    Seems a lot of faff to go in for
    ..just to stop the Jeremy Corbyn Solidarity demo


  35. Foscari says:

    I believe that I have the perfect nickname for Laura Kuensberg.
    “Lady Haw Haw.” She asks her questions in the same facetiuos
    way that Lord Haw Haw used to ask questions of Winston
    Churchill, after “Germany calling, Germany calling. Yes for sure
    everything adds up for her to be called Lady Haw.Even her name.


    • JohnC says:

      I was just looking at her BBC article which she has headlined ‘Boris Johnson launches the nuclear option he swore to avoid’.

      Did Boris actually swear he would not lockdown again ?. Because that headline is directly saying ‘Boris is a liar’. If he didn’t, it’s an outrageous thing to say.


    • taffman says:

      I must admit It does sound a bit German .


      • Foscari says:

        Taffman-William Joyce “Lord Haw-Haw” was hanged
        for being a traitor for however despicable he was , he was
        NOT a traitor, because he was NOT a UK citizen. He was hanged
        for an offence for which he should of got a small fine. In
        Being an AMERICAN citizen. He faked his application for a
        UK passport.
        KUENSSBERG is a German name.Actually her grandfather helped
        Jews escape from Germany. It’s just a shame that she has
        one of the worse German traits, sarcastic arrogance.Not unique to Germans. BUT our
        Laura has it in spades.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Foscari – I take it you think he shouldn’t have hanged ?


          • Foscari says:

            Fedup-He was hanged for being a traitor to the UK. He
            was not a British subject.He actually took German nationality
            in 1940. So as Germany was not at war with the USA at this time
            he could not even been tried in the USA for being a traitor.
            Joyce was the last person to be hanged in the UK for being a
            traitor,when actually he was not.
            YES he was a vile fascist animal.And he could of been
            tried for treachery, as others were. But I reiterate that in the
            end he was hanged for faking a passport declaration .Do I
            think he should of been hanged? If I say yes then thousand s
            upon thousands of other’s should of met the same fate, including
            some even more famous or infamous than Joyce.
            I know of course that many Nazi bastards escaped the hangsman’s noose when they shouldn’t of. The fact is that
            Lord Haw Haw was not a UK citizen and therefore he could not
            be a traitor to the UK. If one thinks he should of been hung
            for his nasty sarcastic Nazi broadcasts from Germany is
            another matter. Remembering that by 1940 he was a German
            citizen and not an American.


  36. Darcy3 says:

    If anyone is in any doubt why we have these new restrictions: (no cameras in mosques apparently )

    wurld klass bbc gernalissts missed this for some reason


    Party like it’s the last weekend before lockdown: Revellers mark Halloween in Newcastle while London’s bars do a roaring trade before closing on Thursday for a month

    Revellers in Newcastle and London went out to mark Halloween on the last Saturday ahead of shutdown
    Scores of young people packed into makeshift beer gardens in Borough Market, Soho and in the Big Market
    Chaos ensued in Newcastle, where police enforcing Tier 2 restrictions arrested several drinkers


    • Banania says:

      The Mail headline was “Fury as revellers gather, etc..” Why did they feel obliged to say “fury”? I bet nobody was furious.


  37. Guest Who says:

    Nick Bryant summarises one in the contest.

    BBC News

    Trump started the century a star of reality TV, made the leap into cyberspace as a viral sensation and now America’s pandemic president faces the fight of his political life, Nick Bryant writes.

    An ‘interesting’ summary. Very BBC.


    • Scroblene says:

      I don’t understand why the BBC still spew out the drivel, that ‘America is divided, because of Trump’?

      Why are they not pointing at the Democrats who are a really nasty bunch at the moment, with Billary, Barry, Biden all trying to cover their tracks, and President Trump is getting huge rallies singing the praises of a decent, hard-working America!

      So where’s the division, Al Beeb? Game of two halves, corruption expected in the election?

      The Biden revelations are still absolutely nowhere to be seen on the BBC ‘website’, which is like a hard drive of an autocue-reader’s wet dream, rather than an informative, unbiased exposition. Of course, the awful truth is all over the MSM, not so much in the leftie stuff, but it’s there alright, and the private commentators are still gasping to keep up the story, which must be out there for millions of people.


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC American BS not going here.


      • Dobyns says:

        From the Babylon Bee – which is supposed to be a satirical site. …

        “The real concern is that the party of love and tolerance loses the election.

        “We just want to make sure our businesses will be safe from the sudden outpouring of peace, love, and tolerance,” said one frightened business owner in Los Angeles as he frantically boarded up his hookah lounge. “You know, too much peace can sometimes intensify and end up destroying millions of dollars of property. You know, from all the peace.”

        “Can’t be too careful when there’s roaming bands of people spreading peace.”

        Many business owners are even arming themselves with firearms to protect themselves from all the peace.”


  38. Guest Who says:

    Katty meanwhile, is the only one who knew.

    If Joe does a Boris, will it get reported Laura K style.


  39. Guest Who says:

    American media have doubts now about systems that they did not before.

    Also, await Macron no longer being a BBC BFF.


  40. Jeff says:

    In response to Darcy’s Daily Mail piece, referring to the need for further restrictions…
    No, they’ve got it completely arse about face. Young people are “revelling” directly due to the new restrictions our Downing Street dimwit is about to impose on us.

    These idiotic restraints have achieved less that sweet FA anyway. Lockdowns don’t work. Sensible guidelines that can be adhered to do work. I hate to continually mention Sweden, but…
    I won’t criticise youngsters for wanting to enjoy themselves, knowing these one trick incompetents are about to imprison us again.

    There’s been a huge double standard employed, with who the media feel able to attack. The repulsive Piers Morgan was in a state of apoplexy (well to be fair, he usually is) because during the heatwave he saw crowds of people on beaches. He was frothing at the gills, his numerous chins wobbling like an unset trifle, as he spewed “Look at these morons!”. However, a week later his own son took part in the BLM riots in London and suddenly it was okay. Apparently the virus is very discriminating and if you’re another white, well heeled liberal, out for a weekend’s virtue signalling, you’re actually immune. It’s even better than the mythical vaccine.

    Strange that…


  41. Fedup2 says:

    Two dead in Quebec – a french city …..by a man dressed in medieval clothes…. now it was Halloween and a full moon so not necessarily a ‘ Norwegian local man ‘ …..

    The BBC must be desperate for a motivation other than Muslim terrorism – and get back to the false narrative that so called ‘right wing ‘ terrorists are the biggest threat…

    The shooting of a priest has been down graded to a ‘personal dispute’ so you can look away ….


  42. Darcy3 says:

    Jeff, I do not entirely disagree with you, and am not an epidemiologist, although I have studied as part of my degree, all I can say is look at the one graph that matters : the one that shows deaths after lockdown reducing

    sensible guideline that can be adhered to ? how many in this country are sensible?, I refer the honourable member to my previous post RE Milton Keynes


    • Jeff says:

      Darcy, my strong contention is that a number of kids attending these “raves?”(sorry, I’m ancient and not sure of the modern term!) only turn up because of their impending imprisonment.

      I got criticised last week for attending the anti lockdown demo in London. I don’t like crowds, I would rather be anywhere else, but this, I felt, was important. I would have been much happier gardening or rambling, but the measures I knew were coming have to be resisted. To do nothing isn’t an option.

      And as for the figures of lives saved “due to the lockdown”, not true. We have one or two countries that have resisted this lunatic panic. Sweden, sorry there I go again, have offered us a control…and the graphs are ditto. The pandemic follows a well known curve.

      All nations have suffered and none have got everything right, but we’re doing our bloody best to get everything wrong! Boris has turned a health crisis into a national catastrophe.

      Sweden seem to be the country to look at. They’re not heading for millions on the dole. They’ve maintained their social structures and their liberty; very important.

      No lockdowns, no Chris Whitty, no BBC!!! no problem…


      • AsISeeIt says:

        I’m with you, Jeff.
        I won’t say much more because it’s difficult – perhaps pointless – to argue against fear.


  43. Guest Who says:

    BBC not happy.

    Thousands of ads from Joe Biden’s election campaign and some from President Trump’s have been mistakenly blocked by Facebook.

    Back in the day, tvc scripts were submitted for vetting first by an independent (ok, I know) body even before production. Now it seems media just cherry picks on a propaganda vs. censorship basis, with added cock up by interns.

    As the BBC did, back in the day. And now has perfected.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I understand Twitter has unlocked some of the Biden corruption stuff after blocking it …. maybe their own polling has got them wondering if Mr Trump could win it and hedging their bet .
      The Trump ‘revenge ‘ list in a second term must be
      ‘awesome’ as I believe American dudes say …


  44. Darcy3 says:

    I don’t do it often because it is like urinating in the wind, but on behalf of my wife, bbbc complaint


    BBC Racism 

    We note your tiresome obsession with black people .What I will not accept is your continual obsession with desperately trying to find evidence of racism against blacks whilst allowing them to be as racist as they like.

    You obviously could not find any white presenters for your programme on BBC2 “All over the place – Asia” from the 85% of white people in this country so had to have two black presenters from the small 15% of the population, as bloody usual.

    Yet when you interview a Thai pesron explaining something in his native laguage you decide to put a “comic” chinese accented translation whilst your two “poor oppressed blacks who are perennial victims of racism in your twisted minds” stand and snigger along

    Racism against “yellows” is allowed is it ?

    So, just for balance, I fully expect you do to a comic “African accent” in any translation from a programme in one of their warn torn [email protected] please 


    Thank you again for contacting us,

    BBC Complaints Team


    • Fedup2 says:

      Darcy thank you for the link – I hadn’t look for a while – the BBC executive complaints committee examined 15 complaints and out of those 15 complaints guess how many were upheld ?

      Yes – that’s right – none nil …


  45. AsISeeIt says:

    ‘Oh Oh Heaven’ puns the Daily Star this Sunday morn, as it mourns: ‘Dead at 90, film legend who was greatest James Bond of all time’

    And what of the butler Oddjob, I mean the bottler Boris Johnson?

    The left-leaning press would have us believe Johnson’s main failing is that he didn’t put us into lockdown earlier.

    The Observer: ‘Johnson’s U-turn puts country under tough new lockdown’

    “U-turn” ? Is it really a U-turn when your GP ups the strength of your tablets because the medication dosage you are currently on is apparently not working – albeit the drug has potentially damaging side effects? Of course not. This criticism of Johnson is all about politics not health policy.

    The explicitly Labour supporting Mirror gives the game away: ‘Starmer: public will pay price of PM’s failure. Government chaos fuels growing jobs crisis’

    Given the unarguable fact lockdowns kill employment, particularly for the lower paid, one has to ask what is it the left seem to admire about lockdown?

    Why do the Left crave the negation of civil liberties, tight social controls, extraordinary levels of population surveillance, fetishisation of the nationalised health sector and grinding down of independent thought?

    Does the Left really cherish life at all costs? The Sunday Times runs a headline: ‘Swiss fast-track Briton to Dignitas’ – and we know the Left are keen to put euthanasia on the menu, with a large side order of abortion, so it’s not about life per se.

    It’s just politics. Lockdown crisis, late lockdown chaos, ministers caught out breaking lockdown rules – these are all opposition traps the weak-willed Boris made for himself.

    What other nonesense is going on in the world?

    There’s the US Presidential Election. Which, apparently, is THE most crucial EVER – until the next one, and since the last one.

    The Observer happily serves up the hyperbole in their Leader Comment: ‘This is a referendum on the future of democracy in America, which appears more imperilled now than at any time since the civil war’

    No it’s not. I sense they have a dog in the game. I sense they hate Donald Trump. For those of us outside of the States for whom American foreign policy is high on the agenda let me simply point to the fact that on Trump’s watch the Arabs and Israelis are edging toward peace and America is bringing GIs back home, since no new foreign wars have been initiated. Orange Man not so bad.

    But how can we escape a wet Sunday contemplating the prospect of lockdown? Looking increasingly like a month of rainy but dry Welsh Presbyterian Sundays, an autumn Dylan Thomas might have termed “starless and bible-black”.

    ‘1930-2020. The name was Bond, James Bond’ says the Sunday People.

    The name was Britain, Great Britan, say I.


    • Fedup2 says:

      As I see it …

      I spotted a piece in the observer talking about a ‘Biden landslide ‘ but mentioning how the polls were wrong in 2016 .

      There is a sense of de ja voo – with the prospect of Comrade corbyn and his huge support becoming PM – what actually happened ?
      And the Hillary Cinton presidency – with all that luvvy support – and what happened ?

      The polls did not reflect reality – and I think it is the same again …
      If people in America really are turning out in numbers like 50000 to see president trump at sports stadia … is this a clue ..?

      If the result goes the was I see – it is important to record the reaction of all the BBC droids – and enjoy their pain as long as possible ….


      • AsISeeIt says:

        What I find odd is that despite the polls putting Biden way out ahead the Democrats are still panicking – as shown by their friends in the media attempting a clamp down on the Biden laptop story. Why so desperate to embargo a non-story? Why so jumpy when the polls say your guy is winning by a mile? The odds are Trump will indeed lose. The forces stacked against him from day one were massive. Oh but what I would give to see their faces…

        Which might just be the one hope. The silent majority quietly disrupting the game being played on them. Think disruptive public voting on Strictly aimed at spoiling the narrative such as when the plodding John Sergeant was repeatedly voted in during an early series. He eventually had to resign from the show to put things back on track for the BBC.


  46. fakenewswatcher says:

    I woke up, switched on the radio and found that ‘Sunday’ on R4 had solved the ‘Islamicist’ terrorism in France problem, under the chairmanship of Emily Buchanan.
    It’s all because of alienation and the fact that Muslims are, according to President Erdogan, treated as second class citizens.
    So really, the French are to blame.
    Typical bbc rubbish. Erdogan is one of the main instigators of Islamic terror, as he seeks to create a new Ottoman Empire in Europe?
    The latest killer had only just arrived from Tunisia. Alienated in France? Treated as a second -class citizen? What nonsense!
    We should expect this sort of apologist activism for terror from the bb, even on a Sunday.
    Never mind, there was also a bit on child poverty and hunger in the UK. I doubt it really exists, and is really more related to buying preferences, if it does. Bishops were there to back up Marcus Rashford’s campaign. Of course, Marcus is the new bbc Supehero, who has to be mentioned in every programme, if possible.
    Only last night, in the Moral Maze, Michael Buerk couldn’t stop mentioning Rashford as a ‘celebrity’, and ended up wishing him a happy birthday to end off the programme.


    • Rich says:


      Read this and decide if it was written by an under-privileged 23 year old professional footballer educated through the United academy system or, as it reads to me through the tone and language used, a female humanities graduate forging a career in PR.


      It’s been online for hours and no comments yet?


      • fakenewswatcher says:


        There are a few comments now, and they are interesting.
        The most popular reflects my feeling that Rashford and other overpaid footballers should contribute to a fund for these poverty-stricken children, if they feel so strongly. Rather than forcing the taxpayer to take on yet another obligation.
        Rashford gets 10 million quid (a week? a match? a season?)so would not notice if 5 million or so went for ‘free’ school meals.
        My earlier comment that each and every programme on bbc R4 is required to hype up Rashford: Paddy O ‘Connel is doing Broadcasting House now and somewhere in there is a discussion around the wonderful, magnificent and peerless Rashford. We even get to hear from him, as well as a breathless commentator celebrating his hat trick. John Barnes is in the studio; so is Le Saux. Hype, hype hype.
        Bbc, Labour and Rashford: a virtue-signallers paradise, in which we – the ordinary mortals- will be permitted to pick up the tab. Even the over-75s…


        • Concrete sea says:

          Rashford’s petition for free food everywhere has topped a million signatures. Oh hang on Man United have a worldwide fan and follower base of 1.1 billion, so a few to go yet.


      • theisland says:

        You are correct – he could not have written this article.
        The use of punctuation alone tells us this.

        Elizabeth Watkins, Malaga, Spain, 2 minutes ago
        Still not printing my comment. What was it, too true ?? He never wrote this article, stop insulting people’s intelligence..

        By the way, imo there is an overuse of commas by the ‘author.’


  47. Darcy3 says:


    you should see the plethora of trampolines in the gardens of the single mothers around here that have starving children


  48. Guest Who says:


    There are others, but the BBC is front and left in creating the problem.