Weekend Thread 24 October 2020

How will the Far Left Biased anti British BBC prepare for the US Election in 10 days time ? Will any Trump supporter get to speak ? Will anyone question whether Biden is corrupt or mentally fit for office? Let us see?

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  1. Guest Who says:

    When Soph met Saheed.

    More MSM filter Vox-poppery.

    Sky trawling the wards?

    Cousin in the research office?

    NHS union mole with a direct line?


    • StewGreen says:

      I wonder what the politics of Mr Saeed i ?
      He tweeted
      \\ @RehanSaeedUK
      Me and my wife are on @SkyNews
      talking about our recent terrible experience at Whipps Cross hospital during the birth of my son.
      Understaffing caused by a decade of #ToryScum being in power is a major factor in incidents like these.

      His next tweet was a retweet of Femi calling Tories scum

      I don’t why the guy is complaining about Tories
      after all his wife was in a Labour ward 🙂

      On Oct 7th he tweeted
      \\ My wife is in labour. I’m in Whipps Cross hospital carpark .. they won’t let me in.
      Labour ward is full with a queue of women in pain being treated like animals.
      All due to NHS underfunding. //
      Then he went into a 10 tweet rant


      • StewGreen says:

        Is he by any chance a Labour supporter ?


        • Guest Who says:

          Stew… maybe Ms. Spring could fact check?

          Or is looking at Beff & Co’s ‘sources’ professional discourtesy?

          Possibly a hate crime.

          Bet Lewis has his team on to Mr. Saeed’s people already.


          • StewGreen says:

            The way he uses Twitter is strange
            Oct 5th we get this massive outburst against the Tories about the hospital
            Yet before he’d never mentioned hospital/pregnant/baby
            95% tweets were his Microsoft work
            with odd tweets that reflect libmob behaviour, Tweets to support Greta, Sadiq, discussions with his Labour MP etc.


            • Guest Who says:

              As a rule of thumb, if it is a street Vox pop they have just picked a rando and used the edit that suits.

              If at their home with a crew, they knew what they were getting and how to get there.


  2. Old Goat says:

    Not strictly BBC, but Moraymint’s latest offering:



  3. Foscari says:

    The BBC no longer makes any pretence of being an out
    and out anarchist Marxist media organization. So with their revenues going down and down as their forced to
    pay viewers have got more revolted on being “educated ”
    by their head of diversity BIG BROTHER,perhaps an answer
    is for the BBC to get revenue from sponsors to help cover
    their shortfalls.
    For example their media partner the BLM organization could
    sponsor MOTD.It woudn’t make much difference to the
    programme anyway. Instead of 30 seconds being spent out
    of three minute highlights on the players taking the knee they
    could spend a minute .As for other sponsors . May I suggest
    the Socialist Workesr party sponsoring the new drama Road Kill.
    That’s if they are not already. The BBC could start bargaining
    wars between the Trotskyists, the Anarchists . the Marxists and
    others who could sponsor the Londonistan Programme.
    Riz Lateef and Asad Ahmad wouldn’t have to change their
    presentation that much.Yes this is a good idea, don’t you think?
    Maybe some ideas on other sponsors.


  4. theisland says:


    Proposed new immigration rules contain a major change concealed in the detail – namely a very large reduction in the salary that skilled workers will need to earn in order to settle here (from £36,000 now to as low as £20,500).

    Astoundingly, the details of this were not laid out in the government’s summary of the Points-Based System (February 2020), in its impact assessment of the Immigration Bill (April 2020), nor in the detailed guidance about its new scheme (August 2020).

    Commenting, Alp Mehmet, Chairman of Migration Watch UK said:

    “This is quite outrageous. It will weaken immigration control further and risks helping drive settlement beyond even the record highs of a decade ago. It will also reduce the incentive for employers to train British workers.

    “To make matters worse these major changes are being sneaked in through the backdoor with scant detail and a lack of advance warning. So much for listening to the public or taking back control.”


    • G says:

      ” It will weaken immigration control further and risks helping drive settlement beyond even the record highs of a decade ago.”

      That’s the object of the exercise.


  5. AsISeeIt says:

    If you’ve developed a penchant for the verbal dribblings of Premier League (top tax bracket) footballers, then the Sunday Times Magazine has just the thing: ‘Exclusive interview Raheem Sterling’.
    Did someone hereabouts say the clocks had gone back… was it to 1970? Then the Times may have taken on the house style of the old schoolboy’s favourite Shoot magazine. I wonder what Raheem’s best ever game was? What’s his favourite meal? What first car did he buy? Favourite colour?
    But I’m pulling your leg. Or in our Raheem’s case, his AK47 gang culture tattooed leg.
    Speaking of which, we’d better all take a knee. I’m just guessing here but I’d wager we’ll be told Raheem’s favourite colour is black – as in Black History Month, BLM, Trump, Racism…
    For a moment it did look as though we’d slipped down a time tunnel. Choirboy Aled Jones and even Princess Diana’s dodgy butler pop up in the Telegraph: ‘Paul Burrell: Diana would have seen herself in Meghan’ – I daren’t strap on any rude comment to that strapline.
    Olivia what’s-her-name, from The Only Way Is Essex fifteen minute fame, graces the front page of the Star reminding us: ‘Women can be sexy… if they choose’
    Suffice to say, a newspaper putting Marcus Rashford on the frontpage still heads the BBC’s line up of the Sunday papers this morning. They know when they’re onto a good thing. The United v Chelsea match (look away now) was a boring 0-0 stalemate (I warned you to look away). But come on the Reds, you can bash the Blues off the pitch. No fear of any crowd trouble – there is no crowd! “I think the crowd are off the terraces – they think it’s a pandemic – it is now”. So let’s bang on about the politics – the only game in locked down town. Now is that a physio I see running onto the pitch, magic sponge and bucket at the ready…? Yes it is, someone called for a medic. The Sunday Observer: ‘Top children’s doctors attack Tories over free school meals’
    I’m already sick to the back teeth with seeing this over-hyped story. The Telegraph’s: ‘No 10 faces meals backlash’ almost had me throw up in my mouth.
    What if the kids had been gifted the extra dinner money? The Sunday People cautions: ‘Gambling kids left £100,000 in debt. Shocking toll of children hooked on betting’
    We happy few, we humble foot soldiers doggedly plugging away in the trenches of the culture war, bravely girding our loins for the next Leftist onslaught… we must observe and scrutinise (Sir Roger Scrutonise?) the adverts as well as the headlines. The Times features an ad for: ‘The Golden Age of Television Centre’ – built with our TV Licences, now the ‘reimagined’ West London BBC site is being sold off as luxury flats. The cynic in me observes I’ve never yet seen a new apartment development not advertised as luxury. Mind you, with concierge, gym, swimming pool, etc, it ticks all the boxes (as they say at the BBC). The large private roof terrace will come in handy with all this covid going on. Not so sure about the resident’s cinema? – What’s the Tier 2 rules on private cinemas? And oh, how interesting it would be to know whether they only ever run repeats.
    The Telegraph goes super miserablist: ‘The latest Scandi way to experience the inner gloom’ – I’ll pass. I’ll think happy thoughts…
    “Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high,
    There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby”
    – yep it’s our fantasy notion of our fabulous imaginary sainted NHS. The Sunday Mirror front page drops Rashford and brings on the hearts and rainbows: ‘Scandal of neglected staff. Stop failing our NHS heroes. 2 million days off for mental illness. 300,000 workers near breaking point’ – all served up with ne’er a mention of the patients.
    The Mail has: ‘NHS Staff set to get a vaccine “in weeks”’ – good for them.
    The Sunday Times reminds us: ‘Revealed: how elderly paid price for protecting NHS from covid. Over 80s were denied intensive care’
    No such fear of ageing for TV millionairess Claudia Winkleman. The Sunday Express: ‘Claudia: Getting older is fantastic’
    But if you are concerned about covid it may help to bear in mind the inescapable fact that the old grim reaper is coming for us all sometime.
    “Someday I’ll wish upon a star,
    Wake up where the clouds are far behind me”

    Speaking of the afterlife, the Star has: ‘Exclusive: Bruce Forsyth haunts the Palladium’ – well our theatres have been dark for ten months now. There probably are one or two lurking Phantoms of the Opera. Seems Brucie, the older trouper, had his ashes scattered at the Palladium. Just like TV Licence Payers had their cash scattered at BBC TV Centre. I’ll leave the last word to the Star: ‘Nice to see woooo, to see woooo nice’


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m still trying to work the lord rashford – sports personality of the year elect – out .

      I’m very anti state and believe if you don’t put in your bit – like taxes – you should suffer( suffering is defined as no Xbox or iPhone 14 ) – kids or not … there seems to be a weird anti populism about – such as blindly supporting free food on top of free food ….

      Im predicting this fad will evaporate when taxes start to go up – minimum wages for those still Working – frozen – and the entire population economically crushed paying the interest on money borrowed from the money tree ….

      The worst nightmare of course is for the interest rate to go up by even a couple of points ….

      The other nightmare of course is a coming war where someone tries out President Biden ….

      Ps – the great thing about extreme rationing of MSM is that I don’t know what X factor , strictly , east Enders , Essex . Luv Ireland – is – on what the jungle thing is …. so these celebrities are lost on me … so glad .

      Similarly with the footy – ironically a bet a bit of free food money goes into buying access to a nil nil £15 footy match or two… and lord rashfords wages


      • AsISeeIt says:

        “…minimum wages for those still working…”

        And for those who can’t be bothered, I believe Leftist theorists envisage the Universal basic income (UBI), also called basic income, citizen’s income, citizen’s basic income, basic income guarantee, basic living stipend, guaranteed annual income, or (for goodness sake…) universal demogrant – for all of which thank you, Wikipedia.

        So we can all stop worrying about work and concentrate on our creative writing – I’m practising daily.

        Either that or the revolution comes as the middle class turn really Bolshevik when they wake up to their comfy homeworking Zoom jobs being outsourced to the Phillippines – like you just know is going to happen some day soon.


  6. Guest Who says:

    Actually the Brian Lemon abomination is likely a Lurch must RT.


  7. Doobster78 says:

    The replies to this tweet should tell the BBC that we have had a belly full of this propaganda.

    But they keep pushing !!!!


  8. pugnazious says:

    Oh those Russians eh? Always interfering in the US Democracy….shocking. The BBC would never do such a thing would it?

    I mean an article telling Americans that the evil Chinese want Trump to be President again and that they’d hate to have the peace-loving, world unity candidate, Joe Biden, elected…just reporting the ‘facts’….well, pure partisan speculation, how would a BBC man know what the Chinese want?…still the BBC’s alternate ‘facts’….not interference at all.

    Then we have the soon to come ‘The Trump Effect’….let me guess….it didn’t turn out well for America.

    Many, many more of course, not least their 4 years of claiming Trump was a Russian stooge…that he was a massive racist…that his foreign policy was terrible, divisive and atagonistic [wasn’t he right about NATO funding, about Covid19 as he closed the borders in that ‘racist’ move and….er…so many peace deals in the Middle East?]…that he undermined democracy and the Constitution trying to interfere in investigations, that he was impeached…hmm…can you count that as ‘impeachment’ when it was clearly a highly political and partisan attempt by the, lol, ‘Democrats’ to remove a President by any means possible? Odd how the Democrats aren’t undermining democracy and the Constitution as they refuse to help govern and unite the nation and instead try to overturn and election and set the country ablaze….literally.

    Let’s not forget abortion…Trump is against it and packs the Supreme Court with evil Catholics who will ban it nationwide.

    Oh…waiiiiit….hold on there….erm….Biden is Catholic…..sheeeet….how can we spin that fellow Beeboids?

    I know…we’ll ignore it [as with el Pope…never see the BBC slap him down for his Catholic beliefs], instead tell people how Biden’s terrific religious beliefs inform his humanity and of course are central to his anti-racist stance….whereas Trump is a cynical exploiter of this fine religion as he opportunistically makes insincere promises to win Catholic votes….oh…and not just any Catholic votes but ‘Conservative’ Catholic votes….you know, the bad Catholics….who actually follow their religion….lol….Biden the good Catholic whose religion, the BBC tells us, informs his every move and yet he’s, erm, not really a Catholic….not a nasty ‘Conservative’ one anway.

    Let’s tell Americans that it is great that the Supreme Court has so many Catholics on it…and then seconds later, in the Trump takedown, tell them how bad that is….coz Trump did it…or not.

    Let’s do all that on a programme called ‘Sunday’….and let’s hope many, many American voters are tuning in….oh and yeh…let’s tell the Americans how good old Pope Francis likes gay marriage….but erm…

    Let’s forget stuff like this though…

    Pope Francis Says Abortion, Even of a Sick Fetus, Is Like Hiring a ‘Hitman’

    ‘Pope Francis’s comments, in which he called abortion “inhuman eugenics,” come as the deeply divisive issue has resurfaced in the United States.

    Pope Francis said Saturday that abortion was always unacceptable, regardless of whether a fetus is fatally ill or has pathological disorders. He also urged doctors to help women bring to term even pregnancies likely to end in the death of a child at birth or soon after.

    “Is it legitimate to take out a human life to solve a problem?” Francis asked attendees at a Vatican conference on the issue, repeating one of his most contentious remarks on the issue. “Is it permissible to contract a hitman to solve a problem?”’


  9. tarien says:

    Thought this letter written by one concerned Brexit supporter says what many think.
    Dear Prime Minister Johnson,
    No doubts this article will be brought to your attention this morning, in which case I respectfully ask you to confirm your 100% guarantee the UK will be entirely free from ALL EU institutions as was promised on 1st January? – AND be free of foreign [EU Commission] or CJEU oversight? – AND full return of British waters to 200 miles or the median line?
    May I respectfully remind you that your large parliamentary majority was, in the main, gifted to you by Brexiteers after our long ‘fight’ for our freedom’s.
    As Prime Minister, you have absolutely no rights whatsoever to hand my British identity to a foreign power like PMs before you, shamefully did.
    The UK is our country and does not ‘belong’ to any foreign power. We legally left the EU back in January 2020, and the EU still don’t get it!
    This does not mean jumping back in through secret ‘back-doors’.
    As you know, British voters are not stupid and can ‘smell a political farce’ a million miles away.
    Brexiteers of all political persuasions supported you, and we can take away our support from you and your party just as quickly.
    He makes a good point I think.


  10. Doobster78 says:

    Good old BBC standard headline when it’s a BBC approved movement.


    Pressure mounts hey BBC ???? You mean , pressure mounts from the lefty activists masquerading as journalists at the BBC !!!

    Apparently, per the bbc, 2000 doctors have signed a letter to Boris, and as per the BBC there is also pressure on Boris to meet Pope Marcus of Rashford personally to discuss the matter !!!!

    If Boris u turns on this , he may as well bloody resign. He will look as weak as a kitten !!!!!

    Stand you’re ground Boris !!!!!!!!


  11. Sluff says:

    The long term way to destroy capitalism is to burden it with so many ‘worthy’ requirements to be paid by the state (aka as many popular freebies as possible for as many as possible) that it cannot cope.
    And out of the chaos emerges socialism.

    Never in Corbyn’s wildest dreams could he have imagined that the way to make it happen was through a virus.

    The whole country is essentially being nationalised as the private sector is shut down, and the deficit rockets to compensate.

    Another feature of socialism is the emphasis on production not outcomes. That’s happening too. We have apparently the biggest capacity for CV tests in Europe and we are doing more than anyone else. This seems to be classed as success in itself. The fact that we are then utterly useless at translating that production into some useful output and outcomes is conveniently forgotten.

    Welcome to blue socialism.


  12. StewGreen says:

    10am TalkRadio lineup today
    “Why does the BBC keep promoting the discredited Ferguson ?”

    Here’s a piece from yesterday’s show


    • pugnazious says:

      True….the BBC loves him….hates Cummings who they say destroyed the government’s message on Covid19 and resulted in the ‘second wave’ [yeah really…2nd wave is Cummings fault]….not though Ferguson, the man whose apocalyptic alarm call set the lockdown ball rolling..his little mistake is forgotten.

      Or not…they even had him on ‘The Life Scientific’ recently where he was idolised and allowed to make excuses for himself with no criticism at all.

      Odd how he pops up with dire warnings just before the government announces some new drastic and draconian measure….coincidence I’m sure.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        I would also point out, as the BBC always fails to, that Dominic Cumming did not break the lockdown. His trip to Durham with his small family was so that they could lockdown safely. Even the Durham police confirmed this. His trip to Barnard Castle may have been an error of judgment, but again the police said they would merely have advised him to return, nothing more.

        In stark contrast, Ferguson deliberately broke the lockdown several times, just so he could have sex with his married girlfriend. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. This from the man who was literally the architect of lockdown, breaking it just so he could have a shag.

        But I forget, there are no enemies on the left. Dominic Cummings is a conservative, and so evil to the core. Neil Ferguson is a leftist, and therefore a good person, whether he breaks his own lockdown for sex, or strangles kittens for fun.


    • pugnazious says:

      The lessons were known from the start….Sage stated that lockdowns wouldn’t kill the virus nor would they save lives….they will only delay the deaths and the virus will resurface as soon as lockdowns are loosened.

      BBC journo’s own conclusion….

      ‘If we just lift the lockdown, then another explosive outbreak is inevitable.’

      [So why was the 2nd wave a surprise and why are more lockdowns the answer?]

      The only reason for the lockdowns was to ensure the NHS was made capable of coping with an expected torrent of patients….surely that has been achieved?

      6 months on and they try to scare us into submission by saying the NHS is being overwhelmed…wtf has the govt been doing for the last 6 months? Instead of spending £200bn on propping up businesses due to the lockdown maybe keep the businesses alive by not locking down and instead spending a few of those billions…er…on the NHS and making care homes safer.


      • pugnazious says:

        ‘Lockdowns have not had a big impact on coronavirus death rates around the world, scientists have claimed, and the health of nations beforehand was more important.

        Dozens of countries have been forced to tell people to stay home and close shops in a bid to stop the Covid-19 pandemic since it broke out in January.

        But now a study has claimed the drastic measures don’t even work. They found that whether a country was locked down or not was ‘not associated’ with death rate.’

        From The Lancet….


        ‘It has become clear that a hard lockdown does not protect old and frail people living in care homes—a population the lockdown was designed to protect.3
        Neither does it decrease mortality from COVID-19, which is evident when comparing the UK’s experience with that of other European countries.

        There is very little we can do to prevent this spread: a lockdown might delay severe cases for a while, but once restrictions are eased, cases will reappear. I expect that when we count the number of deaths from COVID-19 in each country in 1 year from now, the figures will be similar, regardless of measures taken.
        Measures to flatten the curve might have an effect, but a lockdown only pushes the severe cases into the future —it will not prevent them.
        In summary, COVID-19 is a disease that is highly infectious and spreads rapidly through society. It is often quite symptomless and might pass unnoticed, but it also causes severe disease, and even death, in a proportion of the population, and our most important task is not to stop spread, which is all but futile, but to concentrate on giving the unfortunate victims optimal care.’

        Far from saving lives….lockdowns cost them…and destroy so much more…from The Telegraph…

        ‘More than 200,000 people could die from the impact of lockdown and protecting the NHS, an official government report shows.

        As national restrictions were imposed, experts from the Department of Health, the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the government’s Actuary Department and the Home Office forecast the collateral damage from delays to healthcare and the effects of recession arising from the pandemic response.’


  13. BRISSLES says:

    According to our hand wringing news journos, its ‘cruel’ for women to give birth in hospital without their partners in attendance, or a hand to hold in this time of anxiety.

    Jeezus, what about all those women who are giving birth when their other half is away in the military ? My dad was away playing football on one occasion, working when no.2 arrived, and was reading me a story when no.3 turned up in the front bedroom. No way was he getting involved with all the ‘mess’ that birth involves. lol !


    • Doobster78 says:

      Indeed Briss . It’s just another example of the sense of entitlement that blights this country these days.

      The lack of personal responsibility is frightening.

      BBC victimhood stories 24/7 don’t help.


  14. StewGreen says:

    “University of Pennsylvania’s Biden Center received $70 million from the Chinese communist dictatorship
    while Biden collected $911,000 over three years from the school while doing virtually nothing.”


  15. StewGreen says:

    The Jordan Peterson is back video


  16. Fedup2 says:

    The mail reports a times article ?? Suggest the current BBC DG is to require droids to register off the books earning from the likes of the extremely lucrative and discrete after dinner speech industry …
    ……you have to feel for the poor dears if they are out of pocket because of the Chinese virus –

    …but no doubt their pimps – sorry – agents – will find another income stream …..


  17. Fedup2 says:

    From the Telegraph – unlike others I am not much of a cut and paste wizard ….

    Tory-backed group has launched a campaign to ‘Defund the BBC’ by telling homeowners how to “legally cancel” their licence fee.

    Tens of thousands of people are due to receive a leaflet which claims viewers who only watch ‘on demand’ programmes, apart from the BBC iPlayer, do not have to pay for a licence.

    The document, called “The BBC is broken”, is emblazoned with the slogan: “You do not have to pay”, and claims the corporation has failed to keep up with the pace of new technology.

    It adds: “Over recent years the BBC has cared less and less about its duty to provide impartial content that unifies and reflects the British people outside the M25.”

    It adds that viewers can “legally cancel their licence fee now”, although does not go into detail about the legal aspects of their claim.

    Defund the BBC is supported by Conservative MPs including Andrea Jenkyns, Ben Bradley, Lee Anderson and Christian Wakefield.

    Rebecca Ryan, campaign director of the London-based group, said: “Defund the BBC is working to inform the British public on how they can cancel their TV licence without fear of prosecution.

    “The BBC’s system for catching and prosecuting non-licence fee payment disproportionately affects women and the poorest and most vulnerable in society. This must stop.

    “Decriminalising non-payment of the licence fee is only the first step. It is totally unreasonable to force people, by fear of imprisonment, to pay the BBC in order to watch non-BBC live TV.”

    The £157.50 annual television licence is secure until December 31st, 2027. However, in February the Government announced a public consultation on whether non-payment of the licence fee should remain a criminal offence.

    The consultation is also looking at possible alternative enforcement schemes that could make watching television without a licence a civil (rather than criminal) offence.

    Currently, anyone who watches or records live TV or uses BBC’s iPlayer without a TV licence is committing a criminal offence and could go to prison.

    Research suggests that many of those who are convicted are the poor or vulnerable who often struggle to make ends meet and find a criminal conviction makes life even harder.

    A BBC spokesman said: “The licence fee continues to ensure the BBC is an independent, universal broadcaster, committed to serving everyone and to investing in British creativity.

    “It is the agreed method of funding the BBC until at least 2027. There’s always debate about the funding model and we’re happy to do that – but the right time to do that is as part of the next Charter discussions.”

    Post comment
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    Dale Carmichael
    25 Oct 2020 1:02PM
    I don’t think the licence fee is secure until December 2027 regardless of what’s been agreed. If the BBC management believes this, they are delusional.

    If the BBC lose the trust of the people, and they’re a large way there, the licence fee will go. Post Covid, I suspect there will be an appetite for change in many of our institutions and that includes the BBC.

    Adam Stirling
    25 Oct 2020 12:58PM
    I used to think that the BBC never lied … but now I know they LIE BY OMISSION.

    “The truth, THE WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing but the truth”

    Having an ex labour minister as Director of Radio and Culture James Purnell makes a mockery of BBC claim of impartiality. Thankfully he has just got the boot.

    Charles King
    25 Oct 2020 12:51PM
    The BBC is a loathsome organisation

    This was first became clear to me in the 90’s when my son went to university

    I then became aware that their policy was to hound every student leaving home for the first time because each little bedsit on campus of every student spending their first year in halls was a ‘household’ to the BBC and had to cough up

    The sooner it joins the real commercial world the better

    Thomas Kavanagh
    25 Oct 2020 12:36PM
    Funding safe until 2027? Which desk-driving overpaid idiot sanctioned that?

    Pip Squeak
    25 Oct 2020 1:02PM
    @Thomas Kavanagh

    Traitor May.

    Seb James
    25 Oct 2020 12:34PM
    If Lord Haw Haw was a corporation he would be the BBC.

    Golden Delicious
    25 Oct 2020 12:26PM
    Shall never happen as the British Deep State uses the BBC to promote L(GB)T shenanigans overseas.

    James Frost
    25 Oct 2020 12:33PM
    @Golden Delicious

    And at home. The propaganda is relentless.

    darrell nicholls
    25 Oct 2020 12:48PM
    @James Frost @Golden Delicious It’s far more contagious than Covid, not a channel you can watch nor even an advert that is not super ‘woke’…

    An enterprise who promoted it’s business with solid British values representing the 87% who are not ‘special’ would do a roaring trade, unfortunately they would never get their advertisments approved, or someone would grass them as being ‘ist’ and they would be done for.

    Do we really believe that the hands on the tillers of most/all of the major companies who use TV advertising are really woke, ethnic, LGBT of course not, most are run by white, straight males with pretty conservative values, however they dare not allow their companies to be open to discrimination, so in some respects they are as bullied as we are.


    • Doublethinker says:

      It is heartening to see that the campaign to defund the BBC has growing support. But only a month ago it was possible that we would have had Charles Moore and Paul Dacre in post next year and then there really would have been fireworks at Broadcasting a House. Unfortunately Moore felt that it would be too much pain to take on the Chaimansip of the BBC. I’m not sure what Dacre’s position is on leading Ofcom.
      We have learnt over the past four years, Brexit and Trump, that no matter how much democratic weight a policy or course of action has, if the liberal elite don’t agree with it it probably won’t be implemented. We know that the BBC is an essential piece of the UK ‘s liberal elite armoury to control us oiks and so they won’t let it go without a fight. But the oiks hold the whip hand on this issue, we can just refuse to pay and bring it to its knees . It won’t matter what the liberal elite do , if we stop paying it’s a dead duck. The only way the BBC could avoid becoming a subscription only service would be for the government to use tax payers money to bail it out and I just can’t see even this bunch of Lilly liveried Tories agreeing to that.
      Come on folks , refuse to pay for own enslavement by the Woke, rebel , kick em in the balls as hard as possible.


  18. Doobster78 says:

    Not BBC but ITV. Programme called “All around Britain”

    Two Bame presnters, Ranvir Singh and Alex Beresford. Box ticked.

    Flicked onto it briefly, Alex states , all that coming up, but first, we help a Muslim woman learning to ride a bike !!!!!!!

    Box ticked.

    I kid you not. RELENTLESS.


  19. StewGreen says:

    Covid stats : UK has dropped to 12 place in death/million as Latin American countries pile into the top 10
    Bearing in mind that stats can be flaky like the way Russia China claim they have such low stats

    UK has tested the equivalent of half the population
    (Of course some medics have been tested 10+ times)
    About 10 small countries have tested the equivalent of all the population
    Germany has tested at half the rate of the Uk


  20. tomo says:


    This extract from ITV news has a commentary by the viewer which contains industrial language including an alt name for Private Lady Parts …


  21. digg says:

    My reaction to 2 “highlights”on the BBC website….


    “We’re seen as an after-school hobby and we’re not. We’re a lifeblood to a culture, to a country.”

    … I don’t think you are!


    “Is Climate Change being ignored?”

    …yes, we’ve had enough.


  22. fakenewswatcher says:

    Beeb exploiting the school meals issue to get at the Tories, on the lunchtime TV news, having spent a week hyping Rashford up to the rafters.
    As usual, it’s all emotion, and virtue-signalling, no attempt to assess facts and figures.
    As for big earner Rashford, I’ll start being impressed when he puts his money where his mouth is.


  23. StewGreen says:

    Local Radio special “black people who served in bomber command”
    They framed it as “Yes in the Caribbean, people were scared if the Germans won slavery would come back”
    ..Then they played the clip of the old timer Ralph and he said something completely different.
    “It was Mr Churchill, I’d always listened to Mr Churchill he was great
    so when he said it’s time for the New World to save the Old World, I joined up”

    The prog talked about the RAF in 1931 onwards crews were mixed up from all over the Empire
    They even let Welsh people join in the same crew as English, Australian and Caribbean people.

    One issue that came up that is never mentioned with American soldiers ..is that if crews were downed ..the white people could pretend to be local French/Dutch ..and the black people couldn’t.
    There was one story of a black officer who was lucky cos the prison commander had been to Guyana and loved it , so he took special care of the officer.
    Another black officer was sent to the US and ended up in the whites only military camp, whereas American blacks were in the black only camp.


    • StewGreen says:

      Ralph said “There was a lot of leg pulling in the RAF, part and parcel etc
      .. it was only after the war that it seemed many people felt it would be better if we all cleared off back off home”


    • Doublethinker says:

      Well yes there were a few BAMEs in Bomber Command , my Dad’s Sq demob photo has one on it, but they were very few in number. Not knocking those brave souls who volunteered to join the Command , they deserve all the respect and admiration going, but to pretend that there were more than a tiny number is just rewriting history, well lying actually, to suit a modern political point of view .


  24. StewGreen says:

    Every news bulletin today has begun.
    “2000 doctors have signed a petition in favour of school holiday means
    Labour say ..
    Children’s Commissioner has said it’s like the times of Dickens”
    (No it’s not)


  25. StewGreen says:

    9:10am TalkRadio Reza Pakravan is talking about his documentary
    being the first man to travel the Sahel coast to coast
    along the foot of the Sahara
    all very normal
    Then suddenly at the end the co-presenter Grant Feller feeds him the pre-arranged line to get the right takeaway narrative.
    “So what about Climate change ?”
    .. “Good question, blah … .Yep this area is heating up QUICKER THAN ANYWHERE on Earth” (made up line surely)
    “It’s the main driver of immigration out of the area”
    .. Yeh nothing to do with ISIS taking over your area

    I check the background
    Ah in 2016 BEFORE he set off Reza Pakravan got a load of funding to make a journey
    “highlighting the effects of climate change” on the ‘Great Green Wall’
    After taking the money, is it a surprise he says that big Climate Change is what he found ?


    • Old Goat says:

      Very few meteorological stations in that area.

      The Sahel has been ‘greening’ for quite a while.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      There was an interesting BBC article online a couple of years back, about ‘climate change’ in Niger (or Mali?).

      To cut a long story short, the area was apparently getting ‘hotter faster than anywhere else on earth’ (is that physically possible?). Of course, that had nothing to do with the exponentially growing population (birthrate something like 7 children per woman), or the fact the country was suffering from ‘catastrophic deforestation’ (for firewood), resulting in ‘desertification’.

      Which got me thinking, if you chop all the shade providing trees down in a hot, sunbaked country like that, what might that do to temperature readings at ground level?


      • StewGreen says:

        The Guardian a couple of days ago
        “The *Arctic* is warming more quickly
        than any other part of the planet. “


  26. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I wonder if we will see pictures of the starving millions on our TV sets.
    Any parents bringing their child(ren) for these free meals must be very thick skinned to more or less admit they are useless parents who cannot put at least £3 a week, which would buy 5 tins of beans and a loaf of bread, to stop their child dropping dead whilst being starved during blackberry week.
    £157.50 a year would feed the child. Any suggestions where this sum could come from?

    Anyone know the numbers of these ‘parents’
    Do they actually exist or is it just another made up celebrity bandwagon project to up their profile. If any starving child puts it head above the parapet just lookout for a stampede of slebs wanting photo ops.

    Maybe we will see lots of the food bank users coming for more free stuff. I would guess many of these are ‘owt for nowt’ types, the ones who take home foodstuffs from buffets at weddings and nick the bottles of wine to take home.
    Some will be genuine but many will be freeloaders.

    Our ex servicemen on the streets could use some help from a soup kitchen. That I certainly would support. Genuine cases.

    I don’t believe children are starving now apart from some cases of terrible, pathetic or cruel parenting and these types of parents would likely avoid all the msm attention who are desperately looking for starving kids to photograph.

    Has anyone with starving children been interviewed on tv to say why they don’t have the money to spend on food for their kids.


    • Doobster78 says:

      Bang on there EG.

      “Has anyone with starving children been interviewed on tv to say why they don’t have the money to spend on food for their kids”

      And on live TV , ALL the finances gone thru in detail to reveal

      Sky tv
      Top of the range phone contracts
      Take aways / fast food
      Cigs and booze
      Bingo online
      Netflix subscription
      Holidays every year
      Decent car on PCP

      All the above whilst claiming full housing benefit and full council tax benefit !!!!!

      Then let’s see if these virtue signalling slebs and reporters still think WE should cough up even more for them for one week !!!!


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      EG, my neighbours’ son and his girlfriend are ‘these parents’, with four ‘starving’ children on free school meals.

      This son, and his partner are both morbidly obese, butt ugly, and plastered with tatts. Honestly, I can’t imagine (don’t want to imagine) them getting it on, it must be like mating hippos. Neither has ever worked. Their four children are feral (ignored by their parents), fat as footballs, and thick as mince.

      They’ve been in and out of various ‘assisted housing’ places over the last 4-5 years, but nearly always seem to end up back with ‘mum’, having been kicked out because of fighting with their neighbours, or trashing the place.

      Poor stepgrandad is at his wits end, even the grandmother says she can’t stand them, but feels obliged to put them up, for her grandkids’ sake. The parents are permanently stuck on their latest mobiles, and they always seem to have enough money for a constant supply of Dominoes pizzas, booze and pot, decent cars and expensive foreign holidays, things I and my mortgage and council tax paying family (with just 2 children) can’t normally afford (and I’m a reasonably well paid, qualified professional, with the missus working part time too!)

      It seems to me that ‘parents’ like that are using their children to blackmail everyone – because no one wants to be seen as a ‘monster’ who is prepared for children to ‘suffer’. I wouldn’t really want to see any children suffer either, but the only way it will ever change is by someone calling their bluff.


  27. pugnazious says:


    Sweden has had the lowest number of deaths on one day….ever…in its history.

    At least one ‘insider’ at the BBC has their doubts about the King of Lockdown….Psychologist Emma Kenny thinks Ferguson is a bad influence….

    The Spectator thinks Ferguson should be made to answer for his actions…..the BBC doesn’t think so…

    ‘It was a tale of two interviews on the Today programme this morning. First up on the show was Neil Ferguson, professor of mathematical biology at Imperial College London, who has been instrumental in forming the UK government’s response to the coronavirus crisis, and whose virus modelling led to the current lockdown being put in place.

    On the show, the professor received an almost deferential line of questioning from Sarah Smith with his views seemingly taken as near-Gospel as he declared that a ‘significant level’ of social distancing could have to be maintained indefinitely until a vaccine becomes available.

    Then came along the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock. As you would expect, he was treated to the traditional Today programme mauling, as his record and pronouncements on testing, the growing virus outbreak in care homes and PPE were scrutinised by Nick Robinson.

    While Mr S thinks it’s only right that Hancock faces tough questions, Steerpike can’t help but wonder whether Ferguson should receive similar treatment. After all, his advice is heavily feeding into government policy and therefore ought to face a similar level of scrutiny. What’s more, Ferguson’s scientific work can’t exactly be described as bulletproof.’

    Steerpike notes that Ferguson admits his Covid19 model was based on 13 year old code that was based flu pandemics…..

    So is covid19 just like flu then and…er….didn’t the BBC et al rage at the government for not having a special ‘dangerous pandemic’ plan in place raher than rely on the long established flu pandemic plan that was in place pre-lockdown panic [A panic driven by the BBC et al]? A plan that many say worked as cases were dropping before the lockdown was imposed.


  28. pugnazious says:

    Funny old world…we all think the BBC is unresponsive and will stonewall your complaints, kicking them swiftly into the long grass.

    Good news…it’s just not true….the BBC will take rapid and drastic action to correct their reporting should you point out they have gone astray….and no, I’m not talking about Harrabin changing his climate change reports to suit Greenpeace activists.

    Way back in march we had an amazing thing, a slightly critical and questioning article from the BBC’s Nick triggle asking if we weren’t being scared into a lockdown and maybe the costs should be taken into account…

    Coronavirus: Have UK experts over-egged deaths?

    Trouble is you can’t see that report anymore, or only on the ‘wayback machine’. Oh you can use the same BBC link…and it’ll take you to the ‘same’ BBC article by Triggle…except not so much….not only has the title changed…

    The whole article has changed to a much more nuanced and accepting article that puts the government case.

    Why you might ask did the BBC change? Could it possibly be due to ‘outraged’ hard-left pressure….

    The BBC’s latest coronavirus article is full-on Tory propaganda

    ‘Triggle’s overall point was to push the idea that some people who might die from coronavirus may well have died, anyway. He wrote:
    ……’ given that the old and frail are the most vulnerable, would these people be dying anyway?’

    Yes. The BBC really did go there.’

    They didn’t like Triggle suggesting that lockdown may have its costs too…which need to be weighed in the balance…

    ‘And, as Triggle concluded in his BBC piece:

    ‘As we get deeper into this crisis, we will need much greater intelligence on just how many lives are truly being saved, and compare that to the wider cost to society, so the government and the public can weigh up the best course of action.’

    So, by pushing the idea that some coronavirus patients were probably going to die anyway, the BBC is doing the Tories work for them…. by encouraging us to think that people needlessly dying from coronavirus is actually inevitable, both the BBC and the Tories are covering up the mess that got us to this point in the first place.’

    Guess you just have the right connections….and if you’re a Corbynista the BBC will pick up immediately and change an arrticle that gently questioned the coming lockdown with one that is much more on-board with the message.


    • taffman says:

      let’s hope the Brexit Party are sharpening their swords because I have a feeling that the Tory Party will be finished if Boris goes for a BRINO.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Pug You may how found the most stealth-edited page in BBC history
      Archive.org has scanned it 146 times
      That doesn’t mean there have been that may rewrites but maybe 20
      The first thing is the story dates back to March 2020 as mentioned in your tweet examples
      So it’s a bit of a blast from the past
      If I look at the October scan it’s 99.9% different from the first March page
      but even the April versions are completely different from each other
      Some say Ferguson predicts 500,000 deaths by August
      others say that with lockdown deaths will be limited to 20,000
      both way out by reality.
      The BBC has a trick whereby when you try to look at old archive.org versions they autoforward to the latest version
      To see old versions properly you use the comparison tool



  29. taffman says:

    “Isle of Wight: ‘Ongoing incident’ on board anchored tanker”
    On going incident usually means an invasion.
    An invasion of illegal immigrants. Lets hope the UK Border Farce don’t get involved or that’s another booking for a four star hotel. Priti Promises , promises and promises.
    Didn’t Boris say that all illegals would be sent back ?


    • Darcy3 says:

      Oil tanker ‘HIJACKING’: Major incident on ship off Isle of Wight – Exclusion zone set up
      A MAJOR police incident has been declared on an oil tanker off the coast of the Isle of Wight, as officers surround the vessel amid concerns it has been highjacked by “at least half a dozen stowaways”.


      Wurld klass gernaliss at the bbbc are missing some details suggested above

      maybe keep quiet coz black people may be involved

      we will of course hear immediately and in detail if it is “far right” hijackers


  30. G says:

    The Taxpayers Alliance doing their bit:


    BBC Petition and Government ‘Diversity’.


  31. digg says:

    Some chap from the Army Museum is complaining that the British had racial bias when they selected “possibly” a white dead soldier to bring back in 1920 to become the “unknown warrior”


    I know things have gone Mickey Mouse but this is just bloody ridiculous, these woke lunatics have infiltrated all of our institutions it seems.

    A little research would have shown him that there are on record less than 200 soldiers of colour killed out of a total of 200,000 UK dead… and most of those were in non-combatant occupations such as supply etc.


  32. Foscari says:

    Can you imagine what it must be like in picture editing
    department for the BBC internet pages? BIG BROTHER
    from the diversity department has laid out strict instructions
    that at least 50% of the pictures displayed MUST be of ethnic personal.
    Only in sports such as women’s rugby can an exception made
    to this.
    DO you think that anybody in the department questions this?
    With the ethnic community around 15% of the population
    in the UK it must be terribly distressful for the staff to
    fill their quota’s everyday. We should all praise them
    for managing to this, and very often exceeding them.
    We are so lucky to have the BBC as our national broadcaster.


    • StewGreen says:

      In the abov massively edited Covid story
      one of the first things they changed
      The earliest version had a clearly white pensioner
      but that was changed to a female brown eyed who’d pass for BAME
      You can’t tell 100% cos of the mask.


  33. Guest Who says:

    Seems meddling is ok if your team does it.

    If this does not send American BS into an RT frenzy, what will?

    Ps: Russians! Sweeney!


  34. AsISeeIt says:

    Somali Pirates… off the Isle of Wight? – “despite reports”

    Isle of Wight: Stowaways on board tanker in ‘ongoing incident’


    Police are dealing with an “ongoing incident” on board an oil tanker situated off the Isle of Wight.

    The crude oil tanker, the Liberian-registered Nave Andromeda, is thought to have stowaways on board and was due to dock in Southampton earlier.

    Lawyers representing the vessel’s owners said the incident was “100% not a hijacking” despite reports.


    • Tabs says:

      BBC News channel making it very clear that the ships crew have locked themselves in a safe room and do not control their own ship “but it is not a hijacking or terrorism”.

      I wonder how long before the BBC claim it might be just a game of hide and seek.


  35. Guest Who says:

    Only one thing trumps all in beebubble… talking about each other.


  36. Guest Who says:

    The thread is interesting.

    Then you find out how he makes his living.


    • Doobster78 says:

      Are the Left completely unable to accept any vote, any result , any policy that doesn’t go their way ?

      Brexit referendum, protest after protest after protest.

      Climate change, Boris promises action, not enough they cry, protest.

      School dinners , Boris says No more freebies, gives his reason, they are not happy, protest.

      BLM , Government promise action, guess what, not happy, protest.

      Julia Hartley Brewer tweeted in support of a guy testing down the plastic sheeting covering non essential items in supermarket. Today she is receiving threats of damage to her own home from the peaceful lefties.

      What spurs these loons on , is the knowledge that they will have full support from the BBC , so they feel even more empowered to carry out these stunts.

      BBC pick up on any lefty crusade and back it to the hilt.

      Anyone against any of the above is a Far Right, racist, bigoted, thick little Englander. And the BBC will make sure you are portrayed that way no matter who you are.

      And one more thing, all these liberal pansies dropping these plates off,do you think they know you can get a tin of spaghetti hoops for 13p from Aldi and a loaf for 40p !!!!

      No, they won’t have a clue but I bet they happily throw out hundreds of pounds of decent food each year.



  37. Up2snuff says:

    BBC have got the Isle of Wight oil tanker story but what about the arrest of someone by the Metropolitan Police for the Grenfell Tower fire?


  38. Darcy3 says:

    Tim Davie is to unveil clampdown on moonlighting BBC stars including forcing them to publicly register their earnings online and reveal tougher measures on on social media use

    Tim Davie plans clearance process for BBC news readers who take on other jobs
    Report on jobs and pay taken by correspondents could be published quarterly
    Tougher rules on reporters’ social media will be policed by ‘Twitter spy in chief’



  39. theisland says:

    The Government must either
    Agree a ‘Canadian-style’ FTA that simultaneously replaces the WA/NIP
    Leave the Brexit Transition Period on WTO terms simultaneously rejecting the WA/NIP on the grounds that the EU has breached its WA commitments. This could deliver a true ‘Australian Deal’, as well as the Government’s Manifesto commitments.

    This must be done before 31 December to avoid a host of complications, as explained in the paper.


  40. Guest Who says:

    Seems CNN has more in common with the bbc than ideology.


    Sadly, without the unique funding bit.


  41. Guest Who says:

    John Sweeney liked this.

    Big softie at heart.

    And huge loss to the bbc.


  42. Guest Who says:

    Here the bbc is trying to get any f&b outlet not offering free food to embarrass the government elected to serve the nation, stormed by feral wokesters.

    She seems nice. Maybe Lurch can fly her in?


  43. Guest Who says:

    Oddly similar demeanours.


  44. BRISSLES says:

    As the Beeb are looking in every nook and cranny for examples of blackness – (now its the turn of the military in the War,) during BHM, have they turned up anyone who can remember working cheek by jowl with a non-white at the coal face of a mine ? Both my grandparents worked all their lives in the Yorkshire coal fields and my dad in the Kent coalfield, and they never once mentioned working alongside any.


  45. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Dying of covid
    Dying with covid.

    How do they get the figures, death numbers and so on.

    This may explain a bit:


    98% of flu deaths have disappeared.
    Only 2% of people worldwide are dying of flu.

    Flu deaths at an unbelievable low at the same time as covid deaths (honest guv) are shooting up.

    So much fiddling with the figures going on no wonder nobody believes anything the powers that be are saying at us.


  46. Fedup2 says:

    The BBC Newspaper reports that a lot of lawyers have written to the PMcomplaining that they have been nasty to them . It doesn’t say whether the lawyers sent an invoice with the letter .
    Perhaps the red Tories are doing something right if lefty lawyers are feeling ‘insecure ‘.


  47. Guest Who says:



  48. Guest Who says:

    Katty goes full Welsh Gov.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Guest – i find her tweet deeply offensive . I have stayed in a flat for 14 x2 . No roof space – no garden – nothing . She needs a real dose of reality .


    • StewGreen says:

      That’s #WeFiles
      She has no right to include me in her “have no idea”


  49. Guest Who says:


    But Lurch and Katty seem elsewhere.


  50. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile, sanity prevails.

    Or… not.


    • Guest Who says:

      Speaking of sanity.

      Easy on the eye. But nuts.