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  1. fakenewswatcher says:

    BoBotC- As with my thoughts about Scottish independence above, yet merely one more example of beeb meddling where they shouldn’t and taking sides, to become a ‘campaigning’ organisation.
    There is need for an anti-beeb campaign based on their record of partisanship and activism, so that their pathetic claim to be an ‘impartial’ news provider is finally put to bed, and they can start paying their way.


  2. Guest Who says:


    Nice pic though.


    • Darcy3 says:

      Nothing to do with thousands of them “protesting” on the streets around the country about a drugged up criminal being restrained in another country then ?

      Or their endless “house parties widely reported

      or asians playing cricket in lockdown around Birmingham and marching through Oxford Street for a muzzie festival then ?

      or the thousands of Ethiopians marching through Piccadilly recently about an Ethiopian internal matter then?

      or garden parties in Luton attended by muzzie mayor during lockdown then ?

      or etc. etc. etc.


    • G says:

      Yeah, Vit D deprivation.


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      It is all been waste of money trying to prove that BAME covid deaths is due to systemic racism. That money is better spent elsewhere.


  3. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    Local councils across England & Wales are now diverting money into investigating and tackling historical racism and then putting in measures to address racism and systemic racism across the board. All this has been introduced in response to the BBC – BLM – Academic Activists pressure brought to bear on them and following the widespread taking the knee adoption withing British sporting institutions.

    For example:


  4. Doobster78 says:



    • JimS says:

      They can’t even get the tiktok stats right!

      It looks like ‘the second wave’ has already peaked so Christmas would be a tertiary wave. (Unlikely to happen as most of the staff will be on leave).


  5. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – Intern (al) English or Infernal English?

    Yeah well like looks like we goh the yoof on an experience or sumfink like interning like coz this kinda makes sense innit “Sky pulls woodwork show over contestant’s tattoos” but like then it doesn’t y’know.


  6. Guest Who says:


    BBC N. America BS RT story?

    A) It is Barry

    B) However…


  7. Guest Who says:

    Again Laura not quite sure.

    But going with ‘narrative’, when at the bbc.



  8. theisland says:

    Here comes the fudge we all expected.

    The Tories will be finished. Therefore, courtesy of FPTP voting, all lockdown Starmer/Labour/bBC et al. have to do is to keep picking away at the Covid sore and demand more and more free money whilst ignoring any analysis of ‘Brexit’. After all, it seems to be going their way.


    • The WestWyvern says:

      I’ve posted here before that Doris will never deliver a true and meaningful Brexit.

      His bluster and hot air of earlier this week regarding the ‘talks’ being finished are just that. R2 news at 14.oo informs that face to face Brexit talks are going on until Sunday, with a caveat that the UK state ‘time is running out’……

      Oh yeah, its running out all right, running out for the useless spineless cowardly PM and the Red Tory Party.

      They will deliver absolutely nothing, prepare for the Great Brexit Sell-Out.


  9. StewGreen says:

    3:30pm Radio 4 interviewing themselves again.
    The third offence in 15 days
    This time the black presenter from one R4 book prog
    is a guest on the second R4 book prog , talking about black authors.


    • G says:

      Last night I started watching the ‘Designated Survivor’ on Netflix. After the second episode, I don’t know whether I wish to continue viewing. The disproportionate number of black and asian actors is overwhelming. So unnatural and unreal.


      • Up2snuff says:

        G, one in between three and four people in the world are Chinese. (It used to be one in four were Chinese but the Chinese ended the ‘one child only’ policy.) In the next decade, the Indian population is on course to exceed the Chinese population.

        Were there many Chinese and Indians in ‘Designated Survivor’?


        • Darcy3 says:

          It was one in four people in the world were Chinese when I got married which is why I only had three kids


          • Up2snuff says:


            It didn’t help me. I have (a) Chinese relative(s).


            • Darcy3 says:

              Only problem with Chinese women is, you have one and a couple of hours later you want another one


              • BRISSLES says:

                G, after the hoo-ha about the Oscars being too white, and the wall to wall coverage of BLM and Black History Month, then we’d better get used to watching more and more films and dramas with an overwhelming and unrealistic amount of non-whites in leading roles.


  10. Darcy3 says:


    • JamesArthur says:

      What exactly are they protesting about? Funny nothing on BBC about breaking covid rules…


    • andyjsnape says:

      I managed to find only a few people wearing masks in the video, and 1 of those the mask was only covering his chin!

      Absolute idiots

      BUT we are expected to adhere to the current restrictions!


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      The BBC over the past week and a half have with activists in Nigeria been organising, promoting and inciting civil unrest in Nigeria – BBC Nigeria and mainstream BBC. They have also been running stories saying various black celebrities are in support of the civil unrest. It is all about trying to defund Nigerian police and to overthrow the Nigerian government.

      The BBC are doing the same in Thailand, in Ghana, in South Africa, in the US, in Britain and elsewhere.

      The BBC use trigger events to incite unrest – compare with the George Floyd reaction.

      The BBC are now a fully activist organisation using British taxpayers money to incite division, civil unrest around the world against governments and societies it wants to overthrow.


  11. Darcy3 says:


  12. G says:

    TWATO headlines a few moments ago:

    “With the last televised debate between President Trump and Joe Biden, we ask, what kind of a president will Joe Biden make?”

    Compliments of Fatty Lardell. Here, let me answer the question:

    1. He will continue his criminal activities and,

    2. The US should welcome embracing Communism.

    Have I missed anything out?


    • Darcy3 says:

      As a impartial news organisation funded by us surely that should read “what kind of president WOULD Biden make ?”


  13. Roland Deschain says:

    I wonder what the chances of a Sopel “Wow!” are to this?

    Or will it be more of this?


    • NameNotNumber says:

      Not BBC. Trumpophobic ‘Flip-Flop’ Ferrari on LBC this morning studiously avoiding Biden but very keen to plug fake news Borat film. Calls himself a journalist…


    • Doobster78 says:

      Love how all the Lefties ignore this by saying it’s Biden’s son and they aren’t voting for Biden’s son !!!!

      That’s how they justify it in their crazy minds.

      However, if this was Donald trump jnr, the left would now be in full meltdown, the BBC would be 24/7 on it and Sopel and co would be tweeting and retweeting til the cows came home !!!!

      Funny bunch the left.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      And… he doesn’t disappoint.

      I’m glad to note Trump’s “magnificently brilliant” gets precisely the reaction it was intended to.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think they will give Biden the Chinese virus or say he has symptoms and has to lock down to avoid exposure over the laptop …..
      …..president trump might be caught having to ‘non campaign ‘ to reciprocate for the time he had the virus …..

      I really do believe that he will be re elected ….


  14. G says:

    “Ministers to unveil plans to ban EU criminals from entering the UK after Brexit”

    Do the Government think that the public is that stupid?


  15. JamesArthur says:


    R4 now doing a piece on Biden – he is a wonderful peace making , lovely lovely all human….despite putting some mild points against him 99% is an advert for him….
    Oh now somebody who doesn’t like him….pretty mild…funny nothing about money…..and a big negative against Trump..that’s the point of the BBC

    Any opportunity to insult Trump…so even though this second person isn’t a fan of Biden he seems to dislike POTUS more..BBC typical


  16. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    This is ‘back of the fag packet’ stuff but I think it’s not too far out.

    I was wondering how many cars we imported from and exported to the EU.
    I googled it and in 2019, rounded off, we imported 2.3 million and exported just over 500,000.
    Let’s say, keeping it simple, we import 4 times as many from the EU 27 than we export to them.

    If, as threatened, the EU put import duties on our cars, let’s say 10% then we would logically do the same.
    With me so far?

    This would make a big change in buying choices. Let’s say our EU exports went down by half due to the cars being more expensive because of the higher duty, that means we lose 250,000 exports. For the same reason, EU imports to us would have a similar drop and if they went down by a half that would mean a drop of over 1.1 million.

    If (for example) Nissan, the biggest car maker we have (I think) lost half their exports, let’s say 150,000, their domestic market would presumably go up by something like 500,000 units as their cars would be much cheaper compared to imported cars.
    They would need to build maybe two more massive plants to supply a huge increase in UK demand.

    I know there’s no hard figures here but I’ve deliberately under ‘guessed’ the outcomes. The EU have been talking about a 20% import duty on our cars. Our imports would then probably be down by 80% or more so Nissan would maybe need to produce an extra 800,000 cars each year.

    I accept these figures are just approximations and semi educated guesses but the logic is all there, feel free to pull it to bits.

    Worryingly, I can see this likely outcome yet I’ve not seen or heard any talking head on tv or radio (or newspapers) pointing out this type of scenario for our leaving.
    To me it looks like a huge win for the UK.
    If you want a BMW you could still buy one but it would cost more. With imported cars increasing in cost by something like a fifth, the home market would boom.

    Possibly the USA may export more cars to us if we have a deal with them but we will be able to export to the USA as part of the same deal.


    • Fedup2 says:

      All through the brexit campaign the net import position of the UK from the EU was played down by the remainders – areas like car imports from Germany and France are a big weapon for us – as well as increased trade with America …..it seems inevitable that some washed out deal will be a ‘triumph ‘ for the UK when we are sold down the road again ….


  17. digg says:

    BBC home page headline…

    “It intimidates the boys when I bar better than them!”


    I wonder how many of their actual real-life viewers as opposed to the ones they fantasise about having even know what the hell this means?


    • Darcy3 says:

      When Blair said we should apologise for slavery I said, fine, as long as they apologise for rap “music” first


      • Fedup2 says:

        Who is this ‘we’? The ruling class of the time ran the slave trade and made their Money from it – ordinary ‘joes’ were just living from day to day surviving .

        As usual – follow the money ….


      • vlad says:

        I self-identify as an abolitionist.

        There: no more white guilt, job done.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      Please give us a warning in future.
      They should be masked compulsorily 24/7/365.


  18. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    The BBC have published a manifesto on their children’s channel (CBBC) demanding the end to racism in Britain, demanding the teaching of more Black history in the classroom and demanding the hiring of more black people. In the article George Floyd is mentioned, Lewis Hamilton is mentioned and Black Lives Matter is mentioned.

    It is a complete set up by the BBC using black children of wealthy activist parents.



  19. Jack in the Green says:

    That was good then, that THRILLER on sunday night with the most wooden performance I’ve ever seen from Mr Laurie. Blimey,what an absolute bore! Still, musn’t complain as all boxes ticked. It’s a bit like these humourless fascists they employ as so-called comedians – about as funny as a dead-leg. Certainly as pain inducing! Is it true Lenny Henry is getting a state funeral? Is it true that the entire media are bending the knee so much that sales of deep heat are soaring? Is it true that a certain country in SE Asia launched the biggest biological attack in history? Don’t ask no questions – just accept, accept, accept – as you are led away, wearing your white star, to the re-progamming camp. Or worse!


  20. LastChanceSaloon says:


    Boris, if you do not have the backbone to tell our enemy Barnier to FOAD give me his phone number.

    You will need to provide the RN with instructions so that they know which foreign fishing vessels in UK waters they are to sink without warning and which they are to confiscate.


  21. Cooper_Man says:

    Just been listening to the latest excruciating press conference with Messrs. Johnson, Sunak and Witchfinder Vallance – first question, as always, goes to the BBC and LauraK – who then asks at least four separate questions. Unfortunately the media is allowed to get away with it.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Laura and Beff are like stuck records, asking the same questions they’ve asked every day, except when they we’re on holiday.


  22. s.trubble says:

    My Mum (93)in December asked me why she is being asked to pay the bBC again when all she watches are now repeats of Bargain Hunt repeats?

    She does enjoy a chortle at the faux exuberance of the presenters and words like “kitchenalia”

    I said, surely that word alone is worth the £157.50…..even if its a repeat?

    You can imagine her answer…..


  23. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    The journalist, best known for his 1995 interview with Princess Diana, has complications from the coronavirus.

    One of their own is poorly, which is not nice.

    Or news.


  24. Guest Who says:

    Oodles of tweets here.

    I wonder how many RT by BbC N. America BS.


    And how many carefully avoided?


  25. theisland says:

    Also in The Sun.


  26. Guest Who says:

    Seems the US MSM is rattled.


  27. Fedup2 says:

    Gloom for the BBC – President Trumps nominee for the supreme court has passed the judicial committe stage and goes to the Senate fairly certain appproval next Monday .

    As a practicing RC i am curious how the new judge – another devout RC – upsets the Democrats so much – a party whose nominee is also an RC – although he seems to suppport Abortion and Late Term abortion / so when he dies he will be going’ south ‘…..


  28. Guest Who says:

    Easy to see why the bbc could not get enough of him.

    Less clear how he swung a US citizenship, unless Elizabeth Warren pushed it though in exchange for an interview on whatever outfit he regurgitates his cattle commentary now.


  29. Guest Who says:

    Lurch jumps a shark, wearing a sharkskin suit, hammerhead loafers, pulled by a team of Makos up a ramp comprised of Great Whites, singing selected songs from a gang in West Side Story.


    • Guest Who says:

      Of course, what the BBC ‘quotes’ is often not all there is, or has not even been said. Or is carefully edited out.


    • vlad says:

      Why is “magnificently brilliant” in quotes?

      Because he’s having a laugh, dummy, and being mildly self-deprecating.


  30. vlad says:

    While covering up the REAL mega-scandal of the Biden clan’s sex, drugs and money corruption, the BBC are delighted to highlight the non-story of the Borat-Giuliani trap.

    At best he really was just tucking his shirt in, as claimed. At worst he was a naive older man hoping for a bit of rumpy-pumpy with an attractive young woman who was deliberately flirting with him in a honey trap. Bid deal.

    I used to quite like some of Cohen’s stuff. Now he will join the lengthening blacklist of Hollywood and UK luvvies I shall forever boycott.



  31. Guest Who says:

    Not news, but newsworthy.


    • vlad says:

      One down; 22,400 to go.


    • Doobster78 says:

      Maybe that’s why the BBC never report on the grooming gangs. Its too close to home !!!!!

      Time for a full kiddy fiddling investigation at the BBC , they love a investigation do the Beeb.

      Maybe we could get Dan Johnson up in the helicopter when they raid broadcasting house.

      Something very fishy about the BBC and Peado’s, seem to go hand in hand !!!!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Did he work with Saville – can you imagine the vermin lurking inside the BBC telling us how to live ?


  32. Guest Who says:

    Like the Chinese touch. Subtle.


    • Docmarooned says:

      Thanks for posting this Guest. It certainly reaffirms my decision several years ago cancelling a subscription to this rag. I told them I had no interest in reading any more of their pathetic,woke,virtue signalling garbage.


  33. StewGreen says:

    BBC local news
    Item #1 Evil Tory MPs didn’t vote for the Marcus Rashford bill
    One rebel did, but won’t talk to us
    Extensive report with teacher that spent lockdown delivering free school meals saying he was disgusted that MPs didn’t support Rashford’s feed the feckless campaign.


    • StewGreen says:

      End of show text and emails
      Loads of people saying
      “FREE school meals are not free
      .. we the tax payers PAY for them
      ..These people’s benefit is supposed to already pay for their family food”


    • Deborah says:

      I know of schools in an area of high deprivation where the CEO (headteacher in charge of the headteachers) told me that the Rashford vouchers were making the schools’ job over lockdown harder. The extra money meant that mothers whose children already received free school meals couldn’t be bothered to get the kids to school.


      • Up2snuff says:

        I cannot help wondering if the New York Times would helpfully provide us with details of the tax affairs of the high earning Marcus Rashford.* I wonder if he is involved in any tax saving schemes that some Premiership footballers and others, such as BBC employees, are quite keen on.

        If all the million pound earners in the UK kept their money fully in the UK and paid full Income Tax and National Insurance on it, then there might be sufficient funds in the UK Treasury to finance free school meals for every child.

        * tongue in cheek emoticon required after first sentence of post


  34. Dobyns says:

    Not the bbbc or maybe it is since the bbbc will not give it a moment’s coverage



  35. Guest Who says:

    BBC Newsbeat

    It’s been a hard year for all of us – but for people who have a stammer, social isolation, Zoom meetings and wearing masks bring even more challenges


    “I’m sorry but enough is enough. As a teenager I myself suffered with stammering (I grew out of it in my early 20’S). With the advent of social distancing at the moment I can also appreciate that times are slightly harder but by no means impossible, more of an incovenience.”

    Next… Joe…


  36. Guest Who says:


    • tarien says:

      Yes Guest Who, why on earth should this rubbish be considered a main newsitem, I shall never understand-the BBC swamp us with the Coronavirus issues, take us to Nigeria, which I would have thought has absolutely no interest to most in the UK, but fails to introduce anything about one of the most important issues that will effect the whole nation, ‘Brexit’- Johnson has to scrap the Withdrawal Agreement and get the UK right out of the EU/dictatorship. The EU seemingly in a mess with its other 26 nations. But as the BBC were 100% remainers, suppose its to be expected that there would be no interest in Brexit.


  37. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news dropped in a syndicated report made at HQ
    but with a local scene edited in to make it look local.

    But in one area they made a mistake.


  38. Guest Who says:


    Time for the bbc to send a full crew to interview Lily Allen’s goldfish.


  39. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news
    Opened with Sheffield Covid restrictions
    Then bang bang bang 3 Public Relations stories as news

    #1 Clean Air .. magical thinking
    #2 Lockdown home energy use
    #3 Hull Black musicians have made a video


    • StewGreen says:

      #1 “Oh everyone will earn a £million per week if we had clean air ”
      obvious PR for NGO CleanAirFund since the charts and interviews were given that label

      #2 Energy corp says lockdown means we will all be using more energy home


  40. StewGreen says:

    #3 Black musicians in Hull have made a video series which premieres online tonight.


  41. StewGreen says:

    BBC local news
    Item #4 Artists are painting end of terraces with huge Climate Change murals
    …Clear PRasNews

    “part of a campaign by Rights: Community: Action (RCA).”

    The thing are there no Roman things in Hull
    cos it didn’t exist until the Middle Ages
    It was a huge marsh
    until a big storm changed the river path and created an island, where the city centre now stands.


    • StewGreen says:

      Ah look how the bbc has spent licence money to make a webpage promoting this Hull event
      which has been further promoted by the local BBC radio station.


  42. taffman says:

    “Brexit: Michel Barnier arrives in UK as trade talks restart”
    Five days ago we had ……………..
    “Brexit: Trade talks with the EU are over, says No 10”

    What’s going on ?
    Barnier warns ‘time is running out’. Boris is warning ‘time is running out’.
    Is this a game of ‘pretend negotiations’ ? Both pretending that the negotiations are getting tough.
    I am very concerned that Boris is going to sell us down the river.
    Is he going to come out with “he has the best deal under the circumstances”, to justify a surrender deal ?
    We voted to leave four years ago in 2016. Its nearly taking longer than the Second World War !


  43. digg says:

    I am watching Channel 4 news and I am disgusted with what they are trying to do against Trump. They are all-out trying to influence the black vote to get behind Biden. They have already admitted to working with the Miami News to do this and are dredging up their tired old Cambridge Analytica crap and the black deterrence fable again even though both have been officially debunked.

    This amounts to a UK broadcaster interfering in a foreign election and in my view should be investigated by the US and the UK authorities and action taken against them. It is open sedition!

    I hope Trumps people recognise this for what it is, a direct attack on democracy and bring heavy legal pressure on the UK and especially C4. Of course C4’s handmaidens at the BBC will be replicating the story wherever they think they can get away with it.

    Finally I hope the black voters can see how they are being played with in this.

    Come on Trump Take action!


    • StewGreen says:

      7:30pm ITV hit piece against Trump
      8 pm Channel4 hit piece against Trump
      9pm BBC2 hit piece against Trump
      #Diversity = metroliberal CONFORMITY


      • StewGreen says:


  44. StewGreen says:

    So ITV Loose Women show
    how are you gonna out Virtue Signal the BBC ?


    • taffman says:

      How’s the Telly Tax going Al Beeb ?
      Still robbing the poor pensioners to pay your very rich employees ?


    • tarien says:

      Oh please don’t make sick Stew- their exposure has gone from 35% to 110% in a very short time. Not an advertisement, not a magazine or paper, not a TV prog, not any public issue, will be without the face of a black person-rarely one of Indian decent, or East Asian, the theme of diversity comes to mind with that meaningless word Multiculturalism.


  45. taffman says:

    “Brexit: UK to ban more EU citizens with criminal records”
    ‘Smoke and mirrors’ coming from our Minister of Tough Talk . We all know that they will be back in onboard rubber dingies!


  46. digg says:

    I post this with a heavy heart. In the past few days several people I know, or thought I knew have openly expressed their delight that Rememberance Day and Poppies etc will be hit this year. Comments like “load of rubbish, means nothing to me” , “tub-thumping by old farts” even “racist rubbish”.

    These people are beyond argument. They have been “modified” by the Media, the woke and the left.

    I have always considered this “cleansing” only a fictional trait found in Orwell or Huxley’s books. But now it’s clear. The indoctrination is working and I fear for the future of this Country and the Western World.

    I apologise to all the valiant dead souls who wasted their lives to save a World that these same people enjoy without a thought about them.

    I will remember them.

    A future invader will face an entirely different and spineless opponent.


    • taffman says:

      “We Will Remember Them”.
      As no doubt, do all the readers and posters on this site.


      • digg says:

        Without doubt the bravest and most unselfish generation in our Country’s history…


    • Darcy3 says:

      I would suggest a smack in the mouth at least (with a baseball bat) for any comments like the ones you received


      • Up2snuff says:

        Darcy, I don’t think that would help in the slightest. The younger generations (am horrified that I can now use that word in the plural) would see that as typical warmongering of the Conservative and old. They are so propagandised or indoctrinated that they would not be able to see the clear, identifiable, line between the liberation of the Falkland Islands and the dismantling of the Berlin Wall.

        In fact, some – especially those who were singing the praise of Jeremy Corbyn not so long ago at Glastonbury – would probably think freeing Germany of that division of nation and blight on the lives of their equivalents in the eastern half was probably a bad thing and it should have been extended further west.


        • Van Helsing says:


          I’m with Darcy on this one, in the sense that the younger generation(s) would benefit from a lesson* which teaches them that their actions/words can have adverse consequences for them. Allowing them to spout their idiotic, and often offensive, opinions with impunity is not, methinks, a good thing.

          *Whacking them with a baseball bat is overdoing it a bit, mind.


          • Darcy3 says:

            I take your point as it didn’t work out well in Tom and Jerry…he woke up Butch the dog

            maybe an ACME anvil on a rope above them in a canyon and stand on the cliff with a knife ?

            no, that would end in tears as I recall

            just checking Whacky Races now for ideas…..

            God knows why he put up with that Muttley


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      The BBC are promoting the white poppy over on their children’s channel.


  47. taffman says:

    “Supermarkets told sell only essentials in Wales lockdown”
    Why ?


    • Up2snuff says:

      Maybe Welsh Government doesn’t want people drinking themselves silly and then breaking the lockdown rules?


  48. StewGreen says:

    Labour has sent out its Twitter human bot army
    to get “All Lives Matter” trending

    It’s funny the “All Lives Matter” and “We can’t help refugees because we need to look after our own Flag of United Kingdom” crew are quiet when it comes to feeding poor British kids.
    It’s almost as though they didn’t mean it and are just massive *racists*

    some even use the words “starving kids”

    What is it ?
    It’s MISPRESENTATION trickery
    No one is saying “don’t feed starving kids”
    nor “don’t feed poor kids”
    They are saying benefit money is already there to feed kids,
    not for funding tattoos, scratchcards and cigarettes”
    ..handing out free kids food is merely a big top up on benefits
    .. the government can’t spend the same money twice
    so money for these extra handouts may well come from taking nurses off granny’s hospital ward.

    Using kids for emotional blackmail, to score POLITICAL points is a low trick.

    Using terms like “starving children is ridiculous, there are no starving children here in Britain
    .. so the claim is an insult to those kids in pockets of Africa and war zone countries really starved RIP.


  49. StewGreen says:

    The ever so woke Times TV guide “film recommendations” tells me we should be watching Hidden Figures
    ” celebrates three African-American women who were Nasa mathematicians during the space race”

    BBC Four in the John Wayne film the story is the Indians are the dishonourable baddies
    Not all those old films had stories where the Indians were the baddies
    .. but I bet that films where they were wouldn’t be allowed to be made today.

    But John Wayne is friends with the old chief
    and comes up with a plan to avoid war, by scaring the Indians’ horses away so the young rebels abandon the fight.


    • Solomon Grundy says:

      I have to disagree about the film “Hidden Figures”. Yes it promotes black women, but it’s a positive and uplifting film about the space race and unsung black contributors. If we have to have a “Black History Month” let’s make it about true achievements.

      It reminds me of Dava Sobel’s book “The Glass Universe” where the astronomical research achievements of (white) women get reintroduced to history. New perspectives ain’t all bad.