Start the Week Thread 19 October 2020

Biased BBC busily running two versions of Project Fear – Brexit no deal and Covid Lock Down – meanwhile the BBC thinks President Biden is only a couple of weeks away …

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  1. Darcy3 says:

    ISIS gloats over the murder of Paris teacher who showed Mohammed cartoon and publish photo of his severed head while calling for the death of anyone who commits ‘blasphemy’

    An ISIS magazine displayed Samuel Paty’s head underneath an image of a sword
    The jihadists vowed that ‘our swords will not stop defending’ the Prophet’s name
    Paty’s killer Aboulakh Anzorov is thought to have distributed the graphic images
    French authorities are shutting down two Islamic organisations and a mosque


  2. Darcy3 says:

    Thousands of boys are kept in chains, tortured and abused in Islamic schools across Sudan – with younger children raped by older students, investigation reveals

    Boys as young as five are routinely shackled and beaten by teachers in ‘khalwas’
    There are nearly 30,000 of the religious schools across the whole of Sudan
    There have been reports of older pupils raping and sexually assaulting others
    An 18-month investigation by BBC News Arabic uncovered extent of the abuses


  3. StewGreen says:

    Wow Labour MP Chris Bryant on TalkRadio last night .. got kicked off the show , and the presenter banned him.
    Presenter Dan Wootton had always set his stall out
    “Lockdowns don’t generally work, cos you end up with lots of deaths due to lack of cancer care .etc. 26,000 the ONS say
    The Great Barrington Declaration is the way to go”

    Bryant was just rude from the start
    When asked for evidence he said his local ICU is at 75% occupancy & growing whereas last year it was half that
    (I can’t believe that, surely most wards run at nearly full all the time)

    If I go to tweets by the Labour MP’s friends they show thousands support his pro lockdown, pro Ferguson stance and portray Wootton as an idiot.


    • StewGreen says:

      One of the 2 men sends selfies of himself in his knickers.
      Guess which one.


      • Fedup2 says:

        And to think Mr Bryant put himself foward to be Speaker of their Commons – modelling himself on the last one- who remains a pleb …


        • Philip_2 says:

          Just like to add that Chris Bryant managed to flood half of Somerset as he was in charge of the Environmental Agency (an EU Quango body) that replaced local maintenance and knowledge of flooding since the Romans. It is the same Chris Bryant? Surely there cannot be more than one?


          • StewGreen says:

            2014 Somerset floods : Environment Agency chief Lord (Chris) Smith was warned in 2009 that his flood plans were useless


    • StewGreen says:

      Ah at 10am Mike Graham began his show by calling Bryant out
      People quickly dug up the chart for the Royal Glamogan hospital
      showing both ICU and High dependency ward are typically 80% occupancy pre Covid
      37% is not likely


    • StewGreen says:

      Bryant’s new Tweet is slippery
      \\ I have just spoken to my local health board medic who tells me the ITU locally is running at 160% capacity – so if anything I was understating the case //

      \\ The Govt talks about beds rather than staffed beds – and a bed without a nurse is just a bed //

      What’s he saying ?
      If 4 beds are allocated to ICU and you are using just 3
      It is at 75% bed capacity
      If each patient needs 4 nurses, then you need 12 nurses
      but if for those 3 patients you get by on 7 or 8 nurses
      you could say you are running at about 160% nurse capacity


  4. pugnazious says:

    ‘In the future we will bend to their will rather than that they will bend to ours…. Once Muslim majorities emerge in certain towns and areas, Muslims will demand the right to live not only differently, but also separately, and Europe will lose control, Caldwell believes, of significant chunks of its territory. ‘

    France’s secular identity is the problem…it radicalises…well, you know who.
    The BBC is a bit coy at first to name names…..who exactly has a problem with secularism?…some people in some parts of the country it seems..

    ‘There was something hidden by the crowds that gathered across France over the weekend.

    The dramatic show of national unity – after the decapitation of teacher Samuel Paty outside Paris – hid growing dissent in some parts of the country over the nation’s view of secularism and freedom of speech……there is evidence that a growing number of people in France are uncomfortable with this argument and want the boundaries around secularism and free speech to change.’

    The problem isn’t Islam’s values…it’s the French…

    ‘The roots of deepening divisions over religious identity and freedom of speech are complex. They include the influence of conflicts overseas and the racism and social marginalisation experienced by many descendants of Muslim immigrants here. ‘

    Remarkable how this BBC article is so even-handed…on the one hand we have a country that has at its core liberal, western, secular values embracing democracy, freedom of speech and thought, and respect for all including women, gays and jews, and then on the other immigrants with values that are at total odds with those French values who wish to destroy them and are willing to use deadly force to do so.

    Reading the piece you get the idea that the BBC thinks perhaps the violent thugs and terrorists should be listened to and France should change its core values to suit them.

    Here’s the one sentence that defines the problem….

    ‘France’s national values are hard to defend, some say, if they don’t appear to apply to you.’

    So…they come to France and take the benefits but reject, violently, French values and culture while demanding their own worldview be imposed on the French….pretty much what is going on here both with Muslims and BLM.

    So you have to ask just what benefit does mass immigration of people with diametrically opposite worldviews to those in the countries they settle in bring us? Is such diversity really to be celebrated or is it destroying cohesion, trust and stability of a society? Are we not getting division, destruction and discord as the nation is split into racial and religious lines with a dangerous demonisation and ‘othering’ of Whites? Divisions that the BBC works hard to make bigger as it maligns white people, their history, culture, society and their very character. The BBC is extraordinarily toxic and dangerous as it promotes the race baiters, anarchists and terrorists, giving them credibility and authority as it allows them repeated platforms to air their views, views never challenged and more often than not reinforced and encouraged by the BBC presenter.

    Even the Guardian was once more honest than the BBC…..

    Europe’s risky experiment
    Martin Woollacott assesses the effects of immigration

    ‘In a week in which the European election results have shown the potency of the anti-immigrant vote in many countries, including Britain, Christopher Caldwell’s contention that immigration has not only changed Europe but revolutionised it has a topical plausibility. Immigration, he says, and above all Muslim immigration, has planted in the heart of a weak and confused civilisation communities, rapidly growing in number, that have already changed Europe to suit their needs and beliefs. And the chances are, he insists, that in the future we will bend to their will rather than that they will bend to ours.

    Rightwing rubbish? Caldwell cannot be so easily dismissed.

    Where he is right is in underlining the fact that immigration was encouraged by elites who took a ludicrously short-sighted view of its costs and consequences.

    This inherently unstable and dysfunctional system was set in motion, in other words, for no good reason. Those who started it off did not foresee how big it would become, nor the mechanisms of family reunion and arranged marriages that would drive it on even when restrictions were belatedly imposed. Most of them did not imagine, says Caldwell, that the newcomers would “retain the habits and cultures of southern villages, clans, marketplaces, and mosques”.

    The code insists, says Caldwell, that Islam must always be defined as a peaceful religion, yet ignores the way in which Muslim leaders in Europe lay down red lines that the non-Muslim majority is not supposed to cross. Once Muslim majorities emerge in certain towns and areas, Muslims will demand the right to live not only differently, but also separately, and Europe will lose control, Caldwell believes, of significant chunks of its territory.

    He is right to argue that immigration on the scale that Europe has experienced constitutes a risky experiment to which we need not have submitted ourselves, and of which the final result is not yet clear. He is right that we frequently talk about it in stupid and dishonest ways.’


  5. Guest Who says:

    BFFs. Eliza knows little.

    Guess where she works?

    Both might check the output of colleagues.


  6. fakenewswatcher says:

    Jane Garvey made no attempt to hide her pro-Democrat sentiments on Wimmin’s Hour this morning, and sounded particularly keen on the fact that Biden is elderly, might ‘go’ and thus make way for Kamala Harris.
    No surprises there from the ‘impartial’ bbc and ‘Wimmin’s Hour’.


  7. pugnazious says:

    Compare and contrast.

    The BBC’s take on the murder of a French teacher who was teaching his pupils about freedom of speech….apparently that was a problem for the BBC which thinks that perhaps such values should be curtailed if they run counter to the values of colonists who wish to set up their own separate society within a society…..

    ‘France’s national values are hard to defend, some say, if they don’t appear to apply to you.’

    Note that tricksey ‘some say’ as if it were widespread throughout France rather than Muslim colonisers making the comment.

    Then there’s Charles Moore in The Telegraph who recognises the enormous danger our society is in due to the unwillingness of colonists to integrate and adhere to our values….

    ‘It is shocking how little attention has been paid here in Britain to the death of Samuel Paty in a Paris suburb last Friday. This was not some random killing. It was the deliberate murder of a teacher because he was conscientiously teaching.

    President Emmanuel Macron rightly says that Paty was teaching “the freedom to believe and not to believe”. Winning this battle is “existential” for France, because, as a secular republic, the principle is foundational. Britain has a different constitutional basis, but we face a similar problem, and should show solidarity.’


  8. Fedup2 says:

    Its lefts ‘ second attempt to get a woman in the White House – hillary managed to defeat herself through force of her dreadful personality –
    Now they are using the old dementing corrupt biden to get the coloured girl in there in 2021 .

    I really dont think theyll do it …. but of they do i think the world will become an even more dangerous place and we ll run out of popcorn…. 4 november looks sleepless!?


  9. NISA says:

    Code-breaking hub Bletchley Park’s contribution to World War Two is often over-rated by the public, an official history of UK spy agency GCHQ says.

    “Bletchley is not the war winner that a lot of Brits think it is,” the author, Professor John Ferris of the University of Calgary, told the BBC.

    It never was over-rated until the BBC & similar media decided it was Alan Turing wot won it, more because of his sexuality than his mathematical skill.


  10. tarien says:

    Against certain opinions I support Andy Burnham in his objection against 3tier lockdown for his area-indeed many people will suffer financially-as he points out many low paid workers will undoubtedly loose their jobs- so who will pick up that bill? Government over control-part of the great re-set plan to subjugate us all-only absolute complaince will be the cost of our total acquiescence in future-no I don’t like what is happening here and in the rest of the world-all dreamed up at Davos last year by the powerful wealthy elite whose monetary power is beyond measure-the rest needed to enslave us will follow .


  11. Up2snuff says:

    Any news from Halifax?


  12. Guest Who says:

    Haven’t read it.

    If anyone can be bothered, share if Manuela is impartial.


  13. fakenewswatcher says:

    Beeb has done a wonderful job of ignoring atrocities in South Africa, and I’m sure they will ignore the latest outrage too: the setting of fire to grazing land, burning the cattle thereon alive, all part of the campaign to drive farmers from their land.
    But then, we didn’t hear from beeb when countless farmers and their employees were brutally murdered, so I don’t suppose a few incinerated cows matter?


    • Up2snuff says:

      On the BBC web-site last week the BBC did helpfully have an article about Eugene de Koch (not sure if I got name or its spelling correct) who murdered some Africans some years ago.

      I’m not sure how the BBC’s one-sided coverage meets the BBC Charter requirements. Perhaps the new DG would care to comment?


  14. Guest Who says:

    Bet FT kids’ parents watch a lot of bbc too.


  15. dafydd says:

    Am i the only one getting seriously pi–ed off at the the main news channels constantly interviewing the same individuals ie, Andy Burnham etc. All lefties who are obviously using this awful pandemic
    for political gain. Its always the same 4 Mayors they go to and all Labour…Why are they not going to the majority who believe this pandemic is a pain in the proverbial but also realise what is being done is necessary and needed.

    My brother lives in Stockport Manchester and he says that most believe what Burnham is doing is unbelievable and politically driven….Of course the majority views will not be heard because it does not meet the broadcasters agenda


  16. JimS says:

    A triumph of diversity and equality for the Institution of Engineering and Technology on the Isle of Man!

    “Our first ever, all-female team of Education Officers: Inspiring the next generation with STEMfest”

    No doubt ensuring a ready supply of compliance-orientated**, non-risk taking, part-time women engineers and un-employable drop-out boys and men with no future prospects.

    [** Companies love them! They work to the rules, producing reams of ticked-boxes for which the company gets paid. Then the project fails, but it was all done ‘by the book’, so they get paid to do it all again!]


  17. Guest Who says:

    What is this knob head on?


  18. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Does anyone have any info on the viewing figures for this black tv month where we are bombarded with all this black history and other black stuff.

    Have the viewing figures gone up, down or what?

    It never used to bother me having blacks in films. To sir with love or Pulp fiction for example, both good, enjoyable films.

    Now, it’s been spoiled by the pc, forced inclusion such as a foreign David Copperfield or Little John where the story takes second place to the virtue signalling.

    By the way, I saw an advert on the tv a few days ago where the white woman had, wait for it…….a white husband. Whatever next!


    • StewGreen says:

      No BHM progs in top 15 of any channel
      except one episode of Enslaved on BBC2, 2.5% of UK population watched
      My stats are all platforms combined

      ITV last week
      #1 was BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT 7 million viewers
      the rest was Coronation St/Emmerdale/Millionaire/Chase

      BBC1 mostly local news with 5.2m
      surprisingly Have I Got A Pile Of Poos was #15 with 3.9m

      BBC2 Quizzes make 2.8m
      followed by cooking/gardening

      BBC4 Its #1 show is MONTALBANO with just over a million
      other shows typically get half that. Not even 1% of UK population

      Likewise Channel4 Its most popular show gets 4 times the #3 show
      #1 Bake Off 10.7m
      #15 INSIDE THE BOMB SQUAD 1.1m


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        Thanks Stew.
        I thought it might be something like that, not that it will make any difference to those in charge.

        When I was in the Army I had loads of friends from all over, bame’s as they are now labelled, and at no time was race or colour a problem.
        It’s only recently (last 10-15 years) since they’ve been pushing them into everything that I’ve started to think ‘enough’
        It used to be (in the 80’s and 90’s) a bit of a joke that every USA police Captain and President was black in every film and tv series.

        Maybe we’ll get a black Hitler or Saville one of these days (if Mel Brookes wants a sequel to The Producers), Springtime at the bbbc starring Sambo M’Bingo as the irrepressible Jimmy Saville.


    • Swarm says:

      I agree Emmanuel.
      It has never worried me or Mrs Swarm having black actors in films or plays. Up until recently, they have been excellent actors, but seem to have deteriorated somewhat into suspiciously box ticking status.

      Over the years, we have acquired quite a few black friends and until recently never thought it to be a problem. With all the lunacy of BLM etc we are now starting to question their friendship.


    • StewGreen says:

      BritBox Black month


  19. StewGreen says:

    Despite PantsBryant’s claims it doesn’t look like Welsh hospitals are overwhelmed


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      If they say the beds are critical now, how was it in March/April when there were 10-20 times more in hospitals, in intensive care and dying.
      Did they get rid of them into the care homes, killing two birds with one stone.


  20. Sluff says:

    Here’s some good news on a BBC webshite page

    Pupils sent home in half of Englan’s secondary schools

    The good news is on two fronts
    1. In fact almost as many kids are at school as are usually at school (not in the headline needless to say but is buried in the text)
    2. The comments section cannot only be defined as #CCBGB
    but more that word really is getting around more about the doom and gloom bias of the BBC.

    The BBC apart from being biased seems also to be incredibly thick and totally out of touch as surely to goodness it would not have had such a headline and yet so badly anticipated the real views about it from ordinary people.


  21. StewGreen says:

    My God CBBC !
    There are 11.1m under 15s in UK .. that’s 17.6% of population

    What do you reckon, does the top CBBC show get 10% of them ?
    Guess how many ?


    • StewGreen says:

      Weirdly Cbeebies the tots channel gets 4 times as many viewers
      #1 NUMBERBLOCKS 443K
      even #15 show gets 321K
      I guess the Channel is used as a baby sitter


    • Fedup2 says:

      Blimey – family and friends watching them on kiddie TV ….what a waste … imagine running it commercially – it would be gone ..


  22. taffman says:

    Time to abolish Al Beeb, The House of Lords and the Remoaner Terry Christian.
    All will be revealed on Al Beeb shortly.


  23. StewGreen says:

    Mental Health news : Yussef Alwali, 19, “from Basildon” charged with religiously aggravated criminal damage after crucifix torn off Chadwell Heath Baptist Church.
    Religiously aggravated ‘Hate Crime’ surely?

    There is nothing extra in the local paper


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Let’s see what he gets for removing the cross.
      Piece of bacon near a mosk, going rate is about a year (or life) in prison.
      Whatever the going rate is, will it be the same if a ‘far right’ rips a crescent off a mosk?

      No answers required as we all know what happens.


      • taffman says:

        Nowt on Al Beeb ?
        Although hidden away we learn a 16 year old girl was stabbed at a North West London tube station.


  24. Darcy3 says:

    BBBC champagne socialists / marxists springs to mind protecting their 6 figure salaries by threatening pensioners:

    “BBC ‘terrifies’ the elderly with ‘threatening’ licence fee letters warning viewers of a £1,000 fine if they do not stump up the £157.50-a-year cost”

    Letters say property has no TV licence, adding: ‘I visited today, to find out why’
    It goes on to detail the potential fines and prosecution the recipient could face


  25. Fedup2 says:

    BBC giving full coverage of Andrew Burnham in Manchester challenging the national government . Perhaps the level of restriction should not be imposed on Manchester – and leave the hospitals and undertakers to deal with his consequences….

    I always thought have city mayors was an expensive mistake because they’ll all be high spending socialists … I don’t think I’m wrong …


    • Deborah says:

      Just before the 5pm briefing the BBC have Dan Johnson sounding like Andy Burnham’s representative. He might as well have been one of the thugs standing with Burnham spouting their rubbish. I don’t know who the speakers were but they did sound like bolshie union people arguing over the number of days leave they were demanding for their members.


  26. Guest Who says:

    Cause and effect, with the bbc the lowest common denominator.


  27. digg says:

    I see the BBC have rolled out reporter Dan Johnson to sort out the Manchester bun-fight and support Mr Burnam.

    Dan of course of Cliff Richard stitch-up fame which cost the BBC and S Yorks police rather a lot of money… our money…

    Maybe he will get helicopters and S Yorks police to raid Boris’s house to look for some dirt on him?

    I do find this attempt to bring Dan back into the BBC National fold after being posted to the Northern outback for some time rather interesting to say the least. Perhaps they think we all have the memory of goldfish?


  28. StewGreen says:

    Tonight’s Telly
    10pm BBC 4 Play for Today
    All black actors with black director
    A Hole In Babylon about black robbery gang screwing up.

    As ever The Times Guide always pics the black photos to use
    So it’s film choice is on Film4 9pm
    Set in Camden a woman has a relationship with an ex-prisoner


  29. Guest Who says:

    Allie, Faisal and Simon with yet more BBC ‘leaders’.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Well, PM’s 21mins with business leaders is a lot more than I have heard from Faisal on BBC R4 in the past week.

      Faisal Islam makes Laura ‘Part-time’ Kuenssberg look like a workaholic.


  30. StewGreen says:

    Saturday’s Times Review is a bit  less BAME
    Julie Walters is the cover and main article, then Joan Bakewell
    .. The recommended film is the one about Greta

    Big book review : nasty cartoon and photo used to illustrate review of nasty biography of Boris

    TV review page : The Bridge The Channel4
    The prog pic shows  3 women 2 BAME from the 10 competitors
    (The amplifying the non whites effect)

    pg 17 Review if the Malcolm X biography
    The book does mythbusting
    #1 He fell out with the Nation Of Islam and its leader send the black men who murdered him

    #2 MX always told a story that he’d seen his father get killed by a white group… testimony says that’s false.

    #3 The Nation of Islam was a made up cult by a New Zealand white guy
    .. their story evolved to wild fantasy .. ‘blacks used to rule the Earth, but then got enslaved by whites 6,000 years ago
    .. so modern whites are devils’
    … Real Muslims regarded the cult as blasphemous
    The leader Elijah Muhammad was seducing the female staff
    and then sent X to talk to KKK about forming a black state.

    #4 X  gloated about Kennedy getting shot
    #5 Mad statement that after a Nation of Islam guy was shot by police, he said God had in revenge killed 120 white southerners in a Paris air crash.

    #6 EM banned X from. speaking,
    X  founded his own Muslim org, went to Mecca and realised that NI wasn’t real Islam
    … but he was killed within 12 months
    Book is described as boring to read


  31. StewGreen says:

    Saturday’s Radio4 Fooc went around the world reporting on views about Trump
    Beeboid repeated the fakenews “when he told people to inject bleach”

    Reports from Africa/China basically said only bad people want Trump to win
    Like the Chinese government believe he is destroying America.

    Actually in many African and Middle Eastern countries they really respect strongman leaders.


  32. Guest Who says:

    One imagines that, for fairness, it will need to be run by independent overseers, like the debate commission? Maybe overseas experts, like Jon Sopel, Katty and Nick Bryant.

    In other news, how are things going for the no of color farming community in SA?


  33. StewGreen says:

    Like the BBC, The Times not only amplifies the black
    it amplifies the green.

    Times Review
    Week’s highlights
    In Cinemas : I am Greta
    “won’t win her any converts… but jaw dropping bravery”

    Recommended museum exhibition 2 pages
    “Culture and Climate” about Arctic people, British Museum
    1000 words in
    “retreating sea ice causes an increase in sea levels” (school boy error of course)
    “permafrost melting and sinking …teetering to the point of no return” ..pure dramaqueening words, not science.

    Radio3 Sunday 6:45pm
    “The dramatic effects of Climate Change evoked in words,
    sounds and new music”

    Back cover of the Times
    You paid for a full page smart meter advert.


  34. StewGreen says:

    Sir Far Lefty news


  35. Doobster78 says:

    I’ve said before how I cannot abide Andy Burnham , I live in the area covered by North West news and he is never off our screens ,spouting his lefty, union leader style tripe !!!

    He wanted £90 million off Boris, said he would accept £65 million , Boris offered £60 million, Burnham walked away to carry on his student politics . PATHETIC.

    As per usual, BBC take Burnham’s side .

    Like the brexit negotiations with the EU . No matter what happens in the talks, it’s always the Government in the wrong according to the BBC . Never the EU.

    Same with this Burnham row, it’s nothing to do with hi m and his political point scoring, his petty games and general need to gob off, it’s all Boris Johnson’s fault.

    Well done Boris. Do not pander to that idiot.


    • Scroblene says:

      For goodness sake, don’t think of asking him about Mid Staffs Hospital Trust’s confusion of deceit, lies and general crookedness when Labour were ‘in power’.

      I’m sure he’d like to avoid questions about that little story…

      (I said DON’T ASK HIM!

      Oh well, alright then, but only while he’s even more out of his depth than he was then!


  36. Guest Who says:

    Do Emily, Jon, Mishal, Matt, Roger, Justin fall under ‘expertise’.


  37. StewGreen says:

    Bletchley Park
    Someone has a new book to sell
    The BBC using a clickbait title provides them with good PR


  38. Sluff says:

    BBC fake news alert.
    Big news is that half of seconday schools have had to send a pupil home with coronavirus.
    They interview a Headteacher who has had to send home a third of his pupils.
    Cue shouts of unfairness and inequality. Other school pupils with lower rates can keep going to school. Shock. Horror.

    Not mentioned. The school was in Crosby, which if I remember correctly is near Liverpool and in tier 3. So maybe the solution is to obey the rules rather than indulge in the traditional Liverpool pastime of grievance-seeking.

    Also not mentioned. National School attendance is around 90% which is not much lower than the normal rate.

    The BBC. Where fake news is just a political tactic.


  39. StewGreen says:

    Penally migrant barracks in Tenby : kicking off
    Police in riot gear can be seen standing around
    as if deeper inside something is happening.

    Video labels say there has been fights within
    ..there is no video proof yet.


    • StewGreen says:

      A spokesperson for Dyfed-Powys Police told the Herald in an emailed statement: “We were called to a disturbance involving a small group of people within the Penally Asylum Accommodation Centre at around 1.45pm on Tuesday (Oct 20).
      “One person has been arrested.
      By 7pm back to normal.


  40. StewGreen says:

    Hows the virus being spread ?
    There are
    #1 rule obeyers being super cautious
    #2 The elites who break rules now and then
    #3 People who don’t act very cautiously

    It’s like speed limits
    – rule obeyers keep to them.
    – The elites who break them now and then, but get off
    – Regular speeders every so often cause big accidents
    Boris’s solution would be to half the speed limit.

    What would happen ?
    The regular speeders would carry on as normal.

    category #3 I bet come from particular communities who also have a high prison rate.


  41. digg says:

    According to Tucker on Fox News, some democrats are now calling for the establishment of a “Truth & Reconciliation Commission” after the election.

    The purpose of this appears to be to mark the cards of Trump supporters and staff so that action can be taken against them including calling on Companies to refuse future employment etc. at very least.

    In effect this is actually a Western style Fatwa intended to extinguish people from society who are not of their faith and belief.

    I cannot believe I am hearing this from citizens of the biggest democracy in the World. It is worse than Fascism it is the mantra of Joe Stalin designed to create a World where there can only ever be one belief and anyone dissenting is cancelled or worse.

    We have seen the effect of the cancel culture growing like fungi in the universities and this is what it looks like when it gets out into the mainstream.

    If it comes to pass in any shape or form I predict civil war for the USA and that war will infect the entire Western World eventually.

    I hope the ordinary citizens of the USA realise what is happening before their eyes and consign it to the dustbin where it belongs.

    It has now reached a point where if Trump falls, the USA will fall and if the USA falls Western Europe will follow and I don’t need to tell anyone who will step in to fill the void.

    This approach was instigated in a number of African Countries following Independence and the bloodshed which followed is clear as well as the corruption that holding powers such as these provide to the instigator. It certainly is NOT democracy and the democrat party in the USA is fast becoming anything but democratic with these threats.


  42. Guest Who says:

    Peroxide. Dodgy stuff.


  43. vlad says:

    Bannon / Gorka discuss the avalanche of explosive revelations a-comin’ on the crooked Biden dynasty.

    Soon even the corrupt BBC won’t be able to ignore it any longer.


    • vlad says:

      PS. A grim prediction / warning starts at the 40 minute mark.

      “It’s gonna be Fort Apache… every day is gonna be Stalingrad… a permanent civil war!”


  44. fakenewswatcher says:

    Steve Bannon: always interesting!


  45. Guest Who says:


  46. tomo says:

    Somebody at the BBC will try to top this …. I hope


    • StewGreen says:

      “Jeffrey Toobin, a long-time legal expert and staff writer for the New Yorker,
      has been suspended from the magazine after he was allegedly caught masturbating on a work Zoom call.”

      That’s weird but not same league as years of Savile tolerance and cover up.

      Daily Mail US
      “Zoom masturbator Jeffrey Toobin has history of sex scandals” 1995, 2010 etc.
      “Jeffery Toobin knocked up his co workers daughter, tried to get her to have an abortion then refused to pay child support in full until lawyers threatened to notify his employers & garnish his wages all while being married.”


  47. Up2snuff says:

    Mr & Mrs Sparkle have kindly informed me that there is a global crisis of misinformation. In return, I would like to observe that they themselves have been responsible for much of it. Did they not express a desire last year to move from the UK and to live quietly and anonymously somewhere away from the public gaze?

    Since that time they have invaded my internet space constantly and have also appeared regularly on the front pages of UK newspapers and thus on the BBC web-site. In addition, BBC Radio and the web-site have carried news and pictures of their activities.

    I think they misinformed me and everyone else in the UK.

    An apology from them would be welcome.


  48. StewGreen says:

    Saturday Labour activists staged a support demo outside Napier Barracks Dover
    The police regarded it as exempt from the Rule of 6
    One was arrested ” on suspicion of criminal damage”.
    the anti-open border guys put up drone video, but kept back for fear of Police enforcing Rule of 6 against them.


  49. Guest Who says:

    Apparently it was felt this would not look mental.


  50. Guest Who says:

    She knows she’s minted.