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  1. Up2snuff says:

    If I was doing a newspaper front page review, one thing I would highlight is that Keir Starmer may have another person after his job as leader of the Labour Party. Andy Burnham appears to be joining Mayor Sadiq Khan as a front-runner. Then there is Jess Philips as a contender along with BBC Question Time and Any Questions favourite, Thangan Debbonaire.

    It’s tough at the top.


    • StewGreen says:

      I guess that is lifted from the Daily Telegraph podcast
      Direct link to Sue Cook segment

      “Stopped listening to R4Today ..cos rude and unbalanced
      and gotcha journalism”
      She listed lockdown skeptics they don’t air.
      How the BBC frightens her 101 yo mother.

      “People stop me in the street and tell me they stopped listening to media”

      “I used to defend it to the hilt
      ..now I think its days are numbered”


  2. Up2snuff says:

    Speaking of Any Questions on BBC R4 8 p.m., the line-up for tonight’s programme appears quite bearable as it includes 2015/16 Referendum hero Gisela Stuart, now a Baroness, Greg Hands (Minister for Trade Policy, Pascal Lamy and Dan Jarvis, a Labour MP and Mayor of Sheffield City region, who doesn’t always toe the Party line.

    I may just listen for the first time in weeks.


  3. StewGreen says:

    11:45am Talk Radio @AngelaLevin1 was interviewed bout her experiences with Jimmy Savile
    As a young journalist he found him vile
    but he had a grip over the establishment full show
    I guess they will put up the clip later


  4. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    From Melanie Phillips (article about anti-Israel bias but also comments on the BBC more generally):

    “… … …

    The BBC is regarded around the world as a byword for objectivity and accuracy. That’s why its departure from those ideals is so pernicious.

    Perhaps the most chilling thing about it, though, is this. BBC executives are genuinely, painfully aware of the news outlet’s unique power and reach, and of their duty under its founding charter to uphold objectivity and fairness and hold the line for the middle ground.

    But they are simply unable to process the fact that they view Israel, among other issues, through a profoundly distorting ideological prism. And that’s because they believe implacably that the positions they hold are unarguably objective and fair, that they do represent the middle ground, and that therefore by definition those who claim the BBC is biased are themselves extremists and can be safely disregarded.

    In other words, BBC group-think is a hermetically-sealed thought system. Which is why, if whoever takes over at the top wants to restore the once iconic BBC to elementary standards of objectivity, fairness and decency, they will have their work cut out for them.”


    • Fedup2 says:

      This site is founded on the hope that things will change . That’s why I think the two pronged attack on the BBC – criminal compulsory funding – and a coming new news source – is so welcome ….
      …………with a bit of luck 2022 – the centenary of the birth of the monster – will encourage more soul searching – an inquiry
      Into its future in the lead up to the charter and bigger changes –
      But it’s a long long time coming …


  5. The Sage says:

    Saw the BBC headline and I wondered where this might be:
    “Police break-up 100 guest wedding reception”
    Click, and all is revealed: Southall.
    However, the BBC and true to form fails to make mention of who might want to arrange such a wedding in Southall.
    Does anybody have any ideas? I’m at a loss.


    • StewGreen says:

      The Met police put out a blurred video.
      The people in it look similar to these people
      2 weeks ago when a Luton venue was fined.
      Photo appears to show the guests


      • BRISSLES says:

        Is it just me ? but why do most young females attending weddings in recent years insist on dressing like hookers ? and the blokes turn up in jeans as they would for a night at the snooker hall ? Glad I married when I did, at least there were plenty of suits turned up, and ladies in hats.


    • StewGreen says:

      Oh look the BBC have attached a generic Getty “white couple” photo to the link for their website story.
      No Twitter photos of Southall weddings have pictures of a white couple.


  6. BlackCountryWench says:

    Firstly, let me apologise for a angry post I made last month regarding the Birmingham stabbings.

    I had just finished a phone call with my brother, a serving WMP officer who had been drafted into the City Centre after the initial stabbing and had seen the aftermath and it wasn’t pleasant. Also he had been called back on duty that morning, despite it being a rest day for him. Sadly that is happening far too frequently and he is considering taking early retirement as he says it’s not the force he joined.

    Anyway, I really need to have a moan about the sheer stupidity at the moment, the media in general screamed for the lockdown and got it, then screamed about how we needed to come out of !ockdown, so we eased out gently, schools and unis were opened and the rate went back up.

    Then you got the moaning from teachers how tired they were, how dangerous it is being in school, students saying that they were not being fed adequately, sorry but I don’t understand why, in this day and age, they don’t club together and order their shopping online, why do they need their hands holding at 18/19? At 18, I’d left sixth form college and was working full time at the DHSS and in 1984 considered myself lucky to have a job when so many of my friends were signing on.

    I moved out at the age of 20 and was taking care of myself and working in a full time job. What did my generation do wrong to produce the current winging generation?

    The coverage of those spoiled brats in Liverpool earlier in the week was appalling, if one of them had been my son or daughter, I would’ve been ashamed of them.

    I watched local news on both itv and bbc last night, first time in ages as tbh, I’ve avoided news since the coronavirus stuff started and I got really worried by it. I wished afterwards I hadn’t bothered and just watched Netflix instead. Constant moaning and gloom and doom. The Chancellor has put unprecedented levels of help for businesses and get they still want more, where does it stop?

    Anyway, sorry it’s all a bit jumbled, but it’s so nice to get it off my chest as I recover from a head cold and wait to see if my football team make one more signing.


    • JamesArthur says:


      Re generation. I agree but I have realised since I stopped listening to and watching much of the media – it is they who are creating much of this issue. The BBC and their likes seem to sniff out the dumbest and most whinging people they can..it is all to push their narrative of the Tories not caring, being incompetent etc..

      But I do think the constant’ aren’t you great’ that is fed to children from the day they are born has made many of them (not all) useless.

      I only listen and watch MSM for a heart jolt and to get blood pressure up…


      • Doublethinker says:

        Agree and because the MSM give these moaners plenty of the oxygen of publicity many other start moaning to get on tele or radio or in the paper and then it suddenly becomes fashionable to moan and millions more join. Eventually some of them actually think that they have every justification to moan.
        One thing though if we had a Labour Government the MSM wouldn’t be so keen to spread doom and gloom, particularly the BBC.


  7. Fedup2 says:

    Absence of propaganda news is – in my opinion – perfectly doable . As a life long anorak I have – up until recently – absorbed news – events -as part of daily life .

    Yet the BBC has cured me of this habit – and the habit of live TV and radio completely . I can easily avoid the BBC – but I can see why so many rely on it but are slowly waking up to the evil propaganda machine it has become .

    I just wish more people are in a position not to pay the TV Licence .

    As for the kidults – I think their version of reality is so coloured by the internet that they are no longer ‘sane ‘ . Part of being young is to think you’ll live for ever and nothing bad will ever happen – so take risks ….

    … add to that the ‘blame someone else ‘ culture and ignorance of the danger of an incurable virus becomes obvious . By the way – I know I am generalising .

    I’ve written here before about the habit of being in the moment- and not trying to figure out how long this state of affairs is going to go on. Is it the whole of 2021? Longer ?

    At the moment it feels as though we are living in a totalitarian state – and how quickly liberty has been surrendered .

    Also – longer term social changes being caused by what people are going through …..


    • JamesArthur says:


      Couldn’t have said it better..

      R4 Behind the Buzzwords – yet another piece of bias…about data.

      Allowed an interviewee to say online data has been used to get Brexit, in the election of Donald Trump…and went on about Cambridge Analytica
      So the only examples she could come up with was Brexit and DT..funny that
      Didn’t mention that the Cambridge Analytica allegations have all been shown to be crap..

      Talked about data modelling for covid but failed to mention how shit3 it has been.

      Yet another potentially interesting programme spoilt by a pre-determined narrative


    • Darcy3 says:

      I recall reading somewhere that the brain is not fully developed until at least 25 years old, especially the part that manages risk taking thus so many road accidents for that generation, it goes some way to explaining why they act so stupidly regarding congregating but does not explain their disregard for others


      • Darcy3 says:


        Adolescence is the developmental epoch during which children become adults – intellectually, physically, hormonally, and socially. Adolescence is a tumultuous time, full of changes and transformations. The pubertal transition to adulthood involves both gonadal and behavioral maturation. Magnetic resonance imaging studies have discovered that myelinogenesis, required for proper insulation and efficient neurocybernetics, continues from childhood and the brain’s region-specific neurocircuitry remains structurally and functionally vulnerable to impulsive sex, food, and sleep habits. The maturation of the adolescent brain is also influenced by heredity, environment, and sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone), which play a crucial role in myelination. Furthermore, glutamatergic neurotransmission predominates, whereas gamma-aminobutyric acid neurotransmission remains under construction, and this might be responsible for immature and impulsive behavior and neurobehavioral excitement during adolescent life. The adolescent population is highly vulnerable to driving under the influence of alcohol and social maladjustments due to an immature limbic system and prefrontal cortex. Synaptic plasticity and the release of neurotransmitters may also be influenced by environmental neurotoxins and drugs of abuse including cigarettes, caffeine, and alcohol during adolescence. Adolescents may become involved with offensive crimes, irresponsible behavior, unprotected sex, juvenile courts, or even prison. According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the major cause of death among the teenage population is due to injury and violence related to sex and substance abuse. Prenatal neglect, cigarette smoking, and alcohol consumption may also significantly impact maturation of the adolescent brain. Pharmacological interventions to regulate adolescent behavior have been attempted with limited success. Since several factors, including age, sex, disease, nutritional status, and substance abuse have a significant impact on the maturation of the adolescent brain, we have highlighted the influence of these clinically significant and socially important aspects in this report.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Editor of the New York post
    tweeted yesterday about Twitter censoring his news stories.


  9. StewGreen says:

    New Zealand : It’ certainly got Covid under control as far as we know
    but it’s not zero cases
    It claims most are rooted in imported cases.


    • Old Goat says:

      The problem there, is the fact that they won’t let anyone in. That’ll have to change at some point. They will not have had the opportunity to develop herd immunity, so eventually it’ll kick off again, and more people will be vulnerable, later.


  10. tarien says:

    Food for thought for this week-end- The reasoning behind the decisions that took the UK, most of Europe, the US and many other countries into complete lockdown has been widely challenged. Equally, it’s also been widely supported and there have been generally high levels of compliance. There is perhaps a growing divide between these camps and much of that’s got to do with how much we trust our leaders and their advisors.
    We’re being conditioned to accept a ‘new normal’ – but it’s not yet clear how this might look. As we unearth where much of the thinking comes from, we become ever more concerned about a future that is decided by a relatively small, seemingly incestuous group who don’t necessarily have the public’s best interests at heart.
    We must stop being passive recipients of the diktats of our governments and we start to think critically about what this all means, how our fundamental freedoms are affected, what other options should be available to us, where the sources of data on which decisions are made originate, and so much more. If we’re not concerned, it could be suggested we’re probably asleep on the job.
    In my life time never has it been more important, for us all to assert our democratic, natural and fundamental rights. And to do this we must first better understand what is going on, and read between the lines of the propaganda we’re being fed daily through the newswires of all kinds.
    We’re being told over and over that all decisions being made by governments that are driving lockdowns, social distancing and the development of drugs and vaccines for Covid-19 are being driven by science. But it depends on how you define science – and how you define bias or corruption in the scientific process.
    During this Covid pandemic – we’re seeing many examples of decisions being made ostensibly on the basis of science that don’t appear to be in the public interest and that, also don’t appear either objective or independent of vested interests. Have a good week-end and don’t forget your mask !!


    • Old Goat says:

      I think that the root reasoning behind the notion that it’s a good idea to keep people in their homes, and under control, is less to do with a simple ‘flu-like virus, and more to do with some other, more sinister reason.


  11. Doobster78 says:


    • theisland says:

      Now we must repeal the WA/NI protocol.
      As soon as you like Boris (if you are serious).
      The globalists and their mindless acolytes will whine and whine.


  12. taffman says:

    “Brexit: Trade talks with the EU are ‘over’, says No 10”
    Are we on our way to a Great Britain once more?
    If we are, I congratulate Boris ! I’ll get my fishing rod out …………
    HYS ‘Remainers’ are furious


  13. Foscari says:

    Would somebody tell me . As a man am I allowed to
    watch the continuous programming on BBC TV of women
    presenting the news , reporting on politics ? The BBC at times
    appears to be one continual women’s hour . for hour after


  14. Dobyns says:

    Not al beeb but germane to biased Big Tech


  15. Guest Who says:

    Bit of sowing.

    Bit of reaping.


  16. StewGreen says:

    “today @BBCNews
    have removed social media sharing buttons from new articles. “


  17. Guest Who says:

    Oh…. joy.


  18. Guest Who says:

    The BBC and ‘progress’ together?



  19. Guest Who says:

    Seeing more and more of these.

    Some not risking the tvl failing to cover stuff like it used to?


  20. Guest Who says:


  21. Guest Who says:


    Katya Adler brushing up on her Norwegian psychiatry?


  22. Guest Who says:

    Context is all.

    No wonder BBC American BS steered clear.


  23. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news main item : Exclusive interview with Sicker Nutter
    … funny cos that is what BBC local had yesterday
    KS “Covid is out of control”
    reporter ” but in our area some regions in our area have a very low incidence like 6 a day”
    It wasn’t a long interview .. Nutter was just hyping doom

    The item was framed by an introduction that in our region test and trace had failed to contact 15,000 people.
    The context is that there 5.5 million people.
    The second thing is that the way T&T works is that they have to phone every one in your house individually.
    So the reason why some of those 15,000 didn’t answer their phone is cos they already know and are already isolating with the people in their house.


  24. theisland says:


  25. harry142857 says:

    Someone on Monday mentioned Richard Osmans House of Games (BBC2 weekdays), a week long quiz, and their obsession with minorities.
    A double box ticker this week, who obviously got his job at the BBBC on tokenism, not merit.
    Monday, last of four.
    Tuesday, last.
    Wednesday, last.
    Thursday, last.
    Today, last.


  26. StewGreen says:

    BBC local news “white people ARE more privileged than black people, those are the words, of a school child in Barton Upon Humber”
    Teacher “Although Floyd happened in America it’s very important to know about BLM in the UK”

    … is he on drugs ?
    If there any black people in that 7,000 person town, they’d fit in a Mini, cos I’ve never ever seen any there.

    Item included vox pop with 6 brainwashed kids
    ..then it was all over, the prog had ticked the box and moved on.


  27. pugnazious says:


    We looked at this long ago….overlay a map of population density with the density of coronavirus cases and there is a remarkable similarity…where population is greatest you can see the most cases….and as we know most Bames live in high population areas and thus by location alone will suffer more cases than their rural white neighbours….nothing to do with race itself….sixty years ago most of the victims would have been whites living in the same areas.

    The BBC has made a huge song and dance about Bames being the disproportionate victims of coronavirus…..but of course it’s not ‘Bames’ but city dwellers….who happen to be Bames in the main.

    This has been used as leverage in the race baiting industry…more evidence of ‘systemic or structural racism’….never mind it’s completely untrue….look at Newcastle, an area with a large number of cases..and yet it’s largely white….and urban….so not race but urban density the cause of the outbreak.

    And now the BBC has had the rug pulled out from under them as a government study shows…..it’s population density what done it not your ethnicity….do like the BBC headline…shouldn’t it read ‘not linked to ethnicity’?…

    ‘Coronavirus: Higher ethnic death risk ‘not linked to health”
    ‘Ethnic minorities’ higher risk of dying from Covid-19 is linked to where they live and the jobs they do, rather than their health, figures for England and Wales suggest.’

    However the BBC is just ignoring the report’s conclusions….the BBC keeps insisting it’s race….

    ‘The Office for National Statistics analysis found all ethnic minority groups, other than Chinese, are more likely to die than white people.’

    Hang on…more likely to die if they catch it or more likely to die because more of them catch it disproportionately because Bame numbers are disproportionate in urban areas?

    Carry on regardless…

    ‘It is already known that ethnic minorities face a greater risk of dying from the disease caused by Sars-CoV-2.’

    Er…how can it then report this in the next lines….

    ‘the differences were more likely to be caused by demographic and socio-economic factors, such as where people live and the kind of jobs they do.’

    The BBC’s report blatantly reports one thing and then contradicts it with its own conclusions.

    Here again, in the same report, it claims Bames die due to their ethnicity…

    ‘In care homes, men of Asian background and women of black and Asian background had a higher rate of death involving Covid-19 compared to white people, after taking account of geography and health measures.’

    But er…..that’s not what the ONS said as the BBC reports in the next paragraph…geography and occupation are the deciding factors…

    ‘”Our statistical modelling shows that a large proportion of the difference in the risk of Covid-19 mortality between ethnic groups can be explained by demographic, geographical and socio-economic factors, such as where you live or the occupation you’re in,” ‘


    • Darcy3 says:

      2 BAMES in supermarket today the only two NOT wearing masks, BAMES marching in protests around the country including thousands of muslims in Oxford street recently

      playing cricket in public during lockdown, BAME mayor of Luton in garden party etc etc

      go figure


  28. Guest Who says:

    BBC editorial integrity summarised:


    • pugnazious says:

      LOL GW….BBC similarly embarrassed by Andy Burnham. When Cummings went to Barnards Castle the BBC et al savaged him relentlessly and still do, a Guardian hack even drawing abusive graffiti outside his house on the road, but when Burnham refuses to lockdown and thus puts millions at direct risk of death or of suffering ‘long covid’ [using the BBC’s own apocalyptic narrative about covid19’s dangers] he is a hero standing up for his community…not a grubby opportunistic politician grandstanding and trying to blackmail the government for more money…which if he doesn’t get presumably he is quite happy for millions to catch C19 and thousands to die….a narrative you can be sure the BBC would now be applying zealously to a Tory mayor who refused to lockdown.

      Curious how Burnham is putting the economy first and not health but if anyone else suggests that we might do just that and bin the lockdowns for a more rational and balanced approach that doesn’t destroy the economy, jobs, lives, education and jeopardise all future state spending they are genocidal murderers.

      Cummings’ little jaunt oop north [which didn’t break any laws and at most involved a very minor breach of the lockdown rules] apparently destroyed trust in the government and is the cause of the current rise in cases as people act ‘like Cummings’ [never mind they were flocking to beaches and open areas long before Cummings’ trip]….says the BBC…but Burnham refusing to implement government decrees? That’s OK.


  29. Northern Voter says:

    Not the bbbc I know, but the National Trust has had it’s begging bowl out on the telly, (Iv’e been watching the Giro on Welsh Channel 4), I wonder whether all the bames will be digging deep and donating. However they won’t be able to see much as the NT will have ditched all the interesting stuff and tried to fill their properties with bame history. As we know, from the bbbc, their history is only a month long!


  30. pugnazious says:

    Why is it that you can almost guarantee that when you switch on the BBC you get that ‘black noise’ hissing out at you, the whining moan that Britain is racist and nasty and has its boot on the neck of Blacks in Britain today? You’d think we were in Africa, or Birmingham, so many are the black voices on the BBC just now. A mere 3.3% of the population and yet we must dance to their tune it seems and live a life that acknowledges our guilt and white privilege…..all take a proverbial knee to atone for the sins, supposed, of our fathers.

    A very woke Desert Island Discs seems to have found Man Friday all of a sudden…so many ethnic voices given a platform to tell us how racist Britain is.

    Today it was the turn of Floella Benjamin…you know the Benjamin who seems to have walked through life being highly successful and having endless opportunities and hand ups…the highly popular, #despitebeingblack, Play School presenter, the accomplished actress and erm….Baroness who sits in the House of Lords and is feted on Desert Island Discs.

    Blimey…just think what she could have achieved if only she hadn’t suffered so much racist oppression!

    No irony that her choice of book was Obama’s ‘Dreams From My Father’……you know Obama…the man who was elected Presient of the racist United States….twice…#despitebeingblack.

    Curious how so many of these highly successful and often multi-millionaire Blacks complain about their lives and blame Whites for….erm….what exactly?


  31. pugnazious says:

    Do you think the BBC are trying to spread the hate?

    Listening to BBC reports of the two ‘debates’ in the US, Trump and Biden, we get a strange take by the BBC.

    Trump’s only quotes are him answering questions that suggest he is a very bad man.

    Biden’s quotes are all him suggesting Trump is a very bad man.

    What’s missing is Trump’s suggestions that maybe Biden is a very bad man.

    Where is the criticsm of Biden? Seems Twitter is not the only media organisation censoring the news.


  32. pugnazious says:

    Funny coincidence….everytime Trump praises a drug WHO, and the BBC, deny its effectiveness…..

    ‘Testing of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment for coronavirus has been halted because of safety fears, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

    President Donald Trump has said he has taken the drug to ward off the virus.

    The US president has repeatedly promoted the anti-malarial drug, against medical advice and despite warnings from public health officials that it could cause heart problems.’


    ‘Covid: Remdesivir ‘has little or no effect’ on survival, says WHO.

    ‘The WHO trial evaluated four potential medications for Covid-19, including remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine.

    Remdesivir was among the first to be used to treat coronavirus, and was recently given to US President Donald Trump when he was in hospital.’

    Just a coincidence I’m sure that the in-hock to the Chinese WHO does what it can to spread distrust about Trump.

    Curiously Remdesivir was touted and reported by the BBC as a possible wonder drug not long ago….

    ‘Remdesivir: Drug has ‘clear-cut’ power to fight coronavirus’
    ‘There is “clear-cut” evidence that a drug can help people recover from the coronavirus, say US officials.

    Dr Anthony Fauci who runs the NIAID said: “The data shows remdesivir has a clear-cut, significant, positive effect in diminishing the time to recovery.”

    He said the results prove “a drug can block this virus” and were “opening the door to the fact that we now have the capability of treating” patients.

    A drug would have the potential to save lives, ease pressure on hospitals and allow parts of lockdown to be lifted. ‘

    And again…this time in the UK…

    ‘Coronavirus: UK authorises anti-viral drug remdesivir’
    ‘A drug treatment called remdesivir that appears to shorten recovery time for people with coronavirus is being made available on the NHS.

    Health Secretary Matt Hancock said it was probably the biggest step forward in the treatment of coronavirus since the crisis began.
    UK regulators say there is enough evidence to approve its use in selected Covid-19 hospital patients.
    Dr Stephen Griffin from the University of Leeds Medical School, said it was perhaps the most promising anti-viral for coronavirus so far.

    “We can hope for improved recovery rates and a reduction in patient mortality, which we hope will benefit as many patients as possible.”‘

    Gotta hope Trump doesn’t start praising a successful vaccine…how long before WHO and the BBC denounce it as fake news?


  33. Foscari says:

    I am surprised that the BBC are covering the story of a teacher
    in Paris being beheaded by an Islamist terrorist. BUT
    there is a good reason for it so far as the BBC is concerned.
    Apparently he had shown some of his students a cartoon of
    Muhammed .You better read the story quickly on the BBC
    website because it will “disappear ” by tomorrow.


  34. Concrete sea says:

    Gordon Brown backs Marcus Rashford’s school meals plea, says another piece of Beeb ‘news’ today.
    I’m fairly certain that the general standard of living in the UK is better than it was 50+ years ago when I were a lad and sometimes getting free school meals, although I’m sure we had to pay ‘dinner money’ at a later stage, so they weren’t actually ‘free’.
    Gordon who these days appears to do a lot of unpaid charity work has said ‘ I thought we had finally got over the worst of child poverty’. I guess based on that observation we are going backwards. He told BBC Breakfast the cost of providing the 1.5 million worst-off children with free meals at half-term and Christmas would be around £20m a week.
    This was a “relatively small sum of money”, he argued, adding that it would be “unfair” if those who usually relied on free school meals were to go hungry at a time when household budgets are being stretched because of the pandemic.
    “This is about social conscience,” Gordon said. “This is about compassion and it’s about care.” Knowing his views on poverty I’m sure he was carefully chosen by the Beeb.
    So it’s nothing to do with parents who shouldn’t be called parents as they lack any of those basic skills to ensure they provide for the children they brought into the world, which in most people’s book would be near the top of any priority list (if they had one).
    Once again we are back to the something for nothing brigade and perhaps that mere £20 million could be spent on hammering home to those fake parents (as Trump would probably call them) that food for your child lies above mobile phones, fags, drink and takeaways.


  35. Fedup2 says:

    The telegraph reports that George Osborne is being lined up for the chairman of the BBC … how depressing does the world have to get ?

    I’m so upset I’m going to put up the weekend thread ….


  36. Guest Who says:

    They’re checking facts.


  37. fakenewswatcher says:

    i woke up at 4 (verb, not adjective or noun) and refelected on ‘Americast’, which R4 foisted on us last night with Soapy Sopel, Vapid Maitless and Zurch.
    Minimal information about the US election. It was all about anecdotes and feelings. And repeated assurances that Sleepy Joe
    was light years ahead in the polls.
    The attempt to define a ‘swing state’ was really poor. And, of course, they were all in favour of Biden.
    Did anyone else subject themselves to this garbage?c


  38. fakenewswatcher says:

    i woke up at 4 a.m. (verb, not adjective or noun) and reflected on ‘Americast’, which R4 foisted on us last night with giggly Soapy Sopel, Vapid Maitless and Zurch.
    Minimal information about the US election. It was all about anecdotes and feelings. And repeated assurances that Sleepy Joe was light years ahead in the polls.
    The attempt to define a ‘swing state’ was really poor. And, of course, they ( the swing states) were all in favour of Biden. And even Texas could go for Biden. Not to mention the Senate and House going Democrat.
    Did anyone else subject themselves to this garbage?
    They seriously think we’re going to bbc ‘Sounds’ to find out ore!


  39. fakenewswatcher says:

    Very diverse.
    But the ‘West’ has learnt nothing in the last thirty years. Absolutely nothing.


  40. StewGreen says:

    FNW … there’s already a Weekend thread now.


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