435 Responses to Midweek Thread 14 October 2020

  1. fakenewswatcher says:

    RSBN is live in Greenville North Carolina for a speech by/rally with President Trump.


  2. Guest Who says:

    Unease in the bunker?


  3. The WestWyvern says:

    Did anyone have the wireless Radio4 on this PM?

    I was driving home and caught the end of a snarly, interruption ridden ‘interview’ with a Tory MP regards lockdown in Essex or somewhere.

    A little later a lady called Pittard was interviewed, this lady is someone to do with the NHS and allowed to claim,without interruption or comment, about the ICUs being overwhelmed again, across the the country.

    Now this should have brought an interjection along the lines of ‘what about the nightingale hospitals’???

    But No. Not even challenged on this point. Deathly silence from the
    Beeboid interviewer.

    Truly scum.


  4. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news 6:15pm “Those in the BAME community need special assurance re Civid vaccines”
    over to aHull spokesman for a statement.
    …. What happened to equality.


  5. Guest Who says:


  6. Guest Who says:

    Not a stupid blonde. Knows how to extend career a few months.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Who is she ?? These tele programmes are like Strictly, loads of new (strange) faces with a remit to entertain, but no bugger has ever heard of them.


    • Dave S says:

      Trees are racist.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        I live in the countryside and it must be racist, I think I’ve only ever seen anyone who wasn’t white whilst out walking maybe three times in the last 20 years. Yep, countryside definitely racist.

        Do you know where isn’t racist? The local KFC by the traffic island on the bypass, rarely been past there and not seen at least one black, or Asian family sat having a meal by the window. Yep, KFC definitely not racist.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Big – I’m always looking for rough shooting rights .. can you help ?


          • BigBrotherCorporation says:

            Sorry Fed, don’t think I can. Around here the land is virtually all MOD, or big estate (royalty/aristocracy). A lot of the farmers on MOD land used to offer shooting to locals, but that doesn’t seem to happen now, and the big estates are all tightly managed and increasingly ‘out of bounds’.

            There’s a real gypsy/traveller problem, as in stealing anything not screwed down, so a lot of landowners have blocked off old rights of way, and are quite twitchy about ‘strangers’.

            Used to know a guy (ex-forces) who was commissioned to control the deer on MOD land around the edge of town, he was a handy guy to know if you wanted a bit of venison. He was laid off several years ago, and was very damning of the new land management by the MOD.


            • Fedup2 says:

              Thanks anyway – ive not shot pigeons for a while and me guns are getting itchy … i d also like to get me s1 rifles back to do a bit of sniping …


  7. Guest Who says:

    Dan, Dan, Dan….


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Wasn’t it William Rufus (king after W the Conqueror had died) who was said to have been killed in a hunting accident?! I agree it was a bit more complicated with R Lionheart, i.e. not exactly a wound in hot battle.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        William the Bastard (aka ‘the Conqueror’) was supposed to have died when his fat belly (he was notoriously obese) struck the pommel of his saddle during a ‘hunting accident’ which unhorsed him. According to legend, he took days to die an agonising death, and when it came time to bury him his coffin stank so bad no one would carry it.

        According to local Hampshire legend, King William II aka ‘Rufus’ was shot in the back with an arrow in a ‘hunting accident’ in the New Forest, by a ‘close personal friend’ and noted marksman, who ‘mistook him for a stag’. The nobles in the party, including the killer, fled, leaving Rufus to be found and collected by the local peasants (who according to rumour ‘made merry’ with the corpse of the despised king). Tales that his killer was paid by Rufus’, little brother Henry (later Henry I) are of course entirely…well, okay, actually highly likely, but seeing as no one liked Rufus much…

        Richard I was killed by a young boy armed with a crossbow during a minor siege he was supervising in France. There is a certain irony in that, seeing as Richard was a big fan of the crossbow and had ignored the Pope’s order to ‘ban’ the weapon in European conflicts, and that he was attacking during lent (which was strictly forbidden by the Catholic church). According to legend, Richard’s ‘dying wish’ was that the boy would be ‘paid 100 shillings and freed’, but his men tortured the poor lad to death instead.

        Which was the King who was shot up the backside by an assassin who hid in his privy with a crossbow?

        British monarchs who died in battle?…. err…. King Arthur?


  8. StewGreen says:

    ITV 10:45pm Channel people smugglers
    under cover doco
    @adnansarwar “In Calais working undercover to infiltrate people-smuggling gangs.
    The truth is more complicated than the headlines.
    Tonight over an hour we’ll give you another piece of it.
    The gangs, the money, the whole operation. Hunting the People Smugglers ”
    such work istoo hardfor UK police/borderforce to do.


  9. BRISSLES says:

    Over halfway now, with just another couple of weeks to go, and then on 1st November this madness will have ended (fingers crossed). Black History Month will be done with.


  10. StewGreen says:

    9pm BBC2 TheTrumpShow : expect rabid antiTrump PR
    followed by Frankly Vile

    10pm Channel4 ! “Black,British and Funny” FireSmiling face with sunglasses
    Mo Gilligan’s black comedy doco
    ‘celebrates the black comedy circuit and icons’


  11. StewGreen says:

    BBC local news
    Opens with a statement from Our Dear Starmer


    • StewGreen says:

      There was something interesting about the vox pop.
      They have a system they make the vox pop, and play it out on the radio around 5pm
      On the way home I heard it on the radio and recognised one distinctive voice of some woman I know.
      so that means they were in the market place today.
      And when it was on the TV at 6:40pm I saw it was .
      5 people were used and it came out subtly as general support for Starmer
      but I think that was created in the edit by the way they put the change mind person at the end.
      The person I know was shown saying “we came out of the first lockdown too soon”
      I know she is not a super cautious or mask fanatic.


  12. StewGreen says:

    8pm BBC4 John Wayne & Dean Martin in Rio Bravo 1959


  13. Guest Who says:

    One is aware of the irony.


  14. Guest Who says:

    Shared earlier.

    See how it works yet?


    • Roland Deschain says:

      That advert has popped up on my Twitter feed from various sources over the last few days. I block each one but it’s like playing Whack a Mole.

      I’ve told Twitter “I don’t like this ad” and they promise to ‘improve my experience’ but Twitter speak with forked tongue.


  15. Fedup2 says:

    Message for Halifax – who disclosed his diagnosis of covid here yesterday – hope you are okay – have asked my ‘boss ‘ for a bit of mercy ….rest easy .


  16. Guest Who says:

    Sleep well, Britain.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      In a sane world that on its own would be grounds for appeal. But we are most assuredly not living in a sane world right now.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      I cannot open your link.
      Twitter keeps closing the connection.
      Is that the odour of long tailed rodents I detect?


    • StewGreen says:

      Contexts : Justice Swift used to be the government’s main lawyer
      now sitting as a judge he ruled that there are no grounds to challenge the governments Covid restrictions.

      No one i giving a direct quote where Judge Swift mentions the BBC or even the media
      seems he i merely giving his opinion.


  17. theisland says:

    If you have an hour to spare …


  18. Kaiser says:


    eddie van halen would be proud

    really though do we think she dresses like that for work


  19. Synchronised says:

    Rebecca Brooks wanting Piers Morgan to team up for her new TV channel. Spot the connection. Do these people have no shame.


  20. Guest Who says:

    Well, there’s a thing.


  21. Guest Who says:

    Strange times.


  22. StewGreen says:

    Twitter seems to be broken
    when I look up or TRY TO retweet TuckerCarlson stuff


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Perhaps Trump has decided to silence it. Preferably permanently.


      • Guest Who says:

        The thick plotten.


  23. taffman says:

    “Brexit: EU leaders call for UK trade talks to continue”
    “EU leaders have called for post-Brexit trade talks to continue beyond the end of the week – the deadline suggested by PM Boris Johnson.”

    I thought that BoJo said the Deadline was today? Who has blinked first ?
    Reminder , we voted to leave, not for a “trade deal .
    Will BoJo clean up Mrs May’s mess?


  24. taffman says:

    “Margaret Ferrier: Met Police to take no further action against Covid MP”
    A rule for one but not for the others ?


    • Van Helsing says:


      I can’t speak about English criminal law but I can say that she could – and should – have been charged under Scots law with culpable and reckless conduct.

      But, hey, the law only applies to some people, doesn’t it?


  25. Fedup2 says:

    Look if an SNP MP wants to knowingly spread the illness on public transport and in Westminster – no problem – just don’t use the n word -.. then you get the full cps referral … country is well effed ..


    • taffman says:

      The people in South Taffland get lockdown while the UK gov dump a load of “illegal invaders” in South Taffland without any local consultation.
      A rule for one but not for the others ?


  26. taffman says:

    Posters, forgive my ignorance, but what does the abbreviation BS stand for , bronze strumpet or Bull Sh ‘one’ T ?
    Anyone ?


  27. pugnazious says:

    Matt Hancock, more poundshop Mussolini than Churchill, did his best to sound statesman-like as he shut down whole swathes of the country with a stroke of his pen, gradually creeping towards the inevitable national lockdown which is what he really wants….come January with flu striking us on top of Covid19 and it’ll be a ‘national emergency’….never mind they’ve had 6 months to harden and prepare the NHS…already they’re telling us hospitals are in overloaded crisis mode….just what have they been doing all this time?

    He stated that in order to save the economy we had to suppress the virus.

    How do we suppress the virus Mr Hancock? By, erm, crushing the economy.

    Sooooo…..we destroy the economy in order to save it then?

    Curiously none of the BBC analysts thought that was a question worth asking.

    Nor did they wonder how it is that Labour’s Andy Burnham will only impose lockdown if he gets money for the Manchester economy.

    Hang on…isn’t this an health emergency, life and death, the plague stalking the country? We must have a lockdown to save lives and stop the alarming and dangerous ‘exponential’ rise in covid19cases. And yet he won’t lockdown unless he gets cash from the government? So Covid19 not so important in reality then? Lives don’t matter to Andy Burnham?

    The BBC seems reluctant to point out so many of these inconsistencies, the ones that confound the ‘lockdown is vital’ narrative.

    For 6 months the BBC has gone missing in action, there has been no-one holding the government to account, not even Parliament, at a moment when the government is using emergency powers to impose draconian and far reaching measures that destroy the economy, peoples’ lives, their jobs, their quality of life, their futures, their kids education, their kids futures blighted, the NHS, welfare, education and all government spending set to be massively reduced in that dark future.

    However….Suddenly the BBC became very critical of the local lockdowns….they didn’t work the BBC told us. Just a coincidence that the Labour Party also started to say the very same thing…Starmer over the last two weeks making it his central theme and ran with it at PMQs.

    Emma Barnett stated that ‘the economy is being trashed by the imposition of lockdowns that don’t work’…..however her next point was that maybe what we needed was a national lockdown…..coincidence that this is exactly what Labour wants?

    Not just Barnett of course, this narrative was across the BBC….we were told repeatedly that local lockdowns aren’t working ‘….but what we do know is that a national lockdown does work’.

    Of course national lockdowns don’t work….which is why we are where we are right now…having to lockdown again by the government’s failed logic.

    We knew, the government knew and the BBC knew that the lockdown did nothing except slow the virus…..no lives would be saved…deaths would just be spread over a longer period…when the lockdown is released the virus would come back…as the BBC’s journalists acknowledged….

    ‘If we just lift the lockdown, then another explosive outbreak is inevitable.’

    So no surprise that we get a second wave….but if we keep locking down everytime we get another wave we will never get out of lockdown…..Boris told us it would be weeks, months, 6 months and now it’s next October before he might contemplate all restrictions being lifted….of course that’s nonsense….Hancock and Co will always dream up yet another ’emergency’ to keep us under control….and a vaccine, which probably won’t work anyway, will have to be tested and effectiveness measured….I’m guessing they will insist on a year…so add on a year from the time a vaccine is available nationwide….and of course if it doesn’t work, as is likely, lockdown again and again.

    So the most draconian and dictatorial measures imposed on this country since the war, maybe worse than the war, and the BBC doesn’t question the justification or the logic…in fact it fully supports lockdowns, except when Labour decides to play politics.

    It pretty much ignores the critics and if they do allow them airtime it is ony to rubbish them one way or another……the BBC editorial is that lockdowns are good….Campbell this morning had on a pet expert whom he asked to ‘nail the Swedish issue’…ie….rubbish the truth that Sweden is doing OK thanks….not to mention Japan which not only has a pretty useless testing system but didn’t lockdown….and had around 1,600 deaths. Why is it that the BBC is so keen to tell us Sweden is doing badly…or shouldn’t be compared to us…..though quite happy to use Sweden as a comparison when they thought things would turn out badly for them?

    When people suggest we might open up and return to normal with the vulnerable being protected the BBC has developed a counter to that….one…there is no immunity, people have been catching covid19 more than once….two…’Long Covid’….people, even those who have had a mild infection, will be struck down for months if not permanently with after-effects….so no-one should be allowed to catch the disease….thus we must lockdown everyone.

    No immunity?….actually the case of the second infection is not proven at all.

    As for ‘Long Covid’….this, the scary term, is an invention of the government’s Behavioural Unit, its nudge unit…..designed to scare us into acceptance of the need for a lockdown and to squash the counter arguments. Certainly there are after-effects of Covid19 but that is the case with any disease or injury….you can have a cough or the sniffles for weeks….ever heard of ‘Long Pneumonia’?. By putting a name to it though, like ‘Long Covid’, you make it into an ‘issue’, something new and dangerous…if they’d just acknowledged this was normal run of the mill after-effects they couldn’t weaponise it in order to scare us into submission.

    And yet…..a tiny minority will be so effected and most will get better pretty quickly…..

    ‘Only a “tiny minority” of people who get Covid-19 are still ill six months later, a leading expert at the University of Oxford has said, as research into the condition gathers pace.

    Prof Trisha Greenhalgh, who presented evidence to Parliament on “long Covid” (where sufferers continue to experience symptoms for weeks or even months) said most people do get better over time.

    “The reviews we’ve done seem to suggest that whilst a tiny minority of people, perhaps one per cent of everyone who gets Covid-19, are still ill six months later, and whilst about a third of people aren’t better at three weeks, most people whose condition drags on are going to get better, slowly but steadily, between three weeks and three months,” ‘

    So why is the BBC and the government et al hyping ‘long covid’?

    A massive, un-democratic suppression of our freedoms, the smashing of the economy, the destruction of our way of life, a destruction that seems to be set to continue for years, gets no criticism from the BBC….Daily it brings us stories of businesses being ruined, mass job losses, even suicides and yet it still never actually questions the lockdown…it tells us that all these terrible events are due to the coronavirus and yet….they’re not…they’re the direct and disastrous effect of a choice made by government, a choice that needs to be critically and rigorously examined and challenged such is the extreme damage that such an extreme pathway results in. And yet the BBC, which tells us that it is vital to our democracy as it holds power to account, stands by, cheering the government on from the sidelines.

    It is the most shameful failure of its duty to question the government and to challenge its direction….quite possibly the biggest and most important task in its history and the BBC fails miserably, and deliberately….and condemns so many to a very, very bleak future.

    #DefundtheBBC, #DestroytheBBC. It is utterly and completely unfit for purpose. Dangerous, biased and racist.


    • JimS says:

      But as near as dammit every other government in the world is doing the same thing and that is really quite remarkable.

      Almost as if the Martians are coming or one of James Bond’s evil geniuses has threatened all world leaders and they are frightened to tell us the real truth.

      Focusing on local leaders is just a distraction. Are ‘they’ trying to fiddle the ‘quantitative eased’ books, ‘save the planet’ or, like comprehensive ‘education’, close all the alternatives and impose Universal Marxism world-wide so there is nothing else to compare it with? (“Ah but we have never had real communism, because the running-dog capitalists have always put a spoke in the wheel. If only we could all go communist…”).


      • G says:

        Yes, JimS,

        It has to be coordinated under the UN. Conspiracy same with vaccines although some Pharma have paused development as problems have arisen and now a known well documented case of a 25 year old having confirmed re-infection.


        • Up2snuff says:

          G and Jim, it could be that the scientists have realised that the Covid-19 virus is capable of mutating into a severe influenza like virus that might incapacitate, hospitalise and kill billions.

          Or it could be that China, having accidentally released Covid-19, have decided that they might as well go for broke and have deliberately released Covid-20 which is a much nastier version than its predecessor. It could be that word has reached intelligence services around the world but especially those of the UK that this has happened.

          But then it’s easy to pin all sorts of conspiracy theories onto Covid-19 and the UN and WHO and other world bodies like the IMF. Are we guilty of adding to them?


          It is something of a coincidence that:
          China has problems with rebellious people in Hong Kong
          China has growing opposition to its hegemony grab in the South China Sea
          The USA is in a trade war with China
          The USA is in a Presidential Election year
          The US apparently is quite pally now with North Korea and the frost between NK and SK, subject to the occasional border incident, has been thawed a little by President Trump.


        • JimS says:

          A simple question:

          Why are exceptional measures being taken world-wide in the face of an un-exceptional virus?


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      Emma Barnett (Wikipedia paraphrased): Former Women Editor for … Presenter for BBC Radio 5 Live & occasional presenter of Woman’s Hour BBC Radio 4 … co-presenter of BBC One’s Sunday Morning Live … March 2019 became a regular presenter on BBC Two’s Newsnight.

      Early life: born 1985, Manchester … her parents ran brothels in the Greater Manchester area & were involved in human trafficking (see below).

      Jewish background but non-observant … described herself “as a Jew in disguise”.

      Attended an independent school for girls. 2006, graduated with a BA in History & Politics (Nottingham). Took a postgraduate course in journalism at Cardiff School of Journalism, Media & Cultural Studies.

      Career: … joined The Daily Telegraph 2009 … from 2012, became the women’s editor. She launched The Telegraph’s “Wonder Women” section in Oct. 2012 … “I have always been a feminist“, she told an interviewer in 2015. She is a member of the Women’s Equality Party

      … she referred to “the most painful chapter of my life” when her father was “imprisoned for living off immoral earnings”. He was jailed for three years & eight months in 2008 after admitting to keeping a string of brothels, controlling prostitution & conspiracy to control brothels. The police presented evidence that Emma Barnett was aware of the criminal activity. Her mother was convicted of money laundering & given a suspended term …


    • taffman says:

      IMHO long Covid could be a psychological problem, eg hypochondria ?


    • Deborah says:

      I have three friends whose daughters in their early 30s, all had covid late March, early April. One is still exhausted after looking after her kids for half a day or preparing a meal, and 2 fit young women get chest pain after climbing the stairs. Maybe the fear of government isn’t the number of deaths, but the number of incapacitated young people who may need financial support for the next 30 to 40 years. We used to have to put up with people dying young after rheumatic fever caused a weakening heart. Perhaps this is the real concern.


  28. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    Just now looking at the US and Canadian news section of the BBC I came across this:


    Looking back at my records to see if I had screen captured this story I found this:


    I didn’t have time to look at the video and I didn’t know how to take a copy of it. However the original headline shows it was an anti-Trump story. Note the BBC have changed the headline in addition to removing the video.

    I raise this to your attention as an example to show how the BBC will cover themselves in various ways including removing material from their website, changing the headline and re-writing articles. Hence the importance of taking copies. If anyone has any ideas of how I can save video stories from the BBC website I would be grateful.


    • Guest Who says:

      Excellent research.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Cali Wow
      Generally speaking a news story is a matter of historical record
      That is why when they get it wrong, it should not be deleted, but rather a correction should be added.
      The BBC usual trick is to keep an alarming headline and then add the correction at the bottom of the page where no one notices it, whereas the correction note should be right below the original headline.
      The BBC habit of materially changing articles by stealth edits is bad form cos it is deceptive.

      This story here is something else
      They put out a story , essentially anti-Trump PR
      and then withdrawn it
      and covered up what they did.


    • StewGreen says:

      @BBCworld put out a tweet and then deleted it
      It had a strange title
      \\ ‘Please like me’ – the suburban women rejecting Trump //
      ah the Please Like Me is a Trump quote
      most libmedia wrote articles with a similar title

      The update note says
      “15/10/20 We are delivering thorough and detailed coverage of the US elections, featuring a wide range of voices, but we have removed this particular film as it lacked the necessary context.

      It’s the US so check the bbc.com link they’ll be more tweet than the bbc.co.uk
      The group themselves tweeted the .com link On Oct 7th
      Even 8 days later it still stood, so was only changed today

      The BBC staffers were black producer writefreedom09 and filmmaker @xinyanyu

      “Red, Wine and Blue – a group of suburban women in the battleground state of Ohio – is rallying voters to try and swing the US election in November.”



    • StewGreen says:

      CNN have a very similar 6 heads
      but they are 6 Trump voter 3 of which changed their mind

      Update the BBC tweet announcing the delete
      has a discussion


  29. taffman says:

    “Extreme weather: October downpour sees UK’s wettest day on record” .
    Here we go again , global warming?
    These campaigners need to aim their protesting at the countries that can make a difference, not pointing their fingers at the UK all the time . They are like the school bully, they would not get away with their actions in any other nation.
    Ever since the onset of Covid, all the activist groups are attacking our nation . Do these protest groups have a common factor linking them in trying to bring down the world leader in democracy ?


  30. taffman says:

    “Pub in locked-down Liverpool is renamed ‘The Three Bellends’ with sign featuring faces of Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings and Matt Hancock” .
    Will Al Beeb cover this “Mail” story?


  31. taffman says:

    “Brexit: EU leaders call for UK trade talks to continue“
    Will Bojo bottle it ?


    • G says:

      I was fascinated by the comment just made by Mad Merkel. She thought that the EU should review its approach to the so-called, “Level Playing Field” as the Brits were seeking, “SOME LEVEL OF INDEPENDENCE”. Wow. That says it all. “Some level”. No Merkel, we want total independence and see any unnecessary continuing acquiescence to EU law as a failure and certainly not, ‘Independence’.


  32. Scroblene says:

    Looks like the awful BBC decided to look at this very closely…


    Ten months it took!

    They really do hate Great Britain don’t they.


  33. Guest Who says:

    Lewis Goodhall liked this.

    I presume the other bloke escaped unscathed?


  34. gb123 says:

    Halifax, I just saw your message re Covid. Good wished and keep on keeping on.


  35. Guest Who says:

    Expect all bBC American BS to RT this one.


    • Guest Who says:

      However, expect Chris to be hired as Clive Myrie’s gofer.


  36. Guest Who says:

    It seems the BBC is formally renaming itself the ‘Both Barrels Corporation’ in honor of their part in securing a Biden victory.


  37. Guest Who says:

    It’s only them.

    Well, and Sky, ITV, Ch5, the Graun, Times,….


  38. Peter Sausages says:

    Oh no Nagging Munchshitty is on!


  39. Roland Deschain says:

    Feel free to correct my faulty memory, but did he not denounce white supremacy DURING that debate?

    More BBC lies?


    • Guest Who says:

      Wait until BBC Asian Network get behind their gal.


    • Doobster78 says:

      Just had a look at Sopels twitter feed from during last night’s debates.

      I urge you all to take a gander . What you will see is some of the most anti Trump, bias reporting you can see.

      It’s all anti Trump, nothing , nothing at all about Biden !!!!!!

      Jon mustn’t have heard the story about Biden’s corruption yet !!!!!!!!

      Just plain as day BBC bias.


    • Guest Who says:

      Grab the clip and give him a refresher course. Cc. bBC misinformation unit, OFCOm and dcms.

      Meanwhile, ‘the Moaning mole has this review…


      Trump and Biden deflect questions

      With 19 days until polling day, the coronavirus-disrupted US election campaign was marked by yet another unusual feature. On a night that was scheduled to feature the second head-to-head presidential debate, Donald Trump’s refusal to take part in a virtual event following his Covid-19 diagnoses meant the candidates instead took questions from audience members in events that aired simultaneously on different channels. On NBC, Mr Trump refused to disavow the QAnon conspiracy theory – that he is battling a clandestine “deep state” network of political, business, media and entertainment elites, often involving Satanic plots and child trafficking. Meanwhile, over on rival ABC, Joe Biden was no less equivocal when pressed on whether he supported adding justices to the US Supreme Court to sway its ideological make-up. In the eyes of our North America reporter Anthony Zurcher: “Mr Trump’s forum made for more entertaining television – and almost certainly will have attracted more viewers. But that could be a blessing and a curse if what American voters want in November is something a little more, well, boring.”


      The eyes of Lurch are so far up Pelosi’s colon he can almost see Lurch’s Nike’s.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Sadly, I’m supposed to be working, not posting here and don’t have time to find or send the clips.

        (Off topic, this site is a nightmare to post on using my iPhone as half the text box is off the screen and inaccessible until typing reaches the other side and it jumps over, obscuring the other half of the box. 😤)


  40. Tabs says:

    The short 1m22s video on this page has the following scenes:

    1. Woman presenter
    2. Rule of 6 shown as 6 women
    3. Next example looks like a lesbian women
    4. Next scene has 5 people in it. 2 black men, 2 women (1 is black) . The other table is all women.
    5. Woman calling “last orders”
    6. Outdoor table scene of 4 women, 2 men. 4 are black. The one white male is some kind of tranny looking thing.
    7. Women turning over the closed sign is black
    8. 2 women eating a meal served by a Muslim man
    9. Quick scene of another table, 50% black
    10. 3 women exercising in a gym. 66% BAME.
    11. 2 white men shown at a casino for a whole 1 second – hooray!!!


    • WildWomanOfThe Woods says:

      These things are problems because… what?

      3. What does a lesbian woman look like?

      6. I saw 4 women and one man of varying skin tones, and one hidden and therefore not readily identifiable. What does a tranny looking thing look like?

      8. How do you know he’s a Muslim? He could be a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Jain, a Christian, a Quaker, a Wiccan, a non-observant Sikh, a Humanist, or None Of The Above.

      11. Ah, the truth is out! You only want to see white men.


  41. AsISeeIt says:

    There seems to be a trend developing in the press that it’s to the front page of the FT that we need to refer in order to find good news. Of course our new lockdown restrictions and the stalled Brexit talks still feature prominently with the big pink broadsheet but this morning we also have: ‘Morgan Stanley earnings surge 25%’. Yesterday we noticed Goldman Sachs were also ‘in the pink’ as it were: ‘Boosted by surging markets in third quarter’
    Today blonde starlet journo Gillian Tett gushes about how: ‘A Biden presidency could be a big win for ESG investing’ – for those of us unwashed masses not in the know, ESG refers to Environmental, Social & Governance investing. So In other words, assuming Trump is expunged, the government subsidised Green boondoggle is ready to roll.
    ‘Strong LVMH sales cheer luxury sector. The French luxury goods group returned its biggest business to double-digit sales growth in the third quarter…’ (LVHM, you ask, darlings…? Dior, Louis Vuitton, Moët Hennessy, etc)

    So let’s have a little less of your moaning, Manchester. Daily Mirror: ‘Northern Revolt. Greater Manchester rejects highest level of lockdown in clash with the PM’ And because this is a Labour paper the Mirror can’t simply plead for people to be left alone to simply go about their business freely: ‘Fury at lack of cash support as half the country now under tougher rules’ – you see the Left are ok with lockdown so long as its fair, ie everyone is locked down, but importantly the idea of lockdown is actually ok because someone, somewhere, sometime, can always be found to pay us all to be locked down pretty much forever, doing nothing. Because, that’s deemed to be the right thing to do.

    The Times, inadvertently (I think), heaps faint praise on a Russian fake news tv show: ‘Images portraying the Oxford project’s work as a “Monkey Vaccine” were shown in Russia on the Vesti news programme, described as the equivalent of Newsnight’ – I leave that one to sink in.

    Propaganda is in the news – as I like to say. The Daily Telegraph exposes: ‘Clegg had hand in blocking Biden story. Sir Nick Clegg was involved in the decision to reduce the social media distribution of a New York Post story which was based on the alleged emails of Joe Biden’s son’ – Our truth-telling Nick, surely not? Well, there is an awful lot at stake in the upcoming US elections (see above).

    The media do love a statistic. Statistics are the trusty wobbly pegs upon which so many stories hang. Small example today: The Mail: ‘Health crisis looming over 27m fewer GP appointments’ The Telegraph: ‘Warnings of death as a result of 25m lost GP appointments’ The Express: ‘Ticking time bomb as 26m miss GP visits’.

    So which is it, 25m, 26m or 27m? This is a serious issue and not just some pressure group putting out a PR memo to push its case with a dodgy but eye-catching stat. This one is a genuine concern and we should be told. Honestly, clearly and without fear or favour – or fudge of the numbers.


  42. G says:

    The World Health Authority releases the results of research into Remdesivir et al. Results?
    “The results are from WHO’s “Solidarity” trial, which evaluated the effects of four potential drug regimens, including remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, anti-HIV drug combination lopinavir/ritonavir and interferon, in 11,266 adult patients across more than 30 countries.”

    With big pharma worldwide aiming to make Trillions of Dollars when a proper vaccine is found, the research by the WHO must be suspect. Previous studies into Hydroxychloroquine dispensed outrageous levels of the drug when other studies simply used the recommended dosages – and got highly favourable results. No mention of this though.

    “The emerging (WHO) data appears inconsistent, with more robust evidence from multiple randomized, controlled studies published in peer-reviewed journals validating the clinical benefit of remdesivir,” Gilead told Reuters.”. Well, well. https://uk.reuters.com/article/idUKKBN27032T

    The WHO is like Nancy Pelosi being called upon to provide a character reference for DJT.

    I’m not normally a conspiracy theorist but I confess to smelling a rat. A very big rat. A ‘clear out’ of Care Homes and pensioners?

    For example, why, in the UK is the Government not dispensing items PROVEN to restrict the chinese virus? Ask yourself. There’s solid evidence supporting the efficacy of, certainly Vit D and Zinc to combat the symptoms of the virus. My GP, yesterday, conveyed surprise at use of these two and further, denied any knowledge of the (WHO unwanted) research into Ivermectin which has, again proven, to kill off > 98% of Covid in vitro.

    Yes, a very big rat that is growing by the day…………


    • Up2snuff says:

      There’s appears to be an obvious flaw in that WHO study: they have done it across thirty countries. That means the results might be inconclusive or just plain wrong.

      What do we know about Covid-19?

      It is a type of Coronavirus like the Common Cold virus and like the influenza virus. That means that it is subject to mutation.

      Therefore, you need to test the four treatment regimes in just one location, preferably a very, tight, close – if not closed – location. You want minimal chance of a major mutation that might be triggered by geography, distance, national characteristics and behaviours.

      By all means repeat the study in another community after doing one. But each test needs to be extremely discrete, not wide. A cruise ship full of passengers with Covid-19 would be ideal.



  43. StewGreen says:

    Covid counts : hang on, our local new positives might well be mostly students who are not actually in our area
    but rather have gone to university, caught Covid there and then given their parents home as their address not their university address.


  44. StewGreen says:

    #GreatOverRepresentation from Barclays
    in an advert Twitter just pushed at me.


    • Guest Who says:

      Seems a mandatory on all marketing.

      We have been with them for ever, but I notice they are removing Premier benefits.

      Maybe time for a review.

      Shame as their online systems at last are not awful and I like the security gizmos.


      • Foscari says:

        Guest Who- Barclay’s advertising marketing has been like this
        for quite awhile now. I almost feel that is something wrong
        with me because I don’t have a mixed race marriage.BUT
        changing the subject last night on the Londonistan programme.
        Yes we have a news programme four times a day in London on BBC 1.
        especially for the ethnic community.Ok I exaggerate 75-80% of the presenters,reporters and features concern the ethnic population of London.
        There was a sad feature on still birth deaths of black babies
        in the capitol where there are twice as many as the rest of
        the community. It was suggested that it was down to racism
        by the NHS. I couldn’t believe it. So many of the dedicated NHS staff
        come from ethnic backgrounds .And yet we were told
        that racism amongst the NHS staff was part of the terrible problem.


  45. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – Can I believe my ears?

    It’s Ladies Day at Wimbledon and in the TOADY Studio Mixing Room with Mishal and the Bee Lady. The Bee Lady gives EU French MEP, Nathalie Loiseau, the wordybird hurry up with an interruption that defended – or tried to – the UK’s Fishing Interests in the Brexit Negotiations. I couldn’t believe my ears #1.

    The Bee Lady fails to spot Nathalie’s inadvertent misspeak of “France is an Independent Nation” – ha ha – not while you are still in the EU you’re not, Nathalie. Had Martha picked her up on that, then I would have probably fallen off my chair (and I was in bed at the time!) at the surprise of ‘I couldn’t believe my ears #2’

    Shame, Martha. I could have been up and about half an hour earlier.

    Nathalie would have probably exploded.


  46. StewGreen says:

    9:12pm tonight Nationwide Building Society has thrown its lot in with Channel4 and the Labour Party front groups
    for a stunt called #TogetherAgainstHate


  47. Doobster78 says:

    You just gotta laugh sometimes at this crazy world !!


    • JimS says:

      Did Disney create ‘princess’ Meghan?

      We have had decades of ‘fiesty’ American princesses from Disney now.

      The Americans don’t get it, a ‘proper’ Royal just raises an eyebrow and the loyal followers ‘do the dirty’ for them. What is the point of being royal if you have to do the work yourself?


  48. Guest Who says:

    Seems someone in the cubicle gardens has a cousin who makes cakes.


    BBC News

    Professional baker Reshmi is fed up of influencers wanting free cake they can post about on Instagram, and has decided to take a stand.

    BS and KayB may not snag a Clothes horse in journalism award this year


  49. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – I couldn’t believe my ears – all over again.

    Dominic Raab, Foreign Secretary, was the sacrificial lamb for the 8.10 a.m. prime interview slot and was given an easy time by the ladies. No knife held to his throat or stuck in his ribs or back. He was very robust and spoke well, obviously not taking any of the usual TOADY misbehaviour.

    Could it be the result of the fall-out from Keir Starmer’s opportunistic failed ‘clear blue water’ policy U-turn earlier this week?

    It has obviously had an effect. Even the BBC have twigged that Starmer is out of step with Labour Mayors, especially in northern parts of England. The BBC do like to keep the divisiveness going though. M&M and the newsreader kept making the point about Mayors ‘some of them Conservative’ or ‘both Labour and Conservative Mayors have criticised’.


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