Midweek Thread 30 September 2020

The First US Election Debate. How Biased will the Democrat supporting BBC in reporting it and telling the British Licence Tax payer what to think?

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  1. Guest Who says:

    …aaaaand… yes! Another blonde!


  2. Doobster78 says:

    BBC campaign incoming to cancel exams , can see it a mile off !!!! Oh, and full marks to the picture editor for pulling this one out of the bag !!!!!!!!!


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      Hi, I would be grateful for an interpretation of the messages on the signs. I tend not to follow British politics closely so don’t know who “Gavin” is and I cannot identify the photo.
      Sign 1) Yo Gavin, I just wanna talk
      Sign 2) Cabinets in Ikea
      Sign 3) ..sism .. (vic)tim …


      • StewGreen says:

        “I’ve seen better cabinets in Ikea” is so old it’s like a dad joke
        “Yo Gavin I just wanna talk”
        … from “Yo, gangster I just wanna talk, I’ll meet you in a dark alley and I’ll bring my baseball bat/knife”

        Strange all the BBC signs are held by black girls
        all the ITV signs are held by white girls

        There are signs by males
        but seems media prefer to print the ones with girls

        OK goes to Getty images page
        GBR: Students Hold A-Level Results Protest As Ofqual Review Appeals Process
        Those signs are in 2 photos

        The sign “Classism is” is too opaque to read
        Maybe something like “classism is basically deciding our results.”
        or “Classism is racism” etc.



      • StewGreen says:

        It’s unusual these days that a demo has real signs instead of ones printed by Socialist Worker or other Labour Front groups
        (that are left littering the streets afterwards)



      • Up2snuff says:

        BoBotC, Gavin is Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Education, former ‘bag carrier’ for Theresa May as Home Secretary.


    • JamesArthur says:


      It is even funnier (sic) when you scroll down BBC site – every picture is 80% BAME school kids with a BAME teacher and as for any white boys ..well…not many most white are girls..
      The BBC narrative is in full swing..the UK is officially 80% Black…


    • G says:

      Surely that’s somewhere in Africa isn’t it?


  3. Fedup2 says:

    Looking around the MSM Friday morning – I’m developing the ‘have your say ‘ test

    This involves guessing whether the likes of the BBC site or Guardian allows comments about certain news stories…… so far – on 2 subjects -I’ve guessed right ….

    But I think the absence of a ‘have your say ‘ column is one of those indicators of censorship ‘ bias we look for ….


  4. Fedup2 says:

    How not to be accused of being nasty ,,, but just plain nasty …..


  5. Guest Who says:


    So, all of Hollywood locked up too?

    Silver linings.


  6. Guest Who says:


    Lies, darn lies and anything on screen.


    • StewGreen says:

      Summary : Samsung Ads claimed for 3.7m Smart TV streaming now has 59% share of all TV set viewing.
      … That’s bunk cos they forgot to mention that those smart TV’s are often third sets that are not even connected to the aerial.
      The writers own research indicates all TV watching went up during lockdown
      normal TV by 12%, streaming by double that
      But something marked “other” ie non- mainstream like the Jim DavidsonTV almost doubled


      • Guest Who says:

        Our family is iEverything. Not Paul Mason level, and we paid, but more Apples than a Herefordshire fete.

        So we are wondering why we are notified of a download on… Android, of… BBC News.

        No charge, but, odd.


  7. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    With the announcement that President Trump has tested positive for coronavirus I would be grateful for others on here to check the various BBC correspondents twitter feeds (e.g. Zurcher and others invested in US politics) for any signs of wishing the President ill or snidey comments & please screen capture them for posterity.

    ps I don’t have a smart phone and I am not on social media. All I have is a youtube account and an ISP provider.
    pps: I recall a poster on here saying they were writing a book or an article on BBC correspondent from America Anthony Zurcher. I would be grateful to hear how this is developing and whether or not it has been published.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Re two job MPs
    People do know that some MPS have what is called “dual mandate” ?
    eg that they are an MSP as well
    or like South Yorkshire Mayor and Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis

    AFAIK it’s now banned in the Welsh and Northern Irish parliaments and EU parliament.


  9. G says:

    I stumbled upon, Brand New Tube yesterday. No mention of it here previously. Another, like Bitchute, “uncensored” platform. See what you think:


    Migration is certainly in the air………..


    • StewGreen says:

      contact address MY MEDIA WORLD LTD, LANCASHIRE,
      Companies House info : Founded 14th May 2020, has a Blackburn address
      Sole Director : BUTT, Muhammad Naeem
      Appears to be a carpet shop with 5 other registered companies at same address all to do with property/carpets/windows.

      BrandNewsTube promise no censorship ever
      That’s untrue cos they’d have to comply with UK law and takedown notices etc.
      eg no incitement to violence, no paedophilia etc.
      The normal trick to get a YouTube video banned is to tell Youtube the video has copyrighted music in it.


  10. G says:

    “Agenda Setting Theory” –
    “Nothing is true and everything is possible”
    Steve Turley outlines the principles in:

    Starting at 4:15

    Part explains some of the nonsense we are confronted with on a daily basis.

    Another, more detailed explanation:

    Nice to know what the so-called, ‘Journalists’ are being taught in whatever passes as a ‘College’ for them.

    Sounds to me like another tool in the Marxists toolbox.


  11. Guest Who says:

    That ‘…even Simpo..’ might see Fran or Timmeh! issuing another memo or… anonymous spokesweasel statement.


    • StewGreen says:

      Actually Simpson did report, yesterday
      8:26am Media Lens Tweet
      8:46am Oborne retweets with his comment

      8:51am someone tweets to Oborne
      “Not wanting to get into the broader issue of non-coverage but just to say it was covered on BBC R4PM show yesterday”

      9:26am Simpson Tweets to Media Lens
      “So how come I reported on this for the BBC yesterday?
      Find another conspiracy theory, is my advice.”

      9:40am someone tweets to Oborne
      “John Simpson on PM last night quite a substantial piece.
      But otherwise @BBCNews has not covered it much at all. Disgraceful really.”

      Why when extraordinary claims are put in front of people, do they just ACCEPT them, instead of checking ?


    • StewGreen says:

      There are two issues : actual coverage and Twitter promotion
      It is true the BBC official accounts chose to not promote the court case

      The only thing was Simpsons sole tweet on night of Wednesday 30th


      • StewGreen says:

        I you want Assange news try Craig Murray


  12. fakenewswatcher says:

    MD and CNN reporter Jonathan Reiner has recommended Democrat house Speaker, Nanci Pelosi go into isolation immediately.
    Now, I do wonder what the thinking is behind that…?
    Wouldn’t be secretly hoping Pence tests positively as well, would we, CNN?
    A little Democrat coup, thanks to the virus, should both the president and VP fall ill? She’s probably holed up somewhere working on Trump’s latest impeachement, anyway.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m waiting for the no commentator or crowd sounds option on the radio – 90 minutes of abuse and industrial language – often in Spanish ….or moyseish


  13. Guest Who says:

    Local paper, rammed with BBC ‘Open Democracy’ propaganda droids…

    “Would you miss BBC’s red button if it was axed?”

    #CCBGB and indeed offering thoughts beyond said button.


  14. Fedup2 says:

    Can you imagine the phone call between the head of the Chinese mafia and president Trump . I wonder if he’s ordered more Nucs to be targeted on Chinese cities ?


  15. Doobster78 says:

    The looney left really are out in force today.

    The left which preach and demand , love and tolerance, yet somehow are collectively rejoicing over the President of the USA contracting Covid.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Such a shame people like Campbell still gets any attention . Not mentally well at all so maybe that’s why the BBC use him …


  16. JamesArthur says:

    I stopped licence this year so don’t post to often now as never watch – have also stopped listening to R4 much of time as all I hear is Woke anti British rhetoric..apparently all listeners are now BAMEs

    I just hope DT wins the election again…I think it is in the balance…you can just feel the MSM wishing him ill….
    Still check in here for my sanity check 🙂


    • Fedup2 says:

      James – what about me ? I’ve stopped 99% of BBC intake and struggle through …. even when I’m firing up the free sat box to get to ‘talking pictures ‘ even a bbc trailer is enough ….


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, that’s my dilemma also.

        When I got so fed up with TOADY that I stopped listening to it, whatever then followed, Book of the Week, TWatO, the filler afterwards and all the way until the Book at Bedtime … but only then if it was a good ‘un. This was back in the late Spring, high Summer period. I was almost a totally BBC R4 non-listener and it was really quite a pleasant experience. The problem is how can I come on here and comment if I’m not experiencing any BBC content and bias?

        I sort of made do for a bit with BBC WEB-SITE Watch but that’s a bit limited thanks to all the old items on there.


        • JamesArthur says:

          Fed and Up2
          So it seems we have morals – don’t pay the licence and don’t watch but that does make it difficult to comment – so I will listen to R4 as much as my stomach allows…and comment appropriately 🙂

          They did have a non African or Muslim Book today which was quite good – Sonya the Spy….

          It will be good when they defund the BBC and we can all rest our weary heads


          • Fedup2 says:

            James – the morality of paying for a TV licence – not a moral question – there is a higher one – ; I don’t watch BBC TV or listen to their radio much any more – will never pay the TV tax


            • Banania says:

              What is the moral objection to not paying for a licence if you don’t watch the BBC? The other channels are self-financing, aren’t they? So in not paying we are not depriving them of anything. Do Channel 4 & Film 4 receive any of the licence money?


        • Deborah says:

          Our watching of BBC is minimal. We rarely manage more than a couple of minutes before deciding we prefer silence. But even the two minutes is enough to post here. Our decision is when the license is due for renewal. Mr D is a man of principles and had said no license, then not even the couple of minutes.

          For example I switched on the tv to watch BBC 1 news at 6pm. An advert for BBC Sounds. At least 20 people. One might have been white but was sitting crossed legs sideways (no me neither), every single other person was BAME. Obviously BBC sounds is not designed for me.

          Then the news started and we had Jon Sopel grinning. Within the two minutes of news starting I had learned that Biden had tested negative. I am so pleased. Switched off.


  17. Foscari says:

    Not quite shadenfreud from the BBC over the Trump’s sickness.
    But we haven’t heard from Soppy yet . I think we will get
    some out and out facetious comments from the BBC if we
    haven’t had them already.
    No, I don’t expect the kind of sarcastic “GOTCHA” as we saw
    from the Sun when the Belgrano was sunk. But I am sure
    that Soppy will think up something.
    It does look though that China has got it’s most prized victim
    of their biological warfare against the rest of the world, but
    especially their number one enemy.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Foscari- I think there’ll be a huge amount of schadenfreude at beeb. Not everyone, but among the large number of Trump haters that reside there. They will know not to let it show on screen too much.
      Also, the President is not ill yet, as far as we know. So the celebrations will still be under wraps?
      Soppy will be ecstatic, but again, he knows he has to chose his words carefully.


      • Nodding Dog says:

        Foscari.Sopel was on TV earlier must have been BBC Breakfast.No sympathy at all as would be expected.Trumps fault for letting Ms Hicks travel with others in the close confines of a helicopter and not wearing masks and Trump for not wearing a mask plus he mentioned the presidents last medical showed that he was obese so should be taking better precautions.


        • richard D says:

          Hmmmm – maybe not wearing a mask when crossing a vast lawn towards a helicopter – but who knows if the same is true once inside the helicopter ? But would anyone in the US MSM bother to ask such a simple question ?

          In addition, I see so many gleeful comments about how it’s Trump’s own fault he got Coronavirus because he didn’t wear a mask….forgive me, but haven’t we been adamantly told since Day 1 that a mask is to prevent you from spreading any virus, but it will not prevent you from catching a virus….

          Ah, well, I guess if anything seems to fit a particular prejudice, it’s fair game to use it, factual or not.


        • Guest Who says:

          The yoof channel decides to investigate.


          She is one of President Trump’s closest aides – but how much do we know about the 31-year-old former model?
          Who is Hope Hicks?
          Who is Hope Hicks?
          President Trump contracted Covid-19 after his close aide Hope Hicks tested positive.

          The ‘we’ is sweet.


  18. Doobster78 says:

    The holier than thou BBC hey !!!!!!!


  19. Peter Grimes says:

    TWATo today, about 1.30, Lard Mardell chatting to the lisping, vacuous, child-like Lisa Mandy about China’s latest surveillance and retribution extension to their citizens overseas.

    Mandy going on about the cultural exchanges with China, the money their students bring in, and, …ffs, democracy!!

    I read recently there are 18k Chinese students here. Most are pillaging our research to then use against us. As for the money, our universities could easily do with many fewer, particularly as education there is free given low loan repayment by so many ‘students’ earning peanuts, unlike Al Beeb’s ‘meeja’ graduates earning millions.

    As for the need for democracy given Labour’s recent denial of it, words fail me, well polite words anyway.


  20. digg says:

    OK BBC what’s with all the female body hair stories today?

    I did notice you managed to get sexism by men in there so 10 brownie points for that!




    Is it that the BBC want to get all women to detest men and vice versa?

    Makes going all LGBT much easier if they can I guess.


    • StewGreen says:

      I don’t understand why people don’t like female pubic hair, it is attractive.
      Surely hairless fits paedophilic taste.


  21. Up2snuff says:

    I suspected that the 1.45 to 2 p.m. R4 series by Leah Sotile on the Oklahomah bombing in 1995 that the BBC has run for the past two weeks might be a vehicle for an attack on the incumbent President and candidate for a second term in November’s US Election. And thus it has proved to be.

    The personal statement by the presenter at the end made it clear that she really wanted to say “Oooh look! Bad guys over there and they are all Republican voters (notwithstanding the premise that bomber McVeigh was anti-Government ie. an anarchist/Marxist like Antifa and BLM) and will all vote for President Trump. Leah did not say that she wanted a righteous Government, whatever the political Party. The implication was that she wanted ‘her side’ to win and it came across as the Democratic Party to this listener who has been not unsympathetic to the DNC in the past.

    Quite where the BBC stand on that is also pretty clear. They are in breach of their Charter Requirements. They are also huge hypocrites because they are – with a lot of registered US voters in the UK – trying to influence the result of the US Presidential Election.

    The BBC has spent four years claiming that Russians and others sought to influence the result of the 2016 EU Referendum and the UK General Elections in 2017 and 2019 despite no evidence being offered and statements being made to the contrary by Remain Campaigner & voter Nick Clegg. Yet now the BBC are guilty of the same thing or crime: outside influence on another country’s democratic process.


  22. Doobster78 says:

    Just spot on . The hypocrisy is sickening.


  23. JamesArthur says:

    Oh R4.. More or Less
    I used to like this but it has become more and more politicised.. They always seem to focus on what Tories and Trump or Boris say…

    Today they criticise a Tory (Peter William-Walsh) who made an accurate statement about Refugees – finding all sorts of ways to make a different statement without just saying he was right and then moving on.but kept knocking the UK..

    What they failed to discuss when citing Sweden’s uptake of refugees was the now daily bombings involving ‘immigrants/refugees’

    Oh now onto DT….apparently he got figures for covid deaths from a ‘Far Right organisation’ …so let’s knock that….

    Sad that a potentially good programme gets BBC’d


    • JimS says:

      More or Less can be a lot like the BBC ‘fact checking’ service, the checks tend to go one way.

      It has been quite good in the past but, being on radio, it really needs to keep things simple. The current obsession with ‘the virus’ doesn’t work, numbers, numbers, numbers, and then factor in that the basis of the numbers changes all the time.

      The other week they had a go at Julia Hartley-Brewer for getting ‘confused’ over ‘false positives’. The irony was that she had taken advice from their ‘go to’ figure man who was the one challenging her, i.e. he can’t have explained it very well.

      We were told that politicians ‘needed better number education’. Well they could all have a PhD in mathematics but a) the source data might be wrong, (the politician gets the numbers from other people) and b) they might understand the maths but they might be, (like Tim Harford and his ‘expert’), not very good at explaining it to the lay audience.

      This is where Donald Trump gets it right, things are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for the ordinary people.
      Who, apart from Tim Harford, cares if they are 86.7% good or 87.6% good?


      • StewGreen says:

        Exactly right mathematician Spiegelhalter sent JHB a tweet
        and she believed him
        … but then he said his tweet only applied to random testing.
        not to the circumstance of symptomatic people.
        (I did a post on Wednesday after the original airing of the show)

        BTW there’s been no mention of Harfords big error last week wen he said a 17 yo refugee drowned in the Channel.
        It was well known he was 28.


  24. richard D says:

    I have noticed over quite some time now, that Mishal Husain has this completely different set of voices and vocal mannerisms, which she employs to fit the interview/story she’s promoting at any time.

    She has this most annoying habit of using an almost breathless, ingratiating, whiney, and sycophantically childish, voice which she employs for any segment of the news with which she finds favour – i.e. anyone who’s generally complaining about the government, who is against Brexit, whos’s being interviewed about any Muslim/BAME story (apart from Muslim/BAME Terrorism, natch), which she seems to be fed almost daily by the BBC.

    Contrast this with the vehement interrupting, scornful questioning, feigned disbelief, etc., etc., when she has someone to speak to who is opposed to her BBC world view.

    What triggered this post is that Martha Kearney (on the Today programme this morning) seems to now be employing precisely the same schizopphrenic approach to interviews, and boy, does this Jekyll/Hyde attitude grate on the nerves.

    You are both supposed to be impartial – even the tone you use now gives away the fact that you are not !


  25. fakenewswatcher says:

    Interesting interview on The New Culture Forum Channel with Andrew Klavan. Is the US on the edge of civil war? “A certain number of people think that violence is legitimate political expression “, says he. Institutions have been taken over by the Left. The MSM and Hollywood are uniformly Left. The NYT column ‘Red Century’, and how much better sex was in the Soviet Union. etc etc
    Peter Whittle knows how to conduct an interview: it’s not about him, he sits back, lets Klavan speak, and actually listens.


    • pugnazious says:

      FNW…good interview….BLM a marxist terrorist organisation? Klavan clearly hasn’t a clue……lol.

      Here’s one from a year ago….’The BBC looks pure Communist to me’… Klavan clearly hasn’t a clue……lol.


    • Banania says:

      Strongly agree. This is just the kind of interview the BBC should be doing.


  26. Up2snuff says:

    Advertising Ashnikko just in case the Licence Fee has to be cut and savings made at Broadcasting House. Interesting how the BBC and the artiste herself presents Ashnikko. Apparently punk like from the pictures but look underneath and – hey-ho – another BBC victim, a fragile wimmin: ” It stands out but she has to keep it at arms’ length because it’s too easy for her mental health “to deteriorate and crumble”. ”

    Aaah, another one! Please roll out the sympathy rug and don’t say no. You know it makes no sense whatsoever.


  27. Guest Who says:

    Ex BBC guest cattle correspondent as liked by Rob Burley and Lewis Goodhall.

    They know who they like in America.


    • pugnazious says:

      LOL…you can’t keep a good man down……or put another way….sh*t floats.


  28. theisland says:

    Penally pt.2

    Warning – take deep breaths before you watch.
    Not recommended if you have high blood pressure.
    Perhaps have a gin (or similar) to hand.

    And this:


  29. Guest Who says:

    From Accuracy in Media.

    “The Commission on Presidential Debates selected C-SPAN’s Steve Scully to moderate the second debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden.
    However, new information was uncovered exposing the fact that Scully is actually a Biden supporter:
    Steve Scully actually interned Biden when he was a senator
    Scully later worked as a staffer for Sen. Ted Kennedy
    In 2016, Scully attended a Joe Biden Beach Bash
    That same year, Scully tweeted, “No, Not Trump, Not Ever.”“

    Has the bbc ‘analysed’ this yet?

    Or are they just hoping the Founder of BLM is chosen next?


    • gb123 says:

      The next presidential debate after Steve Scully is moderated by Kristen Welker of NBC. She is one of the press conference acid spitting harpies who constantly tries to out Acosta Acosta. She will be asking the questions to each candidate. I wonder how that will pan out.


      • Guest Who says:

        Is the bbc QT production team handling the chair selection?

        Or is there simply no one around who is not a TDS deranged fruit loop?


  30. Guest Who says:

    Huw Edwards seems to ‘like’ all Nick’s posts.

    Especially ‘bombshell‘ ©️Swamp ones.


  31. Dobyns says:

    Not directly al-beeb but certainly demonstrating the ongoing bias of the MSM

    And the Orwellian nightmare continues …



  32. Guest Who says:

    Good one from the #tellitoftenenough wagon circle.


  33. Guest Who says:

    When Rich Brown Gravy shuffled, Trump was sombre and respectful and generous. The swamp howled at the moon.

    When he attended the funeral, they howled at the moon.

    Is Newsnight wondering if it is on the right side of this?

    Maybe American BS could ‘analyse’ this charmer’s CV?


  34. Scroblene says:

    I just wonder – for a nano-second, if anyone’s asked if Ol’ Joe Biden could have given President Trump the virus?

    I wouldn’t expect little Jonny Sopel to consider this, but maybe a proper journalist could actually find out!


    • StewGreen says:

      Joe tested negative
      but to me it’s obvious someone would want to deliberately want to infect Trump
      .. to knock him out of the election.

      Good news though if Trump gets over it
      It will leave him non vulnerable and perhaps vindicate his DCL treatment.


      • Banania says:

        According to UK Column Trump’s getting the virus is a good career move, even if he didn’t want it.


    • Guest Who says:

      Doubtful American Booty considers much beyond who is buying the next round at the CNN fact share meeting.


  35. StewGreen says:

    BBC diversity ?
    7:30pm BBC 2 Bernardine Evaristo
    FFS She’s on the beeb all the time
    Last week she was on Desert Island Discs
    … BTW this week that prog has Cat Yusuf Islam Stevens

    Today’s Guardian : “Bernardine Evaristo slams literature teaching for bias to ‘whiteness and maleness”

    The prog also has lefty actor Brian Cox


  36. Guest Who says:



  37. fakenewswatcher says:

    Pug – re Andrew Klavan: Striking how similar much of the US political dynamics are to those in the UK. The role of the civil service, for instance; the legislature found wanting. As for the Executive, regrettable that we don’t have a Donald, yet we are able to produce a Blair. (We’ll say nowt about BoJo).
    Striking too, how the institutions of both countries have been infiltrated and undermined. Perhaps nothing more so than the ‘educational’ ones.
    And how extraordinarily weak the Executive is, allowing itself to be given the run-around by a bunch of two-bit lawyers. Yet supposedly representing government for and by ‘the People’ at the very apex. Don’t even get me started on what passes itself off as the ‘Judiciary’.
    Thanks for posting, as well as the ‘Daily Wire’ part.


    • Up2snuff says:

      fnw, according to Steve Turley it is not all doom and gloom at Campus level education in the USA. Apparently the liberal and lefty Colleges are struggling to attract enough students. When big loans are at stake, American school leavers are possibly a bit more savvy than Brit kids.


    • pugnazious says:

      FNW….the Left has captured, thanks to Blair and Tory wetness, the institutions, quangos, NGOs, academia and the BBC of course…and Business and other cultural or social groups like sport, daren’t not ‘take the knee’.

      People at the top of these organisations are taking the decisions and forcing the rest of us to comply…we have little to no say….and with the social media companies increasingly shutting down dissent and criticism of anything ethnic/religion related your voice is getting smaller and smaller.


    • Dobyns says:

      Well said fnw


  38. pugnazious says:

    Erm…confused? White supremacist ‘Proud Boys’?….Don’t know enough but I don’t think the BBC et al are telling us everything…such as the head of PB is a Latino…as the Mail tells us in a paradoxical headline….[then again the BBC is black supremacist that thinks its perfectly OK to wish to kill hideous whitey…so…..]

    ‘Leader of ‘white supremacist’ Proud Boys is state director of unofficial support group called Latinos for Trump ‘

    Not so white as far as I can see….


    and er…..

    Maybe it’s ‘Blackface’ day at the PB…..

    As for Trump’s comment ‘Standback and standby’….surely he didn’t actually mean ‘standby for action lads…await my order!’…it was ‘standby’ as in bystander, stand aside, standby and stop your actions…..the BBC et al put their own interpretation and psin on it to suit their narrative that Trump is a white supremacist.


  39. vlad says:

    This chap’s entire YouTube channel seems to be dedicated to how not to pay the BBC extortion tax.

    There’s dedication for you!

    (Apologies if it’s been posted before, I’m a part-timer here.)



  40. StewGreen says:

    Funny advert about cyclists jumping lights


  41. StewGreen says:

    British tourists and rape in Italy
    Last week it was a woman raped by 3 in her holiday home.

    This week it’s the court case of 2 girls who were drugged and raped
    ..so far in that cases the accused seem to be Italian.