333 Responses to Weekend Thread 19 September 2020

  1. Guest Who says:

    The BBC Got Talint heats for a new Washington Bureau Chief are hotting up.


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      It’s not funny many of these are Harvard professors. We also have them in Oxbridge and elsewhere. Bristol University have a whole department dedicated to Social Justice and it was there that academics and students were responsible for throwing statues into the canal.


  2. Docmarooned says:

    Countryfile alert. A classic looms this evening. I kid you not – socially distancing shepherding!!!! In any case -what the hell! Where are any other humans about in this activity. It used to be called ONE man and his dog FFS.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Doc, did the dog wear a mask or did all the sheep as well?


    • Tabs says:

      A while back I put in a trolling complaint to the BBC that the title “One MAN and HIS dog” was sexist. They replied saying it is based on tradition and they cannot change it to “One Person and Ze Dog”.


      • Scroblene says:

        I always thought that ‘One man and his dog’ was a programme about football millionaires!

        Just shows how out of touch I really am!


      • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

        I hope you kept all the communications. It would be an example of the BBC changing the narrative and being duplicitous.


  3. tarien says:

    Silent invasion, silently destroying the country, silent tragic end-spoken by a German woman, and what she goes onto say, will quite likely be replicaed in the United Kingdom. She goes on -I’m just speechless how Germans living in denial and emphatic , it’s so scary that makes me want to cry, looks like it’s a point with no return , My heart is bleeding for people of Germany , these traitors for who they voted for have sold the country without the blink of the eye !!, my stomach is turning around , I have a daughter and granddaughter living in this mess in Berlin, she said: Mum we have to move to Poland for safety of our daughter!!, it’s that bad really..’.
    It is because the German voices against this abomination of this 3rd world invasion are being silenced, violence on steroids is now inevitable, there will be no voting your way out of this mess as the politicians have made it effectively an exercise in futility. The commie Merkel has effectively made democracy a bloody joke as she has thumbed her nose at it and in East German fashion, does whatever she wants to do, which is effectively making Germany a war zone. There is no strength in diversity, never has been, never will be, as history has demonstrated at every bloody turn, yet the globalist’s believe they can control different races in one country, however they never could understand simple human nature of the way we are programmed by DNA and thousands of years of human evolution and religion to stick with our own tribe, they are about to be horrifically proved wrong, as it is never nice to mess with human nature, because nature always, without exception, bites back with a vengeance. Germany is in the process of a rapid ethnic and cultural transformation, just as we are in the UK.
    Society is divided along ethnic lines because the ability to integrate has long been exceeded.
    The praised diversity separates itself more and more into different single-color spots every day, as we see now here in the UK. At the end of December we leave the EU, BUT has the EU left us?


  4. Sluff says:

    SUNDAY, the Toady programme on Sunday, used to be religious. Now it is just a virtue-signalling Woke tick-box exercise with just a sprinkle of religious links.

    First up. The deceased US supreme court judge!!!!! Why?
    Left wing feminist. Tick. Apparently she was Jewish.
    Next up. Black policeman with 30 years in the Met. (To be fair, came across as a nice guy). He had faith. BAME. Tick. BLM referenced. tick.
    Next. A proposed Christian religious tower near Birmingham!!!! Sound OK?
    Interview with Birmingham Imam. Not happy. 20% of Birmingham are Muslim. Tick. Another mention of BLM. Tick.
    Pretty sure there was another feminist too but under the favoured groups cascade my memory capacity ran out.

    With just a few script changes the whole thing could run as a comedy satire on the political correctness of the BBC. But no. It was for real.


  5. theisland says:

    Well said Ben Bradley. They should all refuse and when the ‘opposition’ and the ‘parliamentary authorities’ start whining they should snort derisively. Surely a vote winner.


  6. Tabs says:

    BBC1 Sunday Morning Live discussing a Danish TV programme where adults strip naked in front of young children. The BBC presenter then asks the guests “do you think this is a good idea and should we do the same in the UK?”.

    First guest says, “Yes, I think it is a great idea.”

    I guess this is the ‘new normal’.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I remember as a 6 year old little girl accidentally catching sight of my Dad just getting out of the bath. Scared the life out of me., and clearly an image that stayed with me as I still remember it 65 years later.
      ‘Progressive’ parents should give a lot of thought before going down this route.


    • Halifax says:

      Hasn’t this already been covered off in the UK with the seminal Viz series “Modern Parents” ?…..Danish TV simply catching up with progressive UK publications from 2005.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        That reminded me of an ‘event’ from my childhood in the early 80s. Staying overnight at a friend’s open plan house, no doors on any of the rooms, one big open living space. His parents were hippy artists (with plenty of family money, not any discernible talent I could see), who were quite happy to let it all hang out, au natural, and talk to their offspring (and their unfortunate friends) about EVERYTHING, whether the kids wanted to hear it, or (mostly) not.

        Never visited again, and sexist as it may be, to this day women’s armpit hair makes me feel a little queasy.


  7. Fedup2 says:

    Guardian – enemy – watch

    The woke are worried about something called ‘QAnon’ which is describes as ‘alt right ‘ and is being ‘monitored ‘ by ‘hate not hope ‘

    Diverity of view is only ok is of the approved type – any thing else must be banned – speakers stopped – tweets taken down –

    In accordance with the woke state authorities ….


  8. theisland says:

    Freeze shipbuilding contracts until next year. The civil service is giving bad advice (deliberately? or stupidly?).

    WTO rules after 1 January allow construction of the MOD support ships to be limited to the UK.
    If defence sec @BWallaceMP restarts the build competition under EU rules, as he said, it would be a completely unnecessary betrayal of British workers.
    Like leaving cards on the table.

    There is no automatic EU exemption for warships, despite what several incorrect pieces of Govt information say.


  9. StewGreen says:

    Re the BBC and police suing the Leicester protester for racism.
    Someone who met him told me that they guy swears there was no racism
    … and the court stuff, he says the court dates have been pushed way back, it got pushed down from the criminal court to the magistrates court ..and the next thing comes up at the end of October.
    He said that after the case, the guy wants to bring a a prosecution against the BBC & Sima.
    That’s a flippin dream, cos the establishment isn’t going to let a little man like him have justice; it was hard enough for Cliff Richard.


  10. Jeff says:

    I’m going slightly off piste here, but…
    The Beeb have been reporting the death of Ruth Barker Ginsburg…Have you ever heard of her? No, me neither.

    The great and the good have been vying to give us heart felt eulogies and even Meghan has offered her opinion.

    Apparently the Mirror said, “Meghan Markle makes a rare comment…”
    FFS what on Earth do they mean by “rare”?
    …In the last two hours?… Since the last one?… The first this morning?…

    This dopey bird does more bloody talking that my old gran’s pet parrot.
    And usually makes about as much sense…


  11. StewGreen says:

    The unwoke Sue Barker is pushed out at 64
    The woke Gary Lineker has just been given a 5 year contact which takes him past his 64th birthday in November 2024


    • Jeff says:

      The phrase “the left will end up eating itself” is pertinent, I think.
      We’ve seen the recent attacks on the irritatingly woke, JK Rowling. You’d have thought this Olympic class virtue signaller would have been immune, but they’ve gone for her in their hordes. It’s only her mega success that has kept her afloat.

      I would do a dance of joy if Lineker found himself being replaced on Match of the Day by a black, lesbian, Muslim convert…
      Just to see that smug, pious pillock have the grin wiped off his face. Oh, bliss!

      They reckon blokes would still watch MotD even if it was introduced by Claire Balding (she does everything else) a well trained donkey…or even Diane bleedin’ Abbott.

      Yes okay, that last one’s pushing it…


    • Dobyns says:

      Gary Whine-acher, the poster boy for all that is wrong with the WokeBC


    • Scroblene says:

      Not going well for those nasty Walkers orange sluggy things either!

      The sight of that overpaid and under brained twonk at the end must be losing them thousands…

      We’ll never buy Walkers crap again.


  12. Halifax says:

    Its Battle of Britian week and the BBC begrugingly run a few pieces on the “few” including a picture of a Hurricane chasing a German fighter. Well it isn’t a fighter its a ME 108 its a sports / trainer plane and did not figure in the Battle. You’d think that with all the BBC archives they would have an accurate picture to post. So they are trying to tell and teach about slavery with no living witnesses or surviving photos and film and they are saying “This is What Happened You Nasty Whiteys” when they cannot get things right that have documentary evidence and still eye witnesses although those are tragically diminishing. So don’t trust the BBC they can’t get things right they are lazy cant be bothered to put up real pictures much as they can’t be bothered to look at the real facts behind slavery and just lazily pick what they want from history to suite todays snowflake woke agenda……


    • Doublethinker says:

      Its it just the BBC who are unable to get the correct newsreel shots in a documentary. Infact there are very few documentaries which don’t have horrendous mistakes in them. The other day I was watching a Sky documentary and we had Whitleys backing up a narrative about Luftwaffe raids. Frequently USAAF daylight raids are shown instead nighttime RAF ones . If they need pictures on screen they should at least caption them so everyone knows that the picture has little to do with the narrative.
      In general anything on TV is superficial and on the likes of the BBC more likely to be outright lies rather than the truth.


  13. theisland says:

    Tony Heller latest


  14. vlad says:

    Alex Belfield savages the BBC for its ‘worst week ever’.

    One wouldn’t wish to gloat…


    • Doublethinker says:

      This kill whitey comment is breaking the law and ought to be prosecuted and the woman banned by the BBC for good.Whenever there is any alleged racist crime I always ask myself what would have been the judicial outcome if the roles had been reversed. Without fail BAMEs get off much more leniently than poor old whitey. We now have a two tier justice system in the UK and whitely is just there to be kicked around in what was until thirty years ago their own country. Its called progress!!


    • Doublethinker says:

      Good guy.


  15. taffman says:

    I have come to the conclusion after reading this site for a number years, that the BBC is suffering from Unconscious Bias. It should be de-funded and all its highly paid staff should be sent on Bias Awareness Courses .
    Next in line for re-education should be Ofcom because it has failed identify this. It is not fit for purpose.


    • Doublethinker says:

      The BBC re-education course to remove the looney liberal Wokist bias could be a pilot to see how severe the re-education course needed to be to achieve permanent results, ie the participants return to normal British values and mind set.
      If the initial treatment on the course takes longer than a month or so to achieve results then the severity will need to increased. We can’t afford longer than a month to re educate the hundreds of thousands of extreme liberals who presently represent a danger to society. If no effective treatment can be found that gives the desired results within a month then other more cost effective methods will have to be found. The release of these people back into society whilst holding their liberal views is not an option.

      By the way this post WAS A JOKE!!! As I am sure that BBC staff will realise.


  16. fakenewswatcher says:

    ‘Die Welt’ reports that the Italians have impounded the German ‘rescue ship’ “Sea Watch 4” in Palermo. Well done, Italy.
    We see little of this on beeb, but the “Sea Watch” ships are actually not ‘rescue ships’ at all. They are people smuggling vessels.
    As such, I should think the crew fortunate that they have not ended up in an Italian jail.
    The “Sea Watch” gangs sail into the Med in order to find ‘migrants’ they can pick up and take to Europe. The German MSM, of course, think they are wonderful, one of the reasons ‘Die Welt’ has highlighted the Italian action. Perhaps the paper is hoping Ms Merkel, hard at work with replacing Germans with invaders from Asia and Africa, will step in to put pressure on Italy.
    Here is a final shocker: I believe the Germans should reopen a concentration camp. Exclusively for Merkel and her cohorts, who are trying to destroy the nation. All Merkel-supporting MSM publishers and editors to join her. No gas, only hard labour for life.


  17. taffman says:

    On this Battle of Britain Sunday I have just picked up Al Beeb’s news page and I see that there was another ‘flying gas main’ , this time in Plymouth ?


  18. digg says:

    A bunch of yankee academics, not named, appear to be recommending that the entire human population wear face masks all the time for ever, that is until the end of time!

    I don’t think you would need to look far for the hands behind this move. The UN and WHO for starters.

    So you would be weened onto wearing them as a child by law and meekly accept that you will then be forced to wear one for the rest of your life or face consequences.


    This is pure Globalist group-think and if accepted designed to suppress any protest against anything they decide to come up with presumably to enable them to down the road of enforcing any dictat they dream up thus rendering the population totally controlled and toothless.

    Masks are already showing signs of rapidly becoming a badge of allegiance to this new doctrine.

    Mankind was never designed to follow this slavish Orwellian humiliation and all one can hope for is that enough natural human resistance is fomented to put these maniacs back in their box.

    Out of the UN and the Who in my opinion couldn’t come too soon!


  19. StewGreen says:

    BBC radio Lincolnshire special prog on the 400 year anniversary of the Pilgrim Fathers
    The beeboid resisting celebrating made the last interview one with Mary Cook the indigenous rights lawyer in America.
    He said to her “many of the Pilgrim Fathers enslaved some indigenous”
    Of course she didn’t deny that,
    but I don’t think he was generally right.
    In America there were some atrocities against Indians, but the main thing was bringing western diseases rather than actual slavery.

    The presenter seems to have mixed them up with an earlier hunter who did bring Indian slaves to Europe, but was thwarted by Friars in Gibraltar



    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      “many of the Pilgrim Fathers enslaved some indigenous”

      What’s his basis for that information?

      My view of the ‘Pilgrim Fathers’, having read a couple of versions of their history, based on firsthand accounts. Is that they were a bunch of idealistic, pretentious, naive, dreamers, who thought they could do it all ‘better’ than back home in England, but really didn’t have the basic skills and knowledge to achieve their ambitious, impossible, Utopian dream. They remind me of our modern metroliberal ‘elite’.

      As a result, they had to rely on various misfits they hired, and the native Indians, to do a lot of the practical tasks they lacked the skills for. Think EU, think shipping half of Eastern Europe to the UK to work as plumbers and fruit pickers.

      Initially, some of the ‘Indians’ took pity on them… more fool them, really. Others had more sense and hoped they’d get hungry and bugger off, and then decided to ‘persuade’ them to leave with bows and arrows. Sadly for the Indians, the immigrants had guns, and God on their side (or infectious diseases anyway). Echoes here of what’s currently going on the in UK with immigrants invading uninvited, and being welcomed by naive, bleeding hearts?

      To be fair to the Pilgrim Fathers, there is no reference to enslaving the natives in any accounts I’ve read, that was more of a Spanish Colony thing in the Americas. Native Americans made useless slaves anyway, they tended to either give up and die, drop dead with some disease, or run off at the first chance. African slaves were made of tougher stuff, and usually bought already enslaved, and accustomed to that (awful) life, that’s why they were imported. Anyway, the Pilgrim Fathers didn’t import black slaves either, in fact, they were probably idealistically opposed to the notion of slavery, having the usual Protestant ideas about the ‘dignity of hard labour’ (so long as someone else was doing it), and ‘freedom’.


  20. Guest Who says:

    No spidey brooch?


  21. Guest Who says:

    Please let one of the American BS team retweet this ‘tell it often enough’ classic.


    • Guest Who says:

      VD going the Ox Boff one degree of separation route.


  22. Guest Who says:

    If only Emmett could get on Frankie’s Laugh In, pronto…

    That and change sex.

    And race.

    And stop being laughable.


  23. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    ‘How the oil industry made us doubt climate change’


    The term ‘Orwellian’ might be a bit overused these days, but this article is surely the very definition of it?

    The gist is that some of the big US oil companies sponsored deliberate misinformation campaigns to get people to doubt the TRUTH about climate change (the evil barstards).

    Some choice quotes:

    ‘The ICE campaign identified two groups which would be most susceptible to its messaging. The first was “older, lesser educated males from larger households who are not typically information seekers”.
    The second group was “younger, low-income women,” who could be targeted with bespoke adverts which would liken those who talked about climate change to a hysterical doom-saying cartoon chicken.’

    ‘A strikingly familiar story emerged. Decades before the energy industry tried to undermine the case for climate change, tobacco companies had used the same techniques to challenge the emerging links between smoking and lung cancer in the 1950s.’

    ‘”By cynically manipulating and distorting scientific evidence, the manufacturers of doubt have seeded in much of the public a cynicism about science, making it far more difficult to convince people that science provides useful – in some cases, vitally important – information.
    “There is no question that this distrust of science and scientists is making it more difficult to stem the coronavirus pandemic.”‘

    Hmm.. I’m a scientist and an engineer, and don’t think I’m an ‘older, lesser educated male’, in fact I’m pretty sure I’m not. Nor am I entirely convinced by the arguments of any of the extremists for, or against, manmade global warming, and the (scale of the) threat it may, or may not, pose to humanity and life as we know it, but as a scientist, it’s my right (no, my duty) to question received wisdom.

    As a scientist, and as a (hopefully) reasonably intelligent individual, I was always taught, and still believe, that we should always keep an open mind, and always listen to the arguments of others without bias, or prejudice, even if we disagree.

    Science provides theories (hypotheses) which can ALWAYS be questioned and overturned at a later date, not irrefutable TRUTHS. Science progresses by questioning established wisdom.

    Religion provides inarguable TRUTHS (for those that believe in them). Religions protect themselves by denying followers the right to question the fundamental TRUTHS which form the basis of their creed.

    The MSM have turned global warming from a serious scientific theory (worth examining further), into a fundamentalist religion with fanatical followers who seem prepared to go to extreme lengths to prevent anyone questioning the basis of their beliefs.

    The current public distrust of science and scientists has resulted from the way science and scientists have been (mis)presented in the media.


    • Guest Who says:

      I’d be fascinated to learn what the Fiat 500 in HRW runs on, along with the transatlantic taxi that carries Americast presenters to and fro to broadcast to five people.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I may be a bit northern. So mocked by those posh “nasty but dim” people at the BBC, as uneducated. But all my doubts about man-made climate change were confirmed by astronomers. Astronomy provides all the answers, not oil companies.

      I have seen complaints to the BBC by scientists were the BBC fobs them off with saying “The BBC has held a high-level seminar with some of the best scientific experts”. Then these complainants found out that almost all of the BBC scientific experts were scientifically uneducated environmental activists without any scientific qualifications. https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/dr-benny-peiser-secret-28-who-made-bbc-muzzle-sceptics-will-not-be-named/

      I think this was the event that caused Mensa members to see the BBC as a moral cesspit full of uneducated “nasty but dim” morons. Members with scientific qualifications on the debating forum say that “environmental activists are the enemies of science“. The evidence with the BBC seems to prove this to be true. That uneducated non-scientist, Greta Thunberg, being seen as the BBC’s top expert on climate science and pandemics.

      This is what a real list of the best scientific experts looks like. https://www.thegwpf.org/who-we-are/academic-advisory-council/ All are banned and gagged by the BBC.

      The most important scientific fact censored by the BBC is that scientists now have a formula to calibrate carbon dioxide warming on any Planetary Atmosphere. Astronomers found an amazing coincidence on Venus. The temperature on Venus at the altitude that has identical pressure to that on the Earths surface is 1.176 times the Earths average surface temperature. The radiating temperature of Venus is 1.176 times that of the Earth. But if this coincidence with pressure is universal then we have a Unified Theory of Climate. Which is what Ned Nikolov & Karl Zeller’s theory is called. And why carbon dioxide warming is a hoax.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        Richard, Astonomy has a bit too much highbrow Physics in it for me (I got a D for my A level Physics – all down to a dreadful teacher, I’m sure, ahem). My 15 year old son, on the otherhand, loves the subject, and is slowly educating me… am sure he thinks his old man is a bit dense though.

        Personally, I’m not convinced there is an easy answer to what we’re currently witnessing, or (more likely) think we’re witnessing, regarding ‘climate change’. Climate is a very complex subject, with lots of interrelated effects all having some kind of impact, many of which I’m sure we still don’t really understand. What’s even less understood is how all these different effects interact with each other, as much as anything else because it’s just way too big, and too complex a problem, especially on a global scale, for anyone to get their head around, and it’s not a subject you can break up into more manageable parts, as it is all interrelated.

        You mention the impact of astronomy on the earth’s climate, and of how studying astronomy can help us understand our climate, all of which must seem painfully obvious to an astronomer, and the behaviour, and cycles of the sun, at least, must logically, have a massive effect on it.

        However, to a biologist looking at the problem, it’s all about the biology, or the biochemistry, the interaction of living things, and of processes like photosynthesis. To a chemist, it’s all about atmospheric chemistry. To an oceanographer, the chemistry of the oceans. To a geologist, something else again… and so on. It seems to me that all of these, and probably a heck of a lot more, are all relevant in some way.

        Computer modelling isn’t really the answer, all too often (in my line of work), some very clever people create a complex (and expensive!) software ‘model’, or a very complicated ‘algorithm’, which very nicely mimics a very specific situation, but quickly falls apart when you move outside the very particular parameters used to create it. In my experience, computer models are okay for simple(ish) problems, but are never complex enough and detailed enough to truly reflect real life situations, no matter how much you add to them. It’s arrogant to assume that you can model such things mathematically (not that it stops many from believing they can). Look at that idiot ‘professor’ in London with his Covid modelling, for example.

        As far as I’m concerned, anyone who claims they understand the earth’s climate in its entirety is either:

        1. A braggart, boasting of more than they are capable of delivering
        2. Ignorant of just how ignorant they really are

        Either way, I think their claims are very dubious.

        As for the ‘science of global warming being settled’ as the BBC and co like to smugly say… science is NEVER settled, ever, that’s not what science is about, and it’s not what any real scientist would ever say. They might say this ‘law’ proves X, but they understand that someone else may well come along at some point in the future and revise and improve upon that ‘law’. This ‘97% of scientists’ drivel, is just that drivel, 97% of scientists would barely agree on the world being round, or day following night, let alone what is happening with our climate, and why.

        I think you’re very right about environmental activists being ‘the enemy of science’, far more so than say, the devoutly religious, who actually include many scientists, especially physicists and astronomers, in my experience. That’s a crying shame, because I am, in my own way, an environmentalist, I hate what we, the human species, have done to this planet, much of it during my lifetime, and I really would like to preserve what we have, but I would argue that the hypocritical idiots who shout the loudest (and get the most media attention) about ‘environmental issues’ are actually often among the worst offenders.

        Science thrives on debate, it thrives on argument, it thrives on crazy ‘heretics’ and ‘outsiders’ with ‘whacky ideas’, and ‘mad’ inventors with no formal training making ‘crazy’ things in their garden shed. That used to be what science and engineering was all about (and it used to be what the BBC reported on the subject), that’s exciting and interesting, and ultimately it’s what leads to novel ideas and scientific breakthroughs.

        Making AT LEAST 50% of scientists and engineers LGBT BAME women by so called ‘positive discrimination’ in education and in the workplace, and censoring, or ridiculing anyone who has a different view, does not help science, it destroys it, and ensures it achieves nothing of much use. That is where we’re at now… welcome to another dark ages.


    • StewGreen says:

      Cheers, an obvious rehash of the Radio4 series from 5 weeks ago
      ..which itself was an obvious rehash of Naomi Oreskes propaganda book from about 6 years ago.

      How the oil industry made us doubt climate change
      By Phoebe Keane Published17 hours ago


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        Stew, the BBC seem to like regurgitating and chewing over, the same indigestible cud… very ruminant.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Corporation There is now a rebuttal to the BBC’s new conspiracy theory item about Global Warming skepticism

      Here’s the meat
      The article continues on with the usual tired narratives about Exxon, tobacco, funding, and the author’s concerns that some scientists have political views the author appears to dislike.

      But what I love about Phoebe’s opening statements is how neatly she inadvertently encapsulates all that I believe is wrong with alarmist climate predictions.
      : “We were just a group of geeks with some great computers

      Untold billions wasted, millions of people needlessly frightened, because of the fearful prognostications of a bunch of geeks playing computer games, geeks who created a set of models which arguably have never demonstrated useful predictive skill.

      Only climate science appears to accept the output of broken, poorly performing, error ridden computer models at face value. Everyone else prefers to thoroughly test their computer models before they get excited by the output.

      Even the data climate models are based on is questionable, as study after study has demonstrated.


  24. StewGreen says:

    BTW Channel5 now
    new All Creatures Great and Small repeat is on


    • Deborah says:

      Just watched All Creatures on Channel 5 – it was so enjoyable and no agenda made it a joy. I don’t remember any BAME characters – and Channel 5 hadn’t slotted any in and they haven’t yet mentioned climate change. I do remember in the books one character who was badly invalided and he hasn’t appeared yet. I have no problem if he does, it will keep the tv true to the stories Heriott wrote(I think his real name was James Wight).


  25. Guest Who says:

    Off now to find out what ‘Dino limit’ means.


  26. Guest Who says:

    RT that Lurch…

    … nothing will play better in Texas.


  27. Guest Who says:

    BBC typical undergrads.


  28. fakenewswatcher says:

    BBC 1 treating us to Leicester v Burnley. Bizzarely everybody ‘took the knee’ at the command of the whistle at the start of the match. There are so many reasons why this is WRONG, very WRONG, I won’t even begin to name them. I do understand yet again, how easy it was for Hitler to fool the German people into that salute. Pathetic, how easy Brits follow suit.
    Match ruined.
    Decided to watch something else.


  29. StewGreen says:

    9pm Dale Farm Doco about Irish Gypsies trickery : Channel5
    The illegal half has gone back to nature
    Traveller Michael Slattery, 72, reveals in the programme that about 30 of the around 86 families, who were forced out by the eviction, are still living on the neighbouring legal site, which has planning permission, casting doubt on these families longstanding claims that they would have nowhere to go if moved from Dale Farm.

    The home of former site spokesman Patrick Egan, 55, can be seen as a burnt out shell in the documentary, even though it had planning permission.
    Sources have told Essex News and Investigations that other travellers burnt it down after he refused to sell the land to them.

    Residents are quoted as saying, they now favour commercial housing development instead of the eyesore



  30. StewGreen says:

    I see tweets like “Sadiq Khan warns London ‘should go into Covid lockdown TOMORROW’ ”

    I expect it’s milder than that
    cos only on Friday there is video of him speaking more calmly
    “wealth is health so for now… ”

    LBC today \\ A spokesperson for the Mayor said: “The situation is clearly worsening. Sadiq will meet council leaders tomorrow and any London-specific measures will be recommended to ministers following that.
    “The mayor wants fast action as we cannot risk a delay, as happened in March. It is better for both health and business to move too early than too late.” //


  31. Dobyns says:

    I’m trying to find the underlying proof, but talk in America is that a majority of the ANTIFA protesters who have been arrested are employed as …

    Wait for it …


    This will come as no surprise to the NUT