Midweek Thread 16 September 2020

The BBC Annual Report is published . Maybe the new Director General will give interviews about the biased anti British BBC And its’ future ? Certainly the BBC website has chirped about the £12.88 a week the taxpayer must pay each week for its’ output. To some £12.88 might not be much per week . But on a ‘full’ State pension of £175.20- that is 7% of a persons’ income demanded by the BBC – which has expressed an aim to appeal to the ‘younger’ person! .

Such a funding model can’t be justified – even without the Woke Mission the BBC has undemocratically given itself – if there is no representation – there should be no taxation – defund the BBC

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  1. s.trubble says:

    Surely a late entry to the BREXIT MUSEUM …as revealed by the LADY diary revelations .
    post Brexit result

    ” Bring 2 fat Cohibas and plenty of booze”


  2. fakenewswatcher says:

    The rubbish the bbc broadcasts is frequently unlistenable to. Last night on R4 they had somebody Holmes, who thought he was extremely clever, doing ‘The Skewer’.
    This sort of third-rate garbage compendium of sounds is ever more frequently passed off as a ‘programme’.
    All one could figure out was its anti-Trump/Brexit/’The Right’ – and was passed off as satire.
    Many years ago, R4 had quality programmes. Now 90% is propaganda, unfunny ‘comedy’ or the sort of “aren’t I ever so clever, putting all these sounds together?” programme like the Skewer. The bbc hatred of Trump is generally most easily discernable on R4, and the Skewer is obviously extremely proud of how it his portrayed him. No doubt, thinks it’s now ‘leading the field’ at R4 anti-Trump programmes.


  3. G.W.F. says:

    Van Morrison accused of not singing the right songs. He’s released some songs which question the lockdown.
    Bad Van. Not a BBC man



  4. Emmanuel Goldstein says:


    Just a suggestion.

    On some websites where there are multiple pages (like the Daily Mail for example) there is a place, roughly where we have ‘newer comments’ which has a set of numbers and you can click on to the page you want.

    I use an iPad and I have to scroll through each ‘newer comments’ option to get to the latest page.
    It’s no big deal but it could be better.
    Whilst this is probably Trump’s, Brexit’s or Whitey’s fault I wonder if it’s possible to have that straight to page option.

    I wouldn’t know how to do it but someone like Stew seems to know a bit about these things as he puts the ‘page 3 ..page 4‘ options up at the beginning of a new thread so that you can go straight to the page on the last thread.

    It may be a pain to do so forget it if so but if it can be done without much hassle I think it would make navigating about on here a bit easier.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Oh EG
      If only the software could do useful stuff like putting the most recent at the top and as you suggest .

      Ive kept the 3 threads a week going as an admin balsnce – thought about a new on each day….

      …. but it depends on what one sees the purpose of the site being . Ive withdrawn from criticism of site users for not reading thr comments of others as there is more to life than this site and the evil BBC .

      Maybe stew has a view…


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        Oh well, never mind.
        It’s still the best site around.


      • StewGreen says:

        INOreader is the easiest way to get alternate layouts
        Does link work for you
        or this ? https://www.inoreader.com/folder/stewposts


        • StewGreen says:

          I usually set the Reading option to listview by date
          that way the latest posts appear at the top of the page
          …. To reply click the far button to “open in new tab”

          You might prefer expanded view
          .. where you see the full posts,
          and can open to reply just by clicking the title

          screenshots of those 2 layouts


          • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

            Thanks for that Stew.

            I not on twitter and am averse to setting this Inoreader option up (I’m old) so I think I’ll carry on using this place as it is. It’s not much of an inconvenience going through the pages but I just though it could be made easier.

            I change my payment options with power companies, insurance, water and suchlike and can upgrade and do other computery stuff but I’m wary of doing something wrong and buggering it up.

            Perhaps others on here can try your suggestions but thanks for taking the time to post them for us.


            • Teddy Bear says:

              You don’t need Twitter Emmanuel, neither do I use it, and Inoreader is very easy to set up. I’ve been using it for years for this site because you get to see the new posts in order without having to continually scroll through the pages. It updates automatically to tell you how many new posts there are.

              Just log in to Inoreader and if you need any help setting up the subscriptions just let us know.

              It’ll save you hours and hours of scrolling 😉


            • Deborah says:

              I go to the newest comments on the right hand side and click any (they are usually at the end of the thread – but caution as not always)- then scroll backwards to roughly where I last read. I may miss a few which is why I sometimes may post on something that somebody has already posted about. But am very willing to apologise if anybody thinks, ‘I have already written about that’.


              • StewGreen says:

                On a desktop I always begin by hitting F5 to reload the page
                and then on the righthand numberpad keys I hit END
                which causes the page to flip to the bottom where the latest post is
                (you have to have Numberlock key switched off)


          • StewGreen says:

            BTW this is a trick for ITBB comment watching if you have a Diqus account
            It gives you a picture of the comment situation


            • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

              I loaded the inoreader app and am getting requests for Facebook/google info to login. I tried logging in and can get the biased bbc first page but not the comments.
              There’s something called RSS which keeps popping on the screen and I don’t know what it is.
              I tried deleting the inoreader app.
              I’m now getting more emails from inoreader even though I thought I deleted the app.
              I’m not going to try anything else as I think I’m getting unknown stuff on my iPad and clogging the memory up.
              It’s also said I should allow cookies (which I have apparently switched off)

              I wish I’d never started this, I knew I’d get all mixed up.
              The only link that showed anything was Stew’s first one. The others said I didn’t have RSS or something.


              • Teddy Bear says:

                Emmanuel – sorry you had such a hard time with it. I’m guessing the emails you’re getting are a result of any preferences you might not have indicated when you started up. Usually at the bottom of any email there is the option to unsubscribe which should stop future emails. They are a good company.

                Good Luck


              • StewGreen says:

                I don’t use an app
                I use Inoreader on the wepage
                When things ask you to login with Google or Facebook, there is usually an extra button marked “Register new account”
                .. which lets you set up without linking it to Facebook or Google

                And Inoreader doesn’t automatically have all the latest posts when you sign up, it takes a few mins to load.


            • Teddy Bear says:

              Stew I see that one can load new threads for ITBB on Inoreader too. I presume one can also monitor comments there too.
              Here’s the subscription address:



  5. G.W.F. says:

    JHB has Matancock on the rails.
    Now I am totally confused.
    I will have to wait until I watch the BBC news at 6pm, when the Health Editor for BBC News, Yoo Pim, aka Hugh Yaxley Ruthven Pym explains the facts underpinning the medical science. He ought to know, as he obtained a PPE at Oxford before taking up journalism.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Maybe hancock pretends not to be informed on purpose or is just ignorant of important facts . They just sound and look like they are floundering without an injection of marxist anti UK bias from the BBC .

      Msybe gove would be better


  6. Fedup2 says:

    A non BBC favour to ask . Im overseas but due UK next week- and a bit away from MSM .
    I get the impression the UK population is being conditioned or groomed to be ready for a sudden lock down .

    Is this assessment anything like real as i can afford to stay away longer if thats the case….


  7. G says:

    “Police hunt for bus thug who beat NHS worker unconscious in row over face masks”

    Needless to say, the recording shows the perp to be one of the, ‘Superior Race’


    • vlad says:

      A hideous savage attack, for the ‘crime’ of moving away from an un-masked man. The beeb will disappear it asap.
      The comments show that people just aren’t buying the lefty narratives any more.

      – This doesn’t fit with the guardian narrative

      – He’s an aspiring DJ who never had enough table tennis tables at his youth centre.

      – The guardian: 63 year old nhs worker attacks young man’s fists and feet with his face

      – oh hey look, another “hero” for blm to lie to us about, get ready to see a dance in his honor.

      – Oh look it’s a certain demographic

      – Diversity is our strength!

      – we will suffer the same fate as south Africa if we get any more “diverse”

      – Oh hang on, let’s correct the headline:

      “unreasonable young black man, who has no self control, wont be told what to do by anyone and resorts to violence when challenged”

      – Will diversity do a dance for this?

      – Well they feel empowered to do whatever they want whenever they want. I wonder why????

      – I wonder if diversity will do a punch and kick the NHS worker dance?

      – Diversity should choreograph a new dance based on this incident

      – Maybe it was one of these “mostly peaceful” protests

      – I RECOGNIZE that guy – he arrived in a dinghy at Dover last week – came from France to help our NHS out !!!!

      and much more…


  8. StewGreen says:

    Yesterday at 2:36pm Ian Collins stood up to racebaiter report woman Sonya Thomas (Women in Journalism)

    Opening : “Newsnight went a week without having a single BAME guest”
    … bing bing .. that’s the sound of cherry picker
    Enormous cherry picking ..she’s picked one prog from one week,
    yet Sonya told then him his own experience of BBC committees being only 80% white & female dominated
    ” is JUST anecdotal, whereas hers IS RESEARCH”

    He mentioned the BBC was crazy for box ticking and things like meetings to him seemed diverse.
    She thought she’d got a gotcha question.
    “In your BBC meetings how many there were black ?”
    When he replied “10% one guy out of 10 was black”,
    she said “see that’s the problem ”
    as if that was NOT enough..rather than OVER representation.
    In fact blacks are only 3 % of population so if 7 out of 10 panels had zero black people that would be proportionate.
    (He also said that 1 person was BAME making the panel 20% non-white, 80% white)

    Collins replied “I can’t argue with your research”
    That’s rubbish .. he not arguing cos he was allowing her BAME privilege, so no one calls him racist.

    Their research was July 13-19th
    So pick another week and you could find there were no Welsh people on Newsnight, no engineers etc.
    but London people will be over-represented

    Then she says “Why are you picking on the BBC ?”
    .. a very stupid question since she’s talking about Newsnight and he’s worked at the BBC.

    He talked about the BBC producers tricks to get non-white experts or Vox pops at the expense of whites.

    He told he was afraid to say that his experience is that middle aged white blokes can’t get jobs in the media cos of positive discrimination towards non-white females.
    She replied “It is very unlikely that BAME women will be going for the same job”

    Collins said he knows straight men who have pretended to be gay to tick a box to get a media job

    He closed the segment by saying that if BAME are told the media industry is racist, that may explain why there might lower number of BAME trying to get in.
    He said inside the BBC they were crazy to get non-whites..” TV non-white faces were over-represented by two thirds.”


    • StewGreen says:

      BTW It’s the righty TalkRadio shows that have blacks and black women voices on, cos an a lot are conservative.
      The BBC doesn’t air the same ones , cos it doesn’t like to air conservatives.


    • StewGreen says:

      Ha They cherrypicked “live guests ” only

      I note that WIJ’s claim
      has 3 cherrypicks
      one prog, “LIVE”, July13-19

      “BBC Newsnight went an entire week
      without featuring a single *LIVE* interview
      with a guest from” (BAME)
      From Twitter I see recorded BAME they omitted


  9. StewGreen says:

    Good appearance from DefundTheBBC’s Sam Dowler


    • Scroblene says:

      Excellent appraisal!

      Needs to be spread round, and pretty quick, while the bloated BBC wallow in their expensive and rather dull lifestyle.


    • StewGreen says:

      corrected name : Liam Deacon from Defund The BBC


      • theisland says:

        Although he lost a few points with me when he said Sir Boaty had got better at his job over the years (?)


  10. G says:

    In a horrific twist, it appears that the Soros funded Antifa assassination squad has been activated. A number of random shootings of police officers in the US has taken place. Kayleigh McE announces it at the beginning of one of her Press addresses. I can’t re-find the actual one to give a link. Sorry to the resident factchecker.
    One step closer to the inevitable. The police need to post proper snipers or get the military to step in.


    • StewGreen says:

      17 hours ago she spoke about killings
      BTW “antifa” we don’t know who the guy/girl with the gun was
      looked like a small black person )

      Before that there was this interview


      • StewGreen says:

        Phoenix : Boy, 17, armed with assault rifle is arrested ‘for shooting at troopers in Arizona’ in third attack on police officers in a week
        – Hispanic 17-year-old boy was arrested in Phoenix for allegedly opening fire on two Arizona Department of Public Safety troopers
        Officers returned fire and were not injured in the shooting

        – Incident comes less than 48 hours after someone fired at a police officer driving a patrol car in Suffolk, Virginia

        – On Saturday, two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were shot and wounded while sitting in their car in Compton



  11. G.W.F. says:

    Ah, a young conservative woman critical of the BBC.


  12. StewGreen says:

    Journos asked Viktor Orban about “migration”


  13. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    More dirty tricks from the BBC in their anti-Trump smear campaign. This time rerunning the video and audio of a private conversation Trump had when he said something about grabbing a woman by the pussy. They put this in an article claiming Donald Trump is a serial sex attacker of women.


    • Oldspeaker says:

      Now if only he’d said he wanted to kill whitey then it would have been comedy, anyone know how long genocide has been funny anyway? I suppose the bbc does have the moral high ground here, never being associated with any deviant predators ever.


  14. Roland Deschain says:

    The lurch to parody must now be complete. From a lady that put the fat in….. no, that’s beneath me.

    Climate change activists are racist. Or is it that black people don’t care?


  15. theisland says:

    Behind the paywall but transcribed by TheYoungCato here

    Will the Channel crossings ever end? from tories

    The gist is that Border Force officers think these crossings will continue for years to come. One way to fix it is to get a new agreement with France to replace the EU’s Dublin regulations. However, the French are never going to agree to this and their authorities are taking the pi$$. Therefore Boris should deliver an ultimatum to France that Britain will return all illegal entrants from 1 January. However, few people think he the guts (or the will) to do this.

    [My view] On this basis alone Boris should be replaced, but with whom?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Its a small bargaining chip in big boys games and they know the public instinctly hates it but the red tories know it they talk tough but do nothing theyll get away with it .

      Any way – busy busy new thread


  16. lordelpus says:

    Not sure if other posters on here use a browser on their laptops/tablets/phones called Microsoft Edge.This browser is supplied with Windows 10,and is obviously provided by Microsoft.
    One of the features on this is Microsoft News,which provides stories from the daily papers.The papers most used are GUARDIAN,INDEPENDENT,MIRROR,METRO,EVENING STANDARD.As you can imagine these papers are very “woke”and mainly feature pro migrant ,BLM,anti Trump,anti Brexit,anti Government stories.Up until 3 days ago each story had a comments section.
    The vast majority of comments showed how out of touch these papers are, as people are tired of this “woke”culture.Sadly comments are no longer allowed.Microsoft News does say a new comments section is coming,but gives no date.Is this a classic example of censoring the right to free speech?


    • Banania says:

      “Edge” keeps asking me to install it, which I have no intention of doing. There seems no way to stop it asking. Moreover, it is actually on the hard drive somewhere and cannot be removed, even if you do not wish to use it.