Start the Week Thread 14 September 2020

More National Anniversaries – Tuesday marks the 80th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain Day. The Far Left Biased BBC is likely to let this pass with a few ‘celebrity entertainment shows whilst decent people will remember those very “few” who did and gave so much to prevent German becoming the leading language and undesirables being extinguished. Lest We Forget- together with the thousands of civilian British murdered by Germans ..Over to you

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  1. Fedup2 says:

    What do you call a number of ex traitor Remainer PMs ? They certainly are out in force – being followed by the light armour of Hezza and Miller and a few celebs no doubt .

    I guess the election result can be ignored Or re run to get the right result . I wonder who the likes of Major and Cameron think will listen to them apart from their small band of fans .

    . As for Blair – he must be chirping about all those Middle East peace deals he has pulled off – right ?


  2. tarien says:

    Well we have all heard the news-The speed limit on parts of England’s motorway network is to be cut to 60mph in a bid to reduce emissions and air pollution. Drivers could be fined £100 and receive three penalty points on their licence if they fail to comply with the lower limit. Enforcement will be a matter for the police, Highways England said. More control-The World Health Organisation calculates that air pollution was thought to have caused 64,000 deaths in the UK in 2015, including 17,000 fatal cases of heart and artery disease. Indeed that could well be,. Nitrogen Dioxide (NO 2 ) is one of a group of highly reactive gases known as oxides of nitrogen or nitrogen oxides (NO x ). Other nitrogen oxides include nitrous acid and nitric acid. NO 2 is used as the indicator for the larger group of nitrogen oxides. NO 2 primarily gets in the air from the burning of fuel.NO 2 is an intermediate in the industrial synthesis of nitric acid, millions of tons of which are produced each year for use primarily in the production of fertilizers-however NO2 is also introduced into the environment by natural causes, including entry from the stratosphere, bacterial respiration, volcanos, and lightning. These sources make NO2 a trace gas in the atmosphere of Earth, where it plays a role in absorbing sunlight and regulating the chemistry of the troposphere, especially in determining ozone concentrations;
    so not all one way-although we have to recognise that for the general public, the most prominent sources of NO
    2 are internal combustion engines burning fossil fuels. But will reducing the speed limit on certain motorways likely to make a great deal of difference to the degrees of pollotion? Another major factor is the influence of indoor air pollutants on health which is important, because the majority of people in the world spend more than 80% of their time indoors.[30] The amount of time spent indoors depends upon on several factors including geographical region, job activities, and gender among other variables. Additionally, because home insulation is improving, this can result in greater retention of indoor air pollutants, such as (NO2)Nitrogen dioxide. So if youre stuck behind a lorry who is doing its max speed of 56mph then you are going to have exceed the speed limit to pass him! Bonkers all Bonkers as per usual knee jerk reactions.


    • StewGreen says:

      Yes bottom line the pollution that counts is the one that enters your lungs
      .. So it’s no good doing a count next to the road and saying that is some kind of proxy, the counting device needs to be on the person.

      Sometimes in a city the NO2 from a road might cause a build up in surrounding streets, is that road measurement a vague proxy for NO2 input.. well it depends if you are sitting in the garden or a chef breathing NO2 direct from the gas stove.
      one big thing is , if it raining traffic pollution doesn’t matter much cos the rain washes it out.

      The ideas that sitting behind a big truck increases you NO2 input
      .. The bigger the vehicle the more efficient the filter system is.
      There is a big context that engines with each evolution.

      If you took 2 similar motorways and put the 60mph limit on one, and the other stays at 70mph.
      It is entirely possible that after 5 years the NO2 on the the latter will have fallen anyway.


    • Up2snuff says:

      tarien, is not NO2 is principally produced by diesel engines, not petrol?


    • Sluff says:

      Stopping distances have a square term in them. For the sake of argument let’s assume people on motorways keep the correct distances. Actually it doesn’t even matter if they don’t but let’s go with it. At 70 mph I believe the normal given stopping distance is 315 feet. At 60 mph it is 240 feet. So at the lower speed you can pack in more cars. Which creates more pollution at peak times. Does this outweigh the reduction in pollution by going slower? I don’t know. But I wonder if it has been considered, or has the supine government just fallen for the latest anti-car fascism?

      Next they’ll be telling us to cycle instead of using the motorway.


  3. Doobster78 says:

    Spot on again Andrew.


  4. fakenewswatcher says:

    Racism? Does it get more ‘racist’ than torture and murder? But the viciousness of some farm attacks in South Africa, and the unnecessary extreme violence and brutality, is surely the ultimate racism?
    Who against whom? ‘South Africa Today’ News has the figures and the graphics on these attacks, which are ignored by the MSM, both in SA and worldwide. A visual presentation of racism by murder, in their latest edition.
    Why? The direction of the extreme racism does not fit in with the favourite MSM narrative in the ‘West’, in fact it undermines their definition by 180 degrees, so is ignored.
    The latest? An internal security gate in the house of farmer, Fred Smith of Wepener, saved his life, when armed black men broke down the back door of his farm at 0.55am this morning, and he had enough time to call for help.
    A daily occurence for many years now, which is apparently of no interest to beeb SA correspondent, Andrew Harding.
    On 12 Sept SAT News reported that the killings could be shifting FROM FARM TO TOWN. A man from Carletonville, Ernst Zeelie, became another # Blackwar victim, it reports, when he was drowned in his bath by 3 black intruders. The bodies of Lizette Deacon of Polokwane, and that of her elderly mother, were found on 13 Sept.,after they had been abducted from their home. Mike Reed of Napier popped out last Thursday evening and returned home to find his wife murdered, lying in a pool of blood.
    I can see there’s nowt of interest there for beeb, but I’m sure we will hear a lot more about ‘white’ racism, some spoken offence taken, perhaps…


  5. digg says:

    BBC gleefully reporting that Wetherspoons have reported 66 staff tested positive….

    Of course Twitter idiots piling in with appalling personal attacks on Tim Martin, most if not all of whom have probably never been in one but know Tim Martin backed Brexit which says much.

    What they don’t say is that Wetherspoons employs over 43,000 staff making that less than 1 in 600 staff affected.

    Probably a lower rate than most NHS hospitals and most other companies for instance.


  6. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Just seen in the DM that today’s death number for covid is 1*.
    Yes, that’s ONE.
    The hysterics going on at the moment with the rising numbers of cases reaching over 3000 daily result in virtually no deaths (I don’t know if today’s death was with covid or the death was entirely due to covid alone)

    They are dropping speed limits on our motorways to save (they say) thousands of lives due to pollution.
    Many thousands are said to die of smoking each year.
    I think many of these deaths are double counted.

    However, ONE (Possible) covid death today and the Country is almost paralysed.

    Are they waiting until nobody will ever die of anything just to be on the safe side.

    * I don’t know if that is the actual full number of deaths today but it can’t be many more (if there are more to be reported)


  7. StewGreen says:

    Leicester : Russell Rawlingson was supposed to be on trial for shouting at Sima Kotecha from September 7th
    ..but nothing comes up
    except a claim of him being sectioned and then released after 28 days. on July 18

    I guess it would be the magistrates court.
    There’s a crown court list but I don’t see him on that.

    His comment says “Innocent until proven guilty bro. Not a racist bone in my body.”


  8. taffman says:

    “Fifth ex-PM speaks out against post-Brexit bill”
    Dark forces at work. These fools are undermining Great Britain’s bargaining power with the EU. They tried it before.
    Tory MP’s that withdraw their support for the government should be de-selected and re-stand for their seats.


  9. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    The following is an example of a BBC approved mass gathering:

    Notice the difference in how the BBC reports on this compared to how it reports on BBC non-approved mass gatherings.

    The BBC are a complete joke. It is time to defund this entity. It is no longer fit for purpose.


  10. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    These are the current top Sports stories on the BBC website:


    Notice how three out of the seven are DIRECTLY promoting Black Lives Matter through tennis, cricket and some American sport I’m not particularly interested in.

    If the BBC are not promoting BLM they are promoting third wave feminism, or LGBTQ, or BAME, or Islam, or Extinction Rebellion, or other groups wishing to overthrow traditional Western values and culture.

    Not only have the BBC politicised their Sports reporting they have politicised more or less everything across their entire organisation as they become a full on campaigner for “change”.


  11. Fedup2 says:

    BBC parliament has the debate about the EU trade Bill . Im listening but looked up to see the ‘banner ‘ reminding the viewer about the ‘illegal ‘ acts of the PM in the last traitor parliament

    I didnt think id see such bias on the parliament chsnnel but there it was . Biased ? Yes – because there is no context . Its as though they are working for the EU


  12. Fedup2 says:

    Ed Miliband having his day in the sun as his boss chucks a sickie spouting in the commons as though he is in the pulpit ( i get the religion angle )

    But the remainers are firing broadsides at the PM before losing the vote . Labour acting like kids at playtime .


  13. Dobyns says:

    So, I’m given to understand that before the American football games on Sunday something called the “Black National Anthem” was played along with the National Anthem of the United States of America.

    That got me to wondering so I looked up “National Anthem” in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), one of the principal historical dictionaries of the English language, published by Oxford University Press.

    I found the following:

    NATIONAL AMTHEM – a solemn patriotic song adopted by a country as an expression of national identity.

    This got me to wondering. One would think that in order to have a “National” Anthem one would have to have an independent country – as the OED notes.

    Have I missed something?

    Is there some new black nation? When did they achieve Nationhood? Where is this nation located?

    What is the national language?

    What defense forces do they have?

    Are they members of the UN?

    What economic system do they practice?

    Do they have Free Trade Agreements or do they trade on WTO terms?

    What is their currency?

    Who are their leaders?

    Who is their President or Premier or whatever they call their leader?

    Who is the Head of State? Is the Head of State the same person as the Head of Government?

    What sort of system of governance do they practice? A dictatorship? A monarchy? A plutocracy? A “democracy”? A republic? Mob rule? Do they have some sort of national legislature?

    So many questions, so few answers …


  14. Fedup2 says:

    EU bill watch

    Ian Blackford – has given a majisterial speech -and i quote “Scotland Scottish Scottish scotland “… get me drift .


  15. LastChanceSaloon says:

    A new law PDQ Boris, anyone supporting the EU loses the right to live in the UK. All assets of offenders confiscated.

    This would get rid of most of the traitors.


  16. Foscari says:

    The BBC say that it is not the media “partner” of the BLM
    anarchist Marxist organization. But it is, in every respect.
    The number one example is the. BBC website. Everything
    to do with BLM takes preference with front page coverage.
    So far as TV is concerned it would not surprise me in the
    least that before the new format of a Question of Sport begins
    it’s run The new diverse presenter and the diverse teams
    will take the knee before the programme begins.
    I reiterate on the fact that last week I wrote about whom I
    expect the new team to be after all the white folk on the programme had been sacked.
    According to the newspapers, even my comments were meant
    to be facetious . I wont be far wrong.


  17. Halifax says:

    The BBC News website headline is …Is there life in Venus Clouds…….??? Thats the headline ?? No 1 story????…..ahhhh then you dig a bit deeper and its a WOMEN professor thats leading the team. Every story lately as is every programme its women women women……..


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      You see that’s what happens when you get promoted based on the fact that you’re not a white man. It is endemic in Academia. Did you see that BBC report on a change to the Oscars – to be nominated for best film the films have to meet various inclusivity requirements. That was introduced sometime ago in Academia and it has become more extensive: appointments, promotions, committees, grant proposals, research paper submissions have all nowadays to meet inclusivity targets. It started with gender equality targets (more women) and it has now expanded to include every other group that claims victimhood status from the white patriarchy.


      • Dobyns says:

        It happened to me repeatedly when I worked in the American Civil Service in the 90’s .

        I filed and won 3 different Equal Employment Opportunity lawsuits …

        All because I am a White male

        Nice settlements followed


    • Richard Pinder says:

      That’s why BBC censorship of male scientists proves we are living in the “Age of Stupid”

      So the most important scientific discovery in the 21st Century is under BBC censorship because Ned Nikolov & Karl Zeller are men. Their paper (Unified Theory of Climate, 2011) shows that the average surface temperature divided by the grey body temperature gives you the magnitude of the Thermal inertia which resembles the response of the temperature/potential temperature ratio to the altitudinal changes of pressure described by the Poisson formula, with predictions matching evidence for Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Europa, Titan, Triton and the Moon, to prove that the physical nature of the so-called Greenhouse Effect is in fact a Pressure-induced Thermal Enhancement or Thermal Inertia which is independent of the atmospheric chemical composition. Mercury and the Moon are used to prove that the Grey body temperature and the average surface temperature are equal when there is no Atmosphere. A fall in the Earths average surface temperature of 16 Kelvin in the last 50 million years correlates with a drop in the atmospheric pressure of almost one bar, or in other words a halving of the Earths atmospheric pressure at the surface due to half of the mass of the Earths atmosphere being lost to Space.

      So two men have produced a formula that works for both of the carbon dioxide atmospheres of Venus and Mars, which provides a precise calibration of the greenhouse effect on the Earth, by atmospheric mass, that proves man-made and womxn-made Climate Change is a “Hoax”.

      But the BBC asks men if there’s any life in Clouds on Venus, because a female scientist doesn’t know the answer.

      Answer: I don’t know, but I believe on Star Trek, the Venus drug made women more beautiful.


  18. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile, in answer to their question they respond with what Dem pols say.


  19. pugnazious says:

    Craig at Is the BBC Biased? quotes Andrew Neil saying something which has been apparent for a very long time…..

    ‘Andrew Neil: When it comes to the EU the British media’s general default position is to treat anything UK government does as a deceit/lie/obfuscation/matter for ridicule, while treating anything out of Brussels as gospel. When did you last see a Barnier-type given a tough interview? ‘

    Katya Adler and Laura Kuenssberg are particularly guilty of this….they portray the EU position as the default baseline…pragmatic, rational and reasonable whilst the British are intransigent, obstructive and unreasonable….it is always the British who must compromise and come to their senses and take the pragmatic option….this exact line was used just the other day. BBC presenters also adopt EU sneers, not just quoting EU officials but actually using the mocking terms as their own, stating as fact that the British position was ‘magical thinking’ or ‘looking for unicorns’ or ‘having our cake and eating it’.

    The BBC’s anti-Brexit narrative is still going full-steam ahead hoping for the cavalry to save them from Brexit at the last minute.

    Scare stories are still in the armoury….last week we were told we will starve as food disappears from the supermarkets and that Kent will become one large lorry park.

    This morning we had Kuenssberg claim that the government’s legislation on the British ‘backstop’ is ‘highly provocative and a nuclear option’….Husain added that it was ‘a very extreme fallback position’

    Pretty clear where they stand then.

    Odd. When the Irish announced their ‘Backstop’, essentially saying they will annex NI and if the Brits don’t do what they’re told the IRA will be unleashed…of course this was presented as ‘peace in Northern Ireland will be under threat’ but we all know exactly what the Irish and the EU meant….but the BBC didn’t raise an eyebrow at the threat to unleash terrorism once again as a negotiating tactic, in fact they were more than happy to promote and cheerlead for that narrative….no suggestions that the EU was being ‘highly provocative'[to say the least] and taking a ‘nuclear option’ or that it was ‘an extreme fall back position’.

    The Irish Press itself though did recognise what was going on….from RTE…

    ‘On Wednesday 8 November, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar startled the Dáil by saying a breakthrough at the EU summit in December was “likely”, allowing the Brexit negotiations to move to the future trading arrangements between the UK and the EU.

    At the same time as the Taoiseach was briefing the Dáil, a paper was being circulated among EU ambassadors in Brussels in which was embedded an explosive suggestion that would raise the stakes on Brexit and Ireland to hitherto unseen heights.

    The paper had been carefully choreographed between the Irish Government and the EU Brexit Task Force, led by the chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

    This was dynamite.

    It prompted an immediate denunciation from the DUP and the British government.
    The Sun quoted unnamed Conservative ministers who whispered that “Sinn Féin/IRA” had leaned on Varadkar to ambush the UK.’

    This was indeed a sinister pact between the IRA and the EU…..the EU using the explicit threat of the IRA to force the British to agree to the EU’s demands.

    The BBC, quite happy to use the threat of terrorism to stop Brexit.

    The BBC is the most dangerous organisation in Britain.



  20. StewGreen says:

    Wow Tonight BBC4 is not jam packed with Africa progs tonight
    … except it is Nigeria season on Radio4


  21. StewGreen says:


  22. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I pressed the remote to watch a film I’d recorded on Sky and as usual caught the last few minutes of the previous program.

    It was a quiz show with 5 people, 2 I knew to be gay and 4 of them were wimmin.
    There was one i didn’t recognise.
    My first thoughts were ‘I wonder what her ‘thing’ is’.
    Is she gay? disabled? Lgbltbbcitvcdm etc? muzzie? and so on.
    No way could she just be a ‘normal’ person. She didn’t look like a bame.

    Anyone else out there who gets this kind of reaction where you look at guests and instead of just accepting some ordinary people, as was normal not so long ago, you see agendas and box ticking.

    Maybe it was just the 80% wimmin on the show representing the 50% wimmin in the population or the 40% (or maybe more) gay representing how much gay % in the population?

    Maybe I’m an ‘ist or ‘ism or perhaps something not yet thought up.


    • JimS says:

      My TV viewing is quite restricted and soon I will probably have that banned as I call out ‘Black monkey!’ every 15 seconds.

      Perhaps if I change ‘the rule’ and call out ‘White monkey!**’ every sixty minutes I might be allowed to watch again?

      (I see that Google’s ‘white couple’ versus ‘black couple’ image search still shows the world they would like rather than the world that is).

      ** A well-liked Indian colleague from my first proper job maintained that there were brown, black and white monkeys and his loud greeting each morning was “Hello monkeys!”. He was married to a (white) woman from Northern Ireland and loved The Black and White Minstrel Show. Changed times – and not for the better.


    • Fedup2 says:

      EG – once you are infected by boxticking disease you see it everywhere – those programmes must have a political officer to ensure everything is being done according to the BBC books of rules ….. I don’t miss it .


  23. Tabs says:

    Outright lie on BBC News channel at about 19:18.

    They played a voice recording of Lord Sumption, Former Justice of Supreme Court, answering whether people should ignore the ‘Rule of 6’ law.

    Lord Sumption said, “I would say people should make their own decisions in the light of their own health and that the law should be a secondary consideration”

    Back in the studio the news anchor says “That was the former Former Justice of Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, telling us the law should be a secondary consideration.”

    Hmmm, that’s not what he really said was it BBC?


  24. taffman says:

    \\Brexit: Boris Johnson says powers will ensure UK cannot be ‘broken up’//
    As Al Beeb has broken its contract to remain impartial, many, many times. Boris should immediately suspend the Telly Tax and de-fund the anti-British outfit. There is a HYS running now.

    The country needs to get out of the EU so that our industry can plan its future . The Tory Government has dragged this out for far to long. It is a fake Tory Party.
    The Brexit Party is gearing up for the next election.


  25. StewGreen says:

    “Panorama meets the African migrants who have been exploited for their body parts by criminal gangs.
    Some have agreed to sell a kidney to finance their journey to Europe, only to be ripped off by the traffickers after the operation.
    Other victims have their organs taken without consent”


  26. Guest Who says:

    And others too.


  27. Guest Who says:

    BBC ‘reporting’ is, of course, primarily cut and pasting what someone says to them.


    • StewGreen says:

      Bottomline : transfer some money to my Swiss bank account
      ..and I’ll send you some Carbon Credit Certificates

      CO2 accounting trickery


    • Scroblene says:

      Of course, there won’t be a carbon audit on the actual buildings they use.

      It’s been estimated that some buildings, through their expensive styles and weak, ridiculous architecture, will never recover the ‘carbon debt’, because they used so much in the manufacture of the component parts.

      This element will not be understood by Harrabin, and deftly ignored – after all, he isn’t a scientist, just a reporter.


  28. taffman says:

    What’s Priti saying and doing now about the Channel Invaders?
    She wants to change the law to stop migrants ? A bit late now .
    Nowt on Al Beeb yet ?


  29. Guest Who says:

    Interesting to see how tv works.


  30. pugnazious says:

    The BBC has devoted an enormous amount of time to portraying Britain as a ‘rogue state’ as it ponders breaking international law. The BBC can’t get enough of those who jump up and down in faux outrage…usually Remainers.

    Curiously very little time spent on questioning the government’s lockdown. This is a government that has taken enormous powers to itself and has been using them unscrutinised and unchecked by parliament or the media…using them to inflict enormous damage on the economy, on jobs and lives, on children’s education and their very futures, on health and mental well-being. The social and economic fabric of this country is being torn apart by an increasingly dictatorial government that wants covid19 commissars checking up on you, police officers raiding your homes and neighbours watching and reporting on you….and looks very much like banning Christmas.

    The BBC is more concerned about a minor spat between us and the EU than about the freedoms, economy and health of a nation being destroyed by an increasingly draconian and dictatorial government.

    The BBC is only now starting to guardedly hint that all is not well with the imposition of the lockdown…but only because it is a high profile and unmissable narrative on-line and in the papers. As always the BBC is dragged unwillingly into line on subjects it doesn’t agree with as with reports on Labour’s little anti-Semitism problem….the BBC only getting onboard once the case against Labour was unstoppable, very public and undeniable…..and try getting it to denounce Corbyn as a Marxist or mention his deep affection for terrorists.

    A couple of programmes last week tip-toed onto this new ground and we had Lord Sumption on today arguing against the lockdown…but he had been on before…the BBC tactic then was to let him have his say and then in a later programme completey rubbish him…of course he wasn’t there to defend himself. Maybe it’s different this time.

    [LOL…jut seen Tabs’ comment…..BBC already trying to muddy the waters and downplay Lord Sumption…

    ‘Outright lie on BBC News channel at about 19:18.

    They played a voice recording of Lord Sumption, Former Justice of Supreme Court, answering whether people should ignore the ‘Rule of 6’ law.

    Lord Sumption said, “I would say people should make their own decisions in the light of their own health and that the law should be a secondary consideration”

    Back in the studio the news anchor says “That was the former Former Justice of Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, telling us the law should be a secondary consideration.”

    Hmmm, that’s not what he really said was it BBC?’]

    I doubt the BBC will do more than toy with the idea of genuinely subjecting the reasons for the lockdown to rigorous scrutiny unless someting big happens to bring the whole thing into question which the BBC can’t ignore, dismiss or down-play.

    The Tories though, must be daft. They are getting away with it for now but come an election the BBC will suddenly find that the lockdown was an horrific, unjustifiable and drastic imposition that has killed thousands, consigned millions to the scrapheap, destroyed the economy and blighted the future of every child.

    And of course the BBC never, ever, supported such a thing.


  31. Northern Voter says:

    I see in the Daily Mail that the Bloated BBC is opening it’s new set for Eastenders at a cost of 87 MILLION QUID! I put that in Upper case to catch your eye. 87 MILLION Quid, for forks sake, it’s a bleeding programme that most people don’t even watch.How many pensioners licences paid for that. What will happen to it when the beeb goes tits up? Answers after this post please.


  32. StewGreen says:

    Taffman : Welsh Covid Data breach


  33. Guest Who says:


  34. pugnazious says:

    A good demonstration of how insincere the media is and how they adopt a position to suit as Piers Morgan expresses shock and outrage in the Mail at the attack on two police officers in LA by a Black undoubtedly inspired and emboldened by the media and BLM narrative about police officers murdering blacks…all too often a narrative heard on the BBC….

    ‘PIERS MORGAN: This senseless sheriff-shooting by a cowardly black criminal is just as horrific as George Floyd’s death at the knee of a cowardly white cop – and if you don’t agree, you’re part of the problem…..’protesters’ yesterday blocked the entrance and exit to the hospital emergency room where the two deputies were taken, chanting vile abuse.

    One is heard to say: ‘I want to deliver a message to the family of the pigs, I hope they f***ing die.’

    Another tells police: ‘Y’all gonna die one by one. This ain’t gonna stop.”

    Ironically Morgan himself fuels that hatred and anger towards police officers…even suggesting that maybe Trump should be calling for the police should be executed for ‘murdering’ George Floyd….the officers are just like the Black cop shooter….‘There’s no real difference to the mindset….Both are contemptible.’

    ‘I didn’t think I would see anything as sickening this year as the appalling killing of George Floyd at the kneed of a callous police officer. I’d say people with the same kind of chilling disregard for human life as the likes of police officer Derek Chauvin who contemptuously put his knee on George Floyd’s neck and slowly snuffed the life out of him as he repeatedly shouted, ‘I CAN’T BREATHE!’

    President Trump blasted the attack, raging about the shooter, ‘Animals that must be hit hard!’ and adding later: ‘If they die, fast trial death penalty for the killer. Only way to stop this!’…. I would bet all the money I have that he won’t call for [the police officers] to receive the death penalty if the cops are convicted.’

    Morgan also shows what a hypocrit he is in a different article in the Mail defending the BLM provocative show on ITV just below the first one complaining about the mindset that drove the shooter….

    ‘YOU’RE the problem!’ Piers Morgan urges viewers to ‘wake up or don’t watch’ in furious defence of Diversity as their BLM routine on BGT racks up 15,500 Ofcom complaints’

    Personally I think Morgan and the BBC, BLM and the Democrat Party are the problem, inciting division, societal destruction and race war.

    Morgan is a complete liar….he calls a black campaigner a ‘notorious race-baiter’….she is anything but, the complete opposite in fact….

    ‘Black Conservative activist Candace Owens, tweeted: ‘Why does this happen? Because pea-brained celebrities that are idolized like @KingJames tell young black men that they are ‘literally being hunted’,’ she said, referencing a May 6 tweet in which LeBron responded to the murder of Ahmaud Arbery by saying: ‘We’re literally hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME we step foot outside the comfort of our homes! Can’t even go for a damn jog man! Like WTF man are you kidding me?!’

    Owens, a notorious race-baiter, added: ‘This is the natural result of such hyperbolic, dishonest rhetoric. The racist, anti-police, black lives matter LIE is to blame.”


    • Fedup2 says:

      I just think someone as morally dubious at Mr Morgan gets far more attention than he deserves .He’s just a bubble dwelling journo who from style tries to be ‘controversial ‘ to keep the viewing figures up.

      There are a good few like him – Clarkson occupies the other side of the shouty street .

      More seriously I accidentally saw the footage of the shootings .it reminded me of the sort of ambush RUC and security forces got from the cowardly IRA during those years . Did the cops die?


    • JimS says:

      The ‘man’ shooting the police officers in Compton, Los Angeles looks more like a woman to me.

      Just a thought.

      Candace Owens is worth a million Morgans, Abbotts, Butlers and Lammys, a true successor to Martin Luther King.


    • Jeff says:

      Candace Owens is worth a thousand of Pies Morgan.
      He’s nothing more than a loudmouthed, bullying, rabble rousing gobshite.
      The term “tacky tabloid” sums him up perfectly.

      BTW, the spelling mistake was deliberate.
      And accurate…


  35. StewGreen says:

    I do wish the BBC would stop banging on about in death rates the UK has fallen to 10th highest , with the South American countries powering up the charts

    Which has the highest death rate New Zealand or China ?
    one has 3/million the other 5/million

    India logs 80K deaths
    yet claims to have a death rate one tenth of the UKs


  36. StewGreen says:

    In the Wickes advert why is the lazy guy who hasn’t renovated the kitchen black ?


  37. Fedup2 says:

    According to the Giardian the BBC Annual Report is to be published Tuesday and says 700 female BBC drones have been given pay rises to stop them moaning . If you pay the licence – that is where your money is going .


  38. Kaiser says:

    seems hamilton has jumped the shark with this one

    EVEN the BBC have avoided putting associated links to the story on the page

    so retard lewis now thinks if a policeman knocks at your door you can start shooting through the door ,and if the police return fire they should be arrested

    what an utter mong


  39. Fedup2 says:

    The EU Labour Party lost its blocking motion by 136 votes. ….. doesnt look like the traitor tory cabal will have much impact.


  40. Fedup2 says:

    Main bill passes with 77 majority . Lords will try and delay it of course


  41. StewGreen says:

    Top tip : always make sure there are 6 people in your house
    … That’s nothing to do with Covid safety

    It’s just that if there is a burglar,
    that’ll make 7 people
    and thus there’s a chance the police will actually attend.


  42. Guest Who says:

    BBC EdGuds are nothing if not hilarious.

    ‘Symbolically lowered’.


  43. StewGreen says:

    Crimebodge asks “Your input is invited please. I’m putting a video together on the top 5 complaints about the police.”


  44. StewGreen says:

    Sargon & Modern Wisdom discussing if Twitter is damaging and corrupting the media
    6 mins long
    Lineker is mentioned
    “Twitter is a fight club”


  45. StewGreen says:

    Statement from Professor f Gender Nonsense
    ..very sweary


    • Roland Deschain says:

      As an alumnus of that establishment, I found that painfully true. And funny.

      They long ceased getting any cash from me, but it doesn’t stop them sending begging letters. The next one will actually get a response. But not the one they were looking for.


  46. taffman says:

    “Brexit: Internal Market Bill clears first hurdle in Commons”
    Al Beeb and the Remainers/Rejoiners are not happy bunnies.
    All by 77 votes! Those Tory Traitors that voted against should be deselected.
    What is more important “trashing” the UK’s reputation or trashing the UK’s sovereignty, independence and economy?

    Next hurdle , the House of Lords.


  47. JimS says:

    Dumb reporting on the BBC’s website regarding face coverings in France:

    “Masks compulsory in 27 high-risk areas in the department from 06:00 (04:00 GMT) to 02:00 (00:00 GMT), except in large outdoor areas”

    How many people living or visting in France (or for that matter the UK!) have their timepieces set to GMT?


  48. Richard Pinder says:

    I wondered why Bill Cash supported the withdrawal agreement. No one told me about clause 38. The US in 1814 and Egypt in 1956 both broke international law on an issue of national sovereignty. But in Clause 38 of the withdrawal agreement, it says that “the Parliament of the United Kingdom is sovereign” “nothing in this Act derogates from the sovereignty of the Parliament of the United Kingdom”. It means that the Internal Market Bill is legal in international law because the EU signed up to what was in the withdrawal agreement. Three sticking points. All about the surrender of British sovereignty. (1) Surrender to the EU of our territorial waters. (2) Surrender to the EU of our state funding rights (3) Surrender to the EU of Northern Ireland trade. The US in 1814 and Egypt in 1956 didn’t have Clause 38. So it caused small wars against members of the House of Lords, ending in a victory for national sovereignty over international law and slime balls like John Major and many other ex-Prime Ministers, alive and dead.


    • Fedup2 says:

      During the debate on the Bill – Bill Cash let rip with a broadside speech reminding the traitors about the supremacy of Parliament . And at the end the girl who led for the EUlabou r Party said that ‘five living former PMs ‘ were against it .

      If a real commons were in place she’d have been ripped a new one as she would have been reminded that the dead PMs were also against it .

      With a bit of luck – now that the EU knows how far the current government will go it will either walk away – no deal – or behave itself – I think the latter is more likely because of the excess volume of exports the EU makes to us . Now they might finally realise it .

      Naturally the lords are getting on their high horse but threatening them with rapid downsizing will shut a lot up…..


  49. vlad says:

    The odious Duchess of Social-Climbing and Gold-Digging is pitching a documentary to Netflix about BLM, at a time when the company are in big trouble over paedo-porn Cuties, and support for BLM is collapsing after months of violence and vicious attacks on police officers.

    Good luck with that one Meghan.


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