Midweek Thread 26 August 2020

Angry ? The Far Left BBC changing the format of the Last Night of the Proms ? Well the First Night of The Proms is this Friday 28th August . Some might say ‘best avoided’ whilst the Far Left BBC appeals to its ‘target ‘ audience .
In passing – it is 10 weeks until Furlough is due to end – so we can expect a BBC campaign to extend it to ‘forever’ .

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  1. Guest Who says:

    Just one BBC MeM today.

    Covid-19 ‘made meat taste like petrol’

    Losing the ability to smell or taste are symptoms associated with Covid-19. But while many have regained their senses, for others it has turned into a phenomenon called parosmia, leaving them trapped in a world of distorted scents. For Kate McHenry, simple tap water triggers an awful stench. That, along with the horrible smell she experiences from body wash, means taking a shower is something to be endured.

    “My Aussie shampoo used to be my favourite, but now it’s the most disgusting smell in the world,” she says. After falling mildly ill in March with suspected coronavirus, the 37-year-old, from Widnes in Cheshire, was unable to smell anything at all for four weeks before the sense slowly returned. But by mid-June things “started to taste really weird” with odours being replaced by a “horrible, chemical” stench.

    Read full article >

    Alex Moss
    BBC News

    A few pertinent facts there.

    However, the process by which Alex gets to share in the trauma of Kate, from Widnes, who uses shampoo from Australia, is a wonder.


    • Thoughtful says:

      The shampoo is a brand called Aussie and is stocked in all the supermarkets.

      I have a neighbour with this condition where to her everything tastes of acid.
      The worst story the media isn’t broadcasting is that of the fake scientists who cannot accept any new medical evidence if it doesn’t support the view they have formed.

      I had the covid in mid December just before Xmas, I probably passed it on to others who also caught it, but at that time no one knew what it was. Neighbours who came back from France in October started with it sometime in mid November and might have passed it to me.

      This lockdown was almost certainly a case of shutting the stable door after the horse had bolted yet the so called scientists who cannot accept any evidence which changes their crystalised conclusions.


      • Guest Who says:

        Thank you.

        Never heard of it.

        Thanks to the BBC, many more now have.

        Interesting citing the name in such a way.


        • Deborah says:

          It is my regular brand (although hadn’t realised it was P&G). However it is half price in Waitrose and I have just come back from a shop with about a year’s supply!


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      ‘Aussie’ is a brand of Procter and Gamble, notorious for their anti-male ‘Gilette – the Worst a Man Get’ woke advert that knocked an estimated $8 billion off their value. For those who don’t wish to support their hate-based woke capitalism, here are some more of their brands:

      Pampers. Olay. Head & Shoulders. Herbal Essences. Always. Tampax. Ariel. Bold. Daz. Lenor. Fairy. Oral-B. Vicks. Old Spice. Braun.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Guest W… I thought it was my new medication before xmas that caused the lack of smell and taste, and then it slowly returned, but the smell of chicken cooking – usually a great smell from the oven, I found disgusting, still do.

      The Chinese knew what they were doing when they unleashed this on the world. Chaos.


  2. john in cheshire says:

    Here’s an article from James Higham at Orphans of Liberty about our government’s orders for PPE. The orders total over £800 million.

    But it’s also the companies getting the orders that’s interesting:



  3. Guest Who says:

    Jon knows clever.

    Now, Dan Rather… where has that name cropped up before?


    Interesting circles Jon moves in.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Mr Sopel’s sneering delivery about Trump on last night’s news had to be seen to be believed. Including his refusal to say what Mr Beauty thought he ought to about the “Trump supporting white supremacist murderer” of mostly peaceful rioters who seemed to be trying to kill him.


      • Guest Who says:

        I consider this is taking the RT cover BBC America uses via their TDS mates beyond reasonable impartiality defences.

        This is flat out opinion propaganda.


  4. Englands Dreaming says:

    The ONS released the net immigration figures yesterday to March 2020. They are truly shocking, a net increase of 313,000, proof if any was needed that the Tory’s dont give a fig about the issue. But there seems to have been virtually no media coverage on this except a bit by Sky, seen nothing by the BBC This would normally be red meat for The Daily Mail, but can’t find a thing, how very strange…..


    • G says:


      Yes, its all gone quiet on a number of fronts the MSM don’t want the public aware of. Eg. “Refugees” coming from Libya to the EU shores; India/China border dispute; Military buildup in the South China Sea. I could go on but the rule seems to be, ‘we conspire between ourselves to manipulate the news so you get what we want you to know only’. ‘Fraid not MSM, we now turn to the more trusted internet.


  5. fakenewswatcher says:

    From Washington, Jon Sopel, Barry O Donoghue, Barabara Plett-Usher, et al, are going to run the MOST BIASED EVER BBC CAMPAIGN AGAINST A SITTING PRESIDENT OVER THE NEXT FEW MONTHS.
    We all know that beeb is going to hit rock bottom, as far as impartial reporting is, concerned.
    THIS IS GOING TO BE AN ACTUAL UK CAMPAIGN , interfering in the US election -never mind the Russians, and it will be outrageously pro-Biden/Harris. And it will be financed by the licence fee payer.
    On R4 it will be spearheaded by the likes of vehemently anti-Trump figures/haters like Webb and Quinn and Iqbal and Shah.
    If there is anything balanced, it will be one amongst a dozen, carefully manipulated to be shot down by the anti trump Tide, who will be sniping away at every opportunity.
    We must not let them get away with it.
    As Winston would have said, we must fight them at everywhere and at every opportunity. We must write, phone, post, e-mail, participate at every opportunity.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Add Ch 4 to the Trump bashing list, especially mad eyed Siobhan Kennedy who reports nightly from the US turning every topic into an anti Trump bash.


  6. Oldspeaker says:

    Off topic again, watched this short clip in good faith until the masked marauder gets in granny’s face. This must be a Republican set up, short of poleaxing her how could he generate any more Trump votes.


    • vlad says:

      Why don’t the delegates have a police cordon protecting them from the commie riff-raff?


  7. Guest Who says:

    Full Fact again rushes to correct misinformation.

    A viral post on Facebook claims BBC Children in Need is donating £10m to Black Lives Matter. It’s not.

    The charity is matching Stormzy’s £10m donation to causes tackling racial inequality, not to Black Lives Matter specifically.


  8. Darcy3 says:

    And the difference between Stormzy and the Titanic ?

    they had a decent band on the Titanic

    The difference btween Stormzy and a row of milk bottles ?

    You can get a tune out of the milk bottles

    if this country was as “racist” as the race baiters claim any misogenistic, tone deaf, musically unpracticed, untalented so called rapper and hip bleeding hop twat would be reserved for inner city yoof clubs where they deserve to be IMHO


  9. G says:

    NetWeather tells me that for my PostCode today, temperatures will not exceed 15 Degrees C but that it will, “feel like 16”.

    Dear Greta……………….


  10. Doobster78 says:

    Quick gander at the TV earlier.

    BBC Breakfast – 2 Presenters , 1 Bame.

    ITV – 2 Presenters , Both Bame, Weatherman, Bame, Competition host, Bame.

    And these are the presenters who keep a straight face when they tell us every bloody day that BAME people just DO NOT get the opportunities that WHITE people do in this most racist of country’s !!!!

    Forget banging on about White privilege, its BAME privilege that most prevelant in the UK today.

    They have made a point, , but now, they have gone way too far with this BLM and “victimhood” card and normal, placid , straight down the middle folk like me have had a gut full. Thankfully, as per the ballot box and polls show, i am not alone.


    • BRISSLES says:

      The BAME community are not going to complain are they ? – its work. But surely at the back of their mind they must realise they have only been employed BECAUSE of the colour of their skin, not in spite of it. Apparently Good Morning (I never watch) decided they were not divisive enough, so have filled the screen with BAME presenters whether they’re good enough or not. This is the crux of the matter, employing whether they’re any good or not.
      Jay Blades gets plenty of publicity as host of Repair Shop – rubbish presenter, talks like an oik and could be hosted by any of those skilled artisans, but no, Blades is the right colour.
      Dion Dublin – was put in Homes under the Hammer to even up the colour quota , he is a football pundit and bought a couple of houses, BBC put him on a £50,000 presenter course and voila he’s the right colour and can present.
      Andi Peters – ex kids presenter, irritates everyone, but hey he’s the right colour.


  11. Guest Who says:

    Victoria Derbyshire retweeted this.


  12. Darcy3 says:

    Whilst not my “cup of tea” saw a documentary about Iron Maiden a while ago, never, ever ever mentioned in the MSM yet tour every continent on this earth year after year to literally millions, funny that they are vitually ignored

    the statistics on their success are quite staggering and yet our msm are obsessed with shouting rappers and groaning and wailing half caste girlie groups who are little more than karaoke acts shouting along to CD backing tracks


  13. Guest Who says:

    BBC N America roving reporters?


    • Oldspeaker says:

      Like a well oiled machine that generates Trump votes GW, if these ‘protesters’ aren’t already on the Republican payroll then they should be.


  14. G says:

    Seems DJT’s gut instincts are right again.

    Some large Belgian research into Hydroxychloroquine shows the amazing benefits of low, recommended doses compared with the WHO and Oxfords research based on shovelling large quantities of the drug into Covid patients. It raises the question why did the WHO/Oxford ignore the recommended dosage and go for a dosage that had no or little effect?

    My speculative answer is that, many billions of Dollars could be made on the back of a ‘new’ vaccine whereas, you could buy a ton of Hydroxychloroquine for pence (or cents).

    ‘Bitesized’ info about 8 mins in.


    • Englands Dreaming says:

      It is to put it mildly disappointing how covid and particularly HCQ have become politicised. I followed Dr John from the beginning, but stopped basically watching as he fell behind the curve (Peak Prosperity I think gives the best coverage), but I give him credit for not being political and reporting the facts. Why HCQ has been totally dissed is hard to say, but it seems there are plenty of vested interested; anti Trumper’s, Fauci, WHO, Gates, numerous pharma companies, all social media and controlling Governments. Its sometimes hard not to believe in conspiracy theories!


  15. Darcy3 says:

    Iron Maiden are one of the biggest bands on the planet. Forming in Leyton back in 1975, their combination of bombastic heavy metal, headbanging riffs and falsetto vocals has earned them the millions of fans all over the world, with countless sold-out shows under their belt and even their own aeroplane!

    Since the release of debut album Iron Maiden in 1980, the British heavyweights have released a further 15 full-length studio albums, and sold over 100 million copies.

    Iron Maiden are considered one of the most influential and successful heavy metal bands in history, with The Sunday Times reporting in 2017 that the band have sold over 100 million copies of their albums worldwide,[5][6] despite little radio or television support.[7] The band won the Ivor Novello Award for international achievement in 2002. As of October 2013, the band have played over 2000 live shows throughout their career.

    1980s tours
    Year(s) Title Legs (locations) and dates Number of
    [note 1] Supported release
    1980 Metal for Muthas Tour 1 – 11 February 1980 (Great Britain)

    Metal for Muthas

    The band’s first professional concert tour supported the Metal for Muthas compilation album, which included several other artists linked with the new wave of British heavy metal, such as Raven, Tygers of Pan Tang and Praying Mantis.[31] Having only played in small clubs and pubs, this was the first time Iron Maiden would perform in larger venues.[31] Although originally scheduled to play the full 30 dates of the tour, the band dropped out after just 11 performances to record their debut album.[30] According to the band’s booking agent, John Jackson, cancelling the dates “actually worked out better for them that way… when Maiden had to leave the tour to finish the album, we decided to make up for it by rescheduling all the dates they had cancelled for the summer. But by then the album had been a big hit and the demand for tickets was suddenly so great that we kept having to add dates on.”[1]
    1980 British Steel Tour 7 – 27 March 1980 (Great Britain)

    Iron Maiden

    Their first supporting tour with Judas Priest took place between the release of the band’s first single, “Running Free”, on 8 February and their debut album on 14 April.[33][34] As these shows would be their first following the Metal for Muthas tour, these dates saw Iron Maiden playing major concert halls for the first time, including the Hammersmith Odeon in London.[33]
    1980 Iron Maiden Tour 1 April – 13 October 1980 (Europe)
    21 November – 21 December 1980 (England)

    Iron Maiden

    Their first headline tour of the UK began immediately following their shows supporting Judas Priest on the British Steel Tour, during which they took breaks to play festivals in Belgium and Finland in April and July respectively, their first ever performances in mainland Europe.[35] After completing their first UK leg in August, the band returned to the European mainland to support Kiss on their Unmasked Tour,[36] which saw the group’s debut performances in major arenas and stadiums.[37] Following these dates, guitarist Dennis Stratton was replaced by Adrian Smith.[38] After deciding that it would be best to play some shows with Smith before recording their next album, 1981’s Killers, the band set out on another UK tour,[39][40] during which their final concert at the Rainbow Theatre in London was filmed for their first ever live video, entitled Live at the Rainbow.[41]
    1981 Killer World Tour 17 February – 3 May 1981 (Europe)
    21 – 24 May 1981 (Japan)
    3 June – 4 August 1981 (North America)
    24 August – 23 December 1981 (Europe)


    In support of their second studio album, Killers, the band embarked on their first world tour, including their debut shows in Japan, which were released on audio as Maiden Japan,[43] and North America,[44] where they supported Judas Priest (on their World Wide Blitz Tour) and UFO for select dates in the US.[45] Their first ever US performance took place with Judas Priest at The Aladdin Casino, Las Vegas on 3 June.[46][47] Before this, the band played their first headline shows in mainland Europe and moved into larger venues in the UK, including the Hammersmith Odeon.[44] Iron Maiden’s last show with vocalist Paul Di’Anno took place in Copenhagen,[48] after which they undertook a short tour of Italy with his replacement, Bruce Dickinson, before returning to the UK.[49][50]
    1982 The Beast on the Road 25 February – 1 May 1982 (Europe)
    11 May – 23 October 1982 (North America)
    7 – 21 November 1982 (Australia)
    26 November – 10 December 1982 (Japan)

    The Number of the Beast

    Their second world tour would be their last with Clive Burr on drums.[52] The tour debuted in the UK, during which they recorded their show at the Hammersmith Odeon, which was eventually released on audio as Beast over Hammersmith in 2002 while its video footage was included on the 2004 DVD The History of Iron Maiden – Part 1: The Early Days. Following these dates the band returned to North America, where they supported Scorpions on their Blackout Tour[45] (which took them into North American stadiums for the first time),[53] Rainbow on their Straight Between the Eyes US Tour,[54] 38 Special on their Special Forces Tour[45] and Judas Priest on their World Vengeance Tour,[55] in the middle of which they returned to the UK to headline Reading Festival,[54] and afterwards undertook their first tour of Australia.[55]
    1983 World Piece Tour 2 May – 12 June 1983 (Europe)
    21 June – 25 October 1983 (North America)
    7 November – 18 December 1983 (Europe)

    Piece of Mind

    In support of 1983’s Piece of Mind, the band undertook their first complete headlining tour (not supporting any other bands),[57] with new drummer Nicko McBrain.[58] While the band were touring in Texas, footage was recorded for a TV documentary, entitled ‘Ello Texas, which was later included in the Live After Death 2008 DVD release.[59] The tour concluded with two concerts at Westfalenhallen in Dortmund, where the band headlined a show which included sets from Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Def Leppard and Quiet Riot.[60] The band’s concert was recorded for German TV[60] and the footage was later included in The Early Days DVD.
    1984–85 World Slavery Tour 9 August – 14 November 1984 (Europe)
    24 November 1984 – 31 March 1985 (North America)
    11 January 1985 (Brazil – Rock in Rio)
    14 – 25 April 1985 (Japan)
    2 – 10 May 1985 (Australia)
    23 May – 5 July 1985 (United States)


    The band’s longest and most arduous tour to date, the opening concerts in Poland were reportedly the first time a western artist had taken a full stage production into the Eastern Bloc,[12] and was documented in the Behind the Iron Curtain video. Taking its Egyptian theme from the Powerslave album cover, the stage production was one of the band’s most elaborate, which included a large amount of props and other theatrical elements, such as sarcophagi, pyro and a 30-foot mummified Eddie, the band’s mascot.[64] In addition to the Eastern Bloc, the band performed their first show in South America, co-headlining the Rock in Rio festival with Queen, with an attendance of 300,000 (thus making it the largest concert the band have ever played).[12] Iron Maiden also undertook their most extensive North American tour ever, including 7 consecutive sell out shows at Radio City Music Hall, although the band were forced to cancel the last two nights as Dickinson was ill,[12][65] while their four performances from Long Beach, California were released in audio and video formats as Live After Death in 1985.[66] Recordings from the Hammersmith Odeon concerts were also included in the Live After Death audio release.[67]
    1986–87 Somewhere on Tour 10 September – 18 December 1986 (Europe)
    7 January – 2 May 1987 (North America)
    11 – 21 May 1987 (Japan)

    Somewhere in Time

    Following the gruelling World Slavery Tour, the band took more time off before departing on their next successful, although less rigorous, world tour.[68] No footage from the tour was released, except for a small clip used in the 12 Wasted Years documentary. According to manager Rod Smallwood, he thought it was too soon after 1985’s Live After Death to issue another concert video and very little footage was recorded, a decision with which bassist Steve Harris was not pleased.[69]
    1988 Seventh Tour of a Seventh Tour 28 – 29 April (Germany)
    8 May – 10 August 1988 (North America)
    18 August – 5 October 1988 (Europe)
    18 November – 12 December 1988 (United Kingdom)

    Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

    The band set out on another world tour in support of Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, during which they made their debut at Donington Park’s Monsters of Rock festival, where they headlined before an audience of 107,000, the largest crowd in the venue’s history.[15] The following winter, the band performed in arenas in the UK for the first time, during which the Birmingham NEC shows were recorded and released the following year as Maiden England.[70] As he would leave during No Prayer for the Dying’s pre-production stages, this would be the last tour with Adrian Smith on guitar before his return in 1999.
    1990s tours
    Year(s) Title Legs (locations) and dates Number of
    [note 2] Supported release
    1990–91 No Prayer on the Road 19 September – 22 December 1990 (Europe)
    13 January – 19 March 1991 (North America)
    28 March – 5 April 1991 (Japan)
    29 June – 21 September 1991 (Europe)

    No Prayer for the Dying

    For their first concert tour with Janick Gers on guitar,[71] and following the more elaborate production of their 1980s shows, the band decided to return to using a less extensive stage set, featuring fewer props and other effects.[6] Apart from two B-sides on their 1992 single, “From Here to Eternity”, no live recordings from this tour were released.
    1992 Fear of the Dark Tour 3 – 5 June 1992 (Europe)
    8 June – 4 August 1992 (North & South America)
    15 August – 19 September 1992 (Europe)
    26 September – 10 October 1992 (Central & South America)
    20 – 23 October 1992 (Oceania)
    26 October – 4 November 1992 (Japan)

    Fear of the Dark

    In support of 1992’s Fear of the Dark, the band made a return headline appearance at the Monsters of Rock festival at Donington Park, featuring a guest appearance by Adrian Smith during the encores, which was later released in 1993 in audio and video formats.[14] In addition, A Real Live One and some of A Real Dead One (both released in 1993) were recorded at various venues across Europe.[72] Having last performed there at the Rock in Rio festival in 1984, Iron Maiden returned to South America, although the Chilean show was cancelled following complaints from the Catholic Church, who accused the band of being Satanists.[73]
    1993 Real Live Tour 25 March – 28 August 1993 (Europe)

    A Real Live One

    This would be the band’s last tour with Bruce Dickinson on vocals before he returned to the band in 1999,[7] with his farewell show, featuring horror magician Simon Drake, taking place at Pinewood Studios and released on video as Raising Hell (1994).[74] Named after the live album, A Real Live One, concerts from this tour comprised most of its follow-up, A Real Dead One.[72]
    1995–96 The X Factour 28 September – 12 October 1995 (Africa/Middle East)
    14 October 1995 – 2 February 1996 (Europe)
    8 February – 5 April 1996 (North America)
    11 – 18 April 1996 (Japan)
    22 June – 17 August 1996 (Europe)
    24 August – 7 September 1996 ([North & South America)

    The X Factor

    For their first shows with Blaze Bayley on vocals,[76] the band decided to start the tour with their first ever performances in Africa and the Middle East.[8] As Iron Maiden’s popularity had diminished, they moved into smaller venues in Europe and North America. This was not the case in South America where they headlined the Monsters Of Rock festival at Estádio do Pacaembu in São Paulo, Brazil before an audience of approximately 55,000.[75] Due to the tour’s heavy schedule, Bayley suffered from vocal issues which meant that several shows in the US had to be cancelled.[9]
    1998 Virtual XI World Tour 22 April – 30 May 1998 (Europe)
    26 June – 9 August 1998 (North America)
    4 September – 26 October 1998 (Europe)
    18 – 22 November 1998 (Japan)
    2 – 12 December 1998 (South America)

    Virtual XI

    For their world tour in support of 1998’s Virtual XI, the band decided to make their first visits to Turkey and Malta,[77] as well as return to a more elaborate production reminiscent of their 1980s stage shows.[78] As with their previous tour, several dates had to be cancelled as Blaze Bayley suffered from vocal issues, which ultimately brought about his departure from the group.[79]
    1999 The Ed Hunter Tour 11 July – 8 August 1999 (North America)
    9 September – 1 October 1999 (Europe)

    Ed Hunter

    Following the return of Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith in January, Iron Maiden decided to undertake a short tour in 1999 with their new six-piece line-up before they recorded their next studio album, 2000’s Brave New World.[80] Tying in with the band’s new video game and greatest hits collection, Ed Hunter (1999), this was the only time that the band’s set-list was compiled from the results of an internet poll.[81] Smith was absent from three concerts to attend his father’s funeral,[82] while an injury to Dave Murray’s finger in Los Angeles led to the cancellation of the three following shows.[83]
    2000s tours
    Year(s) Title Legs (locations) and dates Number of
    [note 3] Supported release
    2000–02 Brave New World Tour 2 June – 23 July 2000 (Europe)
    1 August – 20 September 2000 (North America)
    19 – 29 October 2000 (Japan)
    2 November 2000 – 7 January 2001 (United Kingdom)
    9 – 19 January 2001 (North & South America)
    19 – 21 March 2002 (United Kingdom)

    Brave New World

    As the band did not play in Britain on The Ed Hunter Tour, Iron Maiden’s first UK show with their new line-up took place at Earls Court, London and sold out in 3 days.[84] The tour also saw the band return to large venues in the US, such as Madison Square Garden, which sold out in 2 hours.[85] Three European concerts were cancelled after Janick Gers fell off-stage in Mannheim.[86][87] The tour ended with a performance at the third Rock in Rio, with an estimated attendance of 250,000, which was released on audio and video the following year.[13] Although intending to take time off in 2002, the band held three charity concerts at Brixton Academy, London in March 2002 for former drummer, Clive Burr, shortly after announcing that he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.[88]
    2003 Give Me Ed… ‘Til I’m Dead Tour 23 May – 12 July 2003 (Europe)
    21 July – 30 August 2003 (North America)

    To preview their forthcoming Dance Of Death album, the band undertook a summer tour of Europe and North America, during which they headlined the first edition of Download Festival at Donington Park before an audience of 45,000.[16][89] The stage decoration was based on artwork from the band’s past releases, while the Eddie props were based on the 2002 compilation, Edward the Great, and the 2003 music video collection, Visions of the Beast.[90]
    2003–04 Dance of Death World Tour 19 October – 21 December 2003 (Europe)
    11 – 31 January 2004 (North & South America)
    5 – 8 February 2004 (Japan)

    Dance Of Death

    Following their summer dates, the band’s world tour in support of Dance of Death began that winter, during which their performance at Westfalenhallen in Dortmund was recorded for an audio and video release entitled Death on the Road.[91]
    2005 Eddie Rips Up the World Tour 28 May – 9 July 2005 (Europe)
    15 July – 20 August 2005 (North America)
    26 August – 2 September 2005 (UK/Ireland)

    Following the release of the DVD, The History of Iron Maiden – Part 1: The Early Days, the setlist of Iron Maiden’s 2005 summer tour consisted entirely of songs from their first four albums.[92] In Sweden, the band headlined Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg for the first time, which was broadcast across Scandinavia by SVT.[93] The show’s initial 53,500 tickets were sold out in 2 and a half hours.[22] In North America, the group made their first and only appearances at Ozzfest, co-headlining with Black Sabbath, their final performance at which was sabotaged by singer Ozzy Osbourne’s family.[94][95] The tour concluded with another Clive Burr MS Trust Fund charity concert, this time taking place at Hammersmith Apollo, London.[96] Although no live document from the tour was released, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles reported that a DVD from one of the band’s European shows was planned.[97]
    2006–07 A Matter of Life and Death Tour 4 – 21 October 2006 (North America)
    25 – 31 October 2006 (Japan)
    9 November – 23 December 2006 (Europe)
    9 – 17 March 2007 (UAE/Europe/India)
    2 – 24 June 2007 (Europe)

    A Matter of Life and Death

    Throughout the 2006 tour, the band notably played the A Matter of Life and Death album in its entirety.[98] In 2007, Iron Maiden undertook their first shows in India and United Arab Emirates,[99][100] after which they played their record breaking fourth headline performance at Donington Park[101] before an audience of 80,000, then the largest crowd in Download Festival’s history.[17] The tour ended on 24 June 2007 with another Clive Burr MS Trust Fund charity concert at Brixton Academy, London.[102] Although Bruce Dickinson reported on-stage at Donington that the concert was being filmed for a possible DVD,[103] no footage from the tour has since been released.
    2008–09 Somewhere Back in Time World Tour 1 – 16 February 2008 (Asia & Oceania)
    19 February – 16 March 2008 (North & South America)
    21 May – 21 June 2008 (North America)
    27 June – 19 August 2008 (Europe)
    10 – 22 February 2009 (Europe, Asia & Oceania)
    25 February – 2 April 2009 (North & South America)

    Following the DVD release of Live After Death, the band set out on the Somewhere Back in Time World Tour, during which the setlist consisted primarily of the band’s 1980s material, while the stage show was largely a recreation of the World Slavery Tour set, along with elements of the Somewhere on Tour show.[104] The tour was described as “groundbreaking”[11] for its use of Ed Force One, the band’s customised Boeing 757,[104] which led to the documentary film Iron Maiden: Flight 666.[105] The band’s own charter meant that they were able to visit Ecuador, Peru,[106] Colombia and Costa Rica for the first time.[104] On top of this, Iron Maiden’s first ever stadium show in the UK took place at Twickenham Stadium on 5 July 2008,[21] while their largest ever solo show took place in São Paulo on 15 March 2009, with an estimated audience of 63,000.[107]
    2010s tours
    Year(s) Title Legs (locations) and dates Number of
    [note 4] Supported release
    2010-11 The Final Frontier World Tour 9 June – 20 July 2010 (North America)
    30 July – 21 August 2010 (Europe)
    11 February – 10 March 2011 (Russia, Asia & Oceania)
    17 March – 17 April 2011 (North & South America)
    28 May – 6 August 2011 (Europe)

    The Final Frontier

    As a preview for The Final Frontier, released that August, Iron Maiden set out on a summer tour of North America and Europe in 2010, during which they played their first concert in Transylvania.[108] The tour recommenced the following year, during which the band used Ed Force One again,[24] leading to their first ever shows in Singapore, Indonesia and South Korea.[24] The planned Japanese shows in Tokyo at Saitama Super Arena were cancelled due to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.[109] The band’s performance at Estadio Nacional in Santiago, Chile, was released in audio and video formats as En Vivo!.[110] Overall, the tour had an estimated attendance of 2 million people.[111]
    2012-14 Maiden England World Tour 21 June – 18 August 2012 (North America)
    27 May – 31 July 2013 (Europe)
    3 September – 2 October 2013 (North & South America)
    27 May – 5 July 2014 (Europe)

    Iron Maiden’s Maiden England World Tour began with North American shows in June 2012 and continued with worldwide dates in 2013[112] and additional European concerts in 2014.[113] This included the band’s record-breaking fifth headline performance at Donington Park,[114] a return to the Rock in Rio festival in Brazil,[115][116] and their first appearance in Paraguay.[117] The tour’s setlist and stage show was based around the video of the same name, recorded during the Seventh Tour of a Seventh Tour in 1988,[118] which was re-released in 2013 under the title Maiden England ’88.[119][120]
    2016-2017 The Book of Souls World Tour 24 February – 16 April 2016 (North & South America)
    20 April – 21 May 2016 (Asia, Oceania & Africa)
    27 May 2016 – 27 May 2017 (Europe)
    3 June 2017 – 22 July 2017 (North America)

    The Book of Souls

    In support of their 2015 album, The Book of Souls, the band visited 35 countries, including their first shows in El Salvador, China and Lithuania.[121] The band again used “Ed Force One” as transport in 2016, although this time they upgraded to a Boeing 747-400 jumbo jet.[122]
    2018 – present Legacy of the Beast World Tour 26 May – 11 August 2018 (Europe)
    18 July – 15 October 2019 (North & South America)


  16. Guest Who says:



    • vlad says:

      “The BBC’s future is hanging by a thread”

      Good. Cut it.


    • Thoughtful says:

      It’s not though and Toby Young is asinine and stupid to even suggest it.

      Lord Hall Hall who is spending his last day at the BBC today has been an appalling DG lurching from crisis after crisis, and yet in every single one the cowardly useless incompetent Tories have done absoliutely nothing to address any of the concerns nor the wrongs the corporation has perpetrated.

      I can list loads of them, all of which went unaddressed. There is no reason to suppose any of them will be addressed now nor in the future either, especially if yellow Boris the bottler remains notionally in charge.

      You can see for yourselves just how bad the Tories are by the appointment first of the head of the BBC trust who was so ineffective and useless they ended up having to wind the trust up, and then appointed the most crazed woke leftist imaginable to head ofcom – Sharon White who was later gifted the chair of John Lewis by another deranged Tory doner!

      After Sharon White left Ofcom the Tories appointed another woke monster Dame Melanie Henrietta Dawes who accoring to Wikipedia:
      “She was the Civil Service Gender Champion from 2015 to 2019, when she was appointed as the overall Civil Service Diversity and Inclusion Champion. She was a judge for the 2015 Civil Service Diversity and Inclusion Awards.”

      She was appointed in February of this year by the excuse for a government of the cowardly Boris Corbyn and his far Left red rabble.

      So I don’t believe that this hopeless far left government is ever going to do anything to end the current state of the BBC, and unless another party is formed to take the centre right ground it never will.


  17. Fedup2 says:

    I might have missed it here but I understand that the Media Show host put to Lord Hall – the suggestion – fact – that BBC is the broadcasting arm of the Marxist outfit hiding behind a race badge ?

    Why ask that question ?
    Is it because he fears the new chairman might change things ?
    Host heading for Times Radio ?
    Trying to cover the allegations of Bias ?
    Realises the BBC has gone beyond salvage ?

    I neither listen to BBC radio or use the TV so legitimately don’t need or have a licence – and never will – every letter from TV licencing strengthens that resolve .


  18. Guest Who says:

    The company that shovels money at her for a singular ‘view’ has a staff member few have heard of with a pension pot of £6,000,000 currently.



  19. Fedup2 says:

    That Tory Hurray Henry -Grant Shapps – the Secretary of State for Transport is back at work after 14 days House Arrest . A House Arrest Policy partly designed by his own department .

    As I’ve written here – I – personally – have suffered House Arrest . I just hope that Mr Shapps will quietly Investigate the value of this insane policy – such as whether anyone in quarantine showed up with Covid – hence – in a way – validating this harsh cruel policy .

    If no value is found perhaps he ll quietly reduce the house arrest to 10 or maybe the original 7 days ….

    Declaration – self interest applies here because I might be back in house arrest later in September ……

    ….meanwhile – of course – thousands of people swan into blighty with no controls at all irrespective of concentrations of covid in various cities .


  20. G says:

    Watch the Old Hag, Pelosi, suggest that Biden will not publicly debate with DJT.

    Sopel, where are you when your public needs your firm incisive views on a particular topic?


  21. Fedup2 says:

    A true test of the bias of the American media if Biden refuses to debate Mr Trump .i mean – the UK media got in a froth over the PM not being interviewed by a journo .therefire the American MSM should be calling for a hanging .

    Having seen this video – I’m truly shocked by pelosi saying ‘no debate – in a Democracy ? Is she kidding ?.

    The refusal to debate can only be seen as a real sign of Mr Bidens’ failing mental ability – and I reckon the average Joe would be a bit concerned about the prospect of a man in bad mental health running the US military …

    And the idea of a drugs test before the Debate ? Ouch …..

    I’m sure Americans get the popcorn out for the candidate debates – yet the Democrats are avoiding ? Wow .


    • Darcy3 says:

      I would be worried about trump debating, it is not in his make up


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Darcy- This is true, yet he’s been there, done that, and won.


      • vlad says:

        Trump may not be a great debater, but Sleepy Joe is way worse – can hardly string a sentence together.

        Which is why Pelosi and the Dems are desperately trying to avoid a debate.


  22. Darcy3 says:

    when you are at yooni the world you experience is rather limiting

    and if you fail to study economics or ecology the world can seem rather simple, which it is not,

    Any look at Africa and the middle east will inform anyone of the idiocy of certain persons achieving power and influence in the UK it is not us cutting off rhino horns and selling tiger bollocks or bombing people

    but it is us who get vilified and then begged on tv adverts to pay for their kids whilst their presidents swan around in Bentleys

    we should not tar all with the same brush but there are not many non African princes who send me emails trying to flog gold bars

    its not the bloke down the road cutting down the rain forest

    its China using fossil fuel to power their electricity shortage

    yeh so block a road in Cambridge that will work

    and lets have a look at the environmental impact of purple hair dye


  23. vlad says:

    This is a sympathetic review of Trump’s final RNC speech, the likes of which you would never see on the biased BBC.

    Defund the BBC and give us a REAL alternative like Sky News Aus!


    • StewGreen says:

      TalkRadio news at 10am, and 10:30am used the BBC trick
      “Trump has been renominated, here’s a voice claiming to be a Republican, saying all Republicans hate him”


  24. fakenewswatcher says:

    I thought that at this point there would be a healthy ‘special relationship’, Trump would not ‘be on his own’, but have a strong ally across the pond, so American voters don’t feel their country is on its own, conservatively-speaking.
    Two strong conservative figures on either end of the Atlantic, lending each other moral support, when it comes to campaign time – the opposite of Barry Soetero coming across to tell us we were at the ‘end of the queue’ if we didn’t do his bidding. He has tried to sabotage the President and the special relationship ever since. (As has the bbc here).
    Alas, Obama has not needed to do much. Here we have a damp squib in charge, a globalist ‘liberal’ pretending -much like Merkel in Germany- to be conservative. No second big pole to both receive and transmit current from and to the US to electrify support. I suspect this failure will come to haunt us, should what is happening in Dem US cities go off here, where patriots have been disarmed, and the allegiance of police is questionable.
    Instead, Barry is more likely to turn his attention to the UK, once business is done at home, to whip up BLM and Antifa in Britain.
    What a sad state of affairs.


  25. scribblingscribe says:

    The petition for ending the license fee is at 82,690. It needs to reach 100,000 to be considered for parliamentary debate.

    If you havent already done so, or you know a like minded person, you know what to do …



    • StewGreen says:

      They’ll palm it off like they have done with the similar petitions which did reach 100K

      The page contains quite a long response the gov game in May 2020
      “The Royal Charter maintains the licence fee funding model until 2027.
      The government will look at the licence fee funding model in advance of the next Charter.

      They add – who will pay for the Foreign Office BBC World Service Operation ?
      “The BBC Charter Review consultation .. 192,000 responses
      60% thought the current licence fee model did not need to be changed.


  26. StewGreen says:

    @Digg , @GWho yesterday you were talking about the fall of the Washington Post
    3 weeks ago I was on Twitter and decided to check the current New Zealand ACTIVE cases
    but Twitter just showed me thousands of tweets saying New Zealand had 9 cases
    I knew that was rubbish cos the day before the tally was 75 active cases … havin had a month with zero cases
    Twitter was showing me the “most popular tweets and they were getting that 9 tally from a misleading Washington Post headline
    which was tmocking Trump for saying NZ had a surge
    when in fact the US has magnitudes more
    But the thing is the WaPo chose to mention only the total from one day not the actual active cases
    which turned out to be 90 cases
    ie while they mocked Trump they were themselves understating cases NZ 10 fold

    The NZ case trend is flat. Yesterday NZ had 12 brand new cases
    making it 131 active
    but most mild only 11 cases currently in hospital, & zero recent deaths
    The UK is about 15 times bigger than NZ ..so our case rate is still about 10 times higher


  27. StewGreen says:

    I see Dotun’s Radio5 overnight show had racebaiting item


  28. Darcy3 says:

    it is quite simple if anyone examines the evidence:

    Trump was not meant to win, make of that what you will

    Trump has been attacked on all fronts yet is an elected president

    Boris same BUT:

    Always on the back foot apologising for this or that

    We do not want our Prime minister to act so

    Trump does not, he has the mandate to act so

    and so does Boris ?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Darcy – I think the red Tories were so surprised that they won with a working majority – a huge majority – that they don’t know what to do with it and are hiding behind the Chinese Virus and EU negotiations to get anything done .

      They should be rolling out stuff they will do ( really do ) once the time is right – as in 2021 . Rollback on the HS2 stuff and start getting things done – like having a Border Force – and steam roller through legislation ready to go once the EU dancing is over .

      If they don’t – another 18 months and they’ll be gearing up to lose their majority in the next election .

      However – I’ve got no faith that they will achieve anything – Especially taking on the BBC . ..

      As an aside – I wrote something here yesterday of the effect of wearing an NHS ID badge and did a bit of research which must be wrong – can any one confirm that the workforce of the NHS is really 1.7 million people ? A number that sound far to big .


  29. StewGreen says:

    The Children don’t die report
    BBC page has open HYS comments
    “There have been no deaths in otherwise healthy school-age children,” said study author Prof Calum Semple, from the University of Liverpool.
    “There is no direct harm from children going back to school,” he added.


    Interesting that means the dead Muslim boy must have been reclassified , cos at the time it was claimed he had no underlying condition.
    13 yo Somali, Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab who lived in Brixton


  30. StewGreen says:

    Jim Davidson video – Britons never, never, never, shall be slaves
    He spends the first 4 mins advertising restaurants
    then says “Britons should never be slaves, isn’t that what BLM wanted ?”


  31. Darcy3 says:

    I would ask BLM to be specific, but that may challenge them, maybe they could combine their protest with the annual black rape, sexual assault robbing and mugging festival at Notting Hill

    so funny they present themselves as victims whilst kiniving, raping etc

    Knebworth festival,100 000 people, no arrests, Notting carnival ?


  32. StewGreen says:

    Sargon video features Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov, aka Tomas Shuman, talking about ideological subversion
    It seems that western media is using the same brainwashing techniques on us that the KGB used


  33. fakenewswatcher says:

    Bbc TV news at 1 pm shows us President Trump’s acceptance speech, but critical running commentary underneath assures us yet again that brutal (white) police have shot (harmless) black Jacob Blake, plus all the other tall tales.


  34. fakenewswatcher says:

    Bbc TV news at 1 pm shows us President Trump’s acceptance speech, but critical running commentary underneath the video footage assures us yet again that brutal (white) police have shot (harmless) black Jacob Blake, plus all the other tall tales. Beeb simply cannot stop this narrative, now a daily drudgery, endlessly repeated.
    This is followed by a short clip from the relatively moderate O’Donahue (a little too moderate, so short?).
    After that a lengthy BLM propaganda piece, disguised as a civil rights story, from Barbara Plett Usher. And, playing behind her, a loudspeaker conveying the latest BLM stuff, once again disguised as civil rights.
    BLM trying hard to equate their burning, looting, destruction and anarchy with MLK’s message of peace. He had a Dream, but BLM are quite simply a nightmare.
    I remember MLK, and the Kennedy brothers. The former is nothing like the toxic BLM trash, and the America of JFK would seem to me to fit in better with the America which voted for Trump than with the Biden/Harris dystopian vision.
    Beeb of course, always happy to do dystopian. They do love their burning buildings and looting crowds, for some reason…
    They’d better hope it doesn’t come to them one day.


  35. Doobster78 says:

    I do hope Matt Le Tissier, Charlie Nicholas and Phil Thompson kick up a right fuss about being banished from Sky Soccer Saturday.

    We all know full well the reason why. Three white men, oh dear, how awful. And we all know full well who / what will replace them.

    Woman, Black man + Black woman would be odds on in my book.

    Now, lets imagine for one moment there was a very popular, almost cult like show on every week with 5 Black contributors. That would no doubt be celebrated .

    If anyone complained, they would be a racist. Plain and simple.

    And can you imagine for one moment , that SKY or anyone else for that matter would simply “remove” 3 of them to replace them with WHITES ??? You know, for Diversity reasons !!!

    There would be uproar, no doubt protests, riots, looting as it would in the lefty world , be deemed racist. More proof of racism in this most racist of racist countries.

    However, the other way round, its celebrated by all, and good for diversity , etc etc

    As always, Racism and Diversity only ever work one way. its truly sickening stuff.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Doob, as I mentioned further up, when a programme is deemed too white, then removals are made to make way for those who are not white. Lucy Alexander a stalwart who knew her stuff on H under the H since the beginning, was ditched in favour of football pundit Dion Dublin, er wtf did he know ???? well, I suppose he bought a house, once. Why didn’t they give the job to a professional estate agent if a change was needed, no, but its ok to spend £50,000 training him up as a presenter.


  36. G.W.F. says:

    Trump’s speech fact checked by the BBC experts.
    Conclusion. Orange man speak with forked tongue.

    Obviously the BBC are openly campaigning against Trump.
    But one cannot help wondering whether this campaign is being approved by the state.


  37. StewGreen says:

    R2 Vine racebaiting segment
    @Bonn1eGreer and some other black guy Patrick Vernon (Windrush Campaigner) on @BBCRadio2 @theJeremyVine

    Bonny “Yes I have an OBE , I dunno why
    well I took it for late father cos he fought here with a segregated army, he loved it here
    This country has been so kind to me, but I am not an empire person”
    (She did say class is important here, so people should stop imitating BLM America)

    Patrick “yeh it’s different here in in Britain
    now if we had plantattions in Norfolk”
    FFS that is the whole point we didn’t that is why it’s different

    Inane Vine “I can see no good from the shooting of Jacob”
    FFS it meant the officers were safe
    His victims like the underage girl
    will also feel safer”


  38. Fedup2 says:

    Very busy thread . Thank you all

    So now its time for the weekend thread – yes bit early ….